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>tfw English Bulldog owner
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I used to have one, miss him every damn day. His name was Mr.Beefy after Adam Sandler dog in Lil Nicky
I have two glorious males, never had a health problem.
Ever have absolute faggots come up to you in the street and call you out on the cruel nature of their existence? It's become super fashionable to shame people in the last five years or so, I've stopped even discussing it and gone straight to threatening to punch them in the head.
That's a bulldog. There is no "English".

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I recently did a work trial day at a dog shelter. it started off great, I spent some time walking some dogs and walked a large Rottweiler who I fell in love with. A part of me wanted to take him home right there. He was a big gentle teddy, he was only in the home because he was a family pet who's kids became bored of him as he was so docile and sleepy. I was playing ball with him for about 30 minutes and petting him, he was really fantastic. I was in love! So at the end of my work trial I asked if I could play with him again and cuddle him. By cuddle I obviously meant pet...
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one can get too familiar with dogs, if you know what I mean.
I don't understand. You mean too confident? I dealt with problem dogs all morning and knew my boundaries. I am experienced in dealing with dogs from all sorts of life and know how to read body language. I do not feel I am overconfident however, as when I checked the adoption listing for this dog they said about him everything I had thought about him
My friend who worked in a shelter said they're all guilty until proven innocent, guys with a lot of experience have been fooled before and won't get bitten by a seemingly good dog again, also if any dogs do bite you because you fucked up and literally cuddled him that dog would have to be terminated.
Also don't get personal with the dogs, they're there to be rehomed, it wouldn't be good to get too attached.

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how does this make you feel /an/?
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good because I hate dogs
Poor dog
I hate people.
I think that piercing your pet was already determined to be animal abuse after the "goth kittens" thing, but I could be wrong.

Lawfulness aside, it's fucking dumb to do to your pet. Piercings get infected easily, they hurt (some more than others, depending on where you pierce), and they have no benefits except for the people who see it as a big red flag, and consequently avoid you.

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What does it mean when a cat kneads and licks you?
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You are the chosen one, proceed to journey to Katmandu.
Don't look back
The paws in the sky lead you in the right direction.
they think you're their mommy

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Hey /an/,
I have a question about my 2 dwarf hamsters, I got them this Saturday, they were both 5 weeks old and from the same litter.

In the beginning there were no problem with them but yesterday and today there have been a lot of squeaking from one of them.

What I have seen is that the one on the right(Magnus) is walking to the other(Mikkel), Mikkel starts falling on his back and starts squeaking, then Magnus goes away.
The problem is that sometimes Magnus sorta chase after Mikkel, until Mikkel falls on his back and one time I saw Magnus bagin biting(?)...
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It should be noted that it all began after I tried taming them, Magnus were more social and got in my hands, could my scent on Magnus be freaking Mikkel out?
Hamsters are shitty pets and it looks like your setup is WAY too small to be housing multiple robos.
Actually now that I look, they are Campbell's dwarf hamster and not robos. Either way hamsters are still shitty creatures and your setup is way too small, which only makes them fight more.

File: 2015-10-22 025.jpg (2 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-10-22 025.jpg
2 MB,
Found in Tunisia, what is this?
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File: 2015-10-22 027.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-10-22 027.jpg
3 MB, 5312x2988
Here it is, being investigated
zombie brain
Looks like some fungus.

File: bow-hunting-namibia-05.jpg (197 KB, 934x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would like to start bowhunting for food but don't really know if it's okay to kill fuzzy friends. Never killed anything to be honest.

Is it okay to legally kill animals?
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Constructive debate full of insights incoming.

Have you ever eaten too much and thrown away food, especially meat?

If the answer to this is "yes" then it might be legally ok, but ethically it makes you a bit of a twat.
I don't know why you would choose a bow. If you go by "don't shoot unless you're sure it's a kill", it must be have a very high skill requirement.

Times you averted pet catastrophes thread.
>family is over
>cousins and I are hanging out in my room
>cat walks in
>jumps on my couch and kneads her claws into my arm unit l bleed then falls asleep on my bed
>can't punch my cat in the face so I kinniku buster my younger cousin (15) (I'm 20) off of my couch
>he holds his neck and cries in pain
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>brother is a fine artist
>leaves his huge oil painting on the floor while it's drying
>dumbass cat walks onto wet painting and sits on it
>blue paint all over paws, ass, and tail
>cat is very pleased with herself, purring
>oil paint is fucking toxic
>grab cat and give her a bath in special sweet-smelling soap my brother has specifically to clean up oil...
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Do the countless dozens of times I've convinced dumbasses not to buy animals at work count?
Earlier I was trying to get my puppy to bring me a toy with the command 'pull' as in bring it over here for a tug of war, she looks at me with a smile and climb around the back of my mum and mouths her ponytail, I tell her leave it, come here.. She does... Mum doesn't have her hair yanked, I feel like my dog can speak English cuz she was gunna pull my mums hair and obeyed me

File: Apple-tree-with-fruit1.jpg (1 MB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any advice for caring for an apple tree? My grandpa owns an orchard but he won't give any advice.
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do you want a healthy tree or do you want a lot of apples?
>My grandpa owns an orchard but he won't give any advice
What a prick.

Sorry I don't have any advice for you... I remember having an apple tree in our front yard as a kid but I don't know what--if anything--my parents did in specific to take care of it. I think it was pretty self-sufficient if I remember correctly.

File: 20151104_090703.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got this little guy yesterday can any one
tell me his breed is he a mix how big he might get temperament and what he is going to look like as
an adult
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Not an expert, but i'd say he's got some lab, maybe even some pit. He looks like he's got the feet legs and body of a pit, skull and face of a lab.
Skull and face look the most pit bull-like to me
100% that is a pit bull. And an adorable pit at that

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Does anyone on /an/ have a working dog?
Not a working breed, a dog with a job. SAC, Blood dog, Hunting, Coursing, Guarding, Herding, disabled assistance?
How did you get your dog started and have you got any advice for people with puppies.
Share training tips and stories.
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I got a duck hunting dog, can't remember his breed at the moment. I donate the meat to poor families.
Awesome, do you shoot the duck and use him for retrieving? And did you train him with a dummy and scent?
>tfw have a guard dog
>tfw it's illegal to teach it to guard

Someone help me pick out an exotic mammal when I move to Oregon soon, I'm having trouble weighing my options.
Preferably something that is decent enough on a leash that would enjoy going on walks and whatnot. (No, not in populated areas) I'd also prefer something that doesn't have an absolute fuckload of energy. Something able to be kept loose in a house most of the time is a bonus, but not a necessity.

Right now I'm looking at crested (or north american) porcupines. Also playing around with the idea of a bird, but don't want a parrot. if anyone...
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Also yes, I am aware of all the special care needed for exotics, and have exotic experience so I'm not getting in blind. Just looking for suggestions I might not have considered.
A penis
A dog sounds perfect for you. I'm sure it is special enough for a special snowflake called op.

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01 plant.jpg
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We should have a single thread for this, amirite?

Other threads on that topic (at the time of OPing): >>1991220 (Scottish thistle); >>1989587

Pic related, a plant whose name I don't know (1/5). Maybe you can help?
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File: 02 closeup.jpg (97 KB, 1000x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
02 closeup.jpg
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File: 03 stem.jpg (132 KB, 1000x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
03 stem.jpg
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(3/5) Stems are reddish (young) to brown (older, slighlty ligneous).
File: 04 leaf.jpg (119 KB, 1000x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
04 leaf.jpg
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(4/5) Leaves are a bit thick, perfectly smooth, with a texture that somewhat reminds me of oil-cloth.

File: 402B10.jpg (53 KB, 450x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One of these chaps, fairly large, is somewhere in my room as of last night. Pretty sure its a male huntsman, pic attached looked like it.
How practical and how easy would it be to make it my pet?
How do I go around luring it into some kind of enclosure without hurting it or me?
Would it eventually become friendly to me?
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Burn your house down.

It's the only way
I think the most likely candidates are
Neosparassus salacius
Neosparassus diana
Isopeda queenslandensis

So 1000$ in xrays and ultra sounds and 500$ in blood tests... my cat comes up a clean bill of health.

She has been losing weight rapidly for a while, doesnt eat anything no matter what I try, seems nauseous and out of it sometimes. She old, 15.

Basically - has anyone had something like this happen even when tests say shes fine?What was the end result? I'm at a loss. I thought it was CKD but my vet said only one of her kidneys is with premature signs - its not enough to effect.
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You've tried everything. Try to keep her comfy. 15 is a little sooner than you'd want but a full life.
Thats trash mentality tho
Sorry OP, I have to agree with the first response. She's been pretty thoroughly checked out by the sound of it, but sadly at that age sometimes a vet cannot identify one thing that is clearly wrong and can be diagnosed and treated, it's just the accumulated effects of old age and everything wearing down at once. It's not trashy to switch to palliative care for a 15 year old cat once you've eliminated conditions that can be treated, there's no cure-all medication or treatment that will fix something that cannot be diagnosed and is likely not reversible. It sounds like your cat is dying and while it's not unheard of at all for an elderly pet to suddenly pick up and be fine for a few more weeks or months before declining again, there is very little you can do to shape that path besides making them comfortable and trying to tempt them with food and treats.

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