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I found this in my room, its like a white ball wich has gone out of a shell and I have thrown it by the window because I don't like it. Can someone tell me what is it and if there can be more of them in my room? :^(
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1: Where do you live
2: Get another picture
in my room after getting a lot of paper out of my desk, there were small pieces of chocolate too... well yes I'm a bit lazy about cleaning
I can't get another picture, I threw it out the window. But it's just that, a white ball with a shell (the grey thing in the picture)
and oh I'm from spain

Please rate them as a pet
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Weird/Exotic/Unique/Strange animals. Stories are welcome too!
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here's a story about lorikeets

they're complete drunkards m8

Some types of nightjar have interesting wings.
I have a gay cat. Does that count?

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I've never had any pets before and I just got my own place. I want to get a wolverine because he's my favorite comic character. Does anyone have wolverines and can tell me how to take care of them? Since it's not a dog or cat will I have to pay a security deposit?
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Are you retarded?
Imagine an enraged badger on meth with the bite force of a pit bull.
That is a wolverine
That sounds like a terrible idea. They're bears but smaller. Just as powerful and more aggressive, but smaller

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some poodle mix.jpg
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Ask dog questions that don't deserve their own threads here.

Dog Kibble and Wet food ingredients/nutrition guide:

Dog breeds:

Previous thread:
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How do I get my puppy to calm down around my cat? She always follows the cat around very nervously and shakes like a vibrater with epilepsy. Then proceeds to get frustrated with kitty cause he won't play with her, and gets hissed/swatted by cat. Kitty is a bro so I'm not worried about him, he doesn't give a fuck unless the puppy really messes with him. Is this normal? Can they become best buds eventually? I'm sure some anons here have experience with this
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Keep introducing them casually, and keep on doing your daily routine, showing that the cat is a friend by showing affection, etc.
Like with most things involving pups, its all about repetition.

I wouldn't go out of your way to get them friendly with eachother, it kinda just happens naturally from my experience.
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Admiral Snow.gif
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Who /snowdogs/ here?

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Bought guppies and snail at petco and have them in a bowl isolated. They don't show signs of disease like ick. Should I continue the quarantine or wait it out ?

Also bought a suckerfish, and four tiny tetras and a potted plant from Walmart and was going to isolate them longer because it's Walmart. What should I do? Play it safe I'm sure you'll say.
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I'm just worried about water oxygenation cause no bubbler or filter
Do you have an established community you're going to add them to or just starting out? If you have an established community you need to keep them quarantined even though they seem fine now. Give them a week or two and anything that was there will show itself.
Ok then I'll need a bigger bowl for the walmarters

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Bummed out that Cuteoverload has ended it's run:


What do I do now? Can anyone post some cute critters to cheer me up?
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How do you prep the bull?
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prep for what?
I shouldn't have googled that

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Why does my cat constantly cry and scratch at the carpet outside my door?

Half the time he just goes in, rubs against my legs for a minute, then scratches to get back out

Pic unrelated, wasn't able to find anything else with an animal in it
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Our cat does the same thing, we think its because he wants to have the ability to go where he pleases regardless of if he feels like being there at the time.
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he's worried about you

masturbation and idleness are the road to a bad end
My cat does that to my basement door. She'll meow at the door until I open it, she peeks inside, and then trots off, only to return 30 minutes later and repeat the cycle.

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Why do people hate feathered dinosaurs?
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they don't.
Because they grew up with the alternative. They don't appreciate their giant, killing machine fantasy lizards being turned upside down on them.
If they don't like them thats fine. I love birds, and I'd be happy if every single 'dinosaur' had feathers but I appreciate the old school raptors too in the same way I do dragons and unicorns. Not just talking about scales vs feathers either but dexterity, almost prehensile tails, wrong posture but it still looks cool, etc.
>Because they grew up with the alternative.
Unless you think everyone arguing is over 40.

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What are your toughts on the 4 leged aryan /pol/ , and why is the best pet you can have?

>can hunt pests like a mother fucker
>loyal as fuck if you know how to treat them
>chills all day, but is allways ready for anything
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Cats are an ecological menace. They torturously kill many animals, including many endangered species.

That being said, I like them okay anyway. Got one myself.
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Bullshit. Cats are like humans

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So, the other day, I snapped a few (bad) photos of a bird that I think was an eagle, standing over a dead squirrel. Presumably, it killed it, but at the time I was guessing it wouldn't eat it with a large stranger standing around who might steal his prize.

I come back maybe 10-20 minutes later, and there's still the squirrel carcass, but no sign of the bird. I guess he left without finishing his meal, but I'm not sure why a bird would do that.

A) Is this an Eagle?

B) Is this normal eagle behavior?

I don't really know much about...
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Looks like a red tailed hawk, not an eagle.
Something might have spooked it before you came back, I dunno much about hawks though so it's just a guess.
Yeah, that looks more like a hawk than an eagle. Some vegan peta fag probably chased it off because of "the poor adorable squirrel! YOU MONSTER!!!!"

Or some fucking idiot left their dog off the leash.
that is a red tailed hawk, not an eagle.
but yes it is normal behaviour. some might pick the eyes out but most don't and tend to leave the head alone and just go for the body since there's more meat there and easier to get to.

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I have two cats. Both are female. Both were adopted. Both the same age and type of cat. I believe one is slightly mentally slow either due to past owner experience or natural birth defect.

I was gone for a 3-day vacation and the other cat (the one without mental issues) was acting more hostile towards the other than usual; going after her after I saw the first assault and then again after pushing her away the second time.

The one WITH the mental issues seems to have trouble with figuring out I don't want her getting onto my bed and other surfaces. Yes, I know...
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How long have you had them? You're seriously going to kill your pets because you don't know how to train them? Jesus christ please be a troll
>Take cat
>Throw it off surface you dont want it
>Spray with water to enforce
If it dousnt learn after a few times then step it up.

>Dont kill your cats op, it will be ok they are cats. Toss them outside for a bit, they come back. they are dumb like that.
About 9 years. I believe the mentally challenged one is a bit older though, As I said, I'm not being a fuckwit about this and trying to troll. But I'm sorry. I should have stated how long I've had them.

I've both seen this done many time in my youth and done this myself. However, I live in an area where the concept of outdoor animals or any pet outside and NOT on a leash just doesn't exist. As much as I want outdoor cats like...
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Thinking about getting a ball python when I get a job. Currently a Comp. Sci. college student taking ~15 credit hours per semester. I like snakes a lot and I'd definitely be happy to have a snake out while doing work and also just to handle it so it wouldn't be cramped up in the cage all day.

(Specifically ball python things, but I'm sure there's some crossovers between different kinds of snakes):
What should I be aware of before getting a snake?
How much do these guys cost as pets? Is electricity for the heat lamps a huge issue? Vet costs?
How long do frozen rodents store for and how many times a month do they eat?
Where should I look to buy a ball python? How old should it be? How do I know it is a reputable dealer?
General warnings or tips?

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Ok OP, first of all this ain't your blog. But i love my Sausage so i'll share what i have done

Royal Pythons/ball pythons are the most chill motherfuckers on the planet, they will do nothing if you let them, they will hug you if you grab them, and are overall cute as fuck with little hats.
They are smooth as fuck, they eat every week or so, they don't really need that big a terrarium, and do great alone. Their shits are nasty and they often poop while swimming. Also bitches to clean up after
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File: 1442186777191.jpg (72 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Where should I look to buy a ball python?
Check your local craigslist/newspaper/shelter, or contact your local herp society. Maybe go to a show before you buy to meet some breeders.

>How old should it be?
An adult would be easier.

>How do I know it is a reputable dealer?
Get to know how the snakes are doing at different places before purchasing one. Ask for feed schedules, issues with past sheds or going off food, stuff like that. Ask for advice on snake-specific forums, 4/an/ is too slow.

>General warnings or tips?
Find a good herp vet or exotic vet with snake experience before you need it.
Sorry I am new here D=
Don't know the ins and outs of posting

Thanks for the info; definitely helpful. How often should I change the stuff in the cage that I use for a ground cover?

My old elementary school teacher had some snakes and one of them got out in the school. Thought it was a goner. 2 years later it showed up nice and fat; had been feeding on mice in the walls of the school.

do animals like weed
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Some do, some don't.

Ruminants will graze on cannabis plants. I'm sure they sometimes do get high. The whole "you have to decarboxylate weed to get any effect" from it is wrong. There are active cannabinoids even in raw weed. If you don't believe me just eat 3, 4 grams of it yourself on an empty stomach and tell me you didn't get high. Spoiler alert, you will.

Disclaimer: In no way am I encouraging or condoning illegal activity of any kind.
Animals dont take to being high like you do. If you surprise them with it they will be scared and paniky till they come down.
However if you have a cat cannabis is in the same family as catnip so they will try to eat it. Dogs will eat you stems(and whole nugs if you leave them out). When they do this they know they are getting high. Animals do like it but they are also really dumb and don't know their limit and getting them "baked" is borderline abuse because of how scared they can get.
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high husky.webm
3 MB, 1138x640

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