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Opinion on cloning?

Will we ever see extinct species like woolly mammoth return?
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yeah sure lmao
let me know how it goes trying to get complete dna from fossils
Except actual mammoth bones and teeth have been found
They only went extinct like 2000 years ago
Bring back tasmanian tigers please and then let us domesticate them.

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What is it called when dogs do this thing?
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It is becoming a drilldoge, destroyer of cunts.

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I'm going through a pretty depressing moment right now. Two babies were rejected by my diamond finches and I caught them trying to kill them. I had to sacrifice one of them because it had a very serious wound that he was not going to survive And now I have one baby left. I've set up a clean cotton nest with a heat source but I have no idea how to feed him. Please help me, /an/, google doesn't help
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For right now it probably couldn't hurt to give him generic baby bird food like pic related. How old is the little guy?
Also for the future, I was told by a finch keeper to raise Society finches alongside any other finches you're breeding because Societies will raise any rejected babies of another species as their own. Now I don't know how true that is as I haven't bred finches of my own yet, but hopefully another finch breeder can say for sure.
give him your nippy
I've given him oatmeal with water (dusted, of course) and he seems to be eating now, I'll buy this once the stores open. Also I can't put this little guy with anyone other than their parents, who have rejected these 2 and 2 other eggs that were yet to hatch (they layed 4), even if I made sure not to intervene with the nests as to not disturb the parents. Thank you for your advice.
Also, little correction, they're not diamond finches, they're zebra finches, they're just called diamonds...
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Who /fish/ here? Freshwater and/or saltwater. Best hobby ever. Where I fish regularly is freshwater. We go saltwater fishing about 2 times a year.

Redfish, bass, catfish, and the occasional snapper are what we usually catch most of the time.
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I rarely go fresh water fishing but catch catfish bass sun perch, Go deep sea fishing as many times as I can and catch tuna, swordfish grouper sailfish and shark.
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I love jetty fishing in the coast. I caught pic related earlier this year. I can't wait til it gets warm again.
What does swordfish taste like? Do you have to prepare it a certain way. Asking because I know sharks are ammoniated and have to drain and be thoroughly cleaned. Do they have a similar issue? >>2022108
Me either man. I love fishing when it's warmer. I'm in Houston. We usually go to lake Livingston or Galveston to fish on the weekends.

Anyone here catch alligator?

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Share pics of bugs,
General insect thread.
Extra points if HD or close up.
This ones a random fly looking thing from my garden. Central New Zealand
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A friend has been posting photos all day of fish tanks from Meijer (local Michigan grocery store), claiming she will never shop there again as this is animal cruelty. Is she right?
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Sort of.
I mean things look okayish there, but a grocery store shouldn't be selling live fucking animals.

I mean look at that fish on the far right. This is a picture of an adult. Who the fuck is going to have a tank for something like that who is buying fish at a grocery store?

This probably isn't what they even meant but it's completely ridiculous normal pet stores sell these guys and pacu.
That's a reason for the store not to sell pangasius catfish (which shouldn't be sold as pets in general). As long as they have staff that knows what's up, there's nothing keeping a grocery store from doing just as good a job at keeping fish as a dedicated LFS.

>if you say you're going to eat the fish, do they still charge you sales tax?
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Think about how many of those fish would live in the wild. Think about how many of those fish would ever get the opportunity to get to be some little child's first ever pet and to be loved and cared for.

Yes, some of them do die, yes the store employees aren't fast at cleaning out the tank when one of them dies, and yes it is heartbreaking.

For the most part, when I go to my local Meijer they do a fairly good job with the fish section (yes there are some dead fish from time to time when I'm...
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Is pet insurance worth getting?

My 15 year old beagle just had to be put down today and my parents just spent like $750 2 weeks ago on lab work and some medication/shots because he had a setback with his back and suddenly yesterday went into organ failure

He had a few major vet issues over his years. He had the thing a few weeks ago, his spleen removed a year and a half ago, and a similar back issue 3-4 years back. Luckily, my parents are well off so they were able to afford these surgeries.

I'm just curious if this is actually worth getting for your...
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Unless the animal has a chronic issue or is an exotic that needs specific care, it usually isn't worth it
I'm also wondering because it doesn't even seem to cover that much. Probably depends on the company and where you live.
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Depends on the cover, depends on the pet and it depends massively on how much income you have.

As a rule of thumb I quite like owners having it for at least the first two years, as if anything massive is going to crop up (e.g hip dysplasia, elbows, anything that requires long term medication) that's genetic it's likely to crop up in the first few years of life.

After that, it's down to you really. Personally, I put the money we would have spent on insurance in a savings ISA that if...
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Anyone here have experience owning seahorses?

Any advice?
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No, but I heard that you have to be very careful with the decor, since they can easily injure themselves with sharp edges.
Also they can only be kept with slugs or other seahorses.
Yeah I've read the same. I don't plan on getting some anytime soon but I've always liked them and would be interested in owning a herd one day when I have enough time and money
I am a professional aquarist and one of my clients has a seahorse tank, as far as water quality goes they are pretty easy to maintain as far as marine aquariums are concerned, however you need to have minimal water flow (need to under stock the aquarium, so their shit doesn't poison them), "perches" for them to grasp onto, you can only keep other seahorses and pipe fish as anything else will out compete them for food and you need yo be able to culture brine shrimp and mysis shrimp to feed them daily. My advice: hire a pro to maintain them for you or don't...
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Hey /an/

I'm about to move out of the house I share with an acquaintance, he's the landlord, and move into a new place. When I moved in he had a feral cat living outside that he would feed. However, once I moved in he stopped feeding it, and the cat began to get thinner and thinner. Eventually I took pity on it, and began buying food. This guy would occasionally feed the cat with the food that I bought, and when we ran out after about the 3rd time I asked him to get the next package. He refused, and said that he was going out of town and that he is just gonna...
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Plead ignorance, he doesn't give a shit and it's legally no ones cat.

Take it and get it microchipped and round of shots so it doesn't spread any diseases to any other cats that may be around the new place.

Hello /an/.

Since I've started playing with the dog as my companion on Fallout 4, I've been thinking.

How plausible is it to have a dog with you in surviving this kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland (or wilderness in very hostile territory for a real world equivalent)? While dogs are man's best friend, I always assumed that that's mostly when there are more people around. If you're trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland alone, would a dog be a great help or would it actually get in the way by for example running off too far or...
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>is a dog still man's best friend if it's just the two of you trying to survive

yeah pretty much
dogs have been bred to like humans and human attention and ultimately depend upon them
maybe if the dog in question was offspring of several lines of post-apocalyptic strays it might be a different story (like with feral cats) but honestly I think you could "tame" it even then under the right circumstances
People first used dogs in the ice age, the closest real-world equivalent to a Bethesda game. You had to worry about exposure, freezing to death, starvation, dehydration, getting killed by animals, getting killed by people, getting killed by plants (poison).

All that, and people still found a use for domesticated wolves, enough to selectively breed them into dogs.

Ice Age was hardcore, yo. And dogs helped us through it. Post apocalypse would be no different.
Dogs can be trained to not do stupid things.

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FYI: Wolf eels look like the kind of grumpy old man that yells at Christmas carolers.
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When someone insults something you love.
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Post your betta fish here!
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shitty bait fuck off
How is this bait?
Inappropriate housing.

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Dogs you'd like to own but you know you probably shouldn't thread.
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i would love to have a greyhound or whippet. The thing is a dog, any dog, would be a poor pet choice for me. I just don't have the time and energy to do a good job of it.
2nd floor apartment here.

Great Pyrenees, Malamute, Irish wolfhound, Japanese Akita, Leonberger

Giant breeds are love
nice memes m8

Which is the best odor controlling litter out there? I'm having guests coming in to stay and I need the odor control. Money is not a problem.
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Try this I heard it works well. Tidy Cats ordor control. Mulicats
I use Swheat Scoop and it works great. If you scoop daily it doesn't really matter though.
I asked this here before and someone told me to buy Fresh Step Extreme.Tried it out and have never used anything else since.

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Dog General Thread.

Other one is getting full and didn't see a new one of pop up. Ask all your dog related questions here :)
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I rescued new pupper last night. She was quite timid and still is, but has walmed to me pretty decently in a day. I went to bed last night thinking everything was great as she wasn't whining or anything. When I woke up she had got into a bag of treats I left out (shit on my behalf I know) and also thrown her toy around. To be honest that's not too bad, but is there anyway I can further help prevent her getting so bored when she's alone? I'm very active and I walked her for about 3 hours yesterday (most days will be 1 to 2 hours). I caught her at 530 in the...
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I have two dogs, both pound mutts. Great with my daughter and kids in general. Once we got the 2nd dog, the first dog became dog aggressive. We are dog sitting for our neighbor, and tried to introduce them and dog 1 was aggressive. I put dog 2 in his crate and dog 1 was fine with the neighbors dog. So the root of the aggression is being around dog 2. This also manifests when they are in the backyard fence, and other dogs or kids run by and they bark. Dog 1 will bark and snap at dog 2 as they both bark at the kids and dogs running by. What to do?
Why is ACD so popular for Dog General opening post pic?

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