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What should I name my hermit crab?
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Dont hold your hermit crab sideways
Do you know the sex?
hey esto es bonito

My neighbor feeds more than 50 feral cats at her farm. She keeps some of the kittens as pets or gives them away. She has one thats outside with a collar on thats not only starving to death but is covered in tumors, or some kind of lumps. Really sweet cat.

Every winter cats over there die. Theyre constantly breeding. Theres always dead and dying cats and kittens.

Can i get the cops on her for this? I dont really know what they could do. But its just fucked up. I just want to stop her. Let the ferals thin out and make her stop keeping the friendly ones that she...
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Get a live raccoon trap and start taking them to the shelter.
Where in the world do you live? Your options vary
>outdoor cats

Poison them

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ITT we discuss the creation and sharing of bestiaries (I.E. a compendium of fantastical creatures).

Imagine walking through the forest with good ol' Canis when all of a sudden he finds something in the dirt: an old leather journal, bound tight and covered in dirt. You save its contents for your return home.

Carefully removing the thread, dust escapes as the beasts within take their long forgotten breath. The leather shudders in your hand like arising bone as you turn the cover. The name ______ stained in thick, black ink across the page. For hours your fingers...
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Sad bump
Might get more replies on /tg/. Someone is bound to have some nice bestiary pages saved

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post pictures your own golden retrivers
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or labrador
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What jobs involve dogs that aren't training/day care or grooming?
Jobs along the line of RSPCA inspectors and such, if they involve other animals that's fine.
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By training I mean domestic training, have toyed with the idea of K9 training.
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K9 officer
You can shoot minorities and literally get away with it

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Anyone have any experience with making their own cat tower? Any tips? Do's/Dont's?
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Don't put in deadly traps.
Good advice.
Base should be heavy and sturdy, so that if the cat is fucking around at the top, it won't make the whole thing fall. That was my mistake.

Also try to use fabrics your cat likes to scratch. If your cat scratches your leather couch, get some fake leather for it, or the carpet, use excess carpet etc.

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I really like mushrooms, probably my favorite kind of plant (not talking about halucinogenic drugs, just eating mushrooms). I want to try to grow some at home, and was wondering if anyone here does something like that, and has any advice.
*mushroom general*
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They are also pretty, I wonder if i could manage to have one as like a potted plant?
there's a mushroom growing in one of my Terrariums
>my favorite kind of plant
you really think mushrooms are plants?

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Bump for interest with secretary bird hippogryph
Does anyone have the webm of the secretary bird attacking a camera?
holy crap I never realized how big they are

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Cute alligators/crocodiles thread?
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underrated and cute af till they eat your child at Disney
still cute
did you really have to summon barneyfag with that image
You know hes going to be here sooner or later

Hey, /an/, I'm hoping a cat owner can help me out here.

Pic related is a stray cat that we've been feeding for the past few months. While initially we were only feeding him because he was clearly starving and we had cat food on hand, inevitably everyone living here and everyone who comes over has fallen in love with the affectionate little dork.

This picture was taken when I was inside with him on the Fourth of July because I didn't want him to get hurt or lost again, but I can't leave him inside when I'm not there because a) the landlord...
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Eat the cat

I do not feel this course of action would help as it would likely only make me more sad.
don't you have doors?? put it in your room with a litter box

Hello, I wanted to ask for advice on my dog...
Could I use a flea and tick treatment from 2012/2013 is it bad?! Or should I just buy new ones...
Also I wanted to ask if there are anyways to help dog with constant itching...I don't know if it's mange...I don't have a job or insurance for dog...I know alot of people don't, but I don't want my dog to get sick...are there any home remedies or anything to help get rid of her itching...>inb4 google
Please help me...please
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Bravecto is like fucking 40 dollars senpai. There is no way you cannot afford 40 dollars.
Alright thank you...so I should not use the old flea treatment?

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Are hairless cats really hypoallergenic? I want a shpynx but I'm highly allergic to your run of the mill cat.
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No. In fact, they might trigger your allergies worse since they are so greasy and rub their oils errywhere
You're allergic to all cats.

What causes cat allergies is their saliva, not their hair.
They look like what can only be described as sentient old man scrotum.

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>ai got you a murder pwesent!
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Isn't this your cat's way of saying she thinks you're incompetent and can't catch your own food? It's a present in the same sense giving an obese women a gym membership is a present.
yeah cats think their owners are just really big hairless cats that can't hunt worth a damn, so they think you're starving/sick and try to help you

it's kinda sweet when you word it right, but you could also interpret it as cats thinking they've been in the business of babysitting your unruly ass since the dawn of domestication

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here you might want to see how it works.
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>funny cats compilation
>clip of a ferret

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Let's settle this once and for all. Are they just le epik maymay or do they have some sort of merit? They seem cute and intelligent.

I want to get a small dog in the future but I don't like poodles or terriers.
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Hey anon, I have one and she is very smart and high energy.
The only thing I have to complain about is housebreaking, but once they have it down, they're set for life. No more mistakes.

Here, I just drew this just for you.
Thank you for the cute doggo, anon. I was having a shit day and now I feel better.

House training shouldn't be a problem after my last dog which was an abused stray that had spent her entire life living in her own shit.
They aren't that bad. Especially not if they aren't your first dog.

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So I have a 7 year old neutered male cat and my girlfriend has a 10 year old spayed female cat. Would it be possible for the two to get along if we ever moved in together? My cat is very friendly and has lived with other cats before. He's a mixed indoor and outdoor cat, going and coming as he pleases but usually staying in during the night.

Hers is a bit territorial and acts aggressively to cats outside. She's an indoor cat.

Are there any possible techniques that would be applicable here?
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Pretty much zero and your cat can give her cat FIV.

Google is friend.
Slow and steady makes happy cats.

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Can anyone identify this bug I saw in the garden? It's weird and it creeps me out...
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Ladybug larvae

I first saw these and was weirder out but it's just ladybugs

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Does my cat like me or does have just emotionally manipulate me for food and messages?
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Your cat likes eating food and being pet. If you feed and pet your cat then it probably likes you.
>Does my girlfriend like me or does she just emotionally manipulate me for food and money?
Anyone and anything will like you if you're nice to them, and feeding your cat and petting it counts as being nice to them

File: dolores_parking.jpg (191 KB, 1600x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A friendly reminder to due your due diligence before buying a pet.

For example, my mother loves cats. But her home is also located adjacent to two busy streets (on a corner), neither of which are properly sized (for the amount of road traffic they have, Caltrans regulations require 10 foot lanes, and sidewalks. The roads there are only about 8' with 6' onstreet parking instead of sidewalks. The city has the easement rights to build the proper roads, but does not because homeowners want an extra 10' of space for their driveways/lawns). Also the feces around...
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I see the same exact situation with a friend of mine. Two of her cats already died this year because of the same exact reason. I keep telling her to either keep them inside and not let them out at all or just to stop getting cats.
You see, your mother's first issue was that she let the cats outside to begin with. Cats are an indoor pet, and if you leave them outside unsupervised in unenclosed area, then you're not taking proper, safe care of them.

She shouldn't have to account for the street because those cats shouldn't be outside anyway.

I'm not so much against the idea of outdoor cats, but there's a cost associated with it. And that's putting up a proper 8-10 foot fence that they can't climb over.

What gets me though is that the entire neighborhood is like this: nobody wants to pay for anything. It's all crappy postwar homes with the original fencing, driveways, and streets. Except for the part where most people added parking easements. And, lo and behold, every few months there's always something (a dog, a...
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Is there any inexpensive device that will cause a dog to bark an absolute fuckload but isn't audible to human ears?
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I'm sorry, how is that useful?
He's a cunt who wants to record his neighbour's dog barking so he can cause legal trouble for them
The funny thing is the sound will probably be picked up in the recording and he'll get fucked up instead
Yeah, kill yourself in front of the dog. He should bark as much as you like then.

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ID on this fish? I think it is some kind of cichlid
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Not a cichlid. Can't personally id, but I tried, very fast.
He was tearing up every other fish in the tank. Someone just dropped him off Y my store. Somebody in one of my Facebook groups said he was a convict cichlid.

File: IMG_20160610_113015.jpg (557 KB, 1536x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post your mixed-breed dogs. This is my Basset Hound/American Pitbull.
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File: 20160429_083949.jpg (846 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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His name is Scar
Bigby--mostly golden retriever and border collie. Likely some shepherd in there, too.
Check the battle scars (not acquired from fighting I promise)

File: IMG_20160706_115529_01.jpg (69 KB, 1080x645) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is this a cockroach? Upstate NY, found dead in a dog kennel
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When was the last time you saw a cockroach with huge fuckin' mandibles? It's a minor male stag beetle, no idea what species live in America though.
Definitely some type of roach, not sure if cockroach though. Good luck op, take it to the vet
Someone told me it was a cockroach, and I assumed they knew better than me. I didn't think cockroaches had big pincer like mandibles but what do I know.

I have an appointment booked already

File: IMG_20160706_112245.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was just taking a walk outside when I spotted this little fellow. Could someone id? I've never seen any spiders like this one around here. Also, I'm in southern Spain.

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I can't see the distinct fangs, but I thought of Atypidae immediately somehow.
Looks like a very hungry trap door spider. They're usually very waxy and will get washed out of their holes when it rains.

Nice try spider, posting a pic of yourself.

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>get a cat they said
>they're fun and require less maintenance than a dog they said
it's been like this every single fucking day for the past 2 months btw
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should I just go ahead and shave him?
My neighbor shaved hers last summer. I guess it was more trouble than it was worth because she didn't do it this year.
Honestly, you'll eventually get sick of it and learn to live with it.

Hey /an/, my aunt and uncle have 2 budgies that they thought were both females. As it turns out, one of those birbs is male and had 3 budgie chicks.

They still cant leave the nest on their own and i asked my aunt if i could have one and she said yes. I know about getting a good sized cage for them and to get them lots of toys.

Question is, should i get 1 or 2? Would just 1 get lonely? Will they love? Any other things i should know?

Also how do i get an id or whatever its called. That thing sadistic hamster killer has by his name.
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also pic name is from google.It was an accident that they bred
I'd recommend getting two, they'll love eventually but just don't let them breed. If you were to get one you'd have to spend more time with it as they'd get bored and lonely, have lotta toys to play with the budgay.
Also pics of babbies pls
Cant bro, mama budgie protects them like a hawk

File: 989754-center-1.jpg (126 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /an/ i am a new fish keeper and today was the day i filled my 20 gallon fish tank, i had purchase a kit but the ratings on the filter were somewhat negative so i purchased a separate filter that is rated for a 30-50 gallon tank, anyways my question was can filter outflow be too strong for fish??? PLEASE RESPOND. picture is my filter btw
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Yes, use rubber tubing to downsize it or little fish will get sucked up.
I thought you said inflow. I'm not sure how to modify outflow.
>>21621 could you please be more descripitive

File: Az9U7fI.jpg (905 KB, 3024x4032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
905 KB,
So over the past month or so this thing has grown on my dog's ear. It started as a small bald spot with a barely noticeable bump and has progressed into what you see here.

What is this? Is it safe for me to puncture/squeeze (in a sanitary way, of course)? I'm very poor, can't afford a vet.
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I'm sure you can afford a vet. There are plenty of shelters around larger cities that provide discount rates.
You can work out a payment plan if you can't find one of these clinics.

TL:DR Go to a vet. figure something out. Don't fuck with your dog's ears. He will get an infection in his ear and things will much worse and much more expensive.
I'm with the other poster on owning only if you can afford it, but that look slike the kind they have to get surgery for if it gets really big but otherwise probably won't bother them too much.

What's the breed? Also a vet can tell you if it's too big and whether or not you'll have to do something about it. Don't touch it, you might end up not needing to do anything for a while.
Thanks for the advice.

He's a mix. Not sure of what. He's got the look of a lab, the size/shape of a corgi, and a tail like a shiba. I think he's about 3, but still looks like a puppy.

File: max.jpg (19 KB, 500x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB,
I've recently become the owner of two dogs, a four year old German shepherd and a eight week old Chihuahua mix. They belonged to my uncle but he recently passed away and no one was able to take them in but me.
He didnt exactly socialize the Shepherd to well so it has a big fear of strangers especially tall men and is pretty dog aggressive to larger dogs, she is okay with puppies though.
This is the first time I've ever owned any type of dog so I was hoping you guys could help and answer a few questions for me in regards to training them both and raising them...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I would recommend a behaviorist for thr older dog. She will need counter conditioning and it can be difficult to do. I would also take her on walks during off hours when there is a reduced likelihood to find people. All and all, she would benefit greatly from professional help.

Sounds like you are on the right road with the pup though. Only thing I would recommend is adding a word to the action of relocating him to the bed. Before you move him to his bed, tell him "Bed!" AND do what you are doing now.
Well where i live I've noticed a lot of dogs do get out of there yard and I'm not sure when would be safest to take her. I will take her to a behaviorist though thank you.
Thank you I'll the word bed to it.

Also when we play the puppy plays he likes to bite pretty hard when we play i give him another toy to chew on that but he still likes to snap at hands will he grow out of it eventually?
Whoops sorry ignore the gibberish line sorry

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Should Cruelty to Animals be considered a death sentence?
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What with slavery among humans: I think that we have more important things to worry about.

That said. Yes, it should be.
File: Wonder Bread Queen.gif (344 KB, 500x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Wonder Bread Queen.gif
344 KB, 500x377

Well what should the limit be? Its considered illegal to harm anything like Dogs, Cats, or Hamsters

I remember a group of middle school kids broke into the pre-school and they literally put the pet hamster in a blender and liquefied it.

These kids had autism.
lol no.
Should be stricter punishments, but this is much too much

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