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Hey peeps, how many of you have a dog with a Jittery lower jaw? I've heard there are hundreds of causes for it.

My 6 year old Siberian recently started doing it last night after 3 days of being cured of a gastrointestinal infection. First time ever he's done it.
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My Yorkie does it when she's excited, like after she's been fighting someone's feet.
My dog just got a tooth out on Friday and the next night she was sitting down next to me and her lower jaw started to shake, I thought it might have been something to do with the discomfort she was feeling from the operation, after looking into it, I found that cracked teeth or mouth pain can be the cause of this. Maybe just have a check in his mouth just incase.

Noted, I had a quick look at his mouth, and did find one of his molars looks darker than the rest of his teeth.

Vet is not in house, but I have some meds as I am a vet student, so I gave him a painkiller for starters, hopefully if he stops doing it for a while it may mean he is having tooth problems and a visit to the Vet will be in store tomorrow.

If he keeps doing it, in spite of the dosage it may be a neuro thing, lets hope not.

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I'm thinking of getting a bunny. anything I should know?
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1. Always get at least two. They are very social animals.
2. They need a good bunch of space 24/7, keeping them in a cage while letting them run around 2 hours a day doesn't cut it. You should aim for a 4sqm pen for two
3. Don't buy any of the food stores sell. It's cheap, unhealthy trash that leads to a lot of issues in the long term. They need hay available all the time, and then give them two times a day veggies/fruit/weeds/herbs. Their diet should be like 80% hay/weeds, 15% veggies, 5% fruit

I hear they chew on wires. I have a lot of live wires laying around not to mention a shitload of expensive electronics. I suppose I'm going to have to get rid of them all?
They chew on everything. Wooden doors, tables, furniture, the walls(!) whatever they have access to.

If all the animals you ever killed (bugs included) came back all at once to seek their revenge, how fuct would you be?
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Very fucked
Not very. Would need a lot of mosquito spray,though.
Have sprayed pesticide over my backyard for fleas once a year for about 5 years
Have killed countless fish over the years from fishing
Fed tons of rats/rabbits/guinea pigs to my friends boa because the bitch refuses to eat anything dead
I've hit 3 stray dogs and 1 deer while driving at night
And 3 cats I threw at an alligator when I was 10

The bugs could probably fuck me due to size and numbers but the rest couldnt do much that my rifle couldnt take care of

> Go out to get something to eat at 3AM
> Open door, feels a little weird, like something was in its way
> Look down, see weird shape in the dark, turn on phone light, and see a squirrel
> Still breathing but is just laying there and shivering. Covers his face when the light is on him.
> Picked him up and put him on a higher level where he just walked around, tried to jump down, but just went plop onto the floor below.

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Other than take it to a vet and spend a fortune. Just leave it alone for a day and if its not better call animal control to come pick it up
If you have any peanuts, try giving it a few, might make it peck up a bit. Give it a little bowl of water too. If you really don't want to keep it, yeah, I guess you'll have to call animal control.
make squirrel stew

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What is your favorite bird?
Mine is kekoo
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Chickadees are adorable, and they're always the first bird to stop caring that I'm nearby when I'm out in the yard.

That said, crows are smart little fucks, and they come in close second just for that.
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Do animals have emotions?
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Well this will be a thoughtful and eye opening thread.
only conscious animals do.

so that's almost none.
What it's your criteria for consciousness?

What's the most universally hateable animal species on this planet and why is it this winged hitler?
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>Spread deadly diseases
>Feed on blood and leave annoying, itching spots for days after
>Fucking everywhere, especially in the summer (I live somewhat near a lagoon in Australia)
>Loud enough to wake me up at night by flying near my head making that annoying high-pitched buzzing noise, and I'm forced to get out of bed and scan the room for the little shit so I can kill it

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Babies are worse.
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2015-10-31 22.48.59.jpg
739 KB, 1439x1226

>big blood sucking nose
>rubs hands together
>literal parasites


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I live in a studio apartment.
My neighbor lives in an apartment below mine. We live right across the street from a park the size of a golf course.

When my neighbor leaves for work, he just lets his cat outside. Cat chills and plays, and socializes with other cats. Hangs out all day.

When he comes home, the cat is eager to see him, and runs inside with him.

Thoughts on this /an/? He has a collar on his cat, but seems pretty nonchalant about just leaving it to it's own devices outside all day.

I was going to adopt a cat and do the same. Is...
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letting cats outdoors is basically taking away around 80% of their lifespan on average.
*gets popcorn*
Is a studio enough space for a indoor cat though? A cat living it's whole life inside a room basically, seems pretty cruel.

Turns out there's a dog-wolf-coyote hybrid that's rocking shit in North America.

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Yeah its been like this for awhile. My friend works up in the Adirondacks at a wolf preserve says they're all coywolves that are wild
Wait till the furries find out
You guys should fucking shoot the lot of them while you still can. It's only a matter of time before they turn on you.

You've been warned.

File: WhatTheHellAmIDoing.png (175 KB, 595x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright /an/, time for some questionable experimentation.

A pet-shop nearby sells hornworms for use as lizard treats. I grabbed a couple and threw them in with my skink along with some tomatoes to keep the caterpillars fed. My skink ate one, but the others grew pretty quickly and were too big for her to eat (small five-lined skink). They pupated, and 8 weeks later, emerged as drab hawk-moths.
I noticed that the moth resulting from the caterpillar which ate the most red-tomato matter had the most vibrant coloration, and I don't believe this is attributable to its sex, as both were male, by inspection.
I want to try a lil experiment, feeding the caterpillars a custom mash of tomato and potato paste infused with varrying non-toxic dyes to see the resulting impact on moth coloration.
I have the understanding that much of the coloration is due to carotenoids in the food source of the caterpillar, so I've planned to test the effect of concentration on coloration (mashes of white potato, sweet-potato, and pure tomato paste).

As a side experiment, I was going to test the persistence of artificial dyes in the flesh of the caterpillars, and after their metamorphosis. I'll test blue and red food-colorings, as well as the non-toxic fluorescent dye fluorescene, which can be extracted from highlighters.

Ideas? Concerns? For everyone else, Apamea general thread.
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I'm not personally aware of information regarding imagoes based on larval diet in Lepidopterans. It doesn't seem to come up for some reason. I'm now interested in this.
I once turned a potato blue by letting its roots drink nothing but blue dyed water

I Want to see if you can make them glow in the dark
File: 1421469621793.png (165 KB, 443x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pls keep us posted, /op/

lets see some hilighter moths

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ITT: That one animal you like that nobody else likes

pic related
>sickass mohawk
>bite force stronger than a pussy ass lion's
>strong sense of loyalty and family (at least for spotted hyenas anyway)
>cute ears
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Mantas are cool. They're really unique-looking, gentle, and their only natural predators are large sharks because they're so big and sanic fast
File: TCluUEO.png (430 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hyenas are cute as fuck as babies. It's impossible that someone doesn't like this.
I love hyenas. The hyena is my "spirit" animal. I plan on getting a tribal hyena tattoo somewhere on my body as soon as I get the cash

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Why are you eating genetically modified bananas?
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Because it's delicious.
cuz they don't have seeds
Because there is nothing wrong with GMOs as a whole you retard.
Some gmo shit is bad, but the vast majority of it is absolutely fine and anyone arguing against it is a paranoia fueled idiot who doesn't know the first thing about biology.

I saw someone the other day saying "GMO's are a cancer causing ingredient found in your food"

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>want to get a dog
>local humane society asks way too many questions
>i have enough money to support a dog, but they still judge me
>nope, you can't have a dog
>i don't want to buy a dog from a sub-standard breeder
>don't want to spend $2,500 on a purebred puppy with all the papers either

What do I do now?
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Do you know why they rejected you? That might help.

You could try other shelters/rescue groups. Or look on craigslist--often times people having to give their dog away for one reason or another will advertise there. You can even find tons of "free puppy" ads from people who had accidental litters.
Stop being a NEET
Get a job then get a dog so you can make sure its properly cared for you lazy piece of shit

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daww malinois.jpg
3 MB,
Hey /an/. I'm working on a school project that is analyzing the feasibility of a service that helps reduce the euthanasia rate of animals in shelters. I am NOT selling anything or trying to market this service, I just need feedback on this idea and see if it's something we can take forward. Also, feel free to leave comments in this thread. Pic unrelated.
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Whelp, I'm dumb, forgot to post the survey:
You want to lower the rate of euthanasia in shelters? Get people to keep their fucking animals in their god damned houses and stop keeping pets they can't fucking manage.
i live in chile and it breaks my heart seeing packs of hungry suffering dogs roaming around town.

shelters are a service to society and they need to euthanise animals to keep the population under control. Theres no worse fate for the dog than living in hunger and suffering on the streets, just so a few soft humans dont have to face the harshness of population control.

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Post pics of alligators and crocodiles here.
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File: gummy-gators.jpg (49 KB, 540x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is life?
File: 1444484859228.jpg (227 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Life is but an illusion brought on by your own mind.
Heartworm email me Ferretsarethedookie at gmail

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