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literally meagle.jpg
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Animals that remind you of yourself.

For me it's the Spanish imperial eagle - Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of sight.
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For me it's the Fox - Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of the magnetic field of the planet.

For me its the three toed sloth. - Slow, nocturnal, and only defecates once a week.
Jesus christ first two posters are cringe as fuck

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Goldie Santa.jpg
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I live in an apartment at the moment but I want a dog.
I would walk it everyday and most likely I would go running with it
But I go to school everyday and I would not want my dog to get lonely and sometimes I cant go outside with him at all
I would like something like a Labrador Retiver or a Borderline Collie looks wise.
Wat do?
The dog should be as low maintenance as possible
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>border collie
>low maintenance
why wouldn't you be able to take your dog out for at least an hour every day?
I could do that, I never said I wouldnt
The main problem is that I live in an apartment and I am not sure if that is enough space for my dream dog.
Some days I would need to keep him alone in the apartment
Sounds like you shouldn't get a dog if your first ideas for an apartment dog includes fucking border collies and labs. I mean, have you really done ANY fucking research aside from Google image searches to check what looks cute?

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Enjoy this abomination.
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Nice thread.
I really, really, like this image.

Do you mind if I save it OP?

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At which point do carbohydrates become a problem in a dog's diet?

Can one use something like corn flakes as treats?

Pic related - I don't own dogs (or even like them in general) but this fucker acts like a nobleman all the time, and as such I feel the need to care. However considering he is really tiny I get worried that even small starchy/sugary treats may cause him trouble.
(I'm not the one giving him treats btw)

Is this worry unfounded and / or exaggerated? What is the worst that could happen? Bad breath? Liver cancer?
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>At which point do carbohydrates become a problem in a dog's diet?
essentially never.

they can lead to obesity and diabetes, but a fair argument can be made that this is a problem of too much food, not just too much carbs.

When they start fucking up your dogs teeth.

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I was looking for some funny pics about animals to launch a twitter account. I hope u could help me sharing some funny pictures
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Not your personal army
File: 1343540112762.jpg (20 KB, 320x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why the hell do you gotta be such a douche canoe, anon? OP is just asking for an image dump. Not for us to go doxx/raid/whatever the fuck it's called.

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Hey /an/, any experience with introducing a puppy to an older cat?

I have a 12 yo cat, and I'm getting a lab puppy in 2 weeks, he'll be 2 months old

I do have some idea on how to proceed, but do you have any experience or tips to share? Thanks
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Hopefully you mean two and a half months. If not, you could start by getting a puppy from somebody who cares about the dogs temperament and is in it for more than money.
I'm sure your cat will be fine.
Yeah I'm actually more worried about the cat hurting the puppy

She's quite lazy now, she probably won't like it too much, being bothered by a noisy stinky bouncy ball of fur

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So I've mentioned this little bugger before, and I'm in a bit of a bind with her. She adopted us after her owner died, but being students we aren't in the best position to keep her. Our current landlord has been kind enough to let us keep her, however we'll be moving later this year and taking her is out of the question. Our new landlord will not allow pets, plain and simple. We've been looking for shelters and rescues, but at 17 they have all so far turned her down due to her age, and have even been advised to put her down. Not even the RSPCA will take...
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Ask your parents and close friends.
She doesn't have any health problems does she?
What area do you live in OP?
If you have Facebook type in "(your location) for sale". For sale in (location) results will pop up. Join any that are within a 0-50 mile radius from you and post her and a touching story. Guarantee someone will take her in within a few days. (Advice: scan their profiles first to judge if they'd even be good pet owners. Usually you can tell.)

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Why do people think it's okay to harass wild animals?

I used to enjoy this show called "Gator Boys". This crew of experienced alligator wranglers would go and remove alligators from peoples' backyards.

I thought that was a great thing, because otherwise the alligator could end up hurting someone. I'd imagine it might have to be shot to prevent that, but instead they catch and relocate them. What a great idea, I thought.

But then they had an episode where they have a crippled veteran wrestle an alligator.

I just have to ask--why?...
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It's considered "badass" by the average tv watcher.

There was this recent one you probably heard about where the guy said he was going to get swallowed by a python or something.

Snakes in general get shit on in those shows.
Human's are aggressive by nature and enjoy seeing that kind of thing.

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3 MB,
So, I take care of pets for other people. The owners are the ones who buy whatever food it is they think the animal needs. Any health issues are paid for and done by vets. Vet checkups are once a month.

So, one client has 3 dogs. He doesn't buy the canned dog food (Gravy Train brand only) regularly enough, so I call him and ask if I may feed her dogs some of the extra cans of cat food. He agrees. 3 days later, the dogs are still on the diet of canned cat food:

They have improved mobility. The want to play constantly. They run around like loons and bark at...
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>feed his dogs


I need sleep apparently.
There is a list of foods you should not feed your cat or dog due to the way their bodies handle certain chemicals in said food. If you can just as easily not feed your animals those foods, there's no point in making a fuss over it and just not feed those foods.
Dude anything tats spicy should never ever be fed to dogs. Their gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive, and they can develop gastritis or enteritis very easily. And fixing that is a major problem.

File: 4Cd7lAJ.jpg (355 KB, 1821x1910) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please help. As each day passes I become more aware that I want a dog. Sure, it feels different to cuddle a dog than it feels to cuddle a human, but I just want companionship. But I am poor and at work the majority of my life. When I come home I'm not in the mood for playing because I'm so worn out, so I just sleep until it's time to work again.

Yet I want a dog soo bad. Is there any way to compromise without actually getting a dog? And please don't suggest virtual pets. Tried that before.
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Of you absolutely can't stop yourself at least adopt an old dog or cat from a shelter. One that is low energy and doesn't need much maintenance. Cats require less work and like to snuggle too but if you are dead set on a dog, at least let it be old so it won't be as miserable

Kudos on realizing that your financial situation and lifestyle are not suitable for dog-keeping. I commend you for realizing that an animal is a real being with feelings and not just a lifestyle accessory.

>Is there any way to compromise without actually getting a dog?

If you spend all your time working just to stay afloat, I'm not really sure that there is.

There are dog foster programs where you take care of a homeless dog and socialize it so that will be ready for its "forever" home, but if you work most of the time that probably wouldn't work out.

You could volunteer at an animal-shelter, but that's work (work you don't get any money for, at that), and if it's a kill shelter you'll be surrounded by healthy dogs basically being executed every day. If you see animals like I do, that's going to be emotionally devastating.

If you can stomach being around dogs getting killed, or if there's a no-kill shelter near you, maybe you could volunteer if you can spare the time. That might be a reasonable compromise.
I realise you work a lot, but how about volunteering at a shelter if you have the chance?

How about offering to walk any neighbors dogs in the evenings? Walking will start out as a chore, but it will give you more energy and might get rid of that tiredness after work.

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>Be me
>In Australia
>Getting ready to brush my teeth and go to bed
>Go to bathroom
>Leave bedroom door open
>Brush teeth in bathroom
>Come back to bedroom to find a moth chillin' on the wall
>Don't want to kill the moth
>Turn off bedroom lights
>Turn on the hallway lights so the moth can go towards the light and leave the room
>Moth decides to stay in the darkness
>Grab a broomstick and hit the wall hoping the moth will get scared and fly off
>Moth isn't fazed at all
>Moth has my respect
>Call him Gareth mainly because it has '-th' at the end of it just like the word 'moth'
>Gareth the moth
>Realize it's 2am and I have to sleep
>Don't feel comfortable with Gareth the moth staying on my bedroom wall
>Go downstairs to get a can of Mortein (Insect spray)
>Stand a solid 2 meters away from Gareth so I don't hurt him too much
>Spray the Mortein for half a second allowing only the tiniest of molecules to hit him, hoping he will be irritated enough to leave
>Doesn't work
>Gareth is still chillin' like a villian on the wall
>Step closer to Gareth
>Spray at him once more
>He flutters off the wall and under the bed
>Spray under the bed to lure him out
>"C'mon dude, neither of us want this"
>Accidentally spray him directly as he flies out from under the bed
>Flies out the door
>Go to close the door when I see Gareth struggle to fly down the stairs
>He is falling down the stairs
>He is injured
>What have I done?
>Gareth is twitching as he struggles to fly away
>Come to the realization that I have to put him out of his misery
>I go to Gareth at the bottom of the stair case and spray the Mortein at him for about 10 seconds
>He is in a better place now
>Go to garage to get the broom and the little sweeper collector thing
>Come back and find Gareth is still alive, but still twitching
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>Realize he is in more agony than ever after being sprayed
>Check the label on the can to ensure it is effective on moths
>It is
>"What went wrong?"
>I spray him for another 10 seconds to ensure he is dead
>Nope, Gareth is one tough son of a bitch
>I decide there is no other course of action but to squish him
>I have...
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You treat your moth friends like shit
Why couldn't you leave the moth alone or take it outside? It's not like they bite.

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funny or not? do or don't?
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this is mine obviously having fun
It can be a fun time for both of you but you should always follow up with a toy that they can actually catch and "kill;" otherwise, they can become frustrated which can lead to behavioral issues, especially in kittens
Don't use green ones. You could blind your cat.

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>walking my dog this morning
>she pees on someone's yard
>the owner of the house happens to be coming out
>gets all indignant and tells me to clean it up

Are some people just retarded or something? I pick up after my dog if she shits, but what the fuck did she expect me to do? Hose down the urine so it seeps deeper into the ground?
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hose that bitch down.
no not the dog
Ever think of keeping your shit bag away from other people's property?
Diluting it does actually help, yes. Dog urine can wreck a lawn because it contains far too much nitrogen and it kills that spot of grass to have undiluted dog piss dumped all over it. However, if you pour water over it, the nitrogen is diluted and washed into the soil, which not only prevents damage but actually helps fertilize the ground once it's not so concentrated. Or you could just keep your dog off other people's property.

After about 3 weeks of tinkering in my vivarium,
finally ready for frogs...
Thinking of getting 3 or so Limnodynastes dumerilii (pobblebonks) to christen the tank
anyone have any experience in keeping them?
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what is that bubbling sludge in the bottom left?
oh wait, nevermind. i thought your water had a layer of cream coloured something on the top. i see now the water is clear and that is just the floor of the tank. :p
I've kept lots of different species of frog over the years and I have to say that whites tree frogs are by far my favourite, Very easy to care for, long lifespan and hilarious too.

Share some original insect/gastropod/reptile/amphibian terrariums.
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Is there a such thing as a mushroom terrarium
yes, but it's a waste of space and can potentially become problematic with spores and residue. That and certain species are finicky as fuck in captivity compared to nature.

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