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Is it possible to reach Makoto Shinkai BGs by simply using Blender Internal w/ Freestyle?
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>Makoto Shinkai BGs
you realize thats not 3d
its animu, that's from jeanpon

Make a plane

Open texture paint


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Wich one and why, /3/?
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Personal favourite is A. I don't like B. C is meh/okay, looks "gamey" if you know what I mean.
is this for painkiller game?
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1st one because it has the skull and not the mouth. But overall the halos look odd. Maybe put some medival looking spikes around his head ?

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Does anyone run backburner here on a local network?

I've got two spare pcs and i was thinking of hooking them up, but just some confusion (and iv'e searched for tutorials on youtube/google but all i can find is really outdated info in 360p).

I install maya/backburner fully, and then run a server on each pc where I want it (and on primary pc as well if i want it to render as well).

I run monitor on primary pc to engage all the jobs.

I create a shared folder on main pc and give it access on network to everyone (and somehow share the texture...
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I run a 30 node backburner farm on ec2, what do you want to know?
How much does that cost for a render of say 50 frames? Just curious, have been considering amazon too.
depends on how long it takes to render. Its about 90 cents a machine hour. It takes half as much time to render on a 2.8Xlarge node as it does on my dual socket workstation.

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How do I get rid of this red square?
If I try to change the viewport to rendered, only what can be seen inside the square is rendered... Help????
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ctrl + alt + b

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Any of you boys like world design? Specifically Hammer Editor?
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what about it?
Post content you like or made

Source Thread
> meme engine
Dude I know its fun and all but source is ancient now

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>>504339 cont.
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>tfw it will be christmas edition until the next bump count

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Dash Face v2.jpg
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Improved Dashie
lovely emoticon you got there m9 '_>'
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I've spent too much time on this. I hope I'm done how.

How does it look? I just can't figure out how to make the snow look, well, not flat.

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images (1).jpg
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I fell for the 'Maya is good at modeling now' meme. This shit doesn't even have basic tools such as separating vertices evenly or creating circular holes. Hell even Blender has those, why can't they just port the Loop Tools panel from 3Ds Max? And the TWO fucking scripts available online are fucking old and not 100% compatible with newer Maya versions.
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>or creating circular holes
i actually saw someone do that with maya, are you sure
but it is good at modeling. If you plan and don't fuck up your topology you can only maek gud.
>separating vertices evenly

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Rate my comp please

Yea I know we see the polys I will fix it
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I also animated the little guy

http://piecode (dot) tk/video/uploads/runningTee3.mp4
Care to post a .obj op?
For such simple shapes you might as well use nurb surfaces. No poly edges.

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Does anyone have any idea what these little pins are on my zbrush model when I zoom in? I've been having issues sculpting objects lately and I think whatever's going on here is the problem. I'll sculpt on a relatively low poly object that my computer should be able to handle and my brush starts lagging like it's a huge multi-million poly object.

Any help is appreciated because this is driving me nuts.
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I've never used zbrush but aren't those vertex normals?
They look like vertex normals but I don't think they are. I can't move any of the vertices in between them. All I can move is the pins.
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Just opened my file back up and when I turn on draw polyframe it looks like this. Alternatively, I can mask polygroup a small part of my model, hide said small part, and start sculpting like normal, but when I unhide the part the laggy sculpting starts up again.

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Case Main.jpg
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I just want the poke dot pattern and I want to know how to make them in gimp maybe. I though people here would know more
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wrong board m80
where then?
Don't open up the board list and look. That'd be too easy

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Should I buy a video card now (for example GTX 970) or should I wait for NVIDIA's Pascal cards?

I have saved some money over the past few months to buy a new PC for 3D modeling and game design.
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Depends, what do you currently have?
I currently have an HP 110 series

shit pc
its a shit pc, but I will be busy for the next half year so I do not really need a new pc untill next summer

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So I made this lowpoly thingy.

When I add a toonline to the gun, it makes something very ugly. I'm just looking for an outline of the gun. How would I go about doing that?
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here is the gun with the toonline
The gun is complicated ND the lines have no weight variation. There are options to make the outline thicker than any in lines and to make them taper at the ends.

You can also use a texture to control line weight.
File: Untitled.png (47 KB, 777x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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welp, that made the end product a ;lot nicer. Thank you!

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So I set my material to glass in blender, rendered it, and it turned out like this. Why?
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nice fingerprints

Please, try again.
I appreciate a good false flag as much as the next poster (which is to say, not at all) but this is going a little too far.

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I'm not sure if this is against the rules. If it is, please don't ban me, just delete the thread and warn me and I"ll never make another thread like it.

I want to view some models in blender but I have them in the .max format. If anybody could just export them to .obj or .fbx I would greatly appreciate it.

If you can only do two Edna and Sorey would be appreciated. If just one Sorey please.

I normally would not ask a request but it's just opening and exporting the files.

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I had already looked and found this, and the problem is it doesn't work unless I initially open it in max.
The link doesn't do anything except bring me to my cloud drive. Nothing listed.

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I love Luxrender, I really do, if they made a body pillow with the Lux logo on it, I would fuck it so hard it would stand erect.
However, when I use it in Blender, it is slow.
The main problem is, sometimes I render out a frame and I go do something like take a shower, and I come back and find a gorgeous photorealistic scene, but the software says it is still rendering when it doesn't need to or should be. What do I do?

Pic related, pretty good looking scene but not textured yet.

Note, I have set Luxrender to render internally in Blender
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Donate to lux
Ok, I think one of the problems is that Blender won't export to the Luxrender GUI.
It says cannot find Luxrender at path C:/Users/AppData/Local/Temp/Luxrender.exe
however there is no option in Blender to set the Luxrender path.
Luxrender is a progressive renderer. It will continue rendering forever until you tell it to stop or if you set the max samples per pixel or set a specific amount of time you want it to render.

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