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Are GloFish Tacky?
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Is rainbow coloured substrate tacky?

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I kinda like the blue glofish Danios, something about the color comes off as not too tacky and still attractive. Doesn't even glow vividly under the light

Otherwise the rest look like fucking highlighters and the poor mans way of having colorful reef fish

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Pug Thread
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>Genetic abomination thread?

>Genetic abomination thread.
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Heres my little pugger. hes 7 weeks old here

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The Great Barrier Reef is dead.

Well done.
You cunts dont give a shit about global warming do you? You have the power to reduce your carbon footprint and you still do nothing. Do some research on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Fuck you selfish humans.
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- posted from an electricity powered computer, located in a electricity/gas powered house.
I like you less than Mudkipz, but you're not an awful poster, you're just mediocre.

I like you in the plant threads though, that's where you shine.
Go complain to the chinese.
See how much they care about your whining.

Bears are the best
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Dats ghey
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Anyone here like taxidermy or collecting animal parts like bones and hides?

Ive been trying it out on animals ive hunted like rabbits, and tried it on my pet mouse when he passed away.

It feels quite satisfying preserving an animal in an aesthetic way like this.

Only problem is that it can be very smelly, messy and challenging.

What are your thoughts on or experience with taxidermy?
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What are you having issues with on smell?
During or afterwards?
I believe hydrogen peroxide and/or bleach will help with that, although it bleaches the bones also.

I only tan hides myself.
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During the process the smell can be less than desirable. Some animal meat and fat just smells gross to me. It gets particularly bad if the meat is starting to rot.
How does one go about preserving an animal through taxidermy? And is the process any different for a creature of human size?

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>The Cat Ripper of Croydon is thought to have killed more than 50 cats beginning in 2014 in Croydon, but since spreading across and around London. Further killings were recorded in April 2016, and 10 killings had been confirmed by police as linked.
>Casualties: Possibly over 150 dead cats
Alright, which one of you outdoor cat haters here is responsible for this?
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There was a canadian goose killer by my town a few years back. Would just snap their necks I guess, leave them where they were. Very odd. He lasted all spring and summer, no one really cared enough to catch him.

There was also a beagle catcher, who tried to steal only beagles but sucked at dog IDing and got a bunch of pointers and foxhounds and bassets and labs and shit. Got 16 beagles/mixes alone. Anyway, he'd beat the shit out of them and dump them on the side of the road. He got caught on accident desu. Totally retarded redneck. Threw the trash bags out of his...
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Good thing those cats didn't have anyone that cared about them anyway. If they were being cared for they wouldn't have had the opportunity to be abducted and killed.
That's not a good thing, it's still terrible they got killed by a sadistic creep.
>inb4 outdoor cat meme - London is a complete deadzone in terms of wildlife (among other things)

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Can we all agree that veganism is a mental illness and those that actually care about the environment should distance themselves from them as far as possible?
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got a cardiary infraction myself while reading this
This shit can´t be serious, right?
Is vegetarianism okay? I think veganism is retarded but I have no problem with vegetarians.
After reading her post I almost believe it's satire. But I don't think it is.

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And is that berry poison?
potentilla indica
Ah thanks.

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Can't wait.
I hope it's not going to be as meme as part 1.
Oh shieeeet <3

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File: i herd u liek.png (83 KB, 1076x1235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i herd u liek.png
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>Dead meme
The fuck is wrong with that thing?

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Holy shit /an/ I just pulled four fucking ticks off one of my cats.

I removed one off him two days ago but today I found four of the fuckers on the back of his neck!

I sterilized the tweezers with alcohol and clean the affected areas with hydrogen peroxide but I think there are still some tick heads under his skin.

I don't want him to get an infection or disease. What do?
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You gotta buy medication to kill all the eggs the same way you would do with fleas twizing will do jack shit also consider buying pesticide for your yard to kill whatever tick colony lives there or keep them away.
keep your cat inside
>implying cats can ever be happy when kept indoors permanently

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I want to get a dog to stop my girlfriend from wanting a kid. What is the best breed known to man!
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You already posted it. Border Collies are based as fuck.
Are they expensive or hard to find?
If your gf wants a kid then a dog stop it. Most likely you will get a dog, them have a kid, and then you won't have time for the dog because kid.

If you don't want kids ever then dont date someone who wants them. You won't win this. Don't underestimate the paternal instincts. Even years later, they will blame you for not having a kid for them sooner and it will be a now or never thing. She wants kids. Give her one or find someone else, unless you do want them and just want to hold off. If it's never then gtfo.

>if you can't be bothered to adopt, foster, sponsor, volunteer or donate then just bully people on Twitter until they do it for you
Why is it always the most toxic people the ones who take part in animal related causes?
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Because it's like poloticians kissing babies. It makes them see less vile.
It does the exact opposite tho
I'm thinking of fostering for a bit because I don't want to commit to taking care of a dog for ten years but could use the company for a while, how does it work? Do they dump the dog on me and assume I adopted him making it hell on earth to return it?
Eventually if I get a dog I want it from (grasp oh no) a breeder because I want a great strong dog from some award winning breeder like the one I had as a kid anyways
But remember people who are using twitter to control people are shit people who know dumb shit people following them will do what they say. Their followers might not know that they're being bullied but will believe they're doing their leaders good across the country. Just like spreading awareness for ALS by throwing cold water on them without actually donating. It just looks that you're doing good but you're still an asshole.

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Post shit-tier dog breeds and talk about why you hate them and their flaws.

Pitbulls, They're the shittiest breed i've ever seen in my life. They're violent, vicious and dangerous little shits who were bred to fight but idiots still own them as pets.
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I agree.
The only thing worse than Shit Bulls are their retarded insecure owners.
I love memes. Though realistically my choice is GSD, possibly also high mixes of GSDs.
Are Caucasian Shepherds shit tier dogs?
Or are their owners usually retarded? Literally 90% of their videos in youtube are LOOK AT THIS BIG DOG FIGHTING SOMETHING

One thing I don't understand about evolution is the middle phase (until present-day). I find myself wondering a lot about flight. I understand that perhaps, before they were capable of flight, bats could have used their hands to glide like many animals do. But at one point in time, when the mutation first-appeared.. It must have been absolutely useless, right?

So one or a few bats randomly appear with webbed fingers. Was it just an incredible amount of luck or did this extremely insignificant webbing brought enough benefit to the animal to escape death and give...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bumping, I'm legitimately curious.
I believe one theory involves a lack of rugged terrain and possible aquatic adaptations. I know that rugged terrain generally reduces webbing as seen in some Hawaiian geese that live on lava fields, but I guess trees or whatever environment bats evolved in didn't create the same limitation. At that point, it was possible that the skin either stretched far enough to slow descent, or it was useful enough to escape in the water below the canopy.
they likely jumped from branch to branch and even small webbing would help with that.

they may have also caught flying insects with their hands like some modern bats do, and again any webbing would help.

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How is there no ferret thread? Let's change that, show me your fetters and /or cages/play area!
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This are mine. This one's name is Sirius
And this one's Luna

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So i finally got my tank but right now is bare as fuck i need some plants any recomendations of easy to care non carpet aquarium plants? I dont really like java ferns too much but i know they are sturdy as fuck the thing is that i am bad with plants i even killed a cactus once....

You can recommend your fave too!

(Am planning to let them grow in some driftwood as well dont know if that will help with recommendations)
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Are you planning on putting substrate in the tank or only growing plants free floating or attached to driftwood?
Aponogetons are easy and grow to the top usually. Can buy them in bulb form. They also flower. Cryptocorynes are also nice. Tie or glue some Anubias on driftwood. Not too many plants that can be grown on driftwood.
File: images (40).jpg (24 KB, 512x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (40).jpg
24 KB, 512x288
Driftwood am moving next year so i cant put a lot of stuff making the tank too heavy and risk breaking last my last tank plus i like d driftwood look i want my tank looking sort of like this photo

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What's the best dry cat food for my kitties?

Reading reviews online makes it seem like any brand you pick will have them dead within a week so I don't know what to think.
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Dry catfood is fine as long as you soak it in some antifreeze. It makes it more nutritious for them and it hydrates them as well.
you should really look into feeding wet food- it's way better for cats! they need the moisture.

my favorite brands of dry are earthborn holistic and taste of the wild. orijen and acana are considered the best brands, but I think they are retardedly expensive.
are they outdoor cats?

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Anyone know much about the logistics of finding apartments that accept small parrots/birds?

I moved out of my parents house for college in a small town and couldn't find any apartment that would accept even any pets so my parents agreed to keep my 2 conures while I was in college. Now next summer I'm going to be moving to a pretty large city so I should have an easier time finding places that are pet friendly.

But I'm just casually looking at places online and if I put a filter for "allows cats and dogs" it reduces the listings by like...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ask, you can't go wrong.
Just find places that you like and ask. I learned that most places just mean no dogs and cats when they say no pets. My current place said "no pets" but they are fine with my two cockatiels.
I rent and have two budgies but i live in the UK. Generally pets that can cause property damage arent accepted for obvious reasons but that seems to apply only for cats and dogs. Caged animals arent really a problem. Noise might be an issue however.

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You have 2 seconds to prove that dogs are not emotionally on the exactly same level as humans.

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Please don't try to bait ever again
Dog facial expressions mean fuck all except "when I did this, my owner liked it".
What you don't know is the pug's eyeball popped out after that photo, and after the 10th $500 vet bill that year, the owner finally just gave both of the abominations to a shelter to cut their losses.

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In 2010, small animal rescues in Southern California began receiving phone calls from animal shelters reporting extra large, “wild” guinea pigs. Many of the shelters did not normally contact rescues; yet the guinea pigs were so difficult to handle that shelters deemed them unadoptable. Rescues were puzzled at first, until a San Diego veterinarian posted photos on Facebook of a large, polydactyl guinea pig that resembled those found in the shelters. These guinea pigs came from a local Petco store. When asked about the guinea pigs, Petco queried their supplier and replied that “. . . these are a new type of guinea pig that they are testing. They were excited to hear that people noticed and liked them.”
Always red, red and white or white in color (It is not acceptable to eat dark colored Cuys in Peru);
May have Polydactyly, a mutation caused by inbreeding that results in extra toes;
Weighing between four and eight pounds when full grown (average guinea pigs weigh about two pounds);
Larger features, such as wider ears and huge feet.
Most of these Guinea pigs are feral and difficult to tame, especially if they have reached adulthood without much handling. They also possess superior jumping skills, and cannot be kept in an uncovered cage.
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God damn Petco is such fucking shit. For those who aren't aware, they are buying the feeder guinea pigs because they are cheaper than the pet ones, and customers were simply not dissuaded by them immediately. Whatever they can manage to squeeze a few more bucks
I've got one of the normal breeder ones and it does all of the dumb shit without the extra limbs

File: Cryptid5.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy is running around my yard. No one near here owns birds. Do I own it now? Capture? Random Saturday Night Chicken Full Moon invasion.
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I guess ask it to fuck your wife.
You aint got a hair on yer ass if you dont claim yer right to Castle Law.
Give him some snacks. I don't know what chickens eat but I'm guessing worms or corn? I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

File: 20161015_142717.jpg (346 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So what species of worm is this little nigglet?
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>also OP

I never see bugs or any strange creatures in my house because my dogs eat them.

Seeing this little shit made me curious as to "can it kill me or poisin me?"

that looks like some kind of insect larvae, not a worm
Brown recluse.
Better burn down the house to be safe.

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What kind of catter is this?
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A big one.
A cold country phenotype.
i'm not morbid, i'm just forgetful!

File: 1458164876051.jpg (74 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wanted to ask. What the hell happened with cats in the last 5 years?

Their meowing doesn't sound like an animal anymore, it sounds more like a human baby in distress. Their meowing started sounding fake as hell, it's the same sound a human could easily mimick.

What's going on?
6 replies and 1 images submitted. Click here to view.
It's nothing new. Meowing as adults isn't natural to wildcats, it's only domesticated cats that do it anyway and it probably is because high-pitched, distressed sounds get our attention and remind us of babies.

It's very unlikely there have been changes even localised to cats in your area in the last five years - evolution just doesn't happen that fast, and it would have to be some unbelievably massive pressure to wipe out all cats that don't meow in a very particular way.
the toxoplasmosis took a toll on your brain.
It's probably you, are you closer to child rearing age than you were 5 years ago? It's probably your brain making you more receptive to caring for kids

Do turtles and tortoises make good pets?
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Probably not if you have small kids, as most turtles/tortoises carry Salmonella. However if you yourself can be diligent about hand washing after handling it and have the time, space, and finances (including vet bills) for proper care, I don't see why not.
Only if your kids and their kids want to care for it when it outlives you.

They can be entertaining, too.
they are cute and chill.

be careful of wild animal attacks if you have one of the larger outdoor ones though.

someone once posted a pic of his giant tortoise with bite marks and scratches all over his shell from an apparent possum/raccoon/something attack.

which I thought was just plain bizarre - why the fuck would they mess with an animal well over 5 times its size?

Are fungi's an animal ot a plant I can't see their true gender please enlighten me /an/

Pic unrelated
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They are neither, but have more in common with animals taxonomically. The way we interact with them is somewhat the same as we do with plants.
>more in common with animals
Vileplume, however, is a Rafflesia, which is a plant.

Terrible pic choice.

File: zebrafinch3.jpg (69 KB, 768x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello anons of /an/, I'm in need of a bit of help.

My sister is thinking of purchasing two zebra finches. She has also considered getting a diamond dove.

Would you be willing to lend me some knowledge on these birds? I'd prefer advice from people who have owned these birds or have had some experience with them.

She's doing her own research, but I'm curious as to what you guys have to say about them.
11 replies and 3 images submitted. Click here to view.
B- Bump...
here's your advice: dont own birds you fucker.
Finches are hands off kind of pets. If she just wants some pretty birds to look at, they're ideal. But it would be better to get a small group than just a pair, they're pretty social.

File: image.jpg (41 KB, 254x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright I'll give you the short version
>take dog to vet to be neutered
>simple thing no worries
>get a phone call the next day from the vet office that there was an issue
>they let a vet in training do the procedure unsupervised
>she cut his dick off

I mean, I don't gotta worry about him getting any dogs pregnant, but should I be taking a legal route with this? Needless to say I'm not happy with the service
12 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.
She probably was a fifth wave trans-interqueer feminist and just got treiggered when she saw his dick. Xe should be taking legal action against your dog if you ask me.
At a minimum, I would lodge a complaint against her plus the clinic with your state's vetinary board.

I think legal action is not unreasonable as well.
How can you accidentally cut a dogs dick off?? Pics or it didn't happen OP..

File: 11259_001_xl.jpg (9 KB, 408x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rawhide. Safe or fatal choking hazard? I give them to my dog about every other day to keep him from chewing up my furniture. Raw bones he doesn't touch after hes gnawed the meat off and plastic/indestructible bones get torn up and swallowed which I assume is even worse than the rawhide because at least its somewhat digestible. I'm getting concerned though because sometimes he chews it too fast and I hear his stomach gurgling like hell to digest it. No visible signs of danger yet, good health, normal poo's. Its the "what if" that Im afraid of.
6 replies and 1 images submitted. Click here to view.
Rawhide is good in moderation, but if you're worried, there are some digestible rawhides that you can give your dog.
Bully sticks are completely digestible. Poultry feet work well too, but might be too small for you.

And god damn expensive too. Bully sticks that is. My dog goes through a 12 inch 8 dollar bully stick in about 5 minutes

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