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Hey guys,
Just to let you know, cassowaries are actually really nice, and you should definitely hang out with them and let us into your home.
Thanks for listening
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Thst thing looks like it would ransack a house.
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wonder whos behind this

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Do turtles lose their instinct to hunt and eat if they've been in captivity a long time?

Some guy was giving away a turtle and aquarium on FB. I'm going to use the aquarium for fish and was going to let the turtle go in a pond behind my house but I don't want him to starve to death.
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Maybe instinct isn't what I meant, more like skill
Yeah, they pretty much do. That may also not be the correct habitat for his species even if he were skilled. And supposing it was there would already be turtles there that will out compete. Get a different tank, keep it, or find if a separate home. If you won't give up the tank then at least just kill the turtle instead of releasing
Well that sucks

I have an old tub I can keep him in

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How much did you pay for your dog?
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all my dogs have been craigslist rescues so: between free and $50 because the guy was nice and I insisted on comping him for the crate.

My mum rescued her from a neighbor who had already killed her two siblings. He was a cruel man.
Free. Two unwanted pure breds, don't know about the wired haired german pointer but they payed 200 euro or more for the Lab.

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Last thread has reached the bump limit, time once again to make a new one.

Old thread: >>1985421
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Anon in previous thread asked about how to decrease humidity in leo tank. There's a few things:

Use tile for substrate as it does not hold any moisture (unlike paper towel)

Increase airflow in the room with a fan

Smaller water dish

Have an incandescent light on the screen top during the day 12 hours on, then off at night.

If that still doesn't do it, dehumidifier.
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What snake is this?
Loc: Philippines
Philippine wolf snake almost certainly

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Post pictures of you pet and the evolution of their nicknames
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Black one
>Catniss Neverdeen
>Catniss EverBean

Black and white one
>Rough Patches
>Bunny (because he's soft and fluffy)

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I have a Lab/Beagle mix
>Silly girl
>Gizzy girl
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Granted it was an accident but still. I want an answer.
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yeah, you're bad garbage
Hah jokes on you I put out my grabge this morning
Of course you are. What did you expect?

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Do you ever cook for your pet?

How often? Why? What do you give them?

My pup got a hard start after I adopted him from the rescue; he came with a lot of parasites. I cooked a lot of chicken and rice through those months. Now, though, I scramble him an egg in the morning and put it in his kibble.

My uncle and aunt add a lot of stuff to their dog's kibble. He cooks chicken for the dog but will add in things from the family dinner like rice, vegetables, bread, etc.

My cousins rarely feed their dogs kibble at all and instead give them scraps from whatever they're cooking. They toss leftovers throughout the day into a bucket by the sink and give it to them at the end of the day. They're ranch dogs, so they exercise enough not to be overweight, at least, though I don't know how healthy it is for them.
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Putting an egg in with the kibble is fine and probably beneficial. Your uncle and aunt sound like what they are doing is ok too, maybe minus the bread.

However your cousins are stupid. You can't just feed a dog whatever you eat and not expect it to develop problems. Do they ever cook with garlic or onions? Those are bad for dogs and very common in cooking.

I think adding human food in moderation is fine, but cooking your dog food 100% of the time is probably detrimental unless you've done some serious research. My mom feeds her dogs chicken, rice...
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I fed my last dog entirely on porridge, scrambled eggs and chicken and rice in his old age. He started developing digestive issues when he was about 12 and was fine eating these meals, but got an upset stomach on commercial dog food and red meat. I don't know if it was perfectly balanced, but my primary concern was seeing my old dog enjoying his food and not experiencing any discomfort from it, not squeezing every bit of longevity out of him. The little shit lived to nearly 16 so I ended up scrambling a lot of eggs for him after all.

I don't specifically cook...
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A lot of people forget that dogs started off eating our leftover scraps and living alright lives. Is it the best diet for them? Will they thrive on it? Probably not, but it's not like giving them crappy kibble that amounts to fast food either.

We know a lot more about dogs digestive systems than we used to and know the major foods that are poisen to dogs, so if someones going to give them mainly scraps, they can avoid overly seasoned foods and bad foods and probably still have a pretty healthy dog if they...
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Banyan thread

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File: dsc_0240.jpg (2 MB, 3008x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't know why, but that face is really fucking creepy.

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Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size
-any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them

>How to cycle your tank:
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Is it poor form to "get rid" of an entire school of fish if I'm bored of them? I'm not killing them or anything, one of the LFS's in town (the shittier one) will take back just about any fish. I wanna get rid of my school of 13 Neon Tetras. Why I'm bored of them should be obvious.

What should I replace them with? I have a school of 8 Gold Barbs in the tank + 3 Otos. I was thinking about throwing a GBR in as a centerpiece fish. Any suggestions? I want either one large-schooling fish like the tetras that are being replace, or at least two other...
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Anyone with experiences on keeping Lepomis?
They're an invasive species in Europe, so I could get some basically for free and they look really nice.
Those look like what I call Bluegill.
Used to be in just about every pond around when I was a kid.

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What's wrong with my pup? We've been putting antibiotic on it multiple times a day and it's not getting better
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..The fuck? Is that a puppy's foot? Aren't the toe pads supposed to be... Separate from the foot pad??
That's the top of the foot.
Mange, go to the vet.

Ask an actual dog anything
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Who's a good doggie?
Why do you have to kick shit up after you poo?

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Want to know what it is really like in the pet center that prides itself on "Happiness in Store?"

Here is your chance! My fiance, Queen B, was an employee for a store in the Gulf South for 3 years. She worked in every department, including grooming, but switched mainly between cashier and grooming.

I was an employee, also in the Gulf South at another location. I was "the fish dude" of the store that also worked stock and other shit like that..

Please do ask anything, like seriously, anything!
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>Please do ask anything, like seriously, anything!

What are your fetishes? How do you feel about vore and inflation?
dont care
nice looking tank though
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My fetishes (Fish dude here) are simple.. Teacher/student stuff.. Random romps.. a little rough play from time to time

Queen B has complicated fetishes.. Like rough dirty and raunchy. Complete with slaps and other kinky shit like that.

Thanks.. Appreciate it!

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Duck showed up in back yard, won't leave.
What do I do with it?
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Put your cat inside (permanently) and leave the duck alone.
it's a muscovy duck.

why would you want to get rid of it?
Not that I want to get rid of it...

It really likes that small mound it's standing on, does it want to nest? We don't need any more of them. Or is it just sick? This has never happened before.

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post cute bears doin cute bear stuff
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these threads are unbearable

theres bearly any content in it so far
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What should I do if my cat wants to go outside?

My cat has been meowing and freaking out when I'm outside or she meows at the door, or paws at it. I think she really wants to go outside.

I'm not going to let her outside but is there something I can do to alleviate her wanting to be outside?

She gets played with and has another cat the same age as her. The other cat isn't really interested in going outside though.
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try to actually interact with it and provide it with stimuli you shit owner.

you can always surrender it and never own anything alive again.

Get a cat collar/put on a lead and let her outside. Or go outside with her.
>and let her outside.
you might as well throw it in the meat grinder.

equal survival chance.

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