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Any family sex stories? I got a couple.
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Any family sex stories? I got a couple.

>be 18
>mom and dad out on a bate
>me and sister
>she 18
>I'm in bathroom, flapping with the power of a 1000 suns
>she catches me
>she leaves and closes the door
(fyi-shes extremely nieve)
>tells me that she is sorry
>I say it's okay
>she asked what I was doing
>asked her that she didn't know?
>tell her that I was masterbating
>she asks if she can see
>say okay
>she walks in and sees me fapp
>about to cum
>tell her to come closer and take a better look
>she leans In close
>I tricked her,
>I cum on her face
>she runs out
>avoids me for the rest of the day

I got more stories but I wanna hear what /b/ has to say

Pic related, pic is her
>I'm in bathroom, flapping with the power of a 1000 suns

> flapping

op is a bird
jolly good show OP, post moar stories and pictures of said sister. staying tuned.
>(fyi-shes extremely nieve)

You mean naive you dumb shit?

How do you define irony again?
Fuck. I ment fapping, I'm doing this on a phone, it's harder to type then on a computer
OP is the greatest
naive doesn't mean stupid, stupid.
OP is the master of my sexual fantasies, 10/10 writing
When the contents contradict the wanted action or definition. You wanted the definition. Now you have it
(of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.
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>relating naivety with bad spelling
What in the fuck kind of point are you trying to make.
>be 18
>she 18
is this a new filter?
ITT, the official /b/ spelling bee
So your 18 year old twin sister acts like a retard and doesn't know what masturbation is?

My guess is she was 10 and you don't want to look like a pedo, so you said she was 18.
>be 68
>she's 12
the spelling /b/
>you're doing it wrong
I have other story, I'll post it up once I see another person post up a story of their own.
shit, you move to the next round

>Move away from home country at 4
>Visit every 3-4 years
>Be about 12
>Haven't seen cousins since I was 7
>Family from all over home country stays in uncles large house or nearby so we can spend a few nights and days together
>A few nights in start to get closer to girl cousins
>They laugh at how cute I am and the things I do
>I climb on her while shes on a couch trying to grab the cookie shes (15) eating
>She ends up pulling me on her and we snuggle
>Obviously get boner
>Somehow topic of kissing comes up
>She says its cute but we can't because our babies would be deformed
>She holds me tighter and kisses my head

The end. Weird experience, can't even remember how the topic came up or if she remembers it. That feel of not seeing your cousins more than once every 5 years, and having no siblings
I was born on 6th February. She was born on December 13.

Im on a fucking phone so spelling is a little bit difficult and why the fuck is everyone fucking concerned about the spelling!?
Tell them to fuck themselves.
easiest way for beta shits to feel better while surfing...
god damnit OP, i wanted to hear your stories and perv out on your sister. But now i gotta go. peace out cunt.
I wrote a story about me and my sister earlier today. Repost?
Yes sir.

>Be really cold winter, forced to stay inside.
>Sister into witchcraft shit, never understood
>"Hey Sis, Cable went out, want to play Battletoads"
>Ignores me.
>"Come on sis, Mom, dad, and brother at the hospital. Please"
>Still ignore, Kick open door.
>Has headphones on and is masturbating.

>"Fucking ANON"
>She throws walkman at me, hits between the eyes, blood rushing everywhere.
>"Oh god Anon are you ok"

>Run to bathroom like a bitch, screaming like a girl,
>See sis, still naked and blush, glad my face is to red to see

>sis gets me bandaged up,
>"We don't have to tell mom and dad about this"
>She begs, she just got of 3 weeks grounding.

>"I don't know, it hurt a lot"
>I look over her body.
>"There might be a way"
>Cruel 12 year old smile.

>"Anon, what are you doing"
>She asks as I kiss her,
>She raises her hand to slap be but remembers the headwound.
>"Anon gross stop"
>She tries to pull me off, but fails.

>Lots of kissing later and she starts to kiss back
>Find out she hadn't be able to cum yet.
>"You know we are all alone"
>I whisper in her ear when the sound of the truck pulling in the driveway scares the shit out of me.
>Run to bedrooms and she gets dressed, while I pretend to be asleep.
>Nothing happens.... Then.
However in foster care...
Okay. He gave a story.

Continued from my original post
>after a week after that night
>I try to convince my sister to give another blow job.
>no success
>try this for a few more days
>realized that I need to get her drunk
>get vodka from my dad's stash
>convinced her to drink
>she gets too drunk
>she gets passed out
>wonder what to do
>I look up her shirt
>pull off her pants and I just decide to fuck her while she's passed out
>do this for hours
>she wakes up
>looks at me with wide eyes
>she smiles
>tells me to continue
>I cum in her
>fall a sleep
>I hear knocks on bedroom door
>I get scared, get up open door
>it's my sister
>she looks pissed
>if u ever tell any one about this, I say u raped me and I'll cut your balls off
>haven't told anyone since... Till now

It's super ackward where boyfriend comes over now
Give him a creepy-ass smile all the time.
Why do people get so upset at small spelling/gramatical errors? you understood what he meant to say, why should it matter???
>Years pass, get put in foster care after [spoiler]None of your god damn business[/spoiler]
>All separated now
>Living on a large farm area by myself, foster parents end up being the babysitters of other foster families.
>Sis ends up visiting for a week during the summer.
>Take her to swimming hole.
>Talk about old times.

>"Anon do you remember that one time, when I cut open your head and you kissed me.

>So bad only pasta worthy of coming out of pockets is Lasagna.
>"I am really sorry about that, I was just a young idiot, please don't make this a bad visit"

>She smiles putting a finger to my lips.
>"Anon I am in a all girls school and can't meet any boys... I wish you could just not be my brother for one day."

>"Sis what do you me...."
>She starts kissing me, her tongue sliding into my mouth.
>Oh god this is heaven,
>Return kiss and end up in the pond,
>"Sis I can see through your clothes,"
>Already like diamond.
>"Well then there is no reason to keep wearing them."
>Strips clothes and throws them on the shore.
>"I hope I look better now than I did at 13."

>Penis has Transcended all levels of hardness.
>Start to strip out of swimming trunks, tis hard.
>She heads to the shore and waves me to follow

>Sanic super speed.
>On shore in 10 seconds, already kissing her neck.
>This is so fucking wrong but fuck it.
>She begins to moan.
>About to fuck her, she looks up.

>"No eat me out first."
>She orders, but damn it... Why not.
>Start shoving my tongue in like a cock...

>"No Anon, gentle like a icecream"
>Five min later and lots of instruction later, eating pussy like a champ...
>End up making her cum twice.
>Ready to give her the dick.

>"Anon do you have protection."

>"Fucking no, I mean who brings a condom to visit there sister. Besides you can't get siblings pregnant.
>She just nods.
>Stick my cock in her pussy.
>So warm cum right away.
It's beautiful
Ending was disappoint
>Fake it and keep fucking her with a spent cock, feels like hell.
>Eventually get hard again and cum again.
>Sun begins to set and we head back to the house.
>Foster dad stops me.
>"Hey Anon, got good news, sis is staying another week."
>End up spending every day at watering hole, about half a mile from the house.
>Lots of kissing but no more fucking.
>Last day there, she agrees to let me fuck her one more time.
>Came every morning like three times so no more early cumming for me.
>Start to fuck her, enjoying her pussy.
>Fuck her harder, slip out without knowing and accidently slide it into her asshole.
>"Oh god sis are you ok"
>I slide out of her and she shakes her head.

>"Fuck my ass"
>She moans, her hips pressing my cock back into her.

>Not going to turn down anal, keep fucking her hard.
>Not notice it is getting dark.
>Not noticing that her foster parents have been her for 30 min.
>Not noticing my foster dad's truck till its nearly on me...

Bro, thats not ironic....
I feel like this story ends with him raping you.
What exactly is your point?

this seems more like losecest than wincest.

You cant get yo cuz pergo >>551083481
Yeah and have to edit.... >Sis jumps into the tall grass as the truck's lights hit me.
>Foster dad thinks I am just getting it on with some local slut,
>Get yelled at and punished, 3 weeks of cutting Locust trees.
>Still fucking worth it.
>End up sis made it back to the house and pretended to be asleep in the gameroom.
>Thankfully no one checked there.
>I wave by to my sister, At least I got to lose Virginity.
>back at school, I manage to get online and check my email.
>Somehow my sister discovered my email and sent me a letter.
>It was a simple picture, A sonagram? of our baby and a message... I am so sorry
>Fucking what, I am a dad
>End up getting ahold of a friend of a friend of my brother. (Damn it was hard to keep in contact with family) and he was able to find out what had happened.
>Sis ended up having to get a abortion so her foster family wouldn't look bad to the church.
>No one ever knew I was the father.
Yeah that is what I said to get pussy. Wouldn't you?
regrets? i would.
Of course I have regrets. While I love her, I wish I would have waited till we were adults. Also not as bad as it seems, she was only my half sister so the child might have been viable.
Just because u are siblings (or half in your case) will make your child deformed, it just increase the chance by 3% percent. People, especially Republicans, tend to be over dramatic about stuff like this.
By Republican, I mean Republican politicians
I didn't want to lose my daughter but we were in the states ward. Not much I could do
>be me
>around 7 years old cant really remember
>my cousin lives in another state
>she comes around like 2 times a year to visit
>she's here
>i really like her 'cause she played N64 with me
>be playing N64 one day
>she suddenly asks me if i could kiss her neck
>"what for?"
>she responds "i just want to try something"
>start kissing and licking her neck
>she's moaning
>i achieve maximum hardness
>she takes her shirt of and asks me to lick her tits

Now she was like 13 or 14 at the time so she had like small titties and shit.

>start licking them tits
>kissed and licked her from the waist up and shit
>kissing her too

We did this like a couple times while she was here, she didn't suck my dick or anything, I mean i was about 7 or 8 how i didn't know about that shit.
To conclude

>I finish kissing her
>"I'm sorry Anon.. I just wanted to try this out 'cause I saw it in an adult movie... Wanna play N64?"

I have tried but the abortion has really shook her up. She believes that it is her fault, and after her foster parents "Suggested" she have her tubes tied she doesn't want to hurt me. She knows I want to be a father...
File: 1394077352487.gif (1001 KB, 500x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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does she know you want to be her lover/husband/brother?
> be 14 y-o
> 16 year old sister she has long black hair, blue eyes
> she's pretty and I have often seen guys stare at her
> most of my friends tell me they thik she is hot

> be at home, one night
> see my sister showering
> think abut my sister while jerking-off
> this goes one four almost five months
> catch her once or twice a week, naked
> yank it hard each time that night

> I have my 15th b-day, she's already 17
> she walks into my room in a towel
> asks if I want to watch her shower again
> I am all red face
> she drops the towel, naked
> I got hard immediately
> she notices, laughs and leaves
> turns around and heads to shower

Yeah she does, and we have talked but... She just can't do it... And I don't want to pressure her. She already hurts so much
File: 1394077231366.gif (497 KB, 350x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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also how does she still feel about you?
Why edit out the name completely? I know after last night's thread it's not her real name anyway, and having a name helps people remember which story is which. A false name is as good as no name.

Anyway, I'm adding this thread's comments to last night's archival.
> little more than a week later
> she says I am a perve, she thinks it's funny
> I start jerking off into her clean panties
> I smile all day
> knowing she is wearing my cum in her panties
> this goes on for two weeks

> the end of school is coming
> I come home one day from school
> she's sun bathing out back
> she's wearing only bikini botoms
> laying with her back to the sky
> I work up the nerve and walk out there
> I say "you still think I am a perve"
> she's startled, tells me to "go away"
> I tell her "You should know you've been wearing my cum in your panties since my b-day"
> She gets freaky mad, stands up and starts yelling at me
> tell me I am "gonna get in so much trouble"
> I can't stop staring at her tits
> I decide if I am going to get in trouble may as well
> I step up and kiss her, and push her down
> she is shocked
Well she doesn't hate the idea, and we have tried some fake date kind of things but she just can't kiss me. Last time we tried she broke out in tears.
More that it makes the story flow better. I use sis everywhere else so yeah.
> I pull her bikini off
> she is naked, I drop my pants, hard
> I kneel down, she is staring at me
> like she doesn't know what I am going to do
> I grab her legs and pull them apart
> she starts crying
> I put my cock in her
> she's crying the whole time I fuck her
> oddly makes me hotter knowing she's crying
> I choke her a bit while I fuck her
I like rough porn
> I come inside her, she does nothing but cry
> I figure after a bit I am fucked
> but she doesn't say anything to my parents
> three days go by nothing happens
> weekend now, My parents go out on date night
> I am in my room playing on the computer
> sister walks in
> she says she's mad, but she knows she is to blame
> she shouldn't have teased me
> I tell her "well let's do it again"
> she is all sheepish
> I tell her to strip; she starts to get undressed
> she's still scared

Leaving her false name is perfectly fine when you're quoting your foster dad, For the other places where you used it, it didn't really affect the story flow.
continue, good shit man.
> when she is naked, I tell her to lay on my bed
> when she gets on my bed, I spread her legs
> I fuck her again
> she cries less this time
> but I smack her half way through she cries out
> I tell her to keep crying
> scared, cries, I get off on her tears
> this keeps going for weeks
> I fuck her probably twice a week
> even after I get a different girlfriend
> I fuck my girlfriend on firdays and saturdays
> and my sister once or twice a week after my parents went to sleep
> its almost as much rape as it is sex

we still do this once in a while, when she comes back from college
I have a different girlfriend now, I make her cry while we fuck
it's the way I like it force and tears
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a few questions then...

do you see each other often?

are either of you working/stable/not in school?

does she/you ever bring up the subject of the abortion?

would she consider leaving with you and starting a new life?
Ok thanks for the info. Wasn't sure how to do it.

Cool, except that isn't how you used it at all.
a few questions then...

do you see each other often?
>About once a month or more. Trying to see more often

are either of you working/stable/not in school?
>I am a college student who runs the gun shoot circuit, she in a veterinarian.
does she/you ever bring up the subject of the abortion?
>I try not to, as doing so in the past has really depressed both of us
would she consider leaving with you and starting a new life?
>I don't know. I would but I don't think we are there yes
any more before this 404's

you are making me feel...

what are some of the reasons behind you 2 not being together?

i know there are obvious many.


what do you consider are the biggest challenges you have?
Be me, 17, step niece 15 but tigole bitties

Rub her shoulders while she wears bikini. She undoes the top so I can get at her neck easier. Basically offers a lot more. I get moralfag.

later find out another real uncle (40+) supposedly molested her previously. not sure if true or she seduced. she's kind of wild.
There is the problem about us being related, about the fact that she feels she let me down. (Though she didn't and I wish she could see that) I would take her in a heart-beat but she has some soul searching... Though she has never told me no so...
any one got a jpeg of stories like this
Mate, if it helps, you and your sister should know that Tube Ligation *can* be reversed. Speak to a doctor about it.

>I was not aware that it was possible. Do you think she could get the state to pay for it because they did it to her against her will?
> get the state to pay for it
I have no idea, speak to a lawyer. You also might be able to argue that the pill was a more appropriate measure for the foster parents than tubal ligation.

More info, but make sure you speak to a doctor as well:

IVF is also a possibility, but if they require paperwork for your identity, that will probably prevent you two having a child together.
I will look into is, but thanks for the info. I thought once was always.
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