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I'll start with a story, move into shit I hate, then probably more stories.
>Be Taco Bell Team Member
>Working drive thru, 3-10 shift
>On my own until 6 when the closer comes in
>No biggie I got this
>*Ding* in headseat
>Immediate roaring of a diesel truck traveling directly through my auditory canal
>"Hi, how're you doing today?"
>"Burrito Supreme, medium Pepsi."
>"Will that be all for you today?"
>"Ok, would you like any Hot, Fire, or--"
>Microphone shuts off, means he pulled forward already.
>Brings his big ass diesel truck to the window, but on the far side of the drive thru
>Has to get out of the vehicle to walk over and reach the window.
>Tell him his total, he looks in his wallet
>Nothing but hundos
>It's a $5 order
>Gives me one, hand him his drink
>Now I have to go drop the hundred in the safe, come back, grab my manager's keys, pull out $80 from my dropbox, open my drawer and pull out the rest
>By the time I give him his change, his food is already in his hands.
>Drive thru timer entering the triple digits, he stands there and looks in his bag, making sure his one item is there.
>Takes his time walking to his truck and leaving
>128 second time for a $5 order
I have more if people want. Share your shit, too.
I would like you to keep posting pls op, im bored
Alright stay tuned, I'll have another story in a sec
I'm interested, I always feel like an asshole using anything more than a $20 on any order that's not over $20.

I'm a spoiled rich kid, so I've never worked in a service industry, so these are always great to read.

Only thing about "customers" that I can complain about is some of them not knowing what goes into the industry in which I work, and expecting things done immediately like magic.
I don't work in retail, I have a real job. I don't deal with customers. Instead of bitching, get off your ass and get a big kid job.
not bootin but lurkin op
"Have a taco-rific day"
I'm sorry but I laugh when they tell me that
why does taco bell alway give me the shits?
I don't get why you're so mad.
>Taco bell team member
Fucking lol
>come into fastfood burger place
>asks for burger cut in half
>asks for all veggies on side
>asks for all sauces on side
>line to the door
>getting analy wrecked were so busy
>no seasoning on burger
>no salt on fries
>gluten free bun
>brings in 6 kids with them
>all the kids want chicken strips which take 9 minutes to make
>burn the hell out of your hands when putting them in the tray for the little fucks
if this is you please go fuck yourself

I'm the spoiled rich white kid from the spoiled rich white kid neighborhood. I like reading these as well, I never want to be "that guy" that is super frustrating calling IT, if you know what I mean.

You know the one, you've heard stories about him. "I don't have TIME for this SHIT!"
>not closing the order queue right after the vehicle leaves the menu speaker
>not keeping deflated queue times
I worked fast food in high school. Manipulate the system, bro.
>Taco Bell Team Member
>Team Member
>orders salad
>asks for dressing on side
>dine in order
we both fucking know your going to poor that dressing on the salad as soon as you get it so why dont you just let me do it and save both of us the containers and 20 seconds
>we close at 10pm
>be 9:56pm
>closing by self
>sunday night
>church group the size of ron jeremys cock
>have to make 20 peoples food by myself
>dont get out until 12pm
>they move chairs and rearange tables so they can sit together
>entire place is a mess
>they decide to leave at 10:30 even though i told them they need to leave 10 minutes into them being there
fuck you and your church going faggot friends
>Last year
>Summer was almost upon us
>Just got my job that march, had only been a month and a half at least since I started working there at TB
>Worked a nice Dine shift (those who don't know, that means I worked the dining/front room)
>Nearly time for me to get out of there; it's been kind of slow and ten o'clock is drawing near
>Manager comes up to me
>"Hey what do you have left to do?"
>Told him I just finished mopping, did the bathrooms a while ago, only needed to clean the trays.
>Tells me to finish those and I can go home.
>Takes down my drawer while I wipe trays down
>See a van pull up
>Put tray down, go to other cash register and hold my position waiting for people
>One Indian guy comes in
>"Are you guys still open?"
>You fucking walked in here didn't you?
>"Yes we're open until ten."
>"Ok good hold on."
>See him talk to the driver in one of the vans
>Suddenly, as if choreographed, two other vans pull in
>Suddenly a massive influx of Indian people are in my dining room
>3 minutes until my shift is over, not gonna happen
>Take orders, lots of "No beef, beans instead" because Indian
>Like a fucking Hydra, it seems like one customer dealt with brings in two or seven
>Suddenly the room is filled
>We're running out of beans
>Not enough chairs, some people are standing and eating
>Indian kids spilling their Baja Blast Freezes on the fucking floor I just mopped
>Walking in it, spreading it across the entirety of the dining room
>Pissed, don't let it show
>Finally the wave turns into a trickle
>More are leaving as opposed to coming in
>Finally they're all gone
>10:58 P.M.
>Stand back and look at my dining room
>Manager is cool and lets me leave and he finishes cleaning up
Fuck Indian people
>Work at shitty national chain quick lube shop
>Customers want to do their own oil change so we don't rip them off.
>"Then why did you bring it here fucker?"
>"Durr, dun wanna git oil on mah driveway."

>Customer's can't be fucked to know anything about their vehicle other than the paint color.
>Can't be fucked to keep their last invoice.
>Insist they're using synthetic oil and no, it didn't cost THAT much last time.
>be cashier
>in express lane
>10 items or less
"I have more than ten items is that ok?"
"There is no one behind me"
"That's okay I'll just split it into two separate orders"
"I have coupons"

Huge faggots
File: 1375201453199.png (201 KB, 480x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 480x261
>church group the size of ron jeremys cock
File: Depressed-man.jpg (295 KB, 900x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295 KB, 900x652
>Be working at my gas station
>Closing time is 11, usually lock the doors around 11:58-59 so we can get a sliver of a head start. Generally no one comes in this late anyone
>Starts slamming on the doors making a hissy fit
> Make a gesture stating we are not open anymore
> Gives me a death glare
>mfw there are 2 24 hour gas stations literally 2 miles from ours
>mfw working at a gas station is pitiful

Also, OP, I have that about every fucking day. Dumb shit customers like that don't realize that holds up everything because they want to break there pay check down. Go to a fucking bank.
I'm fresh out of high school you fuck. Most of the people working in jobs like that are just trying to get whatever work they can that is flexible for their school schedule and helps pay for their education. We all do what we can to get by, yet customers all have this sense of entitlement and lose all common decency when they see a guy who's obligated to not call them on their shit.
Super awkward fucking flirting
>sir I can check you out over here
>ignores me
>stares at me now
>sir I can check you out over here
>gives high eye brow lifts and waddles over
>oh, I can check you out over here?
>oh wait you're the one who's supposed to check me out!
>continue checking out
>do you have a rewards card with us?
>oh yea I do but you never call me anymore
>I'm sorry, finish checking him out
>he leaves with a call me soon sweetie

Holy shit stop being a creepy old dude
Pizzeria fag here
> man the ovens
>about 10 ovens
> can't keep my eye off the oven or burnt pizza
> 3 fucking counter people to help the customer
>customer looks me dead in the eye
> yeah let me get two slices
> can't deny customer cock sucker boss policy
> pie burns while helping customer
> boss yells at me for burning pie
What's the ideal time to get there before close to not be an annoying faggot? I dont necessarily mean dining area, but drive thru really.

I usually wont go unless there's a good 30 minutes until they close.
>have company shirt on
>«Hi, sir. Do you work here?»
>No I just wear this shirt here to confuse people
More.pizza stories
> close at 10
> 9:59 customer walks in
>yo man that's all the slices left?
> yes sir we close in one minute, we can make you a pie if you want, it'll take.about 15 mins and well.have to open the counter all over again
> iight man ill.wait 15 Mina
> fuckers if this is.you go.die
Your stomach is weak. I have trained my stomach and no longer get the shits from my place of work. Train yourself comrade.
Team member is literally my job title. Not even kidding. It goes like this, lowest to highest:
>Team Member
>Team Trainer (not a position anymore)
>Shift Lead
>Assistant Manager
>Regional Manager
After that I don't know and frankly don't care.
File: taco bell.webm (2 MB, 480x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Apparently you're not alone.
9:45 is alright but nothing beyond 9:55 or else your just a giant faggot. closing usually means we are shutting everything down not we stop taking orders so when people come in 2 minutes before that means we close 10 minutes later and get out 15 minutes later because we have to clean your bullshit mess

Reminds me of my job. We have Castrol stickers on our windows and bay doors, Castrol banners and posters, bright green and white Castrol garbage cans, and our staff wear racing shirts with a fuck huge Castrol logo across the chest.

>Customers ask what our house oil is.
>be customer service agent in call center
>Thank you for calling Bank of America, my name is Anon. May I have your first and last name please?
>"Yeah Anon this is Customer McFuckface and I gotta problem."
>Alright and what would that problem be, sir?
>"There's 4 different $35 fees on my account. What the fuck is that all about?"
>Alrighty Mr. Customer. I'd be more than happy to go over the transaction which caused this, just allow me one moment.
>So McFuckface, it looks like you only had $12 in the bank at the time you paid your AT&T bill coming in at a total of $186.56 leaving you with an overdraft of over $174, and it looks like the bank covered the difference of that payment and that's why you were charged the overdraft fee. After that it looks like your gas, water, and electricity payments came through as scheduled adding three more fees, since we paid those as well.
>"So what about overdraft protection?"
>Well sir, you don't have a savings account to which you can link your checking account in order to set up ODP, and it'll still charge you $10 every time it pulls from your savings account.
>"This is bullshit. Can you refund those fees?"
>*click 'refund tool' (yes, that's a real thing) on my system, it says no
>Unfortunately sir, no, since we did pay those items the fees are considered valid and will remain posted to the account.
>"This is fucking bullshit Anon, let me talk to your supervisor."
>spend 10 minutes getting a supervisor, destroying my stats and losing money, then the customer hangs up when a manager finally gets to me.
File: bTd6ALm.png (575 KB, 626x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
575 KB, 626x600
mfw people actually think this way
Do you work at Office Depot?
Pretty glad I work hard manual labor and don't have to deal with customers. Still sometimes feel bad when I get told I have the most package damages in the building of like 500 other people on my shift but I'm more careful now. Still keep the managers happy because in the back of my mind I'm satisfied I don't ever hear a single complaint from a customer, working fast is all that matters.
MFW I work a bigboy job instead taking up the jobs meant for highschool kids.
MFW I lost my face in traggic dubs get.
I was going to post this in the previous thread, didn't get to. Have some:

I've read a lot of these, they're great. I'm reading more, but I have to post my experiences before this thread suddenly 404's.
First off, things I hate as a Taco Bell employee:
>Customers can't pronounce things correctly. (i.e. calling quesadilla a kwesuhdillla, and somehow the quesarito is fucking impossible to pronounce for them)
>Customers just grab lid and straw at the drink/utensil station, still have to ask where the forks are.
>"I just had that item the other day, are you sure you got rid of it X months ago?" Yes I'm fucking sure. The Triple Steak Stack hasn't been around since last summer, bitch.
>"Is it too late for happy hour?" says the person in the drive thru at 12:38 A.M.
>Related, "Whoa I thought medium drinks are a dollar?" when the happy hour purpose and time is posted in front of their faces and it's 8 PM
>"You still serving breakfast?" when we have 4 fucking signs and menu board pieces saying breakfast is 7-11 every day and you're asking at 2.
Much more that I can go into if you guys want.
No stories.
I've also fucked 2 of my coworkers within 2 months of being here. physical labor doesnt usually have attractive employees
File: bobs_efficiency.jpg (38 KB, 652x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 652x352

>work in a Menards electrical department
>crazy day sale ending today
>customers come into my department looking for 99c 4 pack of solar batteries
>they get pissed off when we're out of them and blame me "Don't you stock enough to sell every day of the sale?!"
>I don't deal with stock or ordering
>I can't control how much people buy
>blaming me when you come in the last day of a sale and realize there's nothing left of what you want
>no dubs
>assuming I'm not working to pay for school
Best Buy
File: 1393220653325.gif (288 KB, 516x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288 KB, 516x628
>Working shitty weekend shift at your local Business Depot
>Few minutes until closing time, ready to go home and relax, play vidya
>Fat native cunt and his retarded girlfriend walk in
>Now past 6PM
>Can't kick them out because muh sales numbers
>Pieces of shit spend 20 minutes looking at desks and computers and shit
>Ends up buying a shit-tier Acer PC and an already built desk
>Desk was bigger than nigger dicks
>Finally, fucking paying for it
>Finally out at 6:40
Ah, close.
Good pointk, do you know if the steak stack will ever be back? You know, aside from the generic "when beef prices are low enough" shit.
Lol, guarantee that I know people who make double your salary, and they started as delivery drivers for pizza chains. Soon your a manager, a GM, then a district manager, then your go corporate with no school at all and a wage the whole way.

Not the way I chose, but if you perform your menial high school job as a "big kid", the "big kid" jobs come your way if you want them.
Sunday nights are terrible at the Depot. Dead all the way up until the last 15 minutes then everyone and their fucking uncle walks in.
Moar stories I guess

>Lady comes in with her shit-tier Acer laptop
>Raging hard because it doesn't work
>Can't return but still under manufacturer's warranty
>"You have to call Acer and send it through them. It's under their warranty, there is nothing we can do"
>Lady rages because apparently that wasn't clear enough that we are unable to do anything
>Asks for manager
>Cry internally
>Let manager deal with that bitch
as long as your not a giant piece of shit you can move up really quickly my sisters becoming a gm after working at some hipster store for 4 months
>Work a small restaurant/cafeteria.
>Have a salad bar set up, fruit in the morning, and salad shit at lunch
>Around lunchtime, I go and take the fruit pans off and replace with salad shit
>People walk up and start getting fruit as im cleaning everything up and changing everything
>always asking me to unwrap the shit thats already put away.
>None of them understand that the fruit goes away at 11, and they come in every single fucking day

>Also when people order half of a sandwich but dont tell you until the last second so you have a half leftover and was extra bread.
Man I ain't told shit. Hopefully it comes back soon, though. Everyone loves that thing.
Anyone that get's the shredded chicken as opposed to the limited time Tendersteak is a fucking moron, btw. That tendersteak is the bomb.
And you know there's one shitty thing about the tendersteak. We're given certain scoops or spools for certain ingredients. We have a steak scoop, beef scoop, rice scoop, etc. The spool/scoop or whatever they sent for the tendersteak had a giant fucking hole in it, "for the juices to leak out," they said. What it really did was limit the amount of steak you get. And you can only put on 3 scoops. No more. "Triple the steak!" my ass.
>Woking at maccas
> customer order extra Big Mac sauce
> complain to much sauce on the burger
ask questions
Shared my story in the last thread, but here it is again.

>be former restaurant fag
>niggers would always come in, order food, eat the entire meal, then try to complain about some trivial bullshit just to try and get their meal for free
>manager always tells them "If there was a problem with your food, you should've notified someone before you ate the entire meal. You ate it, now you're going to pay for it."
>Every time, this invariably causes the niggers to chimpout.
>Cops always called
>Get to see many non-paying, worthless, greasy fucking niggers hauled off to jail in cuffs.
>Even get to see a few niggers tazed, pepper sprayed, and ass whipped by the police.


No people of any other race ever caused any problems. Just niggers.
>selling used mattress on craigslist
>it's in mint condition, like a year old
>old lady shows up with black child
>hmmm this bed isn't firm enough for me you said in the ad it was a firm bed why isn't it firm
The mattress label says: SEALY POSTUREPEDIC -EXTRA FIRM-

>selling my first car
>Middle aged woman shows up not knowing how to drive manual
nuff said
What the fuck do you mean?
File: 1361442258300.gif (1 MB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x225
bullshit overdraft. if I don't have money in my bank account, then deny the charge. I once had a company auto-renew once a year on me, no notice, and bam $80 out of my account. $5 smokes now cost me $40. $2 in candy bars now cost me $37. $10 in gas now cost me $55. fuck your bank and your overdraft scam. any late fee is less than an overdraft fee.

>Working another sunny Sat afternoon
>Sketchy looking bitch comes in
>I'm talking cocaine-tier, suck dicks for cash
>Hands me a letter
>Wants us to donate a laptop to "Africa" on behalf of some church or something
>show manager this letter
>we both lel hard
>implying african children need laptops
because u retards drown it in dressing. most of the time the dressing on salads i get are about 4x as much as they should be
are you inable to ask for less dressing
I'm sure every fast food employee has a story beginning with:

>6~8 niggers come in
Former taco bell fag here too. Our manager was always up our asses about that drive time bullshit too. No matter how many times we tried to explain to the cunt, she didn't understand that we had no control whatsoever when people want to sit there taking fucking forever to write checks while at the window or fucking sitting there digging thru their pockets/purse trying to count out exact change.

Then the faggots always sit there in the window looking thru their fucking bag to make sure they got all of their order. Fucking pieces of shit, go eat a home cooked meal, faggots.
>implying theres wifi in africa
So basically someone ordered food and that pissed you off.

That must mean you hate anyone who wants food during your shift. Here's a tip: quit. If you're not happy doing YOUR job, then just fucking quit and don't complain about doing exactly what you signed up to do, retard.
there's 4x the dressing because fat fucks ask for extra extra extra dressing. all to common is the phrase "do you want some salad with that dressing?"
>be me
>visit customer piss you off threads
>laugh at posters who bitch about the people paying for their shitty lives
>go to home depot for a few things
>self check out
>50 year old woman in self checkout next to me
>of course she can't use the machine
>worker comes over to help her
>they're trying to swipe something curved, it won't ring
>woman goes, "Well, I guess it's free!"
>me and worker look at each other then glare at her
righteous self-assured faggot alert
>work in lawyer stuff, starting out
>time of the year of huge influx of customers and corporations
>for about 5 days, stay until 3-4 A.M. working
>women get to leave at about 11 pm
>fuck "gender equality" and all that stupidity
i close shop at 9:50 or 9:55 at the latest you dumb fuck
arabs are the worst
>3 towel heads come in asking for fried pickels
>fried onions
>eat entire order
>ask for fries instead they apparently didnt like what they ordered even though they devoured them
>company policy
>come back saying fries are not fresh
>fries burned my hands putting them into the tray
>come back with entire family
>do same thing with 9 different people
>gm yells at me for fry costs being so high
How about stop spending money you don't have, you poor faggot.

The bank started doing that because dumb fuckers like you were signing up for automatic payments, and every time we denied charges, the companies themselves would charge their clients fees for insufficient funds.

Keep track of your money, dolt. It's not that fucking hard. It's not the bank's fault you can't keep track of your shit.
File: asd3.jpg (864 KB, 1200x814) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
864 KB, 1200x814
>> Having to remove drunk people from the airplane.

>> Having green lazer pointers shined at the flight deck. Yes this is seriously dangerous, no green lazer points are not anything like the ones you play around with your cat with.

>> If we get delayed for MX or WX pilots usually assist gate agents and hang around the gate... only to have passengers bitching at us like it's somehow my fault the airplane isn't moving.

"You're a fucking bus driver... drive the fucking bus"

Yeah, well needless to say they didn't get on with us when the plane was fixed.
holy shit 14 hours to make 20 meals? That's a lot, but damn. How did you not fall asleep?
Haha your parents aren't paying for your college?? Poor nigger
you do realize different stores close at different times right?
this one happens a lot
>be manager at a GameStop
>be at the store by myself in the morning
>fucking hate when thugs and strung out coke heads come in
>hate giving money to them when they try to sell their stolen shit
>thug comes in with shitty $8 game he stole from Walmart across the street
>tell him cant take it cause this still wrapped
>tell him to go "play it" (going fucking wrapped genius) and take it to another store
>curses at me and he walks out store all pissed off
>literally see him hand game to buddy outside
>10 mins later buddy comes in and wants to sell same game unwrapped
>says" This game was the shit, I played it like 6 times."
>omfg are you serious?
>tell him he only gets a dollar for the game
>get barrage of slur and insults cause he doesn't get $11 for his shitty fucking game that we have dozens of copies of in the back
>calls me a faggot, leaves
also if you're gonna try and sell your fucking stolen controllers to us dont fucking
A: come in a group with the same fucking controller
B: remove the packaging and toss in the trash can in front of our store
C: remove the packaging in front of me and demand for price
fucking gangster POS
File: 1338006379572.jpg (60 KB, 560x642) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 560x642

Wander into the fucking line looking for the bathroom.

Look retards, the place where all your food is coming from, and you see waiters darting in and out of every 30 seconds, is not the same fucking place we put the shitter!

>mfw I nearly ran over some 13 year old kid with a tray full of knives because he thought it was a good idea to stroll around the kitchen
Seriously, why are you drive through people not closing the ticket after the vehicle leaves the menu speaker?
Not really a thing that pissed me off but funny nonetheless

>work at chick fil a
>2pm-close shift in kitchen 4 nights a week
>usually run screens because everyone else is too slow
>ton of special orders flowing in
>one of the busiest chick fil a's in the state, 2 miles from university
>order comes on screen for "CFA SAND"
>easy, already in shute
>changes to "no pickle"
>make the sandwich without pickles and wait for tender
>no other orders on screen so just chillin
>changes to "+tomato"
>take bag out, throw tomatoes on, rebag sandwich
>order is now tendered
>print sticker and toss it up
>couple minutes later front counter person says lady wanted tomatoes on top of the sandwich instead of on the bottom
>that's fucking annoying
>now have to rebag sandwich, other orders are flying in, 6:30 on Saturday, busy as fuck
>"ok, np"
>put tomatoes on top of the top bun of the sandwich, rebag, toss it up
>sandwich is now -> bottom bun, filet, top bun, tomatoes
>I smile at front counter bro, he knows
>go back to making orders correctly
>front counter bro comes back a couple minutes later with the sandwich and tells me that the lady thanked him for getting the order right, that's how she wanted it
>front counter bro just gives me the funniest fucking "I know" look and I lose it
>not sure why but his face was golden
>sides were in orbit for about 10 min

She comes in about once a week. When she orders, front counter bro rings it up as "CFA SAND: RED FLAG: TARD LADY" and I know it's her
ITT: minimum wage bitches whining about what they get paid for.


I was about to close but then i had to serve one more customer boo fucking hoo
File: 1278670586891.jpg (45 KB, 499x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 499x449
that makes sense I guess. since then they now give the option to disable overdraft, I think it was due to a law they passed to prevent that shit.
wants the point of a salad if you drown it in fat and bacon? god damn fat people
Back when I worked there, didn't have that option. It was done automatically with one of those infrared laser things that detected when the car actually drove away from the drive thru window.

Not my story at all, and I work as a waiter at an upscale restaurant, made around $400 tonight in tips.
The lettuce helps us shit out the lard. The salad under the bacon and fat is simply lubrication to help it pass through our swollen colons.
LOL thinking working as a waiter in an "upscale" restaurant is a high class and well paid career. That is hilarious. Also I don't believe your claim even i think that you work at taco bell and that is your story.
>people come in while you are open
>you think they shouldn't

How about do your fucking job you fucking jumped up waitress.
>work at a frozen yogurt shop
>whenever people walk in I greet them and then ask then if they want to sample the yogurt
>these two fat ass niggreses walk in
>I approach them and say "Do you guys want to sample anything?"
>"Wut? Uhhh lemme try dat chocolate"
>I reply "Okay sure no problem"
>She says "Oooo somethin wrong wit dat dat don't taste right"
>she then proceeds to ask for every yogurt in the shop TWICE.
>meanwhile children are behind me asking for samples but I have to give the nigreses their samples first or they call me a racist.
The worst part is they never fucking buy anything. Fucking niggers man.
File: 1362564764009.gif (1018 KB, 343x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1018 KB, 343x205
>work in small electronics store, customer comes in and buys a cable to plug into her mp3 player.
>watch customer walk outside the store, and proceed to throw away packaging and receipt in trash can just outside.
>5 minutes later she comes back and says she doesn't need the cable anymore, and shows me the bare cable.
>inform her that she needs the packaging and receipt to return it.
>watch her walk outside and retrieve packaging and receipt from trash.
>tfw working in the ghetto where most customers buy their cheap shit from the flea market.
>be me
>working front counter when a customer walks in
>autistic 40 year old dude in a Boy Scouts uniform
>doesn't speak above 2 decibels
>being rude and changes his order every 3 seconds
>after 5 minutes decided to pay
>pulls out coin pouch and laboriously counts out the change
>I give him his food and he says it's not right
>he demands to see a manager
>manager comes and he starts talking louder and is way nicer
>starts saying to manager how I'm retarded
Fuck that dude
This one time...

>I deliver a pizza
>Guy does not tip
>I cry because I paid to get guy his pizza
>I cry because I to dumb to get new job
>I cry
>I cry
>I cry
>I deliver pizza
i like this one
i live in a 99.9% white town in the middle of butt fuck no where
>black family from chicago comes in
>blacks come from chicago to get tax money or some shit then leave
>buys sub and milk, i know they got a milk
>eats food, leaves, comes back 20 min later
>during rush "yo man my son didnt get no milk for his kids meal hur dur"
>no i saw you get one
>well can i talk to your manager
what the fuck is that going to do.jpg
>just grab one
this was during a rush with 10 other white people staring at me and the nig nog hitting it out while im making subs
thank god they all went back to nigago
The POS system at the McD's I worked at let us close tickets at any time. we would just print 3 copies of the receipts for every order. our drive through average times were so low, (franchised owner with 6 stores) everyone else was getting the 'fast service' speech twice a month.
I worked at subway when i was a stupid kid. That job fucking sucked. It was the hardest job I ever had and not because of how difficult the work was but how boring it was and how slow time went.
>Get first job ever at Wendy's during senior year of high school
>Scared about first ever job, get into it fast
>Work behind counter, putting down orders and shit
>Do some janitor work as well but only on occasion
>Do it for a year, never have a problem
>Live in fairly nice neighborhood so why would I?
>After a year of doing this I have another job ready
>Last day at Wendy's
>It's fucking fate
>Obese woman comes in
>five crying, screaming, nose-picking kids in tow, none older than ten
>It begins.jpg
>Order takes five minutes, lots of pauses for breath. Lots of hesitation.
>Enough food to feed Uganda for a week
>Kids all go to the bathroom at once while waiting the week it'll take to kill that many cattle
>It's gonna happen
>Kids come out literally half an hour later, food already at their table
>Actual human feces on their clothes and skin
>Dear god
>Mother doesn't care, feeds the shit-bathers like everything's normal
>"Hey anon, can you clean the bathroom?"
>Literally walk out right then, no fucking way was I going in there
File: hahahaha.gif (1 MB, 445x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 445x247

When did I ever say it was high class or well paid "career?" I work this job while i go to college and it gives me enough to live comfortably, it's certainly much better than minimum wage.

Good job identifying yourself as a titanic cunt though.

>implying you're somehow better than me because you're likely somewhat older and working in some dreary fucking cubicle

Funny that you actually believe you're better than anybody. Total moron.
All you do is say "yes thats it" stupid
yea the pay definitely isnt worth it, there are jobs that pay that much that have less work to do and are less excrutiating
>works at fast food shit job
>thinks paying customers are autistic

Can't wait for automation to replace faggots like you
Another story, this one get's me pissed every time
>Working drive thru as usual
>About nine o'clock
>Guy pulls up, orders
>"...And um...four brownie sandwiches."
>Check and see how many we have made
>"I'm sorry sir, but we currently only have two brownie sandwiches made. You could either purchase two other deserts or wait for us to make two more."
>"How long does it take to make them?"
>"About two minutes."
>"I'll wait."
>Finish up, send him through to the window.
>Stupid-ass buzzcut, glassy eyes, missing teeth
>Take his money, give him change, hand out the already-made brownie sandwiches
>My shift leader swoops in with the other two, tells me to warn him that he just assembled the brownie sandwiches so they're still partially frozen.
>Inform the man, he understands.
>Gets rest of food, drives off.
>No wait a minute
>He's pulling into a parking spot, gets out of his vehicle with a bag
>Here we go
>"Is there a problem, sir?"
>"These brownie sandwiches are cold."
>Shift leader swoops in once again.
>Tells him we don't cook them, we just assemble the pieces after taking them from the packaging in the freezer
>"Well how come the other two aren't cold?"
>"Those two were made earlier. They were only at room temperature."
>"How long does it take to heat up?"
>"I'd say they'll be thawed enough in 15-20 minutes if you put the bag on your legs while you go home."
>"So about 15 minutes?"
>"Yes, sir."
>"I'll wait, go ahead." Then throws the bag on the counter.
>"No sir, we don't cook it. The brownies just sit and eventually warm up to room temp"
>"How long does it take?"
>"About 15 minutes."
>"Alright go for it." And he pushes the bag toward us
>I can't believe what I'm watching
>Shift Leader explains to the guy yet again what he means, then the guy leaves.
>Two minutes later he comes back in
>"Hey why are my brownie sandwiches cold?"
>Shift leader comes up once more.
"can I just get a book of matches?"

I live on the outskirts of nigago, and I work in a hardware store. Imagine how I feel.
When the assholes get an attitude when I don't see them trying to wave at me thru the window. There is a fucking service bell for a fucking reason
>Explains to the guy ONCE more that he has to wait.
>"Ok thank you."
>Goes and sits at a table with his bag
>Other shift leader comes back from break, enters the restaurant
>Man approaches him.
>"Hey why are my brownie sandwiches cold?"
>At this point I can't fucking take it and I go do dishes
That man was terribly retarded and he comes very often displaying his far-below inferior intellect.
but how will the robots write stories for your sorry ass to read?
you get shit stealed all the time? god that would suck, i plan on movin up to Minneapolis or the outskirts of it when i graduate from college, seems like a nice area
File: automated.jpg (39 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 960x720
Jack in the Box in my town has one.
not actual pic, but it looks the same.
i lold
Like anyone working fast food actually wants to be there. seriously.

"Yeah nah my parents are paying $80,000 for me to go to college just to continue making $8.25 and asking "small, medium, or large?"

Idiot, lol.

They try, but our loss prevention picks them up pretty well. The stories I hear, all the niggers typically act like hard-asses when they get caught, and give an attitude. So instead of giving them a slap on the wrists, we get them arrested.

I just feel bad for the girls in customer service, they have to deal with their bullshit and smile about it.
I wish i worked where you work. where is that btw?
Yes, because having a manager job while in high school makes me autistic, thank you for your wisdom and insight, I'm sure your mom is proud of such an exemplary son
That's fucking ridiculous
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 230x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 230x220
Problem with it is, you spend more time there and many places will require you to clock off, so you could've gone home to do whatever you needed but instead you're at work, working for free because people wanted to go eat in the lobby right before you closed.
No, you are UNABLE to take accurate direction, as your grammar adequately betrays. You have no attention to detail and do not care to begin with. Poor little high school drop out had to put it in a plastic cup. Cry for us a little, wont you?
kinda off topic but the nigs that came from chicago would move here, get tax money and leave.
the thing is that they were actually breaking and entering these local shops in my town of 3000 people and steal shit
this happend for a good 2 months out of last summer
shit was cash, they all gone now
another story
>have new sales associate working
>doesnt know all the ruels yet
>phone rings, he answers it, hangs up
>tells me the perosn on phone was asking ifwe take ANY 360 items "no matter what they are"
>he told him maybe
>tell him "great now we are gonna get some asshole trying to stell some broken shit or shit we dont take and try and use new associates word against us
>sure enough, sketchy, drunk asshole walks in with 360 racing wheel
>covered in fucking dirt and filth
>tell him we dont take those (we do but i work at a smaller store and that fucking thing wont sell)
>like i said he gets all angry
>says "but your guy said you take everything so you have to take it"
>repeat myself 3 times in a 5 min argument
>guy fucking says "we i deserve some kind of compensation for having to drive all the way out here"
>try to hold back laughter, tell him no sorry
>asks to talk to manager, thats me
>says he wants new guy fired, tell him hes new he didnt know
>calls me a faggot, leaves
hey man, half the time our bosses want us out at 10 or so on the dot. and being a waiter/waitress isnt fucking easy. you try dealing with a party of 20 or so people, alone, during a lunch rush. and see how happy you are.

fucking kek'd. Also notice how in the service industry, it's niggers causing the problems 90% of the time, just like in all other areas of life.
serving indians on the sales floor. Nuff fucking said
i lold inside at that too, anon
many lols
File: midgsmokin.jpg (162 KB, 642x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 642x428
hey so i know i am late to the thread, but i call Bullshit on your phony post, you obviously don't work at a pizza place. no pizza place has more than 2-3 ovens(and i am tlaking about the ovens that cost $20k and are as big as a honda civic) that multiple pizzas go in at a time. and in our conveyor belt ovens, pizza takes about 6 minutes @500 degrees F to go from raw to cooked
>about 10 ovens
>being this upset at me being irritated
how are those daddy issues going for you?
ive noticed that too, the rest are rich privileged old white people (most of the time)
nigger detected
>Can i get an iced cappuccino?

>Customer wants coffee
>later at night we stop having coffee pots out and do individual cups to reduce waste
>Ignore them an go make their fucking coffee
>Being an absolute twat about a 3 minute wait for coffee at 8pm
File: 1401871422030.jpg (96 KB, 515x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 515x494
>NOTHING, because without them I'd be out of work and I'm greatful to these Amerifats for stable financial support because I've lived without it and that sucked.

Sure I'd love to have things be more catered toward my benefits, but it's life and shit doesn't always pan out that way. It annoys me to no end to hear my coworkers bitch and vilify the customers who ask for a little more from them, or completely disrespected anyone who gives them a tip they perceive as inferior to their service. We don't even get tipped out in the back of the house, and we work so much harder than you fucks. Every time I'm working front it's a fucking treat.
What pays better and is less work than making sandwiches? Not saying that's easy.
Fuck fuck fuck. This shit hit close to home for me. I work in shoe retail and fucking indians are the worst. Smelly fucking assholes always leave a mess everywhere. Im so glad im done with their shit
I try to do everything pretty quickly but I at least have to check I have the right amount of items, because you fucks forget shit all the time
alright let's see
>order soup, wants it together with entree
>brings soup with entree
>eats entree over the course of an hour before drinking the soup
>complains to manager that the soup's cold
sorry, i mean personal preference
id much rather be making the same amount doing a labor job in 90 degree heat
thats kinda where im coming from

I'm going to a ghetto community college to get my GenEds out of the way for a better college, and this fall if I have to see one more 19 year old niggress bring her kid to class, or hear one more shitty Drake song blasted through someone's shitty phone speakers across the cafeteria, then I'm going to go insane.

I'm only 3 blocks out of district for the other pristine white community college, too.
Did you not read my first fucking post you arrogant fuck?
front of the house constantly is short on register because they are fucking autistic and to compensate every tip we get they steal to cover their mistakes. I haven't seen a tip in months
>They'll call me a racist if I don't give them samples first!
Still call them niggers
god damn
>Hardline Merchandiser at Kmart
>just straightened entire toys department
>get a call to bring in carts
>it's raining
>I get back in and head over the my department
>some little shit trashed the aisles
>managers get mad at me
>I have to stay 40 mins after to close to clean up

I was also covering for somebody else that day.
At my store there's no such thing as closing tickets. The drive thru timer is linked to two areas: The menuboard and the window. When a car is there to trip it, it runs the timer. When there's no car, it stops. Usually if there's people we know and there isn't anyone behind them, we tell them to back up then pull forward again. This resets it and if we time it right, we can have a whole line of cars that end up giving us 6-18 second times all because it retrips when the person at the window leaves and stops when the person behind them pulls forward. Shit's cash.
It was a long time ago when I was a cook at Perkin's.
File: 1402599044436.jpg (45 KB, 500x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 500x352
>Using the phone when ordering
>Not even acknowledging the fucker whos giving you the thing you need to live (I work at fast food)
now i don't want them to suck my dick or anything, at least look me in the eye when ordering.
>Non controlling parents when it comes to kids..quite the fuckers down..don't just sit there.
Other than that i don't expect much..they come for the food, not to make a friend.
Maybe there is a reason this has "404'd"
>shit thread detected...

ps. spiderman, where art thou?
File: 1372996157803.jpg (16 KB, 250x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 250x231
>be me delivraring pizzas today
>slow day decent tips for the first 2 runs
>get $150 order
>go to room listed on ticket ~60Y/O white guy leads me to second floor pool
>take order to hotel and greeted by a black woman at the pool
>40+ darkies at a party for some little girl's birthday
>give them pizzas and they complain theyre burnt
>one or two of the pizzas were very mildly burnt like a little crispy but still eatible
>also forgot to bring the sodas
>says she wont pay me until i fix their pizzas and their sodas(resonable)
>go back to store
>cant take any other deliverys cause gotta deal with these people
>manager sends me back out with 4 pizzas and the sodas which were free
>get there give them pizzas and theyre still screaming at me that i fucked up and they shouldnt have to pay for any of this shit
>say fuck it and just leave the pizzas since she clearly didnt want to tip after going there twice which took me 45 minutes
>go back to store
>more complaints need to take 2 more over to appease them
>ok so now ill get the tip
>get there and most of the party is gone just leave the pizzas with the 10 or so left and leave without shit
>smoked a 1/4 of a blunt and went on with my shift which was gay as fuck
>blaming me when you come in the last day of a sale and realize there's nothing left of what you want

Fucking this! This shit I can relate to. I just want to tell them to fuck off the edge of my dick
I've never heard of anyone that stupid, and I always have guys like yourself do it to keep my parking lot clean. I'm sorry those people exist, anon.
work as assistant chef for catering company
>we work on somewhat flexible with everything
>you say appetizers for 1.5 hours, we'll run 2
>you say dinner for 30 we bring dinner for 35

fucking vegans.

If you've got an intolerance/diet fad you're going through tell the person inviting you so they can let us know you dumb fuck.

if client orders surf n turf dinner, dont come in and ask if theres a vegan option. cuz its gonna be unsalted, bland starch side dish that i specifically set aside to feed dumbasses like you.

dont get me started on gluten fags.
>i am deathly allergic to gluten dont give me gluten!
find them stuffing their faces with veggie tempura 5 minutes later.

>cocktail party in Santa Monica
>no vegan option, client didnt ask for one of course
>pregnant woman with wine glass in hand comes to kitchen and asks for more vegan fries
thats a big no-no by the way. unless you're the guy paying for the food stay the fuck out the kitchen.
>me:Vegan fries?
>yea the avocado ones! there was nothing but animal flesh here it was the only thing i could eat!
>avocado fries are dipped in flour, egg then covered in panko and parmesan cheese. the smoked fish was more vegan than these.

buffet parties are the worst.
>people take bites out of food and put it back on the line
>had one guy lick his hand touch half the fucking panini sandwiches and ask me if we had any fresh ones.
I dont think that word means what you think it means.
my fucking sides
I never messed up anyone's order the entire time I worked there, but I know what you mean. When I go there, the fucks working there do indeed forget shit all the time.
fries are deep fried in shortening which is animal fat
I love when vegans come in ordering a gluten free bun and black bean patty with sweet fries thinking theyre still vegan
Wife worked at a winn-dixie. She only worked the 10 items lines. Got bitched at all the time when people with more then ten items put shit up. Almost got fired twice for telling people with more then 10 items to leave because "it made the guest angry". Then the manager said fuck it, it says 10 but take anyone 20 or under.
>buffet parties are the worst.
>>people take bites out of food and put it back on the line
>>had one guy lick his hand touch half the fucking panini sandwiches and ask me if we had any fresh ones.

that's disgusting
I see where your coming from
>be me
>age 21
>We're 30 minutes to closing and already almost done cleaning
>18-19 year old faggot walks in with his mother just before we're able to lock the doors
>Didn't want to have to dirty everything again, but had no choice
>We're technically still open so I suck it up like a man
>Faggot takes his sweet ass time deciding what he wants
>After a lifetime faggot orders a sandwich
>I ask him if he'll be having anymore
>faggot snaps "No!"
>seems to be pissed that I even ask
>finish making sandwich, cut it in half, wrap it
>faggot starts ordering a second sandwich
>I rage a little inside(because I could have made them both at once)
>"will you have any other sandwiches?"
>I'm pretty pissed, but keep my composure
>finally finish sandwich, cut it in half, wrap it
>Can't maintain composure
>obviously pissed but doing my best to not explode
>thinking about stabbing faggot with bread knife
>finally finish third sandwich
>faggot pays
>faggot leaves
>all is well
>realize knife is missing
>where the fuck could it be
>realized I left it in the sandwich wrap

We laugh at you, you know. When you grab your tray with your fucking 5-Layer and chalupa and walk to your table, we say, "Man that guy's a fucking asshole." We all agree. Then we all laugh at you because we know that we're smarter than you.
When you grab your tray with your fucking McDouble and 10 piece McNuggets and take it to your table, they say, "Man, that guy's a fucking douche." Everyone agrees. Then they laugh about you.
When you grab your tray with your Original Chicken Sandwich and your onion rings and take it to your table, they say, "Holy shit that guy's a cunt." Everyone agrees. Then. They laugh about you.
Everywhere you bring that self-entitled arrogance into a place like that and treat us like morons when you can't even process what time happier hour is or some shit like that, you make people hate you. And we hope you feel good about yourself when you eat the food we make for you even though you're a cunt.
Much love, The People You Rely On When You're Hungry, you piece of shit.
When faggots at Pizza Hut call and say their food was cold and they want free food

Some kid literally got over 120 wings one night because he kept calling and saying they were wrong, he only paid for 16 of them

It was fucking unbelievable. We literally cannot even question them about it. I use this at every delivery place to get free food got 6 pizzas and only paid for 2 of them at dominos lol
oh hell no that's why I avoid buffets like the fucking plague
File: image.jpg (458 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 1536x2048
When I worked at McDonalds I would give people extra patties and nuggets all the time. Mfw I never got caught.
aight bronan
nice way to manipulate an exterior timer.
When I said 'close a ticket', I meant that we 'cashed out', the system believed that it was paid and served. So the POS reports would show very low average numbers, but unless someone actually reviewed the order history, it wouldn't be caught as 'cheating'.
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 300x300
>be swing manager at mcdonalds
>only manager on shift till the closer gets there
>two new crew taking orders, nobody told me they hadn't been trained
>piece of shit social hour starts, buy a frappe get a frappe free or whatever
>tell crew to offer the free frappe if they buy one, even if they don't ask
>they don't understand my simple instruction

>mfw when I get multiple complaints at the same time because they "didn't get their free frappe"
>mfw when I have to deal with upset customers on drive thru and front counter
>mfw when my boss gives me shit for leaving food cost too high
more pls
Yeah that was me, stay mad fast food bro.
I'm a dishwasher, customers piss me off simply by existing.
Maybe you should consider selling fruit after 11 if people keep wanting it brah.
People who don't tip should kill themselves

If you can't afford a tip don't eat out you fat fuck. Fuck you could even save 2.50 by picking it up

Fucking poor people are the worst, I know
>pizza delivery driver
>not poor

I make over 20 dollars an hour because of tips but I spend most of it on gas and car maintainence
Fucking dumb cunt, you should've been all up in her face for drinking while pregnant. As if it's not bad enough that the baby isn't getting adequate nutrition due to the mom being a fucking veganfaggot.
Feel ya anon
>oven runner at local pizza shop
>old school setup
>top oven holds up to 6 16 inch pizzas
>bottom one does the same
>literally the best fucking pizza ever so busy as shit all the time
>long ass counter
>from left to right: 'pick up' 'order here' 'drinks'
>obviously pickup is where I run ovens
>full oven all pizzas about ready to come out
>sweating my dick off arranging boxes and pulling pizzas
>hey man can I get a refill?
>jesus fucking christ this is the mother fucking pickup area the drinks are on the other god damn side of the bar
>Sure thing sir just head on over there where it's obviously where the drinks are refuckingfilled you come here all the time I've seen you before
Seems like not that big of deal but literally like 30-40 times a night I have to redirect people to the damn drinks and most of the time I have to tell somebody to go give him the refill because we don't have a 'bartender' most of the time and that fuck's my groove up too because it's loud as hell and I have to find someone old enough to pour beer. Maybe I'm just an asshole fuck running the ovens man its some stressful shit.
>callcenter monkey for college textbook distributor that primarily services fake, for-profit "schools"
Army Cunt: why doesn't my financial aid cover my books.
>what are you trying to buy?
Cunt: X Y Z and a bunch of pointless "recommended" study aids
>There's your problem, financial aid is only for thing listed by your school
Cunt: bbut it says I get recommended items covered
>that only applies to things specified under the course by your school, you need to pay with a credit card
Cunt: but I did it last time
>no, your last order had a thing that your aid bought and a thing that you bought with cc.
Cunt: no it doesn't, I returned that book
>no, you returned a different book a month before
Cunt: whatever, I'm calling the VA.

Fuck army cunts.
>Buffets only run for 3-4 hours. after that we bring it in, pack anything that's still good and throw away rest.
>clients maid: Mr.John paid for that food why are you throwing it away!
>manager:miss, we only charge for the food the guests eat(complicated math bullshit that i dont have to bother with) everything else is ours
>manager just wants to smooth it over but fuck with her too
>manager sighs,whips out paper packet and tells her to read it and sign it if she wants the food
>half of it is just gibberish
>client's maid:why i have to sign this?
manager goes into a monotone:
>the food has been out longer that it safely can be out without refrigeration, if you get sick from some bacteria/parasite that grew while it sat out there this paper says i informed you of the danger and that do decided to keep it anyway.
>her mexican brown face turns mulato brown
>nevermind is no problem.
File: 1277883952689.png (61 KB, 252x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 252x221
>"That's okay I'll just split it into two separate orders"

Good god I hate this so much

What the fuck did you just say?! *runs up and begins rapid punching you in the stomach* you like making bold statements like that huh??? WELL ITS TOO LATE *throws you in the air and unsheathes my dual katanas* GET READY *jumps up and impales you and cuts you into ribbons* bet you'll think again before you make such a profuse statement. psh. Tough luck.
work at a home improvement store and fucking nobody ever thinks to bring a car big enough to take the shit they buy home with them.
File: 1377731886594.gif (231 KB, 200x161) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 200x161
>Pizza delivery guy
>Get order
>Go to house
>Bring pizzas to door
>30ish woman opens door in lingerie with bills tucked in
>oh yeah, she's also 800 pounds and riding a rascal
>"You wanna get this money from me?'
>give her her pizzas free
>Consider quitting but I'm poor
i get paid to make sure the food goes out on time man, fuck their health.
I really try my best not to be a cunt to restaurant workers because I've been there myself and I know how much it sucks. But honestly pizza hut is one of the fucking worst. One of the only times I've ever had to bitch about my food was at pizza hut. Got my pizza delivered. There was virtually no toppings anywhere on the pizza, including cheese. About 3 inches of just crust all around it. Totally unacceptable.
Oh yeah and the ovens aren't conveyer belts they are just ovens. The pizzas sit and cook and I pull them out with a spatula, cut them, and put them in a box that I label with name, or a dress for delivery, or a pan for dine in and call it out. So these guys really can confuse me when I'm in the middle of cutting a pie on a multi pizza order.
I was working at a Jewish day camp. I got the job through the summer youth camp in New York. I was working there for a few weeks and all the kids there loved me. The lady who was running the day camp there had a pair of some bullshit sunglasses that went missing. She started questioning people on a day I had called in. I came in the next day and she brought me down to question me and everyone else again and told me that she had cameras around the camp and she knows who did it and told me that she thought that I did it. I went home and told my mom and my friends and I quit the job. She found the sunglasses, noone stole them. She misplaced them. I went back there with my mom to talk to her and she told us that. The minute I went to the camp all the kids ran over to me and hugged me and when she saw that she offered my job back. By time this happened there was only two weeks left. I quit and got paid the last two weeks of the job without having to work. Why the hell would I want her cheap ass sunglasses?

continued from >>552520740
>realized I left it in the sandwich wrap
>quick flashback of leaving it UNDER sandwich before wrapping it
>no big deal
>Faggot and mother show up again
>faggot gives me a sandwich back
>tells me to open it
>I find knife dead center in sandwich
>I CUT IT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE(like we do with every sandwich) and any jackass could see that I would have found the knife
>faggot tells me he found the knife while cutting it(even though it was already cut)
>flashback runs through my head again of me leaving knife on the paper(NOT IN SANDWICH)
>faggot decides to "order" another sandwich
>realize this is a faggot attempt to get a free sandwich because I should be SO afraid of getting fired
>I make the little fuck a sandwich
>tell him it's on the house
>figure all is well
>come to work next morning
>manager tells supervisor
>supervisor calls me into office
>happens to be a buddy of mine
>asks me to explain
>I do, he laughs, lets me off the hook
>"Anon, if anyone asks, just tell them I gave you a write-up"
>Word somehow gets out about knife
>coworkers start talking shit because they know supervisor and I are buddies
>shit at work gets really gay for us both
>I call supervisor
>"Hey man, I'm gonna quit or this will get ugly for us. Tell everyone you fired me so owner doesn't come down on your ass."
>5 minutes later realize I'm free from that shithole
>life's been good since then
there was this one time, where I got into an argument with a customer. The customer walked in with her son and his GF. They were asking for a certain shoe in which we dont carry anymore. Well, I directed him to the same shoe just a newer style and he didnt like it. The shoe he wanted was 50 dollars and the new one was 125. His mother freaks out because I was "attempting" to get him to buy the more expensive shoe and she flipped. The she looks at my associate and goes "are you looking at me!", the kid was so embarrassed he dragged his mother out the store...
File: 1361943753120.jpg (20 KB, 360x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Lotto people who hold up the line with their lotto bullshit.
>people who try to haggle.
>people who merely point at what they want and say "that one" and then get mad when I don't know what the fuck they're pointing at because everything on the shelf is next to each other.
>lotto people who walk in and hand me their shit when I'm eating.

I mean, working at a Liquor store is nice and all, but people, man.
Is it even worth making these kinds of jokes.
>need job to have car
>need car to have job
>need job to have car
>need car to have job
>need job to have car
Glad it worked out for you.
This is the time it okay, we have no problems if your just respectful and nice about it, literally if your nice we will make sure it's right, give you a remake, and load that fucker up, then give you a credit so another free pizza and even throw in breadsticks

Don't call up being a shitler because the cut table is manned by a 38 year old illiterate monkey named Ross, just be nice and we will hook you the fuck up

We all know it sucks but there's no reason to chimp out because your food was wrong, it just happens because the sheer amount of orders
LOL thanx man. Same here

>Do you work here?
No, this is just a hobby

>What's the price of this item?
The price that was on the price tag

>Is this item on sale?
Did you see a fucking sale sign?

>Is this item going to be on sale soon?
bitch I don't know the sales until the day they start

>Can I get an tablet?
Sure, which one?
>I don't know, what's the difference?

>Do you have this obscure movie from the 1940's?
stop being so old

>I'm looking for this one book but I don't know the title, author, or what the cover looks like
Jesus fucking christ
>Rings bell for customer to get food
>customer looks at number thing
>totally sees that their number was ringed
>looks at me
>waits for me to yell fuckin' number
>fuckin' not suppose to yell number
>have to stand there with fuckin' tray until they come up
>finally fuckin' yell number
>finally come up
> "is this mine?"
> I'm going to kill myself
these stories are entertaining, here's another
>GameStop again
>by myself in the morning, again
>woman comes in with hyper as fuck child
> woman tries to return broken game, we replace them within 30 days if they stop working
>go through process of replacing game
>kids starts fucking going through store punching the fucking shelves on every wall
>knocks 2 shelves off the wall, 20 game cases on the floor
>mom quitely says "hey stop that" but clearly doesnt give a fuck
>baffled that the mom doesnt care, pissing me off
>i cant fucking do anything to the kid, cant even tell them to stop because woman may get angry
>all i can say is "hey be careful, your gonna hurt yourself" maybe mom will get the fucking hint
>i getting fucking pissed, kid is fucking destroying the store
>kids runs behind the fucking counter
>i grab him and yell "hey buddy, stop it! you cant be back here!"
>kids goes crying and runs to mom
>woman gives me the deathstare
>"how dare you fucking yell at my child, he didnt do anything, im gonna complain to your supervisor"
>go clean up everything that was destoryed
File: laughing_baby.jpg (20 KB, 425x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No way this is true, but gave me a good laugh.
File: 1389225810697.png (613 KB, 793x753) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
613 KB, 793x753
I work at a warehouse and handle all of the shipping and receiving along with my 2 coworkers. The thing I hate most is when customers
>show up for their order during my lunch
>place a really obscure and hard to source order(we sell all kinds of containers, think bottles, jars, carafes and pails)
>Other thing i cant stand is when truck drivers expect me to help them unload 150+ 55 gallon drums. Thats their job and if I fall off their 18 wheeler or hurt myself, my employer wont cover it.
Any questions? Im all ears.
I work in a small supermarket since I'm at uni. It's only 7 aisles and mainly gets old people in there. I'm wearing a fucking hideous uniform and have been asked if I work there. I just say stuff like "yeah I might do, not sure really". Really nice chilled manager so it's mostly okay.

Also I hate how often we get old people come in to buy some tea or groceries but just piss themselves. Fucking mess. Worse still was a few months back I was on my lunch and got asked to come down early to help a friend clean up. An old woman had lifted her dress and took a huge shit in the middle of the tin aisle. Urgh fuck.
Good god mane. i always thought that kind of shit was an urban legend, assuming this is true ofc.
>be me
>Don't work in fast food bc not poor
>Be ordering food from Wendy's (dining in)
>freaky hobo hobbles in
>stands in corner with look of struggle on his face
>Nevermind, just get food and eat.
>about to order, fucking worst stench ever emitted enters everyone's nostrils
>It's hobo guy
>he literally shit himself in the corner
>Wendy's cashier guy makes him leave
>but not before he screams at the top of his lungs
>then asks for a cheeseburger
fuck hobos, they're bad for everyone.
yo dude, GA here, similar experiences
>Nigger with bloodshot eyes comes in
>Tries to sell 8 fucking xbox one controllers
>me and asm share a glance
>asm pretends our store manager is only allowing trade credits
>Nigger gets mad and leaves
>Five seconds later i call the store that's like maybe a mile away
>Nigger went there to try to sell them and the manager was like lol no
you're an idiot.
it is dude, some of the bullshit i have to deal with. most of it though are customers who fucking think their shit is worth a lot of money, ITS NOT!
The other day I needed help for those self check-out machines, and I was someone with the company shirt on and ask for help, and they glared at me in disgust as they themselves checked out some groceries. Like, wtf, how am I meant to know you're done work when you're still dressed that way.

She asked for it, what with those clothes she was wearing.
It does happen every now and again. Working five years delivering pizza it happened twice. Once was the Jabba woman but the other was decent looking. In that situation you have to be polite and say something like "I'm flattered but i can't accept your money like that." It's bullshit but I guess there's a point to it.
>Get a customers order wrong
>She has bulgy invader zim eyes and their blood shot as hell
>I don't make mistakes often so maybe she could forgive me
>Usually sincerely nice to
>Proceeds to call me a usless cow tit
>She's a regular here to so I only get to hear more of this in the future
>Begins saying horrible things about me
>Barely able to keep myself from stabbing her
>Boss comes up to overide my return
>She begins saying horrible shit about me and him
>Realize she is just horrible person in general and this normal so no reason to lose my shit
>Go on with my day
My coworker got asked out by a fucking mall santa a few months back dude. There are some weird ass people out there. A lot of the people I work 2nd shift with at my gas station are 20 something girls, and theres a truckstop across the street. The overnight manager and myself made it our responsibility to watch over them if one of those fuckers tries anything.
I hate to tell you this anon, but i work in retail like this poor anon in question. Shit like this is all too real. There was this one time i caught a kid falling out of the shopping cart backwards because his mother was too stunned and/or retarded to notice or strap him in with the belt. i was scared as shit i would get fired over it too. Discipline is a thing of the past, hence the world today.
Yes you're right. I was indeed respectful even though the female on the other end of the phone was rude when I called to complain. She tried telling me over and over that she used 1 cup of cheese just like on all regular pizza orders. But I respectfully told her that I order there about once a month and my pizzas have never before looked that sad. I also told her that I'm not someone who called up to complain just so I can get free food. She was eventually sympathetic and gave me a credit for 2 free pizzas.


I've worked tons of minimum wage jobs in my life

They're the fucking hardest jobs with the shittiest pay

Why the fuck do people think they can just come in and treat workers like shit?
I don't even understand these people, also don't understand why you are forced by the manager to grant their every retarded wish.
This is fast food, right? If you want vegetables on the sides, or special meat order or similar shit, why don't you go to an actual restaurant, and not industrial fast food?
Well to be honest, i'd be suspicious of any cumdumpster making it that easy, but hell, grant me immunity from aids and such and i'd do it in a heartbeat.
>realize this is a faggot attempt to get a free sandwich because I should be SO afraid of getting fired

are you me? I had this same mindset while working there too.
go to tacobell during lunch rush
order # 3 with baha blast mtn dew
guy tell me "sry baha blast is only for lobby customers"
be like "wut mutha fucker? i want baha blast"
guy tell me, "only available inside"

i say " no probs guy" order another # 3, couple grilled items, and some gross desert item

say one more thing and wait few mins..make sure already making order..then order a large # 4...by time i get to window tell them my money is in the lobby with my drink and drive off. ... go to local taco place and have lunch...best day ever
i work at smashburger so people think its a restaurant event though its fast food so they get away with a lot of bullshit. Ive been told to smash the burgers only a little bit before
It's people like this in our society that make me hope for a new plague...Seriously, if we could thin out all the fucking idiots our species would be so much better off. It's pathetic that we allow them to just linger around and leech of the world.
File: moot jew.jpg (8 KB, 180x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
moot jew.jpg
8 KB, 180x220
IT support Fag here

>fat bitch comes in
>"durp my laptop isn't turning on"
>ask her what happened she says nothing
>leaves her laptop and fucks off to probably eat some fucking pudding
>open up laptop
>fucking tsunami of orange juice flows the fuck out
>lap covered with fat bitch's juice
>take cover off fully to get a good look
>the laptop is full of pastry crumbs
>lying bitch
>mfw I knew she was a slob
>mfw I quit
>mfw I set some kid's background to porn
I'm raging just thinking about where I used to work
Be me at Wal-mart, and some fuck head ass monkey asks you to do something for them.
2 minutes to get food, not bad. You should teach some of the idiots that work at fast food places around here. I'm lucky if I can get out of there before 2 minutes.

On that note, taco bell is nasty as fuck. I get sick just thinking about it.

Another note, I don't deal with customers at work. I'm not a people person. I'm not good at dealing with people, you people can obviously understand that.
>customer asks me about some compound bow
>show all the 8 models
>one is a damn expencive "superbow"
>in a class of its own, costs around 1000$
>wants to buy it, starts to offer prices of 200-500$
>tell him its not happening
>he insists on the maximum price being 700$
>I offer him a kids 29.90$ bow made out of pvc pipe for that price
>acts all insulted
>offer him the kids bow for 400$
>storms towards the counter and tells about this to my supervisor
"would you believe what your employee did! blah blah"
>supervisor chuckles
>supervisor offers him a paperclip for 20$ to make up for my "insults"
>customer stares at my supervisor
>I walk up to the asshat and ask if he wants the bow or not, offer to throw in two paperclips for free
>people behind him in the cashier line start to chuckle and grin
>he starts to leave the store, watch him with supervisor, and lock the doors with a button under the table
>knocks over a rack full of thermos flasks
>tries to make a run for the doors
>doors wont open
>make him pay for all the dented flasks, 129$
>ask if he still wants the bow
>tells me to go fuck myself
>run after him with a bag full of dented thermos flasks
>wish him a good day
>smashes the bag of thermos's to the ground

Supervisor tells this to all coworkers, he becomes the joke of the month.
That's not why the bank did it. The 35 dollar fees are profitable. That's why they do it. And didn't BAC get a class action suit over their re-ordering of payments in order to increase the number of fees they could charge? ie. I'd have 500 dollars and by several small items, then a couple days later buy something for 500 and not buy anything else, but i'd end up with 14 overdraft fees because they set up the 500 dollar thing to be charged first.
Welp, haven't worked a customer service job in awhile. I worked at a convenience store and at a call centre (customer service for Sprint), and I gotta say, the convenience store was actually kind of cool, while the Sprint centre sucked donkey balls through a jizz-clogged straw.

That being said, here's a little story from the convenience store:
>Crackhead and his crackhead girlfriend walk in (lets call 'em Cracky and Crackette)
>Crackette is jittery as fuck, picking up products and putting them down in places they don't belong, and never really grabbing anything.
>Cracky is giving me the shifty eyes when he thinks I don't notice.
>I figure Crackette is in distraction mode so that Cracky can swipe shit, so I keep an eye on him while she gets her weird on all around the store.
>Finally, Cracky gives up trying to steal stuff, grabs a Dr. Pepper and comes up to the counter.
>I ring it up, "That'll be blah blah whatever the price of Dr. Pepper was back then."
>Cracky says, "Cool man." and begins to undo his fly
>What the FUCK?
>"Dude, what are you doing?"
>"It's cool man."
>"No it is certainly not cool, man. Keep your fucking pants on."
>Cracky then reaches into his fly, and removes his wallet out from under his nutsack.
>"I am NOT touching your money."
>"It's cool man...I got debit."
>I run the purchase through, watch Cracky and Crackette leave the store, then proceed to Lysol the SHIT out of the debit machine

Good times.
>working at subway
>often alone
>no breaks
>no one in the store but me and a fragrant vagrant
>can't escort him out of the building at closing
>guy is stealing chips off the rack
>boss says to not interfere
>store closes at 9pm
>10:30pm call police, he's still in the store
>police says to call at 8am to file a formal report
>what do
lol i fucking hate when assholes do that. heres something that happened yesterday
>be ringing up customer with my SM doing the same on other register
>we have a little counter between the registers
>SM puts hone down on it, it rings
>fukcing little thug, whose friend is being rung up next too, tries to reach between the little game display in front of counter and grab my SM's phone
>SM yells "dude you better pull your hand back before it comes back a stub!"
>thug says" Oh i thought it was a game, i wanted to see what it was"
i can say we do the areyoufuckingkiddingme glance as well dude
>SM says"so you decided to try and grab it anyway?"
>tell them to get the fuck out or we call security
>calls us faggots, leaves
>Also we are open 9am to 9pm
>Some strung out bitch comes in at 3 or 4 with her kid
>Both are in there until 11pm
>Again we close to the public at 9pm
>Couldn't get her to leave she had 2 carts filled with shit that she spilled fanta over
>She even took the time to go through our decor department and break several items
>Bitch finally checks out right before we decide to throw her out
>Takes 40 minutes to ring everything due to her knitpicking
>Finally done giver the total
>Turns out she didn't want three quarters of the items in the two carts
>Literally only wanted a few things that could easily fit in a basket
>Have to void that out and start over while she picks what is what and go over to a different register while my shits being fixed
>Still had to recover store which takes a solid hour and thirty minutes
>didn't get home til 12:30
>Had to be back in by 9am
I'll share another story. I like sharing this shit.
>Drive thru. Again.
>Getting close to shift ending, so my drawer isn't up, shift leader's was.
>Was having a pretty bad night; home stretch.
>Finally started to slow down
>"Hi how're you doing today?"
>"Good I'll have a Cinnabon Delight"
>"Ok, anything else?"
>"Ok, one order of Cinnabon Delights comes to $1.61, please pull forward to the window. Thank you!"
>Dude pulls up, we already have the 4-Pack ready to go
>Hands me a bill, hand him his Cinnabons.
>"I'll be back with your change in a moment, sir!"
>Unfold the bill
>Son of a fucking bitch
>Since my shift leader just put his drawer up, we don't have any 20's to give him change, tell my manager and ask if he could break in from the safe
>Not supposed to,
>Ask the guy if he has any other way to pay for the order
>He's chewing on a cinnabon delight rather slowly, and looks around his vehicle in the same manner
>Extends his hand toward me, I grab it's contents
>$5 coupon for Napa Auto Parts
>You've got to be fucking
>"Sir we can't accept this here."
>Puts another cinnabon in his mouth, slowly shrugs
>Tell shift leader, he then has to go break it in the safe even though he's not supposed to do so
>Give the asshole his $98.39 change and watch him drive off
If he wasn't such a piece of shit I would've paid for them myself to avoid the trouble but he doesn't deserve that, fuck him.
i feel your pain anon

>work for electrical company call center
>customers call up and whine about being disconnected because they haven't paid their bill
>tell them we can't cancel the disconnection/refund the debt management fees/send the contractor turning off your power away
>scream bloody murder down the phone at you, want a manager
>manager tells them the exact same thing i did and somehow thats clarification for them
Thanks for sharing

>couldn't contain my laughter
well worth read
>lap covered with fat bitch's juice
i laughed too hard at this
>go in to work at 4
>fucking customers don't stop coming in until we close

Because they think since you aren't allowed to say anything without you getting fired they feel a sense of power and with that comes the need to walk all over you, it's human nature.
Chances are this didn't cheese them off in the slightest. When I worked at Toxic Bell, we get to eat anything that's a mistake or that a customer drives off without taking or paying for. You fail.
If I ever start a band, I'm naming it Fragrant Vagrant.

Fucking awesome band name, right there.
Another TB employee here from Washington
>be last friday
>working in the front register
>bunch of hipster faggots from Orgeon come in
>"we're from Oregon, can we not pay taxes"
>fucking 3$ meal deals
>tax is less than 30 cents
>no you have to pay taxes

>mfw there's a big ass "tax exempt button"
>mfw i'm never gonna press it
mfw no face
Seriously, pressing that shit would mean i have to get a tax id, manager's password and shit, then a double piece recipt that needs to be signed by 2 people wasting more time and money than it would've taken you to pay 30 fucking cents of tax
>ummm.....trying this hard
Not exactly true. Personally I try to be extra nice and patient with service workers. I know their job sucks. If one is a complete asshole to me then I don't hold back, but I typically take a while to get to that point.
Baja Blast only available inside? That's some straight up bullshit. The only thing I can think of that makes that ok is if for some reason the inside drink station has no space for Baja Blast. I don't see why though seeing as it's one of the store's most popular drinks.
gettin the pigs to eat their own slop...genius
I am that person. I always go to places 5 minutes before closing. But when I do so I leave a decent tip.

a personal favorite is Worst Case Ontario
On the job you CHOSE to work at.

The one part you neglected to mention that invalidates ALL of your complaints. And it's a retard job too. It's not like you'r ebeing asked to leave a management position at a fortune 500. If you can't find another job with stable pay in the same entry level bracket you currently work in, kill yourself. In all seriousness, drown yourself in the toilet because you are useless as a human being. I've seen babies drop out of their mothers with more capability than your sad comment displays.
>KFC when I was in High School, work drivethru
>Old guy with same order apparently 3+ times a week
>Can I take your order? - The usual - I'm sorry, the what? -THE USUAL!!!
>Day Manager was still on headset and already knew this guy's habits and temper.
17 years later, and I still remember the fucking order. Extra Crispy 2pc; white, mashed potatoes, bbq beans, cornbread muffin, Dr Pepper, Brownie Parfait (cornbread and parfait were discontinued a long time ago, unfortunately)
>He never smiled
Deck him, fuck your job, get fired a hero rather than a pussy who keeps a shitty job
>Cracky and Crackette
>removes his wallet out from under his nutsack.

That is a 100% true story there, chum. You don't need to believe it, I lived it.
Worst Case Ontario?
You mean Oshawa?
Things customers do to piss OP off:

>Paying for a meal and making sure he got his order, whilst driving a diesel vehicle through a drive thru.

Ok then.

well that would be nice and easy if my local chain hadn't been recently run up at gun point by some ghetto Betty and Clyde
No one's ever asked for no sales tax and I wouldn't do it in the first place. That shit sounds dumb.
File: BreakfastClub14.jpg (20 KB, 266x143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 266x143
Jump up on trash cans.

But I work just inside of Dillards so I don't have to go to the mall-side to stop them. I just wait at the cash register and watch that fat, mustachioed low-life go in and place rules on them, that pathetic sadist shit.

I don't even care that they're emo, the only thing is it happens constantly and nearly almost always with different groups. Is this something retarded people do now, or is this some shit I'm seeing that I'm not supposed to see?
oh my fucking god dude that's not even the half of it
>working with sga buddy of mine
>this couple comes in whipping up fucking hell
>SGA from the sister store basically fucked up, charged lady for a game that she had a $x off coup for
>they literally spiral from so thankful to us to fucking hateful for like 3 hours
>finally SGAbro just gives her her money back and lets her keep the game, w/e
>three hours later they're back raging because we 'stole her iphone'
>turns out it was in their car
>SM bans them, lol for weeks about it
self-entitled faggot scum
I used to work at Subway.

Bosses give you shit if you're not done cleaning and out by a certian time. A single customer coming in can add up to 25 mins of extra cleanup time(believe it or not).

no less than 30 mins before closing is ideal
Was the bow a mathews?
Anyway sounds believable, i had some shit happen like that.at the.cabelas nearby.
Yeah well, you were the fat faggot in the drive thru crying like a little pussy about his fucking mountain dew. Probably a neckbeard too.
Me as a customer totaly hate these people. These lanes are for people who buy 2 or one intem and don't have time. There are always these people with 5 different kind of fruits and someting that has it's barcode ripped
File: 1382937269162.jpg (50 KB, 400x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 400x526
>Last night
>Working front end of Wingstop
>Having a 30 minute wait expectancy time
>Lines out the door, racks full of orders
>Motherfucker orders 100 wing family pack
>10 minutes later
>"Is my food ready? I've been waiting an hour."
>Oh may I see your receipt? -- Oh, it says you ordered 10 minutes ago.
>"I thought this was fast food"

If you want fast food, go to McDonald's, motherfucker!
It drives me off the fucking walls when they call the quesarito a "Cheesy beefy melt wrap" GOD FUCKING DAMNIT i hate the word wrap for sor some reason, today some bitch wanted "the steak griller" and me and my manager just stood there playing dumb untill she learned how to FUCKING LOOK at the god damn menu.
It was actually him taking all the extra time to do so and making it so much more complicated than it had to be.
lol u mad u ate slop
Fucking this.

Did they ever make you work by yourself? On a Friday or Saturday night?
sorry, bonnie and clyde
we didnt all have a mommy and daddy who gave us allowances to fund our fedora collections like you brah
File: 1357673578312.jpg (39 KB, 450x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>working this job as a valet, parking real nice cars.
>can't drive stick very well, boss told me to just ride the clutch.
>clients tip like a motherfucker, pulling in $300 on busy nights.
>even parked a couple cars for some famous people, maybe not super famous but I've seen them on tv.
>I see my next customer driving up, it's a real hot blue mercedes. I run up next to the car as usual.
>I open the door, get on the floor, everyone walk the dinosaur
lol u mad you couldn't get your fatass out of the car and into the restaurant to get your cancerous high fructose corn syrup water.
Yup. Grossest thing I ever witnessed there. Except for maybe finding that weird mould behind the cooler when we got the new one. Here's another story, which is more sad than funny:

>Dude and some coworkers of his come in. They're contractors flush with money after finally finishing a job.
>They're talking about going to Fanny's (local strip club), and are trying to get their buddy to come
>"I'll meet you there, I just want to open some nevada tickets."
>Guy buys $100 worth of $0.50 nevadas
>Wins maybe $5
>Guy buys another $100, trying to get the $1000 prize
>Still nothing
>4am rolls around, strip club is long closed, and finally the guy gets the $1000 winner...in the last twenty tickets at the bottom of the box
>Guy spent AT LEAST $2000 to get that $1000 winner, and that's not counting the small winners he used to just get more tickets

Lots of people with gambling problems regularly came into my store, but that guy I never saw again.
As far as I know it wasnt his policy you had to open a safe to get change for a hundred, so how did HE take extra time doing this?
can confirm. I either got written up for not cleaning or written up for taking the time to clean. no breaks or lunch and working alone was ultimately hell. subway is a terrible place to work but it'll put some hair on your chest
i demand to see your udders
if not you are a bulls tit
I work at a dog park and own a dog so, like, this is what I do with my dog lol.

I basically clean up all of the poop and maintain the lawns inside of the area. I also take care of any repairs that might need to be made (shaded area with bench made of metal, fences, water fountain). I'm basically a park manager to this shitty little place in the middle of nowhere and I have my own place alraeyd there that people like me come to and live in for like 5 or 10 years and then leave to somewhere exactly like it. I have a degree in parks and resource management and I have to go around and fix shit up. Right?

So one day I'm with my little dog, she's a chijuajua, nothing too difficult. So I'm OBVIOUSLY in the little dog side. Aaaand it's first thing in the morning and of course there's just one guy there. I walk up to him with my dog on the leash, and the youthful way I look... the guy tells me to back off. I am like lol and show a grin and I notice the dog doesn't like it. So I'm talking to this guy and he has this cowboy hat on and I can like totally tell he only likes dogs and doesn't do humans. So I keep smiling and this guy is nervous in his rapport but keeps smiling. And he basically politely tells me to fuck off. But I keep standing there. Smiling, and wide open mouth :D

So this guy takes me as being a generally nice person, but the more he talks, the bigger I smiles and even he doesn't know how aggressive his new puppy is getting. By the end of the conversation my dog is already sitted right beside me and this guy's dog is almost pulling him around the court.

He has a doberman pincher inside of the small dogs point. I had a chijuajua. He tells me I shouldn't normally have an untrained animal in side of such a place so I calmly inform him that I work and live inside of the park.

At this point the guy is enraged and all blush-faced... but he is totally doing something against regulations and really, I assume, he's only standing up to in the.... cont.
bear archery anarchy bow package. spare strings, two arrow packages with 12 arrows, red dot sights, a metal container for transport etc
Learn stick faggot
my bro old me this, he works at a sport store

>be my brother, unpacking boxes at front of store
>gang of 12 Yo scooter rats walk past
>gone for a good 5 minutes
>one sticks his head in the door and says "do you wanna 1v1 me bro" (thinking he's alpha)
>32 Yo boss yells at him "DO YOU WANT TO FUCK OFF?"
>kid fucks off, leaves trail of shit and piss smell
lol u all mad cause u can't cook
Work as a waiter, niggers are the worst

>Always taking 15 min to order their food with the cheapest combination
>Give you shit all the the time
>Are fucking rude
>Don't tip or tip really bad.
my nigguh
damn straight im mad...shit was on the menu...not offered...get it off the menu..then i realize. they make tree fiddy..who gives a fuck how their treated. i feel like taco jesus pissing off any of the guys enough to quit an get a real job. +1 for idea +1000 if it affected another human life
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>be black...
>enter the store...

Fuck them bitches.
How the fuck do you chalk that up to some feminist bullshit? Your company apparently just has shitty fucking policies.
Every time I bring the dressing I would normally put, but on the side, the customers use like barely half of it. Some customers just prefer less dressing,man.
>Be penis inspector
>Basically visit elementary schools for mandatory penis inspection day
>It's a tight schedule, usually two big schools a day
>There's always kids not showing up, making me do house calls
>When they do show up they ask to see credentials (probably cause their parents made them ask) taking up precious inspecting time
>I could do three schools a day if it weren't for those little brats, they should be happy for their healthy penises
>An old woman had lifted her dress and took a huge shit in the middle of the tin aisle.
Chances are that it was available in the drive thru, but you were acting like a rude arrogant cunt, so the person working the drive thru just took the opportunity to fuck with you. Not very smart to fuck with people who are back there with your food.
I've been working at Taco Bell for about a year and it's been probably the worst year of my life.
you are obviously not who the poster is talking about

he's probably talking about
>spends 10 minutes looking at the menu mentally talking themselves out of ordering everything
>finally manages to whale-speak in a mildly audible english tone that they would like a salad with dressing on the side

excuse him for assuming that based on the fact that you're ordering a salad at fucking mcburgerfats and you weigh one quarter of a ton that you're probably gonna drown your food yourself in the same fashion that your parents should have drowned you.
Whats a 1v1? Cock-fencing?

And why is there a shit/piss smell? Did he defecate himself of the reluctance to 1v1?
I guess mommy and daddy had your back while you were a student huh faggot?

Wow, you're so driven arent you?
in the first place to show that he's dominant over humans, to his dog. I realize this and I should have been nice to him--it's my job, I could be fired for being anything but compliant but no. I'd been posting to /b the whole night so my natural instincts took over. I begin telling him at the peak of his outrage that he's doing something against the rule and must leave.

At this point my dog has taken in my natural demeanor and completely ignored the other, uncicilized dog, the puppy. And I'm pretty sure by then he knew the guy was pretty much a puppy too.

So of course since I realize I'm totally within my rights... I open up and scream as loud as I fucking can right at this dogs face :DD

I am pretty good at screaming--when I try to vomit during a dry-heave, my lungs are the ones that are expelled...... it's weird. But I used this to horrify this little puppy and his owner while working at a peaceful government establishment. And he /never/ came back. He was yelling and pissed off when he left, yes, and he shouted that if I actually did work there I wouldn't for long... but this was someone on disability to begin with, I'd met him some times before. So essentially I had the opportunity to use my advanced wisdom with this guy to help him, or I could hurt him possibly very much, and I chose to scare the shit out of his dog, as I'd done before for dogs not on my side.

It's the same as getting into a road-rage with some parent with the kid in the car, except instead of screaming at an animal you're screaming that santa and god don't exist.

You can be a dick, but don't be evil, you can be funny, but don't be serious, and you can hate people while still being mostly nice.

But always behave accordingly in the midst of those currently under disability, in the hope that they will stay there indefinitely, and die with total regret and shame of ever being human :D

You should all fuck people up beyond recognition if you really want to help them...
>Be 2114
>70 years since the whites made a new country
>Us blacks killed everyone non-black in murica
>Poorness and thievery everywhere
>Black shop owners begin to realize how right white is
>Blacks hate themselves cause they don't tip themselves
>They fight themselves
> They kill themselves
>Whatever living nigger lay in the desolated landscape of starving nigger dead bodies realizes he is Trayvon
>We are Trayvon
My nigga you happen to be 2 miles away from UC Riverside? Sounds like some bitch I know.
You didn't ask tip?
OH GOD, and my all time FAVORITE thing is, "I'll take the griller."
Like you dumb bitch we have three.
More things that piss me off:
>Diesel trucks in drive thru
>When I say, "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" 4 fucking times and you don't understand that your tiny dick compensation truck is too fucking loud
>People ordering a party pack and wanting burritos in it. You're thinking of the damn Grande meal, it's right up there on the menu
>When I ask if the order's correct on the screen, they say yes, then when they pull up to the window and I'm trying to take someone else's order while handling their money and drinks and shit, they finally tell me, "Btw you forgot x and y, and z was supposed to have EXTRA cheese, not NO lettuce." They should have told me when I asked them, that way I'm not juggling two orders.
>Customers see me sweeping an area when they walk in, can see that it's still dirty, and yet will sit there when they fill their drinks up because who the fuck knows why. I can't clean a place where you're sitting.
>People who eat 13% of their food, the other 87% of it left in several piles across the table, chairs, and floor
>Back when all our freezes were Mountain Dew types (Distortion, Baja Blast, Typoon; Black Cherry, Baja Blast, Typhoon) they'd ask for a Mountain Dew Freeze, then even still after informing them of the THREE Mountain Dew flavors, they want THE Mountain Dew Freeze
>Finding trays in the fucking garbage
>Cleaning the bathrooms and finding shit in the toilet that would have definitely gone down if you'd bothered to press the handle
>Entering a bathroom the clean it and finding the sink running and nearly overflowing
Need I continue?

>>live on nevada/arizona/utah border
>>people from nevada don't pay tax on food
>>never have I ever given someone from nevada tax exemption, they buy in utah they pay tax in utah
I work self checkout and it is the worst thing ever

>Hey Anon, want to learn self checkout?
>Didn't realize no raise for it
>Have to watch 4 lanes at once
>They want me to watch the floor and make sure it doesn't get backed up
>Want me to answer the phone when customer service can't get to it
>Want me to watch the doors so no one walks out without paying
>Sometimes want me to hop on a register while watching my 4 lanes at self check
>Customers come up to me and say "I wish I had your job! Getting paid to just stand here."
>i live in hell on earth
fixed for you
They never really wish they'd had your job, you know... Who the fuck would??
>be server for chicago pizza chain
>the chain store i work at closes at midnight on weekends
>party of ten jungle bastards walk in
>hostess left at 11, stupid fucking policy, i'm on my own for an hour, normally not a big deal
>"are you open"
>technically yes, tell them we're not doing deep dish pizzas anymore since it's past 11:30
>"fuck, whatever then, get us thin crusts"
>excuse u, nigger
>bring pitchers of water which their baboon fucking kids immediately knock over
>constantly get harassed for the pizzas not coming out seconds after they ordered, they take 30 minutes
>12:35 they have their pizzas, nigglets start throwing slices at eachother, i've had enough
>tell kids if they like their food on the floor they can eat it there
>chief nigger settles down kids, flares nostrils at me, and apologizes
>mfw i get a 18% tip and my manager high fives me
He could have figured, "Hey I'm only going to get a $5 order, I'd best use my card or maybe even get smaller bills when I go to the ATM. And then after we looked in the bag and saw that his ONE item was in there, informed him it was in there, he still had to stand there in the middle of the drive thru flipping through his napkins in order to find his one fucking burrito, then he took forever to walk to his truck.
Imagine if you were in the car behind this guy. You think, "Ok he's got his food, he's going to go now." But then he spends 20 seconds just standing there and 8 seconds to get into his vehicle and drive off. You'd be pissed.
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>rough patch
>difficulty finding a job
>finally get shitty part time job at dollar general
>manager spends whole shifts taking smoke breaks
>leaves notes saying the entire store must be restocked by one employee in 4 hours
>employee must also run cash register alone
>leaves notes threatening to fire said employee if all the work isn't done
>constant stream of overweight young women who spend $100+ in foodstamps on candy and dr. pepper
>they spend all their time in line talking to other whales about how they can't work because diabeetus and they can't lose weight because they can't afford proper food

Uno Chicago Grill? I work there too! Which city?
I really hope this is a troll, but anyway, 1v1 is when a 12 year old faggot thinks he is alpha at quickscoping on call of duty and wants a match between just you and him, and they usually lose
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ITT mostly people blaming customers for their employers policies.
I work at Dillon's. I check, stock, or bag items for customers. We're going through a remodel, and moving all of the products to different places. For some reason, most of the customers seem to think it's my fault that everything is being moved. I almost got fired a week ago for telling a mean old lady to "take your fucking money to WalMart."
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>chicago pizza
>deep dish

Need some. Now.
idk about you, but this one time this fucker at taco bell fucked me over.

>be me
>returning from mechanic with my truck
>go to taco bell to fire up the monster engine that is my stomach
>really hungry so order straight away avoiding small talk
>wanted to make it a hot but microphone was cutting off so i said fuck it and rolled over
>truck had too much exhaust fume so I parked it on far side so it doesnt suffocate the taco bell workers
>total comes to like $5
>all I had were hundreds because I had to pay mechanic
>give take away guy a hundred
>should have change it's a fucking restaurant
>wait forever for him to bring up change for a measly $100
>finally comes when there's a big ass line
>hungry as fuck so eat right away
>look in bag to make sure my pepsi didnt spill
>stroll to my truck and leave

taco bell - never again

>nigger comes up to self checkout with three giftcards
>starts swiping card after card
>obviously stolen cards, he's trying to find one that will work as credit without a pin
>inform management
>he notices and leaves, leaves gift cards behind
>comes back
>sees me
>sees manager that was heading toward him yesterday
>grabs the same three giftcards
>get his ID
>he leaves after cards don't work
>manager follows him out
>gets his license plate number
I've never had anyone so dumb that they came in THE NEXT DAY after a failed attempt
Was meant to go to
>Hotel Night Auditor

>"We're sold out"
>Are you sure?
>Burst blood vessel

>"We're sold out."
>Your parking lot is empty.
>Burst Blood vessel

>"We're sold out."
>"Do you know anyone who has rooms?"
>"Only one name on the sign."
you've never worked in the customer service industry have you?
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>pic related:
I actually caught myself lifting my hand towards the monitor like this
that's the one thing i don't fuck with
people who makes what i eat
hope the self-entitled faggots enjoy their special sauce
Think he was making a joke because in the story the guy kept sayi- No fuck you, I dont have to explain this to your faggot ass, you've already abandoned thread, content that your copy pasta got used for another day
$100s in a safe? come on, they should at least leave a couple in the till...
>I'm aussie so what am I talking abt
Share stories. We'll share pain.

>works at dog park
>can't spell own dog's breed

nope dot jaypeegee
Fucking THIS. Or when they order the combo meals. Especially the chalupa one because of how many different ways you can order it. And then they get all offended because they have to tell me if they want a crunchy or soft taco and what they want to drink. I'm not a goddamn mind reader.
Obviously we can't call the niggers nigger to their face, or their nigger entitlement would kick in, and whoever informed the niggers of their niggeryness would subsequently be out of employ.
Niggers gonna nig, nigga.
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>Work at bowling alley
>Have to explain to more than 2 dozen people a day ask why they have to wear bowling shoes
>Explain to them why and how bowling shoes are made specifically for bowling and how normal shoes grip and scratch the wooden floor
>mfw they try and bowl with their fucking normal shoes anyway
Seriously, just fucking wear the shoes we give you. They get disinfected and cleaned every night before closing, you aren't going to get athletes foot or aids from wearing them. If you don't wanna wear ours, buy your fucking own.
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