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Ask dog questions that doesn't deserve its own thread here.
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where in the front part of a dog do I kick it so that it'll fuck off and stop trying to bite me?
what are dogs exactly? are they a type of bear? because sometimes they look like horses too so I'm not sure which kind of thing they are?
dogs are just dogs man. they're like bears but they're also like seals and weasels. they're not much like bats but they're like raccoons.

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Hey guys, /k/ here. Think you can identify this spider for me? Idk if that's something you guys do or not.. Thanks
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Argiope aurantia probably.
I've been surfing images for that, but I haven't found any with the silver back?

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Welcome to adulthood
sea levels are still rising.
that can only be happening if water is warming or continents are sinking.

guess which one is more likely?
While they are spreading, they are also thinning. I'm not doing your homework for you, so Google it.

Help me decide anons.

I'm getting a dog soon and my options are:

Jack shih (pic related) or a jack russell terrier pure bred

Also, would anyone be able to predict what pic related would look like as an adult? I'm hoping it has prominent jack russell genes
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Hopefully doesn't grow up to look as stupid as this dog of the same breed
Jack russells are little maniacs. I had a really great shih tzu and so I like the breed... the dog in pic related looks great, it doesn't look like it has the retarded flat snout from the shih tzu. I'd go with that one.
>jack russell

They're small but really agressive and hyperactive and hard to train.

My uncle had one, it slaughtered my cousin's rabbit (destroyed the cage too)

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bearded dragon.jpg
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Are lizards rational human phobias, learned human phobias, or are they a common phobia at all?. (what about snakes and spiders)
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I guess

Lizards aren't.

Snakes are (people fear the fangs)
Spiders are definitely.
Kids that get to see snakes up close, as in pets or being shown the snakes by others who keep them as pets, are quite alright with the whole thing and don't seem to have any instinctual fear.

However, kids who have had no contact with snakes of any kind, dangerous or safe, do seem to develop a phobia, or at least a bias, by their teens. I blame media for that.

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Today in biology class, while the professor was talking about how evolution is a slow gradual process over thousands or even millions of years, I pointed out that we can observe tadpoles (fish) evolving into frogs (amphibians).

The professor just stared at me like I blew her freakin' mind. I think I know what I'm writing my dissertation on.
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Kill yourself please.
congratulations, you've figured out ontogenetic allometry and its role in embryology.

File: Spinosaurus_Four_Legs.png (217 KB, 555x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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News on the quadrupedal Spinosaurus hoax:
2 weeks ago a study came out showing that the short-legged Spinosaurus skeleton was not just assembled from different individuals, but from at least four different species and two different genera. It is a chimera, it doesn't real.

Of course the media ignored it. Four-legged aquatic Spinosaurus is officially over. Details here:
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skimmed it, but it doesn't seem to actually prove the quad spino wrong or right.
the last two sentences of the abstract and the paper in its entirely debunk the quad spino by reassigning most of the material used in the quad reconstruction to species other than S. aegyptiacus.

The quad reconstruction depended on the assumption that ALL OF THE BONES USED WERE NOT ONLY FROM THE SAME SPECIES, BUT FROM THE SAME INDIVIDUAL.

this paper shows that the bones were from four different species and two different genera, there's no possible way they were from one single individual.
What a time to be alive. Stand up Spino!

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So I got my 6 month old puppy half socialized?

He HATES dog parks but like sniffing dogs at petsmart and playing with dogs smaller than him in puppy classes. He's 11 pounds and cool around aloof/non hyper dogs.

How can I help him like the small dog park?
He gets intimidated when other dogs play as rough as he does with people
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its a puppy
So what do i do so it's not weird and aggressive with other dogs?
cute puppy!

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When you're teacher has you create a meme for a college level class
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lol! epic meme!
Get back at them by making EIGHT THOUSAND memes. Then set it up to send them one every fifteen minutes.
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>When you are teacher has you create a meme for a college level class

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How's autumn treating you guys? What is there to do with bonsai this time of year?

>mum goes to let dog out
>"oh nooo"
>"anon, your plant thingy's fallen over!"
>oh noooooo
>mini greenhouse on ground with a broken pane
>plant pot soil dumped onto garden path
>baby plant...
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it shouldn't matter too much during this time of the year, the sap stream isn't flowing much anyway.
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Hi. Please keep bonsai general alive. Here's mine.
Name: Irisviel von Einzbern
My boxwood when i first got it after some pruning thinning out

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What animal has the stupidest face?
I vote for the Tibetan sand fox
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File: 1446152632491.gif (1 MB, 498x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy.
Amazing. There's something about that gif.

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My puppy is a little over 7 months now, and I don't want to buy him a coat and have him grow out of it, so I'd prefer to wait until he's at least ten months (the low end of his growth finalization) old.

However, we live in Denver, and our winters can be unpredictable. Two years ago/last year we had a few weeks where it was in the negative 20s, but the only time I remember it reaching the negatives before then was in...2007? Usually our winters hover around 20 degrees. Then we always have a good amount of days in February where it gets to 70. You get where I'm going with this...?

My point is, when will be a good time to buy my dog a coat, and what kind? I was thinking something like pic related. He's a retriever mix with a double coat, so should I get something lighter, or even not anything at all?

I'm also concerned about what the best brands/types of booties are since we live in an apartment and he WILL have to walk regularly on salted/de-iced pavement, guaranteed. I've heard those rubber booties that look like water balloons are good because they allow the dog to feel the ground and he won't hate them as much, but I'm concerned about them freezing to the ground if it gets to be like last winter.
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what type of dog is it? most don't need a coat unless you're in the arctic.
Golden retriever mix, but he's sort of small for his age--45 pounds at 7 months. Wondering if his size will factor into his ability to keep warm.
I use the rubber booties like you mentioned, they work great, just make sure you keep his nails short. As far as the coat, if he has a double coat then he probably doesn't need it. For my dog, anything over 20°F she still gets overheated to her usual degree from play. 20°F-0°F I try to limit her to around 30 min outside, and below 0°F I limit her to just elimination walks.

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Do you guys put TV on for your animals? How about music? What do they like?

I've tried putting on birds for my cat but she always seems uninterested. Sometimes she watches action-movies though!
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I like to put on videos of squeaking puppies, barking dogs, howling wolves and injured prey animals just for the pleasure of watching my dogs lose their shit trying to figure out where it's coming from and what to do about it. My big dog stares at me beseeching me to solve it and my little dog tries to bite my big one for not fixing the madness.
When I first got my puppy i didn't have the TV on for like three days, one morning I bring her down and it's already on, she looks at me like are you seeing this shit!? Then sat and watched a whole episode of ncis. She's not so mesmerised by it anymore but I do play her alot of wolf sounds to try and encourage her to howl, no joy yet tho.
Too Cute!, my animals love it.


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Found out today that we're going have to put down our cat. We found him under a bush in our backyard back in 1999, and named him Pikachu because I was a little kid and Pokemon was the coolest thing. We figure he was a stray, probably inbred, definitely had a whole host of neurosis and physical problems. He bonded with my mom, and would follow her around everywhere like a shadow.

He used to be a really wild guy, but as he got older he mellowed somewhat and would let you pet him. Ended up sleeping on people's beds quite peacefully. When he was little he could...
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We've kinda known this was coming, he's really been fading away in the past year. He used to be so muscular, but these days when you pet him he's just skin and bone.
File: pikachu2.jpg (66 KB, 777x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Op you are breaking my heart, I know its hard but it seems he has lived a pretty solid life with you. Good for your family, for keeping him alive and well all these years. It seems to be a rare occurrence anymore.

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So, this December we will be introducing a puppy to our lives. My spouse and I have no children, and she desperately wants a pup. She works from home and we had a English Bulldog, whom is no longer with us, in the past. I want to know some Doxie facts, food suggestions and product suggestions and tips from Dachshund owners, if you dont mind? We have our hearts set on a female and we already have her paid for from an experienced breeder in our area who we quickly became friends with. I stalk these boards frequently so I value all opinions. I don't have any experience with...
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>dapple mini Dachshund
save up for the vet bills
>don't let them jump
>don't let them jump off/on the couch or bed(or anything)
>don't let them use the stairs
>don't get them stairs/ramps to get off/on the bed/couch
>don't let them run around much but you also need to exercise them so they don't get fat
>dapples usually have hearing and eyesight loss, if not going straight up blind/deaf
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Also a lot of dachshunds are territorial and yappy. You will want to train against that.

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