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First sexual experience thread
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First sexual experience thread
Are you gonna start OP or are you just going to be a huge faggot like always.
Girl that had a crush on me for years got me drunk and lured me into the woods to have her way with me. Was 14ish.
sounds kinda shitty
experimented with my little cousin when she was 8 and i was 14.
How would I know I was wasted.
Actually just lost it on Saturday night. At a party with my gf, got nice and drunk, slightly stoned. Stayed the night at my buddy's place cause we were too drunk to drive, ended up sleeping together and having awesome sloppy drunk sex. For any virgins out there, don't expect to be a pornstar your first time, your girl won't be expecting it either.
>32 YO
>Still a Virgin.
>6 had a teddy bear it got a rip in it fucked the shit out of it
getting super wasted remember making out and getting naked, and even putting it in
but nothing else.
I felt fucking great the next few weeks
>lost my virginity May 25, 2014
>had condom on, she was on top
>felt nothing even though she was going up and down
>paranoid thinking she's pretending and it's not actually in
>end up taking condom off and trying missionary
>dick won't stop fucking bending and is now semihard
>sex over
>felt nothing
>didn't cum

Thinking of trying some backpage whores so my next time doesn't fail as hard.
>not going Rogue
You fucked up
Think I told this story before, but I once banged a chick on a Disney Cruise liner when I lost mine.
I know that you're lying.
this time travelling virgin..
did u trie the gay sex?
I don't see why the fuck not.
>be 17, not exactly full beta but not alpha either
>have new gf, she's 16
>9/10 qt 3.14
>Been dating for bout 3 weeks, shit's pretty cash
>go to her house one night
>Making out heavily, business as usual
>She starts grinding on top of me
>Says she can tell I'm kinda burning up, she finds it adorable
>Continue into spooning for a bit
>Roll over onto floor, tired as shit
>Her hand finds its way to my crotch, starts rubbing around on the surface of my jeans
>removal of belt, her hand's underneath my boxers now
>last longer than I thought I would, eventually shift position so that I'm laying down on a chair and she's between my legs
>She says she'd blow me, but she still had braces and didn't wanna risk hurting me
>she continues at it
>eventually decides to delicately put me in her mouth
>oh lawdy
>Tell her I'm about to come
>Splooge all over her face
>Go home
>Year later, still dating
>Fuck like rabbits when we get to see each other because age of consent is 17 where I'm at

It's all goin' pretty good.

Yeah, but I'm happy, bc women are evil
Fuck, I meant March. I'm dyslexic when it comes to months.

>be me
>be 12
>be at pastor's house
>end up having sex with pastor's wife and daughters while pastor takes pics
>May 25, 2014
Yep, that was a good day
The only woman who will truly love you is your own sister, that's why you should go rogue and fuck her.
>so that I'm laying down on a chair
>that I'm laying down on a chair
>laying down on a chair

U wot m8?
Friend invites me to small get together

Get really faded


Fuck friends mom

Get da herp

Lose friend.
>be 15
>get invited to first party of my life
>smoke dank
>drink booze
>get super wasted
>go over to random group of chicks
>2 9/10's and 1 landwhale
>start bullshitting about how i'm in a rock band
>bitches are eating it up
>decide to abandon the pussy for a few minutes while i grab a drink
>hamplanet grabs me by the shirt and pulls me upstairs into parents room
>start making out
>too wasted to care
>she undoes my fly and pulls down my pants and undies
>she's wearing a dress so she just has to pull down her panties
>start going at it like feral beasts
>"holy shit i'm having sex"
>bacon double cheeseburger goes pale as fuck
>looks like she's about to vom
>oh shit
>she spurts half eaten fries all over her rippling chest
>too out of it to care
>end up finishing on her to just add to the smorgasbord of bodily fluids
>get dress and rejoin the party like nothing happened

no idea what the fuck her name was
>13 years old, parents having weekend party
>on bottom bunk, rest of bros went to aunts, bored as fuck, no sleep cause music n shit.
>Listen to beer bottles clinking, laughing.
>Sneak out of room, crawl down hall to watch adults, wtf they doin?
>first time see Aeon Flux, cartoon cant stop watching.
>"anon, you should be in bed. dadanon be pissed."
>dads best friend, "tina" get scared. bit tina is cool when drinking.
>takes me back to room, I sign, grab her arm pretend im very tired.
>Im bored, i cant sleep.
>anon go to bed.
>not ten minutes pass, hear someone shuffle at door.
>shit, dad.
>say nothing, pretend to sleep.
>comes in, no shirt.
>No. Fucking. Shirt.
>eyes peeking -think im clever- she saw them open.
>takes shorts off, no. fucking. panties.
>lays next to me. Asks how i am doing.
>say nothing, sweaty, scared, curious and horny as all hell.
>touch boob. caress, point at nipple.
>she takes my hand, puts on pussy.
>fucks me.
>was fast, she got nervous, put shorts back on, says plz dont tell.
>leaves room.
>finish jerking off.
>been other encounters, sexualization awakened.
>seen her two other times, suddenly dissapeared.
>friends with a 19 year old girl who i met in highschool
>she's been dating some guy named jimmy
>she breaks up with him
>dec 2, we go out and look at christmas lights
>hold hands, w/e
>get in n out(cali fag) and go to eat at a park
>after eating start making out, go to her place, fuck for a while, fall asleep and cuddle
>3 AM jimmy has been calling her for a while but she left her phone in her car
>he walks into her house
>walks into her motherfucking room
>sees us there
It's some kinda weird, long chair lol
File: clean-shaven-zach.jpg (32 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please, post a pic of this wondrous chair of which you speak

Anon pls i need to kno
It's probably a love seat. Google it.
no thank you, do not continue.
now i dont remember much at all as i was so young like 4-5
>i was in texas for two years when i was young, we moved from michigan and returned 2 years later
>anyway, the man was a friend of the family, i guess we was babysitting me
>i remember him bringing me to his room and beside his bed
>he whipped out his cock and told me to take it in my mouth
>now i dont remember any details like taste, smell, or even my thoughts
>as his cock was in my mouth he kept telling me to go deeper
>told him i cant and he eventualy pushes my head sliding more of his cock into my mouth
>then i remember gagging and threw up on his cock
>i remember saying sorry and he said it was ok and left to clean up

thats basically it i dont remember much at all and now im extremely kinky and bi
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Ahahahaha top cake
File: 1398753933514.jpg (112 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gr8 b8 m8
>be 2007
>be me at 14
>cousin who is my age brings his gf over my place for the weekend
>she being a solid 9/10
>for a teenage girl who is 5' nothing, she's got a banging body w/ double Ds
>parents away for the weekend
>cousin wants to drink and get high
>me never being around that type of crowd growing up, reluctantly gives in to demands
shall i continue?
no dont bother.
Yeah, I think it's one of those. Came with a foot rest.
Wait.. did I miss anything?
This dude pretty much admitted to molested his 8yo cousin..
the fuck..
continue fag
Why the fuck do you green text everything?
>be 19
>first year college
>never had a girl touch my dick
>start talking to girl in dorm who was 8/10
>she was black
>tell her i'm a virgin
>tells me she wouldnt mind taking my virginity
>spend night in her room
>start sleeping of futon
>feel something grab my dick
>get hard as fuck
>we get it on
>don't wear a rubber
>made her finish 3 times
>asks me after I come "do you wanna keep going?"
>retard me thinks shes saying do you wanna keep cumming?
>fucking say no
>still cringe to this day
>next day news gets around
>i am now blackjack
>my first girlfriend, from like, middle school, calls me
>anon, i want to fuck you. i probably shouldn't, but i want to.
>i'm going to come get you
>be smoking weed already and drinking a bit, she's coming now... k
>she gets to my place, takes me back to hers
>nervous energy in the car
>get into her room
>talk for about half an hour
>eventually just tear each others clothes off, put a condom on, and stick it in
>fuck her for EVER, not really feeling much
>pull out, go to sleep

fast forward a few weeks

>anon, we should hang out
>shows up at my house
>fool around
>wants to fuck
>tell her about how much condoms suck
>let's not use one then
>well, i'll just get the morning after pill
>fuck like rabbits
>over9000 different positions
>finally find one that feels just right
>bust massive nut in her
>tell her she should smoke my weed
>give her bong
>she blows into it
>ejects bong water all over my bed
>pussy juice, sweat, and bong water all over my bed
>pull everything off, pass out in sleeping bag
you know there are ids now right?
>blows into the bong
I don't do drugs or booze but even I know that cunt is fucking retarded.
You forgot the fact that he's been Fucking her for years
>lost his virginity at 17
>been fucking like rabbits for years
>because age of consent is 17
Hes been 17 for years
maybe he means coughed into it.
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Lel samefagging. This guy haha.
Nice try faggot
A classic cumming of age tale.
Some newfags or idiots don't know when to stop inhaling, or better yet, they try to clear it after they can't inhale anymore.
Nope. Blew into it.

Like somehow blowing into the bong would get the smoke into her lungs.

>be 12 or so
>neighbor (boy) friend
> we both like pokemon and such
> collect the cards
> both like video games and DBZ
>often have play-dates as my parents would call them.
>one day he bribes me with pokemon cards for me to let him suck my dick
>Harold and kumar logic
>nothing gay about gettin ur dick sucked
> this escalates to the point where he fingered my ass one time while I was playing video games.
>never did anything gay, but now the thought of that shit turns me on and gets me hard as fuck.
am I gay /b/?
Ok /b/ here I go. I've never done this before.
>be me
>skinny as fuck
>live with dad and his half of my broken fam in shitty little suburb
>friend lives down the road
>friend is sent off at this time in some home for wayward boys
>also really cool with his parents
>solid 9/10 mom
>step dad rumored to have been abusive toward friend but idk.
>step dad works a lot and is gone out of state most of the time.
>I'd go over to their house and play guitar and jam with the step dad.
>turned into me just going over there to play the acoustic (I didn't have one) and sing even when step dad wasn't home.
>the mom and I had made out once when she was drunk (she was a hell of a drinker).
>always talked about how good I was at playing and singing and shit. And would give me crown royal which was nice.
>one day her brother and sister in law came over and we all hung out and I jammed with her brother while the 2 broads sun baithed
>end up drinking my way into buzzed territory
>they leave
>just me and her
>she goes to change and comes back in a fucking wife beater with no bra.
File: retarded samefag.jpg (321 KB, 820x2052) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
retarded samefag.jpg
321 KB, 820x2052
I'll let you know when that happens.
Thank god for IDs.
>Be me 15 couple years back start grade 10
>Girl I like is in same classes
>Me and her get close because we were pretty good friend to start with
>Right before Christmas ask her out
>Says yes
>Anyway knew she wanted new headphones
>Get her a noice pair
>Give it too her Christmas eve
>"Oh wow thanks! You didn't have to I don't have anything for you!"
>"Actually I have an idea"
>Unzips pants
>Christmas blowjob
Still dating her, and we still exchange sexual favors on christmas
Fucking continue or don't. Don't ask us, stupid. If you want to tell your story and think it's interesting, fucking tell it.
No one fucking cares if you continue.
god damnit this is /b/ there is no fucking need to ask if we want to hear it. Of course we want to hear it we want to hear everything
>sitting in camper drunk as fuck
>friend and random chick from campground next to me
>look over and he is fingering her
>the fuck
>he see's me and runs
>i finish her
>meet up later in the forest and fuck like rabbits
hey now, let's not me mean.
Nah he has all rights to be mean. we're all too used to people leading us into some fake story that we all sit up into 5 AM waiting for and it either being lackluster as hell or walk the dinosaur bullshit
All hail the wizard!
>literally this mad
Kill yourself you dumb fucking newfag
21. first girlfriend. she was 17. so nervous my dick wouldn't stay hard. willed myself to rail the fuck out of that shit.
> 9 years old
> mom is in the hospital due to a pulmonary issue
> Step father comes in my room, says he will give me a massage to help me relax
> He start massaging my shoulders
> He goes down to my ass
> I can feel some sort of slippery lotion being spread on my ass
> He pushes his dick in my ass
> My mind goes into a NOP -> WTF -> NOP loop
> He tells me I can masterbate while he does this
> After a few pushes he is done
> He leaves my room, to take a piss
> I can't hold my shit in for a few months, and soil a few boxers.
> 14 years later, I found him and murdered him.
> feelsgoodman.jpg
High school, about 15 yo.
Girl was maybe 11.
Some random person's house where our respective parents were having a grown-up meeting at left the young people on their own.
She dragged me into the property owner's bedroom and forced herself on me. (I didn't take much convincing.)
That's it.
picks or it didnt happen
Sure, I'll post pics, you fucking retard.
>Be 16
>Asian persuasion gf, good 7/10
>Mormon as hell, wont let me say level 1 curse words
>Kiss and hug but thats it.
>Fucking cant take it, but shes cute
>After about a month, shes starting to loosen up and curse.
>Second month were making out, softcore grabbing/biting.
>All of a sudden she stops to catch breath and she says,"Anon, make love to me!"
>Stick it in, tight, but get used to it quick.
>Sex for 15 minutes
>Panting cuddle kiss session afterwards.
>Fell asleep.
you gonna continue the story or what
She was 5. I was 7 (not including the BJ at age 4 and other "disturbing" sexual experiences). This is the first time I came in a girl.
In a dark basement where her father and brother was present too.
Her father wanted it on film and the brother wanted to fuck my ass.
Ended up as the middle of a sandwich.

first time stories always make me laugh in reallife, for telling people this. Silences the room.

The part usually left out, it was SO awesome and much more happened.
Well fuck sakes anon I'm trying to be polite. Anyway.
>she's pretty buzzed.
>I've got the weak knees from all the crown
>"maybe I should go put a bra on."
>"nooo. It's ok lol"
>sit down on the couch and keep playing
>she's wearing a white short skirt.
>talks to me about some kind of bullshit. I have no idea.
>she scoots closer
>put down the damn guitar
>she puts her leg over my waist
>"anonmom are you trying to get me to fuck you? Cause its about to play out that way"
>"oh really anon"
>takes my hand and rubs it up her thigh.
>feel panties but some kind of foam shit over her crotch. I didn't know it but it was a tampon. Didn't care started rubbing that shit like I was gonna get shot if I didn't.
>"Slow down anon take your time"
>"ok" slow down a bit and she's loving the shit. Kissing my neck. Rubbing my dick(which I thought was going to explode by the way).
>"we can't do much I'm on my period"
>"I don't give a shit"
>climbs on top of me and we kiss as I rub her from the out side of her panties
>"lets go up stairs anon." "And you can't fuckin tell anyone"
Ok let me take a breather last installment in a sec.
I didn't make my use of the word "year" plural, m8.
can't link to your comment /b/ro, but shit. you got a point there...

you know who you are
>me,my cousin and her babysitter in bed
>babysitter asleep,cousin and me talkin about random shit
>started fingering cousin
>cousin giggling,noisy motherfucker
>babysitter woke up,tells us to sleep
did this more times,but after a while i got guilty.
File: one direction.jpg (141 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
one direction.jpg
141 KB, 1024x768
>18 yo
>watching tv
>one direction coming to town
>who are these handsome brits?
>see the mayhem they cause
>search google
>start dressing like the blond one
>ask hairdresser for his cut
>feel ashamed for asking to look like fag
>"it's either this or staying virgin"
>go out to the stadium 2 nights later
>tickets sold out
>see bunch of niggers
>their cardboards say they're selling tickets
>WTF 200 bucks
>buy ticket
>"it's either this or staying a virgin"
>get inside
>see bitch
>about 8/10
>find out pretty fast shes stupid as fuck
>about the moment i notice shes at a 1d concert
>start talking
>shes 15
>start talking about how much i like 1d
>shes buying it
>compliments me i look like the blond
>this might actually work
>1d gets on
>this is the moment
File: dfonejhlqsdfi.jpg (14 KB, 200x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 200x194

>touch girls ass
>she doesnt seem to mind
>prolly too busy screaming
>go for her titties
>doesn't mind
>1d starts singing
>1 minute later
>start grabbing her between the legs
>whys this chick not slapping the perv out of me yet?
>bit later
>same shit again
>start going down her pants
>ive never been this close to pussy
>hands start sweating
>bitch doesnt give a fuck
>these brits are the perfect wingmen
>about an h of touching and grabbing later
>start talking again
>"concert was awesome wasnt it"
>yeah it was great
>her friends are leaving
>i ask her to stay and get a drink
>go for a drink next to the stadium
>beta kicks in
>i cant talk but yes...yeah...1d is awesome... i like that song
>she has to leave
>goes to toilet
>say ill go with her thats what girls do right
>hows this chick so stupid?
>she pulls down her pants
>go for it
>fuck in the toilet
>get her number
>her mom arrives
>kiss her goodbye
>i get the fuck away as her mother looks in disgust

mfw 1d got me laid

i've since gone to justin bieber and the wanted concerts and fucked 2more young qts
Pics or it didn't happen

Lol... that really blows

This almost happened to me... All I remember is thinking "so this is what a tongue ring feels like"... I didn't let her fuck me.

Lol'd and saved this comment


> Be 17
>With 16 year old ex who is now dating someone else
>Jelly as fuck, we fool around all the time, lots of genital touching
>My logic: If we keep up this physical relationship behind his back, maybe she will dump him
>She is sitting on my lap on a couch in her house rubbing her pussy on my dick, we've done this dozens of times.
> her parents in the other room, we never cared because we were sneaky as fuck
>Getting really hot, I tell her "don't put it in"
>She is soaked
>suddenly feels 20 times better than the awesomeness it felt like before
>"Omg am I inside you?"
>she purrs like a goddamned kitten "yea!"
>Fucked in that position for like half a minute and had one of the best orgasms of my life
> Drive home and called my friend for congratulations on the way.

She lost her virginity to me, and fucked her boyfriend a week later out of guilt... I wanted to die... bunch of stupid shit happened but that's my story.
Pics or didn't happen
Ok home stretch.
>get upstairs
>start to go towards her room thinking we're gonna fuck in there. But nope.
>she sends me to her fucking sons room and tells me to wait while she gets ready.
>now I should feel bad about this but I'm living the dream so fuck it.
>lay down pull pants to my knees realize I have to piss like a race horse
>suddenly I forget about pissing.
>"You ready anon?"
>"yeah get over here."
>I am so very nervous as this grown woman climbs on top of my 16 year old frame and hovers over my dick.
>she grabs it and slides it in.
>shits tight son. Nah mean?
>it's nice but not how I imagined it. I'd fingered some band girls but this was the farthest I'd gotten with anyone.
>she's riding it and its bliss
>her son had one of those beds for crippled people. No he wasn't crippled.
>I ask if she likes it from the back
>she moans yes
>position her
>the ass is fantastic
>I am a dejay. And it is my turn table as I wear it out
>I'm no where close to coming like 20 mins in
>think I'm a boss
>it's cause I had to piss so bad and didn't realize with all the fuckin
>she says she needs a break and conmenses to suckin my dick
>finaly gives up cause I'm not cumming
>she goes to clean up
>I piss my brains out and try to proses.
>had to go home and act like I wasn't the shit.
I'd give my middle nut for pics of her man.
Pics exist somewhere. I'm not going looking for them.
5 year olds don't cum, they piss...
see >>544469080
>I'd give my middle nut for pics of her man.
File: image.jpg (6 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 125x125
I respect you anon. It's rare to find someone on here whose humble.
>back in 2011 when i was 17
>Have a friend with benefits who was 2 years older
>8.5/10, blonde, about 5"2, nice body
>Leave from a bonfire party
>she blows me on bench and I was drunk af
>talk long time to cum but i suggest sex for me to finish
>She says no but next time we hang out we will
>she comes over 2 days later
>go to my room and get straight to it
>Do it missionary and last about 2 minutes
>She barely moaned
>Kiss for a bit then get dressed
>She says "So that actually was your first time?"
>She leaves
>feel bad all night cause I was shit
we fucked one more time after and it was waaay better, we did a ton of different positions
If you read she came, something must be wrong with your eyes. Go troll someone else with your imperfections. I am sorry to disappoint, they can cum, they might not all squirt but they definently like it.
Teach me your ways
Reply worked different than expected, but there is a first time for everything.
Was it satisfactory anon?
I lost my virginity on my 19th birthday to my ex girlfriend. She was a hot chubby with red hair and big fat titties. She was a bit of a redneck and that day we went to the county fair, then hit up Burger King afterwards (we're American), and went back to my place to fuck.

It was pretty good, I lasted about half an hour, and I made her cum, but only after I came. I had to resort to eating her out to get her to cum, but it was my first time, gimme a break. Obviously my form has improved since then.
>be me at party
>fall asleep in friends basement
>girl comes down
>puts finding nemo dvd on
>make out
>she jerks me off till I nut
>never talk to her again
I still think about it sometimes, shit was hot but she wasn't, but I still want to fuck her if I ever get the chance
> Be 17, good looking and popular.. had some gf but didn't go all the way
> Just ended relationship of 1 year with older woman (19)
> Go on school trip to Budapest for week
> Meet Finnisch Girl
> Hit it off
> Run away during school party
> Fuck in park
> Never see her again
> Now 24, still popular and fucking my way through life....

But i still call her sometimes when I'm drunk for the lulz

Too lazy for pics of her... unless someone asks
File: 1394907636128.gif (484 KB, 200x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484 KB, 200x149
go fuck youself
What are you specs? I am thinking of going fire
File: 1351935934618.png (24 KB, 102x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 102x132
>be awkward beta 16 year old home schooler
>crushing hard on best friend's cousins
>visit her at her moms beach house on martha's vinyard with my best friend and his brother
>her super bad ache but nice body friend and her super hot friend my friend's brother was dating came over
>4am, all of us on her bed
>friend's brother making out with his girlfriend
>best friend lying smushed up next to his cousin/crush
>tickling starts, crush not having fun, pizza face girl giving me ioi
>start making out with but-her-face
>feels good man
>crush is confused
>go right for the french
>lying on top of her
>sneaky humps
>under the shirt boob grab
>kiss till lips get chapped

>ask crush every year for 4 years to go out with me. figure she wouldn't because i kissed her friend.

>mfw I found out later my best friend was secretly dating his cousin/my crush the whole time.
Well, can't not ask when you put it this way.
Pics please.
> Be 17, good looking and popular.. had some gf but didn't go all the way
> Just ended relationship of 1 year with older woman (19)
> Go on school trip to Budapest for week
> Meet Finnisch Girl
> Hit it off
> Run away during school party
> Fuck in park
> Never see her again
> Now 24, still popular and fucking my way through life....

But i still call her sometimes when I'm drunk for the lulz

Too lazy for pics of her... unless someone asks
>be summer going into college
>bros and i having shit ton of fun
>jesus faded to the max
>see girl i thought was pretty cute in freshman year (girl is year older)
>girl is raging slut
>start hooking up
>get into car with her
>apparently she was coked out
>she crashes the car into a pole
>drive away into school parking lot
>no condom
>says she's on pill
>start fucking
>next day bros ask how many stds i got
So youre 17
I was thinking the same thing
File: SummerDays.webm (2 MB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>be 6
>me and friend sneaking around garage
>see 13yo brother getting BJ from girl
>later friend and i discussing
>can't figure out why he would want that
some time later
>giving each other BJ
>"oh that's why..."
>be 18
>lost virginity to fat chick I met on dating website
>so fat couldn't feel when i was in or not
>come to find out I was fucking the side of her leg
>very embarrassed
>couldn't preform
>she sticks fingers in my butt
>feels weird and good
>inb4 i'm a fag
>cum all over her
tldr I hated it but secretly love sex with fat chicks
you ok, bro?
>be 8
>girl cousin sleeping over
>all night play truth/dare with her
>jokingly suggest make out (had just heard it on some tv show thought it'd be funny)
>around midnight, just fell asleep
>in living room sharing sofa bed with cousin
>cousin next to me wakes me up
>starts kissing me on the lips
>start rubbing her spot
>feel something wettish
>get scared/grossed out think she peed or something
>stop fooling around and go back to sleep
now that i think back wheni was rubbing i was going waaaaaaaaay too high

Why wouldn't I be ?
Pics were promised, if asked for.
Pics were not delivered.
File: c5a.jpg (11 KB, 218x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 218x232
maybe you missed the part where you posted story twice and left out the pics >>544470671 asked for
File: tear.gif (989 KB, 499x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
989 KB, 499x374
>be 14, chatting up chick on AIM
>solid 4.75/10 but ./she_wants_the_d.jpg
>plan to hang out the next day
>fapped the night away
>meet up at a friends house
>go into the little brother's room
>making out on his bed
>finger blasting her like a spastic retard.
>she asks if I want a blowjob
>gets on the floor
>pulls a blanket over her head
>wont let me watch her work.
>whatever, still feels good man.
>minutes pass
>did you come yet?
>she goes and gets a drink
>takes forever
>I flaccidify before she gets back.
>gets pissed I am soft.
>back under the blanket to start again
>I put my hand on the back of her head
>a few minutes later...
>she needs a drink again
>fap to keep it up while she rehydrates.
>she never comes back.
>fapping on my friends little brothers bed for an eternity

mfw I realize she isn't coming back.
cue the bluest of balls.

Sorry dude... Forgot thread for a sec... pics here... the left one
>be beta 18 year old male
>fairly attractive, but always too afraid to go beyond kissing
>very close friends with hot 17 year old female
>walk her home from school every day
>very much in love with her
>she has been single for most of the school year due to recent bad relationship
>just friends
>always spend the day with her at her house after school. we would cuddle on the couch a ton
>one day we randomly started making out
>takes me to her bed room, removes shirt
>first time seeing boobs
>immediately get a phone call from mom, time to leave
>she apologizes next day, stating how long it has been
>we continue to be just friends
>one day while at her house i finally admit to loving her
>we become boyfriend and girlfriend, resume where we left off
>immediately puss out when she starts to unzip my pants
>she understands
>next day making out without shirts resumes
>"I really want to suck your dick"
>nervous, rock hard "Okay"
>unzips pants "Oh wow!"
>immediately confidant
>she begins, lasts less than a minute, instantly lose confidence
>she giggles, doesn't mind

The day after that she went down on me again, and then we had sex for the first time. After that we began to have sex about 4 times a week for the next two years we were dating. Gained confidence after that and had sex with other women, but no one was ever as good a fuck as her.
first intentional experience
>be 20
>about a month ago
>first girlfriend 8/10
>she was a virgin, didnt wanna fool around till she was at least 18
>take her out to dinner to nice steak house
>get in my back seat, start making out
>ask if she wants to fool around
>she nods looking shy
>have problems getting her shorts off cause of datass
>start rubbing, she starts breathing hard
>she's extremely wet, so i tease the holiest of orifices
>ease finger in, she winces back with this expression of pain on her face
>work her for a good 10 minutes listening to her breathing
>find a good rhythm and keep at it at a faster pace
>her breathing stops, she convulses upwards and starts giggling
after i finished her she tried giving me a handjob (she was scared to try a bj) but she had no idea what she was doing and ended up trying for 10 minutes before i realized i was almost late dropping her off at home and her mom woulda lynched me

Was busy... but delivered >>544471758
her mom's super controlling and protective so i had to rent us a hotel room for our first time.
i'd green text it in way better detail than my last ones but i have an essay to write and don't have time to type it out. basically i almost made her squirt our third time doing it (we did it 5 times that day, both lost our virginities) but she got scared she would pee all over the floor so she forced me out
All is forgiven, pic worth the wait.
No, he's 18 now.
>around the age of 14
>was at girlfriends house for the weekend (now ex), lets call her B
>mid saturday morning her mum has gone out with little brother.
>watching Atlantis the lost empire (the cartoon thing)
>we start getting frisky
>rubbing against each other
>she has wet spot on underwear
>im hard
>we decide that we should try have sex
>put condom on
>try to find hole and put it in
>its fucking tight as fuck and condom is making me soft
>take off condom
>goes in straight away
>Having sex in missionary position for the sole purpose of recreation.
>my nan calls after a good 5 minutes
>answer it
>"were going to your brothers house for dinner"
>pull out my dick and she sucks me off for like 20 seconds
>sweet baby jesus
>Get dressed and leave
>didnt get to finish
>went on to date for 2 years and we fucked constantly
>she dumped me and went on to become a slut, fucking heaps of guys
Had plenty of opportunities
But never lived with any of them. No experience
>be 13, on holiday with the family
>sharing a hotelroom with my sis, 3 years younger than me
>we used to massage each other since we were kids and, seeing each other naked is not a big deal
>sister gets out of the shower, lies on bed naked, watching tv
>ask her if she wants me to 'massage' her
>'whatever anon'
>start fondling her while she watches tv, continue to rub her clit
>sis obviously likes the feeling, still acts like nothings happening tho
>shortly before she cums she yells 'stop it I gotta pee'
>goes to the bathroom and takes a piss
>kinda disappointed, but accompany her to the bathroom and watch her piss real close
>she gets back on the bed, still completely nude, watching tv again
>tell her to bend over, she does as told
>get on the bed lie on my back facing her pussy from below
>start fapping while she continues watching tv
>she doesnt seem to care, while I cum
>wipes up my cum and join her watching tv
>doing twisted shit ever since
>just fingered her asshole a couple of month ago
>be 20 now
And you don't feel bad in any way for fapping to your sisters pussy?
>Be 2013
>17yroM beta fag
>meets 13yro average looking girl
>short person much, very petite
>Talk for days
>Tells me she liked me
>I say I like her back too
>Asks if I wanted to meet somewhere
>Says ok
>we go to this van at dark
>Start making out like a champ
>She starts touching my crotch
>I'm like feelsgoodman.jpg
>reaches underneath my shorts into my boxers
>starts rubbing
>raging boner
>asks me if she could put it in her mouth
>I say yes
>oh lawdy lawd
>we both get undressed
>we get it on like crazy
>tight as fuck
>best goddamn time ever
I only regret that I didnt make her my slut when she was still young and naive

you 17... she 13... Just doesn't feel right...
>be 16
>go with a friend to a party in a dude's home
>never drank booze in my life
>friend knows the party's host
>we chug 3 tequilas shots
>shit is open bar
>get wasted as fuck
>meet new group of friends
>there is a 6/10, two 7/10, and a 9/10 and some other dudes.
>we play a card drinking game
>bitches get even more drunk
>game ends
>group divides into subgroups
>I end up alone with one of the 7/10
>start making out
>we go inside and upstairs
>host does not know
>we enter a room and start making out
>bitch be touching my crotch
>stone hard at this point
>she takes out her shirt while I remove my belt and take out my jeans
>She gets on her knees and proceeds to lower down my boxers
>Realize I'm a rock
>Rocks don't have sex
Incest fuck.
But whatever, not like my comment will change your way of life.
File: putinitinyou.jpg (8 KB, 187x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 187x269
Went to a blowjob parlor in Tokyo. $30 and 69'd an attractive asian slut. Would reccomend
>blowjob parlor
They should have this shit everywhere.
Do want :?
>be me
>be 17
>be drunk and high on some good weed
>at friends house having party
>have older friends with houses and shit
>we both get kinda wasted
>fuck in my friends room
>me on top
>then she bends over
>my first pound down from behind and im going full gallop like seabiscut at the kentucky derby
>she screams like i'm killing her
>we both lay on the bed after sex
>realize the condom broke
>we both start to panic
>parents hate me already
>get her home later

in the whole finale, we fucked a few more times, in her house when her parents were home too. almost got caught once in her walk in closet by her mom. she ended up getting sent off to a boarding school in Connecticut because of me. We have reconnected, talked, and become great friends. She was my first real love. enough mushy shit at the end for you niggers.
>be 10
>go over to friend's house to play (new fucking toys fuck yeah, also he had cable and I didn't)
>watching tv
>his sister, A, 16 years old, saunters over
>sits next to me
>"Hey there anon! You guys having fun?"
>"Hey guys wanna play a game with me?"
>"Uh sure. What game?"
>"Let's play house! Broanon, go downstairs and play with the toys like our kid. Anon and I will go upstairs for a sec and come down."
>"Uh, ok."
>she brings me upstairs into her room
>into her closet
>"Anon, pull down your pants...."
>"Pull them down, I want to see your dick."
>what the fuck is a dick?
>pull down pants
>she starts touching it and kissing me
>what's going on?
>dick gets hard
>"You see that anon? You're hard. You have a boner."
>holy shit what's a boner?
>she whips out her tits
>goes on kissing me more
>she starts undressing more
>nope out of there with my dick out
>realize my pants are down right outside her door
>her mom sees me
>sees A, shiftily dressed, running after me
>her mom tells me to pull my pants up, starts yelling at A
>they move soon
>am super confused about everything
>end up ramping up in sexuality, BDSM porn and torture porn (actual torture porn not the movies), are some of my prime interests
>don't know if that fucked me up or if I was fucked up to begin with

She wasn't ugly or anything either. I kinda had a crush on her I guess but I didn't know all of what was happening so I dunno.
pretty damn great. Walked down some stairs, handed them 3000 yen (about 30 bucks). Scantily clad asian girl came to my booth, wiped down my dick and went to town. she took off her panties and was only wearing a nightgown that covered her torso, but left her breasts exposed. I asked in my pretty bad japanese if I could eat her out and she agreed.

She seemed to be enjoying it about as much as me.

30 minutes of blowjob for 30 bucks, in the middle of the day on a fucking tuesday while I got to finger her and eat her out is a pretty fucking good deal in my book
Love eating pussy myself, but didnt the thought turn you off that it was a hoe's pussy u were eating out?
Not really, they don't do vaginal in the shops, because vaginal is illegal per japanese law. I wouldn't have gone down if she was dirty or looked messed up, but honestly the sex trade in tokyo is very safe.

She was pretty sweet and very smooth. I had never done it before then, but now I really want to find more women willing to let me go down on them (who are actually reasonably hygenic)

I also stuck a finger in (with her permission of course) and she was amazingly tight and hot.
File: 007.jpg (45 KB, 578x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 578x267
>be 17 at massive house party.
>Dad be marrying step mum. Host massive wedding reception in this gigantic house.
>Step mum's niece is pic related (taken 2 years later)
>As we are the only ones there with a similar age we get talking.
>Shes horny as fuck, being very forward when flirting.
> "Hey anon, have you had a look around this place yet."
> I say no so we go and get a couple more drinks and have a nosy around.
>Everyone outside in the gardens.
>Walk into upstairs part of library. She locks the door behind us.
>Don't think much of it still.
>I check out the books, bit of a nerd when it comes to rare books.
> She keeps getting real close to me touching me.
> I finally realise she wants the d.
>She was a bit more curvy back then. But as all teens insist she had a tight blue dress on.
>Dat bubble butt.
>Start making out, she is so petite she is basically on her tip toes.
> lift her dress up and pull underwear down while she is massaging my cock through my trousers.
>Still remain half dressed.
>bend her over rails.
> Go in slow, I've seen porn so I know what im doing lol.
> She keeps flinching and pushes me back.
> Starts to bug me how slow we take it. Take it over to the chair in the corner.
> Still doing it doggy style.
> Still wincing everytime i slip it in. Even though shes not a virgin.
> Fuck this shit. I pick up the pace, she tries to slow me down.
> Explosion of a thousand suns climax.
>Both panting, she says she can walk right.

Everytime I see her I just go "is that you John Wayne?!" Nobody gets the joke, except her.

We actually moved to the same uni and now live together. Will post pic of the first day we moved in.
Too bad Tokyo is expensive as fuck, because 30 bucks is a great deal for sure..
Also: Was she shaved?

captcha: 241 Tsokyo
File: 004.jpg (181 KB, 1024x766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 1024x766
Your kids are in trouble KHtHY6zq, we have to go back
Damn nice pic. Moar.
I was just there visiting, but it's really not that bad aside from housing. Finding an apartment is the hard and expensive part, but you can have a lot of fun for not a lot of money in Tokyo.

Also, she was petite, with perky A cup tits and she had a well trimmed bush. Covered the top, but didnt get in the way at all. I actually find that sexy, so instaboner for me.
Gets ganked 25/7 by f dwarf rouge that's my fetich

>be 3 years old back in China.
>parents be separated, father sends me to ghetto ass boarding preschool
>because school is fucking ghetto we have to share beds
>there are 2 little girls I always share beds with.
>one of them is this know it all little bitch who is always bitchy and seems to know things that my 3 year old mind can't comprehend how she can know. "Anon you're going to Australia"..."wtf bitch how you know".
>then one day "anon you can touch my bum"
>every night when we share beds from then on, I spend a good 10-15 minutes just feeling that 3 year old ass.
>one night I am groping ass.
>feel a little fleshy bit between her cheeks, it feels like the skin of a ballsack but it's so tiny and soft and sliver shaped.
>mfw I think I touched my first clit or pussy when I was 3
>mfw I'm still not sure what it is
>mfw I kept on touching it for a while wondering wat it was
>mfw she was fine with it
>mfw I never found that part of her body again with my little hands.
As an ex mormon who had sex early on with a non mormon wonders how chicks deal with this

that's a common misconception, good sex pro's have squeaky clean vagoo, unlike your average drunk club slut.

what bothers people is the though of the amount of cock that has been into the premises
For the japanese ones, most of em don't take dick on the regular. Most do it because the pay is good and the work isnt that hard. The one I ate out was pretty damn choice.
Kek. Wizard noob. I am a level 11 wizard. You can be my apprentice.
File: 1398382816387.jpg (13 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 256x256
you white knight fag this is /b/ bitch
File: 1380099188666.png (133 KB, 401x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 401x400
A girl in another village had a crush on my friend when we was in high school , he declined her but then she in some fucking MAGICAL WAY got my number and SMSed me if we would become toggether , I was like ok. And then we had sex and I dumped her 4 weeks later cuz I felt like a silver medal instead of gold. and of course I wanted to lose my virginity. I REGRET NOTHING !
A girl kissed me on the cheek once... does that count? I count that.
Also of note that their pussies are fucking CUTE. just the right amount of bush and a smooth taste. You also don't have to pretend like you are going to call them later.

I'd say that considering the amount of cash you'd need to drop in the states in drinks to get a girl to 69 you, Japan is way ahead of the curve
.. We're waiting.
Something like it.

With more that one friend, more that one time. But never get my ass touched, only bj and a "stick-in" in them.
only retards ask if they should cont
is it summer already?
>she was black
>i am now blackjack

dropped my sides and my spagetty
why the fuck are people so retarded that they dont finish their storys but rather ask if the should cont.
are you a fucking nigger?
nigga thats a couch
> Fap everyday
> Eventualy got a gf
> Took her to garden house
> Start making out
> Thanks to porn have slight idea of what is doing
> Fuck her from behind for 2 hours
> She comes 2 times
> Too used to fap
> Cant cum
> Finish by Fapping
> She comes back for more every fucking day for year ...
File: 1386591311878.jpg (112 KB, 635x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 635x480
I can barely remember.
> Be me, 18
> Be invite over to a friends birthday party at her house
>we've know each for a long time, like long long time
>Partry going from 12pm-10pm
>her parents and brother were in bali
>arrive at 4:23pm
cant blaze it
>Have shitty talk with people I know from school
>finally get to say hi to her
lets call her Ellie
>Say hi to Ellie
>she says hi back before another slut pushes me away
>can't get a word in
>spend they next 5 hours talking to people and drinking
>come 9'oclock and I really start drinking
>everyone there is pissed and some decide to leave
>See a bitch from school who i still hated throwing up on the grass outside
>gently touch her and she falls face first into her own vomit.
>save a photo, post to facebook
>more people leave
>Finally get to talk to Ellie
>she is very pissed but i still talk to her.
should I continue or what?
Because greentext stories attract a certain kind of attentionwhoring retards that want confirmation that they're SUPER INTERESTING OMG ANON PLS CONTINUE F5 UR AWSUM UPBOAT 9001 LEDDITS :-DDDD
Case in point right here.
>should I continue or what?
No, I've lost all interest when I read that fucking "should I continue". Go die in a fucking fire if arn't going to tell your story without prompting.
continue or not?
ok later goodbye then
Done same stuff. Ur not gay. Atleast im not.
File: noba2.jpg (113 KB, 800x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 800x534
Was her name Sofia?
Sides in space
Here's mine, will post more if interested

>Be me, 15 y/o, tall, pretty skinny, long blond hair and kinda beta
>Kinda rich town in Chicago's North shore, dad is pretty loaded, irrelevant
>Over summer, notice that girls have been hitting on me for a long time and I was just too oblivious to see it
>They continue to do so in freshman year, actually start flirting back and get kinda close to 7.5/10 QT. 3.14 i've liked since 6th grade. Blonde, about 5'8 (i'm 6'0 at this point and lovin' it)
>After some intense flirting and texting, ask her out
>Says no, doesn't want relationship
>She ends up dating some douchebag alpha jock a month later, pisses me off to no limit
>Slowly getting over it
>Go to friend's houseparty on a saturday (the first one most of my grade ever went to, since we were underage freshmen) to help me forget her
>She's there, ffs god help me
>Few hours later most people are blackout drunk, empty beer bottles all over the guy's house, vomit EVERYWHERE
>But I still have not yet begun to drunk, only had 3 beers
>Suddenly see 7.5/10 (my old target), screaming at her jock BF
>Turns out she caught him making out with another girl
>Didn't even have to approach Tyler's drunk ass, she runs over to me crying and mumbling.
>Can't really hear her that well over the music (NIN), but eventually hear "I love you"
>Kiss her, taste vomit, don't care
>Jock (now ex)BF doesn't even notice, too busy shoving his tongue down other chick's throat
>Take her outside to backyard, massive house with some trees at the back
>Make out for a while and I subtly take her clothes off, she's too drunk to notice
>Soon start fucking her against the tree, she's loving it, doesn't resist or anything
>Blow my load in her because of drunk
>No condom
>Fall asleep drunk and naked on top of each other
>Wake up at 9am around the time everyone else does
>Someone stole our clothes
>mfw we walk into house naked to get new clothes

Worth it.
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