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what are your thoughts on MITB as it stands today.the biggest change i would make would be to bring it back to wrestlemania and to away with the pay per view
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People say it's more akin to what the IC was back in the day, but I really can only compare that to when Rollins was the holder. For me, MitB raises too many questions, like there are times when the champion is completely fucked in the middle of the ring, yet they don't cash in. I also don't like the who cash in whenever rule because that means only heels can exclusively win it, cucking out all of the midcard babyfaces instantly from winning it.

Also it kills every babyface's momentum when...
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I agree it was much better as part of mania, especially since mania is like the start of the wrestling year, makes it easy to know when the deadline is, that said, Seth's cash in this year either wouldnt have happened or would have been too obvious if he'd won it the previous mania.

Semi related but I feel they should do away with all gimmick PPV's and just use the gimmick matches when they suit the fued. Back in the day a HIAC announcement would be hype af, now we know they'll only be at the PPV or at mania. We didn't even get a New Day vs Dudleys tables match just because they weren't fueding at TLC PPV. Gimmick matches are much more over when used sparingly, suprise announcements and only for the right superstars/fueds. I'd rather have one appropriate TLC or HIAC every 3 years then these forced ones they give every year.
There's only one Top Title so it's paper-thin and obvious as fuck who it's going to.
So, yeah, it no longer warrants its own PPV because it's no longer that interesting. Should be back on Mania.

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This thread is in tribute to the GOAT of all GOATs, Bret Sergeant Hart

Post your favourite Bret Hart matches, moments and promos here

> inb4 hurr when giga kyke ended his career XD
Grow up.
You are not being funny and you are not being clever
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The highlight of his career was when he lost to Shawn though
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>tfw bretcuck
>post your favorite Bret Hart promos

404 not found.

Best thing he did for the company was to leave.

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>Last match will be on Jan 30th
>Contract ends at Jan 31th
>IWGP Intercontinental Championship will be Vacated
>Kenny Omega vs ????? at New Beginning for the Vacated Title

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Its happening!!!
Out of that... what a dumb move by NJPW, the title is too important to do that kind of shite.
maybe he didnt want to put anyone over?
No matter how hard they push Kenny they couldn't get him to beating Nakamura level so quickly, especially since Naka just wen't over AJ.
This way they can get the title onto Kenny without having to push him as hard

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Invent a pro wrestling move that has never been used or thought of before.
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>has never been used or thought of before
your dick
Inverted avalanche pedigree. That way, my balls are buried right on my opponant's face when I land the move.

Gut Stunner
Hold an opponent with his stomach over your shoulder, perform a stunner.

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Can someone explain me why and how Roman Reigns is the champ now?, because the more i think about it, the less sense it makes.
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Cause he's just better than anyone else.

> Didn't really beat Kane and Big Show at Rumble in the match but rather was having his ass kicked and got lucky because they turned on each other for no logical reason
> Getting his ass handed to him at WrestleMania by Brock Lesnar and was clearly losing when Seth came out and took the gold (and people still say Reigns was close "LOL")
> Couldn't win Money in the Bank because Bray pushed the ladder down and defeated him single handedly wearing an apron
> Gets into the final of the most predictable tournament bracket in history and defeats Ambrose in a pretty dominating time
> Triple H offers his hand as a peace offering but Reigns spears him because... "This will solve all of my problems"?
> Sheamus cashes in on a time where Reigns was actually still pretty strong and not all groggy and beat Reigns in less than a minute
> Cries because he was dumb enough to let his guard down
> Gets beaten, screwed, to the point where you question his place in the title scene
> Even loses his rematch at TLC because "Mu'h Family" couldn't come out and at least help out against The Authority
> Vince gives him yet another oppotunity instead of simply punishing him for his actions
> Magically gains the ability to finally defeat every member of the League of Nations with one punch and beats Sheamus
And now we have to apparently take this guy seriously.

Hey /asp/ I'm thinking of getting one of these to rep some Bjj moves at home, has anyone ever tried this? Are there specific brands that I should look for? I would still train at my gym daily but I'm looking for a little extra.
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wrestling buddy.jpg
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I used to have one of these.

Got really good at flying elbows from the top of my bunk beds, and tombstone piledrivers.
But I thought you trained BJJ with a dummy at all times.
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We have several dummies at our gym. We have 2 of those. That particular one is pretty harsh against the skin.

I really like this Fairtex one we have. Only problem is that someone ripped the arm. It's still hanging, but barely. I'm assuming it was more of someone doing something stupid than a design flaw, but who knows. Only problem I've had is that a few times I have kneebarred it, let the kneebar go, and it's foot sprung back and knocked me in the mouth. My own fault, but that shit hits hard.

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I'm 285 and want to get into martial arts namely because of my goals to become a Police Officer in my near future. I do not want to automatically resort to a gun, it's kind of sad to do that when you're supposed to protect.

Anyway what would be a good start for me? I used to do a lot of cardio and a little bit of strength training, but fell out of it due to school. I believe that right now I am at 20% bodyfat? (I do really want slim down, starting my diet tomorrow.)

I was thinking starting off with grapple and weight based martial arts like wrestling...
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>I was thinking starting off with grapple and weight based martial arts like wrestling and judo then moving onto striking martial arts like boxing, tae kwon do, and mauy thai.
Fairly solid plan. Go ahead.

Also, how tall are you?
>at 20% bodyfat
so you would have a lean mass of over 100kg without lifting weights at all?

Three possibilities:
1) you are VERY tall
2)you have some very rare gene "defect" that makes you build muscle from absolutely nothing (unlikely)
3)you sleepwalk and your sleepwalking self has a gym membership and trains very hard (probably on a light dose of roids)

If none of those apply to you, you are not 20% bodyfat.

go to /fit/, read the sticky and start...
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Fuck cops.
Train Aikido.

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Raw happened
LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA other than that
save us A+ player
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>Liking Tyler "baby dick" Rollins

reminder that the greatest wrestler in all creation is also an A+ madden superstar

reignsfags can enjoy your failed football player's success in his absence but he will never (EVVVVVVVVER) reach SethGOD levels of basedness
> caring about the dick size of wrestlers


Hey, I've never been to a House Show or RAW or Smackdown before, one is coming to my hometown, is there anything fun to do beforehand at shows or any tips to going?
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> hey
Fuck off reddit
I'm gonna have to up arrow that one.

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Who /blitz/ here
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You're drunk Wakka go home
Spent way too many hours playing blitzball, like 100+ hours

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He'll be fine
Post overrated pieces of shit ITT
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I found a picture of >>(You)
> unironically posting this image
Stop browsing 9gag

Any tips you could give to a total out of shape beginner who just had his first week of MMA training over?

Jiu Jitsu is hard as fuck, I can't seem to coordinate my moves. I do great at striking tho since I trained muay thai for a couple years when I was younger.

I'm would also like to ask about pre workout supplements or shakes or whatever that could enhance my endurance.
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stick with it, thats the best thing you can do
You don't really need pre workout plus that shit isn't good for your heart if you are doing cardio heavy stuff like running or muy thai. The best thing you can do is movement drills around your house it when your watching tv, find a movement your body finds awkward and practice doing it right slowly and with good form. Don't worry about speed, speed will come with time and repetition
blue belt bjj here

Keep at it. I'm a 1 stripe blue belt, and it doesn't really get any easier for me. But the only reason I'm still a blue is because of work, it's hard to make training all the time. I want to train as much as I can but obviously I can't due to work. I am pretty much at the bottom of the food chain of the blue belts, they always thrash me. But I can destroy most of the white belts. Some of those motherfuckers are getting good. The white belt level today is a lot better...
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>haven't watched wrestling since 2001
>decide to stop and watch a bit
>someone mentions Daniel Byran
>watch videos about him where the entire arena goes batshit crazy for him, read about Royal Rumble 2014 and 2015 and all the other stuff that doesn't give me a legit shot

Fuck man, I missed what seems to be an awesome 2 years. Any chance he's coming back?
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I don't get this midgets appeal
Great wrestler and better human

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maybe you guys can help settle something for me. how do you pronounce kayfabe?

i've always pronounced it "kayfabe". but, all my friends say it's pronounced "silly ass made up shit that wouldn't hold the attention of a 5 year old".

to cloud matters further, i went to the wiki and they said it was pronounced "several greased up men in their underwear poncing about on a stained mat performing homo-erotic foreplay before retiring to the shower room for a bit of bouncy bouncy".

and what is it with BiggiE rassling again?...
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kay (like day) - fabe (like save)
Kay (kai) fabe (fave)
The Apter Mags used to maintain kayfabe when a babyface was over in The Fed, but when Vinne Mac started selling heel heat after the screwjob, the only way to get over was to work stiff on a jobber with a strong-style puroresu workrate.

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Hell be fine
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Heaven be fine
No no no, don't meme magic Ric to death!
Who /a/ here?

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