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>>2220757 hit bump and getting close to archive, so new thread inbound.

post bird. share bird. love bird.
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Birds are:

>A.) Important
>B.) Not Important
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Can you tell how wound up be is? This is the face of a bird who is about to be in trouble. (and the face I've seen before I got several of my favorite scars.)

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what's the best dog breed and why is it Newfoundland?
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Because it's bone structure is so fucked up it will be unable to walk because it's legs hurt too much.
Citation needed

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Hey bugbros, how do you make and keep a colony of meal worms? What do you find works best? Any other tips?
I'm looking to mix dried ones into my gerbils kibble mix without needing to keep buying and buying bug mixes.
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Super duper easy, my dude. So first you wanna get your set up ready. You have a couple options depending on how much work you want to do. Your first option is to set up a system of boxes that fit into each other with the top box having the floor replace with screen so the eggs can fall down into the worm box but the beetles cannot. This is helpful because you don't have to keep moving your beetles to a new cage every time eggs start to hatch, but you still have to pull the pupae out by hand there's no getting...
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Either way you choose the basics are pretty much the same. You go to your mealie supplier and grab as many as you want but you should start with no less than 100 if you want to get going in any sort of timely manner. Then you place your worms into the substrate which is also their main food supply. There are lots of choices that work well but I personally just use smashed up cheerios. They will also need a moisture source but they can't just drink water so you have to provide some kind of produce they can munch...
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Awesome thanks my dude you explained it way better than the hicks on YouTube did

My cat Mila will turn a year old next week and I wonder what is the best way to celebrate a birthday party for a cat, any ideas?
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Kill her. She will have 8 more lives.
What's her favorite thing to eat and what kind of play does she enjoy most?

For my cat's birthday a few years back I grew him some wheat grass to munch on and gave him some tissue paper to jump in
Make her wear a stupid party hat, take some pictures, then give her a treat

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What kind of bird is this?
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That's a fine exemplar of the mighty poopfalcons of shitposting
Los Angeles

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no they are optimized WWE/kinky sex machines

pic related is a male wallaby mating with a female wallaby while strangling her, with his joey watching.

some kangaroos, mainly the male ones, are huge and bulky as hell. others are more lean. but the point of that strength isn't to hit things, it's to either jump up and kick things and then strangle them to death.

besides that they're dumb little shits, if you want some entertainment take a train that goes through the bush. the thing...
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Can you tell me about your beautiful coral reefs

it's the same thing as global warming. everyone thinks it's bad if they care about it at all, some people REALLY want everyone to know that WWEEEEEE did it and WWEEEE should feel bad, but in the end nobody actually knows how we can fix it, what else besides our own action contributed to it, and what the ramifications will be.

tl;dr they're dead but we can fix them by ??? and ??? did it so we just ??? ???


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Hey, /an/

What type of cat is this?
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A kitty cat
A Tabby you dumb fuck.
A sleeping cat.

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Okay /an/ I have to rant and get this off my chest somewhere so it will stop bothering me. Feel free to post your own shitty neighbor stories with regards to pets if you gottem.

A few month back my elderly parents, who live in the suburbs, mis-judged the personality of a dog and bit off more than they could handle. My dad rescued an abused 18 month old Redbone hound hoping she'd make a good companion for his couch potato therapy dog. From what he read they're a very pig-headed breed and she's at the most difficult to train age. He adopted her anyway. She...
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He politely complained to my dad several weeks ago about her and my dad took it to heart and started making a larger effort to train her as she didn't seem to be passively getting any better. She's gotten less scared of strangers because of it and lets us drag her in more easily but she's only gotten more vocal. She's a hound so it's a part of the breed but we didn't expect her to be this stubborn. We can't discipline her because she only barks when she's outside and we can't catch her when she's riled up. Plus she pretty much...
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I work weekends and when I came back yesterday he'd taken a weed-whacker to the garden I'd been tending for my mother in the green area by my house, it's on state property so there's nothing legally I can do. This is a middle aged man we're talking about. He doesn't own the house and our neighbor is looking to sell and move out in a few months. So I don't get what he stands to gain my being an asshole to us for our dog being a fucking dog. I will not hesitate to bring the full force of the law and social media down on him, his relationship, and his business out of spite if he decides to cross the line but I'm honestly terrified he might just snap and injure our dogs one afternoon, which would devastate my father, and I don't know what to do about that. I'm being unreasonable with him and trying to play nice but I don't do well with threats.

Okay I feel a lot better after venting.

She's a sweet dog, just mentally scarred, stubborn, and a bit more energetic than is suitable for old people. My dad loves his dogs more than anything so we can't give her up and he hates the idea of using a shock collar on her. What can we do to get this hound to listen and behave? What we're doing works but it takes weeks for even the small change to sink in. I'm not trying to make her a show dog, I just want her to sit down and shut up when she's told.
*I'm not being unreasonable

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Family cat has restricted itself to a small area in the kitchen. Trying to figure out how to get it to go back to the living room and beds.
Basically about 2 months ago, we got fleas. Not sure how. But we got a flea collar for the cat. I would comb twice a day to get the fleas out of its fur and even bought several different flea killing sprays and medicine. But eventually the problem was the fleas started infesting the carpet. My family began trying to kill them off by vacuuming each day, and then began putting various shit in the carpet to kill them. None of our efforts seemed to work. They would always come back within a few days.
Eventually it got to the point the fleas made it difficult for us to use the living room comfortably so our dad just used a bug bomb when we were all gone.

It seemed to have worked. But we noticed that the cat began limiting itself to the surface of tables and counters and now its only on the kitchen counter. I thought it might be doing this to avoid the fleas, but the cat seems to panic if its placed on the carpet. I thought it might be the chemicals from the bomb, but no one has felt any discomfort in the carpet or why it stopped using other counters to lay on. We've vacuumed the carpet several times just in case we had to clean it more for the cat, but havent noticed a change in their behavior.

Im just worried about it. I dont know if its just a trained behavior to avoid the fleas or the poison is somehow hurting it or if it just really likes the kitchen. The cat seems fine and healthy however and isnt acting sick or abnormal aside from this.
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Sorry OP. There's nothing that can be done but to put it down.
Seems like your cat is still smelling/feeling the poison.
Maybe cleaning the floors will take the smell away
Yeah I thought it might be that. I did put on some slippers that were in a room when the bomb went off and felt a burning tingle. Nothing painful but pretty uncomfortable. I figure the cat probably feels this. Just wasn't sure since I can apparently feel this but havent outside that slipper scenario. So I didnt know if the cat felt this too. We tried cleaning the floors several times with no changes in behavior tho.

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tldr; cat accidentally bit my eye really lightly (pain was gone very quickly) but should I be worried about bacteria if I flushed my eye with soap and water within a few minutes?
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Also I tried looking it up but every result was a clickbait news article
Your cat isn't very considerate.

My cat won't even step over the laptop; he will hop over it.

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So my dam is having her pups between today (58 days after getting the good ol knot) and Sunday (65 days), but im seeing her scratching the clothes she's laying on and has been restless for the last 6-8 hours, so im guessing is today. Me being a wonderful owner spent the last two months playing Pokemon Go and Overwatch and havent made a whelping box from some cardboard boxes I got like 2 weeks ago. She has settled in my room for the last month and a half so here are my questions
1) Is it to late to make her whelp on a last minute whelping box on a bathroom next to my...
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Maybe you should call up a vet instead of asking a Taiwanese basket weaving image board if you're clueless about some pretty important shit and your dog may have pups today.
Oh wait
>3rd worlder
Well good luck
thanks senpai
desperate bump

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old memes.jpg
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My roommate got a new cat about a week ago. She's a tabby. Cute, kind of young. My roommate said she has "separation anxiety," so she meows constantly whenever my roommate's out. That's not the problem, her meows are adorable and I'm kind of NEETy so I can take care of her.

Now, I have no particular interest in doing anything objectionable with my roommate's cat, or any animal for that matter, but the cat seems to disagree. Every time I scratch her she starts twisting around until my hand's on her rear. One time I accidentally touched...
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Post a pic of ur dick with a timestamp and I will give you an answer
Has your roommate had her spayed? If not, ask them to have her spayed. Make up whatever excuse you want. Do research about cats in heat and why people choose to spay their cats.

If she's been spayed then this is entirely in your imagination and she probably just wants you to scratch her butt or something. Even if she's intact that's probably still what's going on, but having her fixed will give you peace of mind and let you ignore it.

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My puppy is now 6 months old and he's cryptorchid. Both of his testicles haven't descended. Anyone have any experience with this in their dogs?
People say to wait and give them a chance to drop, but it's 6 months already, and the chance of cancer goes up astronomically if they're left up there.
Anyone had to deal with this and what was the cost like for the procedure to get him neutered?
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it costs a little more to get him neutered, but not a whole lot. Definitely worth your dog's health, you really shouldn't kept waiting.
did you try massaging them?
What type of dog you got OP? If he's a large breed, ask the vet about options to get them dropped and try to wait till his bones are done growing before neutering. Course, you'll have to be more vigilant with him to make sure he doesn't run off to breed, but the hormones are beneficial if you can afford to do that.

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My 4 year old female cat got a UTI. I have fed her high quality wet food and raw food (rad cat). Plus running, filtered water. All my cats have thrived on this. They get regular check ups. I did everything right. But she still got a UTI.

Of course the vet prescribed Royal Canin Urinary SO. The vet told me she understood my concern about the poor ingredients but to please try it. I avoided it and fed my cat her usual diet and gave her the amoxicillin as directed. She didn't improve.

So i got more amoxicillin from the vet after i promised I'd try Royal...
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probably because the whole raw pet food craze is the equivalent to telling white hippies that agave syrup is better for them than corn syrup
I thought i knew best but that's what i get for believing crazy cat ladies on the internet.
there's something called dl-methionine in the royal canin formula. it brings the pH of the cat's urine down. it's also high in salt so the cat drinks more. just buy the supplement and add it to the cat food instead of buying that trash. you can pick up pH test strips and test the cat's urine to make sure it stays low.

Are lovebirds to tokay geckos of the bird world?
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sort of. they aren't as expensive and there aren't as many morphs as gecko ones. plus geckos can't fly to unreachable places
Are they aggressive and cost 15 bucks because people routinely return them to pet store because they weren't prepared? That's tokay geckos. Gorgeous gecko species and reptile shops will often give them to you for practically nothing in hopes that you know your shit and will actually keep the gecko.
A lot of people think lovebirds will tolerate other parrot species but a lot of them don't and will attack them.

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I just redid my fish tank any thoughts/opinions. Show off your tanks as well
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the tank looks basic and orderly. hard to eff up but hardly anything to be enthusiastic about. the colors are drab and the driftwood is a bit...well...ugly.

you seem to have more than one tank on display, so maybe this tank is the 'intro tank' to the good one?

I'd put a bubble thing in there so the fish get a sense of depth.

Yes i do have more
They look good but a bit empty. The first one could use a bigger piece of driftwood and the second one some taller plants maybe.

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Can you tell me if my puppy is a purebred German Shepherd or not? will he look like one as an adult?
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If he doesn't have papers then he's a mutt.
And by the looks of it no he won't look like a pure German Shepherd.
Does he have papers showing his lineage? Otherwise, no, he could be mixed. But he will probably look similar to a german shepherd.
Don't know but its cute af bro.

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Hypothetical question: How easy would it be to create a Herrenvolke of a Leopard Geckos? We could learn a thing or two about genetics.

If you put 2 males together and they fight to the death, the strongest male who has won gets to breed with all the females. Would the off-spring be strong as well?
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The correct term would be Herrenvolk, but the Nazis used the term 'Herrenrasse'=Master Race more frequently.

In terms of your actual question: Selective Breeding, just as with dogs.
come back in a year and show us your swole gecko
Nah, you'd have to make like a fighting arena with hundreds of them.

If you let two retards fights each other and let a retard breed, you'll just get a slightly less retarded retard.

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What dog breed is this?
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Akita. Can't tell if it's Japanese or American variety though, I'm not super familiar with the breed.
american akito

I want to get another dog preferably male. Always have a female Labrador. However I'm worried they'll hump and make messes or get gross. Provided both are neutered or spayed does this occur often? I'd be getting a dog at least 3 years old.
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Already have a female Labrador
Do you not understand what spaying and neutering are?
A Website says they can still ejaculate after being neutered.

U saying he probably won't get aroused tho? That's all that matters.

I recently got a new kitten. However, it's making my allergies go nutty. I've heard somewhere that being around the animal all the time will eventually help suppress the allergies. Is this at all accurate or an old wives tale?
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Different animal but I used to be allergic to my guinea pigs. Whenever I cleaned their cage I wouldn't be able to stop sneezing and my eyes would get painfully watery and itchy. Now whenever I clean their cage I only sneeze a few times so I would say that contact does help your allergies become less severe.
Cat allergies can be cured pretty easily, ask your doctor
It can happen but it may not be true for every individual case. I too am allergic and got a cat. Spending time with her and regularly washing my hands and brushing her fur (preferably not in your room) did help me get used to her. Other cats still triggered my allergy but she rarely. It's certainly worth a try but should this method not work for you, you can still ask your doctor for a solution.

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My dog injured herself climbing the stairs and according to the vet she has a herniated disc. The estimate I got for the surgery is $8000 MRI included but the problem is I can't pay for that at the moment. Is there some service you guys know of that would give me a loan for my dogs surgery?
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Some vets offer payment plans. Call around to your local vets and see if any offer it. If not, get a credit card you can pay off bit by bit
How many new dogs can you buy with $8,000?
Tell your dog to get a job so she can cover her own damn medical bills.

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i there a bigger indicator of ghetto trash than owning a dog with cropped ears?

i wouldn't adopt one even if it were otherwise the greatest dog on earth because of this
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It depends. A few of the dogs I've gotten from shelters were cropped, but the dogs were wonderful dogs.

It provides a good opportunity to tell curious people about how important a dog's ears are for communication and why they should be left intact.
i hate talking to people so that's not a motivator
I'm conflicted, because usually I think cropped ears looks like ass. But there are some breeds that are so iconic and known for looking a certain way with cropped ears that it's weird seeing them without, like Dobermans and Great Danes.

One of my favorite breeds of all time, and my for sure second dog will be a Beauceron. But they just looks so majestic with their ears cropped, they look dopey with natural ears. I'm really conflicted about whether I should have the ears cropped when I finally...
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Fucking Man.jpg
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Humans are so fucking stupid

> call their erections "boners"
> mfw only primate without bones in their penises

human hate thread go!
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> "Do you even lift brah?"
> mfw
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Muh Pride.jpg
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OP thinks chimps are hot shit

> rips people's faces off
> mfw they don't even eat the faces
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>call themselves civilized, yet destroy eachother over resources and impossible questions
>Praise those best at performing public matingdance, even though they will never get a personal taste of them
>fill the most precious liquid on earth with flavors because it's too dull
>roll around with windows down and the loudest music on to show random strangers you're never going to meet again how much you like the music which at this point is nothing but...
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ITT: Things we used to believe about animals as kids
>an elephant's nose and mouth is the trunk. it sucks up food through it like a shop vac to eat.
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>Elephants tend to take a shit in their foraging grounds just like Americans do in the mart

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r8 dogger
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Literal shit rat/10
File: IMAG0793.jpg (1 MB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2688x1520
Bit rude tb h
>baring teeth
Typical small dog owner who thinks their rat's aggression is "cute".

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Animal rights zealots are trying to shut down pic related in Central Park in NYC because they claim it's inhumane.

They're also conveniently shilling for them to be replaced by electric car tours.

What does /an/ think? Genuine concern for the horses or a cynical attempt to replace one industry with another? No one is going to get into an Model T electric car replica if they can get into a quaint charming horse wagon.
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yes, stop the tours, shoot the horses, and feel better about yourself!
I see those horses by the park. They really are not well taken care of. Mostly it's Hoof problems I think, and then they have trouble walking. But their entire lives are walking and they are walking on pavement. Out of the two dozen I'll see there at a time, usually all but a few will be favoring a foot, and they have a weird gait because of it but since they are pulling a wagon, you don't see it as much. they are fat so no one cares about the shoe neglect.

I think the problem is they are hiring...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Christ, people are retarded ... Those horses are probably some of the best treated horses in the world. They don't spend all day in a stall. They get out, see the world, get love and attention from thousands of people. These horses are living the life that all other 4-legged pets would envy.

Who are these assholes that think they're not happy? I bet the horses would like to put a hoof in their face.

also LOL at the idea that someone is going to pay money for a ride in the backseat of a compact...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Frogs are cute.

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Maybe some, but not the one you posted.
File: frog_abc.jpg (80 KB, 940x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1478840058319.jpg (76 KB, 620x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 620x423

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3 of my basset puppies died, i had them for 9months die. I got them to have a pet when my 12 yo blood hound dies. They passed a month ago and im still having trouble coping with it. anyone been in similar situation
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all 3? goddamn. you'll be having nightmares of it. to cope. hmm. get new ones? or one that needs a home.
I'm reay sorry to hear that. As the other anon suggests, I'd get a new one that needs to be cared.
Don't get a new one when you couldn't even vaccinate the old ones.

So my dad ran over our dog just now. One on the left. Don't know if it went immediately. In a hypothetical situation where it's lower half gets crushed, what's the best way to put it out of its misery?
I'm thinking pocket knife to the head but I don't know if it'll get through the skull. Should you just try and break its neck?
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How do you guys deal with dead pets? Obviously no one expects them to live forever. I think I'd be fine with a peaceful death. What if it isn't though?
Gun to head, or take to vet to be euthanized.
Yeah I was thinking gun. Don't have one though

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