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I love /3/ and this community. I just started lurking recently but seems not a lot of y'all are active most of the time, so my questions is: Are there more places like this in the internet you guys also frequent.
pic unrelated.
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Polycount is the only other 3d places.

All 3d forums seem to be dead.

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Hi guys. This is my last semester as a BFA at Calarts. Now i kind of fucked up. I ended up in the film/video department rather than the character animation dept. It wasnt a waste of time, and pixar still hires film majors (not just animation majors) but heres the deal - there is no basic maya classes at this time. I am planning on taking a zbrush/maya character creation class, a maya rigging class, and cinema 4d. My roomate upstairs says that in my case, cinema 4d would be redundant and not really help me get to pixar or learn maya. What do you guys think? Is it worth taking...
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Film major? You know that you dont need to go to school for that, right? Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store only, and even that wouldnt be neccessary now with the digital age.

You fucked up, and pixar hiring you is probably as likely as pigs flying
Yeah, the thing is I already went... so.
still he can work at other things aside from animated cartoons, it def helps when applicating

What program does Nintendo use to do all their 3D marketing artwork? And how hard is it to learn? Thanks in advance!
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This type of 3D work. What program(s)?
I'd imagine it's a combination of a ton of different software in their workflow.

And at higher levels of the 3D industry, it ultimately comes down to whatever the pro is comfortable with. So realistically, it's really anyone's guess what specifically they use.

You'll probably want to look into the following though.

A polymodeller: 3DS Max, or Maya will do fine

And that's just to start. You'll probably want to start looking into rendering engines and shit like that later. And that doesn't even begin to cover additional shit like plugins that no doubt Nintendo uses.

Basically, its a fucking career. You're not going to learn Nintendo level skills for fun on the side.
probably softimage for modeling. that's what seems to be most common in the japanese game industry at least. it's as hard to learn as any other 3d package.
also this: >>508413

What should be a good programm for human modeling apart from maya?
random pic
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ZBrush should be your companion to Maya or any 3D modeling software, when it comes to organic modeling.

Can confirm, am former Mudbox user. Since the very sad (and short) list of new features for Mudbox 2016, I walked away and jumped on the Zbrush train.

It's miles ahead. Warning tough, the interface is aids condensate. Their whole "2.5d" concept as well for that matter.
thanks il try it right away

I started making abstract images for use as desktop backgrounds a while ago. Can I have some opinions and improvement input? Higher quality images coming soon.
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So how do I make it better?

Learn lighting, color theory, and most importantly composition.

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If I have a 5 million poly sculpt and retopo it to a 5k poly mesh, how do I bake ambient occlusion and other bump maps?

The UVs are completely different.

What is the workflow?
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Berserk shame the guy went crazy on Idolmaster
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how bout dis? ????

take 5 mil poly


UV it

divide it

sculpt on divide

UVs will be the same just more loop cuts

does this work?? :^))))
I'm gonna try to be actually helpful instead of shitposting for once.

So say you started in Sculptris and you made a 5million poly scuplt of your waifu's boobs. With all the little bumps on the nipples and everything. But you need to put this shit in waifu simulator2k4.exe right so you need to bake that shit for like a good 20 minutes. First thing you do is you open up your Blender and and shove that shit in there, and make it all lowpoly reopo. I'd tell you how to do it but I'm not a cromagnon so I don't use that shit. Anyway now you got your...
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So I've painted some weights in Maya. When I smooth the mesh it usually normalizes the weights and screws everything up. So I lock the weights and smooth, which distributes the weights properly when smoothed. But when I export the mesh, it exports the unsmoothed lowpoly version. So when I delete the non-deformer history and export, it normalizes the weights again.

How do I get the smooth mesh exported with properly distributed not-normalized weights ?

Also, Maya questions thread. Pic unrelated
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Where are you exporting the weighted mesh to and also why are you exporting the weighted mesh?
I'm expoprting the FBX to Unity
interesting. been a game dev long?

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do you think Autodesk is going to kill 3DS Max?
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All I know is that cinema 4d will definitely kill maya and 3DS Max.
But its going to be a long time before industry standard maya gets switched for the 4D.

Eventually, yes. Probably 3-4 years from now, Max will be gone. You should archive a copy now, and a copy of an OS it runs on.
yeah sure

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So /3/ seems much more focused on gaming side of 3d creation. Anyone know where I can go to talk about and argue over different architectural/urban design based programs?

Like autodesk, sketchup, lumen, vray, etc etc etc

What I am facing right now is a good way to take complex large urban designs into a good real time renderer. Currently testing and playing with LumenRT. I have tried unity in the past but it didn't play well with sketchup.

I used lightup in sketchup for a while but it just wasn't giving me the quality I wanted for larger areas....
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>stop using sketchup
this is not how you use greentext

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How would I go about making/animating this green object?

would it be better to use latices or is there a way to automatically animate this?

I just need it to stretch and contract in the center. I don't need to mess with the materials.
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Dynamics can give you the results quickly and easily.
Easy in something like Cinema4D can't speak for other applications.
Put center of the sticky thing on the leftmost block, parent to leftmost block, scale sticky thing horizontally based on how far the rightmost block is from its original position.
setting up a dynamic system for this simple task would be like getting out a caterpillar to dig a 1 foot hole.

man the fuck up op. I've been in multiple classes about 5 years ago with someone who was animation director on a movie that won multiple oscars and he would never let anyone animate with physics on anything

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How can i buy zBrush student version without a student id?
Am i forced to get a friend with one to do it or something or are there alternatives.
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Please just don't pirate it. A shame, really that it's so easily accessible. You can go to kat.cr and search Zbrush, click "age" to bring up the latest torrents, and find 4R7 with the P3 update, but I highly recommend you don't.
Why do the software companies with a huge license cost even bother with an activation code requirement.

Maya has it right, you can get any of the versions for free if you're a student. Any other software simple gets pirated the hour after its release.

I want to lay the foundations for non problamatic work for the next few years, no need to interact with shady torrents etc.
The market has shifted, money comes from ads so viruses aren't the issue anymore it's adware/ user data collection.

Better off buying and keeping that shit offline.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for this file or an stl of this. However the one on the site you need to pay for, does anyone know where i can find it for free?
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This is the site

Here you go.

That was almost convincing

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I'm thinking of buying Mudbox Perpetual license before the deadline.
I'm not fully sure what will happen to Mudbox but if it does die in the coming storm will it be good to have it and not being stuck with zBrush?

To give an idea of use, i use zBrush to sculpt atm however my workflow consists of semi high detail base meshes to sculpted detail.
So i'm not creating base meshes in zBrush to give it an advantage.

Still on the fence, will buy it if /3/ decides for sure with some good pro/ con info.
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Waste of $500 imo
Mudbox is absolutely dead. It's being merged into Maya with better features. I'm not sure why you would choose Mudbox, which hasn't been updated in over 2 years, over ZBrush which is miles ahead in features at this point.

You should be learning a concepting workflow in ZBrush where you work from dynamesh and the n project the details to a retopo afterwards, to not restrict your design until it's ready to be base-meshed fully.

Use zBrush for sculpting. It really is tons better and faster for that. However, zBrush isn't anywhere near as good as Mudbox when it comes to texture painting. That doesn't matter if you use Quixel or Substance Painter or something like that, so there's where your decision should be made. Figure out which 3d painting solution you like the best, and go that route.

Seriously though,...
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What type of mouse do you guys use? My hand hurts. I need a new one.
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i only use an intuos
I use a razor something but I also have an intouis 3
your hand hurts because you practice poor ergonomics

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Anyone here who uses Vray for Cinema 4D. How can I make my lighting better and make it less noisy?
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The easiest way would be to go into the VRay settings set the color threshold to something absurdly low (e.g. 0.0001 or lower) and up the max samples to 100. The result will be noise free, but will take ages to render.

The smart way is to render out the lighting and reflection passes to see what needs fixing. Noisy reflections = increase subdivs on the materials. Noisy shadows = increase subdivs on the lights.

Once you've done that you can try fiddling with the sample rate/color threshold values in your VRay settings to optimize render times.
put portal lights in front of the windows so they let more light come in.

to reduce noise decrease the threshold and increase the max subdivisions in the "Antialiasing" tab in Vray settings. I used to go with 15 subdivs and 0.001 threshold, but the render times got too long and i started rendering in a larger resolution with 32 subdivs and 0.01 threshold and then scale the picture down so it looks less noisy.

your picture isn't that noisy tho, it looks fine to me
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Thanks for the little tips. Made some adjustments and it looks x10 better

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