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Didn't see anything in the catalog about GPS Collars.

Does /an/ use them and if yes what are some features/other related info that I should know before purchasing one?

Dog has already been chipped with an id tag but that only helps if someone else with a reader has it.
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I know this board is slow but I'd figure I'd have at least one response by now.
No one has a thought about this technology?
Necro bump
If no interest after this I'll let it die
my dog doesn't run away so i have no need for one.

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There's a chicken in my backyard, what do I feed it so it can stay and lay eggs for me?
I have whole grain waffles, Ritz crackers, and some uncooked rice.
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There was a cat trying to eat it.
cracked corn, millet, laying mash.
Un cooked rice is a no no
im not a farmer so I have none of those.
can I just let it eat worms from the ground?

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Hey /an/. got a question for ya.
If it benefits local ecosystems or your animals are under threat, would you be willing to personally kill a living thing?

As much as I like cats, I have shot ferals and feel justified and even good about doing so due to the threat they pose to native birds and small mammals.

I have also shot foxes to protect livestock.
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I feel pretty torn on the issue, but if I saw an animal that was suffering pretty badly, I would probably try to catch it and take it to the vets to have it put down.

As for local wildlife...as much as I know its technically wrong, I really don't care what cats do because it doesn't come down to what the cat is doing. It comes down to what the people in that community want, and if they want the environment protected, then they will eventually get their shit together and fund some kind of spaying and...
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How do you feel about poison baiting?
Well, often, cats and dogs may stop by other people's gardens and have a bite of whatever is laying around. I wouldn't feel good about killing someone's pet. But ferals are unnatural and should be put down.

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Does /an/ have any cute fish pics?
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my betta, Hadouken
File: image.jpg (402 KB, 1118x2053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My betta of a rare color

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Do animals have souls?
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do souls even exist to begin with?
Since souls don't exist animals don't have them. Qed
Prove they don't exsist dumb ass

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February is National Pet Dental month. Ask your veterinarian if they are offering any discounts on dentals this month!
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Actually it's Black History Month
You know, if you fed your pet a species-appropriate diet they probably wouldn't be suffering from poor dental hygiene.
I brush my doggo's teeth just about every night. Do you, anons?

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What's a reasonably priced, nutritious dry food for adult cats?
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Dry food is quite unhealthy for cats, if you can't afford a meat-based canned food then don't get a cat
No such thing, dry foods are horrible for cats and dogs.

Go with wet food. Or, if all else fails, just pick a dry kibble that has as little fillers and plant ingredients as possible. Then every morning fill the bowl up with a healthy amount, add just enough water to get it moist, then crack a raw egg over it and stir it up. Let it sit long enough for the dry kibble to soak up the moisture and raw egg.

This isn't as good as a high quality wet food, but it will still help to prevent everything from...
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Ummm wet food is terrible for cats and dogs. Purina is a good, reasonably priced ,easy to find food brand.

Hey /an/,

I just got a 14 week old puppy today. He ate one small can of puppy food at about 7:30pm and we took him outside 10 minutes later, but nothing happened. We let him play for a bit and eventually he did pee but never pooped.

It's 10:30 and still nothing. He has peed on newspaper a few minutes ago but does nothing outside.

Normal? Should I be concerned? Is it just new house/diet? The foster fed him 'beneful' but we got him merrick grain free puppy food.

Is it detrimental to housebreaking to let him use newspapers? He seems...
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Just relax

he's sleeping in a bed next to pc what do I do

oh god he heard me typing and he's looking at me
Have you had a puppy before?

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Island Coconut.jpg
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A thread for those who are not with us today.

Rest in Peace Island. You were a great cat.
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T-2 12-31-99.jpg
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All right, I'll post my best pics of tiger. I miss him. Tiger was a really nice kitty. He lived a long and happy life.
File: T-2.jpg (238 KB, 1485x1019) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is a cute baby picture of tiger. He was a really nice kitten.
Tiger sleeped in the window. Sometimes when he was super warm from the sunlight I'd pet him and his fur was really hot. When he did this I called him "Deep Fried Tiger".

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Just wondering how the whole process works.

How animals are obtained how they are shipped what do they do to make sure they don't get caught and that the animals live how can you tell the diffence between a legit smuggler to an illegitimate one etc. got bored and curious about it... I want answers
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shitty smugglers use public transportation because el chapo will cut their gram grams head off unless he makes 15k by sunday.

good smugglers own a modest boat with a side business- angling, tour, salvage, science. they have contacts along the coast for fuel and guides. they buy exotic species from the guides for pennies on the dollar then drop them off along river delta settlements in the states to be sold privately- online, conventions, collectors.

you dont want to buy directly from smugglers unless...
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Most smuggling is done by mislabeling one creature as another on cities paper work.
You say an Asian arowanna is a silver for example or you hide a few fish in a shipment of food tilapia as "contaminants".

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Previous Thread >>2049266 → #

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size
-any and all inhabitants + how long...
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Saved 5 emerald cories from petco. Really wanna go back and pick up this 3.5 inch long betta.
I could have let them die like they were

File: 20160131_132255-1.jpg (3 MB, 2847x1756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I have this cactus that I got in like 6th grade, no joke. It was one of those kinds that you buy at Lowes with the red thing glued on top to make it fancy.

That was nearly 8 years ago, I'm in my second year of college and I just found this thing again in my family's basement. I guess somebody's been giving it a bit of water now and then, but what the fuck. How is this thing still living and how has it gotten so crazy? What can I do for this poor plant to make it nice and healthy again?
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I dunno dude, I figured I might as well look after it since it's here. I mean I don't really have the urge to have a cactus anyway.

Besides, all the cacti at my local store are still those bullshit ones with the flower thing glued to the top. Those and these ones that are like spray painted blue and purple. It's tacky and gross.

If I saw a nice little normal cactus somewhere I'd buy it.
Maby the fact that its been down there so long makes him want to save it. I know I would.
>back to being a negative asshole.

How about you just let people enjoy their own lives you dick.

I bought a cactus at the home depot only to find that the flowers were hot glued on to her. (I named her Petunia) Home depot refused to put a sign up about the lie they are selling nor would they talk to their third party vender, cactuscollection.com

These monsters damaged a perfectly good and lovely cactus and made a profit off of it.

I'm fucking pissed.
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Yeah, it's lame. Supposedly they sell better with the hot glued flowers.
Of course it will sell better, if you lie saying its something it's not people would be more likely to get it.

Would they let you return it?

If you want, put it up on facebook and send a message to them. You never know, may get some decent exposure.

There's a 4 week old puppy at the shelter and I was thinking of adopting him after they adopt him out at 8 weeks.
It's a gsd.
However I read it's at that period (4-8 weeks)that puppies learn not to bite too hard and stuff, so I got a bit worried.
Will the dog be a shit if it's separated from mom and siblings at 4 weeks of age
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Is the puppy eating puppy food yet?
What is the rescue doing to ensure he's properly socialized? I know reputable breeders try and transplant orphans into another breeder's litter, and they always use socialization plans such as: http://www.echowyn.com/Ruleof7.html

Even in a rescue situation I would be wary of a foster who cuts corners on socialization.

So, I am going to buy an American Pitbull solely for house guarding, and you know, Fun...
Any Piece of Advice?
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Actually do your research instead of expecting us to tell you everything, dipshit.
There's better dogs for guarding. Especially when you probably just planned to buy some shit BYB "exotic xxx muscle guard pitbull terrier"
Don't mutilate their ears. It's not necessary at all.
Don't mutilate any dogs. Don't buy from anyone who crops or docks.
I think docking can be done when necessary, but not without anesthesia on a week old puppy with a pair of scissors. It should be done as an adult with anesthesia.

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