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Molestation/wincest >stories
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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monroe panties.webm
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Molestation/wincest >stories
>Be 10
>playing pokemon on shitter before school
>Bus comes outside
>I still haven't wiped
>Mom yells I have to go
>Have horrible poison ivy on crotch
>Pour a bunch of cream on my penis, put on my pants and run to the bus
>Girl I like sits next to me
>asks me if ive ever been kissed
>I take out my gameboy
>She starts whispering in my ear
>I start sweating
>I look down
>The cream is seeping through my jeans, making it look like i cummed
>She noticed
>I notice
>I open my fannie pack to grab some kleenexes
>My spaghetti falls out all over
>I start sweating more
>Realize I forgot to wipe ass
>The entire bus smells like shit and spaghetti
>bus gets to school
>Try to run to bathroom
>teacher catches me
>It's penis inspection day
>my name is Aaron Aardvark
>I have to go first
>Nurse demands for me to take off my pants
>I refuse
>She wrestles me down, and gets a magnifying glass real close to my crotch
>close my eyes and scream the guile theme at the top of my lungs
>She unzips my pants, the smell and spaghetti, cream and shit leaks out
>she pukes on my dick
>I get expelled
Waiting, you start OP
I molested my little sister for a bunch of years, fingered her ass, humped her ass crack, used her hand to Jack off.

I also used my even younger sisters hand to Jack off, fingered her ass once, and humped her on the floor once when she was face down in a onesie.

I got on top of her and humped her asscrack.
When I was horny enough from that I laid on my back next to her used my left hand to grope her ass and masturbated with my other hand.

One was 8-10 the other was like 10-14
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Bump for white knights being faggots
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Bump for white knights running /b/
>be me
>be 16
>little sister is in primary school, gets home before me
>get home walk in hear moaning coming from my room wtf.jpg
>enter room see little sister in front of tv with controler between legs spraying M4A1 on cod
>notices me enter room
>insta boner
>she screams and run out of room
>later that night I pull my dick to the vision of my sister with her pants down
>controler still fresh with the stank of her cunt
Did it end there or did you do more to her
Where are the molesters? Honestly wtf. POST STORIES OF YOU MOLESTING YOUNG GIRLS.

Man, FBI, you don't even try anymore.
>be 15
>hanging out at friend?s house with other nerd friends
>playing D&D
>have to take a piss
>go to guest bath and hear the bath faucet running and friend?s sister singing inside
>go down the hall (to the master bathroom in the parent?s room)
>friend?s mom sees me
>"what're you doing, anon?"
>"I have to use the bathroom"
>"anon, use the guest bathroom"
>"yeah but I think someone's taking a bath"
>"anon, she?s 12....just tell her you need to share the bathroom with her"
>go back to guest bathroom, knock and head in
>sister is washing herself in the bubble bath singing to the radio
>she sees me and stands up completely naked
>mental camera going off like crazy
>tight body, long legs, small tits
>wispy tuft of hair just above her pussy
>you could still see her lips and a little bit of clit peeking out
>"oh hi anon! do you need the bathtub?"
>jesus h. christ she's not embarrassed or anything
>know that her and her brother were homeschooled up to 5th grade
>immediately assume this is a byproduct of their homeschooling
>"uh...no, I need to use the toilet"
>she shrugs, sits back in the water, and keeps singing
>she and I sort of get along but I tease her all the time
>I wonder if this is going to make things weird between us
>doesn't matter, have to piss
>toilet is right next to the tub
>try to face away from her
>mind racing with impure thoughts as I pull it out and piss

>finish pissing, flush, about to zip up
>"anon you don't wipe after you pee?"
>"that's dirty"
>"guys don't need to wipe. we can just shake it a little"
>"no way"
>she says it with this snotty voice (she knows it annoys the living fuck out of me)
>turn to face her with my dick out
>expecting her to be grossed out and that'll be that
>she didn't think I'd call her bluff, I guess
>"ohmygodanon" she laughs but then just looks at me expectantly
>demonstrate the piss shake
>"anon I still think you should wipe"
>I shrug and tell her so then wipe it
>put my hips closer to her, eh...eh...
>she rolls her eyes and grabs her wash cloth
>then she reaches out and washes the head of my dick
>she's humming to the music while she does it
>after a minute she stops and I'm like no keep going
>"it's clean, anon"
>"no I mean like this"
>show her how to stroke my dick
>"ha ha anon I know what you're trying to get me to do"
>"I'm not trying to trick you, I'm asking you because it feels good"
>she's like fine
>jerks me off for a minute
>I'm close, start to tense up
>she stops like she's confused
>"no keep doing it, it's good"
>she keeps pumping
>shoot into the bubble bath
>she stands up and watches gross-fascinated
>catch my breath and thank her
>"eh whatever anon...guess I'm done with my bath"
>also tell her, "uh you probably shouldn't tell anyone about this"
>"uh-DUHH I'm not stupid anon"
>head back to friend's room
>see her go into her room across the hall
>act weird around her brother the rest of the night
>here we go again
Lolicon hero stories.


Nope, but it certainly gives enough information to start some parallel construction.
Story 2 Part 1 of 3

>still be 15
>show up at friend's house to hang out
>nobody's home
>ain't this some bullshit
>start to leave when sister rides up on her bicycle
>"hi anon, you stalking me now?"
>"uh what no"
>"jk anon, come on in"
>embarrassed because this 12yo girl is more suave than me
>she could easily hang out with us and hold her own if we weren't such tools
>she says parents are out and she doesn't know where her bro is (my friend)
>"anon I'm hungry, are you hungry?"
>she runs into the kitchen and starts making sandwiches (I know, I know,)
>keep her company
>at one point she's digging in the fridge for stuff
>hey anon look
>she pulls out a hot dog and jiggles it in her fist like a limp dick
>this cracks her up big time
>after that she's super chatty
>I'm a good listener, but I know I'm also acting...suspicious
>like I said before, up until now we've always pushed each other's buttons and now we're being civil
>we eat sandwiches and talk
>"by the way anon I never told anyone about...you know"
>I know EXACTLY what she's talking about
>"good. uh, me neither"
>that makes her laugh
>"anon you can't tell on ME about that, you're older than me"
>"well I'm glad you didn't tell anyone"
>"hey anon want to see my room?"
>we go chill in her room
>typical girl's room I guess, but it's very tidy
>"it's weird, anon, I never had a boy in my room before, not even guy-friends"
Story 2 Part 2 of 3
>"let's watch TV anon"
>she's got one of those futon-under-the-bunk-bed things so I sit down
>she turns TV on to the Disney Channel or some shit
>she sits, then stretches out and lays against me
>"ooof, anon, I'm stuffed"
>she pats her stomach
>after a minute she grabs my arm and puts it around her
>again: "ooof my tummy anon"
>rub her tummy and she likes it
>I'm going to test this
>move my hand away
>she moves it back
>because I'm horny and stupid that's a green light as far as I'm concerned
>doing slow circles on her stomach with my hand
>gradually pushing her shirt up, working my hand underneath it
>skin on skin now
>her stomach is flat
>start circling a finger around her belly button
>this whole time she's laughing or chatty about what's on TV
>"this show is so stupid I don't know why I watch it" or "her hair looks weird" etc etc
>move my hand up to her ribs
>she's not wearing a bra
>without hesitation she lifts her back up to loosen her shirt in front and make room for my hand
>the moment my fingers pass over her small tits she stops talking
>I can hear her hold her breath
>soft mounds, no hard nipples or anything
>just goose bumps, then that ultra smooth, velvety texture of her nipples (areolas if you want to get technical)
>work my way back down to her waist, just rubbing her tummy (is what I'm telling myself)
>she does a shakey, nervous exhale
>guilt washes over me
>she's 12 anon, what the fuck
>but my dick says keep going
>"hey, uh, is this...cool with you?"
>she nods
>she reaches around my arm and unbuttons/unzips her shorts (doesn't pull them down)
>I don't know why but that detail sticks out vividly in my mind
>her hands on my hand while she undid her shorts because she WANTED me to touch her...
Bump for more like this, holy shit hardasfuck boner dick
Story 2 Part 3 of 3
>get a couple of fingers under the waistband of her underwear
>move to the side to feel that valley where her tight stomach meets her soft legs
>I can't overstate how soft and smooth she is
>lower and lower until my fingers brush across her wispy pubes
>then across the top of her pussy lips
>she brings her feet to her butt and splays out her knees
>her pussy isn't wet at first
>part her lips with a finger and do slow circles right over her vagina
>she goes from bone dry to soaking wet in 10 seconds
>oh it's on now
>I full on molest her while the Disney Channel plays in the background
>nothing crazy like jamming two fingers in
>just trying my best to get this 12yo girl off
>while I'm rubbing her like I'm trying to start a fire she clamps her thighs together and sits up
>I'm still spasming my whole arm like an idiot
>I'm like oh yeah she's totally cumming
>"anon would you stop already!"
>"huh what?"
>then I hear it too
>car keys jingling
>muffled talking
>her parents are home
>I pull out my hand
>action-movie dive out of her room and into friend's room across the hall
>realize my fingers are still wet and shiny with sister's juices
>suck my fingers (heaven)
>mom pokes her head in
>"hey anon..."
>pull my fingers out like it's normal, like yeah just sucking my fingers and chillin, sup?
>"...we sent him on an errand; he'll be back in a little bit"
>mom turns around to sister's room
>hear mom ask "are you okay?"
>"yeah mom I was...riding my bike around"
>mom says they need help putting away the groceries and walks away
>I look over and find the sister looking back at me from her room
>to her credit she DOES look like she's been riding a bike
>she looks a little out of breath and her cheeks are beet red
>she rolls her eyes and mouths "sorry about that"
>I gesture back, "no big deal"
>mom calls after her and she runs out
keep going
It's just like real life that's why it's so enjoyable
nice copypasta- keep it coming
I know you have more, your storytelling is on fucking par too m8.
Story 3 Part 1/3
>a few weekends later
>been over a bunch of times since
>the sister's cool about things
>nobody notices that she'll put a hand on my shoulder sometimes
>or that she'll interrupt a D&D session to say hi to me
>but nothing more happens
>she's NOT teasing me with the new thong she bought
>her friends AREN'T approaching me to teach them how to have sex
>nothing like how this shit goes down in all the other greentext stories
>a real bummer for me
>one Sunday morning I'm over, nerding it up with my nerd friends
>the mom calls brother out
>he comes back pissed off
>he's gotta take his sister and her friends to the pool
>eh fuck it, why don't we all just go to the pool then
>chubby anon makes an excuse not to go because he's embarrassed to have his shirt off
>rest of us are in
>meet back up in 10 minutes in our swim shorts and towels
>escort mission begins
>pool is crowded
>prepared to gawk at cameltoes, ass, and titties all day but be bored nonetheless
>sister asks me to launch her into the air
>I do
>sister is comfortable with me = her friends are comfortable with me
>they all want to be launched into the air over and over
>my friends are laughing at me for being stuck with the girls
>fuck you guys
>start to have a good time with a bunch of 12 year olds despite myself
>let them stand on my shoulders, piggy back rides, etc
>honestly nothing pervy...until...
>she's ridding piggy back and her legs slip off
>reach back, grab her ass cheeks to lift her up
>holy shit I'm palming both her ass cheeks in public
>her ass is muscular and soft at the same time
>reposition my hands real fast back to her knees
>she laughs and whispers in my ear
>"anon everybody will see"
>it takes me a moment to understand she's not saying "no," but "be careful"
>"uh, nah, nobody's paying attention to us"
>"ok anon. but we better not get caught"
>be 12
>go to party at moms friends house
>hours go by
>my house Is boring as fuck
>mom asks if I want to have a sleep over
>why the fuck not
>GameCube at the time
>me and my friend playing it
>we then watch a scary movie
(He has like 3 sisters young like 3,6,9)
Will continue if wanted?
I've got a fairly recent story with no sex but some stuff happening with a 15 year old and a 16 year old and I'm 18.
I'm really fucking tired so I won't be very detailed but if people want me to post it I can. I think I lost the txt document I had of it
Bumping like a good boy
Not if you're going to keep asking after six lines of dry ass boring text, no.
Post your story, pretend your 17. Keep girls age the same
Story 3 Part 2/3
>announce that I need a break
>her friends go do their own thing
>sister stays on my back, head resting on me
>I lower us so only our heads are above the water
>slowly rub my hands along the backs of her thighs
>enjoying her skin and, honestly, the closeness
>after a minute she bumps her hips into me
>sorta humping at my back
>realize she WANTS me to move my hands up
>slide my hands up to her ass
>squeeze and play with her butt
>hear her breathing right next to my ear
>move my fingers in and start rubbing between her legs over her bathing suit
>use one finger and do small circles around her pussy
>press my finger in a little
>she stiffens and squeaks
>"UH...anon do you actually like that?"
>"huh? well yeah. don't you?"
>"I've never done...that"
>my coordination must've been off from reaching backwards
>or I'm an idiot
>realize I just put a fingertip into her butthole
>not a problem for me AT ALL, but I didn't want to cross that line for her
>"oh sorry sorry"
>I move my fingers forward
>she relaxes
>I get frustrated by how little I can feel through her bathing suit
>pull it to the side
>feel her amazing pussy lips again
>she's wet
>water wet, yes, but also WET wet
>there's a distinct slippery difference between the water and her pussy wetness
>get a finger in and start sliding it in and out
>one of her friends swims up out of nowhere
>"hey anon do you want to--"
>"ok geez"
>her friend swims off
>nothing like how this shit goes down in all the other greentext stories
>a real bummer for me
For now I'm just enjoying this anon's stories, but still here if wanted.
Heard this story before
Fuck you man, let the rest of ride the imagination train, go be a nitpicky faggot in another thread.
Story 3 Part 3/3
>I'm slowly float-walking us around the pool so as to not look suspicious
>people are swimming and playing right next to us
>above the water: nothing strange going on here
>below the water: I'm 3 knuckles deep into this little girl while rubbing her clit with my other hand
>raging boner tenting up my shorts
>guilt washes over me again
>then she presses her chest into my back and sorta whimpers
>all traces of guilt destroyed
>my eyes pass over one of the lifeguards twice before I notice
>he's staring at us from his chair with the whistle in his mouth
>he tilts his head like he's trying to figure out if we're doing something we shouldn't be doing
>we are, Mr. Lifeguard, very much so
>tell her "hey I have to stop"
>"anon no..."
>she starts rocking her hips
>the way girls can just rock their pelvis without moving anything else
>she's literally fucking my finger
>softly in my ear "uhn....mmm....oh"
>not like a pornstar, just like a girl enjoying herself
>I become super aware of my boner
>the cool water currents running over my hot dick
>the way my dick's head rubs against the soft fabric of my shorts
>can't help it
>I cum
>I must look like a freak, twitching with her on my back in the middle of the pool
>Annnnnd we're caught
>look up at the lifeguard, clearly guilty
In my head:
But really:
>the lifeguard is pointing at two of my idiot friends
>one had pantsed the other
>they got kicked out so we all decided to leave with them
>a fresh wave of panic hits me as I imagine her loudly proclaiming us bf/gf now
>but she was just as cool as before
>when we all parted ways we both looked back at each other and she gave me a little wave bye
I think he was quoting that because he liked that line. I did.
It made me chuckle.
but you just made my jimmies rustle.
>their own thing
>>sister stays on my back, head resting on me
>>I lower us so only our heads are above the water
>>slowly rub my hands along the backs of her thighs
>>enjoying her skin and, honestly, the closeness
>>after a minute she bumps h
I remember this copy pasta. Nice find anon. 8/10 will read again.
Well now I feel like a faggot. At least I tickled your johnnies.
>little sister is sophomore in high school
>mom wants her to socialize more, asks me to show her how to dance so she can dance with boys
>everyone grinds, so tell her to look up how to grind on youtube and then just do that with black guys dancing so they can lead her into it until she learns
>also say it's cool if she want to go upstairs with him, I won't judge
>mention trying footjobs since they're lowkey and not too messy (I also have a foot fetish)
>take her to party with me
>she stands around awkwardly not really trying to dance, I'm off getting kinda drunk and bullshitting
>tell black guy to go grind with her, say she secretly wants to get with a black guy for her first experience
>he goes and starts grinding on her, she's nervous but complies
>starts easing into it, seems to like it
>he's tryna get some, starts grinding into her ass through the leggings, can see his boner pushing in
>she full on grinds his cock for the next few songs
>I go upstairs and find a clear bedroom, get in the closet
>10 minutes later my sister and this guy come in, she says she wants to give him a footjob and starts pressing her toes and soles into his sweatpants
>proceeds to pull his cock out and give him a footjob until he blows a huge load all over her toes
>cum in my pants, hardest boner ever
>she ends up telling me she gave a guy a footjob, I play it off and tell her I hope she enjoyed herself
>fap to the memory in secrecy all the time now
my nigga. same here.
sorry, not exactly wincest but it's pretty related
Story 4 Part 1/3
>got invited to go camping for a weekend with friend and his family
>the parents obviously don't know I've finger-banged their 12yo daughter
>actually she's 13 now, having had a birthday recently
>be camping at state park campground
>spend the day hiking and shit
>get back to camp just after dark
>friend's sister is pestering the mom to go to the showers with her
>mom's exhausted and just wants to relax by the fire
>dad agrees to go
>but mom points out that he's supposed to cook dinner
>if he goes it won't be ready for a while
>feel like this is an opportunity to be alone with the sister to talk about our situation
>I'm still worried that she'll tell people about us
>"I'll go with her. I need a shower."
>my friend's like "please go, I can smell you from over here har har har har"
>perfect nobody suspects a thing
>we get our shower crap together and head out
>closest showers are busy with people
>we decide to head to the further shower house on the other side of the campground
>besides we're enjoying talking
>she's so easy to talk to
>and smarter than she lets on
>I finally ask her "so about us, you know, fooling around?"
>she gets a little down
>oh fuck
>I molested this girl and fucked her up for life
>what the fuck is wrong with me
>"do we have to stop doing it, anon?"
>"no. Not if you're okay with it."
>she perks up
>"oh! Ha! I thought you were gonna say we had to stop."
>explain about how I think we can't be bf/gf though
>"uh DUH, anon. It wouldn't work. We're in different grades. And I don't want anybody to know I've been fooling around with a guy who plays Dice & Dragons."
>"It's Dungeons & Dragons"
>she almost falls over laughing
>burned by a 13yo
>still...I...I think she just gave me the green light to be her fuck buddy
>molestation buddy?
>we get to the shower house
>looks deserted
>she follows me over to the men's side, which confuses me
>"anon, check if anybody's inside."
No worries mate.
My jarbles are a little less marbled now for the apology.
I'm glad everyone understands now.
>Be Junkbot
>Be working in factory for some time now
>Eating recycling bins
>Boss bot comes in
>Opens his eye
>Gears start to turn
>He comes towards me
>Lights turn off
>Come back on
>Operation X was a birthday party
4 years older than the girl in the story. Read that however you want.

>Be me
>Newly single
>Mourning process over
>Flirting/sexing/strange phase
>Occasionally visit hometown
>~3 hours away.
>One day bored as fuck
>Scroll through Facebook
>See Girl
>Message and ask to do lunch
>She's like 5'2", gorgeous and adorable
>Get sushi
>laughing and storytelling, minor flirting
>getting late but don't wanna be alone
>"Let's go see a movie." -Me

>3am EST
>waiting for a party to start
>music jam
>was 2008
>waiting with Dark Rose
>things get freaky at his place
>tfw so dark out slip on dick
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baby face.jpg
23 KB, 385x383
File: iJiUA4w.png (258 KB, 248x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258 KB, 248x496
Tell me about it. Please.
>we are, Mr. Lifeguard, very much so
File: 56 grey fish.png (114 KB, 1524x962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 grey fish.png
114 KB, 1524x962
am i cool yet
tory 4 Part 2/3
>come out to tell her nobody is inside
>still confused why I'm doing this
>she pushes past me and comes in
>"hey anon the handicap showers are the best"
>this is true
>they are far more spacious, have a private dressing area, and a bench in the shower stall
>even if someone came in now they'd never see her in there
>she starts stripping
>I'm staring at her amazing body
>she has an ass with a gap that gives you a peek at her pussy and butthole from behind
>more curves than I noticed before
>the tan lines oh god the tan lines
>she sees me staring and shakes her head
>motions for me to take off my clothes
>why isn't she talking?
>OH she thinks someone might hear her voice in the men's room
>take so long to get naked she gives up on me and starts showering
>finally head in
>she's shampooing her hair while I get wet under the spray
>just showering together in silence
>then she rinses off her hair
>watch her look me over while she wrings out her hair, the way girls pull all their hair to one side and tilt their head
>she's so relaxed and open around me
>it's beyond erotic and my horny switch gets flipped
>I make the first move and start washing her back and butt
>she dutifully stands in place letting me soap her up
>poke a finger at her butthole and she slaps my hand away, making me laugh
>she washes me, but skips over my dick area
>saved it for last
>she washes my dick carefully, as if she wants to do a good job, like that first time in the bathroom
>we rinse off, but she's still working the washcloth over my body
>using it as an escuse to touch me I think
>she works her way back to my dick and starts jerking me off
>I point to her mouth and then my dick
>she looks confused
>mouth. dick.
>she shrugs "what"
>whisper "use your mouth"
>she's not getting it
>"YOUR MOU-- your mouth."
>she nods, understanding, then makes a face and shakes her head "no"
>"we'll take turns. I'll do it for you too."
>she eyes me suspiciously
File: illtellyouhwut.png (2 KB, 171x41) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 171x41
my boy wade and i had sex the end
File: 33072712570.jpg (31 KB, 888x821) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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get meme'd bro
File: good meme bro.png (1 MB, 721x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
good meme bro.png
1 MB, 721x768
A god among men
Story 4 Part 3/3
>she rolls her eyes like "fine" and sits on the shower bench
>I stand in front of her
>she lifts my dick out of the way to play with my balls for a minute
>then, unceremoniously, she pushes her mouth over the head of my dick
>she's not moving or anything
>she looks up at me: like this?
>I sorta space out
>my dick is in her mouth
>my DICK is IN her MOUTH
>she spanks my butt once
>waves her hands like "come on already"
>she's never done this before, apparently
>start humping her mouth
>shallow thrusts, but I'm not picky
>hear those little slurps and farty noises of her sucking
>I last 90 seconds if I'm being generous
>she flaps her hands as I cum in her mouth
>she's tolerating it, but doesn't seem to like it much
>she spits and rinses out her mouth
>ask her "you didn't like it?"
>she rolls her eyes in a "it was okay" sorta way
>have her lay back on the shower bench
>I kneel down between her legs
>holy shit I've never seen her pussy up close
>She was mostly an innie, but her clit hood pokes out a little at the top
>perfection as far as I was concerned
>start with long slow licks up her pussy
>immediately taste that slippery almost sweet wetness of hers
>start tongue fucking her
>after a few minutes she lifts my head and steers me up to her clit
>but I want to keep with the tongue fucking
>we go back and forth, she nudges me up and I go back down
>until she grabs my hair
>okay okay I get it
>start flicking my tongue and sucking gently on her clit
>my jaw was starting to hurt, my knees definitely hurt from the hard tile floor
>it was probably only 10 minutes or so, but I'm about to call it quits
>she tenses up and squeezes my head for a few moments
>then she taps my forehead, like all done, and mouths "wow"
>we're both all smiles as we get dressed and sneak out of the men's showers
>get back to camp just in time for dinner
>"had a good shower?"
>we both nod yes
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da fam.jpg
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Results of wincest.
What the fuck is happening to this thread?
Are these bumpers or trolls?
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troll you say ? :^(
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riley teeter.jpg
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Are these bumpers or trolls?
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you're a troll?
This is the only troll in the thread.
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Sorry pnah l had to leak your photo
Story 5 Part 1/3
>hadn't found another chance to be alone with her since camping
>I think things have cooled off between us
>nice summer evening
>over at friend's house per usual
>dad has a video projector and sets up bed sheet movie screen in backyard
>tons of kids from around the block show up for movie night
>me and friend carry out lazy-boy recliners because we're cool
>set up at the back of the group, but away from each other (for various reasons)
>it's dark enough so movie starts
>friend's sister looks back, sees me
>comes over and sits on my lap
>but she doesn't notice for a long time
>after a while she shifts and her hand brushes against it
>she looks down like what the fuck...oh
>she looks at me with pity
>really anon?
>shrug, yes really
>she sighs and gets off me
>ah fuck, things HAVE cooled off between us
>it was a good run everybody, thanks for reading
>she goes inside
>10 long minutes pass and she comes back out
>she's got a blanket with her
>and she's changed into a sleep shirt that goes down to her knees
>she comes over and sits on my lap again, covers us with the blanket
>she keeps fidgeting or adusting her shirt under the blanket
>enjoying her warm, soft thighs on my legs
>she presses her butt into my crotch
>feels nice
>then she sighs, grabs my hands, and pulls them under the blanket
>she puts my hands on her sides and I feel bare skin
>just soft skin from under her arms, down past her waist, and over the side of her ass
>she's not wearing anything else
>my brain explodes
Dear jeebus keep going
Massive trolling faggot queer.
Story 5 Part 2/3
>fondle her back, ass, and legs under the blanket
>scared it'll be too obvious if I reach around front
>she sorta pushes against me with her butt a couple of times
>I think...she's asking for the d
>okay I'm going for it
>over the course of several minutes I slowly work my shorts and underwear down to my knees
>she reaches back and touches me occssionally, like she's just making sure I'm still hard
>slip my hand under her butt and try a finger
>she's wet and I have no problem slipping my finger in
>but she pushes my hand away and yanks on my dick, pointing it at her
>indicate to her that she has to sorta kneel over my lap, so we start to reposition
>her mom looks over at us
>look at sister then at mom, make a face like "kids, whaddaya gonna do amirite?"
>mom smiles like, oh isn't that cute and she turns back to the movie
>finish repositioning
>I try to guide my dick in but she keeps pushing my hand away and grabbing it herself
>we're actually fighting over who gets to put it in
>let her grab my dick and pull me into her
>I hold her ass cheeks apart
>she has trouble getting it in at first (I assure you it's not because I'm big)
>I try humping a little and she pushes me back
>ok I'll just sit still
>she keeps pressing herself onto my dick over several minutes
>she finally relaxes or something and the head goes in
>she actually grunts (covers it by clearing her throat)
>it takes her another minute or so to ease herself down onto me
>she's worked about half the shaft in
>then she stops and just sits there with part of my dick in her, like she's getting used to it
>so tight and compared to the night air it's almost hot inside her
>I could do that all night long if that's what she wanted
>she looks back at me kind of impatiently like "ok come on"
>what? oh!
>just as I start to hump my hips into her
>her dad looks over and I freeze
Story 5 Part 3/3
>that's some stressful shit, I kid you not
>he's just casually looking around and looks back at the movie
>I start humping slowly
>shallow thrusts
>she's bracing on the armrests, sorta hovering her ass away me so I don't go in too deep
>there are dozens of kids and adults all around us
>but it's dark and everyone is focused on the movie
>I can't take it and start to go faster until...
>a god damn quiet part in the movie
>we freeze mid-fuck again
>watch her shoulders move to her heavy breathing
>action scene starts
>back to humping
>short, rapid-fire thrusts
>I'm tensing up
>she whispers "my shirt" meaning don't get any on it
>lift up the back of her shirt
>pull out and cum all over the top of her butt
>take a minute to catch my breath
>she takes off her socks, turns them inside out, and hands them to me to wipe her up
>it takes some doing, but I get my shorts back on
>then she lays across my lap, chewing on her nails and watching the movie like nothing happened
>movie ends
>everyone's going home
>I want to say something to her even though I don't know what
>"hey anon, we gotta help my dad put everything away"
>"eh fuck, sure"
>finish putting shit away in garage
>come back out and she's already gone inside
>"anon, sorry my sister wouldn't leave you alone all night"
>"uh....yeah don't worry about it"
>go home
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1 MB, 512x288
Shitty copypasta
>have younger sister
>iirc she was ~8
>parents were always out working all day
>start teaching her how to grind
>teach her our first game where I teach her to stay put on all fours on parent's bed
>eventually use the living room couch
>teach her how to straddle and dry hump on me (she likes this one and cums)
>eat her out too, but she refuses to kiss my pecker
>my favorite was putting her doggystyle and humping and sliding between her asscrack and pussy lips
>cum on her back or ass everytime, she doesnt mind
>go on like this for months
>too afraid to attempt vaginal I try anal
>it hurts her but I still go for a few thrusts
>feels too good but I have to stop because shes pleading
>she doesnt want to play anymore

I also had my older cousin, she was my /ss/ queen and she was the one introducing me to this stuff. she didn't bitch about being molested either since she started it.
Story 6 Part 1/6
>after "movie night" I naturally wanted to keep the momentum going
>but a few days later my friend got in trouble and got grounded
>that means I had no excuse to come over and see her
>no way to contact her (she didn't have a cell phone and this was before MyShit and Facefuck)
>i was severely cock blocked
>over the next couple of weeks I only saw her in passing
>example: I was in the car with my family and we drove by her street
>she was out riding bikes with her friends
>she saw me in the car and her face lit up and she waved at me
>as I gave a nod back she quickly did a blowjob gesture and winked at me
>my jaw dropped and I had to make sure my parents hadn't seen
>she found my panic to be HI-LARIOUS
>through word of mouth I found out my friend's punishment had ended and I came over
>he was out in the driveway
>i could hear his mom yelling at his sister, but I couldn't hear about what
>asked my friend what was up
>"who fucking cares, anon?"
>he told me his parents were going to take him to look at dirt bikes
>he had been saving to get one and was excited about it
>i don't know how this kid goes from being grounded to getting a dirt bike, but whatever
>i was more concerned about the sister
>the parents came out
>mom was fuming and the dad looked like he was just keeping his head down
>i noticed that the sister was not with them
>"later, anon"
>"congrats on the bike, man. later"
>i acted like I was walking away
>when their car turned the corner I spun on my heels and ran back
>knocked on the door
>she answered
>i could see she was upset and she rolled her eyes when she saw it was me
>maybe this was a bad idea...
>"oh thank god it's you, anon!"
>i had misread her eye roll
>she WASN'T annoyed, she was relieved
>she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house
Story 6 Part 2/6
>she was talking a mile a minute about the fight with her mom
>i was doing my best to keep up with the details
>following her around while she vented
>actually trying to be a sympathetic ear
>it suddenly hits me: she's pulling down her shorts
>she had lead me back to her room and started undressing
>uh...when did...this...
>she's still talking when she pulls her underwear down
>that pefect triangle of pubes above her hairless pussy lips
>i don't think she shaves; it just grows that way for her
>her nipples are poking out a bit (that's new)
>her body takes my breath away every time I get to see it
>and still I'm confused by the mixed messages
>she's angry and upset, almost yelling...but also getting naked
>she sits on her futon and brings her knees up, scoots her butt forward
>presenting her pussy and butthole to me
>i remember noticing quickly that she didn't have that darker ring of skin around her butthole
>it was just smooth, even-toned skin right up to the pucker of her anus
>"anon do we have to do the other stuff?"
>"the other...what?"
>"i really just want to do it, anon"
>she accentuates the words "do it" by pointing at her vagina with a finger
>"anon, please?"
>oh well you said please, so
>i strip like my clothes are on fire
>she's still venting about the fight while she watches me stroke it to get hard
>i give her pussy a test feel and she's already wet
>kneel down between her legs
>she grabs my dick and pulls me into her
>i push in the rest of the way and she stops talking mid-sentence to grunt and hold her breath
>start humping slowly and she makes a frustrated noise
>can't tell if she's annoyed or enjoying this
>these mixed message are killing me
>"anon can i get on top?"
User was banned for this post.
Maybe copy pasta, but damn is it entertaining
Story 6 Part 3/6
>i lay on the floor
>she squats over me and eases onto me
>it takes her a little while to work out the cowgirl position (she's never done it before)
>she lifts up too far a couple of times and I pop out
>then she finds her rhythm and starts fucking me harder
>bedroom door is wide open
>window is open
>she's breathing and grunting loudly
>her ass slapping against my legs is loud
>everything about this is loud and obvious
>and it makes me super nervous that someone will hear
>"you gotta be more quiet"
>she gives me an annoyed growl
>"somebody might hear us"
>"i don't care, anon!"
>this 13 year old girl is really fucking me
>she's angry-fucking me
>i finally get it and i feel like an idiot it took me this long
>she's working out her frustration
>basically masturbating herself with my dick
>it's not about me, really
>and i'm okay with that
Story 6 4/6
>i put my arms behind my head and watch her go to town
>she's amazingly wet
>there's a white rim of her juices where her pussy lips wrap around my dick
>my pubes are matted down they're so wet from her
>a few more minutes and then she stiffens up
>i feel her bear down on my dick
>the sensation makes me half sit up, startled
>it's too much
>she lifts herself off of me
>I grab my dick and spasm
>a few tense jets of cum hit her stomach
>she sits on my thighs, breathing heavy with flushed cheeks
>then a big smile
>"thanks for listening, anon. i'm glad you came over"
>"yeah me too"
>i watch her clean my cum off her stomach with some tissues, fascinated that she's not grossed out by it
>she's chatty and bubbly again
>we talk about whatever
>take our time getting dressed
>she wants to keep my shirt (some old baseball jersey from a softball league)
>let her have it and just put on my t-shirt and rest of my clothes
>she walks me out while we talk about ways we can see each other again
>at the front door I think she was about to kiss me
>but instead she freezes
>i turn around to see what she sees
>her parents car in the driveway to the side of the house
>i figure they had pulled up in the perfect window of opportunity
>if we were five seconds earlier getting to the front door we would've seen them coming
>ten seconds later and we would've heard the car doors before I stepped out
>my friend and his mom weren't even getting out yet
>they were fussing with bags or something in the car and weren't lookin up at me
>but her dad was
>he was half in and half out of the car
>glaring right at me

Story 6 Part 5/6
>fuckity fuck FUCK
>i turn back to her, thinking fast
>"thanks for looking, maybe I left it somewhere else..."
>said it nice and loud so her dad could hear me
>like I had come back looking for something
>plausible, right?
>she was frozen in the doorway with her mouth open looking exactly like someone who got caught
>but i decided to commit
>turned and walked towards the driveway
>the dad looked at me
>looked at his daughter
>looked at the house
>looked back at me
>he was putting it together
>their dad had served in the military
>he was an ugly, tough-looking man
>his face was like leather stretched tight over a skull
>i bring it up because I want credit for the balls it took to walk past him like nothing was up
>like I HADN'T just fucked his daughter and came on her stomach
>"just looking for something I lost"
>walked past him, no eye contact
>in the corner of my eye I saw my friend put up his hands in a confused expression
>kept walking
>got to the end of the driveway
>"son, get back here. now."
>my friend and his mom were beyond confused, but apparently clueless
>the dad said "i'm going to help anon look for something in the garage"
>i can tell, what he's going to help me find is a shovel
>with which he's going to anally rape me
>a jogger's going to find my body in a forest somewhere
>shovel handle sticking out of my ass like a popsicle stick
this story is too good
oh god anon lol
Has anyone been saving this yet?
doing it
I would if I was one for saving. This is the best wincest story I've ever read
File: 1379090060132.jpg (97 KB, 700x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>"son, get back here. now."
Story 6 Part 6/6
>my friend holds up a bunch of brochures on dirt bikes and shit
>"when you're done we gotta look at these, anon!"
>i nod
>nice knowing you, bro
>walk into their garage and wait
>i wait 10 minutes
>the dad finally comes in
>he leans on the workbench and folds his arms
>stares at me a good long time
>i break first
>"is there someth--"
>"cut the shit, anon. you've been coming around a lot sniffing after my daughter."
>"there must be some mis--"
>his face tightens even more
>"yes sir"
>"she's 13"
>"i know, bu--"
>"she's not allowed to date yet"
>"anon, I don't want to see you around here unless I'm home."
>"and if I ever catch you alone with her..."
>he grinned, like he was imagining the rest of it
>"you're damn right 'ok.' Now get the fuck out of here."
>i leave
>he didn't shovel-rape me, so there's that
>i took the initiative to never come over anymore though
>school started shortly after that
>and after that the brother and i had a falling out
>hadn't seen or heard about her for years

>found her much later on facebook
>married, three kids, runs her own business, looks well-off
>turned into a hot milf
>deep in her picture gallery is one picture of her
>curled up in an armchair reading a book
>and she's wearing that baseball jersey I gave her

The End
File: 1389050617058.jpg (154 KB, 406x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The first two or three stories are a pasta from years ago, the rest is new to me.

This is what happens when I leave /b/ for too long...
File: 1300701947192.jpg (74 KB, 500x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 500x328

Only if sisters names are Damn, You, and Fine.
Damn OP, nice story!
Got any pics?
Pasta or not, this was really damn good.
10/10 stories, 8/10 ending, needs more dinosaurs
That ending was kind of tear-jerking. It's like some shit you can make into a fucking movie
10/10 op, best story ive read in a while
File: storyofmylife.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
anyone remember or has the "trip to the therapist" set?
if i was him and i found her on facebook, i know id be crying, i just wouldnt know of joy or pain, and i saved every word of this
Post pics of what she looked like. Bonus points for gallery
File: 1394490983808.jpg (204 KB, 816x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Copy pasta or not, hands down best story i've ever read on /b/
those words dont contain 3, 6 or 9 letters
File: 1394504630119.gif (2 MB, 400x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x212
10/10 ery well developed, nice plot, amazing climax and wow the ending was just off the hook. Gj to whoever came up with this.
if im the only one that saved this, ill post back in 5 years
>a writer who's into underage

>molestation stories.

Well, I had a boyfriend who was 26 when I was 12, but I had a pretty good time all along. Does that count as molestation?

>protip: i am a male.

>sorry to ruin your fap.
0/10 boner ruined, evening destroyed, hard drive wiped, get the fuck off my /b/
Its a fake story, calm your mammaries. Im not into this shit but i admit this was one the better ones on /b/.
File: giphy.gif (540 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540 KB, 400x300
Thats whole thing was fucking excellent.
I had potential for a couple things to put on here.
Maybe a green text, but I just can't after that. That was too good.
Plus I need sleep.
see you in 5 years
File: 4.jpg (82 KB, 900x617) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 7 or 8
>mom always left for graveyard shift around 10pm
>dad tells mom we're going to stay up late and play video games
>she kisses me on the cheek, leaves
>i look at dad
>he gives me the dirty grin
>makes me come next to him on the couch
>he reaches over
>he puts it in... NHL for super nintendo
>i hate hockey
>forces me to play for hours
>continues for the next few years until i realize it was wrong
>be me earlier today
>shower with my 5 and 7yo nephews
>thought of molesting them never crossed my mind
>didnt even get a boner
perhaps im too old to be a btard..
File: GET BACK TO WORK.jpg (225 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 1000x1000
File: 1395300989800.jpg (6 KB, 256x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 256x197

That was beautiful, dude.
File: 1378897075608.gif (319 KB, 314x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319 KB, 314x314
File: mole station.jpg (65 KB, 500x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mole station.jpg
65 KB, 500x426
Can someone screen cap all the stories of this guys, will want to fap later. If you need to send them by email just tell me

No, but if you look at the post I responded to...

I pasta'd 'em all into a txt file. I can upload it to anon files if you really want me to, but someone probably found a more efficient way of saving it.
Simply amazing/10
I can finally go to bed
>older cousin had always been doing games with me since I was little
>first she taught me french kissing
>we'd go to her room in grampas vacation house
>she would mount me and started kissing me deeply
>I remember that boner
>she would stroke it and push herself on me, us both wearing swimsuits
>then she showed me our uncle's porn mags and asked me if I wanted to try that but I was too shy to say anything so only ended up fondling her breasts in the garage
>I was very passive so she would make fun of me or tell me what to do but never in a mean way
>ff some years later
>was 12 she was 18
>summer vacation again
>she's there too
>she's got a bf now but theyre fighting
>same average drama I guess
>bf leaves raging and slams door
>cousin randomly ask if I want to sleep in her room
>it was normal for us so I dont immediately think about sex
>I say ok sure
>now it's midnight
>laying in double size bed with my cousin
>Im starting to get asleep when she kicks me under the covers
>I think w-what did I do wrong? is she mad?
>then she pushes against me with her butt
>shes pretending to sleep but still pushes against me
>suddenly get a spooning boner
>its on
>embrace her tenderly and start kissing all over her
>tfw she giggles to my kisses
>she's so tall but soft and good looking
>I keep rubbing my dick on her butt until I get naked
>then I get her naked too, she lets me do all the work
>start fucking
>I come inside her during the spooning
>change positions and cum in her ag
>this is like the porn pics I had home but better way better
>look at her pussy how its so wet
>shes pretending to sleep but I know shes letting me fuck her
>I guess
>dont care
>spoon her again
>pumping with the 12yo endurance
>then bed's frame start hitting the wall
>dont care but suddenly hear movements outside the door
>its ok just mom or sis going to the bathroom
>spend some moments regaining breath, then when mom goes back to her room I resume fucking my dear cousin
>at one point I see her arching and grabbing the sheets
>she starts to breath heavily too and I had no idea at the time what that was
>fill her up until I think dawn then just lay by her side and she hugs me like women do to grown men
>its so silly because my chest is so small and shes laying her head on it
>I kiss her lips and fall asleep

I miss her man, wish I could get back in touch without it being awkward. Also her parents cut all contact with my family after that summer.
By the end I didn't care about fapping.

10/10 would read every day
Nothing in my life with ever be as good as reading that story. 10/10

>As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
File: 1272927787174.png (911 KB, 1339x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
911 KB, 1339x958
ITT: A lot of people looking to get their dicks off to something morally dirty end up getting a faceful of feels for their trouble, and for a small moment, a light shines in the darkness that is /b/.

And to think it's fookin' copypasta to boot.
>be 11
>masturbating in my room for maybe the 10th time or so
>mom bursts in with laundry, sees me
>she drops the laundry, turns and closes the door
>door opens, she calmly walks in and sits on my bed
>lifts her top up to expose her massive breasts
>opens her jeans and shoves her fingers in there and begins to rub
>"carry on, son"
>run out of room
>call child protection services
>police turn up
>arrest my mom
>they find vintage /ss/ CP magazines in our house
>i testify in court
>mom goes to jail
>i get sent to a foster family
>never see mom again

phew dodged a bullet there
>What is archiving
Yes please >>541867006
I'm on an iPad, usually never really works for me
File: 1320742841628.jpg (13 KB, 195x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 195x172
This is starting to hit a little too close to home it's actually making pretty sad
I feel like crying ;__; That was absolutely beautiful. 10/10 Fukken saved too.
If anyone could screen cap and compile this story they would win all my internets for the night. I am sadly at work and browsing on mmy ultra pos tablet, or I'd do it myself
Give me your email
This is story really did hit a little too close to home i can feel some tears coming >>541870816
lol, gotta make a new burn mail account, last one got too cluttered to use
File: 1397147816426.jpg (68 KB, 384x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 384x494
yeah... cus I havent been here long enough to keep and or make emails with nothing tieing them to me so I can ditch them
Don't know about the other anon, but I'm capping and compiling the story right now, I'll be done in less than 15 minutes and I'll just post it here.
I laughed.
I archived the thread
File: tashbro.jpg (147 KB, 993x827) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 993x827
there's a new file on Pete's jumpshare page.


I haven't read it myself, but the title is intriguing
Oh sweet, that's much easier. Thanks a bunch for that.

Probably why you turned into a faggot.
Want me to email it to you?
Yes, please. Thanks again.
Just give me a sec to make a throwaway
does anyone have that story from /k/ that was posted here a couple of weeks ago?
Anyone else want the thread?
yes please

tossacct7059000@hotmail.com please.
also, that anon who's capping, please still do
I stopped because the other anon was gonna send me the archive, but I will continue to do so. It might not be perfect, but I'll do my best. My usual board archives everything so I haven't really had to do this before, but this story was just so good I knew I had to.
File: 525504.jpg (44 KB, 525x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 525x800
.I*ll just leave this here

Dis pasta
ty kind anon
would def appreicate it. this is definitely worthy of having multiple formats in which to enjoy it
Alright, give me a little time to put it together. Again, may not be perfect, but I'll do my best.
It's already on the archive, folks. This anon is just reposting it. http://4archive.org/b/res/537607018
File: AHS-2x01_24.jpg (70 KB, 600x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 600x425
ITT wizards.
The cap compilation is .12 MB too large to upload here, and I have no idea how to minimize the size by .12 MB. God damn it.
Actually it's irrelevant, >>541881494
this is way better.
bummer. I'd help ya out, but I'm not so knowledgeable on stuff like that myself. the few caps I had that I did myself were abysmal at best and deleted almost instantly
I wouldnt say irrelevant. I like having versions of stuff I can save for perusing when my internet shits out. and I want that story all by iteslf, the archive is an entire thread, which is a bit more than that
not to say the archive is bad, by any means, and thanks to the anon that posted it as well.
True enough, and thanks for your kind words. If you still want the cap I can email it to you.
Lowering the JPEG quality can take a sizeable chunk off the size with minimal loss, especially on something as simple as a page like this.
ty anon
also love the good resolution, easier on my fucked up eyes
Its like I can really see and feel her in my mind. My dick and heart are finally satisfied.

>tfw getting too old for teens to have crushes on me
>tfw no childhood

peace out you fine people
Yes raptorman500@gmail.com
Sorry for posting twice my bad
damn, I just wish I had something relevant to contribute to this thread as a way of saying thanks
File: 1394896255700.jpg (281 KB, 1754x2339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281 KB, 1754x2339
I*ll just leave this here

No problem, glad I could help you out. The good resolution is because of the screenshot application I used, it has pretty damn good quality.
>my name is Aaron Aardvark
How could i forget about this classic
This is a true story so it's not going to be AMAZING, but...

When I was in grade three I'd be in detention for fight all the time. Once when I was in the office waiting for time to fly by, this male teacher walks in to talk with the principal.
He goes in there for a while to talk about whatever but when he comes out he notices me and crouches down to speak with me.
He's a very obvious gay male with a very gay lisp and was very soft spoken.
He asks me why I was in the office and I tell him that I regularly get into fights.
He gives me a very weird smile and rubs my cheek with the back of his hand and in almost a whisper says "I think you only get into fights because you're sad."
I look at him with what I can only imagine was the biggest 'wft?' face and say "No, I just like beating people up."
He then gives a bit of a sigh, smiles harder and drops his hand and walks out of the office.

Shit was so creepy and weird...

>>double le meme arrows
bump again
I'm so sad it's over, but good night gents it was amazing while it lasted
Beautiful, bellisimo, bravo. A tale for the ages.

>that ending, a tear jerker for real
I would see a movie about this.
>tell black guy to go grind with her

You fucking race traitor
File: DaDonk.jpg (88 KB, 800x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what a fruit you are mate
File: image.jpg (110 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I kinda imagin the sister looking something like this:
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