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Name plox :c
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tailfeathers the small
looks like a juniper

maybe a snek

haha idk lol :DDD

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So /an/? What did he say?
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what do you think?
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comic sans/10

bretty good f.am
I used it on purpose.

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Post your Cat!
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My name is Pudding, I have heterochromia and I like to chew up food from my human's kitchen counter and leave a chewed up blob on the kitchen floor for everyone to see.
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Sleepin in the kitchen chair like a boss

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What animal could I realistically get as a pet that would live the longest? I really, really don't handle pet deaths well, and I'd like to avoid it again if possible.

I know parrots outlive their owners fairly often. And I've heard about those tortoises living +100 years, but I don't know how practical that would be.
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Immortal jellyfish
tortoises are pretty pratical.

the only expense I have is buying UV/heat bulbs and electricity.
koi fish also live for ages

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Would a pack of dakotaraptors stand a chance against a tyrannosaurus?
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Chance against it how? Maybe harass it and chase it off, but no way in hell are they killing it, and they wouldnt even attempt something retarded like that.
Dude, I know. Saw a rex hightailing it away from a pack of those things and their kill just last week. What a world.

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puppy kawaii.jpg
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I want a dog but am lazy as fuck and don't want to do shit.
What dog is least maintenance, rarely have to wash, never have to groom, etc, and won't piss and shit all over my house but still love me and be hella obedient and want cuddles?
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A cat.
cats are shit but
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I'm getting a puppy soon and I've been thinking about keeping her mostly on raw meat. I have a couple questions.

How do I know how much to give her?

Can I trust her not to choke on a bone as a baby? I initially thought about feeding her ground beef/turkey while she is young, but that wouldn't be any fun. Especially if she is teething, she would want a bone or something chewy. I'd imagine getting raw chicken wings, but I fear the bone might be a bit too small that it might hurt her. I could be wrong about the size though.

I don't...
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You have a lot of research ahead of you. You're going to need to carefully calculate the appropriate amount and composition of the food she needs. Because, for example, muscle meat is low in the way of vitamins so you'll need to add a supplement or organ meat too. And raw, meaty bones. You want larger bones for this, chicken wings aren't good for that. To be sure you're doing that all right you're going to need to contact an animal nutritionist or at the very least experts on raw feeding.

The only way to bypass a complicated process of acquiring...
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Bird bones are a no-no. They will splinter and injure the dog's intestine. If you want to give her bones, give big ones.

Feed your dog offal, especially green tripe if you can get it. I don't think proper ratios are that important as long as you feed the dog a variety of meats and offal.

There should be tables online giving info how much protein/carbs/fats a dog of specific age/weight/breed needs. Look them up.
If you're on Facebook there are actually a number of Facebook groups with lots of good information compiled for beginners. I would recommend joining a few of these groups, just so you have people you can reach out to for questions. Unfortunately there are only a few people on /an/ with experience formulating and feeding a raw diet.

BTW, where do you live?

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My cat got in a pretty bad fight and got bitten pretty ugly.

He licks his wounds too much and it worries me.

His tail also twitches strangely.

Is it time for vet?
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Definitely time for a vet.

the better question is: is it safe to let my cat outdoors unsupervised where he might get into fights requiring subsequent visits to the vet?

unless you're really attached to the idea of your cat dying young, the answer is obviously "no".

and yes, go to the vet you retard.
Execute your cat for shaming you by losing a street fight. Shit cat.
Get new cat, arm it with Stanley knife.

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So I got a puppy and jeez I fuckin hate it.

I got all his shots, being neutered in two weeks. Eats blue buffalo premium life whatever bullshit with tons of chew toys and sweaters and chew toys.

IT SUCKS. And I do say NOOOOO and ignore it because it's an annoying pushy puppy.

100% the problem I have and of course I'm not gonna give it away after spending so much but if I sit down he DIVES into my lap. If I go in the kitchen he JUMPS and scratches and gets his nails caught in some of my pants n ruins them.
NO leaving any paper or shoes or cords...
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Are you fucking retarded. You should have prepared for this because he's TEETHING, you fuck.
He's a puppy, so of course he'll have to go to the bathroom every couple hours until he's around 12 weeks+. Then he'll begin to learn to hold it.
Teach him the god damn basics you lazy anon. Sit, stay, lay down, shake, and anything else. He'll learn to sit and stay there if he wants something from you because he thinks by sitting you'll reward him.
you MUST puppy proof your house, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars like that idiot...
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Seriously, why even own a dog if you hate it so much.

Do your fucking research. Other than that, you should have known how high energy and difficult they would be as a puppy. if you wanted less handling, you should have adopted an older dog. They won't calm down till probably around the 8 month period and even then they'll still be playful.

Practice fucking obedience you idiot. Teach him basic commands and reprimand him and ignore him when he doesn't listen.

Never have kids.

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Anyone know what breed this dog is? and how many mts old he looks?
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Doggy 2.png
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another pic
File: Doggy 3.png (171 KB, 336x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Doggy 3.png
171 KB, 336x282

Looks like a GSD/Rottie mix. You'd need to take it to the vet for a real aging. From the first pic it looks around 1 year, but the second pic he could be 1-5ish.

File: puppies.jpg (32 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so I've been with this girl and I'm kind of worried she's not giving him as much time as he needs, he's about 7 months old. I could be overreacting, I just want some assurance

>she works 4 days of the week 8 hours a day
>has a room in her rental she calls the "puppy room" that she keeps him in while she's gone
>room is completely empty (no tables, lamps, drapes, etc) except for his open crate and some food puzzle toys, rope/plush toys, chews, and water
>room is about 8ft by 8ft and he's left in there when she leaves at 9am
>she comes home on her lunch hour to give him a potty break and play with him
>gives him a walk or plays fetch when she gets home at 6
>goes to bed at 10 and he sleeps on her bed most nights or sometimes in his crate
>she walks and feeds him the next morning then the cycle repeats

I just worry he's not getting enough attention or exercise. and she takes college classes online so she's studying a lot on her days off and not taking him out

am I over reacting /an/? if not, how do I get her to give him more attention?
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It depends on the breed of the dog.

If it's a greyhound then they don't need shit, but if a husky they need like 3 hours of running a day.

Hard to tell unless we know the breed and the specifics of how much time she spends with the dog and what she does during said time.

From what you described it sounds like you're overreacting, though.
At seven months she's sounds like a good owner honestly. If the pup were say 3 or 4 months I would be a bit worried, but for how much she's working and still taking the time out of her day to come home at lunch and take care of that pup PLUS giving him a whole room, ah that just warms my heart. Unless the pup is misbehaving or not getting enough hard excersise, I wouldn't worry. She sounds like a great owner to me.
actually thinking about it he's more like 8 months. sorry for the fuck up

he's a husky/bulldog mutt she adopted. she took time off work until he was fully potty trained and could be left alone while she was gone at work (6 months, according to her)

she goes on a run each morning pretty early and takes him with her, little less than an hour I think. then on her break she does fetch in the yard type stuff. and when she's home it's more fetch and usually a walk. occasionally she'll...
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Alright so my cat is 1 1/2 year old rescue, spayed, I feed her a mix of wet food and kibble (the best diet I can afford with my budget, I went through Schesir Almo etc. and I settled on a good compromise).

She does two things that worry me.

When I play-fight with her and I'm holding a puppet in front of her and she's readying up to pounce or puffing up, she does a weird huffing sound over and over. It's not hissing, more like a sort of clearing out her throat. She doesn't do this in any other situation, only while she acts all tough and is ready...
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What should I look for? They couldn't find anything last time

did you describe the sound you heard and the behaviors that induced it? if you did so and they said nothing was wrong with her, i would trust them

File: tosa-inu-pls-kill-us.webm (3 MB, 632x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
ITT: Abominations created by shit dog breeders going for extreme looks
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File: dosakoreanmastiff.jpg (201 KB, 566x447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it seems excessive
Shit dog breeder detected.

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I'd like to work one on one with exotic animals. Actually interacting and carrying for them is preferred. What career choices do I have? And what type of careers follow that sort of work? I looked into zoo keeper and animal rehabilitation but It doesn't seem like the type of job that is financially stable, and 20k a year median wage. Is there anything I'm missing? Does zoology let u work with zoos for study? Do you actually interact with the animals or study from afar? I wouldn't mind wildlife vet but I'm not sure I'll be comfortable if I have to put any of the animals down, unless there's no chance of saving them and they are in pain. Thanks /an/
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File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
May have some typos in there in using the mobile version and it's kind of wonky.
File: 1447907881537.jpg (187 KB, 777x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's a dream a lot of us animal lovers want. To work with animals, especially exotics. Most jobs relating to animal care don't pay well, but if you love the work you do, you should do it regardless.

You can work in an exotic vet office. I've heard even being a veterinarian doesn't pay well (any vets here feel free to say I'm wrong), but again, it's something they love and put their whole heart into. No better way to get close to animals besides your own. I'm sure everyone who works as a vet worries about putting down animals and having...
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>Actually interacting and carrying for them is preferred
Uh oh...

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Hey /an/ could you please settle this for me and my friend.

The biggest male gorilla ever vs the biggest polar bear ever. Who wins?

I've used forums but most of the responses are along the lines of "I'm a gorilla and have killed 9 polar bears"

Please help xoxoxoxo
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brock lesnar
The bear.In a single swipe. The bear is bigger,stronger,more durable,more skilled at fighting and has claws.

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