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>Reptile room video
>%50 is fish tanks
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>reptile room video
>can't hold the camera fucking steady
>spends most of the camera time focusing on himself
>unboxing fish video
>tries to use one hand to cut open box
>lies camera down
>reptile room video
>holds camera too close to face and you can hear spit noises, breathing and sniffing.

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My roommate got a chameleon, he hasn't raised a reptile before, what kind of wood and such is okay to put in his cage? We feed him like 4-5 crickets a day and spray water on the leaves for him to drink (do they really not drink from a water bowl?) he just likes to chill under his heat lamp. Tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Read the fucking caresheets or take chameleon back to pet store.
We did that pleb, you think we are crazy? They are just pretty shitty, I think we probably need to get a stronger heating light, but other than that I think we are doing everything properly. Are we missing something big specifically or did you just assume we are trying to mistreat the animal he got?
>first reptile
>not using dripper and asking about the moving water issue implying you don't know implying your research is inadequate

Do you have it in a screen enclosure? How big? How's the humidity? Are you monitoring it? You can't just hand must the tank with chams. They need a delicate balance of airflow and high humidity. You usually need a misting system to achieve this correctly. This is an advanced reptile to keep and very...
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Whats your favorite breed & why?
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Peruvian long beard shepherds are as loyal as you can get.
all dogs capable of functioning as dogs are 10/10
that means no pugs/bulldogs/etc
Owned Aussie Sheps whole life but I love Greyhounds, so probably Greyhounds

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Need cat help:

Adopted a 3 year old neutered female from an owner. She is indoor only, previous owner had her since she was a tiny kitten, this is basically the only other place in her life she has ever been.

She arrived on Friday, immediately hid under the wardrobe. Normal, I know. EXTREMELY shy, we never had a chance to pet her.
We never invade her space, or reach under the wardrobe at her. We have ignored her as much as possible, only talking to her sometimes from a distance in a smooth tone.

It is now almost a week later, she has not eaten once....
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Don't mean to hijack your thread or anything, but I also need cat help. Mine chews off all his fur, I took him to the vet, and the vet gave him a steroid, it didn't really help him he kept on chewing after about a week. I saw some stuff online that said maybe anxiety, anything I can do for him? I'd prefer not to medicate him if I don't have to, but I'm getting tired of his auto cannibalism and him looking like a zombie.
You fucked up.
What you should have done is designated a cat room and locked the cat in for about two weeks.
You need to start over.
You will also be able to tell exactly how much your cat is eating (and pooping) by restricting his movements. Then in a few weeks let him out to explore the house. The cat room will be his safe place, and he will return to it when he feels afraid.
She IS locked in an isolated room! She is in a safe space!

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I'm still going to eat meat and fuck your mom tonight, though.
Plant protein and meat protein are two completely different proteins.

Otherwise there wouldn't be animal species. We would all be photosynthesizing plants that can walk and talk.
Those circle farms are neat looking.

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Does anyone know where i can get a fennec fox in California? i know they're illegal but i really want one
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Thanks so much!
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good luck with that


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Alright /an/, through a set of circumstances I won't go into here, a family dog has to either come live with me in my apt or be euthanized. This leads me to my question for you, how would you go about caring for and minimizing the impact of a medium sized dog in a medium sized apt? I'd like her to not be a burden on both my roomate and my landlords, (roomate is into the idea, he loves dogs) and I want her to be as happy as I can make her. I don't worry about her behavior as she's always been pretty "go with the flow". She'll have much less...
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How big is your apt, will there be room for her to run at all?
She should be just fine after adjusting as long as you take her for the occasional walk. Once a day if manageable, if not maybe 2 or 3 times a week.
I don't know about running, It's large by 2 bedroom apartment standards, but there's not giant open space to run in. She's about 8 years old, so she's not some hyper puppy.

I had intended on probably 2 a day for a while as she adjusts. (I'm NEET) There is a really nice public park walking distance from my apt. In the summer she can swim there too.

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I work at an animal hospital and recently we have been hit with an awful kennel cough that isn't prevented by the vaccine. Any other hospitals/clinics dealing with this? We are extremely clean obviously so any other advice on getting rid of this shit would be amazing.
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The vaccine is like a flu shot; it doesn't necessarily stop the illness, but it helps prevent it. Even with the vaccines, some dogs will still get kennel cough. This is extremely common in places that kennel many dogs at a time. Kennel cough can also be caused just by stress alone, in which case the vaccine won't do dick for the stressed KC dogs. Are they responding to medications?
..I appreciate your feedback but I am asking for other tips for our vet office to use as far as further prevention. Just like the vaccine the medicine doesn't prevent it so that isn't really what I was after. Thanks anyway!
You were asked a question shithead.

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How do you feel about this? "We've decided" not to take the dogs we got 8 months ago? We'll just dump them in a shelter to be euthanized instead.
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Eh rather they bring em to the shelter than they leave em in the yard to starve. Yeah it's pretty shitty but there's way worse happening to pets elsewhere
>How do you feel about this?
Like it's their choice, tbqh if they're dumping them it's more than obvious that those dogs are better off without them, and if you really cared you'd go over and adopt them forever instead of being butthurt. What are you achieving by posting them on 4chan? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical.

>itt OP is a fag as always

Im so sick of the amount of bone fragments in all dog meats.
Its like feeding my dog little bits of glass everyday.
she already has bladder problems, I have to feed her wet food, but this cannot be good for dogs.

if it was babby food and bits of glass were in it, there would be uproar.
why is it acceptable to feed dogs this?
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What's wrong with bone fragments? Most frozen raw food comes with it. Are you taking about canned wet food? That's not OK... Buy better food? What brand do you buy?
ive found its in most brands.
Aren't there bits of bone on purpose because they would eat bones for calcium in the wild?

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I want to buy a Chinchilla. Any advice?
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Yeah. Don't. It requires way too much care, you will fuck up and it will suffer. Get a hamster.
hamsters are nocturnal and shit pets.

OP, just get some rats. they're nocturnal too but will easily adapt to your schedule
>implying chinchillas aren't nocturnal
>implying OP doesnt want one just for bragging rights

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Has any one tried kava?
What's it like??
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Gets your mouth and lips numb gets your head clear I couldn't even drink my beer or smoke my weed it was like I was content for once doesn't taste to good I think it's better served warm. Try it tho
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Cool there's a plant thread here.

Got this cactus back in late December, only watered it twice since then.

I just noticed that it's beginning to bulge at the top. That's entirely normal right? Is it just a normal bud? Or have I fucked my shit up?
it's mildly relaxing, tastes like shit, can cause liver damage over time, and there's better legal and illegsl drugs

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can i give my dog bread every day? i dont mean it as a basis for their diet, but i simply eat a lot of bread and she always wants some so i give her a little bite whenever i have. i read that a dog can eat like one entire bread a day maximum, is that true? i give her about a quarter of a bread every day i would say
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It isn't good for her teeth. The bread residue can cause tooth decay.
i never know how to digest this kind of advice. so how does this act? say is a quarter of a bread too much for every day? what other food causes this?
A quarter liaf or quarter sluce?

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Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers?
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the cucumber cat meme is performed by silently and sneakily placing a cucumber near them while their attention is 100% focused om another activity, like eating, so that they lose awareness of their surroundings. This causes the cat to be startled when it looks around, trying to regain awareness and suddenly spots a large thing which looks like it is creeping up on him.

If you give a cat a cucumber while he is looking I guarantee 100% he will not give a shit.
Because cats are idiots and cucumbers look like snakes.
Getting spooked by an unexpected, potentially life threatening situation is hardly dumb. The key word here being unexpected.

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Do you hate dogs? Do you like dogs? If so, explain why.
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I like my dog; he's soft, clean, quiet, and makes a good foot warmer.
Pretty indifferent to other dogs unless they are being destructive or obnoxious.
I used to sleep outside in a sleeping bag all summer since our house didn't have air conditioning. Barking dogs were my nemesis.
In a similar format to another post in the cat thread:

-slobbery and drool everywhere
-Smell weird
-Don't clean themselves
-More annoying/harmful than cats when untrained or poorly socialized
-Many genetic health issues in purebreds plus pugs, Bulldogs, similar exist
-self proclaimed "dog people"
-Require more upkeep in some areas than cats
-Some could/would definitely kill you

-Can take places easily
-Bros generally
-Temperaments more predictable because purebreds are more readily available than purebred cats
-Come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments
-Working dogs
-Can actually be trusted outside in a yard without running away
-Cuter young that don't look like upset gremlins in fursuits

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