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venus trap.jpg
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Im new on this stuff, need some tips for growing this plants, droseras or sundews and venus flytraps
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No tap water collect rain water
Put plant in container in a bowl at water to bowl when empty

Dont trigger plant bite takes lots energy kills snapper after 2 or 3 bites

> be me
> watching someone's cat and staying at their house while they're on vacation
> know nothing about cats so I'm nervous
> making dinner in kitchen
> cat sneaks up behind me
> trip over cat
> in panic trying not to step on cat I accidentally kick it clear across the kitchen
> cat lets out a groaning meow...
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Offer it your anus as an apology.
There are a couple things you can try.

Try locating the cat and sitting down in the room the cat is currently in. It may take some time but the cat will generally come up to you. Just be slow until the cat realizes you won't hurt it.

If the cat likes treats, you can always try offering them some treats/tuna or even cooked chicken as a sort of peace offering. The cat should start to associate you with treats and get back to being your friend (you can also combine this with sitting on the floor so the cat doesn't feel threatened).

Hope this helps!
Try feeding it?
Tell the owners what you did and ask what kind of food it likes.
Don't try to chase it any more but getting close and fully extending your arm to let it smell you/maybe pet it a little will help.
Tell it you are sorry.
Honestly people trip over cats all the time so it has probably had this happen to it before.

Do rats love their owners? Like, do they actually care? Or are they just like mice or hamsters who don't seem to care at all for you unless you have food? Do they crave attention? Cuddle? I'm looking for an apartment pet, but I want something that will actually enjoy and care about my company.
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Yeah I would say they do, and I would extend that to some mice too. In my experience they really seem to miss you when you are gone and they seem to choose their owner/really treat different people differently.

If you are doing it right they will sit and wait for you to let them out and get excited when they see you. Some individuals almost act like dogs who wants to be petted.

Rats and mice are highly intelligent and you can learn them tricks , they all have their own personality and they can be very loyal (one of my males really hated everyone but me when it...
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Rats feel empathy to the point that they will save a friends life (Another rat) instead of getting food, so i'm going to assume that if you are nice to your rat they will feel a lot of love for you.
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no, rats are not capable of love, only nociception.
they can't feel anything, so feel free to do whatever with them. this is a picture of my rat setup.

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Saw these birds flying around my house and they looked like a swift/swallow and moreover behaved like swifts however their tail was long and rounded.Southern Florida BTW.
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Mind that the tail in both images aren't very visible but some glided over and I caught a glimpse.
>Hey! A bird ID thread! I love these!
>OP even put location!
>This'll be easy as pie!
>Click reply
>Look at images
>Awful, awful images
>Would not have even known they were birds unless told

Sorry, OP. I can't do a...
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>expert level bird identification

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Is it okay to hold a dog or cat by the scruff?

Will a dog correct their bad behavior better or see you as the pack leader if you hold it by the scruff as a form of punishment ?
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Hold yes, carry no.

Dogs don't have the bullshit "pack" mentality. It was bred out of them centuries ago. Train your dog properly.


And it hurts like hell as well.

Mothers use it to carry babies, but not adults. You'll just piss off the dog.

Correct bad behaviour by positively reinforcing good behaviour. It's a dog, it has no idea what it's doing.
Cats dont have the elastic skin in the scruff as adults that they do as kittens, and they weigh a hell of a lot more. trying to lift by the scruff is a good way to harm your cat

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Post ur pet
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Horse all these are me op btw

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My pet is cuter than yours.
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What's it like to have a pet pig? Do they chew on stuff? Are they destructive? Is it easy to potty train them?
Fuck you, you got this shit from /v/.
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It is cute but it's also just a baby. They get a little rougher looking when they grow up. Fat and sway backed. But I love pigs so I still think they're cute.


They're completely different from cats and dogs. You'd have to meet one to really know what they're like. They don't chew stuff up but they will explore it with their mouth. Their nose and mouths are their shovel/hands. They can be destructive because they like to root but I wouldn't describe them as any more destructive...
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Fat Black Cats_7.jpg
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Question: What would you do?

My 2 year old pitty was staying at my mom's house. While she was leaving the bedroom, he pushed past her and grabbed a hold of my 18 year old cat. He killed her instantly. My poor mother had to watch her cat be killed. and she had to clean it up afterwards.

So, now we have this dog and don't know what to do with him.
I have found a trainer so hopefully he can learn some damn manners & have a little more self control.

Have you every had experience with a strong prey-drive in your animals? Did any specific training...
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What are we going to be able to tell you that a trainer can't? You have a dog from a known aggressive breed kill your mother's cat, I imagine most people would get rid of the damn thing.
Get rid of it, too many negative emotions now. You and your mom will resent him forever. Never get a pit bull again.
Giving the dog to someone else is not fixing anything, it's just handing off a problem dog to someone else. Don't make the dog someone else's problem.

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So what animals are the most flamable? Now before you accuse me of being a psychopath I SWEAR that I am asking for a D&D game not because I'm a sick individual. Let me just expand further. I am playing a druid who of course can morph into animals and magically summon temporary animals. So a thought occurerd to me to use these fake animals whom I would otherwise just send to their "deaths" anyways in a "creative" way. So the though occurred to me to summon a couple of giant owls who can lift like 90 pounds each and have them drop incendiary animals...
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You what... I'm not quite sure how to answer your question, this kind of seems like a really convoluted way of just setting things on fire. Since this is a fantasy world where we've established there's already magic and fantastical creatures, why not just summon up a pheonix or a dragon or some shit. Most animals reaction to being set on fire would probably be to lose their shit and panic, due to being on fire. They'd be just as likely to set fire to you as much as anything else in their surroundings,...
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Fire ants.
That is super, SUPER uncharacteristic for a druid to do, unless D&D has changed a lot from when I was a kid. I thought summoned creatures were real, living creatures, not magical constructs. For a druid to set an animal on fire makes no sense.

That aside, don't use sheep. Wool is flame retardant.

Great :)

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>facebook girls using 4chan
this is so weird.
Is it? Always assumed posts like these were bots that made it past captcha
Actually going to agree with you on this one buggy, people here still assume 4chan is still some secret underground thing. It never really has been, its more like a bunch of underage teenagers drinking white lightning on a park bench. Most people avoid it, but at the same time pity it for how much of a badass it thinks it is.

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Ask dog questions that don't deserve their own threads here.

Dog Kibble and Wet food ingredients/nutrition guide:

Dog breeds:

Previous thread:
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She might not be getting the nutrition she needs. What kind of food are you giving her?

Experienced breeders have bred them for there loving temperament over the past century. Since they're retrievers, it's necessary for them to be very family friendly. That's what makes them extremely able to be tamed.

My cat is like this...
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and reposting again

>purina super coat for puppies

>Meat & meat by-products (from chicken, beef and/or lamb) and/or poultry by-products
That's quite vague. Why didn't they just mention what's in it? By-products are NOT good.

>fish and fish by-products
Same thing with above

>wholegrain cereals (wheat and/or sorghum); cereal by-products and/or vegetable proteins;
Third item on the list and they've already gone to shit. Again with the by-products and wtf is 'vegetable protiens'. The reason vegetables are in there is to give your puppy a balanced diet with proper vitamins. Not just fucking protein.

>other cereals; minerals and vitamins (including, sodium chloride and/or calcium carbonate and/or potassium chloride and/or choline chloride; vitamin E, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, niacin, copper sulphate, manganous oxide, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, vitamin A, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, potassium iodide, vitamin D3, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite, vitamin B12); beet pulp; garlic, rosemary plant extract.

The first five ingredients should be specified for meat and vegetables. You don't want "cereals" and "by-products" in there. That could just be some horrible animal they scraped off the side of the road. You want to know what's going into your dog.
Also, imo I don't think you should look for food that has labelled "for coats" because if it was a good brand, all of its foods should be aimed for health. And that's the best way to see how healthy your pup is, by how healthy their coat is.

I recommend these brands:
Blue buffalo
Back to basics

You can also look at this website here.
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Marleaux b&w.jpg
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Maybe someone can give me some insight on this.

My 6 year old AmStaff stopped eating and drinking. Took her into our vet and they couldn't diagnose anything, said it may be a stomach bacteria, gave us some antibiotics. After a couple of days of that, she started vomiting. Took her in again, and they though they saw a mass in her intestines. An exploratory surgery later, no mass, but a couple of enlarged lymph nodes. Nodes are out for analysis, waiting on results.

What is going on with my dog /an/? It's killing me that shes like this. Anything else my...
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>tfw pic related might have to be euthanized
How did you deal with your pet having to be put down?
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take one last go for the road and find another small creature to stick your phimotic microdick in
Why is pic related being euthanized? :(

We put my golden lab down around our kitchen, because that was her favourite place.
I went to my room, laid down, cried a little and then cried a lot.
Fractured jaw. She's too old, surgery is expensive, and even then it's not guranteed to fix anything and she might die.

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le poop chute.jpg
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Why do so many parents tell their kids to take care of a fish first to prove they can handle a dog/cat/whatever mammal? Properly caring for fish basically entails carefully simulating an entire ecosystem. Properly caring for a dog entails refilling its food and water and giving it exercise outdoors.
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>Properly caring for fish basically entails carefully simulating an entire ecosystem.
no it doesn't.
elaborate please
When I was a kid, I was given a mouse as a first pet.

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>Nola, One of Four Northern White Rhinos in Existence, Dies at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Only 3 Left in World Now
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stupid fucking poachers
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Meme frog reporting in

Hey meme frog.

File: giantdog.jpg (456 KB, 574x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what are some /an/ approved dog training methods? i have decided to get a dog when the winter passes, and i want to be prepared when the time comes. naturally, i want to cover all the basic stuff, but i would also like to train the dog to be protective of me and my house, and to start or stop manically barking on command. any pointers or recommended resources are appreciated. pic unrelated
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>i would also like to train the dog to be protective of me and my house

this is a slippery slope. teaching human-aggression (which is basically what you mean when you say "protective") in a creature whose decision making processes are much narrower than our own can be dangerous, to say the least. and there is always a trade-off. when you teach a dog to be a "guard dog," it doesn't understand well in which situations it needs to go by what you have taught...
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thanks for the input. i will read up on naturally protective breeds. one of my family is expecting a litter of english mastiff/great dane puppies, i was thinking about grabbing one of them.

it's a little scary at first, but just realize that it's not rocket science. take everything you read with a grain of salt and recognize you always just have to be smarter than the dog. they have literally evolved alongside us to serve us as companions and tools. producing a well-trained dog is time-consuming, but the malleability is there, ingrained in his genetics. that said, puppies are lovable little retards and will do their best to prove everything i said wrong. shitting in the house, pissing in...
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