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that was a cool one, OP
10/10 would read again

need more details!

wait...they have stores for this shit???

would shop at!
worth reading every part of it
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>op has no story
>i have story
>used to fuck my cousin(s) a lot when I was younger
>one female cousin in particular, hereafter referred to as B
>but two others as well (m/f)
>awesome times were had but we were stupid and kids at the time so we got caught pretty frequently
>she still lives with me, 21 years old now, still a qt3.14159
comments? questions? concerns? any interest?
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Fuck this someone post some captons!
Copy pasta but it's my copy pasta, and all true. Been a while since I posted it.

When I was 17 my dad remarried and all of a sudden I had a 13 year old stepsister living in the room next to me. We even had to share a bathroom so I went from all the privacy I wanted to girl shit everywhere. She seemed nice enough but I wasn't too thrilled with her mom and the whole marriage anyway so I was kind of an ass and just stayed to myself. She was an only child and so was I so it was probably a shock on her too, but I wasn't paying much attention. Our parents were newly married and partied a lot so they were out late a lot on the weekends so I'd get stuck with the babysitting, whatever you want to call it.

Do you play Dayz

Plz respond

A few weeks after they moved in she came running into my room one night and jumped on my bed, said she was scared. She was shaking and freaking out about something. No one was home but us so I went into her room and found whatever it was making noise, a tree limb against the house or something, I can't really remember now. She calmed down a little but was still a little scared so she asked if she could just stay in my room a while. Annoyed but whatever, so I said OK. Got back in bed and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night I hear the parents car and she wakes up too, says thanks and goes back to her room. Light was dim but for the first time I actually noticed her. Perfect cute little ass wearing tiny panties, and a very thin nightgown thing, I could see her very clearly. Looked good but whatever, rolled over and went back to sleep.
god speed
> be me
> live alone with my mother
> father died when i was 4
> feelsbadman.webm
> we have a small farm in poland
> my mother is depressive and drinks alot

Continie? Anyome lirking?

The next night after bedtime she comes in my room again, through our shared bathroom. She says she's scared again and doesn't want to be in her room alone. OK, I don't care I'm a nice guy and all. This time she gets under the covers, wearing basically the same thing. I fall asleep and she does too, wake up in the middle of the night to find her snuggled up next to me. It was kind of cute but you know, it was a girl too so it was a nice feeling. It was about 5am or so and I was worried about the parents so I woke her up and told her to go to her room. She kind of patted me and kissed my cheek, and left. Watching that ass as she walked out again was tough, she was being so sisterly and all. I was bad for having those thoughts I figured.
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Set 001.jpg
1 MB, 2448x1836

Well this got to be the routine. Every night around 11 she would come in my room and get in bed wearing pretty much a see-through nightgown and tiny panties. I slept in boxers most of the time and most of the time when I'd wake up early in the morning she would be snuggled up against me and of course I would be hard as a rock. She didn't let on like she noticed, but she had to have felt it. Sometimes when we would snuggle she would push up real close to me with my cock up against her and just stay there so I am sure she knew what was "up".

This kept up literally for months. She would sleep most of the night with me, and on weekends when the parents were out partying she would cook dinner for us, we'd watch a movie, then get in bed. Just became normal. After a while I didn't even worry about getting caught anymore since we weren't really up to anything, but it didn't stay that way.
That summer after school was out the parents told us of their plans for a 10 day cruise, alone. And I am told I am to take care of her while they are gone. I was 18 and she was 14 by this time so she really didn't need care, just I was told to make sure there was food and to not leave her at the house alone. No problem.

Well they left and she wanted food so we went to the grocery store. She could actually cook pretty damn good so we bought a lot of food, bought steaks to grill. Hell, the parents were having fun we figured we ought to at least eat well. So, with a cart full of food we came home put everything up. That night I had a beer and she wanted one too. What the heck I figured, so gave her one. She drank it like she had been there done that which I though odd, but didn't give much more thought. Dinner, movie, beers and then bedtime. This time there wasn't even any pretending what was going on, she took a shower and came to get in bed with me like it was no big deal. I noticed this time though that she didn't have any panties on, just the thin nightgown. I said, you don't have underwear on. She answered, I hate sleeping in underwear.
anyone into feet?

>stayed over at my 9/10 cousin's house, she was 15
>waited until middle of the night and snuck into her room, knew she was a heavy sleeper
>licked her feet for around 5 mins
>then got her dirty socks and panties that she wore that day out from the laundry basket
>went to the washroom and sniffed them while fapping
>be 11
>friend stays the night
>we play video games and what not all night
>next morning I take shower
>decide to take a shit in the shower
>didn't consider where shit goes
>kick shit towards drain and stomp into drain
>shower plugged
>try digging and poking at it and still plugged water filling like a third of the tub
>walk out of bathroom locking door behind me
>tell friend he has to go home
>an hour later my dad tries to get into bathroom but door is locked
>asks me why the door is locked i say idk
>dad unlocks door and gets a look at shit tub
>flips shit asks me who the fuck shit in the shower
>i say idk must be friend
>dad calls friends dad and alerts him that friend is a shower shitter
>friend gets grounded
>tell people at school that friend is shower shitter and they call him shithead until graduation
>kid turned goth and had like 2 goth reject friends
>then I fingered my cousin
Nice story man
Would fap to

Hmmmm. Interesting turn here. So I say, I hate sleeping in underwear too so if you get to go without, so do I. So, under the covers I pull my boxers off and toss them onto the end of the bed. We lay there in the mostly dark, there was a streetlight out my window so it was never totally dark, talking about what we were going to do all week. Finally fell asleep and in the middle of the night I heard her moving and saw her pull her nightgown from under the covers and throw it on the floor. So, we're both nude in bed now. Frustrating, balls pretty blue by this time but I was kind of a nerdy kid with no girlfriend so I took what I could get and if spooning a 14 year old was it then fine.
>be me
>sister is hot
>she wearing panties and bra in house
>dad and i fuck
sorry, mate

Later in the night I woke up and she was backed up into me, spooning. I move a little and she pushes back into me, cock right in her ass crack. I finally put my hand over her and put it on her stomach. She puts her hand on mine and moves it up over her chest, right on her tit. I squeeze a little and she pushes her hand into mine. I start to play with her tit and she puts her hand down on my thigh and starts rubbing. She's still pushing back into me and I move so I can kind of kiss her neck and back. She keeps on touching me, moaning a little and grinding into me. She turns and lays on her back and reaches out and just grabs my cock and starts touching it. She grabs my hand and just holds it and starts stroking me. Before long I am about to explode so I say, you better stop. She just pushes the covers down and keeps on going, holding my hand and stroking me. I finally cum and it goes all over her hand. She just reaches down onto the bed and grabs her nightgown, wipes us both up, turns over on her side and goes back to sleep. I pass out too after that. Wow.

Anybody reading this shit?
Yea man, can you make a google doc or some shit?
i am

This time she moves right over to me and we start kissing, making out pretty good. Hands go straight down and I am fingering her, she's stroking me getting me even more hard. I decide to go for more and I push her onto her back and start kissing down to her tits, still rubbing my finger around all over her wet cuntt. Suck on a nipple for a while and get some good response so i start kissing down her stomach. Eventually I work my way down and I am face to face with this perfect well groomed very wet teenage pussy and I just dive in, tongue goes to work. She likes this a LOT and spreads her legs wide and grabs my hair. I'm going to town on her, and she has an orgasm within a minute or so, her whole body is shaking. I slide up next to her and she just hugs me real tight for a good 10 minutes, still kind of shaking.
good shit
Lurkin n jerkin m8

Finally she reaches back down for me and I think I am going to get a hand job again when she climbs up on me like she's gonna fuck me cowgirl. I kind of freak out, wasn't expecting it to go that fast, but she doesn't put me inside her. She starts on this "stripper slide" where she slides up and down my cock with her pussy, but it doesn't actually go in. She's riding me and I am gonna cum soon like this. I play with her tits and look right at her and say, I'm gonna cum. She speeds up and I shoot a massive load up onto my stomach while she's riding me, reaches for her gown and cleans it up again. I still wonder to this day where a 14 year old girl learned to do a fantastic stripper slide. Guess she was a natural.
Yes plz
(On phone. Ignore spelling errors )
> grandmas house. Hot as hell in July. Pool time ftw
> 10 yr old cousin appears.
>adults tell me to make sure she don't drown. They go inside cuz fuck the heat
> cousin likes trying to wrestle me under water
> attempted murder, wtf bitch?
> wrap arms around her and drag her around my front.
> she squirms and resists.
> in the struggle one hand goes under her swimsuit
> pussygrab.jpeg
> freeze. She's still playing.
> decide to go ham
> start fingering
> squirming stops. Whimper/ moan starts
> get rock fucking hard.
> rub against her ass to jack off
> pull dick out.
> still finger blasting her
> put dick under her swimsuit and use ass cheeks to jerk
> feelsgoodman.png
>her breathing gets short. Ohshitshescoming
>so am I
>cum up her suit
> spend the rest of my time laying on pool raft
> 22 now. We don't talk much.


Well, we both fell asleep after that and didn't wake up again that night. So that was our week. Sleep late, swim, watch movies, she would cook dinner and we'd have a beer or 2, then shower and bed time. I'd finger her, eat her, kiss etc and she would give me hand jobs and stripper slides til I would cum. We did this all week til the parents came back, and then kept it up almost every night for a long time. After school started she got a boyfriend and things slowed down but she would still come visit some nights and we'd do our thing. I made a move to fuck her a couple of times but she absolutely wasn't gonna do that so I just enjoyed what I was getting. So, less and less of this, I got a girlfriend and before long the whole thing between us had stopped and she stayed in her own room.

Next morning I went to school and that was pretty much that. I would come home at holidays and summer but she never showed much interest again since she was dating someone steady. I'd grab her now and then when no one was around and she would just smile and tell me to stop it. Once I walked into the bathroom with her in there nude and she threw a hairbrush at me but she was laughing. I grabbed her and kissed her and she pushed me back saying she couldn't do that to her boyfriend. So, I stopped trying altogether, I had a gf and was getting it regularly, I was just messing with her mostly. Still see her at family things, she's married now. I haven't tried anything at all in 3 or 4 years but I am always tempted when we are home for family things to grab her and see what happens.

tl;dr Stepsister had the most perfect pussy and gave the best blow jobs. Almost a sad memory thinking how I won't' get any of that again.

All true, pain in the ass to post so hope you like it.
> grandmas house. Hot as hell in July. Pool time ftw
> Old ass grandma appears.
>adults tell me to make sure she don't drown. They go inside cuz fuck the heat
> grandma trying to wrestle me under water
> attempted murder, wtf bitch?
> wrap arms around her and drag her around my front.
> she squirms and resists.
> in the struggle one hand goes under her swimsuit
> pussygrab.jpeg
> freeze. She's still playing.
> decide to go ham
> start fingering
> squirming stops. Whimper/ moan starts
> get rock fucking hard.
> rub against her ass to jack off
> pull dick out.
> still finger blasting her
> put dick under her swimsuit and use ass cheeks to jerk
> feelsgoodman.png
>her breathing gets short. Ohshitshescoming
>so am I
>cum up her suit
> spend the rest of my time laying on pool raft
> 22 now. We don't talk much because she died of old age
god i love sam...
this one actually was a cool story,bro

"It was when I woke up when I realised she actually asked for tree fiddy, and we didn't engage on any sexual activities at all because I am a faggot who lives in his mom's basement"

Yes please, continue
awesome story anon.
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My girlfriend C and I drop molly on a regular basis, it makes playing so much more intense. A few weeks ago her mom A emailed me, the usual "how's life oh it's good thank you how is work" crap at first, but then she started asking about MDMA. She read an article about it and knew I have experience with drugs. She told me she wants to try it, so I suggested she'd come visit us for a weekend, and we'll have a nice chilled evening/night on the couch with wine, weed and MDMA. A is the hippy type, so C is used to seeing her mom naked and is now pretty open sexually in a "as long as it feels good for everyone involved she's game" kind of person.

A came over on friday, saturday evening we dropped the MDMA together, C grabbed a bottle of wine and glasses to fill, I lit up the joint I had rolled for this occasion and after a few puffs handed it over to the girls.

45 minutes after dropping A was visually fighting the come up, afraid of what if it's actually poison etc. C sat behind A and pulled her onto her chest and just held her until she was again. It was beautiful to watch.

A, now enjoying it and basking in the glow of euphoria, wondered if it was ok if she'd undress, she wanted to feel everything against her skin, the sensations that came with that. I certainly did not complain, and C had a wicked smile on her face as well. As A started to get naked C did the same. After they had shed their clothes they stepped closer together and hugged each other, rubbing, feeling, squeezing, embracing. Again very beautiful, but also highly erotic. I watched the show, and grinned at C whenever she looked at me. Finally let go off her mom and sat her down next to me on the couch, then placed herself on my other side.
Not exactly incest but.
Hot summers day on a bike ride. Stop off at a friends house. My house is probably 4 miles ride away. He has a milf of a mum. We're downstairs talking (all of us)
Ask politely to use their toilet, go up the stairs and enter the bathroom. No locks on the doors so it was a risky move. Found a washing basket. Find his mum's dirty underwear. Pulled them out of the basket, I considered taking them home, fapped in their bathroom

Shit I left one out, this one goes before the last one, sorry.

After I graduated high school and had moved my stuff into a dorm, I was about to leave and my last night there we had a big dinner and all that, and in the middle of the night she came into my room and got in bed with me, like we'd been doing it all along. She pulled up close to me and said she would miss me, that she was glad I had been a good brother (not sure what that means) and she would miss coming to visit me. I said, it's been a long time and she didn't say much but we started messing around and pretty soon we're right back at it, except this time she's much more sure of herself, and so am I. I assume she wasn't a virgin anymore by this point, and neither was I. So, I go down on her and she's bucking like crazy, cums then pushes me onto my back and wow, goes down on me. Fantastic blow job. To this day one of the best I ever had. I tried to fuck her one last time but she just said she couldn't do that with me. Oh well, she sucked me off, swallowed it all, and went back to her room.
We layed there for a while, just cuddling, until C demanded to know why I was still dressed. A said that is was a good question, and started chanting Undress! Undress! Undress! C joined in, and even the cats looked at me funny. I gave in, but before I started to strip I excused myself to the bathroom. God Herself couldn't get me hard when I'm rolling so I always keep Viagras around for play time. I took half, about 50mg, and freshened up a bit. When I came back out they were spooning on the couch, with C running her hands and fingers all over her mother's body. Before I knew it I was stripping for them. They were watching me undress, cheering me on, I took my time with it. A gasped whenever I showed her a glimpse of my thick cock and with each gasp C's hands moved closed to her mother's pussy. Eventually the V started to work its magic, and I took off my boxers. Standing there completely naked, with my girlfriend and her mom looking at my thick hard erection with pure lust in their eyes as I was slowly stroking it into their faces, I have to admit, that was pretty empowering.

A reached for it first, but I slapped her on the fingers and said "Don't get greedy, there's enough Dadddy for both of my girls"

We fucked for 2 hours, with everybody enjoying everyone and everything, and we ended with them 69ing each other. I was fucking A hard on all fours, when C scooted under us and licked her mother's pussy while cupping my balls with free hand.

"cuminside" Grunting. Moaning. The sound of a wet pussy getting fucked in a hard and steady rhythm.

"Cum inside!" I looked down.
Big up man.. Really Enjoyed. :)
C was looking up straight at me, gave my balls a short squeeze and said "I want you to cum inside her". I managed another handful of strokes before I exploded and shot what felt like a gallon of creamy cum in A's pussy while C watched in utter bliss. Panting and gasping I pulled out, and watched as C ate the creampie I just served her mother right out of her pussy.

We collapsed onto each other, exhausted, but very satisfied. We cleaned ourselves up and just cuddled on the couch in silence, a joint passing between us as we all slowly realized what just happened. I was about to say something when A got up, and with a short "gnight" she went to her room. C was pretty much asleep already, so I picked her up and carried her over to our bed. Exhasusted, and scared of the future, I crashed next to C.

The next morning I woke up and found both of them sitting at the table having breakfast like yesterday never happened. I must've looked like an idiot just staring at them with my mouth open, because A set me down on a chair, handed me a cup of coffee and said. What happened happened, it was a one in a life time experience, and I thank you both for sharing this with me, but this will never happen again.

We all agreed on it, and after getting her stuff she gave both of us a hug and a kiss, and drove back to her place.

Our relationship is pretty normal now, I guess. Every few months we see each other, and we act as if this all happened to somebody else, and it's frustrating as fuck because there's so much sexual tension between the three of us, Ugh. Both my girlfriend and I feel it, and we're sure before too long she'll want to see how Daddy is doing

Fucking Epic
>>554533946 yea man continue
I want the hear about getting caught.
>be me
>Cousin 13.
>Told to look after cousin while her parents are gone for the night.
>She goes to take a shower, ill say i cant let her do it alone cause drowning.
>She undress and jumps in, ask me to wash her.
>Rub her all over, rock hard already.
>Start to go further and further down her stomach.
>Finally reach her small opening, and brush it lightly.
>She looks funny at me, and leans over for a kiss.
>I french her and go full on her slit.
>Unzips my pants and starts to jerk.
>She grabs and my beta dick cums in 10 sec.
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41 KB, 500x375
10/10. Me and my now iron dick appreciate it.
File: 1400812646708.jpg (51 KB, 500x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1402066231167.jpg (12 KB, 209x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (46 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lets get this over with, and quick

>be 16
>go on vacation at aunts
>hot female cousin
>im free, they still have school
>she fakes being sick to skip an exam to prepare more
>family goes to beach
>stay at the house, dont want to come
>everyone but me and her are at the beach
>we are alone in the house
>sleep downstairs on the couch
>wake up after a while
>see cousin infront of the tv in her underwear
>jack off quietly, dont want her to know im awake
>doesnt work
>she hears me
>looks back
>says im really weird
>asks to see my dick or else she will tell
>show dick
>grabs my dick
>says she wants to jerk off a guy once
>she finishes me
>cum all over her hands
>she licks some of it from her hand to know what its tastes like
>get disgusted MYSELF from what happened
>dont speak so much to her during my stay
>see sister in bedroom
>she see me dick
>i fap while she watch
>come over floor
>she say nice

File: Set 002.jpg (1 MB, 2448x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 002.jpg
1 MB, 2448x1836
Source on that gif?
Sorry, am I missing something? Did OP post a story in a previous thread? I couldn't find anything meaningful on 4archive.
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 264x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeh I'm enjoying it tbh
It was sarcasm
you tell me

ive been looking for the source too

i always post it hoping someone might know
Yes please.
http://www.yourlust.com/videos/drilled-hard-fast.html enjoy
xhamster com/movies/3166940 / sweet_girl_gets_a_lollipop_and_a_bit_more.html
I fucking found it
File: 1401634616492.jpg (352 KB, 908x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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there was this one other time

>cousin was about 17
>we were invited to this guys party, think he was around 16
>cousin wasn't feeling too well that day and was pretty drunk
>later asked if she could lie down, and so the guy let her take a nap in his room
>i knew that the guy had a HUGE crush on her, but she didn't
>he also had a foot fetish, and my cousin had like 10/10 feet
>while everyone else was in the backyard for BBQ, i snuck inside and went upstairs to check on her
>door was closed, but I quietly opened it a crack
>found her out cold on the bed, and the guy was licking her feet
>i watched him lick and suck her toes for like 20 minutes
>didn't say anything cause i'm a footfag too, and it was pretty hot
>at one point he also pulled down her panties, licked his finger, and started fingering her ass
>also pulled out his dick and prodded her pussy with the tip, but i didn't see him stick it in
>went back downstairs, and he didn't come out until like an hour later
>assumed he played with her the entire time
>had to drive my sleeping cousin home after the party, never told her a thing lol
>think the guy kept her socks too

just how

captcha: imbecile dippolv
File: Set 003.jpg (2 MB, 2448x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 003.jpg
2 MB, 2448x1836
right click the image and press search google
File: 52089292.jpg (107 KB, 500x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 500x392
File: Set 004.jpg (2 MB, 2448x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 004.jpg
2 MB, 2448x1836
>i leave room
>clean me dick
>go bed to sleep

File: Set 005.jpg (2 MB, 2612x1959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 005.jpg
2 MB, 2612x1959
What a fag
Tell us of the first time you had sex anon.
You. You should have joined in, you queer.
Holy shit I reverse image searched this and all I got was a ton of gore photos...
Where do you live that you got caught a few times fucking your cousins, both male and female, and it didn't completely destroy your family?
That is glorious
File: Set 006.jpg (1 MB, 2148x1742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 006.jpg
1 MB, 2148x1742
File: 1404339305039.png (234 KB, 1340x2200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 1340x2200
heres the whole story for those who want to save it
File: Set 007.jpg (1 MB, 2448x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 007.jpg
1 MB, 2448x1836
File: spodermen.jpg (12 KB, 262x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 262x193
Goddamn it man, just post the whole fucking story already.
>have older sister
>be a teenager
>fap a lot because teenager with computer in my room
>no lock on door
>sister walks in a lot without knocking
>catches me fapping so much that it's not even awkward anymore
>we start discussing porn with each other more
>start sharing sites with each other, and videos
>start watching videos together, masturbating separately
>eventually start masturbating in the same room
>mutual masturbation happens
>sister graduates highschool, goes to community college and stays at home
>sophomore in highschool, first blowjob is from my older sister
File: 1403017996814.jpg (177 KB, 1503x1047) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 1503x1047
9/10 story anon I hope you guys have a fling someday down the road.
if you were the guy, would you have done the same to her?
File: image.jpg (15 KB, 339x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 339x247
were the consequential blowjobs not from your sister better ?
File: MattressSize.jpg (94 KB, 650x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 650x278
>Me 12, cousin 13
>shes pretty thick for a 13 yr/old
>huge tits, round jiggly booty
>we never got along
>parents and aunts had totally enough of us bickering
>father convinces everyone to make us camp about a half-mile into the woods or so behind our house for a day
>we take out supplies
>set up tent
>more yelling at each other (surprised we even got the tent up at sundown)
>only one sleeping bag
>i get inside quickly while she gets water
>she comes back
>squeeze into the bag, which was about half as wide as a small twin-sized mattress
>cock right in the middle of her soft butt
>get rock hard, so hard it hurts
>never been this hard before
>she wiggles and squirms, no way she doesn't notice my cock
>backs into it
>precum in about 15 seconds, while i was trying fiercely to hold it back
>she pulls down her pants
>i gasp
>she says "s-sorry its really hot in here. you dont mind do you?"
>she never used such a nice tone towards me
>"uhh, its cool"
>she has to get out of the bag to take them off
>it was too dark to see her undress
>shes totally naked when she gets back in the bag
>apparently she took off her tops too
>she says
"aren't you hot?"
>i'm roasting
"yeah.. sorta"
>end up taking off clothes
>slide in the bag, my cock glides down right between her soft cheeks
>cock still hurts from being so hard
>she puts my cock between her legs, its wet
>she turns around, puts her arms around my neck
>slide in and out, mega wet and hot
>best feeling ever
>i cum inside her, but don't say anything
>shes still on my cock after i came
>it feels amazing, then starts to hurt from cumming so hard
>i moan and grunt
>suddenly i feel hot liquid run down my leg
>she stops, leaves my cock in her for a good 10 secs
>she gets off
>im only about 15% hard now
>she tightens her arms around my neck, and her boobs against me
>i put my arms around her
>we fall asleep like this

and we've been cool ever since.
File: 1384388071563.jpg (28 KB, 357x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Go on....
so you came in like 10 seconds of entering her pussy. jesus
And that's the first story I've ever posted. I thought it was pretty ok, whad you guys think?
File: 1385773441585.jpg (40 KB, 393x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
loved it, just be a little more descriptive with the naughty bits
anything else happen between you two?
this. i couldnt finish my fap because it wasn't long enough.
fuck me OP, great story

someone archive this thread.
i don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but...
File: uydswes54w.png (2 MB, 1088x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1088x1920
>be 16 virgin
>3am fapping with sister in other room
>shes always been a really deep sleeper, even sleep walks and shit
>get seriously horny
>sneak into her room to see if shes sleeping
>she is
>look at her young breasts in her shirt
>quietly walk over
>slowly remove blankets
>lightly touch her to see if she responds
>start feeling her breasts while fapping
>move down to her pussy
>start rubbing
>bend down and kiss her
>stirs a little and turns over
>goes back to snoring
>wait a little while then start feeling her ass
>move down a little and start rubbing her pussy through her pajama pants
>first time feeling a pussy
>rubbing dick on her pussy outside her clothes
>shes snoring alot but dont want to actually fuck my sister
>slowly open her mouth
>insert dick
>hear mom cough in the other room
>get scared and fuck off back to the living room
>mom comes out a little bit later to get a drink of water
>mfw she almost caught me molesting my sister
>mfw i have no face

no one ever knew about it except me. now we're older and shes a lesbian with a hot girlfriend
she gave me her broken phone. she forgot to take out the memory card and i found some fucking hot pics of her and her gf
moarrrr pics of that memory card
>she forgot to take out the memory card and i found some fucking hot pics of her and her gf
Post those pics. I assume your pic of vagoo is her?
File: uBWJpq3.gif (2 MB, 400x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x182
I want this race traitor and all other race traitors to be tortured and murdered
yeah i have. but ive found that the less foreplay the longer i can last. from the details in this it seems like they were nakes for like 15 seconds he puts it in she maybe moves on it a few times and he just explodes in her. kinda weak man.
shut the fuck up idiot, wanking to underwear catalogues does not count

probably the guys first time and with a relative too
lol virgin detected. atuomatic response is no ones ever had sex lol. good luck with internet porn for the rest of your life.
>>sister walks in a lot without knocking
>>catches me fapping so much that it's not even awkward anymore
my sides...
Already fapped to it, nice anon
>>be 16 virgin
>>3am fapping with sister in other room
>>shes always been a really deep sleeper, even sleep walks and shit
>>get seriously horny
>>sneak into her room to see if shes sleeping
>>she is
>>look at her young breasts in her shirt
>>quietly walk over
>>slowly remove blankets
>>lightly touch her to see if she responds
>>start feeling her breasts while fapping
>>move down to her pussy
>>start rubbing
>>bend down and kiss her
>>stirs a little and turns over
>>goes back to snoring
>>wait a little while then start feeling her ass
>>move down a little and start rubbing her pussy through her pajama pants
>>first time feeling a pussy
>>rubbing dick on her pussy outside her clothes
>>shes snoring alot but dont want to actually fuck my sister
>>slowly open her mouth
>>insert dick
>>hear mom cough in the other room
>>get scared and fuck off back to the living room
>>mom comes out a little bit later to get a drink of water
>>mfw she almost caught me molesting my sister
>>mfw i have no face
>no one ever knew about it except me. now we're older and shes a lesbian with a hot girlfriend
>she gave me her broken phone. she forgot to take out the memory card and i found some fucking hot pics of her and her gf
i would do anything to be able to do this to a certain girl. except i'd probably keep her there to play with until morning ;)
Need some advice here. My step-sister is 16, I'm 17. I had noticed some sexual tension between us. Touched her ass/boobs a couple times with the excuse that we were "playing". Next time she comes home and we are alone I'm thinking of kissing or trying to fuck her. We are both virgins. What do /b/?
hahahaha why isnt this getting the admiration it deserves

fuck that was good
Why would you even delete your previous post? It's just a vagoo pic. Not like there's anything identifying in it. 4chan strips EXIF data from all uploads.
>I thought it was pretty ok, whad you guys think?
I thought it was pretty ok too.
You're a pretty ok guy, anon.
File: oc_1.webm (3 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
> be 2010
> be 25
> sister S. be 23
> be at party in trashy house, do molly, smoke weed, dance
> bump, grind, sweat, touch, kiss, it's basically a dance orgy
> notice buddy leading S. to room, good for them
> 10 mins later he comes back out, motions me over
> "S. is inside, go in there and don't say a fucking word, i'll make sure you won't get disturbed"
> be like wtf ok, go inside
> find S. naked and blindfolded on a mattress, wrists tied to ankles with duct tape
> door gets locked behind me, S. looks in my general direction, "i want to get fucked by you, now"
> instantboner.jpg
> keep mouth shut, get naked, place cock on her lips
> i need proof of that, grab shitty cell phone, take photo
> she rolls pretty hard, begs me to stop teasing and fuck her already
> push her onto her back
> this is it
> record short clip as i switch from her mouth to her willing pussy
> slowly pump in and out, tight, wet, warm, feelsogood, wont last long like this
> flip her over, dat ass, photo
> i get rough, pull her hair, slap her perfect round ass, she gets off on it
> my hand is around her throat as i finish inside her, grunting like an animal
> realize i just fucked my sister, holy shit, im so fucked, we are fucked, fuck
> quickly grab my shit, get dressed, pound against the locked door
> buddy opens, grins, enters room and closes the door
> party still going, nobody seems to have missed me, can i get away with this?
> turn around, sock on the door knob, im getting away with this
> years later sis still doesnt know
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
>dont want to actually fuck my sister
are you more into men?
File: Imag0006.jpg (170 KB, 1144x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 1144x860

nope. no gag reflex = my sister can't be beat
File: Imag0007.jpg (145 KB, 1144x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 1144x860
all of this are lies
you are my hero
sounds like fiction. why would your mates invite you to fuck your sister?
I jacked off my dad once.
File: yeah right.jpg (117 KB, 650x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
does she still into it or have you went separate ways ?

yup, we still have fun. usually not if we're seeing someone, but sometimes that doesn't stop us.

there's nothing romantic about it, we're basically just siblings with benefits
File: s78.jpg (37 KB, 398x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel free to prove your claim, i have pictures to back it up

thank you, thank you, ill be here all week

hes one of my best buddies and was dating my sister back then. he knew i would fuck her given the chance, and he gave me that chance

i posted it before, finally got around to adding more details
Your ID changed. What happened?
File: s63.jpg (156 KB, 764x1218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 764x1218
wouldnt you like to know
File: 1398433435337.png (215 KB, 1108x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 1108x1600
and then /a/utists have the gall to force us out of our imouto threads since its blogging and should go for boards intended for it. well excuse me but i dont enjoy made up stories
File: Candlejack.jpg (6 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 259x194
I wasnt sure /b/ was ready but this happened 11 yrs ago so here goes
>be 16 yr old me
>have 23 yr old aunt
>aunt is smoking hot 9/10
>we fucked all the time
>one time aunt is riding my reverse cowgirl on the couch
>aunt is giving it her all like this was the last dick she was gunna get
>uncle come home early from work
>walk 60km home
>moms like wtf anon you disgusting faggot
>ships me off to aunt and uncles
>walk the dinosaur
>the e
File: 1385217285773.jpg (30 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 500x281
>there's nothing romantic about it, we're basically just siblings with benefits
that kills my heart boner
whats so attractive about fucking you sister? was it simply because you wanted to try something new?

well, it can get kinda "romantic", as we cuddle and make out and all that, but i just meant there's no "let's be in a relationship and run away and get married" aspect to it

(had to restart computer, probably have a new ID)
sometimes, when I hug my imouto, I can't help getting a boner from smell of her hair or the feeling of her chest on mine.

I know I'm deluding myself thinking it's just normal, but I'd rather not think bout it too much.

>Be 15
>Have 16 year old cousin who went from bean pole to OMFG 10/10
>4th of July
>With family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc) out camping
>Parents/Aunts/Uncles went to bar
>Other cousins decide to hit up the huge 4th party in the park of camp ground
>Couple older cousins take all the kids
>Myself and 10/10 cousin stay behind to watch movies in the camper. Lock door b/c kids were being annoying
>We drink
>I'm heavily buzzed/She's flat out drunk
>She puts her bare feet/legs in my lap so she can sprawl out
>I start rubbing her legs, commenting on the smoothness
>She was in a dress that was short
>Lay next to her side by side on couch
>Still rubbing legs, but moving further up
>She moans softly
>We look into each others eyes
>Start kissing
>Hand up the dress,
>Fondle her tits
>Pulls me on top of her
>She lifts up her dress, MFW NO BRA
>I start sucking on them
>Her hand goes down my pants
>Gently stroking my cock
>I have a hard time stifling moans.
>She removes her hand and I start grinding against her
>She grinds back
>Whispers "I want you" into my ear
>Off go the panties and dress, off go my clothes
>Has C tits, trimmed neatly pussy that is glistening
>More grinding continues
>She nibbles on my ear and then breathes "Oh god, I want you inside me"
>Pull back for a second (This is my cousin afterall) Ask her if she's sure.
>She pulls me into a kiss and I start pushing the head into her tight slit gently (From what I knew, she was still a virgin)
>Tells me to shove it all the way in
>She's so wet, it slides in easily
>Thrust deeply while sucking on her tits
>When I'm about ready to cum, she wraps her legs around my waist
>I thrust completely to the hilt
>Cum inside her with the force of 1000G's

>Fuck a few more times those couple of hours
>Then she passed out after I helped her put her clothes on..
>Next morning, doesn't remember
>MFW: She got pregnant from me and doesn't know its me.
File: s56.jpg (55 KB, 321x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 321x1107
ive read my first incest stories on the interwebs when i was 10ish, the first time i masturbated i thought of her
she has the kind of body type i find hot, especially her ass always did it for me. family vacations at the beach were the worst when she she was older, dat ass in a bikini, unf
> dat ass in a bikini, unf

I know that feel, anon. I know that feel. Gotta love big sisters with big booties
is there something that can be more romantic then that ? you are both enjoying your selves. with relationship comes restraints and responsibility to act in a certain way to not offend your partner. i think its perfect for you.

It is pretty fuckin' perfect. And now I'm horny, but she's out of town :(
do you think she actually knew you were fucking her? that blindfold doesnt look like its firmly pressed against her eyes.
>be 16
>go to canada with fam
>dad has 3 brothers there
>stay with my younger cousins who have no computer, good cable, or games
>my dad's other brother lives near by with a cousin my age
>go to his house and sleep over there
>his cousin comes over too, 17 year old girl
>we are distantly related i guess
>go to the bathroom
>shes in there taking a shower
>immediately close door, but i got a good look
>my cousin gets a call from his friends and leaves us
>aunt and uncle are over with my dad
>decide to chill on computer
>cousin's cousin starts yelling asking for a towel
>told her no one but me is home
>she bugs out, tells me to bring her a towel without looking
>i bring her a random one i find
>i look
>she pushes me away
>awkward as fuck right now
>she cant go home because aunt isnt there to give her a ride
>she her drinking uncle's booze
>i ignore her and chill on the computer
>she comes over to me and starts making out
>stops and lays down
>she is in her underwear
>take off her bra
>jack off
>take a shitty flipphone picture of her
>go back to other uncles house
>fap for months to that shitty pic
Man i wish i still had that pic
File: s23.jpg (43 KB, 211x925) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 211x925
the blindfold moved up abit when i pushed her onto her back, but her eyes were still covered. i flipped her on her knees shortly after, im sure she didnt see or recognize me

i laughed like hell auehaehuaehuea
Do you think she could tell the difference in dicks when the other bro went back to her?
File: s16.jpg (51 KB, 429x661) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 429x661
obviously, but she doesnt know who fucked her, so eh.
bumpin cause i don't want this to die
File: 1404352412925.gif (306 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 267x200
You fucked that old bitch right and hard >:D
Unless someone else starts greentexting, not much reason to bump any further.
I remember pretending that my lap was a boat with one of my cousins and I'd rock back and forth until I came, shit was cash.
i have a story. its not great and pretty sure a fedora wrote it but its not bad. posting in a minute.
>be me 16
>have cousin 15
>see cousin all the time because she lives just down the street from me
>me and cousin are pretty close
>hang out one on one all the time
>parents go for a night out. Hers go with mine
>Gunna be at the house alone with her my two brothers and one sister pretty much all night
>hate brothers and sister so they never ask to hang out with me and cousin
>watching a movie in room
>Cousin grabs my laptop and starts browsing internets
>hey anon have you ever looked up porn before?
>n-no why would i do that
>i do its cool
>well i guess i have but i dont wanna talk about it
>i watch it all the time.
>h-have you ever actually done anything with a guy?
>nope never sometimes i wonder what it would be like but then people tell me im too young
>well i know kids our age doing it anyway
>really anon? have you ever done it?
>no but i really want to i think it would be awesome
>well have you ever thought about doing it with me anon?
>you're my cousin that wouldnt be right
>so were not that closely related. plus my mom put me on the pill
>no way she did?
>yeah ive been on it since i had my periods they are really ban unless im on it
>well i dont know i still dont think its right
>cousin puts her hand on my thigh and rolls over and looks me straight in the face
>are you sure anon?
>i mean....why me
>because i think you're reeeeeeeeally cute
>well let me think about it while the movie finishes okay?
>okay anon!
>she rolls back over and grabs the laptop again
>next thing i hear are moans and shes watching intently
>get this feeling in my gut
>dick gets hard as steel
>i look over at the laptop screen
>she catches me and says AHA! i knew you wanted to!
>okay maybe i do want to, but you're still my cousin
>i dont care i just want to do it.
>well okay fine
>goes and locks door makes sure no ones in the hall outside my room
>i get back in my bed and she already has her hand down her pants
>start taking my pants off and she says
>take my pants and panties off for me? one at a time in the sexiest voice ive ever heard
>drop my pants and then go over to her waistline
>undo button and zipper. get infront of her and slowly start pulling pants off
>my hands are shaking like twigs in hurricane force winds
>she grabs my hands and says "dont worry i want this dont be so nervous"
>gets her pants to her knees then look straight ahead and she has VS laced panties on
>she reached down and runs her fingers through my hair
>she says "now take off my panties"
she starts removing her shirt to reveal her perfect C cup tits
>holy fuck no bra why didnt i notice
>she says keep going because i froze when she took her shirt off
>start slowly taking her panties off and shes clean shaven and i dont even feel stubble when i go to rub her pussy
>shes completly naked now and she takes off my shirt
>take off my boxers
>she says eat me baby
>go down on her
>about 5 minutes later she grabs me by the back of the head and whispers please dont stop
>she cums so hard i almost get my head crushed
>says now its your turn

anyone reading?

Anyone have those pictures with the heavy british accents?
>> decide to go ham
>> start finge-

http://goo gl/j18y4x

14th May, titled Cousin Down the Street
>puts me up against the back of my bed and starts stroking my dick hard as diamonds
>licks the tip ever so gently
>she looks up and says "you like that anon?"
>she kisses the tip then starts sucking
>goes only halfway at first but holy fuck shes a pro at this
>ask if shes ever given head before
>no but i watch it in porn all the time and it looks easy
>she winks at me then DEEPTHROATS LIKE A GODESS
>as she comes back up i cum in her mouth
>she sucks the rest of the cum out of my dick until theres nothing left
>she keeps it in her mouth shows it to me then swallows the whole load
>she looks at me and asks if i need a few minutes
>looks at the clock parents wont be back for another 4 hours atleast
>yeah i dont think i can keep going without a small rest
>she gets right up next to me and starts cuddling me while the next movie starts
>about 20 minutes pass and shes half asleep next to me
>feel dick start to regain strength
>grab her tit "hey are you awake?"
>she rolls back over and says in that sexy voice
>ready for round 2?
>she starts to suck my dick again
>regain diamond strength boner
>she comes up and kisses me on the cheek then straddles me
>arent you supposed to lay back?
>i saw this in a porn video too dont worry you'll like it
>grabs dick and inserts it into her vagoo
>holyfuck its like a river in here
>she starts bobbing a little bit slowly
>holyshit dick feels amazing
>shes letting out little moans and shes tight as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
>do that for about 3 minutes
>she stops and asks if i can do the rest of the work
File: ++.jpg (85 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 900x675
i have that archive too lol. guy is super good at updating that shit. If anyone wants to read the rest might as well go to the google doc.
>guy is super good
I'm the guy in question, actually. Been getting a little slack lately. I need to add titles and chapter headings to stories for the last two weeks. At the moment I'm mainly in copy-paste mode between other things. I managed to get about a week's worth of stories done earlier this week, but yeah, still two weeks of stories that need editing.
>I'm the guy in question,
I'm still unable to load the 6/28 one
no download option either
That shirt! If that's not from the 90s I don't know what she thinks she's doing.
>alerts him that friend is a shower shitter
my fucking sides
you are my hero man. im actually the fedora that posted the story xD. little embarrased of it because of the thread i started and all the negativity i ended up getting before the thread 404'd lol. so decided id say a fedora wrote it haha
I made a copy of the file, see if it works that way. Filename:
>Copy of 2014-06-28
File: Image.png (812 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
812 KB, 800x600
You probably get a different view than visitors.
I only see image icons with titles to click on.
No image icon with title "Copy of 2014-06-28"
File: Story Archive.jpg (222 KB, 1264x1043) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Story Archive.jpg
222 KB, 1264x1043
pic related
same problem here
>You probably get a different view than visitors.
I was testing with a different browser, not logged in, but you make a good point still. I used a proxy and it seems 21st and 24th June are also not working. Same thing happening with you?
>be right now
>fapping to thread
>cousin is staying over the week
>huge crush on her
>she's always been really touchy with me mostly hugs and kisses on the cheek
>mom has flat tire and dad goes to the rescue with sister
>left alone with cousin
>we're in my room watching movie on laptop and talking
>I comment on movie chick's boobs say they're nice and laugh
>she calls me a perv and starts critisizing saying they're not that great and that hers are bigger
>I say yeah you wish
>she pauses movie on scene with chick and says "look at hers and look at mine"
>I stare for what felt like hours she's has big tits btw
>I'm as hard as can be
>she notices my dick (I'm wearing pajamas)
>a look in her eyes I've never seen before
>"want to touch them?"
>uhh sure
>I squeeze and feel all over
>she reaches for my dick and grabs it outside of pajamas
>hear doors slam shut
>she rushes back to my sister's room and gives me the sexiest smile with that look in her eyes before closing the door
>I fap and cum dumster truck loads

I still cannot believe what just happened. /b/, tomorrow is a new day and who knows what more will happen. I will report if anything does. Loving life right now.
>I used a proxy and it seems 21st and 24th June are also not working.
Don't know. I'm still trying to get the 28th!
I did click on a couple of others to check my connection/browser.
They worked fine.
Here we go

>be me

make a thread if you do omg id love to hear about it
File: notgreentext.png (25 KB, 1164x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 1164x212
Hopefully I'll be around tomorrow if/when you post. You've got potential
File: carnage-spiderman.jpg (246 KB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246 KB, 1500x1000
>go to a brothel
>get a choice between this cute asian chick and a redhead with an ass halfway down her thighs and scars all over her arms
>go with the asian
>kind of an underwhelming experience
>few months later
>bro says to me "do you remember our half sister anonnette"
>"i found her on facebook"
>he makes a date for us all to meet up
>mfw it was the asian hooker
she gonna rape you unless you
fuck her. right in the pussy.
inb4 bellair dinosaurs and other things
I downloaded the three files as a ZIP, re-uploading the ZIP and the three separate documents to "temp folder." Please do me a favour and check all four files?

(three docs plus ZIP)

honestly don't remember the first time I had sex with B. I live in the states, got caught many times with B. Our moms were furious and we were given many stern lectures but never any real punishment, so we would keep at it. Only other cousin I'd get caught with was my female cousin of the other half of my family. Dad thought it was hilarious and proved my heterosexuality, my aunt was pissed but did nothing. I can tell stories about that if anyone wants

but a typical romp with B would go something like
>playing "pretend"
>"pretend your a cat"
>she would crawl around on the furniture, I'd pet and stroke her
>"so cats don't wear clothing"
>she agreed and would take off her clothes
>easy as that, proceed to rub, lick and do fun things like that
>B and my other cousin, A, always looked up to me, thought the sun shone out my rear and generally did what I suggested, leading to many fun incestuous adventures
>it was actually amazing learning about sex this way, I don't see why it's so frowned upon
>sex play is healthy and more kiss-less virgins could benefit from it

Can expand on these stories if anyone wants / is still interested (I left this thread for a few hours)
don't work
File: Spoderman.gif (56 KB, 1803x1887) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 1803x1887
Did sumwon sae spoderman?
The south
Not even the ZIP file?
>Please do me a favour and check all four files?
The zip file opened and I was able to download it.
The Copy...odt files all fail to open but I can download them.
I just realized I could have downloaded the 6-28 all along - I just hadn't noticed the down-arrow
wich anime is that?
>I did some play with my cousin when I was 13.
>She was a little under 3 years younger than me.
>Aunt found out.
>Hates my mom
>Get interrogated for 3 hours by police
>cue constant nervous laughter
>shit load of charges
>scared kid, no money
>take plea deal
>Therapist has to give 3 options
>therapist says I'm not weird and should go back to my mom or foster care.
>Third option is a treatment center
>Judge fucking hates me
>sentenced to treatment center and maximum of 10 years probation.
>Any violation straight to kiddy prison then to prison for rest of probation
>seriously contemplate suicide
>Judge can only give 5 years probation since I'm not going to a kiddy prison.
>barely any better
>Spend years with a probation officer who constantly calls me a pedophile.
>To my face and other people
>Hates me
>blah blah blah

>Be me
>Be 21
>Be sex offender
>Be about to cry right now thinking about it
don't leave it that fee gawds sake.
Viewing from a cleared cache, the most recent files from 21st June seem unviewable externally. Strange, because I can view and edit them just fine when logged in. I suspect it may be an issue with the _TEMPLATE file being transmitted to the newer files, so I recreated it. Will copy-paste the full contents of the three files into new files based on the new _TEMPLATE file and see how it works.
Hmm... I'm seeing several viewers even on the files that are having problems. Not sure what to make of it.
http://goo gl/j18y4x

14th May, titled Cousin Down the Street
I'm so sorry.
I've been so lucky in my misadventures that I never think about how bad it could've been.

And It frustrates me to no end that shit like this goes down when I'm sure you and your cousin were just having fun
I know none of this helps, but I'm still sorry that shit happened to you
Can anyone else please tell us if they're able to view the file archives for 21st, 24th and 28th June, and 1st July?
Right, this doesn't seem to be working, and searching Google Help is useless so far.
if it doesn't view try downloading the PDFs
You're not fucked up, you just made a mistake. Feel better dude.

Where do you live?
The problem doesn't seem to be with any of the older files, only with the ones from 21st/24th/28th June and 1st July.
View, then save as/export the fucker
kokoro connect.
Okay... so it seems it's just the preview that's not working... If I click on the "Open" link at top then the file opens up just fine. I suspect it's a matter of Google not indexing the files properly or something.
File: br2.jpg (166 KB, 1144x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1144x860
how would anon contact you outside of /b/?
(hotmail.com) fakebob001
Where's the mom/son?
Its alright anon. I'm happy for you honestly. And its okay. My life has gotten a lot better and certainly could have gone in the shitter. Luckily I was of the opinion that the best thing i could do was game the system and do my best at treatment and get the fuck out, which I did. Not that it wasn't hard. I've been in juvenile 2 or 3 times and jail once since then over false charges and people trying to fuck with me.
But its over now for the most part. Still a registered sex offender, but since it was juvenile I don't show up in the maps. Not that I don't check every once in a while...

In some ways I'm actually rather lucky. The time I went to jail was over my gf at the time. She was in fostercare and her fmother found out about us doing shit. I had just turned 18, shes 10 months younger than me. Anyway, went to jail senior year, got kicked out of school, house arrest for like 2 months I think it was. Finally at court date and my gf goes up to the judge and explains how she had begged, multiple times, that the prosecutor drop the charges and that she loved me and shit. Judge rages and tells me I'm free to leave. Me and gf have now been together for 4 years and engaged and living together for 3. She also intensely loyal and shares pretty much all my (at times) rather depraved fantasies. Also is somewhat okay with threesome.

Anyway, thanks for the support. Its amazing how life can rebound...

Sorry for wall of text btw.
I live on the west coast of the USA. And I do, still get down and depressed about life even though its better. Still have to register yearly and at other times so its worrisome.
Honestly the thing that still gets to me though... I've still never been able to talk to my supposed 'victim' and know once and for all how she really felt about it and whether the cousin I loved really hates me. God that fucking gets to me.
too good to be true
post them faggot
>10 years old
>browsing newgrounds
>check out recent
>watched some video called numa numa
>lets fast forward
>numa numa is popular
>some video on newgrounds of numa numa having sex with satan or whatever
>dont understand why numa numa guy put his pee pee in things
>ask little 7 year old sister if she wants to try it
>please dont tell mom btw its a secret
>start rubbin my dick on her fat ass
>get all sweaty and have to stop
>fast forward a little bit
>cousin michael is over
>sis tells michael about it
>we in basement playing game where we all take turns touching each other gentials
>mfw cousin michael was 23 at the time.
>mfw i caused me and my sister to be molested by michael
Other than that
>age 15
>cousin amber is 14
>one day pillow fight in bed because I had crush on her
>eventually start humping her
We made out a few times and had sex twice before she turned 16. But it's only because she saw my dick during the pillow fight, otherwise we wouldn't of had sex
File: 1301152314267.jpg (45 KB, 727x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 727x540
>> attempted murder, wtf bitch?

im crying
>We made out a few times and had sex twice before she turned 16.
Keep going...

i'd agree with you if it wasn't my life

also it didn't happen overnight, this was over the span of a couple years
crazy close call! glad that story ended well

under what circumstances did you guys get caught? If it was consensual I really doubt she hates you, if she was ten at the time she must have been really confused and powerless to do much against your aunt (who sounds like a bitch)
If you don't mind and want to please, tell us what you two did the night you were caught
Well ok here ya go
>one day we both spent the night at my grandmas
>she remembered the pillow fight day
>asked me why i had a bump in my pants
>explain that shit
>show her
>we both get naked and she laid on her back
>i got between her legs and started to put my dick in her
Ok before we go on let me explain. I was about 5'9"
She is about 4'10". She is petite and tiny.
>start to do it for about 15 seconds
>dont want it anymore and get off of her.
Few months later...
>she wants to try it again
>ive watched more porn so i got this bitch
>tell her to bend over
>pull own her pants and panties
>blood everywhere
>she says dont worry about it do it any way
>tell her i got a better idea
>stick my dick up her ass
>she starts screaming
>grandma comes down stairs
>sees us semi nude
>shunned by all my family memebers
>its been 10 years
>havent talked to mom grandma sis or dad ever since.
It could've been better right anon?
fuck you and your fake shit. this is absolutely fucking disgusting
have any pics?
Anyone have the story about the girl who gives her brother a handjob because he injured his hands?
Go to bed Zach.
I'm sorry for your loss i send my condolences /b/rother <3 =)
God are you some dumb shit smelling redneck?
That didn't work.
You sound mad.
File: index.jpg (8 KB, 190x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 190x266
I was just curious if you're trying to justify marrying you're fucking sister. No wonder areas such as the south are full with inbreed niggers. Sorry the rest of us have to have normal lives.
To preface, We weren't actually caught in the act. I found out the morning after when I was summoned to my grandmothers room and was stared down by my Grandmother, Aunt, and Mother. Anyway... On to the sexy part.

Or should we do this in a new thread since this one will 404 soon and I'm shit at greentexting. Literally done it like 4 times since I'm a lurkfag
File: giphy.gif (788 KB, 440x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
788 KB, 440x278
>being so new you dont know that its called wincest
File: 1404324837336.jpg (44 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 720x540
Nothing really happened but hot damn I've never been teased so hard in my life.

>towards the end of winter last year
>just turned 20
>have this girl cousin who apparently sucks at math and is failing out of algebra
>I'm still on break so my aunt/uncle insist I help her since they're too busy and I'm an engineering student so lots of math
>girl cousin in question is 14, well call her Ashley, and she has this older sister who is 17, Katie
>their house is like a 2 hour drive from my place so aunt/uncle let me just stay there instead of driving there and home everyday
>Always loved these girls as sisters even though Katie became a moody bitch when she turned 16
>Ashley in that awkward transition period between childhood innocence and teenage hormones but still pleasant to be around
>I get there and apparently I signed up as a babysitter too since my aunt and uncle decided they wanted to go up north for a few days on vacation
>first couple days are tame, girls go to school then come back, Katie goes out and I try to tutor a girl who doesn't understand fractions entirely
>weekend comes and things get interesting
>Ashley is a short, thin girl with an oddly thick lower half, her sister is more top heavy, Ashley is brunette while Katie is blonde
>Ash is getting very affectionate always hanging on me, sitting on my lap, cuddling when we watch something
>this never happened before so I find it odd and ask Katie what's up
>she thinks you're cute, was all I could get before she glued her eyes back to her phone
>Friday night Ash comes to me claiming she's bored and asks if we can watch a movie
>I swear she knows my fetishes somehow because she was wearing these nearly nonexistent shorts and thigh high socks
>she decides she wants to watch a horror movie
>I lie down on the couch and she sits right on my dick
>she giggles and I now concentrate more on keeping my dick under control than I do on the movie
>she jumps at everything, each jump resetting my progress on becoming flaccid
Still got 50 posts. If you think you can finish within the next 20 minutes, post here. If not, start a new thread.
Pic related?

Fuck her like fuck. Like, literally demolish her with your dick.
good stuff, moar I say!
Actually, your fucking underage. GTFO

Tumblr is planning to invade tomorrow.
We will be ready with a counter attck.
Please for the love of god post more. I am not lucky enough to have cousins within this age range so i can't have these awesome life experiences. All i have is my 14 year old sister and she is more dense then our sun
File: 1375678130200.gif (691 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691 KB, 600x450
that doesn't sound like a bad hand.. how is your relationship with her?
Okay i guess i mean she always talks to me. I just hate having to listen to her for more then 5 minutes because of how naive she is.
>yfw she still has smaller tits then a 10 year old fat camp boy
>Be me 13
>Mom and me just moved in with aunt and gma
>Be playing Baldurs Gate in my 10 year old cousin's room
>talking and shit with cousin
>Hereafter referred to as R
>Haven't seen her for a few years
>10 years old but almost a b-cup
>seeing R in a new light
>Later that day
>Adults all out of house, shopping or some shit
>laying in bed with R talking and shit
>hard as diamonds cus 13
>slowly let dick begin to peek out of pants
>it gets R's attention
>R doesn't freak out since her autistic brother runs around naked constantly
>Ask if she wants to touch it
>Seems hesitant
>Touch her and rub her should and tell her its okay
>She touches it lightly
Little foggy here as what else happens
>Touch some more and I end up feeling her up over clothes
>Adults arrive
>act like nothing happened
>Cue next day

also still writing this shit up. sorry for immensely faggotty delay
u fukin have a kid with ur cousin omg
well i hope everything turns out alright for u and her
tits are not everything, /b/rother, i am 31, no female relatives other than mother, and mother kicked me out at 17
learn to tune out the bad and listen to the good, use your brain and magic shall happen
File: 1403896102103.jpg (251 KB, 1024x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 1024x771
File: 1404265300180.jpg (100 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 768x1024
Yeah i guess. I just feel she is so dimwitted she would be like "Mom anon showed me his dick"
File: 1404265380830.jpg (214 KB, 1600x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 1600x1064
then try to work it around so she wont say anything, get on her level you nincompoop, if you want to that is, personally i wouldn't mess around with mental disorder chicks, but thats just me, if i had a normal sister i'd definitely try something to see where things went
I was going to tell the story of me getting a hand job in front of my sister in the other thread. Anyone here interested?
File: 1404265444640.jpg (259 KB, 765x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 765x1280
File: 551652653.gif (1009 KB, 540x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009 KB, 540x360
Of course we are you faggot
Oh she isnt like that maybe i didnt make it clear, she just isnt street smart i guess to put it. She hasent seen enough real world for me to trust her to not say anything you dig? I figured when she gets into high school in 2 months would be my safest bet to try something if not on her fine ass friend.
File: 1404265537497.jpg (89 KB, 600x872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 600x872
Well then here it is:
>Be New Years, 15 years old, sister and her friend 14
>At my grandmothers as always on New Years
>Do the normal, watch ball drop, Gram goes to bed
>Sister, friend and I steal Gram's beer
>Goofing around, some one suggests truth or dare
>Boring shit, mostly truth. Ever seem a dick? Ever smoked a cig?
>Drink more and become more open to dares
>All three end up in underwear, then my sister dares friend to take off bra
>Fuck yeah, tits! They were large B's/small C's with nice nipples
>Dares and truths continued, sister and I both fondled and sucked friends boobs
>Finally sis dares friend to touch my dick. Hell yes, first dick touch ever for me.
>Friend pulls it out, Sister goes "What right here?"
>Friend says "Yup" and proceeds to jerk me off
>I don't remember how long I lasted, not very. Blew my load all over her hand and the floor.
>Cleaned up with my tshirt and that was the end of truth or dare
>Friend stayed topless, us in underwear and just watched a movie and went to bed
Let me clarify nothing happened, we had some sexual encounters but not straight up sex
>I sit more upright and she lies down on me burying her face in my chest
>cute as fuck
>after a while she falls asleep like this
>the weight of her on me feels nice and I just let my boner run wild
>I grab a blanket without shifting her too much and cover us up and fall asleep
>I wake up around 3 and she's sitting upright her pussy resting on my erect cock only separated by clothes
>I ask what's going on
>she asks if I think she's attractive
>I say yes she's very pretty
>"no anon, am I sexy?"
>arousal and panic flooded through me since I was not going to fuck my cousin who I had watched grow up
>dick was pulsing between the shifting of emotions
>she kind of smirked and leaned forward
>held her back and calmly tried to let her down without shattering her self esteem
>we have a little back and forth all the while she's grinding my dick making it hard to concentrate
>don't remember how but I told her that when we were alone we could kiss and cuddle and that I would let her watch me masturbate since she's never seen a dick in real life
>she turns on the TV for a bit of light
>she's lying on top of me and we kiss for a while
>she starts complaining that I'm being too awkward about this then grabs my hands and places them on her ass
>my dick is trying to fight through my pants at this point and I know she knows
>and so she grinds my dick while we make out and I fondle her ass for a good while
>I feel the sweet release from my dick since it could only handle so much humping from a horny 14 year old
>she realizes I'm not hard and backs off a bit then just settles back to lying on top of me nestled against my chest
>ignoring the emotional ramifications of the event I just pass out
>next morning she's still as affectionate as ever showing no signs of embarrassment but toning it down in front of her sister
>Katie leaves pretty early merely saying he has plans
> now alone with Ash
I've masturbated with my 9yo niece's used panties. And one time when I was alone with my 5 or 6yo niece and she was asleep I almost molested her, I touched her crotch, with her little shorts on, really quick and then I got scared she might wake up or something and I didn't do anything else. I should have at least kissed her sexy sleeping lips.
i wouldn't even really worry about it, if you're close to her age anyways, but try hanging out with her a bit doing shit she likes, not like trying to invade everything she does, but the at home shit she likes to do, try to join in a bit like watching movies or some shit, get close and see what ahppens

Any more?
File: 1404265627581.jpg (129 KB, 752x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 752x441
>Either later that evening or another day
>I don't fucking remember
>Play with her breasts some more
>practice kissing
>get her out of her clothes
>want to see her pussy
>grudgingly allows
>is embarrassed and nervous
>Have her sit on the edge of the bed
>rub her pussy and breasts
>seems to be enjoying it
>get up and rub head against her wet pussy
>try and stick it in
>way too tight
>can't get cock in at all
>have her lay down all the way
>bend over and rub cock against her pussy
>asks me to stop
>cum like 15 seconds later
>get up clean up
>everything fine
>go back to talking like normal and shit
>either next morning or something like that wake up to >>554581532
Apparently she told her mother (I don't know what exactly) and then my life got fucked
We're nearing bump limit. Now might be a good time to move. Some random anon has created a thread over here:
Good stuff.
That was really it. I got more hand jobs and a blow job out of the friend later on, but no more when my sister was around. My sister would sleep with the door cracked so our cat could go in and out, and in the summer she would sleep topless and I was always awake before her, so I would peek at her tits.
Sorry if its not really fap worthy. It was a long time ago and detailed memories are not my strong suit.
fuck it, random story continuing from this context:

>typical romp with my cousin B
> around 10 (plus or minus two) years old
>we wouldn't give each other much head
>she sucked at it
>I was too horny and immature for that clit-licking shit
> though she really liked it the few times I went down under
>content after a session, I start to wonder and enterprise
>"B, how would you feel if another girl was having fun with us?" (not anything close to actual dialogue as we were actually speaking Spanish, our mother tongue)
>she thinks and pretty quickly replies that she wouldn't mind
>we attempt to reel in the neighbors girl into our games
>S, two years older than me and although more mature, still has fun with me and B
>we bring her over, take her into my room
>I don't remember how the proposition went, but she basically noped out of there as soon as it got a bit sexual
>realize I had always relied on naivete and younger cousins looking up to me, I accept the loss
> me now: reading about fellow anons experiences really fucking grateful my neighbor S didn't say anything to her parents, though she did get a bit weirder around me after that. and not in the estranged way you might expect
>anyway pt. 2
>our cousin, age 8, daughter of our mutual uncle (mexican families are huge, good chances of having cute cousins to have fun with hahaha) happened to be staying with us at the time and so we plotted
>3 of us alone in my room
>parents were drinking themselves into a stupor in the backyard as is the custom in Mexican family gatherings, so it was time to play
>ask cousin C if she's ever wondered what guys look like
>her parents never told her any of this basic human biology shit and she was naturally curious
>well then let's see mine
>all three of us get down on my bed
>B, impatient, starts to undo my shorts as C watches in wonder as my cock is exposed for them to see
>I ask C if she wants to touch and she agrees, tentatively touching the tip
Better be quick, we're hitting bump limit in 5.
File: 1401576131735.jpg (311 KB, 1460x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311 KB, 1460x959
It's all good, too bad she squealed and ruined it

guess i'll continue in new thread
moar ching chang preeze
File: 1397434066620.jpg (13 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 300x300
Incest Stories here

>B gets impatient and starts sucking me off, as if to show C how it's done
>she joins in after watching a bit, but is kind of clumsy and not sure what to do
>i cum as hard as a 10ish year old boy can

other thread doesn't have stories, kinda akward
>other thread doesn't have stories, kinda akward
What you do is you start by reposting your story, then continuing from there.
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