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hai fish.jpg
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Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size
-any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them

>How to cycle your tank:
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What's the usual dieoff rate for fish fry? I have some cory fry I've been trying to rear and I seem to lose one every two days or so. They just turn up dead even though the water's fine and I fed them.

It is my copper cory's first spawn, by the way.
What could be wrong with my Neon Tetra /aq/?

3 times now I've woken up to find 1 gasping for air near the surface. A few hours later it will be dead.

I don't think I have an aeration problem as it's only one fish gasping at a time. All the other fish are fine.
test ammonia and nitrates.

change some water no matter what the tests show.

also check your temps. You want to be 78-ish F.

I personally don't own any snakes but this situation has caught my attention. I didn't see any threads pertaining to this, however, has anyone else heard about this? Apparently, dozens of snake owners are losing the right to own certain species of snakes. I found the article on USARK's Facebook page. Pic related, lady who had her snakes taken away.

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I can see why if it's like a huge snake you have to feed rabbits in a bathtub or something venomous but that snake isn't really that big. That sucks.
I think what even makes it worse is the fact that the snakes were frozen to death. I would be very disheartened if that happened to my beardies...
Poor woman.

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Hi /an/, I need some minor pet help (no not take it to the vet kind of help).

So I have a budgie. He's very active but rarely interacts with me, he mostly prefers to play with "toys" like drawstrings for shades or chew on bird-safe plants and wood. Other than that he mostly spends time in his cage with normal toys.

Should I just accept that he isn't interactive? I can't even take him more than 6 feet away from his cage before he takes off. He steps up just fine and will eat food with me, and that's about as far as interaction goes....
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flush him. they're all little satans and must be destroyed. with extreme prejudice.
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May I present to you, Col. Kurtz in feathers

I mean, I've held more friendly budgies at zoo exhibits. It's actually kind of shocking.
i used to own two of these fucks and this pic looks pretty much like one of them. the other one was blue and retarded and her eyes were two different sizes it was fucking weird. they died like 14 years ago and seeing budgies still triggers me.

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So, it microchipping pretty routine these days? Getting a cat early next year, not sure if it's worth the additional expense when it's going to be indoors/will have a tag with my contact information if it does get out.
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It's pretty cheap for the peace of mind. Just do it. Especially since it is an indoor cat and likely to just freak the fuck out if it escapes and who knows what might happen. And it's kind of safer than wearing the tag because it could get caught up and hang itself in a freak accident. It's like 25 dollars, you'd spend more on a lifetime of potentially dangerous collars.
Additional expense? Aren't they like $25...?
I think it's worth it, in any case. In the event that she does escape, and someone tries to keep her your name will automatically show up when she's taken to the vet. Or if her collar falls off somehow by getting snagged or something

File: 20151130_162737.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry for the shitty picture but does anyone know what kind of animal this is? I work at a school and some kids were huddled around it and it had its head buried in the dirt so I moved it somewhere safer

It kind of looked like a rat but it was a bit chubbier. It doesn't have skin on its tail either. I live in flagstaff AZ if that helps. I tried looking it up but all I could find were pest control sites
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maybe a coypu
I can't tell what's going on in your pic, but your description sounds like a pack rat.
It didn't have whiskers and was a lot softer looking though. Also it was really small, a little smaller than the palm of my hand not counting fingers

File: 20151123_165222.jpg (2 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dog just swallowed a toothpick
She snapped it in two, and as I tried to get it out of her mouth, she swallowed it

Induced vomiting, but didn't see it come up. Keep trying?
>Inb4 call vet, they're closed, I called. Looking for emergency centers
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I have actually heard of dogs swallowing toothpicks before. One of my friends had her dog eat an entire tray of cheese bits, toothpicks and all. They called their vet, who suggested mixing wet dog food with cotton balls. Giving it to the dog immediatly and then bringing the dog to the vet to be monitored. The cotton balls wrapped themselves around the toothpicks, creating a mass that contained them all. It was passed uneventfully the next day.
I wish I had it that easy

I found an emergency vet, and she tried to make her vomit it out too... and there was lots of blood
Waiting to hear news back, but it isn't looking good
>Feed the dog cottonballs
Yeah don't do that OP

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Hey /an/, a question for you.
Does anyone have any ideas for homemade modifications of a guinea pig enclosure? We have ours set as pic related but we're trying to find a way to cover his cage door so his feet don't get caught going in and out. He slips too much on the cardboard to use that.
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Where's the bathroom?
Add some high grit sand paper to the cardboard
Top right, you can't see it in the picture.

Wouldn't that hurt his feet? I was thinking of using popsicle sticks on the cardboard.

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Alright, I've had it with these fucking pests of birds! Sure, BAVI, but I'm pretty sure that THESE specimens are nothing but a pain in the ass! Canada geese are the fucking worst. They shit and nest on your lawn and never fucking leave you alone afterwards. It's time we've done something about this! Rev up those ovens, we're gonna be cooking a few million geese!
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do the meanyface geese remind you of how much of a pathetic weak beta you are?
Actually, I take pride in my beta-ness. On another note, that is an ebin meme, sir
File: 1379866153713.jpg (54 KB, 193x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I take pride in my beta-ness
good, because there's no one to do it for you.

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Hey /an/ my Bunny gave birth to two beautiful baby girls about 12 - 13 weeks ago. i choose to keep them, and bought a new triple cage to them, so there would be enough space. but now my bunny is pregnant again. She managed to get into my male rabbits cage about a month ago, i was quick to get her out, but not quick enough.
i have two problems now.
It's only 12 - 14 weeks ago she gave birth the last time, will she be okay??
and should i separate her and her two other babies, before she gives birth and while the babies grow up?
i feel terrible, i do have enough...
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She'll be fine. Bunnies do this pretty often in captivity, especially if you don't keep the sexes well separated. They have multiple litters in the wild, too.

The kits can be raised together, shouldn't be a problem. You'll want to separate them out by sex before they hit sexual maturity, though. The kits can be removed and put in a new cage after four weeks, which is about how long it takes for her to gestate new kits. So, you prefer, just take the old babies out of the cage when the...
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Holy shit, how do you let that happen twice? Crimeny. Owners like you are the biggest reason spaying/neutering is so fervently encouraged.

>inb4 momma rabbit has son and gets pregnant by it

That aside, I'd move the kits out of the cage so they don't disturb her nest. Make sure they don't get the chance to have sex with their daddy; they can ovulate as young as three months, so if he fucks his babies, you might have some incest litters on your hands. As far as the doe's health is concerned, ask your vet what you...
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Learn how to properly skin and gut a rabbit. Eat the males before they're big enough to fuck their mother. Eat any females you can't afford to keep.

They make a great roast and there are tons of recipes online. You can also look up humane slaughtering techniques. Not even being edgy with ya. I've trapped wild ones and roasted them while on long hiking trips and camping trips on friends property.

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This fucking cat is always staring at me. Is anyone's cat or pet is constantly staring at you all the time when you appear before them?
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just smack it

my tarantula always stairs at me all the time and i don't know why

Hey guys, what breed of cat is this?
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Better pic
No breed, just a domestic shorthair.
The color/ pattern is mitten blue point.
Cool, thanks!

File: 20151130_150450.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can someone tell me what this is?
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A rubber ball.
That is a wild strawberry. It's edible but not very tasty.

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My cat is about 24 years old now. He's been in amazing health, still runs around and hunts mice in the house and everything. He's been deaf for a few years now, though. Recently, his ear has been oozing this really funky waxing buildup- we clean his ears regularly, and this is beyond the normal ear wax. Don't think its mites, but scheduled for the vet later this week. Any ideas what it could be, and what treatments I can do for him in the meantime?
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get it checked.
There is probably an infected cut in there. Carefully wipe up as much as you can with some q-tips, try to keep it clean until the vet appt, keep her/him from scratching at it.
What does it smell like? It could be mites, a bacterial infection, yeast or a fungus.

File: 20151130_072416-1.jpg (3 MB, 2133x2344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I found a kitty this morning mewling outside my apartment window.

He looks very scrawny but hasn't ate or drank yet.

He also has runny poop.

I've had the fella for about 1/2 an hour now.

Also he bit a bunch of little holes in my finger. I put on peroxide and polysporin right away so i should be fine right?
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You need to take him to a animal rescue of some sort. Just to be safe.
stop contributing to environmental damage by supporting feral pest species.
Sorry friendo. You have to amputate the fingers.

File: 20151130_013013.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need an expert. Can anyone tell me what sex this scorpion is?
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From the markings on its belly, and the size of the sting, I can tell you its a ruthless killing machine and I used to catch these all the time out behind my grandmas house, but I dont know anything else about scorpions.
Bees of the sand.
File: 20150704_030650.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836
It is C. vittatus if that helps.
please look up what determines the breed in a scorpion.

then think if you are able to picture the parts of the scorpion needed to identify its sex

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