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restarting wincest thread
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restarting wincest thread

>be 19 same college as my sister
>scholarship from our HS basically makes it free
>chillin with her and her b/f, they're 22
>drinkin' some kind of sweet as hell rum
>fucks ya up quick
>sis starts to fiddle around with her b/f
>he says stop that, M, w8 til later
>didn't break wide-open mutual eye contact w/ me
>its ok, E, he doesn't care, right?
>oh fk. that look, that insanely fucking sexy look
>right at me
>sis has caught me perving before
>used that look
>stole panties b4
>stole a condom from her purse, fapped into it
>she found it somehow wtf
>licked her little finger vibrator
>i washed it beforehand for some reason
>pretty sure she doesn't know about that tho
>her b/f looks nervous or embarrassed or something, glugs down some rum
>can very visibly see his penis creating an ever larger bulge through his gym shorts
>complete, yet non-awkward silence
>M switching between looking at both of us
>both of us looking at only her
>but my eyes occasionally involuntarily stray to her roaming hand when she isn't looking at me

>her motions pick up pace
>she's occasionally grabbing his dick through his shorts
>i start to get a halfie
>w8 what the fk
>his bulge is looking pretty enormous, is it just an illusion from the gym shorts?
>her hand seems to go barely 2/3rds of the way around it when she grasps it
>stomach starts feeling a little weird
>"hey guys maybe I should go"
>E: "oh ok man."
>At the same time, M: "what's the rush?"
>"you guys look ready to rock n roll, i should leave"
>"rock n roll! great idea. stay." she hops up in that ultra cute manner only active females can
>starts pandora station
>settles back down next to E
>hand goes back to groin area as if nothing happened
>she's kinda drunkenly swaying to the rhythm with her eyes closed and head slightly tilted back
>the above greentext line is like burnt into my memory
>she was full on stroking his dick through his gym shorts and he seemed into it
>this dude's dick was definitely large, maybe extra large
>i get up to leave, dunno what else to do, previously absent awkwardness has just abruptly sat upon my enter conscious
>that greentext above that's burnt into my memory? ..
>well, it's because she stopped doing that and stated this simple sentence that echoes through my mind at least a few times a month when fapping:
>"but it's about to be your turn." with a quick little frown
>I kinda fumble with my words and rapidly look between her and him while riding the awks-cart at full tilt
bump for interest
bumping for lurking
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entire conscience* da fuq

>E: "it's ok man."
>M: "yep! he owes me and we agreed on it."
>i says "wha..? huh? agreed on what?"
>M: "well we figured you wouldn't continue to pursue me and he really wouldn't have to worry about stuff."
>E is kind of looking into the bottom of his empty rum glass the whole time. "Yeah."
>didn't even know i was really capable of blushing up until this point, i could almost physically feel it wtf
>M: "aww you're such a cutie! so how about it?"
>i kind of slowly nod my head
>i mean, i'd fantasized about this before
>breathing in her teen scent on her panties
>but uh never did I imagine her boyfriend would be there
>i mean, we obviously got along, he was a cool guy, but this is crazy, even for drunkeness
>she gets up off the bed and comes over to me in front of their little futon couch and lightly pushes me back down onto it
>she kinda looks down at my package for a bit, then tilts her head and went for it
>ho lee sheet
>my sister
>her hand
>my penis
>my shorts in the way of holy rapture
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you better get to typin real fuckin quick and no damn dinosaur walking you wanker
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I've grown three grey hairs already OP
Lurking, this is nice.
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fuck you dick sorts
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>instantaneous pulse cannon activated
>my dick went from 0 to 60 in .69 seconds
>i was painfully erect.
>i glanced at E
>a seemingly reluctant "go ahead" gesture is all he offers
>his bulge seems to have died a little, guess i can understand that
>she is fully groping my dick through my shorts
>all i can do now is stare down at her hand trying to absorb every detail, remember every shadow, every fondle
>my brain is firing off in 1,000 directions
>too much energy going to the pulse cannon
>i lift my hips up off the futon
>she makes a surprised sound
>i remove my shorts and boxers in that motion we all know, one fluid maneuver. igotdis.jpg
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>can very visibly see his penis creating an ever larger bulge through his gym shorts
>his bulge is looking pretty enormous, is it just an illusion from the gym shorts?
>this dude's dick was definitely large, maybe extra large

OP is a faggot, as usual
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>sister home from college
>watching tv
>big comfy chair
>sis tells me to move
>she says fine, sits on my lap
>she keeps moving
>I get hard
>she stops, looks at me
>whispers, you little perv
>I turn red
>she laughs
>starts grinding
>fully erect now
>she whispers, feels like my little brother is a big brother
>continues grinding
>we're both breathing heavy
>she says, play with my nipples
>please, play with my nipples
>NO it's wrong
>lifts her shirt, pinches and licks her nipples
>say out loud, I'm about to cum
>NO, you're my sister.
>fine, she gets up and leaves
I have many ranging from ages 5ish to late teens. Nothing since i've gotten older though. I will post a few.

>be 14 female cousin is 10
>she easily passes for 13-14 large breasts hit puberty at around 8
>she sleeps like the dead, you can drop her a few feet on her head and she won't stop snoring
>even heavier when she takes her antihistamine in the summers
>stay over some times and i know this, she always insists on staying up late with the older kids
>starts out with my sister there and her three brothers, by eleven they all went to sleep and she is on the couch in big jammie tshirt and panties
>nodding off about half way through movie we were watching, she is on an oversized living room couch seat deal
>hear her snoring and know its on, ive been at this a few years now
>pull her to edge of seat and loosen crotch of worn out panties, pull to the side
>she has wisps of blonde pubic hair vagina is still pretty innie but beginning to fill out
>give her the old lickaroo for a moment and let he juices start
>start the slow prodding with my diamond hard cock, after a few mins i have the head in and a few more about 2 inches, this is my normal depth
>thrust slowly and savor the feeling, always amazing
>push her shirt up and fondle her amazing b cups, she has very large nipples, lean forward as i am about to cum and suck on them
>put my thumb in her drooling mouth and fill her up as i suck ten year old tit

That was the last time i came in her, overheard aunt and mom talking about her starting her period like the day after that and i was shitting bricks for months. I still get rock hard thinking about the times i used her though. Man she slept hard, rarely even stirred when i was in her.

>in b4 bullshit etc
>Be 10 years old
>On vacation with family at relatives farm
>Sister is 7 at the time
>Be playing with sister in field, we both end up having mud fight because dumb kids and bored
>Parents find us and force us to get washed up
>Aunt won't let us into house to use the bathroom because we're filthy
>Brings out big steel basin fills with lukewarm water and soap
>Parents strip us naked, mom strips sister, Dad strips me
>Cover my dick with both hands, sister tries to cover up flat chest and ignores her vag for some reason
>Be left in tub with sister after five minutes of getting scrubbed, parents and aunt go inside
>Bubbles in tub disappear way faster than I thought they would
>Sister comments on my dick, says she wants to touch it
>Ask if I can touch her if she touches me
>She says yes. Grabs my dick under the water for a few minutes, I try to touch her for a bit until our parents come back
>Get wrapped in towels and spend the rest of the evening inside lying in our shared room watching TV.
>Sister gives up on the towel and spends another hour butt naked before getting dressed again
>Never spoke of that odd day again
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>my dick kinda does that flop around where it whacks the belly as i sit back down and lounge back
>they have surprise painted all over their faces
>M: "Well ok then!"
>notimewasted, hand back on the base of my meat mace
>i'm roughly average for a white guy.
>i like to say i'm just above 6 inches
>strokage commences
>didn't feel as good as I thought it would, her forearm is kind of hitting me and when i think back on it, i could've readjusted
>who the fk cares, this is a dream cum true
>trying not to look in E's direction, but I can feel his gaze on us
>sis leans down, looks E right in the eyes and then gives the tip of my dick the smallest lick with the tip of her tongue
>i can feel that penis base muscle between the balls and asshole straight up CLENCH as i sort of buck upwards
>almost cramp mode. its like my dick wants to get harder but can't
>E: "M..." all he said
>M: "What?" and then she placed her lips right around the head of my veiny vagina villain
>the only way to explain what happened right then was a kind of a dry ejac/semi-orgasm
>yea whatever, the build up to this was intense, more intense than anything in my life til that point
>i had fapped a few hours earlier, not expecting the night to unfold as it had
>her tongue was flicking around my head as a rivulet of saliva ran down my shaft
Surely OP won't deliver...
Just talked with OP. Thread confirmed to be bust,
Heres my earliest one.

>be 6, different female cousin 2
>ive been getting and manipulating boners as long as i remember. mostly i hump things like my bed and couch
>parents scold me when they catch me so i know its naughty somehow and always do it privately
>she is in crib in spare room next to mine and parents are downstairs, siblings out playing
>was humping bed when i hear her in other room
>she is sucking pacifier, old style, pulls it out and for some reason i think it looks like my little boner and get the idea to see if she will suck it
>take pacifier and stand on stool, offer micropenis through bars on crib
>she obliges and i start seeing stars
>looks up at me and i smile and nod like i am happy as i truly am
>she sucks for a couple more minutes and i dry cum for the first time, run out of there as i hear the creak of the steps
>did this until she was four and started to verbalize almost got me caught but i was quick on my feet and made up a story about a kissing game, much less trouble

This is a different cousin than the first story. I was an extreme hornball from an early age, maybe i was babyfucked i donno.
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>there was no stopping me now
>i pulled my arm out from under her and kinda rested it on her back
>all the while trying not to look at E or even in his direction, eyes closed if not looking at her
>he's kinda in my field of vision if i'm looking at her tho
>"oo baby, that's hot." huh? i just put my arm on her back, is all, how's that hot? not like i grabbed her neck or anything
>i look up
>E has his hand in his shorts and has a really focused look on his face
>i can sort of feel myself start to get softer-ish?
>then i remember my sis was currently trying to see exactly how much of my dick she could envelope in her amazingly warm and moist mouth
>this was to be the blowjob that would set the standard of all future blowjobs
>i never once felt her teeth
>she sucked hard at the right times in the right place
>when she relinquished her mouth's hold on my dick, she used only her tongue for the perfect amount of time
>this lasted maybe all of 5 minutes and then she abruptly stopped to take her bra off beneath her shirt.
>her boobs are dead center B cups
>"y u no take shirt off too pls," i think to myself
Dont stop and Ill tell you my story and my first time with my sister.
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