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How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human being is productive, has hobbies, pushes him/herself to succeed, is charismatic, and strives to live the best life they can. Share your successes, failures, methods, and everything in between.

The sticky is divided like so:
>Recommended Readings.
>Some tips to get your life back on track.
>Study and Career.
>To-do list habit.rpg (If you’re TOTALLY Lost. Start with this one)
>Focus and meditation

Basic Recommendations:
>Have a productivity Framework that is flexible. A mindset that gets you going.
>Use a calendar, like google calendar. Hours and shit for things YOU WILL DO.
>Learn to focus.
>Do routines for things you should do periodically/daily, this should cover daily things or weekly chores such as laundry, cleaning, shopping.
>Identify and Eliminate conflicts within yourself.
>Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.
>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once you’ll burnout. Little by little.

>This is a good ‘sticky’ for self-development
>This one is a good blog for resources of this kind. I’ve seen annons give good feedback.


>If you think there is material that should be added (Or taken off). Please say so.
>There is no central authority for the /SIG/, everyone could copy, modify and upload the info here in a latter post.
>To future curators of the /SIG/. Stray away from PUA, and avoid Fedora stuff please.
>If you try monetizing with this, I’ll cut you.
>I’m looking to expand the ‘how to focus’ Area. If you believe you can help out/have tips. Please share.
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Material reading can be tricky. There will be trash here and there as we're not /lit/.

But we have to trust others.
Image related has a detailed list that an Annon provided on a thread a while back. If you got time to kill, click on the image, and read the descriptions

As time goes, the /SIG/ has had a couple of books recommended. I’ve done my best to try to get talks of the authors of such books so you can get a ‘piece’ before you commit.

Google a bit about the book, if you think you can get something out of it, watch the talk.
In my opinion, try getting the books “for free”.
If you read it and get something out of it, consider paying for the book.

>Michael Mauboussin, "The Success Equation”
>Quiet: The power of Introverts
>The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge
>Antifragile - Nassim Taleb
>One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way - Robert Maurer
>Mentally Tough - James E. Loehr & Peter J. McLaughlin
>Practicing the Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

> http://pastebin.com/x7BbYimv
Reading material needs to be added/edited

The Way of The Seal
The Code of the Warrior - Rick Fields
The Story of Civilization - Will Durant
The Story of Philosophy - WIll Durant
Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein 1959 (actually has a lot of really powerful character building stuff in there)
Bravo Two Zero - Andy McNab
Immediate Action - ^
Seven Troop - ^

Also, Project Gutenberg has Thousands of free books.
You could do lot worse than browsing their top 100
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>Freedom is having control of your life

You should at least have 3 hobbies/activities.
-One that will pay the bills, gets food on your table
-One that will keep you in shape. (lower you faggot)
-One that you're passionate about and might be able to develop into a career.

If you're into lifting, taking the tips to better yourself should be simple; as you already have built some self-discipline.

Make peace with yourself and the way things are right now.
Stop thinking the world owes you, how destiny ‘fucked you over’, how those guys have it easier.
Accept things as they are, realize that life is cruel and your circumstances are the ones you were given. You can’t do shit about the starting point, but you can move forward.

Don’t focus in what was given to you, focus in what you’ll achieve.

Eliminate the things you dislike about yourself, about your life. Is as simple as, do you enjoy your job? No? Take steps to change the feeling.
How are you gonna make that? You either make your job more enjoyable, or you change jobs. Simple.
You want a girl? how do you plan to achieve that? Are you too socially inept? Work on that.
Are you piss poor and can’t afford a decent living? Work on that too.

No matter who you are, where you are in your life, or how fucked up you think you are.
You can improve your life. Take control. Move forward.
Dreams keeps us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
About 5-7 years ago, I was a fucking train-wreck.
Right now, I'm doing fairly well.

Get some discipline, set some goals and a way to achieve them.
Cultivate yourself, learn stuff, get your shit together.

And realize, understand. None is coming to save you.
You got to make your way through.
You NEED to take CONTROL.
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If you're still in School. For fuck sake pay attention.

MORE than half of actually doing good in school is attending, the other half is paying attention in class. So then do it.
Or stop it altogether.
If you’re in college and you’re not feeling it, take a semester to think things through.
If you’re in high school, don’t think YOU NEED to enter college to be successful. There are other ways…
Google just started hiring people who never went to college.
WATCH this talk:

Some learning resources, focusing in code since I’m an ‘IT’ guy:
First and foremost. Free language learning tool with a really robust app. THIS IS A MUST. Learning a new language will help you out no matter who you are.
Teaches you the basics, from the ground up.
Similar to codeacademy.
Personal favorite. This guy step by step, learns a shit-ton of programing languages. Give this a check and start watching something you’re interested in.
This one I really like, once you get your shit going, it puts you ‘objectives’ to solve through code, last batch are really complex.
It’s a really nice online-course platform. There are really good things here as well.
>openprocessing.org / processing.org / codepen.io
These sites display some really cool stuff, where you can also check the source code and modify it to see what happens.

As for career options.
Choose anything you want, If you want to go into Philosophy or Social studies, That's fucking great. As long as you’re passionate about it, you’ll find a way.
You can always become a teacher or a writer.

BUT BE FUCKING AWARE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME MAKING MONEY. Don't get a loan to study shit that will be expensive to repay.

Other than that, don't enter into something soulless just because 'I'll get money'.
You only got one fucking life, don’t waste it doing something you hate.
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You must have a to-do list, it's pretty essential.
As for which, there are several options
Google Keep, Evernote or whatever suits you.

But currently I suggest you use:
There’s even a /fit/ guild created to keep us in check.

It’s certainly geeky as fuck. But Gamification has been proven to work when applied to certain aspects of human psyche. Helps you stay in check and keeping your eyes on the trophy.

Stupid trivial things I used to do, I stopped once I placed them as ‘Bad habits’.
It also has a mobile app, while it’s a bit limited and on construction, it is free.

There are three main categories.
>Habits. These are things you do by impulse, not under a schedule. Can be good or bad.

+Go for a jog
+Sleep early/on time Sun-Thu
+Walk the dog
+Go for a ride
+Cook something new
+Go out and socialize
+Spend time at the shelter

-Drink soda
-Drink beers
-Eat Junk/Dirty bulk
-Stay up late Sun-Thu
-Fap [?]
-Play 1.5+ Hours vidya a day

>Dailies are things you ALWAYS do. Every day or certain days of the week. Planned, they are only good.

+Lift (m - w - f)
+Eat your macros(daily)
+Buy Groceries (Sa)
+Read 30 min (daily)
+Practice the Guitar 30 Min(daily)
+Study Video Editing 40 Min (daily)
+Cook (We, Sa)
+Do your daily points in duolingo

>To-Do are, well, things you must do. You can have a checklist within one To-Do.

()Fix the shelf
()Go to the post office and send the package
()Buy the ticket to the concert
()Pay the landlord
()Organize my trip to the moon
—()Get the rocket tickets
—()Get the reservation for the moon Hostel
—()Buy some moonars to have some local money
—()Buy a map of moon city

Seeing the numbers go up (or health go down) is a weird sort of motivation. I can vouch for it. Give it a try, if you have no idea where to start, This is a good one.

Fill your bad habits, put the todo’s and take it from there
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Why is this Self Improvement thread the "Oy vey, it's annodah Shoah" edition?
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Meditation and focus is taking a Long fucking while. While I do meditate, It's not my strongpoint, so It doesn't come as easy.
Boils down to, meditation is really advisable in today's world of instant gratification.
It's important to listen to your own voice from time to time.
Mediation will help you focus on the long run, as you gain control of yourself.

Some (non-curated)resources I've been mentioned on the way:


If you have any recommendation, idea or something along the lines, Please reply to this post. I'll check them out.

As for Finance. That's also under construction.
But managing your own money is fucking important.
I'm just scratching the surface on it. I advice you check this:
And read the following advice from finacebrah
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To get started, you obviously need to get an income sorted, now, there are 2 main ways to make money, work for somebody else, or earn money yourself.

Working for somebody else is self explanatory, you go out and get a job, busting your balls, normally for peanuts if you don't have a great career, and doing that day after day, year after year. Is this always a bad thing? No, most people start here in fact, it tends to be a good, at least consistent way to make money. People do it there whole lives, and that's up to them.


Earning money for yourself.

Again, there are two ways to do this. Firstly, is ACTIVELY earning it, creating a business, that you work at and it provides you with profit, and PASSIVELY earning it, meaning you put money you already have to work.

I can't possible cover off every single way to actively make money in 1 post, but if it interests you, look into it. You can start an online business while you already have a job, if you still want the security. You can start a side gig on the weekends, you can import and sell at markets or online.You can jack it all in, and start a physical business (please don't do that without serious thought) Actively earning money is one of the most rewarding things you can do, IMHO

Earning online


Low start up cost businesses/part time



There are hundreds of articles out there, have a look, see what you think, and do your research

You save it, live within your means, don't go into high interest debt, keep your expenses as low as possible, the more you save, the more you can put to work, and the more you can earn without lifting a finger. Passively earning money. I like to call this putting your money to work for you, money you saved, investing it, and getting a return on it.


Yes. This is how most people become wealthy, saving money, and getting a big return on it. But how do you do that? Again, there are hundreds of ways. As a general rule, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. What you invest in depends on your investment strategy, including what return you want, and what risk you're willing to take.


Read it and create one, it should tie in to your long term goals. Again, too many different kind of investments to cover in one post, here is a good overview of them.


This is the risk order:


I personally prefer Real estate, forex trading, and stocks. There is so much information out there, I can just encourage you to read and learn as much as possible. See what suits your life and where you live.


and the most important one.

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Due to the exodus of /sig/ from board to board, due to janitors not deciding whether it belongs in /fit/ or /adv/
For all those who want to get into more patrish level reading, I suggest "Starting with the Greeks" rather than jumping into more advanced texts unprepared. Reading is great for mindgains and what you learn can be applied to real life quite well (plus it's fun to be smarter than others ;})

Thats an awesome pic, saving this for when i start stocking the home library. the greeks and romans always fascinated me.
Any tips/investment methods for saving money and getting decent interest from it? All fixed rate bonds I can find are about 3% max. I don't have large amounts to save atm (Just want to stash 2-300 quid away for when I need it, will probably add more as I get richer from summer work)

Index funds can average around 10% and tend to be pretty safe longterm. Other than that, corporate bonds should give you more than 3%
Cheers for the advice man, will look into them
>had long weekend
>decided i was going to do homework and be productive
>saturday i went to the park and listened to some 15 year old shitty band
>sunday i installed dark souls and played all day
>monday i went to the asian market and the i saw kingsman
>today life is strange episode 2 came out
well looks like im going to half ass everything at the last moment again
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Nice thread, like these ones. This is a good site you could add to the "sticky" pretty much a basic guide to meditation for beginners : http://zenhabits.net/meditation-for-beginners-20-practical-tips-for-quieting-the-mind/
You tried HabitRPG man? Trust me I was more or less the same as you (not doing the same things, but procrastinating all the same) Getting a routine of productivity is very good for stopping procrastination and makes it easier to spread the workload out. I also recommend planning your work out (e.g. doing a paragraph now, some math revision later) and allowing yourself to have some planned recreational time (play some dark souls once you've done a bit of work, play abit and get rekt by the skellys then do abit more work etc.) I still struggle with procrastination, but having your shit organised helps a shit tonne
testing if I can reply from top box
yes, i joined a group, agreed to a quest and then lost an entire month of progress. Never trying it again.
Im transitioning from neet, last week was my first non neet week so i have problems with responsability
thank you financebrah, for some reason it's not updating too but I guess as long as I can post it's ok

Join a guild, not a party.

Our /fit/ guild is bad ass, even though we aren't on /fit/ anymore haha
ahh right. Well congrats on coming out of NEEThood anway man, you're already doing better than those who chose not to deal with their problems. Keep up the good work, but also (guessing your in college?) i'd try doing some of your work on the college grounds or in a library rather than at home. It's much easier to do a good bit of work in a working environment, rather than one with a lot of distractions from your goals.
With self improvement it feels like no matter how hard i try, i fail. And when i fail i fall into a never ending downfall of failures and worsening my life even more. Even when i had a fresh start at life i did okay for a year or so then screwed it up.
How do i stick with it? how do i succeed?
I feel like i try, but then never get anywhere, then i look back and hate myself for not trying hard enough, even now i could be doing something but i am not. My list of goals right now are roughly.

>Learn the local language so i can find a job (I am living in another country)
>Get fit, i work out but i really don't try hard enough, i give up so fast, can't push myself, see no progress and give up.
>Find a job with my shitty level of this language
>Make some friends

I literally have all day long free, but i just sit here doing stupid shit, how do i stop doing stupid shit? I will give habitRPG a go, thanks to the anon that pointed it out, it seems okay from what i have read so far. But damn, i am not alone right? i just feel stuck here and won't be able to improve myself until i know the language fluently of this country i am in (Spain)
college is closed until tomorrow
Don't worry so much, there's plenty of people in your position and probably plenty more who aren't putting in any effort at all. In terms of sticking with your plans, make sure your plans are both doable and to an extent enjoyable. For learning the spanish language I 100% reccomend DuoLingo (Learnt abit of german on it, learnt more in 1 hour then I did after a year of lessons) and for fitness i'd try either asking /fit/ (Be prepared for shitposters tho) or just search online for one that seems integral (I reccomend a 5x5 program such as SS or ICF for begginers, read up on them before doing them tho, so you can properly do the weight proggressions etc.) But really the most important thing is to keep trying, yes you will fail at times and it won't be easy, but simply trying makes you a much harder worker then many other people in the world
i can't those motherfuckers deleted /sig/.
/adv/ is full of NEETs, cheaters, /r9k/ faggots trying to solve something.

People on /fit/ is already improving themselves by going to the gym, people here expect results with magic words.
anyways, somepeople will be really interested and will care about contributing to /sig/ and seek real /sig/ help.

In the previous thread someone was posting some nice books, the onlyone I remember was "No more Mr Nice guy", but the thread got kill.
Do you remember those books Financebrah? Or please, recomend me some books :)
I'm currently reading How to gain friends...... and shit's great, I heard about it here.

Thanks anon, i try, but i feel distracted constantly, right now i could be doing weights, but instead i am here. This morning i told myself i would study Spanish, i did 10 minutes then jumped on a game, lost track of time and that was that.

I do use Duolingo, i feel my Spanish level is good, but for speaking fluently to the locals it is a struggle.

I guess i just have to keep trying, this thread is a good idea, it seems it could motivate people like me who give up easily.

I have tried on /fit/ and yes you are right, full of shitposters lol. I'l look into some work out guides for sure.

Thanks anon.
>I literally have all day long free, but i just sit here doing stupid shit, how do i stop doing stupid shit
try Duolingo if you wanna learn a bit of a new language
also read books,
where are you living anon?
No probs man. in terms of feeling distracted, as your productivity becomes routine, it will become much easier to do lifting etc. Here's a few links for workout programs btw :
And here's some vids for good form:
I just saw in your HabitRPG list that 1.5+ hours of vidya is a neg for you.

Is it bad that I want to make something out of playing vidya? While trying to learn Electronic Music and begin to get fit?

Thanks for the thread. Definitely needed this just now.

That isn't mine, but I can post mine if you want.

Nope, I've got a friend right now trying to make something out of playing minecraft. As long as you realize its a hard industry to get into its fine.
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I think I can finally see how depressed I still seem to be. I thought I had traversed the fog but I guess I was just kidding myself. Rushing about to find solutions and whatnot.

Now I'm not sure what to do!

this is what we arrive to in /adv/ /SIG/
seems like the new board is alot like the old board
Atleast you know how you feel, rather than living a lie. What makes you depressed?
25 year old neet here (cue laughter)
been on a major turn this past week
getting back into programming after a year for one thing, used to be a computer science student
my first project takes two exercise lists (bodyweight and medicine ball) then spits out a scrambled list with even amounts of each type of exercise
then I made a routine for myself where I alternate between a half hour of activity followed by exercise as a break
once I've gone through my exercises for a day I still get up every half hour to stretch and stuff anyway

Been going out a little more as well

Right now I'm feeling better physically but my mind's still in a bit of a haze
not sure where I'm really going, don't have any major purpose or mission, don't believe in any kind of higher power, feel like a lot of things are futile
but I want to do stuff and accomplish things yet feel stuck
good luck
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12 KB, 248x249

Mission is to be happy anon, we're all gonna make it.

Also, check em
Meditate daily, and/or read some philospophy (Neitzche if you want to be overman)
fuckin hell m8 chill out with them quints
Quints confirm we're all gonna make it?
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Sweet Ghandi's tits!
File: doit.jpg (8 KB, 300x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /SIG/ have you done your annual review yet? putting goals and accomplish them is one of the best feelings in the world here is some usefull links to do it and don't worry if it's already kind of late in 2015 do it anyway



also the mods in /fit/ are fags

Thanks, I'll need plenty.

Roger that, quints.

I enjoy listening to ASMR and breathing slowly, it's been a massive help lately with getting to sleep.
Recently started going through The Emperor's Handbook, you think it's a good start?

Looks like a great idea anon, i'll have to give that a go.
Seems like a good start, i'm no /lit/ patrician so you'd be better off asking/lurking there if you want more specific advice (as usual with hobby boards, be prepared for irony and memes)
Any idea for hobbies? I already do a lot of hiking. I'm a grad student so I'm not looking for anything intellectually taxing either.
drawing can help concentration
Thanks for these threads guys, this all was really helpful, especially HabitRPG.
I could write an in-depth guide on HabitRPG, explaining many aspects of it, and giving tips on how to benefit from it the most.
Wrenching. Gets pretty fun, teaches you to be a MacGyver, and saves you a lot of money if you get good at it.
Yes! Would love that shit. I've been doing it since a couple of SIG threads ago and thoroughly enjoy it.

Martial arts or climbing.

My creativity and sense of purpose is always sparked by relistening to this talk with Peter Diamandis:
Puzzle games are nice. I personally prefer Sudoku but there's a ton out there. Most of my other hobbies are probably a bad choice if you're in grad school (learning languages, programming, etc.) I think drawing is a good suggestion though. Something that you do outdoors is another good one - hiking, cycling, etc. Cycling is great.
Finally, the toxic landfill 'NEET and Shut-in' General can die!

Bumping with relevant motivational guide
Sorry was down at the farm


Don't remember them sorry, check the fit archive and see if the thread is still there.

Other than that, what kind of books are you looking to read, more self help ones?

Also fishing is god tier.
>copying this from the neet thread since they were too preoccupied with suicide talk to help me

Its finally happened. I've finally been pushed over the edge by my family's bullshit. I've decideed to leave this shithole by any means necessary.

I've been hikki for almost 6 years and have almost no experience living on my own but at this point I'll take anything above staying here any longer.

My plan right now is to start college on the other side of the country. I have some family in ontario that could probably help me out.

Any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation would be appreciated

Not been in that situation, but you can do anything you put your mind too anon, living by yourself really isn't that hard, just live within your means, which might be below the lifestyle you're used too.
Yeah, that's what needs to be done.
I had 30 ads blocked, wonder what's the reason
What normally it's your sleeping time /SIG/ mine it's like 11pm - 1am and I feel really tired in morning what to do

12 till 5. If I'm tired I'll go to bed a little earlier, normally sleep until 7 on sunday.
>If you're still in School. For fuck sake pay attention.

Listen to this guy.

Also, don't fall into the trap I did with college. When I was in college I only took classes I knew I couldn't fail, mostly because I already knew the material. I only took on projects with subjects I'd already experimented with, and I only wrote papers on things I already knew I liked. I graduated college thinking the same way I did in high school and middle school because I only took classes that pandered to beliefs about the world I already had. While all of my peers were trying, failing, and expanding their knowledge base and skills, I was focused on trying to push my own agenda, most of which was subjective, some of which was flat out wrong.

If you're in college and not 100% locked into a major, take some classes you wouldn't normally take. Take a class that teaches the opposite of what you believe, or something you'd never even consider. Take an art class, or a creative writing class. Check out some philosophy. If you're in any of those fields, take something in mathematics, physics, finance, biology, etc. and actually try to do well. You might surprise yourself. The most fun I ever had in college was in courses that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was studying.

So to add onto "fucking pay attention", fucking pay attention to everything, not just the things you already know you like.
I'm an ugly girl who's never had a relationship but I'm taking steps at self improvement

I just went to the orthodontists, I'm getting braces in a month, and I talked to him about my deformed jaw and he said that can only be fixed with surgery not braces (I have a class III lower jaw deformity which is part of why my face is so ugly).

So I'm saving up for jaw surgery, then a nose job to fix my massive manly nose, then a breast lift, and hip surgery to fix my 'violin hip' deformity so I can look nice in dresses and have a more womanly figure, and I think that's about it

Then I'll have a boyfriend? I think I most likely will.

I will be in my 30s by the time I will be able to finance all these procedures but oh well.
3 - 5 am is when I usually fall asleep
I'm fine if i need to wake up by 8am - 10am

Since I'm NEET, I usually sleep till 12(noon)
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2 MB, 2023x2936
I don't really know. It just feels like I've been trying so hard, non-stop, to fix how I feel and be happy again. I think I'm tired of it, now. I am just recently beginning to see the futility of keeping vigil and questioning myself and everything at every waking moment.

I read an article the other day about gifted adolescents and the harm it can do. One trend noticed was the impatience with ambiguity or unresolved situations and the acceptance of poor solutions just to take care of a problem at hand, quickly. I feel like I am doing this, but to my life's problems just so I can wipe my hands and say 'Glad that's done with.'

FYI, graduating from college. will be 22 in the summer.
That's significant enough? Holy smokes I'd do like 1-7 and I'm so tired.
i can have like 30 surgeries and still being a faggot.
imo, just get the jaw job.
You're vain. The jaw surgery is understandable but don't change who you are.
Well I barely eat anything and all I need to keep myself happy is some decent internet speeds

Finding a job that won't make me want to kill myself is going to be the hard part
I just want to be and feel attractive and have a boyfriend.
Hey guys, just recently my gf broke up with me.
I've been through a very bad month, and I'm just starting to feel like I can move on. I'm no longer feeling sad, or melancholic. I deserve better, c'mon!

But still I'm feeling kind of crappy. I sleep to much and I just wake up to go to college. I tried to get into the student's program that takes you to another country to study, all costs paid, but the results from the access exam just got here and i'm out (I have the HIGHESTS qualification in english of all the people that took the language test, because my country does not have English as a first language, but still I'm out)

I feel a little down, but I heard there's another of those student programs and I'll apply to it.
Appart from that... I just feel like, unready to do things like going out and have fun. All this time I've been avoiding to stay indoors with only myself, and now I'm starting to feel comfortable with that again.

I want to learn to play the synthesizer. You guys know any web where I can learn that?
Any advice about my situation is very welcome. I've been through the worst already, but now I feel I'm in a weird moment. That weird moment between the break up and the part you move on...
>Fix violin deformity
I have this too and dislike it, but every single guy I've ever spoken to says
>"What!? That's a deformity!? I prefer it!"

If you're doing it so you're happier with yourself personally, then go ahead, but if you're doing it so other people (Men) will like how you look, then know that most of them prefer it.
This is probably already covered somewhere in the thread, but if you're looking for supplements, check out:




Both of these websites provide good, nonbiased information on vitamins and supplementation.
For the past month it was around 4 in the morning, sometimes later
and waking up around 9 or 10
shit was absolutely miserable

Today was the first day I successfully woke up at 6:58 after going to bed around midnight and just feel fucking dope

Wouldn't say any one thing did it but here's what I attribute it to
a week or so worth of:
>Eating better (plenty of chikkin and vegetables)
>Taking muh vitamins (multi, papaya enzyme, fish oil, 5-HTP)
>Exercising throughout the day rather than all at once but some days I might want/need to do it all to get it in for the day
>Mentally engaging activity such as brogramming, math, reading
>Never sitting down for more than a half hour at a time
>Ending the day with a dose of melatonin and ASMR, breathing real slow, sometimes skip the melatonin
>Forgetting to turn off my watch alarm which always goes off at 7:00

Basically, increase mental/physical activity, improve nutrition, chill tf out for ~an hour before you go to sleep,
and have an alarm wake you at the time you want to get up even if you're going to just turn it off and sleep another few hours
eventually you'll find yourself tired one night that just so happens to be a reasonable time away from when you've wanted to wake up
cause while you were doing all of this, your shit was adjusting itself.

Hopefully it works for you.
Eh It usually is, unless I'm ill or something.

Honestly, I discovered more about myself working in a shitty job than i did at any other time in my life.


Honestly it can't be that bad, don't worry so much about what you look like, and just worry about being a nice person, and the right guy will find you.

I have a horrible bone deformity where my bones didn't stop growing and i ended up massive, but I live with it ;)
>Honestly it can't be that bad, don't worry so much about what you look like, and just worry about being a nice person, and the right guy will find you.

That's what I've been trying for 27 years, hasn't worked and I hate being ugly.

No guy has expressed interest in me despite me being a great friend and person.
Stop trying to sabotage her efforts because confronting the fact that really ugly people exist makes you uncomfortable. You can get the same smug
>I'm a good person uwu
feels by encouraging people to change for the better. Isn't that what this thread is for, not complimenting people for the sake of boosting your own ego by lying to someone?

You seem like you're alright m8 and trying to truly make a change

>I'm no longer feeling sad, or melancholic. I deserve better, c'mon!
>I've been through the worst already

This is the mentality that you need and you already have it, just try to do babysteps first put a goal for the day like sleeping before 11pm and stick with that, also check this link for sleep gains


You will going to do it, you will move on.
Slow down there bud. You don't need to go that far in at someone who is going out of their way to try to help people.
I'm having an issue where I can't stop dressing like a loser. I have a lot of great clothing I just never wear anymore because I feel like I'm too old for it, even when I have lots of friends who wear this kind of clothing all the time.

How can I stop feeling like a stodgy old man? I'm only 24.

If you think fixing it will help, then I mean that's your choice. Just don't think its always needed, sure, most guys are shallow as fuck, but not all of them are.


Well you'll never find me encouraging people to change things out of their control, Lose weight, sure. Get a breast lift, probably not. I'm fine with ugly people exisiting, hell, I might even be one as far as you know. Sure, looking good has been shown to help in life, but is there any point financially crippling yourself for the next few years to maybe fix it? That's only something she can decide.
I would hardly call saying "don't worry about it brah" going out of your way to try to help others, especially to someone with a severe underbite.

That's just straight up unsympathetic.
>most guys are shallow as fuck, but not all of them are.
Shit nigga, while I agree, it's the same mentality as "not all girls are like that, just be yourself and you'll meet someone who will love you for how nice you are".

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough, the jaw thing I completely understand, that can have major impacts of peoples quality of life, I was more referring to the breast lift and nose job. Should have been more clear, my bad
What's wrog with a breast lift? It would make me attractive and not disgusting like I do now.

A nose job would make me SIGNIFICANTLY prettier, it would make me so happy

How come you're ok with people losing weight just because it's not surgical?
>Well you'll never find me encouraging people to change things out of their control,

Clearly it is within their control if they can get surgery to fix it. Technology has gotten to the point where people don't have to put up with shit they hate about themselves any more.

>looking good has been shown to help in life, but is there any point financially crippling yourself for the next few years to maybe fix it?

Where did she say anything about it being financially crippling? Money exists to be spent.
OP and thread regulars, what's your opinion of and experience with NEETs and hikikomori/shut-ins suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and other severe mental health problems that complicate their recovery and self improvement?
Do any of you suffer from similar issues?
What to do when you sound like a retard talking to potential jobs? Every call screen I've had has not gone so well and I forget things/sound dumb.
No prob, I'm not actually OP but I think everything's pretty clear now.

I too have violin hip, it's more common than one would think and while I've never met a guy who specifically prefers it I doubt there are many guys that are really picky about it either.

As long as you make sure to take good care of your breasts and get fitted properly for a bra/wear a bra frequently, I don't see why you shouldn't get a lift if you think you're sagging that much.

Just like weight loss surgery, no point in getting it if you aren't going to take good care of yourself afterwards and make good habits/break bad ones. Better to fix the habits before getting surgery too.
Lol my tits aren't saggy because I didn't wear a bra, I've always worn professionally fitted bras.
Lots of research is coming out that says people who wear bras more have saggier tits. So they might actually be saggy because you did wear a bra.

I know, and that shit does get old, but its true.


Roughly reherse it in your head, to get a general idea of what you want to say, and the questions you will likely be asked. Don't do it word for word, or you'll sound aspie as fuck.


Well, people aren't born fat, they get fat, then lose it by being healthy again. Your breasts are your breasts, theres probably many people with more sagging tits, but again, if you want to go for it, thats your choice, I'm just saying don't think its a necessity to do well in life.
yeh, self-help ones. everything that seems obligatory with /sig/

Í had depression if that counts. I just did a lot of reading on the causes, and how to get over it, tried a lot of methods, and found what works for me. Or you can see a shrink or cognitive behavior therapist, they deal with that kinda stuff all day, so will probably be able to get you over the hump faster.

Just get down to the root of whats causing it, understand it, then you can find a way to move on.

I'm a fan of Brian Tracey, have a read of The Power of Self Discipline next, then come back and let me know what you think.
>used to be 12-8
then college informed me they cancelled afternoon classes so now its 3 am- 11
What caused yours, if you don't mind answering?

It's a bit of a long story, but I'll give it a whack.

I've always gotten attached to girls way to easily, and in high school i was a 3+1 sport athlete, and in year 12, i was just focused on sports, and casual hookups and dating with girls, never too serious, won nationals for dragonboating and baseketball, life was good. Year 13, my last year, I got fucking huge, I was 6'9 260 and pretty shreded, but i made the stupid fucking mistake of getting a girlfriend, and anyways, went through the year spending more time with the girl than my friends, my basketball coach, the guy who taught me to play, left my school team, but i was still doing well with my club team who we won nats with. Anyways, got a couple of offers to go to the US to try out for athletic scholarships, said no because of the grill, went to uni, hated it, girl broke up with me and fucked a guy the next day and told me about it, and that's pretty much how i got fucked over. Even tried suicide by ODing at one point, took enough drugs to kill 3 people and lay down, I woke up, amazed to be alive and I've believed in some kind of God since then.

But hey, I learnt from it, I moved on, it taught me a lot of hard but good lessons, and lead me to the girl I'm with today, and I'm in the process of moving to the USA. things have a funny way of working out in the end anon, just keep moving forward.
Is there something on this guide that will help a manlet grow a few inches? If there isn't, into the trash it goes.
are you a manlet?

No. In the trash you go, more like it.
There's no proper way of getting taller, aside from sorting out posture or wearing big shoes. Or you could just leave humanity behind and do some HGH ofcourse ;)

You can get bone implanted into your shins, don't forget that.
nigga I'm a 5'3 manlet and I literally coudln't care less about my height, worrying about things out of your control is the first reason why you're stuck in a shithole
5'4 here, haven't grown in 9 years.
Once you're past 21, no hope in trying man. Just let your personality be bigger than you.
>find about whittling
>buy knife
>get home
>look for any wood I might find
>find old ass pencils
>find tutorial for whittling a santa face on pencils
>try it
>make an absolute mess
>achieve no results at all

this is harder than I thought and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right

Whittling on a pencil would be fucking hard dude, bigger stuff is easy, buy some 1 inch square pine or basswood and use that
shit it might just be my knife, I've now tried whittling the same stuff I was trying to whittle with some old x-acto knives and they cut this shit like butter

I guess I'll spend all night sharpening that knife

What kind of knife is it? If you get a decent woodworking one, it will make your life so much easier
the knife on some ferrino multitool
shiet, don't give up dude. seriously.
do it because is not impossible, do it for the glorious feeling of sucess once you make it, and finally... do it for /sig/.

A friend once tried to teach me to play the guitar and I sucked and blamed my shitty fingers for it. a month later I tried again and still sucked. I kept trying because my friend always thought i could learn.
After trying enough I made some progress, 1 month later I bought a guitar.
2 years happened since then, I have my guitar in my lap, I love playing it.
Me and my friend still hanging put just to play the guitar.

You can do it m8, don't give up. No one starts as a fucking expert.
Nice thread, OP.

This year so far I've lost 5 lbs (not much but I'm not really doing anything more than walking a bit more and eating a tiny bit less), and exceeded my goal of getting one date: I'm now dating somebody seriously. Still need to work on my goal to read more often.

I want to keep it up. Feels good.


I use this one, i find it works well and you have some good blade control.

If I'm away and whittling because I'm bored, I use this


Keep it up anon, do you lift at all?
Any tips for philosophy direction? I read the DaoDeJing a few times and started to care less about everything and went more with the flow of life. Life got better almost in a few days. Are there other philosphic stream that follow the same direction?

Book recomendations welcome
what are some jobs that are don't require full attention for the whole shift?

ideally i'd like a job where i can clock in, maybe do a few hours of work at most and spend the rest of my time reading and doing work

currently looking into security positions but working completely at night might make it difficult to do things during the day and function properly
i want to operate at 100%

Have a look at


Pretty much any kind of office/admin job
If you want more patrish opinions, then head to lit and pop a question there (be wary of memes and shit tho) but if you want to read more Taosim, then this site seems to be a good source: http://www.sacred-texts.com/tao/
in a previous thread Skandinav said that people are going to europe for cheap tuition, can anybody point me towards forums/threads/whatever where people discuss this?
looking for some place where there is full college information as well as information gained from personal experience
information that could also include language learning/best colleges in general/best colleges for certain situation/general culture/immediate culture or ways of thinking/getting the most out of certain cities etc all through the lens of having education as a priority

>Well, people aren't born fat, they get fat, then lose it by being healthy again. Your breasts are your breasts, theres probably many people with more sagging tits,

Just because it's not my fault my nose and breasts are shit, doesn't stop them from being shit. Do you understand?

Would you tell someone that there's probably many people with more fat on their bodies to someone who's overweight?

No, I come from /fit/ where the only excuse for being fat is powerlifting and GOMAD.

Go ahead and get your breasts and nose done, just don't say nobody told you if nothing changes.

no job experience so i've only applied to warehouse/minimum wage jobs as all the office jobs i've seen seem to be out of reach at the moment. i spend most of my time reading things about social interactions
i really have no idea what's the best job i can get both wage wise and goal wise(basically clock in so i can get paid to study) but it's obvious that that depends on my ability to display value in a proper way to employers

what reading would people in this thread recommend for navigating the work environment? building skills/getting the most value(money, information,social standing)/giving the most value all in an efficient manner

and of course, again, all while spending the most possible working on my own studies
is the /sig/ move to /adv/ permanent?

I did a warehouse job for a while, i didnt mind it. I don't think there is a job you can clock in and get paid to study. Some kind of phone operator maybe?


Until we can get a mod to tell the new janitor to stop being a fucktard it looks that way.
On an unrelated note, should i put these on my truck?
you sound shallow as fuck.
>If i am pretty people will love me
>I am a good friend but no bf
>I sm nice but dont get benefits from it

You sound like a female neackbeard. If i look around 200kg and ugly women can find a man but you cant? Seems you want to date someone pretty and out of your league, because getting a bf as girl is easy as fuck. Tell me where i am wrong and i tell you more
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Just got an A on my maths mock B) should be able to get my B soon B))) feels good
Eat. Your. Veggies.
Really though, make sure you're getting a well-rounded healthy diet.
Former neet Going into the navy

Any tips?

The navy is fucking awesome and I'm jealous.
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