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What are one's chances for working for vidya games or movies if their main tools are Blender, GIMP and lives in Australia?
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leaving shit to chance
Just go indie, find some people to make a game with.
>leaving shit to chance

What's that supposed to mean? How is it leaving something to chance?

Where do you even find people to make games with?

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Does anyone have experience with 3D in Photoshop?

I'm texturing a obj., and for some reason the texture keeps disconnecting from the model. Instead, a new file is created in the temporary items folder and it forces me to save and reimport everything. Its really annoying.
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Anyone know what could cause this?
maybe you mtl file to differ between the different parts if your model
Come again - you think it would work better if I saved the textures as mtl? I'm currently working with psd or psd files.

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I have a question for my fellow artists who are currently working in the game industry.

Competition in this industry is getting insane. Gotta stay on top or become redundant.
How much time do you dedicate per week on personal improvement?

I dedicate on average 1-3 hour per day up to 20 hours per week.
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2080 hours was spent on working on a non disclosed project. Full time.
Around 1000 hours of my free-time was invested on new workflows (PBR)
tools : substance painter, designer, ndo, Unreal 4.

For those who seek employment in the game industry. You either sacrifice or become redundant.

I've been trying to get good by putting in 8 hours a day, but I still suck. Maybe I shouldn't focus on character art.

My friend said he was doing 15 hours a day for two years to break in and now he just doing 6 hours extra a day on top of his work.
There are skills that never get old.

Anatomy, composition, color theory.

Develop these and you'll never be redundant

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First time posting so don't kill me, please.
These are just some random inquiries, really. I'm a 2D animator who uses 3D spaceship models as a base and then hand colours them frame by frame to try and attain a "hand drawn" retro anime feel.
An example:

And the technique I use:

This is totally not final, but my next pro gig is looking like it will be a 60-90 second anime rendition of stage 1 of the...
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>I'm in a hurry right now, will check those links later.
You know, Dobkeratops (red thing on left) is like the trademark boss of the series. R-Type Delta, Final and the PSP games have it in 3D. IDK about ripping it from them, but all the games are emulatable, so you can play them and try to do it yourself. Final and PSP have a model "viewer" option too.
I have some pics of R-90 (from the Third Lightning) for paper-craft and dedicated R-Type pic folder, but it's mostly all ship related, if anyones cares.
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Cheers! That would be much appreciated. Though I might not even be doing this so it's not worth going crazy (I need to wait for word from my project lead).
Incidentally, be dazzled by my 3D skills. That's one ship down.
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Some youtube tutorials later and I can do really basic teeth/nurbs stuff.
Two down.

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Alright. Polycount and many forums have a logo for their activities.

I would like for us to create a logo for /3/. I was thinking about a logo with a circle and /3/ embedded within it however 4chan also has a logo that could be exploited and combined with /3/.

What do you guys think? Do we need a logo. I personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.
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render (2).png
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made this some time ago
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Like there was any other choice.
>personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.

You seriously want people beholding your work to think you are some kind of rapist pedophile??

what's the best way to manipulate Kantai collection 3d design?
i want to make 3d waifu ships
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kill yourself
Any other way?
How about something better... KanColle patch for Worlds of Ships? Poi Poi?

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Animation student here, yeah I know it's shit skip over that.
I have a problem with the output. Max shows me in the renderer that everything is perfect, just the way I, a shitty animation student, want it. Then, when I access the output-ed file, I get this shit. It isn't the gamma I already tried adjusting it.
What the fuck is wrong with it?
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Looks like you're saving it at 256 colors. Try .tif
I actually just tried that and it didn't work. It looks like the rendering works just fine as I can tell by the individual preview images look fine. But once I try to run them in the RAM video viewer it messes the picture quality up
OP here.

I guess what I am really trying to do is compile my animation into a video format that can be used in a video editor.

I have tried a preview animation, it looked all pixelly, as well as rendering freame by frame then compiling the frames in the RAM player (result is picture).

Is there an easier way to do this? My professor never actually taught us how to do this shit so I am on my own and have been trying to figure it out via shitty youtube videos that don't actually help me.

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Text it's a little bit too bright and maybe the tridimensionality of it it's not so underlined. Any other tips?
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Looks 2d text slapped on a 2d photo senpai
Yes, I need to make the tridimensionality of the text more evident, because it is actually a 3D text. Maybe a bigger value of the extrude nurb will be enough to fix it.

What do you think about the shadow? Should I made it more evident too?
Make its material less reflective/luminant.
Being in a clear, sunny day in the desert the text should cast a strong, sharp shadow. Also the text should be slightly blurry, matching the focus of the camera (but that's in post and you're not there yet).

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Im a graphic designer (always worked in 2d) but I have client wanting a 3d module of my design.

I tried in photoshop and it worked quite well but once more objects got involved it started to lose quality. The object is a medal so its simple extrude functions but i dont even know what program to use for this.

Anyone have freeware?
This project is just a simple addon to other things such as banners and so on so i dont want to invest in 3d software if im only going to use it once.
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Also thought about hiring for this one job but client has to answer to sponsors so changes to the medal come often
Blender is free, but if it's for just one job you're better off hiring someone.
Are you trying to make one of those? also. you don't know a 3d application.

Maya or 3D Max.

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If you happen to browse Facepunch don't expect it to be up after next year.

I just finished some work at a company in CA and one of the higher ups let slip that they will be shutting it down for the sheer amount of infringements they've made over this past year.
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Gmod is dead, So how can they be infringing anything?
Source Film Maker in a nutshell. WHERE DO YOU THINK ALL THE PORN COMES FROM?

Tell me, Anon. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Perpetual Licenses?
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I thought not its not a story a Subscription user would tell you.
It's a Perpetual Legend..

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>3DS Max/Maya costs $4000
>per YEAR

How does Autodesk expect independent artists and hobbyists to even afford this shit?
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Where exactly did you get that price from?
It's $1,249 a year for full Maya right now. It's $185 a month if you only pay monthly though.

Maya LT is even cheaper and has everything you need if you're just making content for games. It's $30 a month or $240 a year ($204 right now on sale)
Says 1600 euro for a yearly subscription. The 4000 figure you drop is for the perpetual licenses they're about to discontinue.

Still though the market is plenty ripe for a 'purchase once' alternative to Autodesks bullshit schemes.
Them acquiring maya and softimage was the cancer of our time, where's anti monopoly legislation when you need it?

Rhetorical question of course, it's in neverland riding Peter Pan's fictional schlong while pretending like it actually exists.
Anti-monopoly only comes in when there is almost no competitors in the marketplace. 3D has dozens of competitors for DCC apps, so you can buy up one of them without issue and not have it be anti-competitive.

Tbh, if you're buying a perpetual license, you're kind of stupid, because the rate at which 3D tools are advancing means your workflows are going to become outdated within 2 or so years usually. It's much better to be paying a much cheaper subscription each year to keep your tools up to date,...
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Sup, /3/.

I just finished up a sculpt for a concept creature. I'm no good, and I know this. I just do this for fun. I'm looking for critiques to make this creature just a little more convincing and interesting.

Next time round, I'll be trying to pay closer attention to humanoid anatomy, get rid of the head tendrils, probably dome out the skull a bit more, and be sure to put actual eyes in.
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File: frame_0065.png (290 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and from the back
upper head is bigger than lower part
eyes and nose are 75% of the face
spine is all the way up to the head, it should stop in the back, then curve a space for the neck
eyes are really small for such a big head
its hard to critiques something that barely has any believable anatomy and is moosh as fuck. it shows that you know almost nothing about sculpting

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Hi guys, anyone of you creators on patreon? are you getting any supporters? Is it worth trying?
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I don't see the point if you are doing 3d art. Josh Singe has a patreon and he isn't getting much money a month compared to say the average shitty 2d artist who has a patreon that is popular.

A top league of legends character artist doesn't get that much money for patreon. Compare it to zernois who gets a shit ton more.

I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board. You really don't want to know what I do as it pervy, but I make more than a teacher would make in my country. It is 3d related and most of what I do is ripping...
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>I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board.
m8 you can share the link and censored images.We'll wait

I'm not going to do it. I don't advertise my work as what I'm doing is really questionable.

I had to take down half my work when one company came across it and complained.

I make steady money now, not going to ruin it. Also, what I do someone else with little training can also do if they know basic 3d stuf.

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Just imagine, someone somewhere sat down and thought real deeply about how to go about doing this. And then managed to actually convince someone to try it out, as a 'proof of concept' type deal.

And now days they're able to show this to people, and actually have them pay money to perform this act upon them.
Transsexuals should get together and start a foundation to fund time travel research, because it's clear from watching this that anyone in the market for a new set of genitals are born about 500 years to early.
Yeah just watching this I was like... how the fuck did anyone ever come up with this? Let alone have the ability to even manipulate skin like that.

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