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Hey guys my buddy caught me a pray mantis, i have this old fishtank to house it in for now.

What should I put in it?
I know they eat live food and will get some pronto, but what else do I need to know?
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why are you growing a plant in that astronaut helmet
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get a proper tank or tub.
rule of thumb for mantis tank sizes is lenght and width = 2x the mantid's length. height = 3x mantid's length.

give it a lot of twigs to climb around on, they don't like staying on the ground. spray the tank once a day so it can drink from the water drops. they are not picky eaters, just throw in some flies or crickets.

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Ok, /an/. I'm taking care of a chameleon for a week, and have little idea on how to care for one. Any tips?
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Who the fuck let you take care of it for a week without telling you how?
I had someone do that to me with a cat. I ended up accidentally kicking it across the kitchen.
>Dont touch it
>Dont touch it
>It has to be in high humidity but also needs airflow, hopefully the person who youre taking care of it for left you the set up
>dont fucking touch it
>depending on how long youre taking care of it you may have to gutload the feeders for him along with dusting

Im sure theres more stuff but thats all I've picked up second hand from my bro who has one

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So my rabbit just released a single, short, shrill squeak. She doesn't appear to be in pain and is acting normal otherwise. Anybody ever had this happen or know what it could mean?

>pic unrelated
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She probably got spooked.

When I was a kid my little brother's rabbit escaped and hid under the shed. Lured her out with a carrot and when I grabbed her, that was the day I learned rabbits not only do make noise - but also the loudest, most horrifying of ones.
She was just sitting in her cage while I was playing GTA 5 though. Nothing loud or jarring happened other than her scream.
Maybe she had a nightmare

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>ITT pets you want but can't have

I've wanted a large parrot all my life, extensively researched them, worked with some and even very temporarily came under care of a few(owners went away, 3rd party for adoption processes/rehoming for people, etc). But I could never live the rest of my life with the noise. I'd fucking kill it.
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I've wanted to work with parrots in a shelter or foster home situation but there aren't any shelters in Louisiana that I can find. I'm like you. I don't think I could be a permanent home for a large parrot. I'd like to try dealing with an African Grey in particular after reading some stuff by Irene Pepperburg.
I've yet to have any pets of my own (I'm excluding family pets growing up). I'm waiting until I'm in a secure position to take care of them properly.

I'd love to have rats, dogs, do beekeeping, keep chickens, an aquarium, turtles/tortoises, maybe hermit crabs again. All sorts.
Rats are great. I was sold two small rats but they were large when they got older. Kept em in a 100 gallon tank. My big boy would jump up out of the tank and balance on the edge and wait for me to get close enough and start licking my face and then sleep on my shoulder. The girl got pregant and got out and hid her babies under my dresser but I put her back in and she was fine. One day I found a field mouse pinky. Put it in my rat cage thinking they would end him quickly but the mother brought it to her pinkies and...
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Looking for help with this tree's name. Let me know if you have questions.
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File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not a tree. That's a leaf.

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What would you do?

You catch an animal of an introduced species, one of the worst among birds. Do you:

>a) Kill it

>b) release it

Hard mode: You're at work and there are city people around who will think you're a monster.

Nightmare mode: It's only a baby one, can barely fly, and it's parent are above, squawking in response to its terrified shrieks.
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1. a
2. take it to the bathroom
3. stick it in a drawer and go after the parents.
> cook and feed baby to parrots
>eat parents myself
Best thing for invasive species is to give them a predator
Feed it to my cat. The fucker is a garbage disposal and eats everything remotely meat-ish he can get his claws on.

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Stinker - cast.jpg
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A friend's cat very recently broke her leg and he asked me to watch her today while he was working and his lady friend had to go out. It's heartbreaking to see her grumpy and uncomfortable but she's still adorable. Hopefully we can raise the money for her to get surgery and speed up her recovery.

Pics of your pets being cute while recovering from injury/surgery?
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My kitten was the cutest in his little cone after his balls were chopped off, but I felt so bad when he got frustrated. He didn't have to wear it very long though, fortunately. Hopefully that big kitty feels better soon, she looks so unhappy!

He WAS the cutest! He looks so content in that picture. I've never seen a fabric cone like that, was it easier for him to deal with?

Big kitty (which she certainly is) managed to get her cone off already and won't let it be put back on. She's usually a love bug so hopefully she starts feeling like herself again soon. Thanks!
Thanks! He needed extra snuggles to feel better about his situation. I had never seen a cloth cone before that either, and let me tell you, it was WAY easier. He was really tiny at the time, and none of the plastic cones my vet had even fit him. This one was extra convenient because I could just flip in the other way when he wanted to eat/drink (he couldn't really figure out how to wrangle it with it up normally) and then just flip it back when he was done.

Aw, has she been picking at her cast? Can she...
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Should I get a beagle or a pug? I have experience with both (grandparents have 3 pugs and parents have 2 beagles). Both breeds are fairly lazy and content laying around the house which is a good thing IMO. But I am torn I have drawn the following conclusions

>+lovable ugly dogs
>+do not bark much
>+no hunting instinct or desire to chase animals
>-Horrible health
>-Wheezing noise will get on wifes nerves


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pugs look like mongoloid dogs and shouldn't be allowed to be bred at all
Lol 2 of the worst breeds possible

The only beagles I've ever met have been high tension as fuck, so I have no idea what you're on about, OP.

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How retarded is your dog?
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I once had a dog that whenever I let him off the chain would run headfirst into the back door in his rush to get in.
>just get home
>super retarded happy dog
>wagging tail so hard it's a dangerous weapon
>the silly bitch dented the trash can with her tail
>pic related, the trash can.

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Hi, I'm quite new to this and I was hoping if there were some tips on how to create a living biosphere with plants, ants and possibly other critters? I wanted to see if you guys had ideas on plants that I could add that would be compatible with an ant species known as Harvester Ants, small self sufficient plants that could survive with artificial sunlight bulbs in a fish tank 4'x2'?

I plan to add a small pond that wont soak through the dirt, and small bugs that could survive on plants or aquatic plants that could be another source of food for the ants,...
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I'm interested
You can't create a working ecosystem in a small tank. The ants would eat too much of the plant before it can regrow, kill all the food bugs or the predator would wipe out the ants.

Best you could do is give the ants some aphids in case the species is known for milking them so they can live together.
I believe this is true. Ecosystems are too big and chaotic to try to contain. OP, I would say figure out which animals you'd like to keep as a baseline, then figure out what else you can put in there that can live comfortably in the same conditions.

So, I'm thinking about a little formicarium too, but I would just put it inside a terrarium with some air plants as decoration. not trying to devise an elaborate interconnected ecosystem, just caring for the ants and caring for the plants and they live...
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How smart is /a/ ?
Why aren't all plants poisonous?
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animals shit out seeds, plant grows. so why would they be poisonous when it helps when they're seedberries get eaten.

haven;t you ever looked at deer shit? or looked at what birds eat?

sage because i don't care
Technically right, but not what I'm looking for. I know the answer, this a like a fun little quiz.

sorry, i just looked at this thread like "What breed is my cat threads"

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cat has dandruff, vet says to bathe it once a day with medicated shampoo, cat hates bath, should i bathe cat or just leave alone hopefully dandruff goes away
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Think for just a moment for what you have just explained to /a/. Your cat has a medical condition- however small or large; and you have the treatment. You PAID money for a vet to examine your cat, and got their professional advice at a markup. Your only concern is cat tantrums which will eventually fade as it becomes routine.

Seriously soul brother just come on.
>cat cat while sleeping
>put sleeping cat in crate
>put sleeping cat crate in shower
Serious question? ...Does this work. I have a cat that hates water and baths but she really needs a good shower. I usually use a washrag to bathe her. I Don't want to traumatized the cat either but she goes bat shit crazy whenever she gets sprayed with water, no matter the gentleness of the stream.

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>Be me
>Moved to another town
>Big cat friend, always calling and petting them on street
>Notice cats are very spooked and socially autistic towards humans here
>"Why?? I just wanna pet cats!"
>Months later friend told me the town has always had a cat killer
>lol but the cats don't know that, rite?

Or do they? It could be that they...
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You don't have to be smart to experience death and loss. They just learned to be more wary of people, for better or for worse. I feel that dogs would respond in the same way.
Dogs are acting pretty normal. I live in a dog neighbourhood with a lot of nice parks and I see them playing around with their humans. The strange thing about this is that the cats aren't really as afraid of dogs if they are friendly. I even saw a dog sniffing a cat in the leash free park.

What do you mean with experiencing death? It's not like they've seen the cat killer beating a cat up or something. I heard he sometimes takes the cats home and beats/mutilates them, but I'm not sure if...
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I don't understand that logic at all.

A cat killer kills all the friendly cats so now all thats left are shy or unfriendly cats. How does that imply the unfriednly and shy cats somehow learned to be that way? Cats have different temperments. If there was no cat kill there would still be shy and unfriendly cats but you would ignore them because you're busy petting the friendly cats.

Literally common sense.

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>Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

I think you get the idea.

My question: I just started having odd vomiting that came suddenly and went away entirely when I vomited, no other signs of being sick, then it happened again after drinking some more tea.

My CAT also vomited at about the same time I did, but he rarely EVER vomits, like hasn't vomited for at least a year. We drink water from the same tap. Could that or something else be making us both sick?
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Sounds like a troubling health issue, yet you come to the slowest board for advice...I hope whatever it was killed you and your cat by now.
Did your cat see you puke? Seeing a person vomit can make someone else do it too, your cat's body might hit the eject button in case he ingested the same gross thing you did. It's like contagious yawning, dogs can catch yawns so maybe cats can catch pukes.
He may have, I think he really may have. This happened late at night, so I watied till this morning to do anything. His vomit was not abnormal looking, just his kitty food spit up, no blood or lots of hair or anything. I feel mostly better too. I am taking him to the vet if he vomits again though, vet's idea. So you really think he could have been sympathetic vomiting? I know people do that, I think the reason is survival oriented:
>if they have become sick from something, I might be...
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I don't usually come to this board, I saw this on the homepage. But is science stuff like this common on this board? I usually browse /sci/, but I don't usually see much neurology on there.
There are usually some threads discussing phylogeny and evolutionary relationships.

I didn't know where to post this. Just thought I'd share, this is like the closest board I think. It was either here or science yeah.

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