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Never had cats before , I assume they'd spray to mark territory at the time that they are maturing,I know neuturing stop that ,mine are still kittens , and I've had some people tell me that if they're brothers and live indoors then they won't spray. Thoughts ?
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I kinda don't want to neuter them if it's not necessary, I feel like one of them is going to be at least 15 pounds as an adult and I know if he's neutered then he won't be as big
There is no reason not to neuter. If you wait until after they start spraying if can be difficult to get them to stop.
Neutering has little effect on the adult size of a kitten. If you want a large kitten, get a purebred from a good breeder. There are several breeds that get large.

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So my family has a dog, a 10 year old chocolate lab that isn't fixed. And she's never really been socialized with other dogs, which gets really apparent during vet visits. She seems to be fine when she's in our yard and other dogs come up to visit or otherwise come under the fence (A Dachshund frequently roams the neighborhood and can wiggle under fences easy), but when we take her somewhere she gets really antsy around other dogs. She'll whine, pull on her lead, sometimes bark and if she gets close to the other dog they usually end up growling at each other...
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Anyways, the next question is how the hell do I get her to stop licking herself?
I don't know when she started doing this, as she usually sleeps in my little brother's room, but when she was sleeping in my room I noticed that she would lick her privates for 10-15 minutes at a time fairly often. This shit is annoying as all hell because not only is her licking loud, but she's grunting or something, and she wants to go outside afterwards so she can drink water and do it again. It's driving me insane...
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>how the hell do I get her to stop licking herself?
A cone. As simple as that. Really. A cone.
Didn't read anything else, I remember this thread, you've posted here before and /an/ has given you advice. You should have done what everyone else told you to do and fixed her. 10 years old is late to socialize. If you're not willing to take her to a class you might as well accept your dog's behaviors at this point and keep her on a tight leash at vet visits, it's...
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It took you forever to make your own thread, and it's a mess.
Get to the point.
Be clear.
State your problems without adding a bunch of unneeded info.

My parents recently found a bird and decided to keep it with us. We already have a dog, one who likes to chase birds and squirrels all the time, no doubt if he caught one he would kill it. Because of this, and because my parents are older and tend to be well... lazy, they bought the bird a tiny cage, gave it some food and water and let it live like that indefinitely. They interact with it for about 30 seconds at a time, maybe 2 or 3 times a day and other than that, ignore it completely.

When I come home, I see that the bird is extremely lonely and sad. It has absolutely...
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Unless your dog is a rabid pitbull he won't kill it as long as you supervise the bird when he gets out.
Also it's sad because it's alone all day,get him a companion.
My dog is actually pretty small, but he isn't very friendly with most other animals. Would it be possible to let the bird out for hours at a time with my dog around the house?

I assume he will just stay around the family, I'm just afraid my dog might try to hurt him. Is there any specific way to train him to not hunt the little guy?

My parents, after I pestered them for a long time, have bought him a very large cage with lots of toys, and they are also open to getting another one (same breed,...
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he needs company, and out of the cage time... and unless you live in a one room place where the dog can't be put into another room sometimes i don't see why it can't go out even if the dog is a concern...

my birds have a playground that hangs from the ceiling, they can fly around freely and they mostly just chill on the playground and then do laps around the room... they never land on anything low enough for a dog to reach desu, and dogs can get used to birds...

i have a jack russell who has killed chipmunks and mice outside, but with the birds all...
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Is the stigma against pit bulls similar overseas in places like Russia, Japan, or Germany?

It would be interesting to see totally polar opinions based on location.
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Anyone who has any idea what they're talking about will dislike pitbulls. The country doesn't matter.
sick troll my nigga
In Hungary, until recently there was a ban on pit bulls and bull type dogs.

Like everywhere else the local minority scum (gipsies) were using them for dog fights.

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Who wins between a single wolf and a single dog?

The dog can be any dog.
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It all depends on the dog. Most dogs will get fuck up by a coyote, but there are bigger breeds that could stand a chance against a wolf
Also consider aggression and the breed. A 200+ Newfoundland dog will not fight the same as a 100+ rottweiler. Nor will a rottweiler have the instinct to fight a wolf as a Irish wolf hound.
Depends on so many factors that it renders your question completely pointless.

After switching my pupper from science diet (long story) to taste of the wild, he's started eating poop. He's never eaten poop up until this point. He's 8 months old now, close to 9, and I've had him since he was 3 months old.

He's not bored, he wasn't raised in poor conditions that forced him to eat poop, he's not sick, and he's only eating OTHER dogs' poop, so I assume there must be a nutritional deficiency somewhere, or perhaps he's inclined to eat the poop of dogs that aren't being fed grain-free?

How do I fix this?
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>specialised diets
>specialized diet
>How do I fix this?
pay attention to where your dog walks. if you see him going for poop, pull him away and don't let him get near it. tell him 'no' or 'leave it' if he goes for the poop.

it might just be a phase he's going through. talk to your vet about a nutritional deficiency.

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Hey /an/, I'm from the Chicago suburbs and I want to attract as many bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, etc to my backyard. What's the best way to go about it?

I've been googling it but I know nothing about gardening or anything and I feel like you guys would have tips/experience/stories
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There are certain plants which attract butterflies and bees.

google that.
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2 MB, 240x192
Let your yard go to weed first, then you'll see them in the summer.

Hummingbirds like monarda, so do bees.
Melissa officianalis attracts them like nobody's business, and it's tasty.

Bats come after the moths, and the moths eat the weeds. To attract cool moths, grow tobacco, it summons luna moths when it flowers.

Any plant in the milkweed family will bring you some kinda butterfly.

Monarda officianalis is a good start for your area though, it's called bee-balm. And it cares for itself.

If you can get lemon balm you'll...
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Fill a bucket with yard/dead leaves clippings and water the spot with that shit. In fact, if you have a tree that sheds leaves, do not rake them, let them rot and bring forth the fungi and things that nature likes. Dead leaves are gaia's skin. You need a lot more water if somebody took your skin away.

Bees need lots of surface area, like bushiness, cause they can only drink dew that falls in the morning and night. The plants constantly breathe out water, and the bigger they are, the more it helps.

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Tell me about very deep freshwater ecosystems.

There are rivers and lakes which are hundreds or even thousands meters deep, surely some interesting stuff happens there?
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>mfw we'll never get some good footage of the amazonian deeps because of the murky water
Sounds interesting. I don't think the hot seeps and vents of the abyssal ocean occur often enough in fresh water for there to be life in the freshwater depths that doesn't depend on raining detritus.

But I don't know anything.
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>the site they mention goes 404

Perhaps you would find fish like picrel, Orthosternarchus tamandua. This one lives usually 6-10 m below the surface, but due to murkiness it's so dark in here that the environment is basically the same one as in the deep water.

I don't know how many feel the same way as I but animal abuse is something that really drives me mad. I'm not talking about slaughter houses or predators killing preys, I'm just referring to edgy idiots taking pleasure in inflicting pain to innocent animals.
I've seen like many of you some sick shit like ISIS videos or Mexican cartels, despite being disgusted and wishing the worst for such monsters nothing makes my blood boil more than a psycho or an edgy idiot abusing animals for no reason. Am I sick or what?
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No I think it's pretty normal to feel this way. Animals are innocent. We often have the same reaction to their abuse as we do to abuse of young children, especially when it comes to domestic species like dogs and cats.
Nah, it's normal. I've never even owned a pet (I just lurk here occasionally to look at cute pics... something about the posters here make me feel warm and fuzzy), but I'm the same way.
well, I often put it this way: few idiots that I met (very rare fortunately) claim that abusing animals is ok since they are not humans. Yet I don't know how much empathy can an animal abuser have towards humans if he can't even respect animals. Needless to say all the animal haters that I met didn't really like humans either. But that's just my experience.

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So, i'm going on a trip today and i'm going to let my dog alone for 15 days.
The dog will be feed by a friend, other than that she will probably be left alone most of the time.
I still have one hour before i have to go to the airport, anything that i should do with/for her before going?
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how old is your dog?
She should eat at least twice a day, remember that your friend must take her out too.
Unfortunely he can't take her out, but he will probably bring his dog here sometimes and they will play, so she will at least spend some energy.
She's one year and a half old.
Can't she just stay with your friend?

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My cat has been vomiting like twice a week for months now. He's also recently gotten the habit of sniffing around for people food, even though he'd never done that before, eating pretty much only his dry food before and some tuna sometimes. He's completely healthy and happy otherwise, as far as I can tell.
He's a 11 years old castrated male, indoors since we're in an apartment. I've taken him to the vet twice, changed his food, given him special food, changed his water thing for one with running water and nothing has helped.

I'm almost...
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When he vomits, what does it look like? Can you see hair or is it just digested food?

What food is he eating right now, and what was the "special" food you tried?

Did the vet take any blood work or offer a diagnosis?
Do you free feed or do you feed him measured amounts twice a day?
Liquid or food he just ate.

Some kinda fattening wet food for recuperating cats. The vet recommended it.

He took blood and said something about the kidneys not working efficiently, I don't remember exactly but he said it wasn't serious. That was why I got the running water.

Free, pretty much.

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If you're a vegan or vegetarian, do you think that all carnivores should be eradicated and made extinct on earth?
I say this because it would end animal suffering, and no animal ever again would need to feel the pain of being killed by another animal.

There would still be plenty of animals left in the world as all herbivores would still be allowed to live.

This includes animals such as giraffes and cows etc.

Also, assume that the ecosystem would remain stable and not become disturbed by this change.
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Every carnivore you kill would save hundreds of animal lives. So yes, I think they all should die.

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Birds are the most adorable creatures on the planet, and there's nothing you can do about it.
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we can throw wings on dogs and... nah, your right.
'specially baby doves.
pic related.
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Get out the way!
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please tell me more

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Hey /an/,

My family recent just adopted this girl from a local rescue, and she's having a tough time adjusting.

Near as we can tell, she's about 4 years old, miniature schnauzer, was in the shelter for 2 years. The problem is that while she seems very friendly, and is very lovey, for the last several nights while they're trying to lie down to sleep, she's suddenly freaked out and snapped at my parents. Tonight, it was hard enough to make my mom bleed.

I know my mother is taking it really hard, because we've recently lost 2 other...
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Pick up a book on dog body language, watch some YouTube vids on positive training, try to observe when she begins to get agitated and try figure out why she's feeling that way, and maybe try crating her at night. Proper ways to crate train can be googled and should be a positive, safe place for her to go.

Also give her a good month or so to adjust yo a new environment.
The thing is she's asleep when she freaks out. I dont know if dogs dream or have nightmares, but that's certainly what it feels like. Will look into the training vids though, thanks!
Dogs can certainly have varying levels of dreams and actions during dreams, in which case that doesn't sound so much like something that you could train out. Someone could be bumping her in her sleep, she gets irritated, then bites.

It never hurts to do the above suggestions, but it might be more practical to simply give her her own bed to sleep in on the ground.

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Does anyone else have pets with weird features or deformities?
This is my frog Chunk, one of his eyes is much bigger than the other and he's blind in the smaller one. It takes him a long time to catch his food.
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Whoops, he doesn't actually defy gravity
>It takes him a long time to catch his food
Don't worry, it's the same for normal frogs.
Not deformed but i did have a giant leopard gecko. He was 135 grams and 11.5 inches long from nose to tail (75g and 9 inches is about adult male average). The reptile shop i got him from as a baby did not know his genetics. He was just listed as a normal.

Unfortunately he died suddenly at only 2 years of age. Liver or kidney failure is believed to be the cause, probably congenital. RIP Leto.

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