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ITT: Descibe your last nightmare.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Descibe your last nightmare.


>Be at home, on my phone
>An app that doesn't exist pops up, it was called TinyChat
>A message from a QT 3.1459 that I've never really talked to before appears
>Can't remelber what she said, seems like she was drunk but interested by me
>Every images of loli/toddlercon I've ever fapped on goes shared through the chat and all of my social networks
>Everyone on the Internet knows what I really am

And Then...

>Wake up
>Look at my phone
>Oh shit TinyChat is on with some Ironashi
>it wasn't a dream what the fuck

Actually wake up

>It still there

Then I really woke up. My mind got fucking inception'd, it was scary.
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wake-up-inception dreams are the fucking worst. I forget all my dreams, but bumpin'
2 nights ago.
>Best mate and I are on some big stage outside.
>Other people on there too.
>There's all boxes and chairs stacked off on either site.
>For some reason we start physically fighting each other
>I grab him and slam him into the chairs on one side
>He twists us around and I push him forward onto the middle of the stage floor
>Think "Yes I've won!"
>Look at him
>There's a deep gash on the side of his neck
>Massive globs of pesto start coming out
>Start trying to push the pesto back into the hole
>A bigger hole opens up on the other side of his neck
>More pesto
>Pesto fucking everywhere
>I ask another guy what to do. He starts reading from some handbook on how to keep someone alive in his condition
>"blah blah blah don't let the head be removed from the body..."
>His fucking head comes off right then
>"Okay, that's fine, just..."
>At that point I'm not listening, I'm just thinking "I'm not going to be able to live with this, I'm going to have to actually kill myself"
>Wake up
Fucked me up for a long time.
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>having nightmares
Dreaming. Suddenly i am in my room lying in my bed. But it is like warm water floating around me. I can't stand up. And i can see my room glas door open. I think the door should be looked. Maybe something wrong in my room. I force me to wake up.
When i wake up i see Death lurking through the door. But then goes away.

Alright I've got one like this, when I was a kid

First things first: my house had an inside balcony that faced the first floor and the stairs, and my parents always warned us about how it was dangerous. So they always told us never to climb it up because there is like 3 meters between the balcony and the tile ground.

Here's the dream

>Throw my older sister in
>She was like 13
>Her head hits the last stair of the stairs
>It makes a deaf sound
>She doesn't even bounce or whatever, she just hit it and died instantly

That fucked me up a little too.
I had a nightmare that I was a faggot, but woke up and realised I wasn't OP.
i can tell it in couple words.

"I woke up to the worst one"
>be in empty dark room with a carpet floor
>theres a storm outside
>i keep tryign to break a ice cube into many pieces
>cube keeps breaking into 2
>i put it back into a electric freezer bucket
after every atempt
>theres a sence of incredible fear
Been having this reoccurring nightmare for a few nights now.

>be me
>be in my 3x3m room
>suddenly the door slams shut
>The walls turn into padded crazy person cell shit
>Door becomes a solid steel prison door
>cell door opens slowly
>I hear myself chanting "the nameless things are back, the faceless things are back" over and over again
>humanoid figures that look like skeletons wearing skin crawl into the room from every edge of the doorway, including on the roof
>they have no faces and they're wearing the clothes of the nurses/doctors of whatever institution I'm locked in
>chanting intensifies
>the nameless, faceless, skin-wearing creatures bring in my girlfriend
>they tear her skin off while forcing me to watch
>they leave her skin in the room with me and exit

Shits terrifying.
>wake up
>come on /b/

shit reoccurs all the time.
I know that inception feel OP
>be living at gfs house at the time
>decide to take a nap
>dream of random shit
>wake up from the dream (or so I thought)
>go upstairs to see what gf is up to
>realize the whole house is empty, like no furniture and shit, no gf
>dafuq? Did she dump me and take all the stuff? Lol
>wake up a second time, this time gf is there but she's emotionless and motionless just standing there
>I thought I was really awake this time so it started to freak me out
>go to turn on the light, she disappears
>really start freaking out
>wake up another time
>the house is different, there are more rooms than there were before
>go upstairs and see a 3 headed dog (she owned a small dog)
>start thinking to myself "am I dead?"
>finally wake up for real in a cold sweat, go upstairs and ask gf if this is real life or another dream?
>she looks at me, lolwat?
I literally thought I fucking died, it was kinda cool though
A simple one but it is still terrifying.

I will be deep underwater someplace, look up and see the surface. I try to swim towards the surface but it just gets farther and farther away until I run out of breath and wake up.

That or I will be beside a body of water and some random force just pulls me into it. I am then trapped beneath surface only inches away from air. Again, I run out of breath and wake up.

Probably spawned from my near death experience when I was younger at a lake. Ugh, I can still taste the dirty lake water. I haven't gone swimming to this day.
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That's some kinky shit man
Is it ok that I don't have any nightmares at all? Like srsly none. Maybe I forget about them in the morning? I am dreaming sometimes but no nightmares.
you ever have that nightmare again, fight back with all your mite dude. All your mite
I only have 2 types of nightmares lately...
>i'm in a fucking big tower
>floor crumbles under me
>i fall
other one
>i fall in love with grill
>grill dies slowly (sickness, injury, whatever)
>i watch it all
>i see the girl from the corner of my eye from time to time
>wake up crying
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I'd say that's a good thing I guess, a little boring maybe
Backstory: my fiancée and I were going to have a child, but we got into a small car accident. It was enough to force a miscarriage of our baby..

>wake up in bed in dream
>go into kitchen, fiancée (now wife) making food
>daughter who died comes in perfectly healthy
>looks around 5
>overcome with emotion, pick up and hug my child etc
>wife kisses me and gives me my breakfast, tells me to take child to her first day of preschool
>can't remember name
>driving her to pre-school
>passenger side is tboned by another driver
>my daughter is killed shortly after impact, last words were daddy..
>i wake up shaking and in tears, this one really fucked me up.
>fiancée comforts me
>tell her nightmare
>both cry and then pass out early into the morning from exhaustion.
Fuck green text
Not recent but my most vivid and fucked up nightmare..
Walking down dark torch lit hallway which resembles the inside of a pyramid.
Someone else walking with me shackled together.
Led into a room with skulls and two massive Egyptian guys wearing animal bones for shields of armor.
Get unshackled and told to fight to the death.
I end up strangling the man that was with me quite easily.
I think I have won, all of a sudden one of the Egyptian guys grabs me.
One hand on my feet, the other hand on NY head.
Squeezes me into a ball.
Most exrushiating realistic pain I've ever felt.
Somehow still alive.
Manage to get the words out "where am I?"
Egyptian guy replies, "you mean, you don't know?"
Instantly think to myself "holy shit, I'm in hell.
Wake up.
Next morning, there's a cluster of blisters on my dick.
Confirmed for genital herpes.
True story.
kick some ass, shitty B horror Danny Trejo style.
>am heading to Tescos
>get to Tescos
>browse and have random conversations with people I know...basic weird dream stuff
>go to buy a sandwich meal deal
>get to till, cashier says "that'll be £3"
>count change....only have.....£2!!!!!!

Woke up sweating and shaking....scary shit
>financing 2011 mini cooper (cant say i own due to financing)
>random, different scenarios of my brakes failing
>brutal accident
>i'm fine
>car is fucked beyond all belief

I know it's not bad but I love my fucking car and that shit is terrifying when you hit the brakes and they don't fucking work
>massive globs of pesto start coming out
nigga what
I didn't have a nightmare since i was a child, what's wrong with me?
>fall sleep
>have dream that im laying in bed holding a dog like a lab
>cat hisses and swats at my head
>dog lunges and kills cat
>wake up
>be 5 years old
>have really bad nightmare several times throughout my childhood
>be on top of really tall ladder and can't get down
>like seriously fucking 8 story ladder for no fucking reason
>people just passing by not giving a shit
>try throwing my shoe to get their attention
>nobody notices first shoe
>try second
>fall off
>wake up

and that is how I developed a phobia for ladders
underaged faggot.
Sorry to hear that m8 ;-;
That's horrible. I'm so sorry for you.
Them feels :(
This wasn't a dream, but a nightmare trip on MDMA
>Take the mdma
>Talk with a dude
>Locked inside a bathroom
>Starts telling me shit
>Convinces me that my friends live by a ranking system
>Ranking system becomes obvious
>Everybody sieg heils
>All my friends are nazis
>Mentally petrified with fear
>Physically stiff and on guard
>Live out the rest of the night mortified
Next day
>Leave them and never speak to them again

Turns out I was manipulated by a sociopath that night, and that my friends have no idea what I was going through.

Still dont trust them.
>QT 3.1459

It's 3.14159
>be me at the beach in a house for some reason
>the purge is happening irl apparently
>go to my uncles house up the road, still on beach
>strange man's voice comes from house
>"Go. Away."
>nigga probs killed my uncle, wtf i'm gonna kill him
>All a blur here, can't recall
>somehow he punches through the wall and comes outside
>I have this hooked kinda scythe thing
>he falls over for some reason
>I'm like "shit I gotta do somethign before he kills us
>Repeatedly stab and kinda scrape his lower spine
>he's laying there screaming in pain, I feel kinda bad"
>then I remember he killed my uncle
>He's screaming that he's going to kill us if we don't kill him
>no one else will do anything
>I decide I have to do it
>get on top of his back
>rip into his throat with scythe
>as traumatic for me as it is for him
>Feel bad, but he did kill my uncle, so I kill the fuck.
>wake up
I had this with an ex after we terminated due to a medical condition put her life in jeopardy...

your brain is retardedly malleable but scars will still hurt you if you unconsciously wander along those thoughts.
>similar to when you get the "douche chills" when thinking about or seeing something "douchey"

PROTIP: females and faggots are very intimate with this term.
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I had this dream a short while ago that legit felt like a movie.

>Set in post apocalyptic world
>In ruined city, buildings crumbling
>I'm in this group, it's a couple in their mid 20s, a really young girl and me
>We meet this old man and he tells us we need to find the heart of the city
>He's walking along with us and there's all this graffiti pointing the way
>He tells us that every city has it's natural flow and circulation when it's alive, it's a living being
>We need to follow the natural flow of the city till we find the heart
>eventually we come to an area that's littered with bones and torn up cloth, most of the bones a ground to dust with the odd jaw or arm lying there
>The old man tells us that these are the remains of the religious
>He says they always move towards the heart of the city by they never make it
>He's looking kind of sad
>He says that he can't join us any further because no sane person can continue into the canyon
>In front of us the street just drops away into a deep ditch, sort of like a sewers or something
>He tells us to listen to the wind, it still moves with the flow of the city
>Just then a huge gust of wind blows over us, rattling chimes as it goes, it moves into the distance the sound getting further away from us
>He wishes us luck and just sits down
>The couple refuse to come with us
>The young girl just slides down the slope into the canyon thing
>the wind is gusting over head in intervals
>I follow her
>We're walking in the big concrete canyon, wind gusting over head into the distance
>The young girl starts singing a nursery rhyme, she's holding my hand a skipping
>I look to the side and there's these guant ragged people sitting around fires, chewing on meat and staring at us
>Her song is echoing throughout the city
>The people either side of us are all stopping what they are doing and just staring at us, while grinning.

Then my fucking alarm goes off.
I've been wondering what the heart of the city might be.
I once had a dream that spanned roughly 20 years of my life, i had a kid, a wife, whe got married, she had an affair but we were working it out together for the kid and we still loved each other, then the kid died because of a car accident coming home from primary school... we grew closer then ever before and wanted to try for another child even at 40. then i woke up and had feels

the problem was not that it was horrible, it wasn't, the issue was that the realisation that these 20ish years i just dreamt felt like actual memories and like it really happened but it didn't only proven by the fact that i was in bed as an early 20'r without a gf living alone in his grungy apartment
>be me
>get in motorcycle accident
>break my leg so cannot walk
>lying in hospital bed
>bugs just come out of nowhere
>giant mother fuckers
>theres one bug that i cant forget
>it looks like a huge beetle with a blade on its face
>now the room is full with them
>im screaming
>get out of bed and try to limp away
>fall and bugs start crawling all over me
>the beetle blade fuckers swarm me
>rip me to pieces
>i can see them tearing my fingers off, then my hands
>finally i close my eyes
>then i wake up
>Spend all day on /x/
>Try to go to sleep
>Hard time getting to sleep
>Finally get to sleep
>Start watching Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain
>The vampire parasite worms start pouring out of the tv
>Freak out
>Run to my room
>As I'm down the hallway the hallway becomes one from Waverly Hills Sanatorium (I live in KY and have acutally been there)
>I see a malformed human crawling towards me on all fours
>It disappears
>Someone calls my name to wake me up
>At the same exact time the creature reappears right in my face
>Nope awake
>Nope the rest of the day
>zombie apocalypse
>travelling with my mother
>find a rail yard, full of survivors
>a lot of people I know are here
>some sort of safe haven with lots of food, supplies, entertainment, etc.
>no visible walls to hold zombies back, a few scattered fences, but no weapons either, somehow zombies never find the place
>wondering where everyone sleeps
>teleport inside a bus made into a sleeping area
>go on a field trip, it's a weekly thing
>be inside my old middle school, looking at the old schoolyard from inside
>everything is withered, looks beaten down
>keep walking through the hall
>enter a hallway from my old high school
>swimming pool outside, more fences
>some intense girl I feel I should know is standing next to me
>blonde girl outside running as if she's being chased but nothing's there
>everyone is flying back to the rail yard
>be too late
>start parachuting from the sky
>land on the roof of a shack
>go back into the sky
>maneuver to the beach(?)
>find a very bare encampment
>guy my age approaches me
>wears glasses, chubby, sort of... 'off'
>don't think anything of it at the time
>starts requesting items from our camp
>let him in
>gets weirder, realize I shouldn't have brought him here
>now I'm inside the shack
>serving door from an old ice cream shop opens
>skeleton and some sort of undead matron
>prices on the wall, overcharged pop, chips, etc.
>massive amounts of zombies and undead are roaming outside
>they don't notice I'm in the shack
>matron walks away
>skeleton asks what I'll have
>skeleton isn't actually a skeleton, just call her a skeleton but she has very thin skin, looks tomboyish and dead
>want to buy something for 5$
>skeleton girl helps me find the money outside
>pick up 3$
>tells me if I rub hand lotion on my skin I'll have enough money
>rub it into my hands, about to buy something from the skeleton
>wake up
>as I type this can't help but think thanks mrs. skeltal

wow op you are sick. maybe instead of hiding "what you are", try and change and stop being a perverted freak of nature.

Make it happen
>My parents are driving me to some kind of a military recruitment center
>The military force is kinda like Night's Watch from GoT, people from prisons recruit there and sometimes volunteers
>They all have weird russian camo uniforms
>I am volunteering because my parents want me to
>You can not leave once you join
>There's a custom that they always must have a party involving musicians and alcohol before forever departing
>They are having one in the recruitment hall
>At the party some qt musician asks me if It was my choice to join
>I tell her no and then hesitantly ask if I can turn back
>She thinks for a while and says yes
>Suddenly whole hall is silent and staring at me
>I say "Fuck it, Im leaving, I don't want to waste my life"
>Some big guy in charge of recruitment is buttmad at me
>All soldiers in the hall start clapping and cheering for me
>I leave with a proud shit devouring self confident smug
>There are no parents outside of hall
>They left all their phones there
>I have no way of contacting them
>Suddenly I realize they dont love me and thats why they left me here to rot in the military unit. I no longer have a home or anything to return to.
>Cry in the dream and in real life too.
>skeletons wearing skin
Pretty sure that's a person dude
>went to a drive through zoo
>saw a bear, went to go pet it
>pet the bear
>bear punches me with the force of a thousand honey combs.
> get launched back about 30ft
>wake up in sweat also pissed myself a little bit.
There was this one that stuck out from the others

>woke up in bed
>everything seemed normal
>get text from crush from highschool
>don't really remember what is said but something about how she liked me all this time
>crush wants to hang out that morning
>no school that day apparently
>crush coming to my house
>go upstairs to eat, take shower, ect.
>have room in basement with no door, just a black curtain
>come back downstairs to change cloths
>come to see crush in sitting in a metal folding chair facing my room doorway
>asks, "Jada? What are you-"
>all of a sudden her neck bends backwards in an unnatural position, staring at me upside down
>starts chanting something along with my name
>all of a sudden I'm strapped to a bed, on my stomach with leather restraints
>i get angry but calm myself
>"i need to get out of here. I need to wake up" i keep telling myself
>i take a deep breath and calm myself
>the thing that's pretending to be my crush reacts
>it's angry, I can feel it
>see the thing start to change into something i cannot really describe
>just pure darkness with something sitting up in the middle of it
>before it makes a move, use all my strength to move and gasp for air
>end up waking myself up, but cannot see or hear, just feeling around
>couple of seconds i can see and hear again, just feel winded

Really the only one i can remember so clearly. haven't had a nightmare since
>Running from something through the Windows 3D maze screen saver with walls of picture related.
Last real 'nightmare' was half a year ago.
>I was sitting at home and watching the news
>They casually mention how that evening there would be a solar flare that will wipe all life from earth
>Go out to buy a pack of smokes
>Go to a rooftop to watch the world end, light up a smoke
>I can actually feel the heat, everything burning up
It was all so vivid. When I woke up my first thought was that I had died and I was now in some kind of afterlife.
It wasn't very scary, it just felt so extremely real and I walked around feeling like I'd died for a couple of days afterward.
make this into a story b0ss
make money from dreams
>Driving home from a day of errands
>Sky has a pitch black wall cloud behind me
>Start speeding to get away from it
>Clouds overtake me
>Everything gets dark and looks violent overhead
>Funnel clouds directly above me start to form
>Tornadoes touch down rip everything up around me
>Try to pull over and seek shelter in a nearby house
>Get picked up and chucked in the air like a paper airplane
>Just as I hit or am about to hit the ground I wake up
It's one of those recurring dreams where when it ends you wake up and feel like you are falling or being "pushed down" through your mattress.
I was dreaming that I was in a hotel and people were committing suicide. this one girl was hanging high in the bathroom, white as snow. but then she was cut down and ended up surviving. I felt guilty about thinking she was dead and not helping her
>They casually mention how that evening there would be a solar flare that will wipe all life from earth

>I can actually feel the heat, everything burning up

Shit this already happened to me, execpt I was one of the last survivors and I've seen my father die.
This ones short but depending on if you like it or not I can post more... I keep a dream journal so I remember most of mine

>be me
>wake up in some broken down bunglo styled hut on the beach
>everything is really eariely colored and almost warped, almost like a schizo's painting
>face feels weird
>go to the cracked mirror in the bathroom
notice Im growing a pretty manly beard
>beard still growing
>flip the fuck out as hair slowly grows out of my face growing faster and faster
>wake up

after I woke up I realized it was a dumb dream, but while I was in it for some reason I had this pressuring sense of dread
fuck, y did the greentext mess up? guess im still a newfag at heart
>Be in a prison
>Have to fight this crazy asian to get out
>He's got a katana
>I've got a shotgun
>asian sneaks up behind me
>stabs his blade though my shoulder downwards into my chest
>don't wake up yet and start to tunnel vision
>go all the way black and only then wake up
When i woke up i was dizzy and had chest pain...
before this happened I watched the conjuring, which, in my opinion was a pretty scary paranormal movie, go watch it
>woke up in the middle of the night (I was actually half asleep)
>see a hangman's feet just hanging in front of my face
>get up and scream
>still kinda asleep I "realize" that Im not in the room alone, that there are friends with me
>"haha, that's funny guys, you got me good"
>5 seconds later I realize that I AM alone in the room, that no friends pulled a prank on me
>freak out
>turn around, see a silouette
>lay in my bed, motionless, scared shitless
>didnt sleep till morning
thanks conjuring!!
Why didn't you just use your katana?
>implying we have skeleingtons inside us
Ha! Nice try faggot to bad your b8 was a bit to obvious
He means incredibly skinny people
Had this dream twice now, second one was a little bit different.
>in back seat of car
>father is driving car
>lose control
>smash through barrier on top of bridge
>I shout something like "brace yourselves"
>plunge into the water at a 45 degree angle
>go underwater
>wake up
Second version of the dream
>father has intent look on his face
>carries on driving forward
>no idea why but there are schoolchildren on the road, 11-18 year olds
>father ploughs through them now with a distanced look on his face
>break through barrier
>plunge into water again at same angle
It's weird, because I'm not in the car when it enters the water, i.e. I can see it going in. Car is a Volkswagen Passat Estate. This bridge is the exact bridge in both dreams.
Its a form of psychological projection, you father? he's pedophile, the imagery of him plowing down 11-18 yr olds in your dream was symbolic of his actual plowing of 11-18yr olds in real life.

Tl;dr: your father touched you at very young ages and now your having backlash's in your dreams for it.
Holy shit if this is not copypasta this needs to be a book/movie stat. James Cameron had a dream about a robot skeleton crawling towards him through flames in the early 80s and that's how we ended up with Terminator.
>Kendrick Lamar died
wake up
the only thing that touched me at very young ages were the indians that lived over the road
story time?

not copypasta, just a really vivid dream I had a couple of weeks ago
Trust me on this one, Im a professional.
Pic very related, its me.

also idk y it sage'd last time, guess im a massive faggot named heaven
Fuck u its true man
I was just kidding
But in all seriousness those indians were fucking weird
One of the kids came up to me one day and said "I was doing some indian dancing then a poo poo fell out of my bottom"
The mars rover is only still out there because it is looking for my sides.
This would be an amazing book, golly I would read the fuck out of it.
>"I was doing some indian dancing then a poo poo fell out of my bottom"
god fucking damnit, lol
>>He tells us that every city has it's natural flow and circulation when it's alive, it's a living being
>>We need to follow the natural flow of the city till we find the heart

I love this concept, it's kinda true. Except every city revolve around energy, so the heart of the city would be a gas pump or an electrical station. But if you take it to a Sci-fi level, this would get very interesting.
Top kek
Not as bad but the mother was terrible at speaking english, but I shit you not she knew all of the swear words. They were pretty chill compared to other indians in the area now I think about it
File: elmo-sesame-street.jpg (44 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I haven't had a nightmare since 2009 but I remember it like it was last night.

>On my couch
>watching friends
>Oh Ross you nigger you can't say that at a wedding
>Hallway door opens

But I live alone

>I see a redish hue in the darkness
>A high pitched voice is echoed through the darkened hall

I swear on my life it's Elmo from Sesame street

>He walks out from behind the door
>There's something off about him
>His hands were wet
>but.... not.. water..
>Dark red
>something has been cut recently
>Notice he's walking towards me slowly
>He's tall, stomping as he walks
>I run my scared ass towards the basement and go down the 4 flights of stairs and open the window and hide under the stairs to ruse him to make him believe I went out the window.

>I wait...

>And wait...

I see his sillouette

>He sees me

Wake up
were they terrible drunkards?
all the Indian's I know are always drunk as fuck
These ones were generally productive members of society (hey, every race has to have one family, right?) but the others in the area weren't drunkards, they just had an awful pack mentality. Probably for the best that I moved away when I was about 6 or 7.
Sounds like you were lucid dreaming, woke up, had a bit of sleep paralysis and then saw a shadow figure.

It happens and its scary as fuck.
>>Set in post apocalyptic world
>>The young girl starts singing a nursery rhyme
All I can think of is that fuck in dayz that goes around killing people with an axe whilst playing a little girl singing "its raining, its pouring..."
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Any sleep paralysis hallucinations here?
You lucid dreamed by the sound of it.
And had numerous false awakenings.
They can fucking suck.
>go to sleep
>flicking the neighbor's daughter
>remember that she is like 4
>keep fucking against my will
>dream sensations of sex were realistic
>cum in dream
>cry uncontrollably
>she fucking sucks me off
>cum so much her head explodes
>wake up
>cum all over my drawers
What does this mean?
Last night

>In foreign country on school trip
>Bunch of kids on a bus
>Driver stops on an incline to go have a cigarette
>Handbrake gives out
>Jump into the drivers seat to try to stop the impending accident
>Bus stops at an intersection on the flat, not before a few swerves and kids with empty bowels
>Cops blame me for the mess- handbrake is working perfectly fine now
>Kids are too intimidated by the language barrier to say anything in defense
>End up in a holding cell, grind my teeth- they break apart and I'm forced to spit them out

Wake up
In the cases in which I can remember my dreams, I seem to have two people in my head. One of them is writing the dream, and the other is the one "living" it. Except I only remember being the one experiencing it, but I'm sure there's some consciousness involved because of how tights the plots are.

This was from a few days ago
>Have to drive somewhere
>brush my hair while I'm driving (I have hair just past my shoulders)
>notice in the mirror that there are colors in it
>as I brush it it becomes pictures of fire and meteors and skelingtons and shit
>I'm freaking out and stuck in traffic
>call my friend and tell him I'll be late and that I think something bad is going to happen
>The sky turns black, then red, then I see a wall of fire coming at me
>It passes me and I get out of my car
>everyone else is dead in their seats burnt to the bone
>my hair starts growing
>more natural disasters and cities burning
>I call a news station and warn them
>they don't believe me so I hang up
>start itching
>my hands have turned into these long black claws
>itches too much; I end up peeling off my skin
>underneath is red skin covered in hermetic symbols
>plus horns and wings
>still need to warn people
>fly to news station
>they think I'm threatening them
>city explodes
>fly to another city
>spiral of me trying to warn people and them thinking I caused all the previous disasters
>get fed up and kill a guy -- I just slice him open
>suddenly my mum is there
>she recognized me from the television
Not gonna green text cause phone. havent had this dream ever again.
16 year old me. mum died a week ago. had epilepsy as a result of a clot in her brain. died in her sleep front clot moving. not dealing with this shit.
In bed one night like wtf why did she have to die??? Start praying/begging w/e for her to come back. before i fall asleep say i would trade places with her.

Have dream she comes back to life. she just shows up one day. something is off. shes so angry. fucking hates me. spends all her time asking why she is back. End up killing her in my dream because i cant stand watching her like that anymore.

Never wished for her to come back again. believe she is in a better place.
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I have only had one nightmare in my entire life.
It was just watching my family get eaten by spiders.
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I've had these kinds of dreams before
Some messed up shit
>fuck who knows how
>she says she believed me and just gives me this disapproving look
>wake up

So apparently my mother being disappointed is scarier than turning into Satan and watching the apocalypse.
Before I start here's a little back story:
•was absolutely pissed the night I dreamt it
•the static shit and sound that play wen you get caught by slenderman in the slender games scares the shit out of me
•little girls are fuckin creepy. I hated doing the little hide and seek mini game in nazi zombies because of how creepy the little shit was

>drunk dreaming
>in some building I'm not suppose to be in
>lots of long corridors
>some woman finds me and sad get the fuck out
>run round corner and hide
>like a typical movie cliche
>woman runs past
>step round corner like a badass
>fucking slenderman
>don't move. Just stare as he turns at me
>walks towards me. Fucking shoes tapping on the ground as he walks
>he touches my shoulder
>static, static sounds,little girls crying and laughing
>stops with a loud scream and I bolt awake
>don't sleep again that night
Inb4 you're a fucking pussy
are you 12
>in living room
>I see my friend who just killed himself a few days ago
>I grab him to see if he's real
>I'm crying, screaming he's still alive
>he doesn't really move on his own, he doesn't talk to me
>I'm just overjoyed to see him, I know he's dead but I thought he visited me
>I wake up
>them feels man

btw any bros can help me with ways to cope with his death? Died a few weeks back and I'm always dreaming about him
It means you're perfectly normal, faggot.
Idk man, fuck thats a tough one and probably realistically the scariest dream here. I guess learn to be more independent? rather learn to be as happy as possible with yourself as you can, even if you are a sad sack of shit human being (like myself) im sure it would make your friend happy to see that your happy with yourself. (if that makes any sense?
I remember one nightmare as a child.
>be in school playground
>walking inside
>clown appears
>he has a hose
>im covered im water
>its blue
>its solid
>its not water
>wake up

I also remember that I was able to escape dreams as a child. Whenever I knew I was in a dream I could summon a portal.
One day it didnt work and I went in a dream quest to get my ability back.
I woke up before finishing it and I couldn't do it ever again.

Now my dreams are abstract and I almost never remember them.
>be me, about 18 or 19 (26 now)
>alone in an old train yard with containers all over the place
>explore for a few hours, no one else around, find nothing
>hear some people talking and shit
>climb up ontop of one of the containers to see what's going on
>I see a group of about 15 - 20 people all standing around with a few fire buckets just talking and chilling out
>unsure if I should go join them or not or talk to them or not, I just remain on top of the container and continue to watch
>Suddenly everyone stops talking
>dead silence for about 10 seconds
>then everyone simultaneously tearing/cuttng their own abdominal area open, reaching in, pulling out random organs, and eating them.
>I freak the FUCK out, start screaming but can't
>takes a while to wake up, I try to screaming but only half conscious moans come out
>finally wake up fully
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Not passing my exams. Keep being stuck in uni for even longer.

Oh wait, or is that real life? I can't tell anymore.
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