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I've got two questions to ask, but I'll start with this; In my dirt driveway we always get this massive puddle that we wade through. It's normally a hot spot for frogs, but now I found a baby snapping turtle in it. I haven't seen these guys around, and there aren't any egg shells. Should I just leave this little guy be, or help them out?
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You could, and when he gets bigger, he'll leave on his own good time. Just make sure you don't drive through that puddle.
*You could leave him
Feed him little feeder fish it's cool as fuck to watch

ok so i got this kind of vivarium (picture)

and i was making some research on what snake should i get

the tank is quite tall so i need some kind of snake that will love some climbing and wont be to big when grown up

i was thinking corn snake

but if you have any suggestions on which i should get please let me know (alos post picture if posible )
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too small for an adult corn snake. you'd need to buy a bigger viv in a few months
yeah im afraid that would be the case, maybe if i get a male?
No. Males just grow slower.

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someone have a samoyed?
have had ?
have any tip to make mine more calm
its 3 months old
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Do 30 minutes concentrated walking per day and increase this by 10 minutes each month he gets older.

When you get home ignore him until he is settled the pet him.

Cut the praise and baby talk out, calm it right down and speak normally.

Thats a good start and you should notice an improvement.
when i do stop adding 10 minutes
when he is 1 year old ?

It's three months old. You have a baby, he's not going to be calm.

You need to tire him out by play/mental stimulation- don't go pounding the streets on lead with him, there's absolutely no need for puppies and it's not brilliant for his joints- he'd get far more out of a good play session/training session with you.

However, once again- it's three months old, expect to have a hyper puppy around for at least a few years yet.

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Hello /an/ soon to be first time pet owner ( parents never let me have any pets growing up )

But I decided I want a bearded dragon, and I've watched a few videos and I've gotten the gist of what I need, but I thought i'd consult you guys about any possible complications.

Is it difficult to optimize temperature in their tanks? And how difficult can it be to clean up after them? (such as droppings and just general maintenance for their homes)

And any other advice for a complete beginner would be much appreciated. I also considered leopard geckos...
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I've own multiple bearded in my life time and they've always been one of my favorite reptiles aside from my sneks. As far as clean up if yiu have them on sand it's as simple as a scooper. For temperature it's fairly easy to maintain. I recommend a 40 gallon tank with a 150 wat basking spot bulb on one side and a uvb on the other side of the tank. Make sure you have a rock or something under the best bulb that will get hot. It's recommend to have a backing spot that is around 100-140 degrees. But with the 150wat on a 40 gallon it'll keep the tank around a solid 90
Would you recommend a tank with sand? Or are regular floored tanks fine too?

I want to give my first pet as good a life as possible, moneys no problem.
I've always done sand. It's more natural and easier to clean. 3 dollars for a 50 pound bag at your local hardware store

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Hello /a/, I'm adopting a new dog this week and just found out the current owners give him a mix of Purina and Iams canned dog food. I've never liked Purina and didn't know about this other one but the reviews online are awful.

I currently feed my dog with Acana (Canada) and not an issue with his diet since I got him, now, for this new one I'm not sure how to make the transition. It can be possible that combining Acana with the other two will result in horrible diarrhea for the doggo but switching right away to this new food without transition is...
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Some extra information. The dog is a Siberian Husky 6 months. Pic related is the other food they give him mixed with Purina.
Do it over the course of a week or two. Do the old food with a tiny bit of new food, and each day put in more new food and less old food. do that really slowly until you are doing all new food.

If you are really absolutely opposed to the old food, you can do the same thing but with chiggens n rice. One of my rescues refused to eat the food she had at the shelter at home, so I had to do that.

Good luck. Slow and steady.
Id just do a complete switch and slightly underfed the Acana for a couple of days and keep an eye on the poop. My puppy is on 5 and 2/3 cups a day so I just do 3 cups morning and 2 cups eyeballing 2/3 and he does get diahreah if Im a bit over.

I also underfeed by 2 cups once a week to give him a hard shit for his scent glands.

What are your thoughts on the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog?
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As far as I know, they've been extinct for 24 years.
No way, you can buy them right now.
Majestic and fluffy
best of two worlds

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Hello /an/ I need advice on getting rid of what I think are midges,

It started a couple of weeks ago. These small flies would start buzzing around in front of my computer. I'd kill a couple then the next day I'd have one or two come around again.

Now it's starting to get out of control. I have no idea where they're coming from. They're even getting into the fridge and dying inside. Every day I open the fridge door there's a group of them dead at the bottom.

I don't know where they're laying their eggs and I don't...
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As a scotbro I can assure you those are not midges. They're too big.
Those are phorid flies. They don't especially hurt anything, but good luck getting rid of them, it's difficult.

I bought some of those ribbon glue traps and hung em out in the kitchen my bathroom and my room and they're starting to catch some of them.

I just need to find their breeding place.

I tried the window glue traps but I've seen them test it with a leg then fly away before getting stuck.

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I'll probably get kicked out or more accurately preemptively leave before getting kicked out after getting my ass kicked.

My dad would probably kill my dog as a way to get back at me for leaving but I'll be homeless indefinitely and I'm not sure if I should put her down or try to take her with me my logic being that a vet killing her would at least be more peaceful than him dragging her out back to shoot or killing with a hammer or something.

I don't have a car and I barely have a thousand bucks in savings but I'm working on getting a...
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animal shelter or find a friend/family member to keep her till you get a place.

being homeless with a pet is difficult. being homeless and working with a pet and nowhere to keep them is about impossible.
how long do shelters usually hold animals before killing them?
if you do it, youd have to avoid going into urban settings because of moralfags and cars. If you can manage being homless and living in the woods, or atleast having your home base be in the woods, you'll probably be fine.

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/aq/-aquarium general

- Filipe Oliveira Edition -

Continued from >>2152558

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size
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FAQ Section:

>Can I keep my Betta/Goldfish in a bowl?

No, unless you wanna risk nitrite/ammonia poisoning due to small water volume/excess waste and stunted growth.

For a Betta, get a cheap 5-10 gallon tank, give him some shade via plants and add filtration.

For Goldfish, get at least a 20 gallon tank and add 10-15 gallon per extra goldfish.
You want good filtration, since these fish produce large amounts of waste.

>I wanna do Aquaponics!

I most cases this a bad idea, since both plants and fish will suffer.
Water parameters for the fish will most likely be bad due to lack of proper filtration and plants not drawing enough harmful substances out of the water.
Your plants may become malnourished since fish may not produce enough minerals/waste to properly fertilize them.

Unless you have really thought this through, you are better off with both things being seperate.

>Could I start out with saltwater?

If you never took care of fish before, it is advisable to start out with fresh water beforehand. Gather knowledge and then, over the years, you can graduate into saltwater.
Saltwater tanks are much more susceptible and need closer monitoring in terms of parameters than most freshwater systems.
Also if money is an issue, be prepared to spend at least 500$-1500$ for your first saltwater setup and rather choose a big tank (55gallon+) to allow more stable water conditions.
>Is my lighting sufficient for the plants I wish to keep?

Unless you have a PAR Meter, it is hard to measure whether your lighting is truly sufficient.
If you got LEDs you could try using the Lumen per Litre. Let's say you have a 54l tank and use an LED that has 1600 Lumen.
Divide the 1600 by 54 and you got roughly 30 lumen per litre which is somewhat in the higher medium range.
So if you got a specific plant, just google it's lumen per litre or use flowgrow...
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>How can I get rid of Snails?

Most of the time, it would be sufficient to just reduce your feeding.Most snail species don't harm plants but if you feel you have to many, boil a cucumber, put it in the tank to lure the snails, and collect them off.
There are also certain species like assassin Snails, dwarf puffer fish and loaches that like to eat snails but again, make sure they fit in your tank and don't cause trouble with tank mates.
Loaches for example get...
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Hey /an/ need some dog people in here.

I live with 3 dogs. My dog, the lab mix, barks to get the other dogs attention when the three of them play outside. If the two other dogs are playing with each other and not including him. He will bark. The only time he does not bark is when he is being chased by the other two. The barking only happens when they are running around. I'm pretty sure he's just barking to get there attention so he can be chased. I have no fucking clue how to fix this.

He's overall a quite dog. Other than this issue, he barks at...
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The barking at strangers you can probably correct, but I doubt there's much to be done about playtime barking. Why do you want to stop it? Shouldn't be a problem if it's only during playtime
More or less my current living situation, which should change in a couple months. One neighbor is close to the house, but I live with my brother and he gets aggravated when he does it.
Your brother is a moron, slap that bitch.

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Can someone please help identify these tracks?
Pictures were taken on a farm in a rural/suburb area in central new jersey by a relative of mine. The local animal population is a mix of small game, deer and the occasional black bear. She claims that the tracks are twice the size of her great dane's, and that dog is probably about 100-140 pounds. They appear to be cat tracks, but the size and stride would appear to be too big for a bob cat. Any ideas? Also, sorry for the subjective size scales, I got the photos off facebook.
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Brown recluse
Take the picture to the vet
they're canine, feline tracks wouldn't have the claw, all cats other than cheetahs can retract their claws, they would not be extended for walking on sandy ground.

File: AdiBPrO.jpg (111 KB, 1049x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Bottle raise a husky from a pup
>Walk her every day
>Dog was basically me, no one understand her but me. She loved me so much.
>She was 5
>leave town to go to university
>She had a seizure one day and dies
>Broken up over it for two years every week I still cry over her
>decide to go get another dog to numb the pain

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I can understand how bad you feel, but dogs are living creatures just like you are. You shouldn't try to live their life for them. It ran away, and that was not your fault. Your dog had a seizure and died, and that as well was not your fault. These things happen to all other creatures on this planet including humans. Bad things always happen for the good things to come. Don't hinder your growth as a person because of things that are out of your hands.
This was my Bichon, Kira. Found her dead, poisoned, near my house.. I..I cant even.
>Leaves dog outside
>b-but why did my dog die

I Can't feel bad for you.

This i can have some sense of sorrow for. Its things out of your control. Try to make sure that you are the only one taking care of the dog. It seems that the people you leave your animals with tend to care very little and not know what to do when someone else's dog is having problems or takes off....
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When will /an/ accept that outdoor cats are superior to declawed indoor cats in any way possible?

They live longer, they are healthier, and much happier. The also decimate pests around the house and keep those loud birds in check, that wake me every morning.
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They don't always live longer, but they are happier. I'll agree on that.
>They live longer
This is literally objectively wrong
No, it is not, they simply live longer, maybe because of the fresh air?

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Wtf is this? I tried Google but I just keep getting stuff for fishing lures.

I saw it move around in the fish's mouth. I live in central new york
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try looking for parasites attaching to the mouth, species of your fish may help you find info
It was a bass and thanks bub
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Bumping because I can't find one similar

File: IMAG0179.jpg (2 MB, 4208x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We post "outside" dogs and discuss why they are better than "inside" dogs
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File: IMAG0099.jpg (1 MB, 4208x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He likes sleeping on the cool tile
Ain't no one got outside dogs?
I would expect no more from 4chin
t. Nigger

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He's about to be 5 months
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Golden retriever/husky
I've been told its a labrador mixed with a beagle but yours does seem correct as well
File: IMG_2507.jpg (219 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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heres another pic of him

File: 8x6Yn.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
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File: BXKLE.webm (768 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
768 KB, 320x240
File: 4RyYB.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x720
File: byPzP.webm (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080

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bend over
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Thanks to 4chan I now know maaaaaaany animals besides primates can and will masturbate.
File: cucked pups.jpg (98 KB, 725x832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cucked pups.jpg
98 KB, 725x832
no, cuck.

The area around the dog's eyes is white. No other animal has that except for humans. Dogs evolved to have the white part from living with humans for so long and looking into our eyes. Isn't that beautiful?
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File: white-sclera[1].jpg (35 KB, 300x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 300x235

Visible sclera (the white part you are referring to) is found in many other species, not just our domestic canine, and I'm 99.9% sure it didn't evolve from "living with humans for so long and looking into our eyes."

I think you need to stop reading every facebook article you see and taking it as gospel.

That was my first thought.


File: IMG_20160629_100802596.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wtf is wrong with my cat
this is how much dead hair I brush off of him every single day and despite that I still find hairs on my furnishings, my clothes, my person
I can't take it any more and I'm seriously considering getting rid of him
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It's summer man.
do you want your cat to die of heat stroke
Is this bait?
That's pretty standard for a daily brush in molting season. If you don't want hair everywhere don't get an animal with fur.

Hypothetical situation /an/

If a feral child like Tarzan or Mowgli, who was raised by a pack/family of animals like gorillas or wolves, how would they develop sexually into puberty?

Would they attempt to mate with females in the pack?
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>Tarzan or Mowgli
existed* meant to put that there.

Question still stands
Probably, yes.
It's happened with a chimpanzee raised by humans so probably, but I'd also imagine it would depend to an extent on how similar the species in question was.


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everyday I walk on campus I get dive bombed by this asshole crow. Same stretch of sidewalk. I get close and hear him do these short calls.

why is this happening? I've watched other people walk and seen him dive one other person so it's not just me but the crow seems to be selective.

He gets literally a foot or less away because I can hear the woosh right next to my ear and feel a rush of wind. Am I at risk of getting my shit fucked up by this asshole?

My dad made me watch The Birds when I was a kid so I may be making a big deal out of some harmless...
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Bring something to hit it with. You are the dominant species
Crows are smart enough to recognize people, and hold grudges. Maybe you look like someone who pissed it off earlier.
this. try to make friends with him maybe, offer him food.

File: XMwQi3g.jpg (459 KB, 1000x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you guys have/ever had any pets with weird habits or behaviors specific to them?

My germen shepherd would always eat bees. She was obsessed. She's chase after them and snap at them, shaking her head with her tongue out when they stung her, then go for another one.
No idea what was up with her.
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My hamster has never bitten me
my boxer does this. i remember he was stung as a pup and i believe he associates their buzzing with pain.
My bird loves to shove his beak up my nose, he doesn't even get any boogers yet he just continues to put his beak in there

File: where i drown my hamsters.jpg (23 KB, 425x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
where i drown my hamsters.jpg
23 KB,
ITT: Worst cages for any small animal.

Such as a rat, a mouse, a hamster, a gerbil...

I'll start.

This fucking piece o' shit monstrosity is as big as a fucking hamster itself, and a rat couldn't fit in this piece of shit.

The only use for this puny thing is filling it up with rubber and using it as a fleshlight. It's about the size of the average dick, after all.

So, what are some of the worst cages you've seen?

(If it's for something other than a small rodent, please specify)
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Has it occurred to you that the vessel is shaped like a bus, implying that it's meant to temporarily be used for transfer of the animal between owners?
Trust me.

There's some dimwit that will use this as a permanent cage.

People have used kritter keepers before.
File: HPIM3384_crop.jpg (130 KB, 841x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 841x550
They're just little things though. How much space could one hamster need?

what kind of moss is this and can i steal it to use for carnivorous plants
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that's sphagnum moss. you can buy it at pet stores and garden centres.
thats what i thought it was. i guess im more wondering if its alive or not
That's dry moss. Pic with live moss.

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What kind of bug is this?

I woke up to it in the middle of night on my head walking behind my ear
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Oh fuck, looks like a June bug.
I fuckin' hate those things.

I live in Virginia, so you're probably right

thanks anon
Definitely a June Bug. The dumbest bug around.

Aww, why anon? They're just stupid beetles who fly into walls and get stuck on their backs.

can someone ID this snail for me? it looks a bit like the golden mystery snails, with the shell and body shape, but the colors are wrong. Is it just an... albino version, or something?
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File: 1451000015392.gif (2 MB, 441x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 441x329
>that gravel

jesus christ
what's wrong with it?? is it too colorful or something? do you hate fun or is there something ACTUALLY wrong with it?
It's ghetto and tacky.
Aquariums look classy with natural rocks, they look ghetto with wal-wart gravel and plastic plants.

Fish don't live in a world like that.
They feel calmer with black gravel.
Bright colors indicate poison in nature.
Light colors indicate shallow-water thus the fish live in fear of predation and lose their natural coloration.

Ever see feeder guppies? The gray ones that cost 99 cents per head? They are the same species as the colorful ones, only living a...
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File: hqdefault.jpg (31 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB,
Alright, so there's something that's been bothering me.

>be dude

>loves pets

>one day, pet gets in a freak accident that i couldn't have stopped

>go online for help

>tell story

>50 replies about how "I shouldn't have let this happen" and how I'm an irresponsible pet owner who should die

Why the FUCK do 'animal...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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because /an/ and animal rights groups consist of a bunch of hatchet wounds for whom moral signalling is a safe and effective way to assert superiority and climb their own localized clique ladders.

Same reason why a vid on youtube of someone petting an animal will invariably have at least 10 female commentors sobbing
>you don't pet them that way they'll get psychological damage this is super cereal whyyyy?!?

Sounds like /an/ to be honest. I see threads all the time where people are asking for help, and /an/ goes batshit because not everyone can afford proper healthcare or keep their arm up their dog's ass to prevent it moving more than a few inches away from them.

People are crazy, man. If you genuinely love and respect your animal, it's more than likely gonna be just fine. Millions of dogs are in loving homes that haven't done socialization and obedience and taught the basic 9 commands. It works...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Because most of /an/ and, by extension, 4chan, is autistic and can't comprehend that people's actions can be unintentional.

Sorry about your pet, anon.

File: 20160627_105754.jpg (871 KB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
871 KB,
How long would you guess it would take to befriend a murder of Crows in my backyard? I'm living in somewhat suburban/rural area.

I'm hoping to get them to scare away the barn swallows that are constantly dive bombing me to protect pic related.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how autistic/likely to work is this idea?
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Want to add I've been feeding them for around a week now, almost every day... There seem to be a decent number hanging around all day now. Before I hardly saw them
Sounds like you already know what you're doing then. Just keep it up. Be consistent.
I did this for fun, in the middle of a big city. Got to the point they would get in petting distance as i only fed the ones that got close. Must have looked funny to ppl driving by.

File: 1430785687439.jpg (5 KB, 250x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB,
the police has told me I have two days to get rid of my dogs because they have done something really wrong

"Luckily" the local police is pretty "chill". And they give those two days to "get ready" which in my "province" means I have time to figure something out.

The thing is, I don't have alive relatives nor close friends (at least not the ones I can just appear in his door to tell them if they can take care of three +20 kg dogs). In the other hand I can't just escape since I'm poor as fuck and already have...
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Wew lad, this one tastes a little different from the typical b8 threads. What did the dogs do that passed off the law? That matters in this situation. Will help you decide between kill dogs and give them away
take them to the vet
> leave the house to work
> return
> police is in front of my house
> they somehow "attacked" a 4 yo boy
> dogs are in backyard behind my house, kids probably were fooling around
> kid is a police officer's nephew

there's no vets in my...
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