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Should I get back into wrestling or is it even shittier than ever? All I see now is a bunch of indy nerd faggot spot monkeys jumping around in the ring.

Pretty much the reasons I didn't care for indy promos is the reason why I couldn't get back into wrestling now.

>Kevin Owens
>Finn Balor
>Samoa Joe

What is this TNA lite now?

Do you really think I want to watch a bunch of guys that look like they could be...
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>the absolute state of OP's shitposting

Here is 5 years worth of history OP

>John Cena opened up 2010 as the WWE Champion where he feuded with Batista before Batista shooted on Raw and began his UFC Career

>Sheamus who left ECW defeated John Cena for the championship in a Fatal 4-Way match and held it during Cena's feud with the Nexus which consisted of all of Season 1's NXT rookies.

>Orton won the championship in a 6-Man...
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>>CM Punk became the longest reigning WWE Champion in modern memory and began "The Reality Era" of Wrestling with his worked shoot promo.
the pg/universe era lasted from 2007 to 2014
>Do you really think I want to watch a bunch of guys that look like they could be my roommates doing lame spots all match?

Exactly, this is why I cannot into ANY freshly picked NXT jobber at all.

While people may bitch about Vince's obsession for muscles, there's a fucking reason for it.

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Post your favorites, make assumptions about fellow anons personality/taste etc.
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Have fun!
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Best of the Best.jpg
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You seem like a cool guy, a bit clumsy though because you have mistakenly put a chinese girl in an image that is meant to show who your favourite wrestlers are
Silly you

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Overrated. But then again this is the 3rd instance where we've seen someone who is clearly overqualified for this division have a terrible reign because there is no competition.

>Kevin Owens

Placeholder champion. Owens isn't elevating the belt he's trying to elevate himself. 2016 is Owens year lads. Soon will be seeing Owens joining the Authority in main event matches against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and soon to be Face Seth Rollins

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>>Finn Balor
>Needs to defend the championship more (I know he does all the time on House Shows but those aren't televised) and get a better finisher. The Foot stomp is garbage
He defended it on TV two weeks ago. He also hit a reverse bloody sunday.

And Seth was a great choice for champion since he can outwrestle probably anyone on the roster. WWE's booking is 100% to blame for their horrible ratings.

That match was 3 stars. It wasn't hot but it was generating sparks. The swerve ending kind made the match feel flat.

Tho this is a PPV match in the making you don't wanna waste it on free TV
>Seth was a great choice for champion since he can outwrestle probably anyone on the roster

Yeah and look where that got him.

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Old general had an untimely demise thanks to the influx of WWE shitheads making new threads...
All grapplers of their respective disciplines post here. Share stories, advice/tips, training routines etc. It all goes here.
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Nice to see that one of my favorite boards is falling apart before my very eyes.
At any rate, i haven't been to the gym in a while. Too occupied by school shit but I make time to go to wrestling practice every now and then.
Looks like an alright place. Just ask if they do month-to-month payments. Don't sign up for a membership with them if they make you do a contract for x amount of years unless you think you can keep paying it. That way if something happens, you aren't legally bound to do shit.
If you want strong cardio, you need to adjust your routine. Distance running/swimming only trains distance runs/swims and doesn't engage your circulatory/respiratory systems the way grappling will.

If you're not worried about that at all, routine looks solid.

As far as gym, you aren't going to find any decent training facilities anywhere. If they've got a schedule that fits yours and they aren't screwing you over on payment plans (lease style first/last payments, contracts that force you...
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I recently started lifting regularly BUT I only do it once a week.

As a newbie to lifting will I still see gains in my grappling from it or do I HAVE to lift more often to see any real results?

How'd training go yesterday? Two days ago?
Did you hit any sweet tricks down that three stair?
Nail anyone in the head while paintballing?
Catch any sweet waves?
Tap anybody out?
Rek anyone in sparring?
Hit a bullseye at 40 yards?
Anyone who actually trains, this is our thread. I miss you.
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I learnt a couple of defences and counters to a rear naked choke, which I think would be useful if I ever were to get into trouble of that kind (here's hoping I never do). Throwing someone over your shoulder is satisfying as fuck, but I need to improve my technique - I don't always get my hips below the opponent's, so I make it harder for myself and if they were really struggling they'd probably be able to escape.
It is krav maga and from what I've seen people like to take the piss, but it's a) free (I do it in uni society), b) enjoyable and...
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>let's put all the old /asp/ communities in one containment thread like a bunch of beta's
perfectly fine with this desu.
Spent this week in class doing a drill we call 4-corner.

It is where someone stands in the middle and people (usually 4) stand around that person.
They then one at a time at random doing random attacks that the person in the middle must defend against and counter, then finish.

I am sure that to some it sounds dumb or boring but it is a lot of fun and is a great way to review stuff, practice stuff, and gets you thinking about self defense a bit.

Tomorrow going to review pressure point stuff, which will literally be a pain, but it is useful to keep it fresh.

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So as the wrestlefags of /asp/ and /wwe/ unite, I feel like we need this thread to discuss generally how things are done on both sides. Come together and tell each of the different threads we all do and basically get to know each other.
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As for /asp/, we have:
> /asprowrestling/ Generals
> Live Raw threads
> /asp/ Predicts

That's pretty much it. I am curious what the /wwe/ Raw Gamethreads are.
Basically just RAW threads except they aren't dead and they last usually around 500 posts each gamethread that night (except for the last one)
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Gay Steelmill.jpg
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Oh, be nice!

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So let me get this straight....
In Japan Judo, Ju-Jitsu, and Karate are viewed as respectable sports and they respect the atheletes.....but they consider MMA as bunch of circus freaks???
I don't get it. Why?
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MMA is closer to pro-wrestling in its market demo and advertising.
Shares a history with pro-wrestling in japan
And many of the popular fighters are kind of freaks, for a lack of a better word.

The other 3 you mentioned are part of traditional and respected martial culture.
Muh honor

Mastah the one art better den average in many technique
MMA fighers rack disciprine.

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Discussion thread for the GOAT.

>Will he ever come back?
>What feuds would you want him in?
>Favourite DBry matches and moments?
>How much better would WWE be with him wrestling.

Get in here BryanBros.
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He should come back the night after the Royal Rumble
He's ready to return any time. WWE just refuses to clear him.
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1. He's not coming back cause HHH and Vince won't let him cripple himself.

2.If he could feud with Owens or Seth then fine.

3. Him and all 3 Punk matches were good

4. It wouldn't change much. Fans will chant "Yes!" but it won't be the same as when he was really hot.

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Is this a McDojo or can I train here?
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OP are you humble bragging?
Cause that guy is a Nova Uniao black belt so he has a non gracie BJJ linage. Really bad ass that you are by a school that teaches Franca/Fadda style BJJ instead of Helio's branch.
I get that gracies are assholes and what not, but it really seems that people's interest in Fadda/Franca lineage is rooted in bjj hipsterism.
There's no such thing as bjj hipsters. but they are people who are vested in the history of BJJ and being able to train in another branch style as good as the Gracie that is under cut and undermine for decades is something to promote.

Fadda/Franca's branch of BJJ promotes the hell out of using leg locks and more heavy use of wrestling maneuvers on the ground and standing, which has shown with how Nova uniao has flourished so much for the last decade in MMA and BJJ tournaments,

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Favourite Total Divas character?
Least favourite?
Best episode?
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Bryan, Cena and Tyson are the best.
The Bellas and Eva Marie are the worst.
>Best characters
All the male wrestlers

>Okay characters
Eva Marie

>Worst characters
Nattie's fat/retarded parents
Bellas' gay brother
Eva's gay boyfriend
All the males in the show are amazing.

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company man punk.jpg
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What does /wwe/ think of the Authority's new corporate champ? Will he do well as Rollins' replacement?
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Reigns is going to BTFO smarks and Rollins dick suckers by boosting ratings and making RAW watchable again. Believe that.
Why did he choose Centimeter Punk as his name?
guys please don't sink this low, are you really going to leave /sp/? come to 16/2 chan you are more than welcome on /sp/, it is your home.

Is Kairi Hojo the best female wrestler in the world right now?
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Kill yourself you fucking faggot

Nikki Bella wouldn't crack the top 50 female wrestlers.
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She has the best elbow drop since Macho Man

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Hey whats up guys. Do any of you like amateur wrestling? I wrestled for 8 years. 3 year letterman in high school.
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smug ass raccoon.jpg
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>3 year letterman in high school
Oh wow, aren't you cool
you ever wrestle a girl? are there many female wrestlers?

whats a "letterman"?
>you ever wrestle a girl?
this question actually makes me curious, a lot of girls have been wining tournaments, even state championship, i didn't thought that was possible

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Post your
Weight class

san jose state
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>He goes to SJSU and does wrestling instead of judo
Why are they wearing swimsuits if they're not swimming?
If its so real why is it called amateur?

Ronda Rousey wants to fight ________
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in the WWE.
holly holm obviously what the fuck
I'm about ready for her to lose now. She's old milk

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