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Hey /b/
What was your paranormal experience?

>lived near house that was said to be haunted
>woke up at 3:00am
>door handle tries to turn
>room turns cold
>80 degree night
Lived in a haunted house. Occasional loud banging noises. Rattling/scraping noises on the ceiling that would go on for hours. All roomates (6) agreed house was haunted. Denied everything and ignored all noises.
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>phone call
>noone call
>hang phone
Masturbate till the ghosts leave.
I saw a weird smokey ball of darkness fly around my room in the middle of the night while trying to go to sleep. it was like 2 spheres contracting and expanding at the same time...I can't even describe it. I remember it flying over my body and feeling the wind of it

another time I was lying in my bed trying to sleep starring across the room and I saw a miniature horse drawn carriage run across my floor real quick.

honestly OP I think both of our experiences can be attributed to just dreaming, but it is so fucking eerie how real it seems I don't really know what to believe sometimes
It was strange and just surreal as shit
I don't know what the fuck I saw
I'm currently in a new appartment (moved in 2 months ago). It's 4 am (I really need to go sleep) and at around 3:00-3:15 am there ALSO that fucking sound off someone walking in the corridor. The wood floor is making a lot of cracking sound when I walk on it but this is just fucking scary when it does it by itself and from one side to the other.
meant to say there's ALWAYS.
very tired
wrong board dickhead
>holiday in Canada
>with family in hotel
>hotel was alright, 2 bedrooms, nothing sp00ky about it
>watching TV with mom and younger sister, brother was upstairs
>hotel utilized old as fuck tvs
>the room we were watching tv in had two chairs and a couch, mom and sister were sitting on couch, leaving one empty chair
>want to change channels
>whenever we changed channels there was a 3 second interval between channels
>tv reflects us during interval
>change channels
>tv reflects us, and some skinny girl sitting on the free chair
>she had one of those hospital gowns on, black hair and pail skin
>she was sitting with her legs crossed, she was also looking down
>look to chair
>family has no idea what I'm talking about when I ask them if they saw it

I've seen the girl again, nothing really happened after the first sighting, though.
>me a kid maybe ten years old at my grandmas
>poopin in the upstairs bathroom
>door shut and locked so my cousin wont come in
>finish poopin
>get up to wipe and door comes unlocked and pushed open
>stop fucking around cuz
>i glance out the window and my cuz is outside
>turns out my grandmas house is haunted and no one believes me
You likely entered a state of sleep paralysis by accident, it's not uncommon to hallucinate shit. Some of those can be pretty mild, others can make you literally shit your pants.
I saw what many refer to as the gown lady.

I was on my cousins house a bit hang over, just woke up on the guest room there was a party a day before and we got very fucked top.

I sat on the edge of the bed facing my cousin's room.
Him and his wife were on the leaving room watching TV.

While I was trying to settle my mind to get up and take the new day.

Out of no where the image of a blond woman appear in front of me walking fast from the leaving room to my cousin's room.
She was wearing a blue old school night gown and a sleeping cap with long blond hair.
I saw her as clear as day light.
I jump of the bed and ran inside my cousins room searching for her.

I looked inside the closet, under the bed around the room and there was nothing.
>be 6
>Wake up to some old guy standing in my bedroom doorway
>Start screaming my head off, wake the whole house
>Woke up my uncle, who was dreaming he was talking to his granddad
>Describe the guy. Suit, hair, looks, everything.
>All the adults nope.jpg the fuck out, even my grandfather teared up.
>TFW I just described my great-grandfather's funeral attire.
>He died 5 years before I was born
>open closet
>spooky skellington pops out
>does dance and closes door
> 8 years old
> At a friends birthday party
> Around 10 p.m.
> Kids breaking pinata
> Im alone in the jumper
> Jumper high enough to see into neighbors yard
> Stare at neighbors yard
> See what it seems to be an old lady with a black dress walking
> Turn to party and turn back to the neighbors yard
> Shes gone
> Tell my friend's mom about it
> She tells me a lady died there about 6 months ago
I can still remember it crystal clear.
Geez I thought I was on /x/ for a second there.

Was in one spoopy thread, went back to catalog, saw this thread.

>Friends move into 70-100 year-old 6-bedroom
>Basement is freak shit
>4 locks on the door, no entrance down there.
>loose limestone walls that only go up half way, rest is dirt filled with old farm tools, scythes, wire, trash
>Old-ass furnace with the open flames that growls like fuck and seems to make a spitfire face
>be hanging out, hear stomping on the stairs, door moves
>invite shit-talkers to sleep there for $100, never taken
>be upstairs in the bedroom, hear someone stomp up both flights of stairs.
>must be his girlfriend.
>I lean out and look at the top of the stairs
>call girlfriend's name.
>no reply
>search house, doors locked, no one there.
>awesome halloween party, keg's in the basement
>los negros see all the cars, crash it
>jesus gives them all acid, they don't know what it is, start shit after 15 minutes.
>homeless street samurai beat upon them
>return with guns, they still don't know it's working
>I went home, and found my boy eating leaves in the yard. They smelled so good and made him a nice pillow.
>be 10 years old, living in FL
>sleeping on top bunk, pillow is in direct line of door. Can see straight down the hall.
>Roll over in the middle of the night, restless night.
>Glimpse something in hallway.
>Try to focus sleepyeyes
> Looks like old time cowboy walking down the hall towards the room.
>Wide hat, spurs, cigarette. Looked kinda glowy see thru. Maybe the brightness of a nightlight.
>Rub eyes. Can't be real.
>Open again. Cowboy is gone.
>Must be dreaming. Back to sleep.
>8 hours later.
>Eating breakfast with mom. Don't say anything about last night.
>Mom says, "I had the weirdesr dream last night. A cowboy, looking kinda like the Marlboro man, was standing over my bed, watching over me."
>Bricks were shat.
>Never happened again.
you get better stories here than from the wizzards at /x/. It usually turns into a demonic cockfight.
I was a babby, though, no older than 4 or 5.
Latest thing, not gonna greentext:

My ex and I bought a house. Upstairs, there was a landing where my desktop was and faced the stairs. To the north was a bathroom, to the south the kids' bedroom.

Literally 2 months to the day after we moved in, the kids couldn't sleep. They both (12 and 8 at the time) were creeped out and felt like someone was in the room. They ended up sleeping downstairs on the couches.

Around 1 a.m. or so, I opened a new tab and the pc screen went black for a second, except the toolbar. In the black part of the screen, there was my reflection...And somebody walking from the bathroom into the bedroom.

I found out a few days later in the newspaper that the previous owner had died that night.
As a frequent browser of /x/, this made me chuckle.
What the actual fuck!?
>live with friend for summer in high school, his dad is NOLS instructor, out fucking mountains and climbing bitches
>crash on his couch
>get that someone is in the room, air disturbed feeling frequently at night
>hear floorboards creak in a sequential manner(walking around in the kitchen)
>hear pots and shit bang around
>close eyes harder
>it stops, like it has noticed me
>floorboards creak up to me
>close eyes even harder
>feel air shift and something right in front of my face
>sit up all angry and ready to fite
>be walking through the house, see weird asian guy reflection in the window.
>run outside, no asians in teh bushes
>friend says that they'd been finding soy sauce packets all around the house since they'd moved in.
Bro he's looking out for you. Cleaning pans leaving soy sauce. Sounds like a legit guy
Fuck it

>be me
>have a dog named sushi
>sushi always barked at everything
>usually sleeps on the floor or in bed with me
>be weeks before Halloween
>shits already been missing
>lost my first Ds
>late at night kinda sleep kinda not
>door opens a little
>sushi comes thru
>see a blurred figure walk behind her
>blurred figure keeps walking towards me
>stops and stands there while sushi sleeps
>15 mins in it walks out
I know, rite?
One time we communicated with something through a yak back(90's toy that records your voice, distorts and speeds it up)
>ask yakback a question
>yakback answers in a snarky way
>are you human?
>what are you
>what are YOU
>we are human
>YOU are human
>but what are you
>I am you
>on and on, was a pretty cool shroom and cid night in the soy sauce house.
sounds like a nope
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pretty good nope from /x/
ive had times sitting on the deer stand during hunting season when i swear i hear voices around me.
they've been like whispers in the air around me. i cant make out what theyre saying but its def a human voice and language.
Nopetastic, got any more?
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>be 16
>driving around tripping ballz
>decently-lit city street
>see something rolling across the street, hit it
>it looks like the fucking crypt keeper
>see it in rear-view, still looks like a skeleton wrapped in brown burlap or soiled clothes
>never drive on acid again
I used to think there was a herd of nosferatu esque vampires living in the forests behind my childhood home. Turns out they were just really pale hill people.
>mfw still terrified
moved 2 states away
What the... I don't even... What?
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next time you better thank mr skeletal
>be 10-14yo
>be in house mom moved into
>have room in the attic
>every night between 2am and 4am it sounds like someone walks up the stairs
>stops halfway there
>no more sound
>look there
hated that house
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you're fuckin gone m8
On a phone so green text is going to be a pain but I'll do it.
>be at my aunt's house in the getto somewhere around Detroit (not telling you faggot where I live)
>brother and his girlfriend are there and aunt says house is haunted
>brother says bullshit
>starts talking shit "fuck you casper!" "Your a bitch" "bla bla bla"
>there's a candle of the coffee table next to the futon in the porch area where they slept
>everytime brother says something disrespectful to ghost bitch candles flame shoots up like 2 inches
>brother finds it intresting and commences shit talking
>"your dead bitch you can't do shit"
>candle flame shoots up
> this goes on for about 20 minutes then suddenly stops
>brother and girlfriend goes to sleep
>next morning candles not on table
>look for candle everywhere
>it's thrown under the bed in 2 pieces
> split down the middle and only half has been melted. (It was one of those tall rectangular candles for like a table decoration
> tfw I can't explain it
> tfw some faggot ass bitch hung himself in the house
> tfw I have no face
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It was a halloween party. My boy looks like Jesus, dressed like him. Gangsters can't into acid. Big fight. I like including the craziness that actually happened in the place. It seemed to bring out the worst in people.
>pail skin

is legendary ghost of bucket lady. i live near where bucket lady legend originated be very spooked.
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sleep paralysis is pretty much the most paranormal thing that cab happen.

it's all fucked up and you can't know what gonna happen next.
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Yukari strikes again
>sleep paralysis
>can't know whats gonna happen next
i'll give it a shot
>crippling fear of an intruder
>mild hallucinations
>70-100 year old
>age of house is supposed to be noteworthy when not dilapidated

this isn't scary america. stop pretending it is.
>Visiting gf's parents
>Big ass house in washington state
>Can't sleep with gf because parents
>pick bedroom or mattress on floor of haunted room
>am told people hear piano in haunted room played at night
>noises, weird shit happens, etc
>pick haunted room
>sleep soundly through the night
>nothing paranormal happens
>tfw ghosts doesn't real

not the spookiest thread

>le new copypasta yet?
>be 13
>always wanted to believe in the paranormal, spirits, power
>enter goth phase
>acquire necronomicon
>buy candles, assemble some herbs, sage, etc
>put on black wizzard robe from being raistlin for halloween
>set up what I think is a demonic ritual
>sprinkle herbs into candles, start bargaining with whatever will listen, for power
>goosebumps all over all of a sudden, room feels cold
>all of the candles start sparking like those damn birthday candles
>flames get larger, and fizzle out all at once
>reason that it was the shit i was burning fucking up the wax
>never fuck with occult again
Oohhhh ho ho noooo...
I look at a lot of these uncanny valley kinds of things, but this, this is .... Oohhhh god
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>be only non-christian kid in christian family
>dads a pastor
>live in house thats over 200 years old and was known to be used for satanic worship and human sacrifice
>so much fucked up shit happened to me in that house
>only me
>so glad that house burned to the ground.

Sorry /b/, not gonna talk about it. Shits fucked with me all my life to the point where I'm pretty sure I will never be able to have a family, because I dont want there to be some chance of shit following me and getting them. These tales are the type that should not be shared.
do share.
I'm of the opinion that human sacrifice and satanism only happens in the fantasies of pastors and at gatherings of the super-rich.
maybe start believing in god?
There's a shadow that appears at random in my apartment. In two places, the same human like shadow appears. It's fairly short.
I prayed the gay away
Im of the opinion that regardless of your opinion fucked up shit happened there the entire time I lived in that house, and that as soon as that house burned down, shit started spreading to all the friends I had in that town. Which is why I will never go back.

Why would I believe in god? If anything my experience proved that no one is looking out for me.

well thanks for releasing the demons and not sealing the exit

So the rest of your family is safe from any haunted shit? Was your dad trying to make a point about how god protected them from evil?
if it attacked only you and you were the only non christian in the house then something must have been looking out for the others
They're pretty cool, actually. I still stay in that room frequently. I get a little sleep paralysis and have the hat man visit once in a while. But I'm used to it. They flick my ears once in a while or some shit, but meh. I feel like the energy vampires are attracted to me, but they always keep their distance when I'm fearless and they only sneak up on me once in a while. One of them likes to touch my ass when I'm passed out. That bothers me a bit. I sleep on my back because of it.
Maybe. However the sacrifices (known and suspected) were all boys within the ages of 3-12. I was the only one in my family who fit the bill.

No one else experienced it. They only saw the after effects on me. If you guys really want I'll give the condensed version, its pretty tldr.
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Dont really want to talk about it but I guess I shouldnt have put it on /b/ in the first place. I just wont do dates/names/places.
Write it out and paste, it sounds like you need the therapy.
I'd like to hear one of these stories from someone who doesn't have a movie deal.
Pretty much every house I've ever lived in had something in it. Shadows darting around in my peripheral vision, banging and walking noises at night, feeling watched, occasional voices, the whole shit. Once I full out saw an apparition that I'm positive was my biological grandma who had died a few months beforehand, I only ever met her once so I don't know why she decided to show herself to me. Scared the shit out of me. A few days prior we came home to find all doors in the house wide open after locking them securely when we left.
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A black guy follows me everywhere I go and only leaves on cloudy days. Also maybe in the dark but he's black so I can't tell.
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anon, does shit still happen to you?
>be 31
>ask woman qt3.14 will you marry me
>says yes
>get her pregnant with man goo
>divorces me six months later
>entire time I meant to tell her it was a Freudian slip and that I had her fucking dog

I've been toying with a theory that you can record EVP just about anywhere.
If you ever want to move, record some in your home, and show it to your girl.

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Mkay, I actually have most of it written out because I was planning on using it as part of a suicide note at one point. Im pretty sure I've gotten past that point but I've kept it around just in case.

Before I post this I want to point out that this story will not end in everyone walking the dinosaur or any other such statement. I really wish it did, but there it is. One moment.
Shit around my house get jolted a lot of time with no visable things moving it, I mean thing that have sat still for months, occasional sounds and shit as well gotten quite use to it as of late, I figure it's probably just my step dad or grandma if it's not just some other bullshit reason
>be me
>be 13 years old
>just got a new pellet rifle
>6 am so there's only a little light
>pretend to shoot imaginary burglars
>put the gun down
>see shilouette of person in my doorway
>sit up against the wall behind me in fear
>person starts walking to me
>violently bashes my knees
>person vanishes
>no pain in knees or anything
>sit there petrified
ghost doesn't real

I am luv top lel wood reAd gainz
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some more creeps
Thank you. Despite my doubts about satanic stuff, I'm genuinely interested.

come on nobody wants to hear walk the dinosaur stories
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A little background history before I get started.
I was living in a town founded as settlers started moving west towards California. The house that I lived in was, as I stated before, extremely old. The original builders and multiple generations after were reportedly Satanists (the kind who practiced the Black Mass and all that jazz). Human sacrifice was tied to them, because young boys aged 3-12 seemed to go missing in that area with bodies found in surrounding countryside. No one could really prove the boys were murdered by them, as bodies werent found in the premises. However this could also be due to the fact that the owners were rich and pretty much had put money in everyone's pocket, so it was well known that officials in the area tended to ignore them.
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>had a dog, a really good and amazing dog
>he was practically my best friend when i was a kid
>anxiety, paranoia, and asperger's kinda put me off and had little to no friends
>dog was always there for me, always knew what to do to help me somehow
>come fall season, he starts to get sick
>we take him to the vet, and aim to treat him
>we do what we can, but he keeps getting worse
>everyday I was taking care of him hoping he'd get better
>come around christmas time, he's still not doing better
>all I wanted that year was for him to get better
>sometime after christmas, parents decide to put him down
>have the vet visit our house, with injection
>there with him at his last moments
>after sometime go to sleep
>wake up, or at least think i do
>no lights, pitch black in the room
>feel myself yanked up to the ceiling
>door flies open, and some demonic looking skeleton dog thing lurches inside my room
>looks around and leaves
>flopped back onto the bed
>next moment i know, its daylight lighting
>get up from bed, and walk into living room
>my dog is sitting there in his usually spot he'd always be at
>hug him, and very vivid dream, smell, feeling, everything about it feels real
>things start getting brighter until it's blinding
>wake up in my bed again

I'm not really sure what that was, but for some reason, that dream has stayed completely, in my head, I usually forget most of my dreams, and the ones I actually remember, eventually forget in a week, but this one dream has stuck with me for nearly 10 years
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same here
>first place with ex-wife
>old stack house
>has basement, being remodeled, no one lives there, door down to it in the kitchen, locked from our side
>3 big rooms, kitchen is largest
>huge kitchen, 25' of cabinets on every side, large island full of them
>hear footsteps, cabinet doors swinging at night
>cabinet doors are frequently open in the morning
>wake up one night to footsteps on stairs
>go out to kitchen, see shadow come through the door
>go back to bed, don't want to scare my girl

>be in next apartment
>bathroom doors are always open when no one is there to see it, and the light switch is flipped on
>can't keep that fucking door closed, girlfriend blames me
>take the blame, she's scared of her fucking shadow, won't sleep with the door closed anyhow.
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File: bat.jpg (40 KB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>it begins
oh shit
My family and I moved into the house when I was about 3 years old, give or take. They had been told by multiple people in town that the house had bad energy, and of the last 3 owners 2 of them had committed suicide and the last murdered his family and was placed in prison for life.

My after a few months of quiet living my mom would come into my room because I'd be seemingly talking to myself. I would say something about the man in the corner telling me stories about the people who lived here. There was a rocking chair in the corner that the man would sit in, and my mom would wake up from the creaking of the boards (wooden floor in my room). That was the start of things. The stories were apparently disturbing but didnt frighten me for some reason (my mom's words).

At about age 5 I began experiencing night terrors and tremors. One experience I remember was probably the first terror I had.

My parents heard me screaming and came into my room, I was thrashing around violently, had a 101 degree fever, sweating profusely, but my body felt extremely cold to my parents when they held me down to stop the thrashing. I was screaming that RJ was on my sheets, that I couldnt get away from RJ, that I was soaked in RJ. I later found out with some digging that RJ were the initials of one of the last bodies to be found in that area. The dream that accompanied it was that I was laying on a stone slab with a white sheet on it, and blood was being poured on me. More on that later.
Had my first lucid nightmare today.
I'm still shaken by it.
> don't want to sleep again fml

Every once in awhile I pray to my dead ex that she would somehow contact me, once in awhile I get pinched real hard with no explanation, been about 5 and a half years
Fucked up part is one of my aunts was mad/hurt at me because I saw my grandma and she hadn't been able to even dream about her since she passed. Seriously what the fuck. Seeing your dead family member walk through your living room and into your fireplace is so not cash.
that's the worst man. i was lucky with that shit because all my nightmares when i was younger i was just lucid enough to convince myself i could just close my eyes in the nightmare and it would move on. there should be a psa telling you to make up retarded anti-scary rules when you're a kid.
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Poughkeepsie Tapes worth watching?
File: 1360835679043.gif (161 KB, 450x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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best serial killer movie I've ever seen. Hannibal is an ass-clown.
File: 0.gif (1 MB, 299x162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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classic spook
File: 1348852156.jpg (5 KB, 266x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All right guys. I've seen way too many shits. I don't even know where to start from, so I guess i'll just drop the biggest ones.

>Years ago
>Playing vidya late in the night
>Feel kinda weird, but don't really know why
>Keep playing pretending it's nothing
>Then cold. I mean, I fucking feel cold in the middle of summer
>I feel like someone's staring at me
>Check out my room. Nothing.
>Return playing vidya. Still feeling cold.
>I feel someone's touching my shoulder.
>I slowly turn back to see if there's someone, but there wasn't.
>I keep going like a badass motherfucker.
>Turn back to resume my game, then notice something.
>My Ps2's memory card's missing (I saved progress just right before check my room few mins ago, so it was there)
>Still wtf.jpg when suddenly I feel another touch near my legs.
>I jump the hell out of my chair. Memory card is in there.
>It was between my leg.
>Biggest nope of my life.
>I slowly shut tv off, walk backward, reach my bed and manage to asleep.

I can tell you shittons of things like this. They happen to me since always. I'm kinda used to this tho.
That's fucking good
I guess I can share a story I've only shared with a few friends.

>be me
>be 8
>fascinated with paranormal stuff
>read on paranormal stuff at my school library, usually just bullshit paranormal stuff about 'spooky ghosts and skellingtons galore'
>life moves on

>be me
>be 12
>watch a bunch of ghost compilation videos on youtube and other shit lie that
>anyways, mom is a single waitress who speaks bits of italian
>she hears an italian girl about 6-8 talking to herself in the bathroom after-hours, always locked
>she never sees her go in or out
>lol k mom

>be me
>be 13
>see a little girl in my kitchen with hair draped over her head at about 1:00 AM
>pale as fuck, wearing a grayish skirt. apparently she resembles the ring girl which i've never seen.
>tell her to get the fuck out of my house in a panic
>go to my room and lock myself in
>don't sleep for 24+ hours (which was an acomplishment at my age)
>always hear strange noises at night throughout my year

>~3:00 AM, playing world of warcraft
>'DIE' written on my mirror with fingerprints
>my fucking face when guys you dont even know tears are coming now
>think to myself, "why would a little girl want to hurt me"

Things actually stopped for about a year. Then I converted to atheism.
This is where it gets fun.

>be 16
>a few days after converting
>get home
>mom is on the floor cleaning up glass
>look around, all of the windows are shattered
>she tells me that all of the windows exploded from the inside out
>i help her clean
>continue on with my day and check over my shoulder
>go to bed
>woken up in the middle of the night by cabinets slamming in the kitchen, assume it's my mom.
>wake up the next morning, she said she was asleep all last night. dishes are broken on the floor.

Pretyped, please hold.
then who was phone??
Exactly, the worst part is, I had 2 false awakenings.My understanding of reality and dream world is currently fucked.
>continue on with my day normally
>go to sleep as usual after school and gaymen time
>wake up to my night-stand shaking and the little girl standing there
>i run out of my bed and into my moms room at 7:00 AM
>not sleep paralysis, i had full control of my body
>she runs into my room, my night-stand shaking violently as it begins to stop
>we move out next week

So, everything's been fine for almost two more years. A few months ago, some more stuff has happened to me.

>be 17
>playing CS:GO
>hear tapping on my window at 4:00 AM
>lol must be nothing
>it gets louder
>okay fucking stop it
>i blare music so i dont hear it
>just pretend

>this happens for a few more nights. i hear whispers too.
>one day while i'm alone i'm brushing my teeth
>look over to the left
>razor-blade flys towards me at jet-speeds
>misses me by less than three feet
>lose my shit again
>start going around my house and yelling like a mad-man with a switch-blade in my hand yelling "COME OUT YOU FUCKER"
>no-ones there
>doors are locked and so are the windows
>i'm going crazy
>but the razor-blade went from point a to point b
>my mom saw the stuff in the past too
>i'm not crazy

>been having weird dreams lately
>tl;dr in one of my dreams i end up getting killed by millitary
>i take the role of the millitary instead of waking up, i inspect my body and say "what a shame".
>i look around and find a giant safe bloodied up with a ruined teddy bear inside.
>i feel grief
>i look around some more, and the world seems almost deserted besides the millitary. it's like a deserted wasteland. not even forestry grows.
>a van is sitting in the middle of a road
>i open the doors and a bunch of people are dead
>i tell myself "i must find the girl" and wake up
>i can't stop thinking to myself "i must find the girl".

I don't know what to do. Any ideas /b/?
File: 1342595574366.jpg (3 MB, 3472x2490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3472x2490
These night terrors continued on about once a month for the remainder of the time I lived there. I dont remember the exact contents of most of them, in fact a lot of my memory from that time frame is a complete blank.There are pictures of me that I have no attachment to because I just flat out cant remember. Its like a mental block.

The house was built on a solid stone foundation, 2 stories and a basement. The basement always was the worst in the house (no surprising, basements are always pretty creepy IMO), but what made it worse was that there was one large room that no one was allowed to enter. It had a bar across it and 3 different padlocks of different makes, so most likely different keys. No one could get in there if they wanted to, because no one knew where the keys were. My family was content to leave it be since we just used the basement for storage and there was plenty of that in the rest of the basement.
(fast forward a few years, dont worry theres more shit to come)
Right before we moved, while my parents were out of town, I took bolt cutters from the garage and snapped the locks and went into the locked off room. In the center of the room was a large stone slab about the size of a twin sized bed. It had gouges and cuts in it all over, and red stains. My parents say it was probably used as a butcher room. Im not so sure. There were also scratch marks all around the walls of the room, with more dark stains. To me they seemed like someone was clawing at the walls to get out, but I cant know for sure. Regardless I noped the fuck out, slammed the door, and fucking ran like hell. I had never felt such a horrible feeling in my life.
well go find the girl obviously
Hi I am dog
it's too spooky you can't understand
I'm going to post this here before I go to bed seeing as I'll probably never tell anyone for fear of being deemed mentally unstable or something. I partially believe I am just because. I'll try to just tl:dr a few of them.

First time.

>Wake up every morning at 3:14 exactly.
>Hear what sounds like a flute
>every morning for over a month
>seems to linger in rooms
>gets to my room one night and goes quiet
>hear this loud bang that sounds like someone basically kicked the door (I always locked it out of bathroom habits)
>freak the fuck out then think nothing of it

Still heard the bang for a year or so after that before it stopped. Just random loud bang sounds middle of the night.

A few more because I feel like I need to say these.

>Home alone and on the computer around 10:30ish at night in winter
>Recent Insomniac from constant "paranormal" or just plain creepy events
>Hear what sounds like sister calling for me
>Keep saying "what?" louder until I go to stairs and say "What's wrong <name>?"
>Start to go upstairs and get this weird feeling then thought of "Am I not supposed to be alone?"
>look outside
>No vehicles in drive way or on street including sisters (who lives in different place)
>disregard noise continue on gaming
>Eventually hear what sounds like sister crying
>Immediate reaction to rush to it
>stop myself as soon as I get up
>"Help me, anon." coming from living room which is across from the computer room and pitch black
>realize both dogs are hell bent on not leaving my side in the computer room
>Go batshit and say some hurtful words sure to upset and scare away any demon
>Nope.jpg the door closed and stay there for the next 2 days

Waited until parents got home and slept on the couch. Just said it was more comfortable at the moment. That one was by far the worse one I had aside from events / nightmares.
Nightmares just suck because I feel all the pain and what not so I don't like them much.

Going to cont. for my own mental health.
I'm gonna see what /x/ has to say.

>inb4 find christ
Didn't realise /b/ was not a random board
Now, back to the other shit that happened.
I learned very quickly never to be in the house alone, because whenever I was alone I would occasionally hear what sounded like light thumping from the basement. I shouldn't have been able to hear anything, because there were 3 doors that separated the basement from the rest of the house, and my room was on the second floor, but the thumps were there. I didnt imagine them.
About a year after the night terrors started I started sleepwalking too.
Most of the time nothing bad happened. for instance, one of the funny ones was when I walked downstairs in my sleep, asked my mom for a glass of juice, and when she gave it to me i just stood their for another 10 minutes holding it. It took my mom a bit to figure out I was asleep because my eyes were wide open and I was speaking clearly.
Other times i would wake up standing outside the locked door in the basement though.
I once i woke up a mile outside of town, standing in the middle of a field. I would be covered in scratches and cuts, bruises, and would usually be sobbing and not know why. Every time I would sleepwalk I would wake up about 4-5 in the morning.
I have no clue how I'd go about doing that.
File: 1360915904193.jpg (1 MB, 1000x1271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x1271
Dude, I'm a big lucid dreamer and I have a word like this. One day I'll get the arts to draw it like this. It's like the shitty mid-sized sprawl I live in all gotham. And Pennywise is my neighbor. And no one knows what he is. They all just smile and wave to their nice neighbor with the balloons.
did you ever consider some satanic worship etc. yourself? obviously not while you were young but maybe early teens or something.
File: 1407262082122.jpg (85 KB, 817x817) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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review people who used to live their, look for military related people, find out who may be haunting, research for their lost girl, find the girl, and bam, you're now a paranormal investigator
you got google bro
That's the scariest thing i ever seen
Thanks anon. I'll see if anything comes up.
Next time you feel a presence, tell it "in Jesus name begone." Even if you don't believe, it might work.
File: lol kramer.jpg (27 KB, 560x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol kramer.jpg
27 KB, 560x350
>sitting in room alone
>parents dead so only me
>doing vidya and weed so my window is barely open
>no other open windows since winter
>no chance of draft
>window slams shut
>books in corner of my room flies out like someone pulled it out while pissed
File: 1396162918082.jpg (114 KB, 563x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 563x767
File: NOOPE.png (149 KB, 1000x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep dropping. Feel free to ask.
>Still years ago
>Going to sleep pretty early that night.
>Wake up in the dead of night.
>I can feel something's not alright.
>I used to sleep with every single lights turned off. Not anymore.
>Try to understand what's going on, but I'm still too sleepy to clearly see through the dark.
>Wait few seconds till my eyes get used to dark, then try again.
>Nothing all around. Just dark.
>I then turn around to get comfy.
>And I see it. I fucking see it.
>There was a goddamn shadow on the right side of my bed.
>It was like a goddamn silhouette of a tiny man. Or a child.
>All black. Cold.
>It was right there. Did nothing. Just stare.
>I was paralyzed.
>I was still a kid (12, maybe 13) so I just put my head under my pillow.
>Couldn't even scream.
>After a few mins try to see if it's still there.
>It was
>Couldn't sleep.
>I just hide under my sheet till the morning came.

And they keep going. Now I'm just used to it. Mostly I pretend it's nothing.
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I would get a metal detector and look for a safe around your old house. Possibly in a large field. If you're in the midwest, it might have been dustbowl-era.
Hearing voices in that house was also not uncommon. Usually it would be a mans voice, deep and commanding, but it would sound like it was coming from very far away. I usually would only hear these when I was alone, or when everyone was asleep. Once I heard what sounded like my moms voice, calling me from behind the basement door. She said the door was locked and and that she needed help getting it open so she could get what she was carrying inside. I was kind of afraid because I hated the basement, but I went to go help anyway. Right as I reached the door and was about to open it my mother came in from the door on the opposite side of the house. She had never been in the basement and had been out shopping for the last 3 hours.

This kind of thing happened the entirety of my childhood there, so I made sure that if my parents werent in the house that I was either with my older sister or away. It didnt matter if I was outside or at a friends, but I had to be at least a block away from that house to feel safe. It always felt heavy and dark, the kind of way a church feels when no one is in it.

Things would mysteriously move on their own or be misplaced. My parents had a small statue of Jesus, that had a cross that you could take out of his hands (it was a carved wooden thing, and the cross would slide between his hands). That cross would go missing, and end up in front of the basement door, or on the floor above the room in the basement I mentioned earlier. I also rarely slept well, I would hear the voices and see shadows in the room the entire night and would have to sleep with a light on in the hallway. I took to hiding my head under the pillow to try and drown out the voices. It didnt really work. I also would get extremely sick randomly, usually around Easter and Christmas.
Currently living alone in a rental house.

Constantly hearing foot steps at night upstairs and banging sometimes.
Quick story about the one night friend came and brought kid.

>kid is sleeping upstairs in spare bedroom (3 bedroom upstairs)
>We are hanging out downstairs, talking, watching some movies.
>Hear what sounds like foot steps upstairs and assume her kid is awake.
>Sounds like almost running and fairly loud
>"How did he get out of that little crib?"
>"I don't know, I've never heard him run before".
>Go upstairs about halfway before I realize the foot steps are in my office and not where the baby is sleeping
>Friend and I both freak out, get the lights and grab the kid and resume hanging out at her house where I slept

Then a weird event was just at a different friends. We had something hit the sliding door window and looked like a coyote tail go by it (middle of nowhere so it's not exactly uncommon). He calls for his dogs (assuming they are chasing coyotes around the yard) and we both realize they are both in his garage.

At this point we were pretty freaked out because it was for sure a Coyote and was definately on the move yet has no real predators outside of people or dogs here and the closest thing to danger is about 3 hours south and it's the odd cougar.

So we get the idea to go out in the pitch dark and just take a look around without flash lights or anything. Within seconds of leaving the door I hear a deep heavy panting coming towards me extremely fast. I freak out, my buddy freaks the fuck out and starts to close the damn sliding door on me because he chose to stay inside.
I manage to get inside and get the door closed but still have no idea what that was.

Not a bear or anything to be honest the only thing I could MAYBE think of is a Moose. But it sounded way too almost human in nature which is the only reason we freaked out seeing as there is next to nothing for danger out here.
File: canyoufeelit.jpg (36 KB, 680x684) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Remember the day I fapped to this before knowing creepypasta coz pretty
>Read creepypasta after
>develop an abstract kind of fetish
>just finished fapping to this moments ago
>was about 4 years old
>dream about a zombie chasing me
>run inti my parents room(in the dream ofc)
>hear screaming noises
>dream ends and i wake up on the bed of my parents

No greentext because mobile.
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Hey op. I need you to look at this newspaper for me and tell me how much it is worth.
File: 1403348866784.png (121 KB, 500x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 500x647
File: 010101.jpg (622 KB, 550x3830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
622 KB, 550x3830

>Be me, 12
>Walk into the living room
> Couch is right in front of the exit of the hall, and to my right, behind the hall wall is a refrigerator
>Something flies from the refrigerator and hits the couch
>A battery that is normally kept in a glass bowl on the refrigerator
I would rather not get into some of the things I heard and saw, and to be honest a lot I cant remember clearly anyway. When I try to remember certain events I get a migraine and I tend to just get a flash of memory, like an image or a sound.
Eventually we moved out of the house, but things didnt stop happening there. About 3 months after the new owners moved in they called my new house and asked if anyone was home. I said I was the only one there, and asked if I could take a message. He said he was wondering if we had problems with animals getting into the basement or something, because his son was hearing thumbs in the barred room down there. I couldnt figure out what to say, and I kinda freaked out a bit and hung up on him. He never called back.
About 6 months later the house burned down, killing everyone but the father of the household. He was in critical condition and survived, but the trauma was too much for him apparently because he ended up committing suicide later. The fire fighters in the area said it was an electrical fire that started in the sunroom of the house. That sunroom was right above the basement room that was locked off, and had no wiring running through any of its walls or even the floor/ceiling. It was isolated from the house in that respect.
Nah mate, I live in NC.

Sorry if I had to mark anything out to keep the identity of the new owners private but... fucking memories from this house.
Lmao i had basically the same thing
>be like 6
>late at night (the bad don't seem that wrong)
>stare out window 2nd floor
>suddenly a guy looks through it horizontally flipped (he sits on the roof) and looks me right in the eyes
>says "hello anon"
>flip out run to my parents
>describe him, looks exactly like my fathers grandfather, i also recognize him from the old pictures
>before he passed he told my dad that if there was a way to contact him then hed try it
File: 1391308101876.gif (875 KB, 500x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So between countless paranormal type events, handful of strange moments where I would see things even with friends sometimes and we'd both see it and nightmares that physically hurt both during and after I wake up I'm here!

I'm obviously enough a bit of an Insomniac even if I am tired I refuse to sleep which is good I work a very short night job.

I've mostly taken onto dating as my big thing. I noticed things are much more rare and I sleep a bit better when there is a girl with me so I go through a-lot of relationships even if we're not exactly compatible.
I need to be careful when sleeping alone though or if the girl wakes up and leaves me for a few hours because sometimes (very rarely) I will use a pillow or blankets to suffocate myself while I'm sleeping. In my dream I'll be drowning or strangled. First time I woke up to me smothering myself with a pillow and my face all blue/purple looking. Second time my GF woke me up after I tried to smother myself with blankets.

Anyways typing about this makes me get that kind of stiff throat, teary eyed, heart hurting feeling so I am going to cease. Thanks /b/ for being a place I can at least say something. Feel less psychotic when you're Anonymous.
Not a goddamn thing. I was raised in a religious cult believing that demons and spooks are lurking everywhere, but to this day have never seen a single frikking thing to substantiate that. Middle finger confidently extended in the direction of the paranormal. Come and get me.
Flip flopped the zoo zoo
>be 12
>all alone whilst parents have gone to dinner
>all going well
>crashes downstairs
>creep downstairs like a nigga
>shit banging abot it my lounge
>creep up to door
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody do the dinosaur
>skeleton standing there

oops, sorry wrong post number there. My bad.
Continuing on.

Last year I went to where the house was, and noticed a few things. The first was that now the entire town felt the same way that house used to. Dark and not welcoming. I also noticed that nothing grew back in the space above where that room was located. No one will build on that land, and the area of ground where the locked basement room was located was completely dead. No grass, no anthills, no weeds, no nothing. I saw animals running around it but never through it.

I tried to reconnect with my old friend from there. The one closest to that house developed schizophrenia a month after the house burned down, and within 5 months had hung himself. Another friend who lived 3 houses down had his father die suddenly of heart disease, with no prior symptoms or family history. He also developed clinical depression and anxiety. Conveniently a few months after the house burned down. The third was emotionless shell, its like he cant feel anything towards anyone now, which is odd considering how he used to be. Everyone else I knew had moved around the same time I did.
>Went on a school camp to a place called old york hospital
>this hospital is a country hospital and nearly 180 years old
>The first day i got there the place felt weird and the talk of ghosts and the dead had filtered through the camp (being that it once was a hospital)
Alot of shit happened ...strange lights ..kids getting thrown out of top bunks ...i remember picking a top bunkbed near a window where i myself saw an apparition...shit scared all camp....
>A few years later there was a documentry made on this hospital.. and on things that had happened there ...hauntings etc ....through the doco there was a witness who stayed in the exact bunk i was staying in and had seen the same thing that i had seen
>Ayy lmao
>A few weeks ago
>browsing the internet, bored, very low-volume music playing in my headphones
>suddenly hear leaves rustling outside my window
>think nothing of it, continue scrolling
>sound gets annoying
>Get up, preparing to close the window when I suddenly hear the distinct sound of a baby crying coming from the same spot as the leaves
>not loud, terrified crying, but more like soft weeping
>Grab my knife
>Walk out onto my fenced porch
>The crying and rustling is coming from just barely outside the fence
>turn on the porch light
>Get closer to the fence
>crying and rustling abruptly stops
>standing in silence with knife drawn
>rustling suddenly starts up again, this time louder and more chaotic
>back up slowly to the door and go inside
>Crying resumes
>Close window
>Crying seems to get louder, can hear it even with music turned up
>Turned music to max and tried to stay calm
>Eventually forget about it and go to sleep
>look outside the next morning
>There are no dead leaves anywhere remotely close to that spot
>Keep window closed for the next few months
File: 1396162390082.jpg (163 KB, 834x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no tree fiddy yet?
I saw a UFO and nobody believes me
I was 16 miles from home with nobody in sight

fuck outta here. but do elaborate
Surely it should be the other way round, why would Satan punish you for not believing in God?

But then again I've never understood that Christian logic.
sauce on that pasta please?
There was also a major fire that occurred in the winter after our house burned down. During a blizzard there was a fire that started in a building in the middle of mainstreet, and burned down about half of the buildings on that street (they were apartments and really close together). No one can really agree on what started the fire.

It may not seem that fucked up to some, probably wasnt what you were expecting, so Im sorry if my experiences disappointed you guys. But it was fucked enough that it ruined a good portion of my childhood.

And in response to the anon who asked if shit still happens: last night I woke up sleepwalking through the field that is right next to my current house. I was crying again and I dont know why. I've also been having the night terrors occur again. Dont know if theres any reason for it, but its happening again.
Peripheral vision is around about 90% made up of your memory, and not what you see. I think thats why when people "see" shit it's often at the corner of their vision.
I believe in the paranormal/supernatural, but also believe a lot of /x/ events have mundane explanations. People pick up sensory input outside of the normal range of sensory input, and interpret it in ways that make sense- ghosts, ufos, the Virgin Mary, etc.

That said, I believe some /x/ events are real. I've lived in a lot of haunted houses and apartments, I like places with cheap rent because they have a reputation for being haunted (there is a level of hauntedness which leads to lower rent). If things move without human or animal interaction, I think it is something real. And if you interpret something as malice, it is probably malice.

I've lived in places where locked doors open themselves and TVs turn off and on by themselves. I worked the night shift at a place where the members of the janitorial staff would regularly walk out in the middle of a shift and never return because the place was haunted. Protip: if you're by yourself, and you know you're by yourself, and you hear someone call your name, don't answer.
Dude, you sleepwalk. I do that to... Almost fell from the stairs thinking i was going to pwt my dog. My mom suddenly stopped me while she was heading for the bathroom
call best friend (girl) Friendzone.jpg
talk till midnight and further
suddenly strange sound someone wispering
cant hear her anymore...
silence... she starts crying...
anon.. did did u hear that?
was fucking creepy.jpeg
we both go to sleep...
How to schizophrenia?
Thats some old shet niggeh
had it some time ago... i paniced... cant sleep in full darkness now... shit was creepy
File: tetris.gif (63 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In fact, If I'm honest, the only reason I'm posting and still awake, is that I'm alone tonight and scared as hell that I'll start sleepwalking again, or have a night terror and not have anyone to help me. I'm kind of losing it, because things have finally been starting to go well and then suddenly in the last few weeks things that havent happened in years are happening again....
File: 1409297678414.gif (494 KB, 475x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
494 KB, 475x355

>few weeks ago
>keep window closed for next few months

nigga just got time spooked
File: 1409201677643s.jpg (4 KB, 250x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 250x242
Sounds like teenage fiance or daughter offed herself after her dad/bf/fiance/whatever died in combat. Dig a little.

I've had some weird stuff happen, but one of the biggest things that's made me a somewhat believer in reincarnation/echoes is that I hate guns. But I'm also fascinated with the skill required to hit a target. And I've had recurring pre-sleep and upon waking dreams where I've been wearing (green? brown? grey? I can't remember because it comes as flashes), and I'm holding some kind of rifle left-to-right (I'm a righty, but shoot rifles and handguns left-handed). I'm always starting to stand, and feel a thud in the mid-left part of my chest. I can feel my heart stop, my blood pressure drops and I get lightheaded, and I feel a burning...then I wake up.
Thank you mr skeleton?
Thanks for sharing Annon, it's nice to get some OC every once in a while
Fuck. I'm way too high to be typing.
But aside from the pasta I posted earlier, I know it isn't 'paranormal', but anyone want to hear about how I came into contact with a UFO?
What is that?
Go suck a fat one faggot

Out of all the people that need Jesus, you need him the most. Like after what you've experienced and others too, do you think how ignorant people can be when they claim spirits and demons don't exist haha? All this shit is so taboo, I want closure for the all the people on the world for this paranormal stuff that happens but people are too blind, bigoted or too frightened to talk about it (I guess which is fair enough it is terrifying as the stories go).
60% of the time it works everytime
Ever considered going to your local Wiccan/Psychic Supplies shop and seeing if they'd come by and do a Warding?
One night i saw a big blue shining beautifull ball of light with the corner of my eye. ALso i keep seeing little indigo/violet sparkles of lights from time to time. I belive they are my guardian angels or some shit. Ive been experiencing rough anxiety attacks for the past 3 years and sometimes i cant sleep because of it, so one night (week ago) i was really exhausted of not getting any sleep plus i had an anxiety in my body, i was beggining to feel panickd and somehow i managed to calm down and then i heard a whisper
"you will sleep"
File: scary 003.jpg (2 MB, 1584x2816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
scary 003.jpg
2 MB, 1584x2816
get into weed. All of my dreams stop when I have it in my system. Or I can't remember them. It worked well to stop my constant murder dreams after my divorce.
A conehead?
>Smelt sulfur whole night, the smell of rotten eggs wouldn't let me sleep. Nothing was on fire and there was no spoiled food.
>A few days later I found out my neighbor, an old woman that lived alone in apartment under mine, died that night.
Well, I'm glad someone read it... It does help a tiny bit being able to talk about it, but at the same time it almost feels worse too, like by validating it and telling other people I'm giving whatever it is strength. I cant sleep at all, I'm so tired, but I cant, because I'm home alone and dont have anyone to make sure I'm ok. Plus I'm freaking myeslf out a little because the dog keeps whimpering upstairs, but sometimes it sounds faintly like my mom....

My mom lives 2 hours away...

Cant smoke weed again for a while, got a drug test for a job coming up and its a random date within the next month.
9/10 would read again
Some of the acting is pretty shite, I thought it was good the first time I saw it though.
You kidding me? It's a good film, but it's not a great film..

*if it is

Was going to say you can chat to me while you get tired but then I clicked clicked that extremely frustrating gif now I hate you. haha but nah you'll be fine anon, I always wondered if it was possible you could do enough weird shit yourself to fuck with whatever is bothering you.
poop ghost after ur poop
>be me a few years ago (i was a just kid back then)

>wake up during the night

>i see a strange green light shining from my window

>tfw the should not be light passing through my window because of curtains and roll thing

>put my head under blanket

>still see that light

>i scream

>my father comes into my room to see what happend

>light is gone

i have never seen it again
Never thought about it that way anon. But this has been throughout the course of my life. Raised by grandparents and they didn't believe me. I also had lucid dreams regularly when I was small but that was mostly like toys and small special treats raining all over the room and being able to catch them and pile them on my nightstand for the next day.
Man I love paranormal stuff like this.
> Was taking a nap in my room with the door locked and the lights out
> Around 7pmish
> Woke up, went to the bathroom and before washing my hands I see a little drawing on my thumb "^ w ^"
> What was weird, the w mouth piece was three words made to look like a W. It was "NOM"
> So it looked something like "^ NOM ^"
> As if a girl / kid drew that on me as I slept.
> No one could have entered the room. Brothers aren't creative to do that.
> Couldn't figure out how I got it.

To this day it bothers me.
Then again, not the first experience I've had similar.
I understand you mean well, but it is genuinely horrifying to wake up in the middle of a field out of site of your house, no idea how you got there, standing in whatever you slept in (usually nothing in my case), covered in cuts and bruises from walking there, and sobbing your eyes out and not knowing WHY. It happened last night, and Im too scared to sleep because I feel like it will happen again. I want to at least wait for sun up so that if it happens theres a chance someone may see me and wake me up. Ill only get a couple of hours before work, but Im too scared to do anything else. And if I had a night terror... I just cant handle this shit. It makes me want to anhero.jpg just to make it sotp, but I know that its not the answer and that if these are demonic or evil entities then thats probably what their plan is.
File: 1404195314032.png (612 KB, 614x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612 KB, 614x678
>be me
>so cool like cucumbers
>live in same house for whole life
>hear noises, like wasps in walls, nobody else does
>see things all the time, small white faces looking at me through mirrors, tvs, fireplace, etc
>ignore that shit. supernatural more like poopernatural
>horrible night terrors since I was little
>eventually I'm not super hyped about going to sleep because the terrors are so... terrible
>stay up for like 3 days straight after the worst terror yet
>parents find out
>say I need to sleep
>cool as cucumber, don't tell the fuzz nothin' go to bed like it ain't nothing
>most vivid dream of my life
>thousands of living shadows coming for me
>thunderclouds of pure evil descend from sky
>everything is black red and grey
>shadows form into enormous freak with too long arms, bulging torso, and the same white mask face I've seen my whole life
>so scare
>turn to run
>to scare to run
>turn back
>see scare
>not this time, done being afraid
>we charge each other
>devour it alive
>wake up, whole house creaking and screaming in thunderstorm
>no more wasps, no more masks
>tfw house never bother me again
>tfw cool as cucumbers

Alright, So I was hiking one evening with a friend, we were going to sleep at his uncles house
>We arrive at his uncles house after a few hours, and he decides to sleep, I want to keep going
>I start to feel a bit weird, like, I got that sour taste in your mouth like when you're about to puke
>Heave, but nothing comes out
>I come across and old shack and go inside, full of trash and old tools on the walls
>Must be his uncles old toolshed
>While I'm taking a little break inside the shed, I can see light pierce through the window, blinding the shit out of me
>I think its a car, so I go outside, and I take out my earbuds
>Loud as fuck, like some sort of super vacuum,
>Just a big ass yellow ball of light in front of me, about 100 meters away from the shed
>It glows, but doesn't emit light or a shadow on the ground
>It itself is just lit, orange, glowing. Not emitting light to surrounding objects
>I go what the fuck mode, unable to say anything, paralyzed in fear
>PIss runs down my leg and I pass out
>Wake up in his uncles house, coughing this yellow shit out of my lungs for about an hour
>Smells like dead fish
>I have burn marks on my chest and shoulders, one on my leg
>They look like electrical burns

Captha: Uskendi sacrifice
Np annon
how long did you live there?
Im gonna gess my id is purple!!! Black guy still follows me everywhere.
These captchas are hard as fuck to read wtf moot
>God tier.
What's so fucking awesome is not only is the story great, but the writing is actually above what you usually get on /b/. Really suited the mood.

10/10 would re-post.

I don't have any sky spook stories, but I've got a feeling I might have some soon. Seems like at least two or three times a week for the last month I hear a wackadoo sound outside, with the same doppler effecto you'd associate with something flying past, but it goes back and forth, all around, super annoying.

I've been trying to ignore it but these last few nights I've been going outside and trying to see what's what, but there's nothing, no spooky lights, no nothin'.

Probably nothing, but just wanted to share.
yeah just half-dreaming man
What the fuck is a "Jumper"? Do you mean a trampoline?

I've seen a ton of ufo activity near me, and when I was little, I'd see those orange lights a ton.
Mostly around 1:00 am EST is where I see stuff, because of the clear sky
A bounce house probably.

You're not alone man you've got a dog! If horror movies are even remotely accurate dogs sense evil so my advice would be to chill with your lovable loyal dog and if it suddenly dies I'd then advise you to get the fuck out of there.

If it gives you any comfort/peace of mind I'll say a quick prayer in my head for you. Even though I'd classify myself as agnostic, when you're scared or feeling weak any type of reassuring relief such as me telling you I'm praying for can be comforting even if it's considered illogical, the mind and your emotions are powerful as fuck. I guess the general idea of evil spirits is that they prey on the psychologically weak and fuck them up resulting in depression to the point of suicide/anxiety/paranoia//fear/lunacy so once again I'm only guessing but if you stay resilient, mentally healthy (thinking positive/ignoring bad thoughts, not getting worked up over them - shit like that) they'll eventually get bored and leave. I've never experienced any type of paranormal/demonic shit so I feel real unqualified giving anyone advice but perhaps since I haven't I'm maybe doing something right.
Not really spooky but here goes

/b/, My toilet is haunted.

>Be me
>living with dad and 2 brothers
>Toilet was fine for the first few years
>Suddenly it started making vibrating noises in the middle of the night
>only stopped if you flushed it but it would always start again
>eventually gets used to it
>dad googles and finds out that ghosts apparently haunt toilets
>We're not superstitious so we laugh it off
>Every time the toilet makes the noise my dad yells "shut up you fucker"
>He's Norn Irish so it makes it even funnier when he says it
>be trying to sleep one night
>Toilet starts it's engine
>hear dad's bedroom door open
>hear bathroom door open
>chuga chuga chugachuga
>in my head it sounded like "go fuck yourself"
>definitely a modern ghost
>feel uncomfortable every time I take a shit because I feel like I'm taking a dump in a ghost's mouth

So we live in harmony with this annoying piece of shit sounding like a steam train every 15 minutes, I might get a priest to exorcise it or something
What did the whisper sound like? Like was it commanding or calm, this is pretty interesting
Listen to this man.
it does help a little anon. The suns coming up now, theres enough light coming in through my window that I feel a little more comfortable sleeping. I brought the dog into my room and the cat jumped up and laid on my lap, so I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Ill leave this thread open and if hasnt died when i wake up I'll post whether or not it happened again.
my dads old house was haunted. heard whistling while no-one was there, banging, footsteps, and whispering and breathing. saw black shapes form out of thin air. there are people buried underneath the kitchen there, including someone that went missing locally in 2006. can confirm its him coz i saw his figure pop up and his name whispering
My brother had something like a paranormal experience i think when he was little and highlander got popular there was actuallly a widespread problem about that show. First off kids would start seing people who arent there and in my brothers case he though he was sleeping when he saw a bloody red mist of a a man with an axe coming for him until our mom opened the door (in dream and irl) and it disapeared it continued throughout the country until the show was stopped for unknown reasons
>fucking fat kids too fat to get sauce on the shelf called google

I'm in southern houston area here, but yeah, for the most part it's been from 11-1.
It's always cloudy as fuck here so I've pretty much given up on actually seeing the ufo itself, so I just look for lights it would be giving off.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
What the fuck is outside if my window /b/?
>leaving room
fucking retard
File: OBYUEgE.jpg (109 KB, 457x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 457x412

not sure whether to be annoyed because u a bitch or happy that you're bumping
Ayy lmao?
File: 1389259154396.jpg (36 KB, 600x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 600x511
I bet it tasted glorious
Another couple that I remembered:
My ex and I sold the old house, bought a new one. I was asleep. While dreaming, I heard someone pulll up in the driveway, close their car door, and walk up to the mailbox. I heard every step like a cannon. From my bed, I heard them. So I got up. Sitting on top of the mailbox was a box of some nutritional diet crap.

Other times: My ex would work overnight. I'd be sitting there, holding our infant daughter, asleep. But then I'd hear a baby crying from our room. Our rescue dog Bailey would perk up and get anxious, like she wanted to go check out wtf was crying, but at the same time was scared to. She'd hear what I did, perk up, and walk partway down the hall...And come back whining. I manned up, and left the dog to watch over my kid. I'd always get goosebumps halfway down the hall and once I made it to the bedroom, the feeling passed.
Fuck that house
this hurt my neck
File: 1390636925781.gif (158 KB, 220x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 220x245

>be me
>eat demon who's haunted my dreams for years
>tastes weird
>tfw I brushed my teeth too recently to appreciate the flavor
Goodnight dude hope your animals help
File: 1386279840555.jpg (33 KB, 685x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>you will always remember the glorious day you devoured your fear whenever you brush your teeth
A porchlight?
>tfw kingdom hearts intro
Nigga you need to get yourself a keyblade.
Is thread kill?
my sides
This isn't really an experience, but.

Ask an aura-fag anything.
Don't expect it to be all superpower, sci-fi like, it isn't.

I used to make threads on /x/ years ago, but I stopped ages ago.
/b/ never been the right board for everything
That's it, wrap it up. Great thread guys time to move to pastures new
File: 1388253139916.jpg (27 KB, 630x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 630x473
>thread is kill
Going to say this right before this thread dies.
>Be me about 14
>Night after my Father's Dads funeral
>Be sleep
>Wake up at like 1:00am
>Sleeping on floor with cousin anon2 at dads dad's house, whole family is here so beds are packed full
>Feel the sensation of someone walking by me
>Look up nobody is there
>Look over Cousin is awake too
>Did you feel that anon?
>Yeah, was it DOG? dogs name was actually dioji
>Looks over dog was sleep between us slowly breathing.
>Hear crying
>On couch dads dads wife is crying
>ask her why
>says grandpa kissed her and said goodbye
>go back to sleep after
>wake up next morning
>aunt sleeping in grandpas room says something happened
>ask wat
>Says someone came in the room last night and bumped the bed like grandpa used to do when she was little to wake her up.
>Everyone in disbelief.
>aunt #2 is pissed because grandpa didn't visit her
>mfw she owed him about three fiddy

But on a srs note this is legit. Actually happened. My cousin and sometimes bring it up.

Aunt2 was a sorry attitude person and left my grandpa to pretty much raise my cousin. So is reason why he didn't say goodbye to her. Gnight or goodmoring /b Lata
File: 1371758496582.gif (546 KB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
546 KB, 200x150
Not the scariest but I guess the one that was the most paranormal
>Be in high school probably 14 I think
>live in a really rural area
>20 minute bus trip every day to and from school everyday to nearest high school
>every week or two out of the corner of my eye I would see a guy looking at me from in the bushy/treey areas
>when I looked up I could actually usually see him for a second
>only ever see him returning from school, never to.
>Only saw him once the bus entered the actually township.
>also saw him when I was walking home twice or thrice but only while I had ear phones in and my sister wasn't also walking
>the closest he got was when I was walking
>one time it was a really faded converse shoe but extremely faded, couldn't even tell the colour
>it was extremely close, maybe one step in front
>I was looking down then as I looked up I saw the bottom of his jeans were frayed but then it faded.
>he always wore the same stuff but that was the first time I saw his feet because there was usually bushes or grass in front or I didn't get to see long enough.
>anyway that time creeped me out a bit because he was so close
>verbally asked him to stop following me
>never saw him again
>felt really rude because he didn't seem to have any ill intent.
File: dam2.png (203 KB, 483x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 483x295

Well worth the read. 10/10
I lived in pretty much the same house throughout my childhood and teen years, and not alot of paranormal things happened, just a few things here and there. But one morning when I had just entered highschool, I was home alone and was getting ready for school. Everything was normal up until I was about to leave when I heard loud clunking around and shuffling coming from our downstairs (it wasnt a creepy downstairs or anything either). So I head to the top of our stairs to see whats up, I thought maybe my dad had gotten home early and was going to bed as he worked night shifts, but when I called his name no one answered. I yelled a "Hello?" and after a few seconds I heard a whisper of the same word coming from the bottom of the staircase. I left in a hurry after that. Nothing else really happened there except a few innocent things like tv's being turned on and off or taps turned on when no ones in the room. If there is something in that house I know its friendly, if anything it would be my wonderful hardworking grandfather who passed away there after a hard fought battle with lung cancer. We were all there when he passed.

But maybe 100 meters from that house is a small town hall where AA meetings and the such are held. My aunt runs it mainly and its on our land. People have experienced some weird things in that building, most notably my cousin. She would go there to practise singing with her sisters as there is a stage and mic available. But one day while she was leaving and locking up, she saw a tall, suited, pale, disfigured man, who was described as having a partially rotted and rough face. He was standing on the other side of the hall, across from the stage she was on, giving a horrible and sickening grin to her. She told me that he began walking towards her, and thats when she booked it out of there. After telling me I wanted to check it out, but she wouldnt go back. But every time im in there, no matter if its a nice occasion or not, I get a sickening feeling.
Must not 404
Don't worry, I have a golf club near my bed for all your alien and shadow fighting porpoises
Which color is the best aura
My uncle's story from 30 years ago.

>Go out for a few beers in the town
>Come back up walk towards house along driveway
>lights off in the house>
>get close to house and see wife (my aunty) standing at window peering round curtain
>got a "oh he made it home look/stance"
>curtain flicks back as she receeds back into room
>uncle gets inside house
>no one in living room
>no one up in house
>go to bed room
>aunty in bed
>she stirs and wakes up
>wasn't that you at the window?
>no I've been asleep
>can tell she literally just woke up
>wasn't my aunty at window

They lived in a town in Scotland in a house haunted by an lady called "Granny Cochrane"

Other shit happened in that house too. She wasn't an evil ghost.

This is too spooky i'm contacting the authorities

I get SP at least once a month.

pisses me off.

Reminds me of this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHTKPCgjn2M
File: image.jpg (12 KB, 194x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 194x259
Did the man happen to look like this?
Do tell
Thaerd is klil.
pasta will be copied many times from now on
I've already saved it

>Be my aunty
>just given birth to first child (few days before)
>in bed at night lights off.
>newborn in crib at foot of bed to the side
>wake up in middle of night
>look down and bottom of bed
>old woman sitting on edge of bed looking into crib
>old woman looks back at aunty and smiles
>old woman fades away

Shit used to go missing and then found weeks later in unusual places.
That's pretty cool
a photoshop
This is more supernatural than paranormal but once I got in the zone and a big white orb took up focus where my eyes focused. As it got closer to me it got brighter, then I went to take a piss and I freaked out so I shook myself up and exited the trance and it shrunk backwards into a dot then it disappeared.

The other experience I had before that was far more intense but I'll keep that one to myself.
For the dude who sees this when he wakes up; hope your life gets better and always remember your animals for comfort, best of luck
When I say orb it wasn't basketball sized, it was much larger. Not your average orb, also it wasn't floating it looked like it came from behind whatever what was in front of me like another dimension.
shit's so fucking intense
File: 1407249796910.jpg (42 KB, 489x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 489x367
>i was look outside and wet
>i not even see rained
Had a dream today about some supernormal red parrot bird that brain washed my sister, and then made her wrap the bird up in sushi rice and sesame seeds. I killed the bird
>Friends move into 70-100 year-old 6-bedroom
>Basement is freak shit
>4 locks on the door, no entrance down there.
>loose limestone walls that only go up half way, rest is dirt filled with old farm tools, scythes, wire, trash
>Old-ass furnace with the open flames that growls like fuck and seems to make a spitfire face
>be hanging out, hear stomping on the stairs, door moves
>invite shit-talkers to sleep there for $100, never taken
>be upstairs in the bedroom, hear someone stomp up both flights of stairs.
>must be his girlfriend.
>I lean out and look at the top of the stairs
>call girlfriend's name.
>no reply
>search house, doors locked, no one there.
>awesome halloween party, keg's in the basement
>los negros see all the cars, crash it
>jesus gives them all acid, they don't know what it is, start shit after 15 minutes.
>homeless street samurai beat upon them
>return with guns, they still don't know it's working
>I went home, and found my boy eating leaves in the yard. They smelled so good and made him a nice pillow.
telling more stories because threads slow anyway.
>when i was young (5-7 there about) I shared a room with my sister
>i had bed by window
>thick velvet red/wine curtains to keep the cold out.
>could always see faces/figures in the folds of the fabric
>it wasn't scary per say but it kept me up
>said it was scary so parents would force my sister to swap with me
>swap beds with sister because of it
>ask her if she saw them,
>she said no
>as soon as I swapped beds I felt a strong urge to go back again but it was easier to sleep.
>felt kinda lonely too
No the most paranormal but one of the strongest memories.
>Was 19
>liking creepy shit (still do)
>started having wierd dreems about being raped
>some months later got throu my first sleep paralysis, seeing pale naked girl with long dog-like yellew teeth
>cant move, cant breathe
>she moves closer, i can smell fish
>she looks deep in my eyes and lick my face
>wakes up inhaling like mad and with raging boner
>touch face, wet and smelly

>mfw no dog
>mfw i want her to return
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Thread isn't slow, it's dying dude
File: 1407160626337.jpg (332 KB, 1280x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 1280x905
usually in /x/, this ends in ghost sex. but I guess /b/ makes more sense.
File: Okhuehuehuehue.jpg (34 KB, 520x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 520x310
tfw you came so hard it flew onto your face
brah, same difference.
It's becuase /x/ are a bunch of satanist wizards that want satan to make their waifu
>so fucking slow
stop being 12
Its natural
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 299x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 299x168
if it was floating, it could have been an astral thing.
people can create it to observe things that are far away, things that you can't go to or use it for training.
but i'm not sure what this could have been...
omg how do you cope?
I knew I wasn't the only one who watched marble hornets.
of course you're not, I do too
>just taken a piss
>walk into hallway to goto bedroom
>hear 2 people screaming for their life
Same except my sister has people over for a bonfire and they were doing the ice bucket challenge
fucking faggots.
damn man. i was only 10 when this happened. still can remember exactly what happened like it was yesterday.
man those ghosts are fucking with you!
get some salt and keep it near your bedroom, i heard it repels ghosts, demons and such.
or you can just fuck with them by doing the exaact opposite what they do, find what scares them or what they hate (if you can't find anything on the internet, read the emerald tablets it might be the dark brotherhood)
or just ignore them as you do now.
Do you really think he's still here?
What the fuck is that from. Holy shit that weird.
paranormal activity is the product of: the house settling, bad reality tv shows, sleep paralysis/related, depriving the brain of stimuli (light, sound) leading to visual and auditory hallucination, frequencies emitted by objects that have been proven to cause paranoia and uneasiness, and last but not least - general retardation
exorcism or psychiatrist
This is 100% real, I swear. I am not a person of the "paranormal" but this is really weird and I didn't know about it until recently:

>Grandma was at our home when I was a kid
>Grandma went to sleep
>Heard a voice in her sleep
>"Your house has been opened"
>Grandmother ignored it the first time
>Hears it again
>Grandma is a rational person but gets some doubt in her
>Tells my dad next day she's going back home, doesn't say why
>Asks dad to driver her home
>Tells my dad to wait in the car as she needs to check something
>Checks her house
>It was fucking opened

I get goosebumps from typing this. This is either paranormal or the greatest coincidence in the world.
File: Assimilationtubule.jpg (275 KB, 1106x826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 1106x826

fucking newfags
wait hold the fuck up you guys better just be fucking around cause i swear to christ i saw this carriage too when i was young all the fucking time
File: avatar lol.jpg (11 KB, 148x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
avatar lol.jpg
11 KB, 148x150
>Sleeping in the middle of the night

>Suddenly i hear a loud bang on my window

>A Nigger started licking my window

>Get up from bed and shit myself

>A sudden beam of light appeared outside the window

>I hear negro screams

>The Man himself walks up to my window and smiles at me

>Zimmerman Is Love

>Zimmerman Is Life
>be me as a kid, probably around
>live in little two-story duplex sort of house
>Christmas eve/morning
>wake up around 4:30 am to sneak a peek at Santa's presents and shit, because fuck you Christmas
>sneaking down hallway into my living room where the tree was
>hear the sound of boxes rustling
>figure it's either Santa or one of my parents but most likely Santa because nine years old
>I peek my head around the corner and see the back of a person, wearing a dark jacket and jeans a black winter cap
>I figure it's my dad and I'm about to be busted
>this person turns around and looks right at me
>is definitely not my dad
>older white guy homeless looking, maybe in his sixties with a scraggly beard and those skin tags (whatever they're called) all over his face
>stuffing a garbage bag full of whatever stupid shit my parents had got me/my brothers for Christmas
>I screamed
>this dude runs at me
>my house wasn't very big so I start to run down a hallway to the bathroom or the front door or anywhere i can get away
>five seconds later I run out the front door, hobo man in tow
>I trip in the street in front of my house and by the time I look back all I see is my dad tackling this dude
>my dad had woken up and ran downstairs when I screamed
>dad is beating the shit out of this dude in my front yard
>I'm crying and screaming like a nine year old faggot in the middle of the street
>mom gets up and is calling 911 in the doorway, screaming and shit
>before she can even dial the number two police cars come flying down my street and stop right in front of me
>one officer picked me up and the others went and arrested hobo man
>tell dad and cops what happened
> Be me
> Chilling in my house
> Go downstairs for a drink
> Stepdad in the kitchen shows me a fresh meme on his phone
> nope.avi
> Shoot myself
> Now living in hell being forced to browse /b/ for an eternity
holy shit. continue please
>I later came to find out, one of my neighbors nearby had woken up and saw their front door open and shit missing and called the cops
>dude was just hitting each house down the block
>cops find a gun and some sort of drugs, probably meth but I didn't really know as a kid
>guy ended up being a convicted sex offender and ex-con, with several warrants, one for aggravated manslaughter or something
>Hobo man was defeated that day
>is probably still in jail getting butt-raped
>got our presents back
>Merry fucking Christmas

That shit was fucked up.
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