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Hi /an/, need help

today my 6 year old staffordshire passed out at the beach while walking her. I didn't see her pass out as she was a fair way behind me with a stick.
I thought she was just lying down and called her, she kept laying down. Ran up to her and her tongue was hanging out, no pulse, not breathing.
Cleared her throat (bits of bark and stick in there) and picked her up then started running to the surf club, thinking she was dead while screaming for help.

halfway back she opens an eye slowly, then the other, looks at me blankly for a minute...
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Take her to a vet?

She probably was asphyxiating on wood? As cool of a meme it is to find random pieces of wood lying around and get a natures toy for your dog. You have to accept that they can break and carry fungi or other harmful things.
Get them to a vet as soon as you can and have them checked out, it could be a heart problem. Also, dogs can have cpr performed on them for much longer than humans, something like half an hour.

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What do you do when an animal's been killed by a car? I was visiting some family today, and when I was leaving, I noticed there was a lump on the road that hadn't been there a few hours ago. I was pretty sure it was a dead cat. So about a mile down the road, I decided to turn around, get out of my car, and pick it's body off the road with a grocery bag I had lying around. I left it sitting on the ground next to the sidewalk. It was pretty late at night, but should I have left a message at my local animal control center about it? It didn't seem right to just...
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It doesn't matter unless it's not actually dead, or is something large enough to be a hazard to vehicles.
You are better off leaving it in the road for the scavengers or other carrion animals to deal with it. You just left it in a bag by the road? Why did you even fuck with it to begin with you silly faggot?
>leave it on the road so more animals get hit trying to eat it

Moving it off the road is fine and should be encouraged, honestly.
Putting it in a bag is weird though. Now people will think someone is killing cats and dumping them.

File: made_you_a_gift_540.jpg (80 KB, 400x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a cat (1.5 yrs) a kitten (10 months) and my roommate has a dog (1.5 yrs)

My cat is getting the shit end of the stick in this situation. The kitten feels entitled to all of the food in the cat bowls. I hear they eat a lot as babies but this is ridiculous. The kitten is getting fatter while my cat slowly starves.

At the same time, the dog wont let the cat leave my room. So he's sad and sometimes cries when im not there. My roommate tells him to shut up instead of comforting him.

I got the kitten to keep the cat company, but he just plays with the dog and as i mentioned before, eats all of the food.

I'm moving soon to give me and my cats some much needed space. until then what can i do to help my cat be comfortable?
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Just feed your own cat separately, you gigantic dumbass.
>see more crazy pictures and video at owned.com

What an absolute mad man
They have two separate bowls in separate rooms dick for face.

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What are these and is there anyway to get rid of them for good? They've grown back twice in the same spot.
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why would you want to get rid of them
You've really only scraped off the tip of the iceberg. Gotta go after the mycelium.
Not my yard, my mom finds them ugly and wants them gone.
I always think I get it all, but they grow back. Guess I'll just be more thorough this time.

File: spiddder.jpg (50 KB, 640x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looking to buy myself a Goliath bird eater, had a chile rose when i was younger. Can anyone advise me on how these are temperement wise, how hard are they to keep/handle etc

Pic related.
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they're expensive, hard to find, and if you find them they're mostly wildcaught.

and wildcaught swamp spiders are the hardest to keep in the hobby and you'll end up killing them.

so stick to Grammostolas buddy.

i know what you mean about hard to find, in the UK the only place i can get them says every 6 months they get one or two in if they're lucky.
yeah, those are all wildcaught, probably already dying when they arrive in the store due to internal parasites and the majority of wildcaughts are adult males that don't have much time left anyway.

you'll end up with a dead spider.

even if you get captive bred Theraphosa species they're still tricky to keep.

you can order them online on bugzuk, I've used that site before, they have a pretty neat collection and the prices are good.

File: 20151117_184628.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is my cat her name is mako. Se get Lost today. Fuck life. Se Was like a month old
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How do you let a 1 month old cat go outside come on.
I Just put her food in the backyard like always and se go away. I know im a dick i should prevent that

So, she was an outside cat to start with?
Dude, don't even replace her.

File: 20151227_214409.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I found this bug and dont know what species is
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Leafhopper, they're thousands of kinds, NEXT!
it's a stink bug.
>mfw /an/ can't tell a stinkbug from a leafhopper

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Apple for Christmas https://youtu.be/Xt9rtPpTGVE
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You will never love any toy as much as that 'pine loves that apple.

Also, a porcupine and a capybara? Did this person shoot a bottle rocket up his nose when he was a kid?
File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 202x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (1).jpg
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>Not having the smell glands removed from your animal before adoption
I suppose anon leaves the claws on as well, fucking degenerate

File: this was your fault.jpg (37 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this was your fault.jpg
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Have any of your pets been killed by your family?
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I dumped my ex boyfriend because he killed my cat. I never forgave that piece of shit
My mother killed all my scaleless fish with the fish "medicine", then she said that it's my fault the fish died.
One of my pet chickens had a prolaps and I had to put her down.
She went quick and I butchered her, but I gave the meat away.

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I'm thinking about getting a second cockatiel, but his cage wouldn't be good be a good size for two birds. Would This cage be okay for two cockatiels? If not, what size would you recommend? any help is majorly appreciated, thanks!
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I forgot to post the link like a dumb shit, here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bird-Cage-Parrot-Aviary-Black-Wheel-Stand-Ladder-Perches-Large-170cm-/351062573884?tfrom=390467213857&tpos=top&ttype=price&talgo=undefined
I would reccomend getting two birds. 9 -5 is 8 hours alone every day.
I have just one cockatiel but i am home all day so hes not lonely. He gets pissed off if hes left alone for more thsn an hour if im out shopping.
The cage looks fine, mine is smaller but he is out of the cage most of the time. I think its very important to have atleast one room that your bitd can roam in.
I dont agree with wing clipping, just be very careful when your bird is out the cage. But mine will always eventually go back in, especially if i put his food back in.
Mine was an adoption so...
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Fuck. I thought this was the other tiel thread, sorry

File: campbells-russian-hamster.jpg (19 KB, 400x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /an/,

Went out today and bought a Campbell's Dwarf Hamster (aka Russian Dwarf Hamster).

The little guy seems tame as anything, he's only young(ish) and was bought from a commercial pet store.

I've read online that you should be quiet and leave the guy alone for a day until he settles in, but from the word go he was running around his cage, peering out at us, really doesn't seem timid or shy at all.

My big worry is him getting wet tail or something if we handle him too soon, a few members of the family are just peering and watching,...
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Just give him a couple hours, he'll most likely be fine if he isn't too stressed out. Pet store hamster temperaments vary so greatly that you really don't know how they're gonna react.
Can I ask what you're keeping him in and what size wheel he has? Just checking, since maybe only 10-20% of hamsters are in appropriately sized cages.
It's a two storey plastic tank/ cage combo (50/50 transparent plastic and metal grill), total floor (ground and first floors) space I'd say is about 3-4 sq. ft. (4000 cm sq.) which I've read should be enough?

The wheel is around 15cm diameter (6"), by the looks of it he can run just fine without arching his back any.

At the minute he's just sleeping and occasionally rooting around finding more paper for his nest and drinking water, he seems pretty content, fed him a little bit...
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Yep, that's more than enough. Good job OP. Just give him a few hours; he sounds like he'll be fine if you handle him then. If you're still concerned about it, maybe let him crawl into his hand on your own if he's willing.

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Hello Everyone, I'm looking for some pictures of insect / animals mixed with technology / music
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it's brand new and made for you.

File: 1431191031894.jpg (339 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, this may be a bit of /adv/ but it's mostly pet related.

My dog is sick with a serious virus, and my girlfriend and myself have been doing everything we can, but it seems some days he does better, then suddenly decays a bit more. I know the time is coming, but my girlfriend wants to continue finding new medication to help him, he's got progressive paralysis on all 4 legs and obviously cannot stand up.

He is able to drink and eat just fine and everything other than that, the real problem I am facing is that I am afraid to make a decision because...
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What was your dog diagnosed with?
How long have you been treating him?

Distemper, it'll be 2 months of different treatments on November 11th.

We did go through a wrong initial treatment because the vet what incredibly fucking retarded, though. But we've been on the right track for about 3 weeks.
Why wasn't your dog vaccinated?

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I Do Believe.jpg
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If evolution worked a certain way over millions of years, would we get dragons?
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We basically got wingless dragons once.
Dragons wouldn't really be a successful animal. If it was, it'd probably look a lot different and less cool. It would also have to have either HUGE fucking wings or it'd be small.
Yes but it's just a theory. I'm looking at you komodo dragon and monitor lizard
If our planet had different atmosphere composition, or something, it'd also be possible for them to breathe fire.

File: black-cat.jpg (22 KB, 340x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd like a bit of advice /an/.
I have had a cat for about 5 years, who lived pretty well with my dog, and lately he's been acting very strange and aggressive. He was always bothered by people yelling and the like and sometimes even assaulted my mother for yelling, but we could pass that off. What's strange is that lately, he has an odd dynamic with the dog - my brother picked her up, and he immediately meowed as if someone was attacking him, and assaulted my brother. It's been small incidents like that, about one a week, and about an hour ago it happened...
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Sounds like your cat is protective of your dog.
But in a very odd and aggressive way - when the dog vomited I was just looking at her, and he constantly bothers the dog too, going over to her, sniffing her and then biting for no reason. She never fights back but is clearly uncomfortable and always tries to get away from him when he's like that.
Well it seems like your cat recently took shlong up his butt. Maybe the cat is having an anal fissure. Or maybe it's just a faggot

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