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> BJJers do mental gymnastics to validate why they pay 300 a month for watered down judo

Why do you want to suffer?
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They seriously pay $300/month?

My judo club costs $100/year.
Even in NYC the most expensive is 240 and that's under wold champions. I pay 75 a month for 6 days a week of bjj.
Yeah because judo is so great and can beat everything with its retarded rule set and lack of ground work. Like we get it, you've done judo for three months now and you can beat up everyone so you better talk shit about a martial art that was meant to exist peacefully alongside judo and even be trained in conjunction with judo.

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Id like to get into airsoft but i dont know anyone who plays, can you guys give me the basics on equipment Guns and gameplay rules?

Can i get a good assault rifle for 100 bucks?
Can i start with just a handgun?
What gear is essential?
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>Can i get a good assault rifle for 100 bucks?
At that price point you need to find something on sale, but it's definitely achievable.
Shop around, read reviews, pick a gun you like the look of etc.

>Can i start with just a handgun?
You can if you want, but it's not a good idea. A cheap but reliable AEG is better than most pistols...
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Me too, actually. What's the ranking system for airsoft? Do you have belts, medals, etc.?
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oh afgan.jpg
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>What's the ranking system for airsoft? Me too, actually. What's the ranking system for airsoft?
top kek

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What's your rank?

BJJ blue belt 1 stripe here
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2nd Sash Tai Chi

White belt Judo

White belt American Karate

3rd Dan Tai Shu Do "The Way of Ultimate Techniques" and in 1993 under Bob Yoder's Kung Fu Academy

Just started boxing, probably a purple belt in terms of skill
>Just started boxing
>Gauges his ability using belt color

Delete this

>Just started
>probably a purple belt

And that's why people make fun of you, Wu: The more you want to seem bad ass, the more ridiculous it looks.

Be modest, train hard and if you have actual results (not based on self-reporting, but on actual facts like "I had 5 fights and won 4 of them") you can speak up.

While I think it's great that you started Judo and Boxing, why so impatient? You should do what makes...
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What's your dream UFC card look like /asp/. Let's show that Joe Silva cock sucker how to do his job right!

Anderson Silva vs GSP
Jacare Souza vs Yoel Romero
Rashad Evans vs Shogun Rua
Nate Diaz vs Myles Jury
Cole Miller vs Diego Sanchez
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Fabricio Werdum(c) vs Dos Santos
Ronda Rousey(c) vs Holly Holm
Johny Hendricks vs Rory Macdonald
Michael Bisping vs Urijah Hall
Pat Cummins vs Fabio Maldanado
Ronda Rousey(c) vs Cristina Cyborg
Chris Weidman(c) vs Jacare Souza
Ben Rothwell vs Bigfoot Silva
Carlos Condit vs Erik Silva
Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza
Ryu vs Ken
Scooby Doo vs Marmaduke
Heathcliff vs Top Cat
Papa Smuf vs David the Gnome
King King vs Grape Ape
Gryphon vs Sphinx
Great White Shark vs Orca (grappling rules, submission only; no points or time limit)

Do you know a good place to train Kyokushin in Fort Lauderdale?
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Nope, it's the same as Dade.
Oh, So i guess it's pretty much the same with Shotokan or Goju Ryu
Why you wanna do knotty so much op?

ever had to fight in a real life situation? how'd it go?
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at least no one got hurt
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bouncer vs gun.gif
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a bunch of times. fights are honestly pretty easy, not even being tuff >:( about it.

guys don't guard their legs, I have ended almost every fight I have been in with a round kick to the knee
on one occasion it was a round kick to the knee followed by a thrust front kick to the body because fuck you

although two non kick occasions stand out where a drunk doofus grabbed my shirt and I literally did a self defense class lesson one wrist capture, control into shoulder lock

and another time a guy grabbed my nipple and that just really pissed me off...
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Friendly reminder that Chris wiedman will be the new ufc champ once mcgreagor defeats Aldo.
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Anyone see Rhonda Rousey on Kelly & Michael?

Showed a punch, knee, and one Judo throw
shes shows the same moves every talk show she is on. She did the same thing on the Jimmy Fallon.

What do you mean? That he will be pound for pound n°1?

Dana and Frank don't like him that much. They will give top spot to McGOAT when he wins.

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Historical European Martial Arts Thread
Please keep it kind and on topic. Also no SCA/Reenactment please.

Essential Information:

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I can't go to either of this week's training sessions because of exams. Console me, /asp/.

Pic unrelated.
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I'm interested in the regenyei I.33 sword. Is it good? What's its price?

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Anyone know a quality Youtube channel for baliong trick tutorials? I ordered a trainer that'll be arriving tomorrow. I know how to do a couple basic opens and closes, but I want to get good. Goal is to get good enough to make some cash street performing.
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>not having a wavy bladed, rail road track constructed, 1ft Balisong

Jeff Imada's books are good, no idea if he's on youtube

>street performing with weapon associate with thugs and mugging

Just learn how to juggle or something you sperg

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What would've happened if John Cena was shot to death during or after the next Monday Night Raw? Hypothetically, of course.
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Literally No one cares about this faggy sport.

Delete this.
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Judgemental Cow.jpg
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The arena would be evacuated immediated with the shooter detained. Any future Raws would be put into question immediately with the increasing risk to the wrestlers themselves, including the recent run-ins on the Shield guys.

After possibly a month or more of hiatus, they may start getting back into the swing of things. The United States Championship would most likely be dropped and they will try to continue as best they can, possibly trying to push Roman Reigns in Cena's place.
He'd kick out.

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Hey /asp/, I'm a very inflexible person, and I want to change that.

Until recently, I only stretched after I jogged, and for example on the bend-down-with-straight-legs-and-try-to-touch-your-toes stretch, my fingertips only get like 10 cm / 4 inches from the ground, no closer.
I'm in my early thirties, never been very physically active aside from some light jogging. I'm pretty tall (197 cm / 6 foot 5 inches) and normal weight (90 kg / 200 lbs), although I still have a bit of a gut (22% fat according to a test I took recently).

I joined a local...
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>Do you guys have any tips

Stretch in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed.

And keep it up, it's perishable. And coming from someone who was hyper flexible (can still do full splits, straddles are garbage now) if you don't continue stretching at least at maintenance levels you'll get really tight and be in a lot of pain (especially lower back because of tight hamstrings).
I always found this youtube from Ryan Hall's dvd on flexibility useful

complete 55 mins

part 1 standing stretch

part 2 sitting stretch for leg/general principles

part 3

part 4

part 5

Thanks, looks like very interesting material! Much of it is way too advanced for me at the moment, but some of it I should be able to start practicing I think, and this way I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy in the future. And just knowing the English names helps for googling extra info :)

Oh, twice per day, that's even more than what I was planning! The morning stretch will be hard to wedge in between getting up and leaving for work, but I suppose...
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Hey guys i made a poll so we can vote on who to take to the winter autism ball.


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J:asp:er .png
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Also drawfags feel free to contribute any OC to this thread.
and /out/ is already taken you spergs just give up already
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So after 6 years of fencing sabre I got bored and lacked training. HEMA was too... dishonourable for my liking so found a nice kendo dojo. After few weeks I got a set of bogu to try adjust to bouting with it asap but I can't even seem to follow training g for longer than an hour after the beginner and kat session.

I Ihit the gym every other day to increase actual str rather than pure dexterity atm.

Any suggested regime to add for me to get used to running around around and shouting in this strap of armour?

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>train effective fighting style
>complain because it's dishonorable

It's as if you want to lose.

Since you want to go weeabo: Kyokushin Karate.
>requires carrying around a fucking sword
*nods respectfully*

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Based on combat effectiveness in a modern context. Tiered by the analysis of performance in competition, utility of syllabus and core principles. Martial arts featured on this list are present due to their fame and renown amongst the international martial arts community today - it would be impossible to list every martial art and its derivatives.

Not featured are weapons based martial arts, mostly due to my own inexperience with them but also due to the fact that it is hard to compare them to bare-handed styles. The...
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I really find it hilarious how you guys list sports at the top of your combat effectiveness lists
MMA is not combat, just so you know
I'd say enough Sambo belongs in the very high tier
Please explain how and why while wrestling and Judo are in the Very High category Sambo is not?
Conceptually as well as practically I cannot understand your reasoning here.

Further, I can see how you may make an argument about MT using knees and elbows as well as clinch to put it in the Very High, but if you are going to put boxing up there what prompted you to have kickboxing as well as goddamn sanda in the lower tier?

Please do elaborate

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>Why bodyweight?


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>Official Pastebin

>Safest Straight-Arm Progression (Steady State Cycles)

>Common Prereqs

>Wrist Prehab and Bodyline Exercises
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Foundation.jpg (2 MB, 2956x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2956x2304
>Which routine to begin with?
What are your goals?

>Skills and Gymnastics: Do Foundation

>Strength: Do Foundation or Build your own routine with Overcoming Gravity

>Easy mode - Join a gym/google BarStarz/do wighted exercises
>Hard mode - Do Foundation or Build your own...
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>the pic
Why is the stretch called shoulder extension? It is completely retarded. What is demonstrated is full shoulder flexion. Pushing further back will not result in shoulder extension, but shoulder dislocation. Shoulder extension is moving the upper arm behind the back. Fuck phrakture.

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