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Is there any way a boxer could win a fight with someone who does a kicking martial art like Muay Thai or would they just get their ass handed to them

Just wondering because I'm gonna start taking boxing and was wondering what would happen if I ran into someone on the street who did something like Muay Thai, would I just get embarrassed or would I stand a fighting chance.
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>Is there any way a boxer could win a fight with someone who does a kicking martial art like Muay Thai

It could be said that techniques such as jabs, roundhouse kicks, hooks, etcetera, are just tools that are used by more fundamental things.
These fundamental things could be said to be reaction time, speed, accuracy, and power.
With your power, accuracy, speed, and reaction time, you could use hooks, roundhouse kicks, jabs, etcetera.
Strategy and tactics may also be added to these fundamental things.

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bond parkour.jpg
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Dress shoes and suits for stunt professionals: what clothing and shoe manufactures produce products suitable for formal outings, parkour, and fighting?
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also interested
Just don't get your suit tailored tight as fuck like the kids are doing these days, and you'll be fine.
With fighting shoes, you can't go wrong with low-cut oxford boots.
The weight might slow your kick down a little bit, but it's not steel-toed, so it's lighter because of that, and it's also lighter because of the low cut. The extra mass relative to a lighter shoe also makes it so your boot packs a bit more of a punch in your kicks.
i know this isnt /fa/ but is there any other shoes you'd recommend that are of a similar style? I just want something light and comfortable that I could theoretically throw a kick in.

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Who does /asp/ have for this one and why
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If Aldo doesn't have ring rust and Conor doesn't get in his head, Aldo should take this one. Those are BIIIIIG IFs.

I also think it's interesting that both fighters are very big for their weight class and cuts shit load of weight. If we get to the 4th and 5th, all bets are off.
I have Aldo taking this, I will admit that I didn't see Mcgregor beating Chad Mendes, however giving that Chad mendes only had a two week training camp i will give him the benefit of the doubt. Aldo is just a different animal than the rest of the division and to be honest it is the toughest division in the UFC.
I think They will both move up to 155 lbs division, win or lose barring a rematch. The weight cuts are becoming to much for Aldo also it would give Renan Barou(sp) a chance to take the 145lb belt and Aldo a chance to take the 155lbs belt solving Nova Uniaos weight cutting problems. Also Connor Mcgregor looks like death making weight for 145 and will probably need to move up anyway.

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Hey /asp/, what does your modern day Ultimate Fighting Challenge look like? Pick a martial artist to represent one of eight styles of your choosing to find out which martial art reigns supreme in 2015. Same rules as UFC 1, bareknuckle, no time limit, kicks and knees to the head of a grounded opponent, basically no-holds bared.

Here's what mine would look like.

First quarterfinal
Keenan Cornelius- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
*7x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
Gennady Golovkin-...
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Who do you guys think would win? I got Keenan or Nieky.
You realise the ching chong dancers would just get demolished by the actual fighters again, right?
Yeah but that's part of the fun! I would even like to see pro wrestlers like John Cena face kickboxers and bjj fighters.

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what martial art do i practice to move super fast and get behind my opponent before they realize

i want to fight like in my japanese animes
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You just need to be fast, getting behind your opponent is just getting behind your opponent.
It doesn't really matter what martial art you do.
That's exactly one the things they train in freestyle wrestling. I think it's done in other styles too, such as folkstyle or greco-roman, but I can only speak for freestyle.

Is there such a thing as "the wrong" stance in boxing? I know people always say you'll get into your own style but I thought stances were pretty much standardised by now.

I ask because I'm getting into boxing and I'm a southpaw, my stance is exactly like pic related but I have my right hand (leading hand) on top and my left hand covering my body. In all pictures of this type of stance they seem to never have their leading hand on top, always at the bottom. This stance is what I feel comfortable with and it is lent from my karate background except being more compact obviously. I hunch my right shoulder to cover my chin on the right and have my right hand just a bit to the left of my chin to quickly block any punches coming from my left.

I've tried doing the peek-a-boo and the standard stances but they've all felt vulnerable, especially for my body, but as soon as I went into this stance it felt really comfortable and most importantly natural.

I don't have a gym atm so I'm only able to shadow box so I can't really tell if this is effective. That's pretty much why I'm asking here.
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Nah, even going no guard can work. It depend of yourself and your opponent. You style is okay but you should try to box in other stance to learn how to use them even if your not confortable this it.
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Okay, let's break it down.

The basic boxing stance is good, but quite simple. A well versed martial artist can pick holes in it all damn day. The following stances which I shall list and name are the more advanced ones that I have been able to apply to my boxing - I get a few raised eyebrows here and there, but believe me, it's worth it!

From left to right, top to bottom:
Open Chai (great for defending low kicks)
Forward Tiger (pressure fighting)
Startled Swan (defensive)
Waning Chai
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What is your end game? what do you hope to provide us with?

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am thinking about trying ninjutsu out, my question is, do you think it is worth it? and if you have been in proper fight after training it for a while how did you go? also mostly interested in hand to hand stuff but would also like to know about weapons training seems fun.
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ninjutsu doesn't exist, there is literally no such thing. It's fiction.
that can't be right. In my town alone there are 3 ninjutsu dojos. If they're not teaching ninjutsu what are they teaching?
they are literally making it up as they go and marketing it with a name people recognize from fiction.
even consider the idea of a ninja, the stealth assasin. What use would they have for hand to hand combat techniques?

if you truly want to be a ninja, here is what you do. Dress in normal clothing and in the middle of the day drop poison in someones food when nobody is looking, then casually walk away and blend into a crowd hoping nobody saw what you did
That is historically how a ninja would operate

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WWE - Raw - Champions.jpg
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Keep all discussion here throughout the show.

Current Champions:
> WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins
> Intercontinenal Champion: Kevin Owens
> United States Champion: Alberto Del Rio
> Diva's Champion: Charlotte
> Tag Team Champions: The New Day
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Tbh I'm glad October is over to get rid of the fucking pink rope.
RAW doesn't seem to be on. Did Vince fuck something up again?
RAW will be boring tonight.

# Bring back Hulk Hogan

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For long time I'm thinking about joining a martial art school, but my greatest concern is my fatness. I'm 164 cm tall and currently weight 111 kg, but I'm pretty agile.

That is why I'm starting with food diet (skipping soft drinks and drink mineral water instead, avoid taking snacks or candy). Use stationery bicycle everyday, but I need to plan out new scheme.

But the biggest question is how much weights do I need to lose or reach the ideal weight for martial arts training?
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look at roy nelson. You can be successful at fighting and still be a fat fuck.
guys are skinny because they want to fight in smaller weight classes and be the biggest strongest guy. But if you aren't dealing with weight classes you should try to be big and strong.
Look at least you got some flab for some protection. Fat guys are hard to KO
The drills and exercise you will do in Martial arts will help you loose weight. Start now.

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Is anyone else excited about this? Good to see some more grappling tournaments springing up that aren't focused on JJ.

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Too bad you can't learn catch wrestling anymore
Just gotta hold Erick and Josh Barnett at gunpoint and force them to give lessons

>they proceed to teach bjj at gunpoint and since the arts are very similar not many people will figure it out
There are some glaring differences though. For one, in catch you don't want to be on your back, where is in BJJ, you love being a bottom.

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How exactly does hitting your stomach with a medicine ball toughen your body? There aren't any muscles there to harden.

Or is it more for conditioning your body to getting hit hard in that area so when it happens in the ring it isn't as shocking? Like they say you have to get hit to learn how to take a hit.
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>There aren't any muscles there

Lol wut

In summary, microractures to the bones heal back stronger, Wolff's Law.
More signals of pain sent to the brain, the less it's processed over time, so more pain tolerance.
IIRC microfractures cause the bone to heal back more dense, but the side-effect is that it is also more brittle.

What they still didn't explain is why he didn't suffer testicular trauma.

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Information for beginners, PLEASE READ BEFORE asking: http://pastebin.com/C6rEGbzD

Shoe info and feedback, feel free to contribute on the 2nd link (the first is the shoe reviews): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnSv7MyhLozYdGM1a1FUMHNtTkRFN0xkVmt3dEZ0NHc#gid=0



Old thread >>753285

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Ok, so this /esg/ is canon, and the "le go early" /esg/ is not, right? Can we stop the arguments about which /esg/ to post in?

Also, here's something that's always relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ALfsE-5nA
No skate video in the OP?
I dressed up as Jacket from Hotline Miami, grabbed my skate and realized i couldn't go to the partie because i broke my leg skating 4 days before
So yeah, i stayed home and cried

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Opinions on thsi Conor McGregor vs. Hafthor fight?
Did Hafthor go easy on him or what?
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He seems like a big guy...
The big guy is clearly not a fighter.
No, he's a strongman competitor but I still think that he could have won if he actually didn't go easy on him.
He gets a hold of Conors wrists several times and he probably could have crushed them/broken them.
Also if hits to the head were allowed and the just gets in one good blow conor is smoked.

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Should we create a massive /asp/ martial arts sticky which includes all sorts of info, faqs, how to choose a martial art, etc and so on. I think it would be really beneficial for the board, and for the newfags they have a good resource to understand before asking stupid questions. Think about it, /fit/ has a sticky. I kind of mean something like that. What do you guys reckon? What would we have in it?
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I think that /asp/ should work together to gather some knowledge about martial arts and things relating to martial arts as to provide new members with information as well as provide information for the community as a whole to look over and ponder.

I think that the information provided should provide information from a relatively non-biased standpoint, with both information relating to specific things, the more nebulous, as well as varying combinations of specifics and generalizations depending on the topic at hand.
That's the impulsive typing off the top of my head, anyway.


/asp/ is to diverse (WWE, Airsoft, Climbing, Skating, all kind of martial arts..).

Also we wouldn't get a together with our opinions about many issues.
Why do we need a massive sticky? All it needs to say "CMA is shit, everything Japanese which isn't judo or full contact karate is shit, RBSD is shit. Ignore anything said by name/tripfags"

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Hey, Let's start a filipino martial arts thread
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ok then, fiber glass, wood, or bamboo?
I like much more wood or bamboo instead of fiber glass
Doug Marcaida, anyone?

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