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Sumo Thread - Akibasho 2015
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Day 1: Sunday September 13th, Makuuchi matches begin at 12am PST

Sumo info:

>How can I watch?
Follow this guy on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kintamayama
File: Aki2015banzuke.png (54 KB, 581x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Banzuke for this tournament with previous tournament rank and performance indicated under Prev

The only newcomer to the top division:


i've been waiting for this.
The hype is real

Cheering for Osunaarashi real hard, I hope the pain and suffering gets him a kinboshi or two
what was his highest rank so far?
going from w8 -> w2 seems kinda small for a 11-4 result. but id rather we didnt have another kaisei situation where they just feed you to the lions after you start doing well.
He's been M3 twice, first time he went 7-8, second time he fractured his shoulder mid basho and went 4-4-7

M2 is right in the meatgrinder, he's going to fight all the Yokozuna and multiple Ozeki, it's going to be tough for him
Looks like Harumafuji has pulled out again

he should really take the time to recover, though i hope he wont retire, he's much cooler to watch than kakuryu
Totally agree, his explosive style makes him one of the more entertaining rikishi for me

Kind of reminds me of Chiyonofuji
i dont really think he is that explosive, more like he's really technical with throws when both rikishi get a hold of the belt.

speaking of chiyo and muscles. apparently the sumo guy here is americans national sumo champ Dan Kalbfleisch. why is he getting destroyed by some strongman dude? is the sumo build really that worse than a strongman build?
Being the American National Sumo champ doesn't say much, that puts him in Jonidan in the Japanese leagues at best, not even close to making a salary.

His tachi-ai is embarrassingly bad, strong guy stays low and exploits it.
>>His tachi-ai is embarrassingly bad, strong guy stays low and exploits it.
uhhh, he "won" the tachi ai, the strongman wasnt doing that well in the beginning
The strongman did only one thing right, and that was staying low. Even though his tachiai was even shittier, he was in a better position to keep his momentum.

You better have a good technique reason for coming in above the other rikishi
File: oosunaarashi tweet.png (284 KB, 480x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oosunaarashi tweet.png
284 KB, 480x435
>its Basho time already
I am excite
to be fair the strongman is almost certainly juiced out of his gills. Dunno if juicing is that common in sumo?
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he looks like popeye.
Not even a real Sumo, so not really all that relevant

But if you want to see something real embarrassing, here's Akebono at Wrestlemania after he retired from Sumo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i44vEAGTggU
Day 1 is up:
Some really sloppy fights, and some really great fights. Fantastic finish for a day 1, it's gonna be an exciting tournament.
Day 2:

>Yokozuna HakuhoтАЩs quest to extend his record number of titles to 36 will start today at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at TokyoтАЩs Ryogoku Kokugikan.

>Unlike before previous tournaments, the mighty Mongolian has enthusiastically visited other sumo stables to practice with various wrestlers. ThereтАЩs no doubt over whether the 30-year-old wrestler has practiced enough. On the contrary, his zeal raises another question: Has he practiced so much so soon that it will adversely affect his condition?

He doesn't look injured but he doesn't look good either
First time in his career that his usual pre-basho routine has been interrupted, with his heya moving during his prep

He seems like a man that takes his routine seriously and maybe throwing it off is all it takes to throw him off
why cant oosuna just get pushed out by one of those gentle yorikiris. it seems like hes constantly falling off the edges in a way that will further injure him
More big upsets and some real good matches, Endo's fight was great, Osuunarashi too
This comes from Kintamayama, rumours abound that Hakuho is pulling out of the tournament:

"Papers are saying Hakuhou will be kyujo from tomorrow due to a left knee injury. Asked if this is true, Miyagino Oyakata said "80% chance.." Apparently, Hakuhou injured his knee at the Isegahama rengo keiko held prior to the basho. It will be his first kyujo as a Yokozuna. His 722 consecutive bouts as a Yokozuna and 51 consecutive double digit wins and 51 consecutive kachikoshi streaks will end. "When I bend my leg there is a bothersome feeling. I can't get my body and mind in sync," said Hakuhou after his loss today to Yoshikaze. He then went to the hospital for a check-up. "The knee is a bit.. I don't know about tomorrow.." is what he said earlier. He is to undergo an MRI test tomorrow and will decide finally after that."
Looks like it's confirmed, Hakuho is out

Day 3:
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what the actual fuck is happening this basho?!?!?!
man having only one participating yokozuna is kinda lame
Nothing but good matches today, what a crazy basho

Sad to miss out on seeing them perform, but it's going to make for an exciting race overall
Day 4:
much much higher quality matches today.

dat terunofuji grab at the end, tachionshin and myogyu probably had the best fight. amuurus first non luck based win this basho (finally he got under his opponent in the tachiai) . aoiyama still fucking up by going into grab range at the tachiai instead of thrusting straight away
Day 5:
teruno gonna win the whole thing, im calling it now
Whoa Osunaarishi vs Kakuryu is one hell of a match

Wouldn't be surprising at all, Kakuryu is already behind one and nobody else around to compete with Terunofuji

Would put him on track to getting Yokozuna too, which would be pretty cool
Day 6:
holy shit that utchari at 5:15
who gets to spin the stick at the end
Damn good, I'm impressed with Daieisho so far, good first showing.

It's usually a rikishi from the makushita division, usually from one of the current Yokozuna's stables.

I'd imagine there's a bunch more rules than that, but I'm not too familiar with them.
Day 7:
Day 8:
First half is some pretty mediocre fights, but Terunofuji, Kotoshogiku and Kakuryu all had good solid bouts
File: 140980500237.jpg (40 KB, 540x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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anyone know where I can stream it live and/or watch the homarenishiki vs rikiyushi match?
mfw he's 4 - 0 with a match sometime today....
self bump
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPaGFWzXxmOnRJQJkShHZRw This lady has been posting all his matches


If you want to try and catch his matches live, you should be able to see them on http://myniji.tv if you can get it working, but it's flaky as shit
correction: http://www.myniji.tv/

Shit, I didn't realize she hadn't posted his Day 7 match though. I'm not seeing it up anywhere, sorry man.

Here's his match from 2 hours ago for consolation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKm45QXMBtY
Day 9:
Some pretty good throws today, nothing too spectacular though
Day 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHFxnIIaV1c
File: 1358967337732.jpg (140 KB, 500x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thank you very much, as a reward here's 2 unknown facts about Homarenishiki Yasokichi; he loves peanut butter toast with cheese on top and his favourite train on Thomas and friends was James.
>yfw how do I know this?
>Liking the smuggest train

Homarenishiki confirmed for worst taste
Current results, day 10:

10 wins
тЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ O1e Terunofuji

9 wins

8 wins
тЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ O2w Kotoshogiku
тЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ M8w Toyonoshima

7 wins
тЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧП O1w Kisenosato
тЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛ M14w Sokokurai

6 wins
тЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЦбтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛ S1e Tochiozan
тЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧП M1w Yoshikaze
тЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧП M6e Aminishiki
тЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧП M11w Homarefuji
тЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧП M12w Chiyootori
тЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛ M13w Tokitenku

5 wins
тЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ K1e Tochinoshin
тЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ M2e Osunaarashi
тЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧП M10e Kotoyuki
тЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧЛ M10w Kyokushuho
тЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛ M13e Daieisho

4 wins
тЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧП M4w Takarafuji
тЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛ M6w Tokushoryu
тЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧП M11e Chiyotairyu
тЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧП M15e Asasekiryu
тЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧЛ M15w Hidenoumi

3 wins
тЧПтЧПтЦбтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧП M1e Aoiyama
тЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛ M3e Sadanoumi
тЧЛтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧП M5e Tamawashi
тЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧЛтЧПтЧПтЧЛ M14e Kitataiki

2 wins

1 win
тЧПтЧЛтЧПтЦатАУтАУтАУтАУтАУтАУ M3w Takayasu

0 wins
тЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧПтЧП M2w Sadanofuji
Day 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX4HoFrX0bo
>It's usually a rikishi from the makushita division, usually from one of the current Yokozuna's stables.
no specifically who is the guy doing it in the end
man sumo-aniki i wish i had you on skype to ask you all sorts of sumo questions
holy shit did everyone turn on gear 2 on day 7?
File: 619_Satonofuji.jpg (125 KB, 1023x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1023x682
I believe it's still Satonofuji doing it the majority of the time

I don't know any good resources that list who it is performing the ceremony each day, but I'd love it if anyone knows one

You can always ask here and I'll do my best to answer! But there are many of more knowledge people that would be happy to answer your questions over at Sumoforum too

You really start to see records forming by day 7, and guys realize they will have to struggle harder to make their kachikoshi, or hold onto their ranks and usually start putting in more effort around then
This is my first time watching a tournament; what's with the dude who keeps going without putting his hands down and then bowing
I assume you're talking about Kotoyuki, as he got reprimanded for not putting his hands down a few times this tournament

Although the rules do require you to touch both hands to the dohyo, many rikishi get away with not quite touching. They're at the mercy of the judging committee in that regard though. This rule has been enforced with varying degrees through history.

In regards to Kotoyuki, he has a history of bad starts, and it's clear he needs more practice when it comes to the mutual consent the start of a bout relies on. His powerful pushing and thrusting style tend to demand a fast start though, and that's probably contributing to his issues.
kotoyuuki's style demands he gets a good charge at the start.
placing his hands on the floor will slow his charge.

so he tries to fake touch the ground for a split second but many times judges call him out on it
man tachionshin in these last 3 fights. its like nobody can beat him in a straight strength match
His return to the top has been great. I fear he's getting a bit too old for his chance at Yokozuna, maybe he can get Ozeki before he retires though, that would be pretty rad.
Okay, I figured as much. Is there any penalty beyond being reprimanded if it keeps happening?

>They're at the mercy of the judging committee in that regard though.

The times it was brought up the ref stopped the match as it started. If a match is completed can the judges call for a rematch if hands weren't down?
>Is there any penalty beyond being reprimanded if it keeps happening?

Pretty unlikely, but it will almost definitely influence his placement on the Banzuke. The banzuke committee takes more than just score into consideration, the quality of Sumo is also evaluated. Even if he gets a great record this tournament, he'll probably receive a smaller promotion because of those mistakes.

> If a match is completed can the judges call for a rematch if hands weren't down?

They absolutely could. Rematches for simultaneous falls are not uncommon. I think similar to an accidental hair pull, it would probably just be a default loss for the Rikishi though. I'm not aware of either happening though.
Day 12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo8chakx2bg
Is there a reason why sumo wrestlers are obese as fuck? Why don't they do weight training to be built like Alexander Karelin or something?

Or institute weight divisions like Wrestling and Judo do? It's all open-weight from what I notice.
Obese? They're heavy but when we've heard the bodyfat percentage for some wrestlers and I'm not sure I'd call them obese. They do plenty of weight training. Weight is important for momentum though, too much weight can slow you down, as we see in someone like Aoiyama.

>Or institute weight divisions
What fun is that? You'll never see a match this awesome in another sport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKPwvWKtHvc
they arent really obese in the sense other fat people are obese, they have a different form of fat due to constant training

why arent they built? its actually a very complex question youre asking. personally i think someone with a brock lesnar type build (300lbs of pure muscle) would dominate in sumo, but most "built" guys are smaller than most "fat" guys because they shed more muscle away in training. in the fight itself. the fat guys can then use their extra weight to push out the built guys.
you may also notice actual world weightlifting champions are "fat" at first glance. sumo is a battle between technique,speed strength and weight. and you see rikishi who are a specialists in one or a mix of all.

there are no weight divisions in sumo. there doesnt need to be a reason for it unless youre butthurt some stick people cant compete in it
>Is there a reason why sumo wrestlers are obese as fuck?
can you tell me what all the people in this picture have in common?
Terunofuji didn't seem to have any strength today's match. Really surprised.
Also, what do the letter and numbers before the name mean? I read some things in the pastebin and it didn't clear up what they are.
M15e means Maegashira ranked #15 east (M1 would mean ranked #1)
there are 30 maegashira wrestlers, divided by east and west.

then you have the top
K is for kumosubi usually 3 wrestlers
S is for sekiwake usually 3 wrestlers
O is for ozeki usually 3 wrestlers
y is for yokozuna can be any number of wrestlers but they need to win several tournaments with a 10+win at ozeki rank. then they become yokozuna for life with no chance of demotion.
Thank you for elaborating on that. I heard if you do poorly in a few consecutive tournaments as a Yokozuna you are expected to retire. Generally how many consecutive bad tournaments results would make a Yokozuna retire? Three or four shitty tournaments in a row?
probably something like that yeah.
though yokozuna get some special instant share of the japanese sumo council stock and a chair so if you do retire your financial future is guaranteed anyway
Even a single bad tournament will get people on their backs, being a Yokozuna is hard.
>Terunofuji didn't seem to have any strength today's match. Really surprised.

Really funny seeing the pillows fly over the match results though
Day 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rahoh8wAR2A
Day 14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWbeQJ0xO2k

Well this is unexpected, what is kakuryu even doing?
hey hey dont spoil it before i even watch it
>what is kakuryu even doing?
looks to me like he's winning

just cause he a yokozuna doesnt mean he can't henka
Finally Sadanofuji you finally got one. Also, congrats to Osunaarashi earning his kachikoshi.
Anybody know where I can find the whole broadcast of each day? I want to make some sumo webms.
True, but doing it this many times in one's tournament is going to be frowned on, if he does get the Yusho there will be many people saying he didn't earn it

Unless you record it yourself, you're probably shit out of luck, the kyokai cracks down pretty hard on that stuff, and since the community is pretty small they tend to succeed

If you only want footage of the actual fights, you might be able to record them from the phone app or something
well fuck them naysayers.

though i do agree teruno probably deserves it more considering he was destroying before that knee injury
Day 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mThi9J2iDtw&feature=youtu.be
man tochinoshin is so fucking strong, how the hell is he lifting guys like that without killing his back?
Holy cow Aoiyama, why couldn't you do that the whole tournament?
Because he believes in the power of yorikiri.
well although kakuryu got the final win i was proud of teruno deytroying him the first time.

the biggest standout to me in this tourney was tochionshin. he fucking lifted most of his opponents out. it seems if he gets a single hand on the mawashi and doesnt lose at the tachiai he simply cant be beat.

biggest loser was ofc sedano. the first few fights were bad luck, then he seemed to stop caring for the next 6 ones, and then at around 10 losses he seemed to start giving a fuck and trying not to lose. wasnt he sekiwake at the last tournament?

will teruno get yokozuna anytime soon though? he keeps getting double digit wins so id say its gonna be now or the next tournament for sure
Do you guys think Hakuho will bounce back next tournament?
Rip in piece
Special prizes:
Outstanding performance: Yoshikaze
Technique prize: Yoshikaze
Fighting spirit: Ikioi
Fighting spirit: Tochinoshin

Terunofuji's sumo on a whole was more deserving, but a Yusho is a Yusho on the record books, as they say.

Terunofuji still needs 2 Yusho as an ozeki to meet the promotion criteria, this was his best chance to get the first one. Gonna be much tougher with Hakuho back in action.
>Technique prize: Yoshikaze
i get the outstanding performance part since he beat both yokozuna and a high score, but which bout was worthy of a technique prize?
First sumo tournament I follow. This is fun!
Thanks very much OP for informing me about this, and props to the person uploading the matches to Youtube. I've had an interest in sumo before, but this was my first basho too.

My only gripe is that the videos are edited so tight, to only the matches and highlights. I'm also interested in spectating the whole event and ceremonies.
You can get NHK world if you pay your cable company. I am going to look for other alternatives though. I have been wanting make some high quality webms. It is much better while watching sumo live and eating a bag of potato chips.
Next tournament is the Kyushu Basho, in Fukuoka, beginning November 8th.

He did show us that pretty awesome Ashitori on day 13, though I don't remember much else too spectacular.

Yeah, editing them that tightly is the only way to keep them from getting deleted apparently.

The cheapest way to see the fights unedited is the sumo phone app, won't get the ceremony though.

NHK world is great, well worth the money. The english play by plays are mostly really good, and it's amazing when they have Doreen Simmons commentating because she's some sort of bizarre sumo encyclopedia grandma.
>NHK world
I just found out there is a stream for NHK world on the site. Do the bashos air live on NHK world or do they tape them and then air them at a appropriate time in America?
I actually get the NHK feed through JapanTV because there's no NHK world in most of North America, so I'm not entirely sure.

This is an insanely good find though
I made a new pastebin when November comes around. Around that time I will also start checking the NHK world website and see how they broadcast the basho.
I hope they do, looks like the quality is decent and it shouldn't be too hard to record.

Dunno if it's been posted before but this guy uploads longer videos with lots of extra footage, warmups and ceremonial stuff etc.


Here is a 10 minute video for the playoff
Only problem with his videos is that he doesn't shut up.
My big problem with him is that he films his TV, his commentary isn't too bad
It would be less of a problem if he didn't comment during the match. I want to hear the crowd and sumos duking it out, not him
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