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Presume that animals feel little or no loneliness when wild.

Is it cruel to domesticate animals and then stop treating them as pets, ignoring them most of the day?

What is worse? That an animal feels little loneliness and has a short life, or that it has loneliness granted to it by affection from a human who takes control of its food and water, and then subsequently makes it lonely by not caring for it anything as it once did, spending less time with it?

Isn't it strange that it is human affection, the drive to selflessly cause pleasure to something...
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>the drive to selflessly cause pleasure to something else
I don't know about you anon, but I only own pets because they make me feel good.
The day they stop is the day I give them the boot and find new pets.
Do you also rape babies? Sick fuck. Other life forms aren't your playthings.
I've actually stuck my hand in smaller foot hold traps, it doesn't really hurt. The rat trap I snapped my fingers in left a bruise, but foot-holds don't seem to do shit except, well, hold.

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Quick question about Bird Keepers Lung.
How hard is it to prevent? I plan on keeping a budgie in my 6x10 study, would buying an air filter and cleaning out the feces before I sleep in there give any significant upsides?
Should add that its actually bigger than 6x10 and that's an estimate.
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did you mean bird fanciers lung?
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>google bird keepers lung

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Anon, shit has officially gotten real.

How hyped are you?
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Is it a brown recluse egg?

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Anyone else /fucking terrified of whales/ here?

I literally hate whales, especially these particular orcas. They look like the black and white demon from Avatar: the last airbender season 1. They are huge nightmare predators and I don't understand why humans like them so much, since we're about the same size as large penguins and small seals, which orcas chow down on.

I'm not saying we should do anything to harm these creatures, and in fact I support getting them out of sea world, since I personally can't understand why spectators bring their...
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I have the same fear, anon. Though every person I've ever told has called me an idiot cause whales are gentle creatures.

I have always had terrible nightmares about whales/waves. Though I'm not scared of any other aspect of the ocean and grew up on the coast.

The only rational reason for the fear I think is because I went on a whale-watching tour when I was really young and was petrified the whale would slap the boat with it's tail.

They are just so horrifyingly large...
i used to have nightmares about whales
they're pretty scary, just the big ones though
For some reason, probably mostly due to their large size and and the fact that they are mammals living among fishes, whales have gotten a reputation for being "wise, gentle giants", and this reputation is probably enough by itself to make them popular at zoos.

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My little brother saw two little white worms coming out of my cats anus while it was sleeping.
No money for vet.
Shall we put it down?
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Buy Revolution, weon.
Its going to need a vet, but it's a pretty inexpensive and simple thing. Probably is just pinworms, but nothing involving worms coming out of a cats ass is anything past anti parasite meds so no worries.
Okay, ill do my best to take him to vet, at the very least ill buy that thing ese.

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Why does my dog like to be spanked on his back right at the base of his tail?
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cuz it itch
it's his fetish, stop shaming him for it you asshole
I think it must be more than that. He seems to revel in it daily. He will stand there and let us pat his butt hard for minutes on end.

He also rubs that area under benches and stuff and does a kind of "song and dance" while doing it. Do dogs have some sort of gland there?

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I got a new puppy (black lab) and I was wondering how to train it to be retrieve ducks that I shoot. Any tips or strategies in general?
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Ask your breeder.
Go to Bass Pro shop, but training dummy and duck scent, buy launcher for dummy. Type any combination of the words; dummy training duck dog hunting retrieving into YouTube.
>ducks i shoot
>i shoot
>not training your dog to shoot them for you
>not getting a labrador reciever to go with your labrador retriever

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my other dog.jpg
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My Bolognese is making strange little gurgling sounds in her throat and sticking her tongue out at a certain pace. It seems like hiccups, but I want to be sure. She ate some peanut butter and a tiny piece of a treat and swallowed both without a problem, but she won't drink water, won't do even simple tricks for more treats, and is currently just lying down in a corner (she was sitting all hunched up before).

It's a little late so no vets are open right now. /an/ advice?
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That's not a Bolognese.
>pic unrelated

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Since I've started to volunteer at the raptor center, I've looked at the human population very differently. It's shocking how many birds of prey are injured by people every year. If it weren't for reckless human activity, Wyoming might still be alive, Belle wouldn't have been stolen from her nest, and DDT wouldn't have crippled bird populations through the 20th century, just to name a few examples. It's horrible how little respect most people have for nature. I don't know how the human race will effect global sustainability, even if we...
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Moreso Americans than anyone else. Who cares about what's going on outside your suburb when it's cheap and easy to get a giant tv to watch Here Comes Honey Boo
the problem is that, yes, americans do more damage to the environment than anyone else, but only because americans are the wealthiest, most advanced society out there.

so if we were going to cull a population we'd be stuck choosing the smartest or the least polluting, because the two are inversely related.
you gonna eat those? i bet they'd taste meh

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> wake up this morning feeling sick
> call to work, say I can't go today, and spend the rest of the day sleeping
> wake up, mom says "I left your guinea pig outside while I went to the mall and I just found out the neighbor's cats ate him, uh, sorry?"
> mfw
How do I deal with the rage, /an/? Has any of your pets ever died in a dumb way like this? I'm still fucking mad, god dammit.
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>left your guinea pic outside
...why did she take it outside in the first place? Like, how did this happen? What the fuck.
According to her, the cage looked dirty and she wanted him to take a breath of fresh air outside.

This is all taking on account that I warned them that this could happen and that should they take him out his cage, never leave him alone. But they just didn't listen.
That's ridiculous. A bird of prey could have swooped down and gotten him, too. Small pets have no business being outside unless they're in a hutch.

My condolences, hope you eventually end up in a living situation where nobody will do stupid shit to your pets.

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There is something wrong with my cat. he other day I noticed she was coughing and retching as if she had a hairball, this happens every so often because she is very fluffy but usually it passes and does not affect anything else.

She has no voice, her meow is low and raspy, as is her purring, throat noises and when she tried to hiss at my new kitten it was the same. It has been like this the last few days along with the retching, she has so far brought nothing up.
Other than this she has been fine and acting normal. She has been grooming, eating, drinking, using the...
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Thats the plan but any ideas for now?
I'm sure somebody else will come along and be able to give better advice than me, I'm not an expert myself, but if i were you I would just keep making sure she's eating, drinking, and using the bathroom normally until you can bring her to a vet. It could be nothing but it's worth having her checked out.

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Hey /an/, me and my gf recently got two kittens.

It will be NY eve in a bit more than a week and I hadn't considered that they would freak out about the fireworks.

I saw online that you can acclimate cats to the sound of firework but is +- 9 days enough?

Does anybody have experiences or tips?
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Honestly, I'd just put them in a safe, quiet room with hiding places and let them freak out if they want- you only get fireworks once or twice a year, it's not really worth acclimatising them year-round imo. Cats usually just want to hide in a safe cosy spot if they don't like something, it may not be a great night for them but it won't kill them.
We live in a city appartment, not a lot of room to create a good safe space. Also people are allowed to use fireworks in my country so it'll be a complete day of noise.

The kittens have never experienced the anxiety of fireworks I'd thought I'd learn them it's allright before they're afraid of it. I'll just try what I can before NYE, not too much trouble.
So I guess ypu live in fucking Mexico, right?

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are your pets /fit/
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>Roiding out a housecat for sick gains.
I would do something like this to my cat if I had the attention span.
I don't see the point.

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How do I deal with an overly attached cat? I adopted her when she was a stray abandoned due to the death of her owner, and she's lovely. However, she's almost too clingy. She waits outside my bathroom when taking a dump, and runs in after I'm done. She follows me around, and according my parents, howls when I'm staying the night at my bf's. Whats the deal here? I'm concerned about taking some vacation elsewhere because she'll apparently look for me constantly when I'm not home and howl. Is this cat anxiety? Or what?
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People complain about cats being complete cunts and you complain because yours is affectionate. Come on.
my cat is like this. I've had a lot of cats before but my wife unknowling trained it to act like this. she talks to him all the time. acts really happy to see him. its like the cat is addicted to the interaction. ignore your cat more.
Same here. My cat is 3 months and is super clingy. He was found abandoned by my sister. Cat had been left out for at least a week. Told the vet and she said it's basically abandonment issues. If the bet hadn't told me it I'd think it's BS, but yeah it's a real thing.

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Where can I buy female Dumbo rats in southeastern Michigan? I've tried 7 pet stores. Only one of which had rats, and the rats were regular males. I just want female dumbos!
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Breeder? They can ship a pair to you overnight courier.
>Not liking superior standard rats

Best thing to do is find a breeder listing. Google local rat clubs, they usually have a list of ratteries available.
Even OP's pic is a demonstration of standard ear rats triumphing over their defective dumbo brethren.

...but seriously OP, I know I've heard of Michigan ratteries. Cursory googling reveals a Goosemoose thread made in 2012 where OP asked about the same thing, so check if any of those are nearby to you and/or still operating.

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