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Trying to use photogrammetry for vidya but my meshes don't look so hot right now.

I want to create environments and I try to do this by walking around the sides of the building and taking pictures of the opposite/adjacent side. I go 360 degrees to get the full environment yet it doesn't look good.

Pls help /3/
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123 catch isn't made for that plus the topology is absolute shit.

learn to model
what the fuck are you doing stop
You can't model the entire universe. Anon could easily be doing something AR/VR related where modeling each individual environment quickly becomes an impossibly complex task.

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Obviously not finished, just want to know how I'm doing so far.
thats fine

please consider using normal maps for wheel detail instead modeling it directly
80's synth drive by/10

I'm getting really frustrated with UV's, I'm quite new to 3D but for the few models I've made i've had constant problems with the UVs which have ultimately ended up with me abandoning the model because they look like shit or the textures constantly break.

Are there any good resources on a workflow for getting UVs right, how did you learn how to do it properly? I just wanna make lowpoly waifus.
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learn about UV seams. Use Maya. The new 3D unwrap is just fucking sick, you have to be a complete retard to fail at it now
Is it normal for it to take so long, I have a model that is sub 1000 polys and its taking me hours and hours and hours to finish the UV which ends up not even working very well.

it should take 3 seconds

File: Cena 13 -0204.jpg (208 KB, 973x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cena 13 -0204.jpg
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Hey Guys! I'm an animator and I have one of my animations (made at 3dsMax) is in a contest, and I need Likes to win at youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbNMmENLbo&index=1&list=PLjRmBoj4xQeDBhJuQoqfbx3YRsS-oyP2P please, Can you like it?
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Why does your animation look like poorly done mocap.
Because it was hahahaha
It was my first mocap, so, be nice.
I'm still studying.
hey, that's not bad

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Just saw Inside Out and holy fuck it's good.
If you haven't seen it yet, you should. Anyway, that got me thinking about great animated films *cue nostalgia* and so I'm wondering what are /3/s favorite animated films?
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please, nig nog
Lego Movie and Rango are my top two Cg movies, because
1) they're fucking good
and 2) they use CG really well, and in a way that making the movie in another medium would cause it to lose a lot

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Urgent Help Required! I think this is the proper section. I'm doing baking in Maya and i'm ending up with theses nasty lines all over my UV seams and edges. How can i fix this?
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it's either there's a hidden object or your UVs are overlapping
Neither the scene is completely clear of objects and the UV's have a huge amount of space between each other.

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bought myself a pressure tablet tdoay

after 2 years of mouse and keyboard

thank lord Wacom
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Does it make a big difference (presumably for sculpting)? Been thinking about buying one but I'm just a hobbyist
Yes, definitely.

>thank lord Wacom
You'll want his ass handed to you on a silver plate when your drivers start to fuck up out of nowhere.
Does anyone have any advise on when or how to buy a tablet given Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all that crap?

I mean besides "buy it used off ebay / craigslist / steal one from the nearest school"

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Living in Syria for over 16 years, always wanted to learn about 3D,never got the chance because I am living in a piece of shit 3rd world country, and now I got a good amount of free time on my hands to learn something,I will probably be using Blender, so any idea where can I obtain good tutorials and lessons online? I would really appreciate any given help .
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start with borncg on youtube

move on to modeling challenges
if you are serious even make a blendercookie subscription
Thanks, much appreciated !
Read the sticky.

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so /3/,

for those of you who hate to read:


for any of you who can read like 100 characters:

I've been mainly browsing /b/ for a couple of years, but I would like to get a job as a 3d artist at some point. Don't even know how many visits /3/ threads get, but I'd like to get some honest reviews to determine if I am going in a good direction or not.
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give up.
that was never an option but thanks for the detailed and wise feedback
just to clarify that is a Zbrush model made from a polysphere

File: download (27).jpg (11 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (27).jpg
11 KB,

how good is this config for working with zbrush,3ds max,photoshop?
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This is a baitpost and the article itself is just le epic trolle since it contains couple of typos in every sentence and le epic trolle /v/ speak, but anyways.

>AMD processor
>AMD graphics card
>some single 8gig meme RAM
>500 watt for that shitty rig

Also this board is being swarmed with shitthreads lately.
thanks for the reply anon,i'm honestly not trying to shitpost,just get honest opinions on a dubious rig that fits in my very limited budget

Well I guess its gud for the price, I didnt look at that before and just scanned the article.

But I would get atleast TWO 8 gig Ram sticks and if possible an Nvidia card.

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So a guy called vitaly bulgarov makes the most jaw droppingly amazing 3d stuff. mainly robots and ID.

he claims on instagram he mainly uses MOI3d nowadays.

I tried it, and it seems like an incredibly simple software.

wtf? is he bullshitting?
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Shilling maybe?
Most of his work involves just kit-bashing pre-made mechanical parts, warping their shapes and doing booleans. Not much of what he makes is a usable mesh for anything but static object shots or turntables. He is considered a 3D concept artist these days, so his workflow has adjusted for how fast he has to churn shit out.

Which is why he uses moi3d now, because it's perfect for that kind of workflow.
saw his facebook post right before i came on here

he got them 3d printed

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There's something I've always wondered about unwrapping UVs. Are you supposed to always keep the UVs arranged neatly into rectangular sections or is it okay to relax them?
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as long as the texture is in the bounds of the UV and there is enough texture space it doesn't matter.
You square them out to maximize memory usage, but relaxing them causes less warping and looks better. Depends on your needs.
Depends. You usually try to "keep the shape" - for organic models, your UVs would look somewhat similar to a skin rug, for machine parts your UVs would be somewhat rectangular.
For cars, your UVs of the sides would just look like someone took a photo directly from the side, without stretching the silhouette - very useful for paintjobs.
Keep in mind that painting patterns or "geometry-aligned" shapes will be much easier if you straighten your UVs. Also, baked stuff will look better because there...
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Hey /3/, quick question. Do these two shorts seem like they took $222,377 to make? Do people overestimate how much it costs to produce quality 3D films?

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Should have cost less desu.
Was this a shitty kickstarter or something? That trash could be made for like a few hundred bucks. This is peasant indian quality 3D.

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Why do resources on 3D character animation seem so limited? Even the sticky is pretty scarce in information on the subject, and the vast majority of guides seem to just run over the UI of a given package and little to nothing on techniques.

Is there really nothing else to it? Just brute force and attention to detail?
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just move your NURBS curves and set keys, butthead
I guess it makes sense. They wouldn't be able to outsource this kind of thing to unskilled koreans if it took any kind of advanced input.
like what? Wiggle your ear around? Are you trollin?

File: uAW44rL.jpg (651 KB, 1440x1342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone here into really low poly modelling while remaining a (somewhat) realistic style?(not talking about stylized stuff)

That stuff really turns me on, especially if you can achieve details with relatively low texture sizes with clever UV layout.

If you do pls share examples, tips and tutorials.

(pic is not mine)
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from what i can tell he split the UV's into 2 main areas where he can generate normals good enough to bake detail

still he would achieve far better model if he added another 5k tris in

It probably wasnt the best example. He could have mirrored the UVs of the magazine, the barrel, the handguard, the pistol grip and stock to get more texture space for other stuff since I dont see any significant detail there.that couldnt just have been used on both sides
>That image 'Ben Bolton'

Total 80's action hero name.

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