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I find a lot of human babies cute but not as cute as animal babies. I feel like I'm a failure as a woman for this, like my "motherly instinct" should make me find human babies cutest.
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Human babies aren't cute.
Your own human babies are cute.

well, they're not cute to me, but they'd be cute to you. that's how it works. You don't think they're cute until you produce one, then suddenly it's the cutest thing ever. Meanwhile all your friends are trying to figure out why you've suddenly gone soft in the head because honestly your babby isn't THAT cute... I mean it's not as cute as puppies or something.
Do you have your own kids? I don't feel other people's kids are especially cute. Can't get enough puppy pics though.
It's prolly cuz those pups could be mine. I want them all. Other people's kids are theirs, they can keep them.
I don't have any children and won't for a while. I'm afraid I won't love them as much as I love animals

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This is kirby.
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Hi Kirby.
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this is kriby
I named one of my Nintendogs Kirby. It was a yorkie.

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I asked this on adv but figured I might get more responses here. So, I'm looking to move from Eugene (Oregon) to Portland in the next year or so. I'm looking for an apartment without breed restrictions on dogs, because I have a pitbull/husky mix that is almost a year old and I cannot part with. anyone have any luck or experience with this? he's extremely well behaved and friendly, so if it's a "meet and greet" type requirement that would be perfectly fine

I am diagnosed with BPD but haven't gone to therapy for a while. would getting...
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Getting it certified might be difficult but it is something to look into.

Also, when you are talking to the apartment people, say it is a husky mix. Don't mention the pit bull because many apartments will not let "dangerous breeds" live there. When I got my GSD and terrier mix the lady in the office wrote him down as only terrier mix so I could keep him because she knew me.
The problem with this is that huskies are generally on the no-no list as well
Post pics of dog, I'm sure we can find a breed that is similar looking? Take a pic where he doesn't look like a pit or husky? Yes, I'm telling you to lie.
>elkhound mix
>samoyed mix
>lapponian herder mix

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/tragedy/ thread: domestic animals killing domestic animals edition

Has anyone had those experiences, like one of your pets killing someone else's or another of your own pets? What was your solution? How did you feel?
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My goldfish ate my fancy guppy fry when I was 8. It was horrifying. I never did fully recover. Still can't go to a fish fry without cringing
My friend had two hamsters that lived together for like 4 years. And one day the one just randomly decided to kill the other. My friend prefers to phrase it as "HE JUST ATE THE OTHER ONE." She was afraid of the remaining hamster until it died. Yeah...I guess she didn't know much about hamsters.
One of my dogs was at the shelter because he was a chicken killer. The neighbors threatened to kill him the next time they saw him so the owners dumped him at the pound. While I had him he killed two cats neither of which were mine. One was a kitten somebody dumped at the park and he found it in the weeds before I saw it. Felt like shit but really couldn't blame the dog for being a dog. Second was a full grown adult cat that thought it would be a good idea to jump into my fenced in yard with my dogs in it. Not 100% sure which one killed that one but again couldn't...
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File: scruffing-a-cat.jpg (82 KB, 700x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cat scruffing? Is it good or bad? I've always picked my cats up by the scruff of their neck and it's never been a problem. They don't meow or cry, they don't struggle, they don't stop purring if they were and I don't carry them around like that or anything, I just pick them up that way.

Is it a bad thing? Do any of you pick your cats up this way? Whenever family see me do this they gasp and call me cruel. Even my local vet says scruffing should only be used as a restraining technique and even then only as a last resort. What are your thoughts?

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If I'm casually moving him around, no, I just pick him up like normal. The two times he clawed something I scruffed him to make him stop immediately and redirected to his scratching post.

The other times I've scruffed him is when he darted out the front door after a bird with a broken wing that was fluttering outside, and putting him into his carrier [he likes it, but he doesn't like going into it when he isn't ready. Sometimes I'm in a hurry, sorry bud].

Why do you feel the need to scruff them if you are simply picking them up or moving...
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For an adult cat, I never pick them up by the scruff alone. It's a lot of weight to be put on the excess skin of their neck that you're pinching. Not only is it painful, but it can cause injuries, especially if your cat is large.

I do scruff my cats as I'm picking them up, but I support their body too. I have to do this because they are somewhat feral, and people give me the same shit too. Scruffing alone usually doesn't hurt unless there is some other underlying issue, like ear infection/mites,...
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>Why do you feel the need to scruff them if you are simply picking them up or moving them?

Maybe it's strange but it feels natural. Also, when I pick them up by the belly sometimes they groan like I picked them up too hard. I generally grab them by the scruff and raise them up to my chest where I sort of cradle them like a baby (maybe that's weird, whatever). They lay there, purr and relax while I move them to wherever I'm headed.

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good donkey living the life.jpg
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What's your take on the almighty donkey a.k.a. the ass?
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File: pablo.jpg (349 KB, 523x927) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i like them. this is my grandparents donkey called pablo.
/an/ can always use more ass.

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Go on petfinder and find the one bby you'd actually want to adopt.

Meetin' and greetin' this big loaf of hair within the week. Thoughts on breed mix? Seems Irish Wolfhound-ish, he's 100+lbs. They're saying he's mixed with Great Pyrenees which idk where they're getting that from but yeah. His name is Amos, which idk what I'd change to if I actually got him. Something Irish or appropriate for such a big scruffy dog. All in all I just want to show off how big and cute he is.

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download (2).jpg
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>not meant to be after I got back fro
from a road trip*
A friend of mine has a Scottish Deerhound and his face seems really similar, but maybe that'd be true of a lot of the big sighthounds. Cute pup.

File: DSC1992-490x325.jpg (50 KB, 490x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Recently started dating a girl with a Dachshund that keeps its distance from me while continuously barking. If I try to get any closer to show it I'm friendly it will back up and bark more.

I don't have faith in my girlfriend or her family to train the dog.

She will act nice if we are locked in a room for a while but will switch back to her old habits if I'm around the entire family in the living room.

Today while dropping my girlfriend off and walking her inside her dog started barking at me. I swiftly caught up to her and grabbed her. She...
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You're an idiot to have done that if you did it without permission. I hope you cleaned up her pee and shit because that was on you. Your girlfriend needs to tell her dog to shut up and give it a swift kick in the ass.
Not really, you made her fear you more. She was scared of you, hence backing away and barking. Then you gave her a reason to fear you, by catching her while she is running, forcefully holding her even after she looses her bowls, which is another sign of fear and an attempt to get the 'attacker' (you in this case) away from her.

Instead you should go slow, offer her treats, or be the one to feed her and walk her. This way, she will know you are more than an intruder in her house and a potential threat. Good luck
if the dog also barks at your girlfriend and her family, than you may have done the right thing.Since that would meant that the dog sees itself as the alpha of the house and doesnt want you in there but if she just barks at you than that means that either

a)your girlfriend didnt introduced you to the dog, which is a very simple yet important thing to do since most house dogs are too dumb to understand that if someone is in your houe talking to the house members he/she probably isnt going to kill them or


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What are these
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So I posted this, and they're some rock formation that I found at the top of a hill in Nayarit, Sinaloa, Mexico. There were thousands of these on the ground and they seemed to be falling off the bigger rock formations.
If anyone knows anything about this type of rock formation plz tell me
fossilized testicles of all shapes and sizes
basically you've struck gold

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Got a new turtle, it's a freshwater murray / hunter rive turtle.

What should i name it?
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Not sure if this would fit better in the reptile or the aquarium general. Does anyone raise food for their pets?

Any tips for keeping cultures going for about ten weeks without any care? Specifically fruit flies, microworms, and whiteworms? Everything else will be fine with the neglect and I don't mind starting over with the flies, but it took all year to get the worms producing as much as I wanted.
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But how do I live the food culture?
I do fruit flies and bean beetles.
Bean beetles are the easiest thing in the world and are great. Same with fruit flies, except they require a little more prep to make a colony.
File: image.gif (35 KB, 424x137) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had never really considered bean beetles until now. They're pretty cute.

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I saw this bird outside of my window today, and I don't remember seeing any similar ones before. What is it?
Additional information: I live in the West of Germany
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File: 107347541.jpg (656 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Garrulus glandarius. I found it by googling germany birds and scrolling down about a page.
have you been living under a rock your entire life?

they're common.

Why do cockatoos act like such spergs
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because just like spergs they don't have any feelings.
I wouldnt go that far, they just think theyre the shit and rock their stupid little head around
I think it's the opposite, and they have too much feeling.

File: 20160118_133052.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why does my cat like rubbing her face on my feet?
its near constant. she also bites (without biting down, more like teethes) me all the time.
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ur cat has a foot fetish. it is the most common fetish
Mine does that to my legs and she gently bites my fingers when I'm playing with her. I'd say it's normal behavior and she just likes you.
She wants the D

File: peekaboo.jpg (3 MB, 3024x4032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So my ball python struck at me today when I was changing her water, seeing as she's never as much as hissed at me before it seemed odd. Her mouth was closed which tells me it wasn't a feeding strike. I handled her yesterday and she was fine, poking around doing what snakes do. Two things it could be.

I'd been trying for ages to get her to move onto rats and she finally took one last feeding. I guess I handled her too soon afterwards, normally 2 days is enough but she was jumpy and sat still and hissed. I put her back immediately and left her for another...
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You're probably worrying too much.

Likely scenarios:
1) Your hand still smells like rat
2) She's gravid and thus pissy
3) She's about to go into shed and thus pissy
4) She didn't like you messing with her environment (reptiles as a whole get stressed out when you mess with their surroundings)

As long as snooter looks healthy, she's fine.
Thanks a lot. Thought I was but its reassuring to know. She has grown a lot so may well be due a shed. Didn't think about her being gravid, she did look big though. How do I know if this is the case? Do I need to do anything special? I was told I don't and I don't intend to breed so I wasn't planning to.
I should've specified that 'gravid' means pregnant, as in full of viable eggs. If you haven't breed your snake to a male, she shouldn't be pregnant.

Of course, if you got her from a pet store where co-habitation is common, she COULD be pregnant.

These are the signs of a BP being gravid.

1) Scale separation
2) Wrapping around the bowl upside down (belly up)
3) Going off feed
4) Unusual color contrast (her darker scales will seem darker, lighter areas will be lighter)
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