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ITT: We describe our most recent sexual encounter...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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pic NR.jpg
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ITT: We describe our most recent sexual encounter with another human being.

ur age/their age: 25/25
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: last night, approx 21:30
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary
How long: 20 mins
Details: after dinner and a few drinks, chiling on the couch watching south park. I get bored, lay up next to her. kiss her neck, put her hand on my cock


I say let's go to the bedroom. She plays with my cock a bit while play w/ her tits, then fuck her. She always moans alot because mine is the only one to fuck her. Put a condom on so I came in her, but not in her.

what about you /b/ros?

pic unrelated, i just have a facial fetish
who: right hand
when: 30 mins ago
File: 1393934373974.png (291 KB, 395x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB, 395x527
ur age/their age: 23/16
Who: GF
When: Today
Where: couch
Position: cowgirl
How long: 1 hour and 40 min
what's the sauce to OP pic?
51/51 Oldfag here
Extended vibrator on her and then fucking
Last Sunday
In bed
20-25 minutes

Went for a hike, took a shower, she hops in bed naked says "I'm not going to do myself, you know." Get vibrator and lube. Tease her with vibe for a long time. She grabs the D and puts it in. "Oh my god..." Fuck for hard and deep until load blown.

She doesn't always come that hard, but this tme her period started about ten minutes later.
not impressive
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 320x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 320x480
ur age/their age: 19/43
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: last wednesday, approx 22:00
Where: in bed
Position: Doggy
How long: 30 mins
Details: she cooked for me and after some flirting we decided to move into her bedroom. She loves doggy and always wants me to call her mommy and mother. Came all over her ass. She didnt cum this time lulz.
She finished herself with a dildo while I watched.
File: 629_1000.jpg (103 KB, 640x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its on xhamster, just look up facials
ur age/their age: 25/18
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: last Sunday
Where: in bed
Position: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy
How long: 2 hours
Details: I went down on her then licked her butthole. Then she went down on me and jumped on my dick. For the rest, look at positions.
Came on her back.
File: 1391661919566.jpg (24 KB, 268x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 268x311
i came twice.
didnt say it was, what's urs?
ur age/their age: 20/18
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: 5 hours ago
Where: in lounge
Position: Cowgirl
How long: 40 mins
Details: Watching shit tv, he puts her hand on my cock, starts rubbing, eventually gets out my cock once im hard.
Starts sucking till im hard as diamonds, shes wet at this point.
She takes off her bottoms and gets ontop, slides down in one motion. Feels good, rides me for a long while till i bust a nut inside her.
Clean up and go play some Dota while she cooks me dinner.
Feels good
ur age/their age: 18/26
Who: Hooker
What: she sucked my dick
When: Day before the Super bowl, about 1pm
Where: hotel room bed
Position: lying back
How long: 2 hours
Details: Semi-hard for an hour, then i told her to start slapping my nuts around, diamonds ensued. Apparently I produce enough precum for her to think I was cumming. Nutted on her face with the force of a thousand suns and completely covered the left side of her face.

also, pics are appreciated fags
I can only imagine.
ur age/their age: 28/23
Who: 2nd cousin
What: we fucked
When: last night, approx 21:30
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, Vaginal and Anal
How long: 25 mins
Details: Having a few beers in kitchen. just me her and my brother, brothers leaves for 45 minutes. we sat for a few more. i ask lets go room, she follows we fucked. my brother came back when we both we done. three of us drank more not the first time with me and my cousin
ur age/their age: 19/16
Who: GF
What: Made out and fingered her
When: last night, approx 00:00
Where: in my car
How long: 1h
Details: After being with my friends and her, she asked me to ride her home.
As soon as we left she told me she sitll wanted to be with me a bit.
So I parked my car in a lonely place and we made out for a bit. After maybe 15 minutes of that she took of her bra and I had some fun with her tits.
And then she started to grab my boner, so, for the first time, i played with her puss a bit.
And thats it.
I think tonight shit is going down
ur age/their age: 20/19
Who: junior from my college
What: i raped her
When: last Monday
Where: girls toilet
Position: doggy
How long: 20 mins
Details: she was wearing very sexy dress.
Came on right towards her
could not find
Over 9000 hours
All these we fucked for like 2 hours I call bullshit. ya neckbearded makebelive cunts.
27/ 23
Who: wife
What: Got my dick sucked
When: last night, approx 22:30
Where: shower
Position: her sitting on the edge of the tub
How long: 10 mins
Details: Took a shower because its hot and we where sweaty. she was soaping her body so i rubbed my erect dick between her butt cheeks which is an amazingly intense feeling. She sighed and and said something '
like 'alright alright I'll do it'. because she knows i will molest her all night long unless i cum. She then gave me a haf arsed blowjob and i splooged all over her tits. i then had to remove said splooge with a wash cloth from her tits while she sighed some more.

>don't get married
51 and periods?
ur age/their age: 18/15
Who: GF
What: sex
When: a few days ago
Where: in my bed
Position: on her stomach, from behind
How long: two periods of about 30 minutes
Details: first time we had sex, she was extremely tight. but not on birth control, so she finished me off with her hands and mouth both times
File: 1393198191734.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
i smell jelly.
ur age/their age: 26/16
Who: Some girl i meet once aweek/every two weeks
What: we fucked
When: two weeks ago
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, doggy, on a chair
How long: 35 mins
kek nigga you chose wrong
Two nights ago Half hate half love fucked a 28 year old recent virgin ( I took her virginity at 23). She did something to violate my trust so I hit with the force of a thousand suns and made her choke on it. Won't see her again for at least six months. Bitch got under my skin and I never let that shit happen anymore. She snuck in under the radar as the " goody religious type" that can be trusted. Women are fucking whores.
ur age/their age: 25/19
Who: Random tinder slut
What:Fucked , 69, anal
When: 2 days ago
Where: In the hallway , in the bathe , in the shower , bedroom
Position: Missionary , Doggy , cowgirl , reverse cowgirl
How long: A few hours
Details:Slut from tinder , Dirty as anything.
Can't really remember the details, me and the GF get stoned and fuck all the time.

ur age/their age: 23/23
Who: GF
What: can't remember??
When: fuck knows
Where: in bed
Position: several
How long: uh...a good few hours of smoking, fucking and watching gordon ramsay videos
Details: I get stoned and so relaxed and content I get a boner, usually i'll start by eating her out, zone out, she'll suck me off. then we'll fuck for 10 minutes before giving up, roll another J and give each other hand jobs/fingerbang while smoking. it's tormenting but we'll eventually get to the point where we're too frustrated and i'll fuck her senseless until we eventually come buckets
>Broke off 11year engagement to a 10/10 sociopathic punk bitch.
>I leave, & live on the beach
>Three week alcoholic haze
>My regular bartender (is a gay) invites me over
>I start wondering, what if I'm just gay, maybe that's why I have shit taste & luck in women.
>Try every possible arrangement of homosex over two weeks to see.
>Nope. Not one single way of gay turns me on. :/
>Hate women, not attracted to men.
>Celibate ever since.
that sounds absolutely terrible. its the same for her as vaccuming

feel for u buddy
Her age:27
My age:21
What: sex..
When:last saturday , we only see each other on weekends
Where: in her bed
Position: bj, missionary, doggy then that awesome we're both on our side "I wanna pump but I'm too lazy to put energy into it" position
How long: 2 and a half hours

We went out for drinks then went to see a movie. Decided it was time to head back home so we went back she took a shower, which is her way of saying I want you to bend me over the edge of my bed and power fuck me. We layed Down and she blew my for a good 20 minutes then we went I to missionary where I came all over the fucking place. Stuck it back in (I only stop having sex when I've blown 3 loads minimum..idk why) and my head was all tingly and sensitive since I just blew a load so we went doggy style as I played it into her. After like 20 minutes blew my second load. Put her on her side and I played behind her in the spoon position and fucked her rather passionately until my third load blew then we laid there for a bit and I went to smoke a cigarette then go to bed.

Pic related its me
Just now, doing some after sex browsing.

He is 29, I am 25. First he blindfolded me and started facefucking me. After that he turned me around and spit on my asshole and shoved it in. He came quite quick but after he creampied my ass he started fisting my pussy. Now we're just saving energy for the next round.
fucking pedo
Its raspberry jam, fuck jelly and its in my sandwich that I made awaiting some dumb fuck to post some shit like you did.
god, kill urself
its all good tho pls call me sometime we should hang out
sounds bloody awful
File: 641_1000.jpg (206 KB, 1000x1306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1000x1306
File: 1391729755491.png (13 KB, 156x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you mad?
ur age/their age: 29/31
Who: sister
What: i kinda raped her
When: last month
Where: her bed
Position: Missionary
How long: 45 mins
Details: I went into her bed, while she was asleep, took her pants off and started having sex with her. she woke up, tried to fight me until she started to enjoy it - we've been in bed together most nights since...
eh not the oldest shes been with, her choice
>Put a condom on so I came in her
>I just have a facial fetish

Pick one.
ur age/their age: 29/30
Who: GF
What: sex
When: last night
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, oral then anal from behind. came in her mouth
How long: no idea
Details: We were kinda drunk, then we decided to smoke some weed (something we rarely do) and for some reason we both get horny when we smoke. We went to bed initially to just have a quick fuck but then we decided to just keep going and make it "a thing"
Ps I'm one of the fags who did the whole "plop your dick on your favorite video game and upload it to 4chan" I violated my metal gear solid game case because the other guy who did it had like a 2 inch dick and big boss wasn't done justice
Greentext that story faggot.

>reason i started this thread
source pls.
File: 1385047879835.jpg (32 KB, 500x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x371
>When: last month
>we've been in bed together most nights since...
Too fucking long
Last night
All a nigga wanted to do was sleep
not lookinf for little fuckers running around, and i love cumming inside a girl
Yeah it hasn't been that awesome.
Not where I expected to be at 36.
Nothing better than half of /b/ having underage girlfriends because they're too beta to get girls their age/older

Never change /b/
File: IMG956093.jpg (41 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 640x480

ur age/their age:
>25 / 24
>oral / intercourse
>a month ago
>living room, into bedroom
How long:
>~40 minutes
>she had botched dinner, which i personally thought was a simple meal, so i disciplined her by dressing her down in the living room. she was slapped in the mouth for trying to verbally defend herself. she then was told to bend down and grab her ankles and i spanked her repeatedly. she began to lose balance so i demanded she get on all fours and i then spanked her with the back of a hairbrush for being so fucking bad. she wanted to blow me to make it up to me, but i was only so into it, sitting on the couch.. her on all fours on the floor. after a time i was apparently stimulated enough, so i stood up and told her to crawl to the bedroom. she, of course, was going to fucking slow, so i grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the bedroom. when we got to the bedroom i grabbed her by her waist and shoulder and literally threw her onto the bed (she's 5'1" ~115lbs). i then mounted her chest locking her arms back and fucked her throat, sitting on top of her. after a sufficient amount of gagging, choking and crying, i flipped her over and laid her flat on her tummy. i fucked her, positioned over her ass while grabbing her hair and shoving her now horribly messy face into the bedsheets in an effort to clean her up. my other hand was either choking her (again she's stomach down) or fitting a finger or two into her ass. i came inside her, though she wasn't on birth control, but i told her she had really upset me and her punishment was complete. she was not awarded any stickers (prize/reward system) for the rest of the week and i made her sit there on her bed for the rest of the night.

pic related. ex gf.
Age: 32/29
Who: Gf
What: Sucking, Fucking, DP, Anal, Fist
When: Last Saturday
Where: Bed
Positions: Lots!
How Long: 1:15
Details: Showered, then into bed for some sucking. She fingered my peehole with her pinky. Fucked her, made her suck me, fucked her, repeat. Vibrator and cock in her cunt, then vibrator in cunt and cock in ass. Four fingers in cunt, cock in ass, I pulled out and came on her pubes. Rubbed it in and fisted her till she squirted. That's how we fuck on weekends around here...
2 days ago around 5
about 40 mins
she's on her white pill so it wasn't safe so came on her ass instead of inside of her
Right on man.
Regular 'fwb'
Oral & fucking
20 minutes ago
My living room
69 & doggie
40 minutes

My family went out for the day, I quickly texted him hoping he was free, he was. I run to the bathroom, brush my teeth again and finish my eyebrows, he shows up 10 minutes later. I've talked to him about being rougher and treating me more like a slut, he's fine with this. I open the door, he comes in pushes me to my knees and tells me to open my mouth, he then started to facefuck me for about 10 minutes, after he almost came I tell him that I want his cock in my ass. He seemed excited, he takes me into the front room and makes me lick his feet, after a minute or two he spun me around and fucked me for a solid 30 minutes. I tell him I want to swallow but he wants to cum in my ass, I let him.
It is! He is so open minded we try all kinds of things.
she must be all blown out and loose.
That's what's up. You're doing gods work anon
File: 635_1000.jpg (167 KB, 646x898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 646x898
op proclaims this the best post thus far
16 is the age of consent in many states... and in many countries it's even younger. besides, girls like older guys... what do you expect?
to my defense: almost all of the girls i had so far were my age, including a 4,5 years relationship.
i just had the chance to fuck this cute 16 year old with her tight pussy and firm ass. can't turn down an offer like that
'underage gf's'

Pick one.
File: drunk-girl.jpg (37 KB, 525x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 525x372

Not really recent but...

>some local punk/rock concert
>music sucked shit
>got shitfaced and kept getting shitfaced until almost dawn
>going home
> barely saw something in the dark i thought its a man
>a girl is passed out drunk, vomit near her
>"hey girl are you ok? hey!" check her pulse its there
>she is completely out
>suddenly boner
>check around if someone is coming
>took off her jeans and panties, started fingering
>she is still out
>ok commence fucking
>no condom but what the hell
>came all over her ass and back
>dressed her back
>left her near road
>get back home
>woke up, paranoid
>"what if she reports rape? oh fuck,fuck FUCK!"
>for days be stressed out
>finally a cop friend i ask him was everything ok at the concert
>"yeah, few fights no biggy"
Do you live in bournemouth?
>ur age/their age: 19/24
>Who: a polish girl i met in poland
>What: Kiss and fuck
>When: Last wednesday, dunno the time
>Where: her apartment, in bed
>Position: missionary, doggy
>How long: the fuck knows
>Details: We both was really drunk.
who: mate
What: we fucked
When: tuesday... like 3am
Where: in car, by railway
Position: cramped as fuck doggy in car
How long: 40m
Details: He got me drunk and fucked me in the back of his car and then came on my back.
thank you op. much obliged.
Last night with my wife...

almost made her cum just by taking my dick in and out slowly doggy style.... was really hot. Ended up dumping a huge load missionary after making her cum.... so wet jesus.

Totally true story..... odd that this thread is up ahahah

ur age/their age: 40/18
Who: not my wife
What: we fucked
When: last week
Where: her couch
Position: Missionary
How long: dunno, didn't check time
Details: met her on Craiglist, easy as fuck, will do whatever I want. Tight fucking pussy (not a virgin though). I didn't cum in her but pulled out and did 69. She didn't want to but just stared at my dick while I ate her out. I kept rubbing it on her lips and she eventually started sucking. Must be an innate ability or she's sucked a lot of dick before, because she did good, no teeth. Wife called and I had to leave before I came. Will do again tomorrow but this time will cum on/in her face/mouth
i consider having <18 gfs ALPHA as fuck, its about knowing the best product available

also, Idaho's a of c is 14
Who: Random drunk girl at a party
When: A few years ago, sometime in 2012.
Poisition: Sitting half-asleep on the couch
How long: 5 minutes
Details: We somehow ended up holding hands. Most exciting sexual experience I've ever had.

Be careful friend, your autism is showing
Who: GF
When: February
Where: Hotel
Position: Anything on our minds that night
How long: longest was like 45 minutes, but fucked 9 times in one day
Details: Last night together for a good while, so we went out with a bang, her pussy was so raw she couldn't touch it, let alone walk.
oh yeah.... about 1 hour... we rarely ever fuck for under 45 minuntes and usaully fuck every other night.
Nope. La Jolla, Ca.
u havent had sex in 2 years.... and ur 18?....... dude
This is a fucking old faggot for real ahahahhaah holy fuck you dildo
> 26\23
> best mate
> fucked
> last week. Tuesday or Wednesday
> Her bed
> missionary. Doggy anal.
> I didn't finish. Got stabbed in dick with a pen as a kid and got like 5% feeling
> She's usually submissive, wanted to try being dominant with someone she knew. Smoked a tonne of pot whilst she ordered me about. She fingered my ass too. Was odd.
The fact that it's fake and gay doesn't bother you at all?
File: image.jpg (74 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 480x640
Ur age/Their age: 21/20
Who: GF
What: We fucked
When: 10 days ago (she's now on vacation)
Where: My apartment bed
How long: 2 back to back 20 minute sessions
Details: Started with me on top, she was really wet day before period, teased her and slow fucked her till she came followed it right up with clit orgasm then made we squirt and after I came inside her, second round got her on top and grabbed her tight and went to town till she came twice, layed her on her stomach and fucked her till I came inside her again then went to sleep

Pic related it's her
About a week ago (period week just ended today)
Her bed
45 minutes
Can't really remember... Just wanted sex. Made out a bit, undressed her, fucked her. Missionary, doggy, missionary. Came inside her as I have been for the last four years.
fake and gay? i think the term for my ex is a "little" but i'm not entirely sure.. she is incredibly submissive and requires attention and care that of a child. i had to set up daily routines for her on what to wear, eat, etc. why do you think it's fake? this isn't /b/ kiddo.
File: 622_1000.jpg (51 KB, 500x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 500x363

oops, didnt read it all,m u still get a pic tho
File: 1404217509510.jpg (166 KB, 1500x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1500x1125
When,48 hours ago
Position: cowgirl, missionary, doggy
How long, mustve been about 20, 25 mins
Details: cuddling, making out naked (gf loves being naked, little ass but awesome bewbs), she grabbed dick and started jerking.
>i think we need a codom
She rides me like shadofax
>get over me, I wanna cum
Get over her, make her cum
>my turn.jpg
Doggy that bitch until cum
7/10 session
ur age/their age: 16/2 and a half
Who: Some babe with a phat ass
What: Sex
When: Yesterday during Lunch Time
Where: in the sand pit at the local play ground
Position: doggy
How long: 40 seconds
Details: I saw this babe, she was smoken, strolled up to her, could not resist, im telling you WOW. I mean her chest had not yet blossomed, but i was all over that in a flash, mmm, sliding my hands in all over the place, she was crying out with joy im pretty sure. anyway. I whipped it out and stuck it in her mouth for a lil bit to suck on before plopping it in down under if you know what i mean if you know what i mean ay. Man she was so tight, had hardly been used i could tell, i came almost instantly, was rather embarrassing, but yolo, zipped up, told her to clean herself up and strolled outta the park. Her mum looked pretty hot as well, so hopefully i can go back for more.
>5 years ago
Fuck dude are you like a hobbit or something?
ur age/their age: 19/19
Who: GF
When: almost 4 months ago
Where: parents roon
Position: many
How long: at least 39 min
in fact, reverse image search that pic. see what happens.
File: inejiro asanuma.gif (968 KB, 290x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
inejiro asanuma.gif
968 KB, 290x200
you should probably get out some time dude. talk to girls, be confident, get a haircut, clean up. i believe in you man, get to the gym and lose a few pounds
ur age/their age: 24/29
Who: GF
What: fucked her right in the pussy
When: saturday night
Where: in bed, my place
Position: doggy, cowgirl, missionary
How long: not sure, all in all 1.25 hrs
Details: went with her to check a car out, she bought it, we ate some thai, got home - my place , showered (hot as fuck outside), i play doto, she watches bullshit series, realise i wanna fuck, i say "ey babe , fuck?", she sais in a min gonna finish this episode, episode ends, it happens as usual, foreplay, eat some pussy, get blown, we talk about some funny shit i remembered while she was sucking my balls, continue the suck, eat puss again for a moment and insert penis. 3 positions , 3 orgasms. we got nice sex.
me: 31
her: 24

Picked up fuck buddy from her friend's place. We sat together on the couch for five minutes while she watch the end of her tv show (she asked me for permission to do so and I said yes).

We went into my car and kissed for about 10 minutes.

Drove to my place, went inside. She started undressing. We kissing. She naked mount her, start fucking.

Fuck for about 15-20 minutes.

Give her head for 10-15 minutes until she comes.

Then fuck her again for another 15-20 minutes.


The end.

This was about 2-3 weeks ago.

Sex was great but I decided I didn't want to fuck her any more after that because she was too emotionally withdrawn.

Started dating someone else this week.

Second date this Sunday night at my place. I'll see if she'll have sex with me :)
Quite an elaborate fantasy you have there, Mr. Neckbeard. Please tell us all more of your imaginary gf!
ur age/their age: 15/17
Who: Ex
What: Fucked
When: Novemberish 2011
Where: Her dorm room shared with her bro
Position: Doggy, missionary
How long: 20 minutes
Details: Make up sex so it was pretty great. She asked if she could suck me and I obviously said yes. soon after, I stripped her shorts and panties off and fucked on her and her brother's bed. Came in her mouth; mfw she swallowed. Little did I know, this was the last time we'd fuck.
File: 1358940130850.jpg (58 KB, 750x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 750x563
Fucked earlier today
carpet in her bedroom
missionary, cowgirl then doggystyle
35 min i think

>arrive at her home
>she says she's horny
>make out furiously
>get naked
>fuck on the floor
>she's on the pill
>no condom
>came inside her
>best feeling in the world
File: 1389338577670s.jpg (8 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 250x250
Yeah, she kinda is. I like it because she can take everything and anything. She never says stop, never says no.
>ur age/their age
18, 20
my stepsis's bf
bj and fuck
yesterday afternoon
my room/basement
cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, thrown over back of comfy chair
>How long:
30 minutes
stepmom and stepsis went shopping, I've fucked him b4, stepsis trained him. this was the first time he came to me to use him. made him strip and beg for my cock which he did, sucked my cock told him to mount my cock, CG, RCG, then I pushed him off, told him to raise his ass. I spanked him for a bit then plowed my cock into him. grabbed him by the hair and threw him over the back of a chair. his feet didn't even touch the floor. went to town on his ass till I emptied my load into him. told him to get the fuck out, then I saw he came on the chair, told him to lick it up b4 he leaves.
keep us updated /b/ro
ex gf, newfriend. it was far too much work. to be completely honest. i'm comfortable being a dom, but not a "daddy" like that. they require too much attention. i don't have that kind of time.. also, like i said, reverse image search. you won't, but that's ok. she's almost 25, and is a business professional, yet she keeps hello kitty sheets? she's very much a "little."

>Came In Her With Condom

Watch out we got a badass over here
ur age/their age: 30/28
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: last night, approx 3:00
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl
How long: ~2 hours
Details: Haven't fucked for about two weeks, wasabouttime.jpg. Snaked my hand into her panties, rolled her over, undress.
Fondle, suck tits, go down on her.
90° flip, I'm on my back she hops up and down.
pull out, doggy style.
cum inside her, she came once or twice, I slept for 12 hours or more after that.
She got her period today.
Girl friend
Casual anal
A week ago
Her on stomach
20min or so
Details: anal creampie
ur age/their age: 26/24
Who: GF
What: fucked her right in the pussy
When: 2 hours ago
Where: couch in the kitchen
Position: cowgirl, doggy, missionary
How long: 20-30 min
Details: licked her pussy first, she came and started suckin my dick while i'm sitting on the couch naked. She sits on my cock and start fucking and moaning, then i turn her around and i fuck her doggy style. When I feel she's coming i turn her around and fuck her and we came together. i love her, she loves me, we're happy.bye
who the fuck wants this? after 45 minutes the exciting part is over, if i ever want to fuck more than a hour, it has to be something special...
can u not read? or have u just joined the thread? how's mrs. left doing?
>last night
>69,Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, cowgirl anal
>I Dono 40 min maybe
>kiss kiss bang bang
> I lick her, "I want to have fun to, swap upside down and 69 for a bit, after she cums I get between her legs, no condom cuz boring, fuck her missionary, she cums, flip her over for doggy, both cum, she rides me and cums, gives me a cheeky smile and puts my dick in her ass and continues to rudel, watch her ride me with her ass and play with herself, she cums, cum in her ass, she lays down besides me and the usual lovey dovey stuff happens
Because women NEVER keep cutesy dumb shit around their homes, if she does she must be a sub! Keep living in that dream, son.
ur age/their age: 19/not sure, about 22/23
Who: guy I met in a cub
What: one night stand
When: friday night/saturday daytime
Where: his flat, sofa, floor, bed, shower
Position: p much all of them
How long: about 7" lol
Details: we met in the club, danced and talked, he bought me drinks & gave me some coke, we went back to his flat and had amazing sex like 3 times in a few hours and he was really rough with me but thats exactly how I like it, then in the morning we went for breakfast and then went back to his flat for more. he wanted anal the night before but I said no because I dont usually like it but he'd been so nice I wanted to give it to him so while we were doing it doggy I said he could if he still wanted to and it was the first time Ive really enjoyed it. Im seeing him again tomorrow.
File: 627_1000.jpg (277 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277 KB, 768x1024
ur age/their age: 18/18
Who: Old fuck buddy
What: we fucked
When: last month
Where: in bed
Position: I don't know the name, m8. She was laying on back, i was on top of her. legs wrapped around me, my arms under hers, gripping her shoulders.
How long: 40-50min. (I was drunk and high)
>get home from keg party
>I need some pussy, man
>go on facebook
>message every girl on
>old fuck buddy answers
>come over. "ok"
>she's kind of fat now, so when i seen her i started laughing
>go in bedroom, ask if she wants to watch something, says yes, put something on
>just start making out with her, start fucking.
>felt like an hour, maybe just because I was drunk, but i remember not being able to cum, so she asks if she should just give me a blowjob
>say yes
>fall asleep getting blowjob
>wake up naked
>did i really fuck that last night?

ehh, it was the best sex i've ever had. still searching for new pussy since
ur age/their age: 21/23
Who: fuck buddy
What: we fucked
When: monday night
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary
How long: twice, first time lost wood after 5 mins. Total 20 mins of fucking
Details: went over, watched some tv, talked a bit, fooled around a bit. First time we used that hot and tingly his/her lubes. Was fun, but dick got way to warm, lost wood.

Second time round just started rubbing her clit and before long we were both ready to go. Was only missionary, but I always pin her leg up and fuck the shit out of her. When i do that she usually goes "fuck yeh". Blew inside her.
This really happened guys!
ur age/their age: 0/45/45
Who: Parents
What: I was concieved
When: almost 18 years ago
Where: in bed
Position: Somewhere in vagina
How long: 9 months
Details: ??????
File: IMG958767.jpg (44 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 480x640
whatever pleb. i'm not concerned. you want more pics of her or not buddy? i can share other stories. i made her feed me snacks in the jacuzzi tub. i think i might have that pic around still, not sure.
me: 25
them: 12
who: cousin
what: we fucked
when: tuesday night
where: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room
position: missionary, doggy and up against the wall (not in that order)
how long: hours
details: I was asked to babysit, and we hadnt fucked in a few weeks since i didnt see her alone. we were playing on her wii and after about 20 minutes she wanted to stop. she lays on her bed, i lay next to her, push my hand in her pants and shes soaking in about 2 minutes. pulled off her shorts while she took her top off and licked her pussy. she took off her bra, i sucked on her little tits and fucked her. blew a nice load on her belly which she wiped her hands in and licked it off. i have more of these stories if anyones interested
>almost 18 years ago


underage b&!!

preferably from when it all started
what a fucking faggot believing his shit. get a life you virgin fat fucking slob
ur age/their age: 23/21
Who: work partner
What: we fucked
When: last weekend, fri / saturday
Where: in bed, bathroom (shower), living room / kitchen
Position: Missionary / doggy / 69 / sideways / cowgirl / everthing we could
How long: 40 hours / no full sex of course, but we stayed that time in my house

> hang out with work fellas on friday to drink sum beer
> recepcionist is a young 21-20 yo girl, kinda cute
> start talking, and drinking, after 3-4 hours theres me / this girl and another girl that drinks alot,
> the second girl is called by her bf soo its me and the girl now
> take more drinks, begin to work on this girl
> she says that likes me
> we kiss
> ask if she wants do join me in my house
> driveby
> we fuck when i get in the house.. on the living room..
> amazing blowjob, amazing sex, she tastes soo good even trought a full day of work, what a pussy
> we pass out
> wake up, see that girl naked in my bad, ohshit.jpg
> lick her while she sleeping
> we fuck again, stay fucking until night, soo she needs to see her momma go back home

>after 3 hours she send me an sms, saying it was the best night she ever had after she move to my city

sorry for my english im brazilian,

theres more story shall i continue?
Their age/my age: 15/18
Who: some girl I got drunk with at a festival
What: I licked her out, she tossed me off
When: about 2 months ago
Where: in my mates tent at a festival
How long: about 30 minutes
>friends meet fairly hot girls
>don't ask age, some of them say 16
>spend the day chilling and listening I bands
>my mates hitting on them
>mfw I don't wanna be unfaithful but end up hitting on one too
>I think she's into me
>we get drunk and girlfriends friend has a go at me cause she sees what I'm up to
>I'm drunk, no fucks given
>this girl tells me that she's a lesbian
>I'm annoyed, I tell her I have a girlfriend
>end up sneaking off to get high on my own
>she comes with me
>follows me into the tent where I have my spliffs
>she climbs ontop of me and we make out
>tells me she's horny
>I go down on her
>she reaches for my dick and tells me she doesn't wanna be selfish
>undo my belt and she's kissing be and tossing me off
>tells me this is her first time with a guy
>not bad for her first time, feels good man
>just fucking cum on the floor in the tent,
>put my groundmatt on it
>mfw I'm not even bullshitting
File: you.jpg (62 KB, 782x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why didn't show us this pic :) ?

Better than mr. right these days
You can make up more stories or not, I don't really care. And I don't really think anyone else does either, Mr. Super Awesome Dom. It's not like your porn stories are any better than anyone else's.
ur age/their age: 18/17
Who: GF
What: bj
When: tusday arvo
Where: in bed
Position: pen15 go in the mouth
How long: 20 mins
Details: I helped with her homework, so she gave me a reward. came on her tits while she was on her knees
ive got a few girls and a couple of boys that i fuck on a regular basis. it all started when i was about 14 and a cousin of mine was 4. she was always sitting on my lap and grinding her little ass into my dick, and being 14, anything could set my dick off on a rager. i was on my xbox and she was on my lap watching, when she climbed off and laid on my bed. she asked me to tickle her where she was ticklish, and when i asked where she was ticklish she pulled her pants to one side to show me everything. i said no first, but i couldnt get her smooth cunt out of my head. so when she was on my knee again i slid my hand in and fingered her for about 5 minutes. she fucking loved it, and we still fuck to this day. theres her, her cousin (the 12 year old) and their two cousins, a 15 year old girl whi i also touched up when she was about 4 or 5 and her brother, who loves getting fucked and sucked off. there are some of their friends too
>I don't know the name
>describes missionary
his fb : /kyle.edwards.1291
My age/Their Age: 18/23(ish)
Who: Transgender Escort
When: Jan, 2013
Where: London, UK
Position: Reverse Cowgirl
How long: 30 minutes
Details: Virgin on vacation in London, have a fetish for traps, found one and paid 100 pounds.
The rest is shameful history.
alright. i'm out of this thread then. i'm sorry you feel that way. women like that do exist you know ;)
>last night
>be 20/18
>too lazy for foreplay so vibrator and kissing
>awesome bj
>blow load in mouth
>swallow cum
>mfw i didnt have sex last night because im a girl
Their girlfriends are underage because they're underage.

is anybody liking the facial pics?
ur age/their age: 25/23
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: sunday
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, doggystyle
How long: bout an hour
Details: Went down on her, fucked her missionary for awhile, fucked her doggystyle, fingered her butthole, face fucked her while I used the vibrator on her vag, came on her face
Well now I know. thanks, anon.
i do
jokes on you you can't be a virgin and also "fucking" as you worded it hahaha
ur age/their age: 21/19
Who: friends ex
What: blowjob, sex
When: 5 days ago
Where: her bed
Position: Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, both on side
How long: 3 hours. Had lots of foreplay. Came 3 times.
Details: Nothing really to say I guess...
also rate my gf bros?
Meh. 6/10 I wouldnt attention whore over her.
>ur age/their age: 21/21
>Who: My usual hot korean escort
>When: Yesterday
>Where: her bed
>Position: 69 and BJ
>How long: 20-30 min fucking 2 hours of foreplay and cuddling.
>Details: cost $100. and she swallowed.

My wife gave me an awesome blowjob last night, and a previous night.
ur age/their age: 26/26
Who: GF
What: oral, regular, finger in her ass
When: 2 nights ago, ~23:00
Where: in bed
Position: missionary, doggy, spoon, cowgirl, prone
How long: ~60mins
Details: we got home from work, stuck my hand in her panties and said I can't wait to fuck her. we ate, took showers, and fucked her. came on her ass.
Who: lobbyist
What: we fucked twice
When: last night, about an hour
Where: on my couch, and over my desk my office
Position: missionary, doggystyle, her bent over
Details: Jewish girl 8/10. Brown hair and hazel eyes. C cup tits and a trim landing strip. She wore a sharp blue skirt and jacket. White blouse, blue panties and louboutins. She came over to talk about her issues. We talked about 15 minutes before we got down to the real business. She was newish and and a bit hesitant but she knows why she was hired and why she gets a high pay.
> 25/20
> GF
> fooled around, ate her out, attempt 4 at sex
> Sunday? dont remember specifically
> my bed
>3 hours

Details: She came over, talked for a bit, went to my room to watch a movie. movie is going on and we start making out roughly. take her shirt off and suck on her nipples as she sucks on my fingers.
>there are more interesting things you could suck on
she blows me for about 5 min to tease me. we calm down for a bit to cuddle then she asks for a back rub. finish back rub with kissing her neck and work my way down her back. play with pussy a bit.
tells me to grab a condom. i have a few near by and put it on. as I put it to her I let her do the work.

Im going to take a moment to explain this. I'm 7.5inch when hard. I guess I'm bigger than average but I've never had other girls complain about my size. idk if im just really that big and other girls i've been with have just been loose, or if my GF is just really tight, or if it's something mental she cant get over, but everytime we've tried to have sex it lasts a minute at most and she needs me to get out because it hurts too much.

goes for a bit longer this time since she's in control but still hurts too much, needs me to stop. we cool it for a moment and when shes good we go back to kissing. I go down and eat her out for about 10 min or so.
> moaning
> oh god anon
> don't stop
i love how she spasms when she has an orgasm, makes me so fucking hard.

spent the rest of the night making out and cuddling. getting off takes a shit ton out of her. I didn't get off last time but that's the first time I think we only focused on her, I almost always get off twice when shes over.
File: image.jpg (65 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> mfw
>ur age/their age: 41/27
>Who: Friend/Massage Therapist
>What: Fucked
>When: Yesterday at 19:00
>Where: Her office massage table
>Position: BJ, 69, Reverse cowgirl, Cowgirl and Missionary
>How long: Hour and a half
>Details: She massaged my back as usual then had me turn over. She put some warming pad over my eyes and massaged arms and chest Then she started to blow me. I take off warming pad to find her completely naked.I pull her on top so I can lick her pussy. Move to reverse cowgirl to cowgirl and the throw her down into missionary. I came on her stomach and tits.

Best massages ever
>ur age/their age: 23/22
>Who: GF
>What: we fucked
>When: 2 weeks ago (last time we saw each other)
>Where: in bed
>Position: various
>How long: +- 1 hr
>Details: going through karma suitra app on phone, did weird positions, none really worked for me, slipped finger in arse, finished in missionary, came inside her.
anyone that fucks in their parent's room should be brutally castrated
finally the ladies speak up

>eat these scrambled eggs
ur age/their age: 22/23
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: Last time I saw her, yesterday maybe
Where: on her bed
Position: doggie style, with her legs underneath her like a leap-frog(so much better than with their legs apart)
How long: half hour
Details: She's on pill, love me cumming in her deep and has an impregnation fetish. super hot, begs for me to blow loads in her all the time.
>stabbed in the dick with a pen

Must've been a bad book report
we've done it in her parents and mines.

we're actuallt marry

My parents let my girlfriend and I live in their room. In their bed. For 3 months. They knew we were having sex. We weren't even using condoms, she was on the pill. In some cases it's alright I guess.
We Fucked.
Last Friday, almost a fucking week ago.
30 min
Several Positions, started with her blowing me while seated on bed, fucked in a lot of positions after.
Best love making and fucking session ever, unless, she gives me a tit job in the middle, I see the fucking condom stretching a lot, have a brief thought of better change fucking condom, only a fucking milisecond thought, continue fucking like animals, in the fucking end, I cum gloriously, missionary pos, her legs sort of wrapped around me, she has kind of cold, in that precise moment coughs like hell, we both feel condom breaking, cum leaking everywhere. She gets FUCKING MAD, she has to take next morning pill, "IT WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT, IT WAS YOUR RESPONSABILITY, IT ISNT YOU THAT HAS TO TAKE THE FUCKING PILL, I GAIN FUCKING WEIGHT WHEN I TAKE THAT SHIT, YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO LOSE WEIGHT?" Orgasm ruined, Love making session ruined, no cuddling, have to listen her yeling the hell out of me for an hour. Now almost a week has passed, she wont even let me get near her hole. BTW she's slim, but has a fucking weight disorder in her fucking head...
Yesterday, but I won't tell because you guys wouldn't believe me.
ur age/their age: 44/24
Who: GF
What: blow, cunt licking, fucking.
When: last night
Where: in bed
Position: missionary. cow girl.
How long: 30 mins

Make her take the pill. Mine already took it when I met her because she has irregular cycles and it helps to regulate it. She was like I'm never doing it without a condom.

Nowdays a cum inside her raw every single time and make her go clean it up. So nice not having a condom ruin all the feeling. Interesting how her opinion changed to let me do it all the time. Interesting how females minds can be changed.

Both 29
Only get to see her twice a month with our jobs
Spent the whole day in my house fucking
Came in her butt twice
She puts in butt plug
Go to friends' birthday party
Hang out and drink for four hours
My cum sloshing around in her ass the whole time
She sucked me off in the bathroom
We go back to my house, sleep
Take out plug in the morning
Pump a few more loads in her mouth and butt on Sunday
Cook her some awesome steaks
I came on her steak
She loved it
My friend spread a rumour that he'd fucked the school psychopath. She thought it was me and stabbed me in my dick in Geography. Fucked my dick up for the rest forever.

Still, at least I got Stamina!
We are 2 years together, she took the pill in the beginning, for your afore mentioned reasons (irregular and painful periods). After 1 year we move in together, decide that the pill is harmful for her body, read some heavy cancer shit, we switched to condoms.
Period is fucking irregular as hell, has between 6 to 10 days of bleeding each month, begins to have sintoms a week before start bleeding, never in the mood, bitchier and bad tempered, lose lots of intimacy.
Condoms are fucking shit, take away my sensitivity, are tight as hell, I have to put them on myself (she's too afraid), mood killer at his fucking best.
Best sex it's when we are both fucking drunk, feels like those first few months of relationship.

BEST ADVICE EVER: never let her stop taking the pill bro!
Her age: 17
My age : 24
Location: friends basement
Position: missionary

Met up with her and her twin walking around NYC. We took some dilaudids then me and my friend paid for them to get their belly buttons and noses pierced.

Went back to friends house in Nj on bus, take 2C-B and go into basement with one. Girls asks me to tie her hands up so I do, also asks me to be rough and hit her, so I do but not that hard. Bite and pull on nipples roughly, cum on chest and try to fall asleep. Everything was fucking aliens all night after that
Your age/their age: 20/18
Who: GF
What: We had sex.
When: 8 days ago around 8am
Where: In bed
Position: Spooning and cowgirl
How long: Roughly 30 minutes
Details: She's leaving to visit family for the next three weeks. Will be half-way across country, we got in one last good fuck session before I drove her to the airport.
My answer

ur age/their age: 25/25
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: last night, approx 21:00
Where: in coach
Position: Cowgirl, Doggy style, Cum on tits
How long: 40 mins
Details: We were making some yoga, and she looks hot in those positions... so i started spanking her ass. She started kissing her and i took her clothes off. Then she went on top of me and had orgasms. She asked me to fuck her doggy style, so i did. I ended up in her tits.
>With girlfriend of four years lying on bed
>Haven't done it in a few days
>She drives me crazy.mp3
>Dick finally and slowly enters her
>Instantly cum with the power of a thousand suns
>be embarrassed because I normally last longer
>splurt out something stupid "LIKE A HORSE"
>we giggle
>her vagina actually hurt after that even though I did 0 thrusting
ur age/their age: 28/9
Who: niece
What: we were getting down when the feds came in
When: last night
Where: in the kitchen
Position: standing up
How long: 2 minutes
Details: lure her into the kitchen with candy, i go to kiss her when all of a sudden my brother comes in, sees me touching her, punches me in the face and calls the cops.

tl:dr i'm posting this from jail
ur age/their age: 21/18
Who: Girl I'm cheating with
When: last night
Where: in bed
Position: Lick out, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, sideways, anal fingering
How long: Hours
Details: Got drunk to the point of not being able to cum so it went on far too long. Both of us are in seperate relationships but the sex is out of this world. She swallowed my load in the end.
ur age/their age: 22/21
Who: ex best friends fionce
What: we fucked and she sucked my dick
When: last week
Where: back of his/her/their car
Position: doggy
How long: 30 seconds (lol jk 45mins total)
Details: he broke my head open a few months ago, fucked his whore ex cos she a ... whore.... shes pretty chubby, did it for revenge
>I'm 26 shes 23
>My GF
>last night around 10:30
>in bed
>missionary and cow girl
>20 some minutes probably
We had a stressful night with our dog so I'm dicking around online and she comes over and starts kissing my neck and says she needs me. I take her upstairs and we make out awhile and I start kissing her tits and sucking her nipples.
After a bit I slide down and eat her out.until she cums, then move up.and shove my whole cock in her, and fuck her for a few minutes and she cums again. She tells me to get on my back, hops on my cock and rides until I cum inside her. She's on birth control so I always cum in her pussy.
Who: Girl I was kind of seeing
What: She blew me
When: About 2 weeks ago
Where: My bedroom
How Long: ~20 min
Details: Not sure why but I couldn't get it up to fuck her. Haven't talked to her since. I guess my subconscious was telling me I didn't like her.
oral, fucking
yesterday afternoon
in bed
cowgirl, doggy
15 min

I go down on her and she cums in two minutes. She returns the favor by sucking me, which turns into a couple minutes of me throatfucking her. She then hops up on my cock and grinds off three orgasms in under ten minutes. I take her from behind and slam the living fuck out of her with my thumb up her ass, assuring I'm only going to last a couple minutes. Pull out and cum with the tip of my cock halfway into her asshole.
> my age 19 / her age 19
>my apartment
>a month ago (games been hurtin')
>she's ex gf - was dating at time
>handjob/blow job.
>20-25 mins maybe a bit more or less. Not remarkable good head but wouldn't swallow or facial. Uptight bitch lol
> broke up next day
ur age/their age: 56/11
Who: neighbor's daughter
What: she assaulted me in the backyard being topless
When: a couple of hours ago
Where: in the pool
Position: doggystyle
How long: 30 secs
Details: She came there almost naked and asked for it.
My age 18/ her age 19
Yesterday at 1:00
In bed, then the couch
25 minutes, then 40
Anything we could think of
She comes over, we fuck, eat cold pizza, throw on breaking bad, fuck again on the couch
sound's awful, hope you sue.
3 orgasms in under 10 minutes? Are you a fucking Wizard? My gf is too stressed out all the time, have to grind and sweat a lot before she is even close to cum, from penetration alone that is. Oral is a different story.
Do share your secrets plz...

Best sex is drunk sex. The only time I got my girlfriend drunk, we had sex that was off the chain amazing.

And yeah. never let her get off that shit. I have mine where I tell her "If you ain't on the pill, you can't get sum fuq."

And honestly I hate to say that. It's like I almost need/want alcohol to have meaningful sex again.
menopause starts around 55 in all the women in my family, dunno if thats normal or not, just thought i would add that

I've had a girl who when I penetrated her came in about 30 seconds of grinding. She was lighting up instantly. She told me the shape of my cock rubbed her in exactly the right spot.

One time I gave her 15 orgasms in one night.

Sometimes odd things like that happen. Not giving myself any credit, I've given orgasms to other women but never at this rate.

With her, we were just... physically compatible.
My Age/their age: 24/23?
Who? An old friend (FWB)
What: Sega Genesis then the secks
When: Last night around midnight or so
Where: In my bed
Position: Surprisingly Just Missionary...
How Long: Maybe 20-25 minutes
the Deets:
>b last night
>bailed on her two nights ago, rainchecked her for tonight
>Comes over, two bros are already in my apt
>Sega Genesis
>still undefeated in Tennis
>nobody can touch me
>she's watching, shoots me a text
>"Lets go upstairs and fuck"
>Go upstairs
>hear a friend leave, now we're just laying in bed together talking for a bit
>Climb on top of her kissing her and she's getting really into it
>I slide my hand up to grab the DD's. Feels nice.
>I start kissing down her jaw to get to that one spot ladies love getting kissed
>Start at the earlobe, small nibble, get it wet, blow on it
>start kissing down her neck to her collar bone
>T/O to take off her shirt/bra
>fucking 4 hooks on that bitch took a second longer than normal
>Start kissing from collar bone down to her sexy nipples
>She's in heaven
>keep sucking and licking for like five minutes
>Rip her pants off
>Rip my pants/shirt off
>leave the tip of my dick right at the entrance of her pussy
>She's dying
>slide in she's soaked.
>MFW I didn't even touch her vagina with my hands.
ur age/their age: 24/22
Who: Friend
What: we fucked
When: Tuesday, approx 02:30
Where: in bed
Position: Doggy
How long: 20 mins
Details: After many drink I fucked her and did everything I wanted. Ass to mouth, ass to pussy, pussy to mouth. I got the flu the next day because of poor sleep and partying too much =(

Also, shes ugly =(
File: 1403831554345.jpg (36 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 500x333
A couple of friends, one of whom I hooked up with previously
FFM threesome, plenty of tribadism, squirting, and deepthroatan
About two weeks ago
Bed in house friend is staying at, owned by another friend's parents
Missionary, Doggy, Tribadism (not sure if that really is a position, I wasn't involved lol)
4 hours (2am-6am)
Text one friend nude of self, she texts back "anon, do you want both of us?" Proceed to the bar with them, drinks flow freely. Head back to my place and then link up with the two of them. Cause much squirting, screaming orgasms. Head home with the rising sun, get text "anon I came so hard my stomach is cramping"

Pic related, it's how my face was stuck afterwards.
I married a woman six years older than me when I could have just as easily married a younger woman. Why the fuck would I do such a thing? Because sexually we're so compatible it's ridiculous. She can suck me off in three or four minutes, taking it right down her throat. If I let her ride me she'll have two or three orgasms in under ten minutes.

Once in a long while she'll even take it up the ass.

Part of it is stress management. From an early point in our relationship I made it a point to cast sex as play - it's a release from whatever stresses the day has to offer. Nothing else matters when we're getting each other off, and no matter what's going on we know we're going to feel much better afterwards. Establishing that as a pattern made a woman who was multi-orgasmic to begin with lightning fast. We can wreck each other in under ten minutes.
what was the first time like?
ur age/their age: 20/21
Who: coworker
What: bj and fingerblasing
When: lyesterday noonish
Where: behind store
Position: n/a
How long: 10 mins
Details: we'd been flirting for the past month, things came to a "head" yesterday. we started making out and over the pants rubbing. soon she pulled out my dick and started sucking, while i stuck my hand in her pants. i nutted, she swallowed, she went back to work and i went home. she's texted and called a dozen times, i havn't responded.
>me/your mom
>5mins ago
>in the ass
>shit was cash
>she made sandwiches
>i came in yours

Must be nice. I'm looking for that.
I cant think of much things sader than bragging about fucking ur gf/wife. like seriously the guy jerking off alone has more diginty than you degenerates
My age/Their age: 18 / 17
Who: Fuck buddy
When: 4 days ago
Position: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl
How long: 6+ hours

Details: She came over and we had some drinks, played COD Zombies Black Ops and had sex throughout the night with COD and food breaks. We also watched the movie "Wrong Turn 4" (she's into horrors). Had sex with her during the movie and during COD I fucked her in the ass (shit was so cash). We also filmed bits and pieces and I compiled a 5 minute video which I won't be sharing, but I'll upload some pics if you guys want.
File: IMG_3270.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
I tried to be gentle but here's a pic of some of the aftermath

...the fuck did you guys do? Start role playing nazi zombies or something?
We were drinking and I tend to get rough with it when I'm drunk and really horny. I blame it on teenage hormones mostly.
Took me two divorces to end up with this one. But I'm not going to fuck it up. I've turned down chances to fuck chicks half her age. Why would I fuck someone else when I can say, "How about a blowjob?" whenever I want, and in seconds my cock is down her throat. And she's getting me off in under five minutes.

That's one hell of a way to keep peace in a relationship. I've told her flat out, "You treat me like this, I'll stay faithful." She's holding up her end of the deal, so I hold up mine. Even when an 8/10 25 year old makes a pass on me. (That's the only time it sucks).
My Age/Theirs: 21/19
Who: College Freshman
What: just a kiss
When: March 30th ~2am
Where: coach
Position: sitting on me,
How long: 20seconds
> be semi beta
> putting ground work in
> she smoking hot 8/10, cheerleader
> go round hers, watch frozen
> let_it_go.jpeg
>go in for kiss --> easy
> undo bra --> easy
>hands down her pants --> ALARM
> she pulls away
> silly wench has chastity ring
> no idea what that is, keep going
> tells me know sex till marriage
> mfw it is a real thing
> cant do bra back up
> keep making out
> stay round hers
> friend zone over 9000
> go back to mine
> tell everyone
Tell her it doesn't count in her ass
Your age/their age: 23/23
Who: Fuck Buddy at time
What: no condom vaginal
When: 6 years, 9 days ago
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary
How long: 10 mins
Had a few beers, took her portrait, kissed and I came fast. She moved away the day after and i haven't had sex since.
ur age/their age: 39/ 25
Who: Craigslist Slut
What: rough blowjob
When: last night, around 10pm
Where: wooded area next to a parking lot
Position: on her knees, back up against a chain link fence
How long: 10 mins
Details: Met up in the parking lot, she's 6/10, nice eyes. We were going to play in my car but I suggested the wooded area so we would have more room. Started off as a nice normal bj, then I started force fucking her face. She took off her shirt since she was starting to drool all over the place. She even puked up twice. Blasted down her throat and wiped my cock on her face. Good times.
>the end
did consider, pussied out
my age/their age: 25/23
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: this morning, approx 02:30
Where: outside, we were fishing with friends and stepped away from the group
Position: doggy
ur age/their age: 0/35
Who: mom
What: my birth
When: many years ago
Where: hospital
Position: Missionary
How long: don't remember
Details: my dick touched her vagina for the fraction of a second
But why? What could you possibly have had to lose?

>saw a girl on the street
>damn that is a fine bitch

today we pretend it never happened
>> I didn't finish. Got stabbed in dick with a pen as a kid and got like 5% feeling

so many kekels
Before you read this: Please don't judge me... I'm just sharing my story because people asked...

Wow... okay, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to tell anyone about this, but it's late and I'm sleep deprived so i guess I'll just write it now and regret it in the morning :/

First of all, - just for some background: My mom died right when I was born, (she was actually really, really hot- but this isn't about her. I guess that's fucked up to say, but whatever.) I actually grew up with my dad's family, because my dad has all sorts of emotional issues and he bailed before I was born. So you can see, my childhood was really kind of messed up.

Anyways, growing up I feel like there was always a lot of distance between me and my sister. When I was about 17 or 18 I first noticed that my sister was a hottie.

I don't want to go into too many details about it, but basically what happened is that I accidentally found a video that she made of herself. I knew she didn't make it for me- but I thought she was so fucking beautiful that I watched it twice. I probably would have watched it a hell of a lot more, except that like right around the time I found the video, all this crazy shit went down and I had to leave home. (My dad's family who I was staying with got in bad trouble with the law. I never talk about it).

Sooo... I was totally lusting after my sister at that point. She was also having bad trouble with the law. She was actually in custody when I left home.

My friend and I went to go pick her up. When I saw her that day, after seeing the video, I have to be honest, I just wanted to fuck her brains out. Looking back on it now, it's pretty messed up- but I think she had feelings for me too. She actually kissed me right after we came to get her... and it wasn't a sisterly kiss, you know? I mean, it wasn't like ridiculously sexual or anything, but it definitely wasn't sisterly.
After we left, we all went to crash with my Sister's friends. On the trip there, my friend sort of implied that he wanted to get with my Sister, and I got a little jealous. He's a good looking guy- and even though she was my sister- I just felt like he was competition. Not much else happened between us for a while except some maybe-sexy hugging.

Pretty much everyone in my life at that point was wanted by the government, so we all moved around a lot. I'm not saying that I'm proud of it or anything, but it was kind of an awesome time.

My friend and my sister never hooked up I don't think- but I thought there was some serious sexual tension going on between them. It was around that time that I got really badly hurt in an accident. It was fucked up. I almost died. But when I was in recovery my sister came to see me, and out of the clear blue sky she started gives me this awesome, slow, passionate kiss on the lips.

Sadly (although, I guess for the best) nothing ever came of it. We spent some time apart... and I started to get really religious, so I tried not to think of her that way. It was actually going well for a long time- like I was totally over her. But I have to say, like a year or so after all that stuff went down, we were out sailing (not like a date or anything romantic like that), and she was wearing like the hottest bikini I've ever fucking seen and it brought back all the old feelings. Sigh.

A little while later she actually wound up with my friend from before (the sexual tension guy). I can't say I was surprised.

But even after she was shacking up with my friend, there was one time we were at a party... my friend was inside, and my sister and I were outside alone. It was a really intimate moment. I think something might have happened, except that I killed the mood when I told her that Darth Vader was our father and that I had to go face him.

>such copypasta
>not even amused
Continue nigger
>went home
>got one the floor
>everyone walked the dinosaur
>sung a song with Rick Astley
>went on 4chan
>raped a moose
like i give a fuck
>not recognizing what brand of pasta it was
nice sage faggot
ur age/their age: 21
Who: Close female friend
What: we fucked
When: yesterday morning, approx 0130
Where: in bed
Position: Various
How long: 20 mins
Details: finally met after talking for years. we sat and talked for a few hours and mucked around.... after a few hours we fucked before she got picked up to go home to her daughter...

>not making own pasta
> She always moans alot because mine is the only one to fuck her

the fact that no one called OP on his obvious underage just make me sad
ur age/their age: 31/29
Who: GF/wife
What: fucked her from behind, came in pussy
When: last night, approx 9pm
Where: home office
Position: doggy
How long: 10 mins
Details: a couple hits off the bong, she laid down on her back, legs spread, short shorts no panties, let the high set in. I start touching her lips, caressing her inner thighs. She starts sucking my dick hard. Push her mouth of my cock, put her on all fours, pull off her shorts, go in dry, fuck until I come. Watch tv and fall asleep on the couch. get text about 10 minutes ago today "thx for last night :-)"
age/their age: 19/19
Who: GF
When: Tuesday
Where: in bed, living room
Position: handjob, Missionary, doggy, cowgirl
How long: 40 min
Details: Picked her up, cooked me some food then she wanted to clean my room. She's in there then I smack her ass and start kissing her neck. We proceeded to fuck. Went too deep inside her and she started to cry because I hurt something.
Their age: 3
Who: Some bitch down the street
When: During playtime today
Where: In the sandbox
Position: All of them
How long: Three hours
Details: That was one fine ho.
File: kcnyHkkp.jpg (55 KB, 500x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 500x669
What happened to her afterwards? Did you sue?
...said the guy jerking off alone
Ages: 19/19
Who: some local laos girl I picked up at a bar
What: we became fuckbuddies for 3 days, living together
When: 2 days ago
Where: in our rented bungalow on a small island in laos
How long: hours

Picked her up at a bar while I was backpacking, she took me back to hers the first night, and then she came with me to another small island in laos where we fucked nonstop almost for 3 days.
She had a tiny tight Asian pussy and I couldn't insert fully until almost the end of our relationship (she'd gotten used to the western D I guess)

Fucked in every position I know, went raw dog a few times but pulled out (idiot I know).
File: b smiley.png (29 KB, 336x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
b smiley.png
29 KB, 336x336
My age: 36.
Her age: 19
(feels good man)

Who: a stripper who is a friend of a friend of mine.
When Last Wednesday
Where my bedroom.

Position: pinned her to the bed and finger fucked her until she came a few times. The choked her, held her down and fucked her in the mouth. Then pushed her face down into the bed and finger fucked her some more.

How Long: 90 minutes more or less.
Details: we met at a party and we are both into BDSM. She said we should meet up some time and so we did.

I'm hoping to see her again tomorrow. In the afternoon of course, she's always working on weekend nights.
guys serious question here, i'm 18, so is my gf, and in every study and video and whatnot i've seen, it says the average time before the average man cums is ~10 minutes, yet i manage to last for like 1h30m+, and i don't even fap that much, is this normal?
my girl is a solid 9, so getting it up isn't a problem, it just takes me a lot of time to cum (which isn't so bad anyway, just curious)

Thats not normal at all.
could this be any sort of problem? i mean, i enjoy having lots of time to play around, but is there any possibility this could be bad in terms of health or something?
>ur age/their age: 26/24
Who: girl im talking to
What: we fucked
When: tuesday, approx 10pm
Where: pool, living room, bed
Position: a lot
How long: lasted about 3 hours
Details: we started to kiss in the pool, her hips rubbing on my dick, and clothes seemed to disappear. after we had both finished in the pool, we went inside to watch a movie ignoring our clothes, and we ended up getting frisky on the couch again with me eating her out for a bit. about 10 mins after i started i picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and proceeded to make her mine, and after 2 creampies and several orgasms on her part, we passed out.
its just slightly unusual, have you tried anal stimulation at all? some guys have issues getting off without a little bit of it, not that they are gay just enjoy a little something there

I'm like you. I can get it up but I can last forever without cumming. No girl can ever make me cum, I can only do it when I jerk off.

So that's what I do, I can decide whenever I want to cum, and then I jerk off. Usually in her mouth.
Who: GF
What: we fucked
When: monday approx 1am
Where: her house, living room
Position: cowgirl, doggy, reverse
How long: 30-40mins
Details: both tipsy watching american psycho after a meal out. she starts sucking my dick, i grab her hair and push her deeper onto my dick. shes wet. eat out her pussy and ass. finger her and she gushes over my wrist and her couch. fuck her hard and rough over the sofa. mfw she starts licking my ass. cum all over her lips and tongue

Forgot an apostrophe. I am fucking ashamed.


It depends. You should probably ask a doctor about it. If you're on any medication such as anti-depressants, that can reduce semen volume and stuff like that.
Its probably because you're nervous OP, your dicks brain still thinks you're a virgin
we fucked
a month ago
3 minutes
ur age/their age: 18/21
Who: BF
What: we fucked
When: yesterday afternoon
Where: in bed
Position: Doggy, cowgirl, missionary finished in doggy
How long: 40 mins
Details: Started with a blowjob, kissing, pussy playing, doing doggy, want to try my new rabbit tail butt plug, makes me choke on it, stuffs in it. Ride cowgirl, cum so hard it pops out, fucks me missionary, flips me over, cums in me doggy
That's disgusting! Even if it's a home is promoting rape culture!
>TFW don't have sex since ex-gf broke-up with me months ago

OP back


find a new girl who puts out

captcha: Hand onigism

Do you swallow? Btw tits with timestamp.
Used to happen to me with a very specific girl. Before you have sex with her are you normally drunk? She could have a loose vagina (no offense bruh)
Your stamina will be higher if you have a high level of fitness and a low level of attraction to your gf.
you may just not be sexually compatible bro.

oh. You might also be moving too slow. Pick up da pace.
ur age/their age: 26/25/26
Who: fiance/friend
What: we all fucked
When: Saturday night
Where: in bed
Position: Missionary, doggy
How long: 3 hours
Details: didn't really touch the fiance. They fucked around a bit and then the fiance told me to fuck the other girl so I did. A few positions later her ass was covered in cum and I was exhausted.
i should
shut the fuck up
>have sex cause bored
your lack of spark is why she's fucking your best friend.
It's amazing how every neckbeard on 4chan can have incredible stamina in the sheets.
if your life is 24/7 fapping, you kind of develop endurance.

Jelly much one minute man?
I've not got great stamina but I can go lots of times. Also, not every /b/ro is a beta neckbeard loser
File: 0b@m@.jpg (446 KB, 3769x2826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
446 KB, 3769x2826
>mfw this is by far the best thread i've OP'd
i can cum, and i usually even cum A LOT, it's just that it takes me a bit. I'm very attracted to her, and i'm well fit. i've never been drunk in my entire life. yep.

2 days ago
in bed
30 mins
i said "i want to fuck," she complied. came in her ass.
haha maybe. but you know what, i actually kinda like it, because i'm the dominant type, and it makes me feel good noticing she's trying really hard to pleasure me. i was just afraid it's be some major malfunction or some shit, you never know
>Implying thats not the best way to purge yourself of your sexual desires
it'd* oopsy
banged her
more than 2 years ago
in bed
no fucking idea, 10 min?!

she started an inappropiate relationship between us when i was way younger, decided to turn the table
>ITT: We describe our most recent sexual encounter with another human being.
>most recent sexual encounter with another human being.
>with another human being.
My age/ hers 19/20
Who: GF
What: head and we fucked
When: two days ago at 9pm
Where: her bed
Position: missionary
How long: 25-30 mins
ur age/their age: 28/44
Who: buddy's aunt-in-law
What: we fucked
When: last august, approx 00:30
Where: in bed at my hotel
Position: Missionary, cowboy, doggy
How long: 40 mins
Details: Was my buddy's bachelor party that was also a bachelorette party. She was looking for dick and I was the only guy without a girl so we knocked boots. Bride-to-be told me not to do it, so I had to do it. The lady forgot my name and she told her family about the night and she used my friends name. My friend was at the rehearsal dinner and everyone thought she fucked him. So on Saturday at the wedding when people found out it was me there were a ton of stares, but hey I did not give a shit because the beer was flowing.
It might be that she's too loose for your cock size bro.
Also look up "male anorgasmia"
howd u meet on CL? tips on meeting or stuff to say on email? thanks brah
Met her a long time ago. We've dated very casually for a long time off and on. Recently, she did something to piss me off. Get the jist?
It's not the fact that ever /b/ro isn't a neckbeared.
It's the fact that the average time ITT is 40 minutes and the average for males is literally 5 minutes.
People don't have to lie on an anon board but always do anyways to feel better about themselves.

>sexual encounter with another human being.

haha jokes on you

>implying i have ever had a sexual encounter with another human being.....

fuck you op fuck you
File: toMySNo.gif (657 KB, 297x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
657 KB, 297x167
ur age/their age: 24/21
who: GF
what: ate her out followed by bj
when: 2 hours ago
where: on my bed
how long: 45ish minutes
details: woke up to her running her fingers up and down my morning wood so i took a sip of water and without a word went down. after she came she started on a handjob but i told her i prefered her mouth. came in her mouth a little (which she hates) but i did give her fair warning that i was about to bust, she just stayed down to long. afterwards cuddled for a minute and took her home.

This. I'm pretty sure it's closer to 3 too.

This nigga right here.
I remember reading something about 5 but idk if it was national (USA) or global. Regardless, the average male doesn't tend to last long.
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