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"A BBC nature documentary got their wires crossed when it accidentally aired Aziz Ansari subtitles from his standup show over their nature documentary."
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In the past year, I got very involved with saving 'death row' pitbulls by fostering them until they get adopted.

And then through networking with dog rescue organizations, I ended up fostering a dog meat trade rescue dog. Till that point, I had heard of dog meat eating in Asia but thought it was a small, fringe behavior. Then I found out that in South Korea alone, 2 million dogs are killed for food each year. There are more dogs in dog farms than there are registered dogs in homes in S. Korea. And even if you want to rationalize that eating cows/pigs/chicken...
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Thats actually brilliant. Need to transmit similar propaganda about tcm animals. "Rhino horn makes yer balls fall off" kinda stuff
>the belief that dogs need to be tortured to make the meat sweeter. Not just physical torture (mutilation, waterboarding, hit with bats) but also mental torture (being forced to watch dogs burn and hear the screams).
What the FUCK.
The reason you want the dog meat trade to be stopped is because it personally causes you anguish knowing that something you like experiences pain. But have you considered the anguish the end of the dog meat trade will cause to those who enjoy dog meat and make a living by it?

Is there anything you can keep in one of these tiny tanks? I have one, but can't think of anything that would live confortably inside one. Anoles, african dwarf frogs, small crabs, small fish, and everything else I can think of need more space to live in. The only thing I can think of is sea monkeys and small bugs.
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aquatic plants, shrimp, snails.
My brother used to have stick insects in tank like this when we were little. but that one was a bit bigger than the one in the pic.
I just caught a little striped scorpion and have him in a small cage like that one meanwhile i put him somewhere else, i was wondering if it will get along with a large tarantula if i put them in a 20 gallon aquarium together

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What are some good non traditional pets for beginners? I want something that can make me feel like I am in the woods, also if I can open the window at night so it can hunt and come back so I don't have to feed it better
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An ant colony near your window.
Invite a bear into your house. If you survive you now have a bear as a pet.
How about something that can fly or swim?

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I usually don't go on this board, but can somebody please help me identify what the fuck kind of hellspawn insect this fucking thing is?

I found it on my slider door to my deck and it flew away a few minutes later while i was out of the room

I live in New England if that helps, but I've never seen anything similar to this fucking bug before where I live, at least not in zoos, which is probably where this giant, grotesque, nightmare fuel incarnate thing belongs

Please help me out so I can finally put my mind at ease
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looks like a Japanese cedar longhorn beetle.
its a Giant Radioactive Flesh-Eating Brown Recluse.
.qny more of them

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> have cat
> let cat outside whenever she wants
> first thing she does is get down and roll around

> have dog
> walk dog daily
> walk out, dog almost always looks for a spot to drop down and roll around

> work with horses
> walk multiple horses from their boxes to the paddock
> every time...
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feels good man
Animals can't talk right? Well rolling around in whatever is a way of bragging to other animals "hey, look where I've been. go on, smell me. I've been outside. that's right motherfucker"
This desu

It feels nice to roll around in warm grass.

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I'll be getting a young cockatiel soon....I've had them before, but never successfully gotten one to eat a pelleted diet, how do I do this without starving a baby bird?
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feed it pellets with with your fingers
feed it like you're its mom
Shouldn't it drink milk first?

Use a syringe and buy the bird formula. Pour it directly into beak.

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Tell me /an/, what is the rarest animal in the entire world?
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Phococena sinus, idk
Brownium reclusius

Hello /an/ I was wondering what you thought about me having my dogs canine teeth removed.

I have had dogs my whole life and have had my German Shepherd since High School. Recently, my fiancée and I had our first child and she feels really uncomfortable about having my dog anywhere near the baby.
She told me that she either wants me to get rid of her all together or to have my dogs canine teeth surgically removed so her bite wouldn't be as bad.
I have no intentions of getting rid of my dog and she has never bitten anyone. the thought of having to preform surgery incase of something that would never happen is troubling to me. But I want my fiancée to have peace of mind.

Tldr; I may have to have my dogs canines surgically removed. What's the harm in this?
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Its fine.
(if you want a disfigured dog)
Just keep the dog away from the baby, or very closely supervise all interactions. Assuming you can read dog body language and respond quickly, everything will be just fine. People with dogs have children all the time.
Didn't know this was a thing.

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Alright so I recently got a Manx, and he has absolutely no tail, like the tiniest little nub and that's it. I come to /an/ with a question because Google is no help. Even though they're born without tails and 'used to it', can it affect their balance? He' about 16-20 weeks old and gallops when he runs (every time he runs) and seems to not be nearly as graceful as cats with tails. And I don't just mean for a kitten, I've had many kittens before and none have ever had balance issues like he does nor did they gallop to run.
So basically, is...
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The Manx breed does have a slightly different gate than your average mutt cat.
Did you get this cat from a breeder? If not its 99% likely your cat is just s mix with no tail. It shouldn't negatively effect him.
No he's a purebred Manx
Thanks though it's good to know his weird gait is normal
Can you post a pic? I'm thoroughly interested now lol

>go to pet store
>so many cat foods
>pick one that looks good
>kittens seem to like it
>stock up on it because I'm tired of going to the pet store every 3 days
>kittens decide they don't really like it, no longer clear their dishes

So now I have ~60 6oz cans of a food they don't enjoy. Am I boned? Is there anything I can do to slowly liquidate it? Mix it with a...
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Why not return it?
That happed to me and now I got a bunch of wellness kitten food. They only lick all the juice and then leave the rest. The same thing happened with other brands but they will actually eat the other stuff but they wont eat it all
They were cases of 24. I opened all three because I rotate the flavors.

This was the brand I was about to go back to. They used to eat Wellness kitten formula and basically demolish their meals.

I'm hoping they're not going to turn out to be picky eaters.

To be fair, on the website I ordered this shit from, a lot of reviews said their cats hated it. But, again, I had tested it for about...
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>"I sure do love nature"
>breeds invasive species
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I don't see the problem as long as you aren't releasing them into the wild.
>"I sure do love nature"
>shitposts on a bizarre contraption composed of highly refined ores, petrochemical-derived synthetics and electromagnetic wizardry
By logic you should kill yourself since humans are the most harmful invasive species.

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Hey guys, grandma fell again and hurt her waist pretty bad, she is 80 now and well too old to live on her own.
She has this cat that nobody wants so it falls on me the responsibility to get rid of him, he is 6 years old an spent his whole life inside, I was thinking of leaving him on a cardboard box with a months worth of food in some busy street and hoping for the best really, I don't know anything about shelters and I don't want to bother
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why are you posting here if you already made up your mind?

she might die if you leave her there. just drop her off at a shelter! it's not like it's a huge hassle.
why do you post here if you don't want to bother.
I just wanted to know what are the chances of the cat getting adopted or if there is another easier way

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Can we get a dog thread going? This is mine. His names Gooby
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ugly little rodent
Didn't fucking realize animal cancer was possible until I saw this dog.
It's ok OP, these anons are fucking gay and fucks cats for a living

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old thread >>2162750

/herp/ reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet...
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File: crestieeye.jpg (68 KB, 550x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My Great Aunt went to live with my grandparents in the middle of June due to health issues, and she had three cats who lived in her basement that had little to no human contact for at least 3 months. One cat went to live with the aunt while I offered to take the other two. The first cat is getting along with me very well. But the second cat is the reason why I made this thread.
This cat will let me feed her treats from my hand, yet whenever I come close, she hisses or growls at me. She also is a master at hiding, as I couldn't find her for more than a week at a time....
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Sorry about the pic, here it is in the correct position
Give her distance. Keep hand feeding her treats. If you wear glasses, take them off and slowly let her smell the pieces that sit around your ear. Do the slow blink thing to her if she makes eye contact.

Just move at her pace. She is probably just fucking terrified and scared because her entire world has been upended. So long as she is using her box, just let her go at her pace... VERY SLOWLY. Cats are neurotic as fuck and need lots of time to adjust.

Also, is your house properly catified? IE lots and lots of high spaces, fun toys, hidey dark places on the ground, etc?
Only thing this house needs is more toys, but other than that, its catified

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My boyfriend and I are considering getting two rats.

We live in a small apartment in manhattan. We liked the idea of a cat, but it's hard to commit to an animal that will live almost 20 years when that's about how old I am.

I wanted to get 4chan's advice before we make the commitment. Any of you have rat experience? Is it an awful idea to buy fancy rats from Petco?

I'm hoping there are no hidden "gotchas" like the sugar glider's affinity for peeing whenever picked up that no one really talks about.
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most cats will NOT live 20 years
Post tits or fuck off
Rats may dribble small amounts of urine. It doesn't really smell, but in males it could. Males can be stinkers but it's not as bad as say, mice. Male rodents in general can have an oder. Get them neutered and it will go away.
Males tend to be chill and lazy lap rats as they age so if you want the affection, go with them. Females tend to not sit still but I've had chill females too. Females are also at a very high risk of getting wrecked by mamary tumors. You can prevent it by getting them spayed.

They are easy to take care of. They aren't very loud,...
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I've adopted 30 year old Goffin and according to the old lady I got him from said the first owners where to nice brothers who could not take him to there new place so they gave him to there sister who was a very shitty person and would bang and keep him in the dark all the time and now he hates all women. I tried to get him accustomed to women by getting my gf to feed him his food give him treats for 7 months, but he stills chases her around and bites the shit out of her and guards the shit out of me. He's a good cuddler and nice bird but he is a mean old bastard and...
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Also Bird Thread
Have you considered letting a homosexual couple take care of him?
File: 1468393158934.png (53 KB, 212x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love him to much he's well trained but every time he loses male owner he gets depressed for months even years. I had brother watch him for a week and he couldn't get over it 3 months.

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Hey, /an/,

Is there some kind of service that one can call to get the strays in one's neighborhood spayed and neutered, and also preferably medical attention?

There's this tiny mother cat that mr and my neighbor have been feeding wet food who looks like she has worms and isn't particularly healthy as she's really really tiny, and it breaks my heart to see her so weak. Her kittens might also have some kind of health issue but I'm as of yet unsure.

Pic is of two of my cats.
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Ask fire dept about spay days but you have to capture the feral beasts yourself.
Capturing them myself is fine, I've done it before, I just need a service that won't charge me for it as I'm pretty tight on cash with bills and pets of my own.
Ask them.

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fuck all you reatards

sincerely, /out/
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cute kitty 1.jpg
31 KB, 500x331
File: angry kitty.jpg (135 KB, 700x582) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
angry kitty.jpg
135 KB, 700x582

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So, I've been considering getting a puppy from Canada anf bringing it to the US, and I just found out about this bullshit.


The tl;dr is that anyone trying to bring a dog into the US that doesn't have rabies vaccination must be confined until 30 days after vaccination. Even if it's not rabid and you can prove the parents had vaccinations and the doghas no chance of carrying rabies. The agreement makes it so you can't take the dog out of the house unless it's...
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Just drive it across the border. No one really cares enough to enforce those laws on the ground.
I considered that, but it's still a big risk. I've never even been across the border so I don't even know how it all works.
Why can you not just get a puppy in the states?

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Zika has spread from Uganda and Brazil to numerous countries across the globe. Florida is hit hard and California has reported cases.

Is it ethical to send our best athletes to the source of a disease which causes brain damage in-utero and is sexually transmitted?

Imagine Zika as the yellow lines in pic related after the closing ceremony of the Olympics 2016.
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Athletes are pretty useless now a days.
No worse than the shit infested waters they are trying to compete in. Should have thought about this before they decided to hold the olympics in a 3rd world country.
Yes its ethical and totally worth it, if not who is going to distract all the worlds sheeple?

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Hey /an/, I have a dilemma.

I adopted a cat last year from a friend of a friend who was leaving the country back to her home country. The cat is 2+ years old, male, fixed, and completely unsocialized. I've been unsuccessfully trying to socialize him for a year to my other 6 cats (all adopted, all socialized). He was picked up off a highway as a kitten, and has had no littermates. His previous owner didn't know how to teach him to play and hold his strength, so he bites and is very twitchy. He's sweet and loves to sleep on the bed, and is otherwise perfect....
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This is unrelated but what country are you in? Thailand? India? Am I completely off?
Oh wait. Is it Isreal?
What are you doing ot socialize him. if he's been on the streets for a long time, he isn't going to flip some switch and become a home cat. you have to intervene a little bit and show him that other cats coming up to him doesn't mean he'll get hurt.

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I found this spider in my bathroom and so I caught it. I'm kinda into spiders so I'm wondering what kind it is. Someone pls help me
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Im guessing juvenile wolf or grass
Brown widow
Image of too poor quality to determine accurately. What region do you reside in, and how has the recent weather been?

File: r9lnw1.jpg (27 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what are some small pets that will chill on my desk? besides pic related
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Especially at night, when they are drowsy. Max comfy
What is a burb?
Tiny dinosaur.

File: photo.png (382 KB, 360x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Chi Pap Master Race

Lets see some cute puppies
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File: princess.jpg (106 KB, 1500x1254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 1500x1254
I think my little princess is some mix of chi, pap, and spaniel.

She is a very silly girl.
Who are chis anyway? Terriers? On their own, ancient breed?

File: cowe2.jpg (31 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hello cowe

pls post rabbut
haha it's funny cause you're an autistic retard

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Has anyone experienced a dog becoming aggressive with age? Is this a thing?

My family's dog used to occasionally growl and snap, but now that he's 10 he's started to violently bark whenever we try to get him to do something he doesn't want to.

He has regular and recent vet checkups, is in good health and is not in pain.
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He just fights for dog rights. Dog lives matter, no dog should be a slave.
this is probably anthropomorphizing, but elderly people are often grumpy too, so maybe? but are you sure he's not in pain? animals are often good in hiding pain.
i was about to make a thread about this, my dog has become almost uncontrollably dog aggressive in his old age. i think it's territorial because it's only with dogs on our block.

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I work at a shelter and an ACO just brought this fish in. We have no clue what kind of fish it is or how to house it. Please help
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A raggedy fishus
Looks like a fucked up Oscar. Put the poor guy down, use clove oil to do it, most humane way.
I wouldn't put him down.
I've had a lot of torn up cichlids, they usually recover fully.
Can't really tell his health from one pic, but Oscars are pretty resilient.

File: playa1.png (1 MB, 1152x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can we have a thread for instant crustacean pets? I was real interested in these as a kid. I had sea monkeys and triops and have been thinking about buying them again. I only just recently saw that there are a bunch of different species of fairy shrimp, which are larger and some more colorful than the sea monkeys I had as a kid. I even saw a triops kit on Amazon that claimed to have transparent triops, which sounds sort of neat. I'm thinking about setting up a small tank for some larger fairy shrimp.
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i can't see brachiopods anymore without thinking of South Park's Sea People.
Let us know how it goes and where you bought them from, cuz I've been looking into it as well but am kind of broke for now.
Years ago, I bought one called the Triops DLX kit. It has one of those small kritter keeper cages and I ended up with about 5 healthy ones. I moved them into a 5 gallon tank, but eventually they died and I had none left because the filter sucked up all my babies. Stupid mistake but that was a long time ago. A competent fish keeper can keep these healthy indefinitely, but they should have fine substrate for them to lay eggs in and a proper filter or bubble rock that won't genocide them all.

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