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who akira mogami?
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I can't remember either. Was he the guy that rigged the previous competition?
>Was he the guy that rigged the previous competition?
yes, he also said he'd represent them if Aoi joined Yuu's band.
That's extortion. Sure is a bitch of a manager.
>tfw Sara senpai has zero chance of winning.
My dick.
did Aoi know fuuka is dead? they made a deal right at the beach
Where did the nipples go?
I was just thinking that Sara hadn't gotten enough page-time.
I think we're long over due a group-bathing scene. After all, Kimi Machi & Suzuka had plenty of them.
I dunno, they had nipples(albeit odd, shapeless ones) until around halfway through Kimi Machi.
Maybe the magazine changed its policy on how they depicted nipples, or something?
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>quits high school to be in the band of the boy she loves
>lives with him and tries to help him out whenever she can
>boy doesn't even recognize her as a woman

Sara deserves the dick, but she'll never get it.
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Is not getting a loser like Yuu really a bad thing?
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New Fuuka > Pseudo-Loli Sister > College Sister > Sara > Real Tama > Sister Mom > Random Chick from Last Chapter > Groupie girl > Gay guy's sister > Shelley Hornet > Teacher > Shady Manager > Fuuka 1 > Koyuki.

Yuu is probably considered really attractive, and like most Seo's MCs, he probably has a pretty large dick.

Sara is going to have to watch as Yuu bounces between Fuuka 2.0 and a super famous idol while paying her no mind. She'll probably steal a kiss somewhere along the line like Akari did, but she's going to just suffer the entire series and end up with some random that will never make her as happy Yuu would.
i still choose fuuka1 is the best
Good old Seo, throwing random fanservice when the plot is fucking boring.
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To be honest, that's more of a fapping-preference than character preference list.
I only really skimmed the chapters about Fuuka 1, but she seemed an OK character.
Her being a character that we originally saw as a baby, then a little girl is a total boner killer for me, though.
>is a total boner killer for me
At least only your boner is kill. Poor girl is 100% kill.
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looking through the archives, I'm wondering if there was ever a time the nipples in Kimi Machi weren't just shaded circles
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>Seo's MCs, he probably has a pretty large dick.
did they ever say Yamato had a big cock?

Also, Fuuka 2 didn't seem to notice Yuu's hard-on when they first met, so maybe it's not that big?

That little sweat drop and those eyes tell me she does.
I don't think so, and she hasn't twigged that Fuuka 1 was Yuu's girlfriend either.
File: CLU0HUSUAAAQPub.jpg (172 KB, 1000x1414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hm, maybe that's why she keeps hanging around with him?
>Yuu is probably considered really attractive
I think the reason Mogami wanted Aoi in the band was that Yuu wasn't attractive enough to be a front man.
Why is this still going? Why do people keep buying it? Why?
File: seeeeeoooooooo.png (1 MB, 1524x1120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yamato could bench something like 85kg in tenth grade while otherwise being sedentary, he's op as shit
>wearing a bra
I dunno, bras can be pretty hot, especially if the artist puts effort into giving his girls different ones.
Seo has clearly not done this
pity, really, he used to.
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Nanami beg 2.jpg
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this one's from the game, but I think Seo did the art for it.
not a particularly clear shot, but you can see it's different from the other 2.
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Fuuka is not even rage fuel, it's just extremely dull.
The dumb hardships of the week has been pretty rage inducing
I don't find them infuriating, like you said they are just pretty dumb. There should be more focus in the romance.
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It's raping time.jpg
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>the scent of shampoo still lingers
What the fuck is up with the nips and the scent of shampoo, go pick up a bottle of it at 7/11 and insert your dick into it already

Btw will seo give us the obligatory ntr plot in this one or did mc already get cukced by the truck?
Personally, I don't care about the story, and what I mostly just want from it these days are plenty of hot pages of Fuuka 2's nice body.
This has been the first time in my time following a Seo manga that the main girl has been my favourite, and I'm enjoying the focus that comes with it.
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Tokyo Homewreckers.png
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I think Seo's work has grown more and more beta-pandering as time has gone on, so maybe he'll avoid something that the audience would find threatening like NTR?
(Actually, isn't Bikerbro dating Yuzuki the only thing remotely close to kekolding that's happened in his manga?).
remember how kimi no iru machi went from
>light-hearted country-side cohabitation with unrequited love subplot
>long-distance keking
>dying best friend keking
and then
>guilt keking
and then
>misunderstanding keking
and finally it became
>forget about dying beta fag that couldn't even get his limp-cancer dick up to take my girlfriend's virginity SOL cohabitation harem where my girlfriend has a proper job but I work at a convenience store
>although my original unrequited love gets over me and marries the biggest asshole in the series
best girl
>my original unrequited love gets over me and marries the biggest asshole in the series
I don't really get the asshole part.
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mina foot.png
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didn't she marry some onii-san type character who was a total cock to him early on when he was still in love with her.
He kept teasing him about how easy it would be to take her and how he's Cool Adult Male with A Car and he's highschool gaki?
also, she had the best punch.
Which is especially impressive because she's one of the smallest girls, and isn't even a tomboy like Asuka.
Actually, that sounds like you have Kimi Machi mixed up with a completely different manga.
No idea what it is, though.

I just realized you were speaking about nanami, That poor girl, that guy didn't deserve her at all.
File: nanami preview 1.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1916) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nanami preview 1.jpg
2 MB, 2560x1916
>that guy didn't deserve her at all.
true,but the guy she was saddled with is practically the opposite of anon's description.

Actually, when you say, "that guy" do you mean her eventual boyfriend, or Haruto?
I mean, neither of them deserved her, but still, I appreciate clarity.
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Koyuki Wins KNIM.png
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why are her boobs emitting a light-source

I remember apple onii-san be really dickish was that not the case?

Was he supportive in a passive aggressive way or something?
Haruto gonna get divorced anyway thanks to fucking his sister-in-law when he's in his thirties and they find out their marriage was only being propped up by the ultra-drama they shared by having a love triangle with an invalid
How can you like Fuuka2 and not Suzuka?
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Suzuka was OK, but I never liked her to any great extent. I always preferred Miho & Miki
New Fuuka doesn't have her tsundere personality, and I think the way Seo's art's developed makes them look reasonably different.
Plus, Fuuka 2 has bigger breasts, and I always thought her leather jacket made her look hotter.
Fuuka actually makes me miss Kimi no Iru Machi, I think the Tokyo Arc would just be starting by now and that was entertaining as hell.
File: 1445777055837.png (20 KB, 351x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Koyuki better win.
File: 01_193.jpg (205 KB, 1062x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>why are her boobs emitting a light-source
she was born on Christmas Day(and rather appropriately lost her virginity in a barn in the Fantasy chapter), so maybe it's the sign of some latent divinity?
Or maybe her top's reflective, or something(Which is weird, cos it looks like it's made of cotton or something to me).

>I remember apple onii-san be really dickish was that not the case?
Do you mean Nanami's older brother? He wasn't dickish, he was just a sort of a confident swaggering type, and he was usually nice to Haruto.
I dunno if his support was passive aggressive or not, it could just be down to personal interpretation.

> fucking his sister-in-law when he's in his thirties and they find out their marriage was only being propped up by the ultra-drama they shared by having a love triangle with an invalid
the ultra drama I can agree with, but I can't really see Haruto having the balls to cheat, especially as I think Eba kept them in her purse.
File: 2f3da215.png (141 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you know,I would've rooted for Koyuki as I think it'd be the unexpected choice, given that she's not the girl with her name in the title, and it seems I dunno, "fairer" that she get the guy she's been after for years, rather than another bird who's only known him for a relatively short time.
But then I thought, the only way we'll ever see an on-page sex scene, and various making-out/feeling up scenes with the new Fuuka is if the MC's the one to do it, so I'm hoping she wins.
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I had your wench.png
519 KB, 640x1024
yeah, the Tokyo arc was often reviled, but it was probably one of the more entertaining parts of the series.
It was dumb, but it didn't feel like the series was spinning its wheels.
I mean, I can say this now that the ride ended and looking back it was a lot of fun, but reading it weekly was cancerigenous. Fuuka is pretty tame in comparison.
It's the difference between shit happening and shit not happening, but hey, the next legend continues
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Personally, I didn't really hate Kimi Machi until after the Tokyo arc.
I mean, I thought the Tokyo arc had some pretty stupid ideas and coincidences, but I don't think I took the story serously enough to let it bother me, and I could at least read it and wonder what happened next.
It might partly be because I actually started reading during that arc, then went back and read the Hiroshima arc, so I was never invested in Yuzuki's character, and during the Tokyo arc, wondered what Haruto saw in her.
I don't think I ever enjoyed it after that though, outside some of the fapping fuel, and Schadenfreude when things went wrong for Haruto & Yuzuki(particularly Haruto).
And some of the /a/ threads.
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