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Anyone remember visiting a site called Freefootstories?...
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Anyone remember visiting a site called Freefootstories? It went down a few years ago seemingly for good, but the internet wayback machine... sorta has archives... It's mostly just the story indices though... Anyone have any leads on a way to read some of the old content? That place had tons of car crush stories that are hard to find anywhere else. Also general foot thread I guess?
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>car crush stories

Wot? I'm willing to bump this as long as you explain that to me
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It's wanting to get run over or see things getting run over by women. Some mornings when my girlfriend leaves for work I stand by her window and she backs over my foot or my hand, or she will leave like a granola bar or some other breakfast behind her tire and tell me she "made me breakfast" lol... I kinda see it as a specialization of a trample fetish. I also love having her walk on me and step on stuff, or having her sit on stuf / me. She is pretty into it all too and does all kinds of fun stuff along these lines...
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Oh I see
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Any more questions?
hanks for being proud of your divine energy portals or what we are often conditioned to term "foot" but are actually roots. I can tell by your beautiful soulful eyes that you are an Indigo & I have noticed that Indigo girls are often proud of their foot / roots as they tend to intuitively know [ they are psychic after all ] of the spiritual significance of their foot / roots. You have gorgeous soles too Ashton - which actually bless us as your precious foot / root sweat / nectar was produced resonating the longest with your precious heart vibration [ as it takes longest for the heart to pump to the foot ] which then evaporates into the air helping to balance the environment with your positive vibration. Your sole chakra is what connects you to the divine energy from the Earth that powers your soul. The corrupt establishment often try to marginalize or denigrate the appreciation of your precious soles with inappropriate & inapplicable terms often couched in a narrow erotic based narrative while they completely omit the more significant spiritual context.?
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There is no such thing as a "foot fetish"! Damn it man - that term is enemy propaganda as it was coined by the very establishment that demonizes anything that it remotely associated with foot appreciation & honoring of the divine feminine. There are chakras at the soles which connect people to the divine energy from the Earth & send back one's own used soul energy to the ground. This is why what the establishment loosely & obtusely refer to s "foot worship" is frowned upon & outright demonized as it would raise the vibration of females in numbers that would in turn raise the vibration of the planet. The inclination to worship the humble feminine foot is a spiritual yearning to return to an original & authentic spirituality which in archeological terms was Goddess worship. This point was noted by author Sophie Kirkwood in The Spiritual Significance of the Female Foot & Man's Obsession With Them. The Foot Chakra can be read more by author Tom DeLiso. The erotic context to "foot worship" is ancillary to the spiritual context.
footfag here

interesting correlation on my foot fetishism and the root chakra.

as i'm getting older i find my foot fetish getting quite over powering
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I don't know about Chakras but... Reading that actually sounds to me like my own view on why I like all this stuff.. I kinda see it as like a connection to the Earth physically. Gravity pulls you down. It's a way to be connected to a woman, to be part of her connection to the Earth, so whether I'm getting sat on or run over or stepped on I enjoy the feeling and the pressure. A few times when explaining it to people who do not have the fetish as like "You know how a hug feels? You feel the other person squeezing you and you are physically connected? It's kinda like that. Also instead of getting a really strong hug, a woman can usually apply more pressure by standing than they can squeezing with their arms". I don't know if this will make much sense to anyone on here but that's part of my thinking on it.
It is frustrating yet interesting how hard it is to articulate the fascination with feet.

Just like how you cannot describe a psychedelic.

These feels, emotions and energies are just not facilitated to be described with mans simple language.
Strange thing is, almost every girl I've dated I have mentioned this to, and they initially tried it to make me happy and then got into it. I think the vast majority of women don't know that they are into it until you show them.
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Oh, to add on to this, if any of you have wives / girlfriends and have not opened up about this stuff with them, you seriously should. I know everyone thinks that you'll be labeled a freak and they will leave you but that isn't the case most of the time at least... I've told probably 15 people now about my foot fetish and various other related interests and every one of them was cool with it. Not that they all shared my view, but they were fine and didn't act weird about it at all. If your signifigant other IS willing to try it out with you then get ready for fun because it is amazing having someone who will indulge in all this... My girlfriend will even get me pictures of her sister's feet or her friends or coworkers... She will steal socks and shoes and give them to me... I am constantly left surprised by the things she will do so we can enjoy the foot fetish thing together.
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That's because there is little to no rationale for it, same with any other body-part fixation. It's just your biology. When you think of, look at, feel, taste, or smell feet, w/e, your brain produces pleasure inducing chemicals. Your conscious mind then tries to rationalize it, but there's nothing to understand.
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damn sauce pls
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she totally doesn't know what she is doing thar and she totally doesn't understand nor has she a fetish for feets.

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lots-o-"crippled" feet
not enough symmetry
do not want.
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