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>had mice as a lad
>the girl ones give birth
>they all start eating the babies
>dad throws the whole mice tank into the garbage bin in disgust

not even once...
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Your dad was a retard.
Who gets differently gendered rodents?
Retards do.
Like your dad.
My family had two mice and two gerbils once, kept them all in a cage together. Thought they were all male, until one day my mother looks in and goes "... I think that mouse is a girl. And she's pregnant."

Gave birth a few weeks later. Housed them in a different cage. A runt disappeared, and we figured she ate it, but other than that all peachy. Until mother decided to put the female and male together again. Even at like, 10 I knew that was a fucking stupid idea, but she's all "No it's okay they love each other" or something. Then bitch-mouse...
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My cat keept catching mice a few months ago so i started putting them in a fish tank, had about 12 of them in there and kept throwing them food and what not.
They did not care they slowly consumed all of the mice until only one gladiator mouse survived, after earning his place as king of the fish tank i gave him freedom.

File: cat_and_fish-HD[1].jpg (685 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I feed my cats by filling my bathtub up with water, putting fish in, and then letting my cat hunt them.

Is this bad?
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Well, it technically is bait fish. Just little minnows and stuff. I don't really see the problem. I enjoy watching him and he has fun, and if he's still hungry I put out some traditional cat food.
If you don't see a problem why are you asking the question?
Personally, the only reason I see it as unethical is the fish don't stand a chance. They can never escape and you don't have an aquarium set up if they do.

Then I think: "all the fish I eat is aquacultured. Those tilapia and salmon didn't have a chance either."

Nearly all the ants you see in the wild are female. Males ants, or drones, don't do any work in the colony, they dont look like other ants, and live only for a few months during the nuptial flight seasons. Their one job is to fertilize a princess, after which they die, leaving our strange world and their colony who's other gender lives a long 30 years working for the colony. Can it be said that the Drones are of this world, when they become and disappear from this life with such speed?
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>Can it be said that the Drones are of this world, when they become and disappear from this life with such speed?

Uhh, yeah, I'm pretty sure they're of this world in the same way other arthropods are. Most species of tarantulas have a similar thing where females easily live 10-20+ years more than the male. This is because male tarantulas have to abandon their sit and wait lifestyle to go out and find female burrows. This requires their metabolism to go into overdrive so most males die a year or two after maturing. Captive males...
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Sorry, nope. The noble male ants are nomads, visitors that stay for far less than a year and leave their bodies for eternity.
You must be high on some good shit, my friend.

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shelter dog art.jpg
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I am thinking about volunteering at a shelter. What is it like? If you volunteered before, would you recommend it?
I am a 19 year old girl from a European country and I am currently a Dentistry undergraduate. Is volunteering at a shelter too time consuming for me? I also need to pay around 300 euros to take part in a training course before I can volunteer to get a dog training certificate at the shelter. Is it worth it?
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If it's what you want to do, and think it'll benefit you and the animals, I say go for it.
I've never volunteered before, but I heard it's not exactly what you'd expect.
>I heard it's not exactly what you'd expect
In a positive or negative way though? I mean, I don't want to volunteer at a shelter only to end up bitten by an angry dog.
Really, a lot of things in life turn out differently from what you expect.
I can't say exactly because I work in an American shelter, but in my experience it's kinda hard to get bitten as a volunteer unless you're either a massive moron that can't read basic dog body language, or blatantly ignore the kennel staff on what a certain dog will or will not tolerate or which dogs you shouldn't try handling. when I was volunteering before I got hired (several years) I was bitten by several cats, but not any of the dogs.

but what many say when they mean "not what you expect" is that it isn't exactly all sunshine and puppy tails. depending on what area you volunteer in, there can be a lot of poop, boisterous dogs, cleaning, etc. and there are times that certain situations will make you sad (a dog you liked having to be euthanized for medical reasons, things like that). one thing that can help is volunteering at a "higher end" shelter. usually they prioritize giving the volunteers the fun jobs.

that being said, I think volunteering in a shelter is a great thing to do. it's great seeing your hard work pay off in caring for something that cannot care for itself. and something that's pretty universal in all shelters is that you will NEVER be forced to interact with an animal that you don't feel comfortable with. no one will judge you for it, it's completely normal

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How do I ground my cat, Erdos?

He's a good cat and all but has been loaded with static electricity lately, with each stroke there's a discharge and sometimes petting him sounds like rice crIspies in milk and it seems to annoy him
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Rubber cat boots?
You can wipe him down with a used dryer sheet. Used only. It won't hurt him if you do that sporadically.
You can also get a humidifier.

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How expensive are turtles and how hard is it to take care of one?
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They are a lot more effort than they seem.

If we take a red eared slider for example, you should get for an adult:

-100 gal tank
- a good filter, they produce a lot of waste
- something to make a dry land part out of. rocks, bark, etc.
-heat lamp
-heater for water
-a varied diet consisting out of water plants and insects, worms, shrimp, fish, etc. The pellets pet stores sell are shit and it's best to never feed them to your turtle.
I had 2 red ears when I was a kid. Aquarium half filled with .25 of it flat rock.

Used to keep sword tails in the tank too. When I didn't feed them, they'd catch fish... tear fish apart. Fish heads fish heads.

Unfortunately, both died the same way- drowned. RIP turtles. I tried to make it so they couldn't get trapped, but failed..

So I guess the only advice I can offer is be carful with rocks. One got trapped, the other pushed rocks and got pinned.

If I were to do it again, I'd use wood so they'd be able to free themselves if in trouble.
Ive never heard of a turtle drowning, they absorb oxygen through their skin dont they?

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Should I name my dachshund Strelok or Bjorn? The dad looks like pic related, except he's black, brown, and white. Very unique looking dogs. Strelok means shooter in Ukrainian/Russian, and Bjorn obviously means bear. I'm going to train him in Russian but I'm torn because he looks like a little bear.
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Name him Stroszek.
after the accordion guy?
Wtf kind of bears are you used to looking at?

File: WP_20151216_003.jpg (2 MB, 2000x3552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey I really need help. I inherited this white russian dwarf hamster today. How do I take care of it? I fucking killed the 3 hamsters I owned as a kid. I want to give this hamster the best possible life to make up for killing sparky, bacon, and jack.

Some questions I have about its cage (pic)
>What hay is best for it?
>Does it need a bigger cage?
>Is the pellet food the best? Or should I feed it something else?
>How often can I give it treats for training?
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how did you kill your three? I had many hamsters. Did you choke them or drown them or tie them to a balloon and let them float away
The first one fell off a balcony, the second one died after fighting another hamster, the third one slowly burned on top of a radiator.

What happened to your hamsters?
You got to be trolling.
The sheer levels of fails you demonstrate is killing me.

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If you could keep any lizard, what would it be and why is it a Crocodile monitor?
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Water monitors look cooler, but even with the space I don't have a good enough excuse to have a mini kaiju.

Here's a channel I like with a guy who has giant lizards. He recently got fucked up by his blue tail monitor.
I'd prefer either a water monitor or maybe a komodo because I like being able to interact with my animals.
Croc monitors are too prone to snapping and fucking you up for my taste.
I can completely understand, I'd love to be able to keep a croc monitor more than anything else but I'm just not sure if it'd be worth the risk. These things are supposed to be wicked smart and unpredictable, and those teeth are absolutely terrifying.

File: 20151216_213409.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What should I name it?
Also, what kind of turtle is it?
Sorry for the sideways photo
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File: 20151216_213329.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looks like a red-eared slider OP. Very cute. I recommend the name Virgil.
yitzak turtlesteinberg
look at him, you know hes a jew

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hey guys what can i feed an emperor besides crickets? i get 20 crickets every 2 weeks for mine but right now nobody's giving me a ride and the pet store is like 15 miles away can't walk either he's been hungry since sunday
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Beetles/cockroaches etc. Go spend 5 minutes in your garden as long as you don't spray pesticides too often.

I have mealworms but he never gets out of his cave so whenever I throw in the crickets he only eats when they enter his cave if I put a mealworms dish they won't be eaten

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Why can't I fucking grow Ivy /an/?

All my other houseplants are doing fine but my I've gone through 3 Ivy plants that die in a few weeks. I have Orchids which are supposed to be harder than Ivy!

Every time I get a pot of Ivy it dies the same, it's leaves wilt and go dry, brittle and brown and they all drop off.

I give it plenty of water making sure the soil is wet and it has as much light as my other house plants.
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Sorta sudden temperature changes kills the plant
Check for fungus /spider mites.

Google watering and no rot
So it's the same species as in your pic? I have english Ivy outside in a pot. It's darker than the pic because it gets excess sun. Maybe yours isn't getting enough sun. Maybe you don't have enough drainage. Although I initially had mine inside with less light and it was growing fine.

I just water it once a day during summer, couple hours of direct sunlight a day. Shitty pine bark potting mix.

It's not a sensitive plant. Unless you had some other kind of ivy.
On my Ivy the leaves are lighter and the leaves have whitish green edges.

How much does /an/ know about pterosaurs?
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about 12 I'd guess.
that's right! Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of 12 meters
What I do know is that pic is not a Quetzalcoatlus, the neck is far to short and the beak is long and curved, Quetzalcoatlus had a short straight beak.it looks more like a Geosternbergia

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liefeld's dog.jpg
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Why is this dog so goofy looking? Is something wrong with it?

And don't tell me it's just a greyhound, I've owned greyhounds, they generally look more... proportioned than this.
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Looks like the photo just caught it in an odd stance. Walking backwards?
File: Azawakh.jpg (34 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's an azawakh. Google the breed!
File: 1358124650032.png (912 KB, 722x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why are shelters charging through the ass for any dog that isn't a pit bull?

>be looking for dog
>all are too big or pit bulls or chihuahuas
>go to shelter yesterday
>purebred 9 month old female cocker spaniel puppy
>ask girl working in kennel how much
>their normal small dog fee is 165 what the fuck
>ask why so expensive
>apparently they charge more for "highly adoptable dogs" and shilling bullshit about how the fee pays for shit for "less adoptable dogs"
>say that if the dog didn't cost that much to keep there, they shouldn't charge that much either
>she gets really bitchy when I call her out on it and she says if she doesn't like it then to leave
>mad as fuck and decide to call and tell the manager how stuck up she was
>manager says the same fucking thing
>puppy was gone by the time I looked on their website this morning

I feel so cheated, they're literally punishing you for not wanting a shitty pitbull. Is it even legal to change the fee to whatever they want like that?
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>a business is charging what the market will bear

and anon, if the price was the same for a pure bred golden retriever and a pit bull, you think the golden retriever would be there for any length of time? You think the cocker spaniel you wanted wouldn't be picked up asap? You wouldn't even have a chance at that pupper unless you were really lucky. This also incentivizes people to buy one of the 9000 pit bulls and 4200 chihuahuas rather than go for the meme doge or Siberian Husky puppy.
Your opinion is clearly worthless if you actually want to get a cocker spaniel.
Also what homogeneous can't afford 350 for a fixed/ up to date on shots dog?

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