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Is there money to make in 3D porn? I often find websites where you can buy a package with 60 renderings or one short animation video for around 10$ each. There are many sites like that. I always thought it is impossible people buying those for 3D porn instead of just watching a real porn for free.
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Sure, hit up furry or brony communities. I knew a girl that did 2D art requests and fuir suits for the likes.

The money was good, but she quit because they were quite the creeps.
Yeah well those porn sites with 35 dollar a month subscriptions still make money too. There's still a big market for porn in a traditional "consumer exchanges money for product" kind of format.
the only problem is it's really easy to steal porn games. Your best option would be to create a subscription service that allows access to content you broadcast from a browser, preferrably using unity, html5, or flash player. this will guarantee ppl needing to keep spending to keep accessing your content.

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Haven't used quixel suite 2 yet.
But I noticed that Substance Painter is fucking slow with 4K textures. I know you push down the resolution so your viewport can become more responsive. I know that, but what about the fucking dirt/edgewear generators?
It fucking takes 8 seconds waiting time for incrementing 1 little fucking parameter.
So Quixel faggots do you have the same issue? Is Quixel slow?
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This is not a popularity contest which software is better. I need tools that are fucking stable, reliable and fast. I will be 50 by the time I finish this fucking texture in substance paintfag.
Are you using an AMD GPU? If so, that's probably why. The painting in Substance is GPU accelerated and requires a good GPU to do 4k and 8k painting. Quixel is faster at high res texture painting though due to the Photoshop core it's running on.
>And requires a good GPU

What does that have to do with running AMD?

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Hex 1000005.jpg
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So I'm building a new PC purely for rendering 3D fractal animations. It's been about 4 years since I've built a new PC. Looking at the i7 6700k but I'm not sure what kind of cpu cooling to use and how much/type of RAM. Help me Obi wan /3/. Your my only hope.
Any advice is welcome.
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Cube sphere2.jpg
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2 MB, 1920x1080
you definately want to go water cooled I used the corsair h110. whats you budget if its in the 2-3k area i would go xeon processors instead. I do animation and art with images up to 80 megapixels and i run 32 gigs ram with 3 gtx 780 cards in SLI for some progs the gpu is a far more powerful tool the the cpu and for some progs the number of cores is king. it really depends on the way the program your using works.
Good to know. I'll go for liquid cooled then.

The software i use can utilise all available cores. GPU's aren't important, it's all CPU based.
So you think the Xeons will do a better job than an i7?

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Hello /3/!

I just started using zbrush and wanted to know how to achieve anime-ish hair styles?

I'm sculpting this character but I'm not too sure on how to make the hair.

If anyone can give me pointers or a small tutorial on how I can achieve the look of my character it'd be really nice.

I pick up really fast on stuff even with a small amount of detail as long as I know what tool to use and how to use it.

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The sticky has pointers on how to do hair.

Also, don't be surprised if at some point you want to pull out your own. Hair is not easy.
thanks lol I'll look at it.

I just thought there would be someone who would be willing to teach me some other methods
Just to give you a perspective of the task, there are people's deviant art profiles that are all about making hair. That's all they do.


check this out then. First part of the tutorial is of the face, then it talks about hair.

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nurbs polygon sphere.png
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Does anyone use NURBS for modeling here? If you do, what do you use them for?
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Adding to anon's statement here.
Curves are used to express organic hard-surfaces in the most simple way. They are used to express natural form in a mathematical way.
I would guess right if I said NURBS has no place in games, right?

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I remember there was a program called "Source MDL compiler" and it was a web based service. It would turn .smd files straight to .mdl files ready for Source and would even generate .vmt and .qc files. There was no effort needed.
Now I have no idea where it went because the web domain was bought out. So either I need to find its relocation, assuming it is still around, or find an alternative that does pretty much the same.
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Just use Crowbar.
But I don't want to make .qc files
You don't have to...

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where should someone start when it comes to 3DCG in the context of improving their skills for game assets?

3dsmax,maya, or zbrush? most employers i see say exp in max is a must, but if i'm just learning right now should i do it?
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take a class, watch tutorials. where you start depends on what you want to end up doing

Do you want to make characters and/or organic stuff mostly? Get ZBrush.

Do you want to make non-organic things mostly? Download both 3dsMax and Maya and try em both, then take whichever feels better to you.
File: 1425049427207.jpg (196 KB, 989x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is it basically impossible to choose both being a character model and a set modeller?

if so, i want to make characters in ebmossed armor and overly layered frills, but the thing is i also want to make props for them, like a pendant or hairpin that would have sharp shapes in it. do i have to focus on one or the other to really get anywhere that's considered "worth hiring/commissioning"?

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Do photorealistic models with huge densities and that use procedural materials need to be UV unwrapped? Also, how exactly do movie models get skinned and weighted? I mean they're also very dense.
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Yes procedural textures still need UVs to know how to cover a mesh. as far as i know models in movies get smoothed at render time.
Sometimes they are smoothed. Other times they are modeld to be the highest res needed. Like way more detail in the face than people are used to, fucking tear duct wrinkles and shit. But then low ammount of quads on the chest and back
>what is displacement

File: uv-blend.png (44 KB, 1451x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can anyone advise me, why are my uv's always out of ratio, sometimes very much so?
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Unfold them better ?
Dont scale in object mode! NEVER.
Now you have to enter object mode and use CTRL+A and select Rotation & Scale. Then you have to unwrap model once again. (just click E in uv editor in edit mode.
Or just tick the "preserve UVs" option for any of the transformation tools.

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Anyone familiar with Unity or game development here ? I need a decent template for a 2.5-D shooter game that is not shit, assetstore has failed me.
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>programming a Shrek shooter

wut? I'm familiar with unity but im not going to like build a game for you. wtf?
That looks okay for a template

File: 1419801843993.jpg (100 KB, 854x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, I'm ready to jump the sinking ship that is 3DS Max.
Has anyone here switched from 3DS Max to Maya recently? What resources did you use to get used to it? I know there's a few "Maya for Max users" tutorials floating around, can anyone vouch for any of those being decent?

Inb4 >Maya
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For the last fucking time, stop trying to flag yourself with a single software like it's your identity or something. Max and Maya are used for different things. Use Max for modelling, especially industrial and architectural modelling, but it's good with spline modelling as well. Use Maya for animating, rigging, skinning and all that. Youtube has all the tuts you need.
I *don't* just use a single piece of software, but Maya seems to tick all the boxes that Max does while actually being developed as Autodesk's flagship product while Max seems to be edging it's way towards death so I want to phase it out of my workflow. Easy to understand?
OP is a traitor faggot.

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Where can we find up to date blender tutorials? fresh content
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If you want good, up to date materials for blender, you'll have to buy them. That's one of the major failings of the Blender community. Most of the good users learned blender in previous versions, and so the good Blender users have no more need of tutorials. Thus newbs are stuck using out of date tutorials for 2.5x or paying for up to date stuff.

The best place to get paid Blender tutorials, imo, is Udemy. You can get them for like $10 when they have a sale. Just check the Udemy facebook page for...
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>Thus newbs are stuck using out of date tutorials for 2.5x

I'm not aware of game changing changes to Blender after 2.5x.

Most tutorials for a -basic- entry into it should work perfectly fine, still.
That's the main reason, why there's not a new tutorial of the same shit every time there's a new Blender version.
Those are some nice sho-
>no smoothing groups on the upper part

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How many of you are going to school for 3D animation? If not, then what? Is so, then why?
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I've never been to a 3d school. Self taught myself 3d modeling and rendering since 2007. Now working for an architecture firm as a project designer. I make myself interested in the work that I make to keep going. The resource is endless out there to learn just about anything these days.
Software engineering.
I do 3D as a hobby, the industry is incredibly competitive, makes you work a ton and doesn't pay that well. If for some reason I wanted to be part of the industry I can do it from the technical side and get a lot more money for less work.
I live in a semi-socialist country, so the city's 3D school was only 600$ a year. Since I passed the entry tests, why not. The teachers are good and are all veterans of the industry.

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When you run Blender for the first time. But later you can work with closed eyes.
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That's why I love how shortcut-oriented it is.
I could use the Japanese version perfectly fine if I had to.
Is it easier to produce Cambodian basket-weaving cartoons when you set Blender to Chinese?

Personally I make squinty eyes when I use Blender now.

File: presets.png (206 KB, 1571x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been messing around with these things for a while and I'm wondering if anyone has shared a library of particle presets to get started with.

Making a particle from scratch is pretty time consuming and I can't help but think someone has already made convincing looking water already.
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Look in the actual maya help files.
I found some example scenes in there. It doesn't look like they provide basic particle presets though.

I guess I could grab some of the parameters from these scenes but it would also be nice to have a preset library...
Why are you using nParticles when we have Bifrost now?

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