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>be me, 16
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>be me, 16
>have 7/10 cousin, 15yo
>Been very close since young
>always thought she was pwetty
>great ass
>Got to their home for poolparty
>slept over cuz of to drunk
>Next day very hot
>we 3 (other cousin of 17yo with us) jump in pool again
>suddenly cousin says: naked swimming party from now on
>get's out of bikini.

if i was drunk around my hot cousin we would have already fucked by now
Bump. Please continue OP
tldr you fucked your cousin in some cringe inducing dubious fictional story that is badly written.
Is it pre typed?
>don't dare to pull off my pants cuz of megasupersized rockhard boner
>other cousin also get's naked
>can't handle this anymore
>suddenly hear car coming up driveway
>cousins get back into their bikini before they see us
>I am such a dumb fuck...
>Very hot vacation, so we go to public swimming pool
>again cousins in bikini
>Now all 3 of them are there
>we swim, nothing happens until after swimming
>we are done swimming, want to go put normal clothes on
>All 3 cousins come with me
>only 3 dressing rooms free so 1 has to wait
>i volunteer
>after a while cousin waves at me from in the dressing room
>says come dress here, can't leave you outside
>she still in bikini, got great assview from where I stand
>start undressing, facing wall
>turn around to get clothes in my backpack
>cousin there fully naked
>i'm also there fully naked
>instant boner
>boner accindentally touches ass of cousin
>she turns around
> see her nicely grown C's
>tell her i'm sorry
>she says: i'm sorry but i'll need to punish me for that
>kneels down and starts sucking my dick
>wtf is happening
>this is so wrong, but feels so good
>already so pumped up from staring at her ass all day long i came after 3 min
>came in her mouth, she swallows every drop of it
>where did she learn this

Of course!

Do you have to ask?
>other cousins open the door
>gets on the floor
>everyone walks the dinosaur
Lmao for a sec I thought it was OP n I got mad
The fuck is the hold up OP?
kill yourself you attention seeking cunt
fuck i am mad, taking forever to post
>not having your shit pretyped
Why the fuck do I have 2 different IDs
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C'mon guy
Wow ok. Since op is being such a faggot (go figure right?) how many people are lurking, depending on whose here I'll do an update to a post I made a while back ago with the first post included. (They're long and pretyped)
Lurrrking do it fgt
Please do.
do eet faggot
Yeah do it
You won't no balls
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do it
lurking for more
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Spiderman thread.jpg
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Fuck your wincest
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 422x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 422x644
Alright I guess I will. Has everyone read this one? I'll post the first part of it and of everyone's read it then I'll just skip it and do the second update.

>be me
>be 17
>only had sex like 4 times
>dad has been planning to have his sister and her daughter come visit from Romania for New Years
>it's now around mid December
>aunt and cousin arrive at LAX
>we pick them up after a long drive
>don't remember either of their faces (last time I saw either of them was when I was around 4)
>dad spots my aunt
>waves her down, walks over to them
>immediately notice my cousins super good looking (not in a sexual way, but just as an observation, I would never have though incest was ok then)
>5'9 or so, c cups, small waist, good hips, and good size ass
>when we get near them she instantly come to hug me and kiss me on the cheeks (as are customary Slavic greetings)
>begin to converse with aunt and cousin as we head out of the airport.

This is the pic is used the first time I posted it. She looks a lot like my cousin, but I've since found an even more similar looking pic which I'll post after. So is there anyone who hasn't read this one?
>cousin and I return to other cousin
>go home
>next 3 days don't see cousins cuz they are in another country
>get stalked on phone
>she is litterally spamming pics of her in her bikini, especially of her backside
>Can't handle this shit.
>fap so hard dick almost falls off
>they return, i so happy
>go over there the day after
>ask: where is anonette?
>other cousin says she is in her room and that she's gonna take a shower
>I go to cousins room
>she is there lying on her bed, watching serie
>i go lay on top of her ( really close, do that all the time. crazy family )
>watch serie with her for 5 minutes
>say it's boring
>she says let's go swimming and hops up
>i turn around so she can undress and get in her bikini
>forgot there was a mirror at the opposing side of the room
>see her naked again
>she notices i am looking at the mirror
>says: you naughty boy, you can't peek
>boner already up
>say: i'm sorry, do i need to get out?
>she says, no stay i want to try something
>i say ok
>she walks up to me, still naked
>she kisses me on the lips
>she goes to my neck and more down untill she is at my crotch
>get's dick out again
>start sucking again
>I do not dislike
>she says: now it's my turn
>i still virgin, watched a lot of porn, but still don't know how to lick pussy to pleasure
>apperently i do pretty good for the first time she says
>eat her out for like 10 minutes

Will help out with some OC guys

>be 13
>be visiting my cousins for Thanksgiving
>she’s two years younger than me
>she used to be really bossy when we were younger
>standard stupid little girl shit
>she and I are both upstairs watching TV
>rest of family is at the mall
>I’m lying on a bed, she’s sitting on the floor
>13 year old me decides to start jacking off
>go at it for a solid 10 minutes
>she turns around
>I try to pull my shirt over it really quickly
>”What was that?”
>No idea what to say, paralyzed
>”Lift your shit right now”
>I do it
>she stares at my dick for a couple seconds
>then starts to touch it
>really softly, at first
>tugs at foreskin a little
>looks up into my eyes
>licks the ball
>strokes the shaft
>contemplates existence
Well fucking finally OP! Go ahead then, finish you're I'll do mine after, just stop taking so long
need to type this shit like right now. And english is not really good so i'm not that fast sorry
Just continue the daughter story he's probably gonna take another year to finish his story
go ahead and post yours anyway
8/10 I kek'd, anon.
Alright I'll finish this one then. At the rate he's going I'll probably finish uploading the whole thing before his next update

Sorry, forgot to mention she's either 19 or 20 now

>most of the car ride home was my dad and aunt talking and me and cousin talking in the back
>not super interested in the convo, but played along to be nice
>blah blah blah about how Romania is now, asks me what I do for fun
>start taking about things I like to do in America
>turns out she's pretty cool and likes snowboarding and vidya like I do
>pretty basic get to know each other stuff
>she always comes across as kinda flirty in her convos
>not sure if it's her imperfect english or she's just trying to be nice (anon, your dad didn't tell me you got so good looking since the last time I've seen you. Shit like that)
>no shit bitch I was like 4
>get to dad's house in undisclosed California valley town 2 and half hours north of LA
>it's night now
>Elena (cousin) announces she's super sore from the plane and car and demands a massage while we watch tv and my dad and aunt are on the patio chatting and drinking
>immediately decline and say that's stupid, I don't feel like it (I know, pretty stupid right?)
>insists and says she'll give me one in return
>decline again
>keeps begging and complaining about her back and shit
>give in finally and tell her I'll do it
>she jumps with happiness at her victory
>lays down on the couch with her hands at her sides
>her shirt is riding up just a bit so that her lower back showing
>put my hands on her back and start applying pressure to her back and moving about
>she instantly starts groaning when I put some pressure on
>now that I think back on it, it was pretty hot
>not paying attention much, just focusing on the job at hand
>"you're not doing it right anon" she interrupts
>bitch wut?
>"you have to sit on my butt, your arms don't give the same amount of pressure the way you're sitting"
>was sitting beside her hips until now
>think it's a little weird, but ok
>straddle over her and sit right on her ass
>shit was so soft I had take a moment to confirm with myself how soft it was
>start up again putting pressure on her back and rubbing her down
>about 2 minutes into it, I realize I've got a pretty good half chub going
>whateves it's no big, just continue and listen to her moan and groan for a whole longer as her shirt (and my boner) rise up steadily
>she tells to stop
>i say: did i do something wrong?
>she says no, i want to try something else
>she gets up and walks out of room
>then tells me to get over there in the hallway
>i go out
>she is standing at the door of the bathroom
>hear outher cousin showering
>what is she planning?
>she tells me to be silent
>she opens the door
>walk in sillently and says that i need to follow
>just dick thinking so i follow
>she opens the door of the shower
>other cousin is like wtf is happening?
>cousin gets into shower says i need to undrees and come join
>other cousin looks ok with it so i do
> they wash eachother extra on boobs and as
>Wtf am i in a fckin porn movie or what?
>then they start to wash me
>feels so weird
>they get around dick area
>oulder cousin start stroking dick while younger cousin starts to stroke her pussy
>lot of heavy breathing
>older cousin starts to moan
>younger cousin gets on her knees to lick her
>i'm so pumped
>tell cousins that i'm gonna cum
>they both kneel now and i come on their faces

to many damn lines --'
>It becomes necessary to ignore her shirt as just rub against her bare skin
>wasn't really worried about touching her
>she's really enjoying it at this point when I rub her shoulders and lower back
>notice she sometimes pops her ass up and arches her back a bit and puts some pressure on me
>half chub slowly increasing in size
>start to give her more and more pressure in the spots I see a reaction from
>every arch of her back and pop of her butt I get a little harder
>start to feel a little weird
>hope she doesn't nice my growing erection
>been about 25-30 minutes now so I decide to stop after I see she's satisfied
>when I announce I'm done she slowly gets up
>groans on her way up
>turns right around and hugs me
>I'm sitting at the foot of the couch so when she hugs me she pushes me over onto my back onto the armrest of the couch
>"thanks anon that was so good, I feel so much better now"
>about to ask her to get off when I realize she feels really good on me
>the pressure of her body, her bewbs pushing into my chest, the scent of her hair, and the pressure of her stomach on my dick
>kisses me on the cheek and gets off
>damn I was enjoying that
>she sits up "ok" she says
>"go ahead, lay down. I told you id give you one too"
>O rite I fergot
>consider it for a moment
>aight why not
>start to lay down
>"wait, take off your shirt it's too baggy, it'll get annoying and in the way"
>bitch this is my at home lounge attire. How dare you
>take off my shirt and lay on the couch
>they lick each others face clean
>other cousin gets to her room to dress
>me and younger cousin go to her room to put swimgear on
>stare at her ass and boobs once more
>she giggles
>we swim
>she swims by and " accidentallly hits her ass against my dick just a bit to many to be real
>she comes hang with me at the side of the pool
>she tells me we can't keep doing this
>i say: i know
>she says. i want 1 more thing
>lose my virginity to you
>i lelled
>ok, but not today, i'm sore u rekt me

Actually he seems to be picking up speed so I'll just wait until he's done
[grammar nazi]
Serie is not a word, fag.
The singular form of series is still series.
[/grammar nazi]
no don't
No keep going
keep going his story is finished almost
>next day i go over there again
>younger cousin is sunbathing outside and says she is home alone and almost jumps at my dick
>i say, calm down
>she calms down and just feels my legg
>i start to feel her legg and go to her pussy at calm tempo
>she is to fast for me and gets up and gets completely naked
>i tell her to go lie down
>she lies down and spreads her leggs
>i lick her pussy and kiss her niples if i need to stop for a second
>she moands a lot
>i get rid of my pants
>she likes dick so she sucks me
>i tell her that if she is ready we can do it
>she lies down in a comfortable position and i put my dick at her pussy entrance
>i look at her with an asking fface
>she says go
>i push it in really quik. to get rid of it
Alright I guess, it was becoming a bit annoying for me to watch two unrelated green texts follow each other but if you guys are fine with it I don't mind

>as soon as I lay down she straddles over me and sits on my butt
>she starts to give an amazing massage
>I'm talking the whole nine yards this shit is so cash
>pressing all the right spots on my back
>squeezing, rubbing, using her knuckles to get in deep
>I'm moaning up a storm the whole time
>hurts so good
>nothing kinky just a very good massage
>until she neared the end
>she kinda just stopped all once and sat up straight and sighed
>she then put her hands back on my back and started to rub so slowly and softly
>her warm hands all over my back were amazing
>with each motion she started putting her hips into it
>pushing up and down as she went up and down on my back
>started to feel my dick get hard underneath me
>when she finished she bent over and kissed all the way up my upper back to my lower neck so slowly that i had to anticipate the next one that came
>she gets off
>"hope that was as good for you as mine was" and give a little giggle
>get up and resume watching tv
>dad and aunt call us from outside to go talk with them bring then more beer.
>grab some for ourselves too (parents didn't really care as long as we were with them) and join them outside
>go outside and Elena sits down first and demands I come sit on her lap
>"I'm bigger than you and no that's stupid"
>she insists and grabs me and starts pulling
>struggle and flail my arms like a retard
>eventually give up and decide to just do it
>we go about a conversation with our parents
>the whole time she's got her arms wrapped around my stomach and nuzzling her chin into my shoulder
>pretty much cheek to cheek
>throughout she pokes and tickles me and I start to get annoyed
>this is the shit I do with bitches
>why am I the bitch here???
>tell her she's annoying me and tell her to stop
>aunt says to stop bugging and she gets upset and slides out from under me to get up
>I scoot back in the chair establishing a comfortable position
>"I'm just gonna sit on you instead then!"
>oh fuck bad idea bad idea
>was already thinking of the fact that id end up getting hard
>too late
>she sat down right on my crotch
>at this point I'm starting to get a little upset and embarrassed because I'm genuinely not trying to fuck my cousin or be sexual with her at all
>I know that I need to be cautious from here on in
>beautiful girl sitting on my lap, leaning back against me
>hope that this doesn't get bad soon
>at this point I don't know if she has an agenda, the thought of incest if beyond me
>as the conversation continues she starts to subtlety push in with her hips into my crotch
>uhh ohh.jpg
>as she does this she puts more pressure on my by sitting down harder
>movement intensifies as time goes on
>eventually she take my hands that were on the armrest and wraps them around her belly
>tried to resist silently at but she just pushed harder and deeper into my crotch each time
>i give up this is too much
>boner is starting to intensify now
>there's no way she can't feel it
>allow her to take my arms and wrap them around her tummy
>her shirt is up a it's just bare skin
>super soft, super smooth, very warm
>it was pretty cold outside so it felt real good
>things went in like this for a while
>she rubbed my arms with her finger tips every now and not letting up on the hip movement
>at this point it was starting to feel really good
>I felt bad for it but my good feels were way stronger
>around 12:30 or so Elena announces she's going to sleep
>"I'm so tired from today, I need to go rest"
>we all say our goodnights
>asks me why I said goodnight
>"because you're going to sleep?"
>"yeah but I want you to come too!"
>"yeah common! I don't wanna go to sleep by myself!"
>my dad says to go with her and so does my aunt
>what the fuck you guys are you serious?
>"common anon!" As she pulls on my arm
>dad and aunt seem to think it's still just innocent even though we're 17 and 20
>"just go anon, they're visiting, they don't get to stay here long, be nice"
>but pops.....
>I get pulled away by Elena
>"hurry up anon! Stop being a baby"
>k fine
>I go to brush my teeth and complete other such pre-sleep activities
>go into the guest bedroom set up for her

By the way my dad's house had 4 bedrooms. 2 one one wing and 2 on the other. My dad and aunt were on one wing and guess who had the other
>pussy entrance

>lie down with my back to her
>even though the lights are off, a little light poured in from the window
>"why are you being so mean anon? Come over here..."
>I could hear her tone was a little upset
>turn over and see her beautiful bright green eyes looking at me with that puppy dog stare
>penetrates through all my defenses
>cute game too strong
>"Ughhh fine sorry"
>I scooch closer to her and she nuzzles into my chest
>we lay there for a few minutes not talking
>I've already got my eyes closed trying to sleep
>she puts her hands underneath my shirt onto my bear chest
>"you're really warm"
>her hands feel like heaven as they travel over my chest
>I'd had a few beers from outside so I'm a little buzzed and the sensation from her hands was making me tingle all over
>i pull my arm over her and pull her in more
>she responds by pressing up against me and wrapping her legs up with mine
Go and fuck your asshole.
Post yours faggot
And bump with cousin pics pls
>she's pulling into me now with her hands
>still rubbing up all over my chest
>start getting pretty hard
>she's got her legs wrapped in mine and is pressed right up against me
>there's no way she doesn't notice
>getting pretty close to diamonds
>she giggles
>"what that all about cuz?"
>whatever could you referring to madame?
>"what are you taking about?"
>she take her leg brushes up against my dick
>"I'm talking about that" she giggles again
>oh that
>"um sorry, you're kinda um...-"
>she interrupts me
>"anon I'm your cousin!" In the most mischievous way possible
>"well sorry if you didn't want it like that you shouldn't have made me give you a massage, and have sat on my lap, or made me sleep with you!"
>she giggles a little again and looks me at me with a really sexy smize (I don't have to explain what a smize is right?)
>"who said I didn't want it like that?"
File: 1409268098724s.jpg (5 KB, 250x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 250x195
I'll post the one I found that looks even more like her at the start of the second update

>just then hear a loud clang
>footsteps coming in the hallway close by
>open the door
>get on the floor

Just kidding guys
>hearing her say that gets me to full diamonds
>she can feel it with her leg
>she smiles
>she starts pulling in
>holy shit she's actually gonna kiss me
>this is my cousin
>this is bad
>oh fuck
>she kisses me
>slow, soft, barley a peck
>comes back in does it again, it bit more now
>slowly starting to pull me in even closer

Damn. This is hot. as of this point I don't give a fuck if she's my cousin anymore, she's gonna get it now
>I kiss her back
>press up against her harder
>she lurches upwards and starts to open her mouth more with each kiss
>I slide my tongue in just a bit and she does the same
>we start getting more and more into it
>we start breathing heavier and grinding more
>she pushes me over and straddles me, sitting right on my dick
>I can feel the moist heat through her shorts
>she's not wearing any panties
>she starts grinding more and more as we make out
>I push her over and climb on top of her
>my shirt comes off
>back to kissing
>we're grinding and dry humping up a storm
>she's pulls of her shirt
>holy shit
>c cups as I said earlier
>she had the smallest pink little nipples
>the kind you just wanna bite off
>but I held off on that and just started to suck on them
>evidently she was super sensitive because as soon as I started she grabbed my hair and started pulling on it
>shit was cash
Don't toy with my emotions!
>I start pulling on her hair too
>start kissing down her tits to her naval
>she can anticipate what's going to happen next
>she starts tensing up
>as I go lower my hands go before my mouth and pull he shorts down
>as I'm about to reach her pussy I stop
>I can hear her breathing freeze
>I start to slide my fingers all
around the general area
>not making any contact with her vagoo
>looks great btw
>the whole area is shaved and smooth
>pretty small pussy
>really light skin and clean
>slowly and slowly get closer her breathing gets heavier and heavier with anticipation
>after she's practically panting I take one soft lick from the bottom to the top
>I thoroughly eat her out
>after a while with just tongue I slip in a finger
>just the pinky
>I want to keep that shit as tight as possible for me later on
>I'm eating her out with more pressure on her clit now
>I can tell she's getting close
>I start sliding my pinky in and out faster
>I can feel her tightening in around it
>a few more seconds and I start to feel a bunch of pulsations on my finger accompanied by some heavy ass moans
>I had to cover her mouth because she was starting to get loud
>I stop and tell her to be quiet she's being too loud
>"sorry anon hehe, I'll try"
>"I think you need something to put in your mouth so you'll be quiet. Oh, actually, I believe I have just the solution for you"
>she giggles a bit
>"oh I think that's a good idea" she says as she pushes me into my back
>she starts kissing me again for a bit
>then starts to go down to my neck
>oh Jesus stay there for a while it doesn't get better than neck sucking
>she starts going down to my chest, to my stomach
>before she gets any lower she arches her back and sits up
>"lemme just take care of these" as she shuffles off my shorts
>the sight of my super hard cock coming out was greeted by a slight jaw drop

I'm not super big or anything, like 7, 7 and half at the most, but I guess she wasn't prepared for it

>she smiles and slides her hand up my leg
>she puts her warm hand on my dick and starts stroking
>I lay back and relax
Fuck his story
>not only does she have a hand, but a mouth as well
>I was looking up at the ceiling enjoying her hand when I her warm wet lips hit the tip
>she lowers her mouth onto it slowly
>when she finally has the whole head in mouth her tongue comes into play
>I don't even comprehend what she's doing with it but she's doing a fantastic job
>she keeps going up and down each time going a bit deeper
>I raise her chin up a bit
>i want this bitch to look me in the eye
>damn she looks good suckin on my dick
>she gets up after a little more of this
>it's time
>she starts to crawl over me and sits right at the base of my dick
>she starts sliding up and down the length of my shaft
>holyshit holyshit holyshit
>my whole dick is throbbing
>she finally reaches behind her
>grabs the base
>takes aim
>she doesn't fire
>it's so slow
>the tip touches
>I start to go in
>the whole head
>the first few inches
>I'm going crazy the whole time, this is amazing
>I can't wait
>shove the rest of it in all the way full force
>she lets out a huge sign and collapses into me
>she's breathing so heavily
>pull her back into a kiss with her hair
>I pull her down into me I start to slide in and out of her
>she's so warm and tight
>every time I pull out and push back in she lets out a breath
>I stop kissing and shove her face into my neck
>she's kissing and sucking on my neck again
>only makes me want to fuck her harder
>start going all out
>hard as fuck
>slamming that shit deep
>I push her off
>her behind her she gets on her knees
>I jam that pussy
>no mercy
>full power
>she's starting to get loud again
>nope. not havin it
>pull her up
>one hand on her mouth, the other goes to rubbing her from the front
>proceed to fuck her even harder
>what's this
>I sense a disturbance
>her insides start shaking
>she panting so hard now
>all at once she just starts to contract and pulsate
>my dick
>I can't take all this pressure
>it gets me like 10 seconds from blowing my load
>pull out
>turn her over
>she knows
>swallows the damn thing whole
>cum buckets upon buckets of into her throat
>swallows it all after gagging a bit on my dick
>totally collapse after all my hard work
>we're both breathing super hard
>end up going to the bathroom to clean up and throwing clothes back on
>before we go back to bed to crash she looks me in the eyes, gives me a kiss and says "let's do that again"
>go bad to bed and fall asleep

Ok guys so that's the end of the first night, I'll start with the second update in a minute or two, and I'll have the next pic that looks I'd say about 95% like her.
enjoying this.
File: Earths Hero.jpg (6 KB, 250x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Earths Hero.jpg
6 KB, 250x245
Yes oh savior of the thread.
Loved it
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 262x192
Start of second update (or first depending on how you define it)

The pic by the way is about as close as it can get to her, the only difference is her face just looks a bitch more bitchy and serious

>wake up after events of night 1
>turn to the side to see Elena asleep on my arm
>ow it's asleep
>try to pull my out from underneath
>she doesn't wake up
>turn over to check my phone
>past noon (don't remember exact time)
>fuck it's late
>get up out of bed
>be really groggy
>it hits me that I fucked my cousin last night
>fuck man I just fucked my cousin
>bad feels
>weird feels
>"should I feel bad about this?" I thought
>mind is in deep conflict
>walk over to main living room
>dad and aunt already up eating lunch
>"wow so finally decide to wake up!"
>"sorry dad, Elena would shut up last night"
>damn right she didn't
>normal lunch time conversations ensue
>Elena comes into living room maybe 20 minutes later
>"good mornings" from me and my dad
>aunt asks her why she slept so late too
>"I'm sorry, I'm like so jet lagged"
>good girl
>comes up behind my chair
>wraps her arms around my neck in a back hug or something
>"why didn't you wake me up anon?"
>kisses me on the cheek
>bitch my dad and aunt are literally a foot away from us
>"because you were jet lagged of course"
File: 1408004518591.jpg (150 KB, 722x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 722x525
Pics of cousin?

That would be great, I have a rock hard dude
*a bit more bitchy and serious

>felt pretty on edge the whole day around her and tried to kinda stay away
>dad could tell I was on edge
>"why you acting weird?"
>nigga I ain't
>"oh no I don't mean to be"
>"well act normal then" he says
>proceed with caution
>things end up going pretty normally
>we go bowling
>come back home
>go to sleep (separately this time)
>was half expecting her to sneak into my room that night
>was pretty relieved
>next day dad gathers the rest of us for a conference
>"niggas we fixin to head to the ski resort tomorrow morning, and I spect you to be ready to roll by 8 ya dig?"
>rejoice follows
>resort is up in Tahoe (squaw valley and northstar)
>if you haven't been they're both amazing resorts
>lodges and rooms at northstar village are amazing
>back to the event
>Elena and I are both very excited to snowboard
>aunt skis but not a lot
>dad doesn't
>aunt is going to teach dad to ski
>upon hearing this in the convo gears begin to turn in my head
>don't like the sound if this
>look over at Elena
>she sees me looking at her
>turns to me and winks
>I'm scared guys

Sorry about it being a little for now, but things pick up when we get to northstar so I'll just skip ahead there (nothing eventful happens the rest of the day as well as the drive on the next)
sauce on pic?
First night!? OP can fuck off. You came prepared with your story motherfucker. Also you're a better erotic writer, which is rare, especially among men. (I can only judge because I've been told the same thing, and you're better than I am) You should go into erotic fiction as a career.
oh shit nevermind i found it http://shunei.egloos.com/viewer/5736206
>upon arriving and checking in the concierge informs us we'll be a room with 2 king beds
>feel a bit relieved
>don't see a response from Elena
>get to the room
>real nice n shit
>get dressed for the slopes
>rent our shit
>get on the lift chair
>Elena and I get separated from dad and aunt fairly quickly
>aunt tells us to go ahead.
>dad isn't a quick learner when it comes to skiing
>we ride next to eachother for the most part
>the third chair up we decided to go off course
>she went ahead down a little drop
>I followed
>the drop came
>I fell pretty hard
>wasn't expecting it
>a little banged up and laying on my back
>she sees me and unhooks her board
>"Awww you're not hurt are you" in a sarcastic tone as she walks over to me
>"fuck you I wasn't expecting it!"
>"are you ok? if you're not I might be able to make you feel better" Still sarcastic as fuck
>"no, I think I'm-"
>she straddles me and sits down
>"what are you doing"
>"shhhhh I think I can hear you dad and my mom coming" she says as she laughs and takes off her gloves
>we're way off course so she's just being a bitch right now
>try to sit up
>she pushes me back down
>"you shouldn't move, you're hurt"
>literally wasn't even hurt
>"I'm not even hurt, get off"
Yeah i was just about too sorry
>she leans forward and lays on me
>her head is next to mine
>she starts kissing my neck
>oh shit
>her hands are warm and on my cheek
>I feel like I should be pushing her off
>I'm not
>she starts kissing more and sucking
>oh god this feels so good
>my hand goes onto the back of her head and I grab her hair
>I'm starting to really enjoy this
>start breathing harder
>she can tell I like it
>she switches to the other side
>fuck man
>start to feel bad about this again
>pull her back by her hair
>"no stop"
>I'm still breathing pretty hard
>you can bet my dicks hard too, there's no denying that
>"we shouldn't do this"
>"what's the big problem, just being a baby."
>"you're my cousin!"
>"yeah and you're my cousin? So??"

Mental backflips ensue. My internal
Monologue goes something like this

"Huh..... She's my cousin, but she doesn't seem to make a big deal out of it at all. Is it really a big deal?"

>she sees my confused face
>"stop thinking about it so much. I like you anon! We had a lot of fun when we were younger, now you're bigger, and prettier, and I like you more. And I can tell you like me."
>she slides on my hard dick to remind me
>"so stop making such a big deal out of it, I'm not here for that long anyways, so let's enjoy our "company" for as long as we can"
>she smiles
>goes back down to kissing my neck
>I take a moment
>maybe I'm easily convinced
>maybe it was really horny and that's what made me easily combined
>plot twist
>maybe I wanted to be convinced
>either way, I was convinced and it had stopped thinking about it
>returned my attention to her kissing my neck
Hammering the refresh thanks to you. gonna break my mouse and keyboard...
I really appreciate that. I've never been told that my writing descriptive writing and storytelling has merit so coming from someone reading it, it means a lot, and yeah, I hate when people don't have their shit prepared and start a thread under the pretense that it's not big deal if it's not pre-typed
>don't dare to pull off my pants cuz of megasupersized rockhard boner
>megasupersized rockhard boner

Keep dreaming
>notice she's starting to work her way up my neck
>onto my cheek, into a kiss
>kiss her back, I guess I'm fully convinced
>we start to making out, slowly at first, then more, then with tongue
>we're making out pretty heavily
>she starts grinding her hips into me
>the coldness of the snow really contrasts with the heat of her body
>she feels so much warmer than she would in a normal temperature setting
>I'm getting more and more into it now
>I want to flip her over so I can't get on top
>push her to the side
>start to TRY to roll over
>my snowboards still on
>I'm struggling to try to turn over
>she sees me struggling
>looks at my feet and hips
>starts laughing hysterically
>well fuck you too
>still laughing
>fuck this
>I take off the bindings
>stand up
>pull her up too
>my back has been on the snow for so long
>it's not numb so is freezing
>whatever, I'm in the middle of something
>push her up against a nearby tree
>we're making out again
>I can obviously tell she enjoys my initiative
>she climbs up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist
>still making out, it's starting to get intense as fuck
>nips at my ear
>from lips to neck
>grinding on her pretty hard
>thank you tree for being the support I need
>I know the tree won't judge me for the wincest
Doesn't have to be pre-typed. just structured inside the author's mind enough to quickly jot it down... Also I've broken my F5 key...
Fuck you don't act surprised
You know damn well you're good at this
I'm already gonna bust a nut
You pot your actual cousin or her faceless pic at least, +1 Internet to you
>I back up a little bit
>her back is leaving up against the tree
>her legs still wrapped around me
>look at her for a sec, she's pretty hard
>take my gloves off and start to unzip her jacket
>"you must be really hot" I tell her
>"we wouldn't want you to overheat now....."
>no objection
>she starts doing the same my jacket
>alright no big deal
>neither of us have jackets on anymore just long sleeves with nothing underneath (wasn't close enough for more than 2 layers. Northstar's weather is pretty mellow)
>such a nice resort though, still can't get over how nice it was
>back to making out
>our jackets are on the ground
>apparently she thinks this has gone on long enough
>she backs up
>licks her lips and smiles
>drops down to her knees
>gosh I wonder what's going to happen next
>it doesn't take long for pants to be dropped
>she pulls me underwear down with her teeth all while looking up at me
>my cock is ready
>the item in question is quickly inserted into her mouth
>oh fuck it's so warm

I don't you guys understand how warm it felt being so cold outside. The heat on my dick was literally so perfect I felt like I could just melt and die happily with my dick in her mouth

>i'm scared guys
my sides
Someone's jealous of my compliment
>I know the tree won't judge me for the wincest

kek'd hard. plz don't stop.
>"oh my god that's good"
>she's just going at it
>I really really like this bj

take it friend it's all yours

>she's trying to take all of it down her throat
>oh my god please take it all
>she's good about taking it down her throat (not too much gagging, good about it keeping it down)
>the gasps for air she take after having it in there for a while at a time are like music to my ears
>better idea
>motion for her to get up by her shoulders
>she starts reaching for her pants in a hurry as she stands
>grab her hands
>that's it, just "no"
>she looks a little confused
>take her jacket on the ground (our jackets are soft shells btw so it keeps water from getting inside)
>lay it play along with mine making kind of a "safe to lay down and not get our clothes soaked" spot
>"here, lay down you back"
>she still isn't sure what I'm doing
>she goes to lay down facing me
>stop her
>turn her around
>other way bitch
>she lays down, her face looking up at me
>I get down on my knees
>see some realization hit her face and she knows what going on
>she makes a "hmmp" sound and adjusts her head so that instead of the back of her head touching the ground, the top is
>she knows exactly what's going on
>opens her mouth, ready to receive
>and in it goes
>I don't go to far in at first to see if she's ok with it
>then all the way
>I get it all inside her warm wet throat
>oh my god it's amazing

I'm getting hard just remembering how amazing it was right now
nah it's cool i should've searched before i asked anyways
File: goatcuz.jpg (374 KB, 1482x1296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 1482x1296
No I'm not
I'm just a horny faggot who wants to see dem c cups
BBut he's actually good at this
top lol
>just stay there for a while
>forget how long I'm in
>she taps my hip with her hands
>pull out
>a huge gasp
>"oh my god... Oh fuck"
>still gasping for air
>"oh you're not hurt are you?? Poor baby" Sarcastic as fuck
>she laughs and opens her mouth again
>the invitation is accepted
>go back in, but this time I just fuck her throat
>going in as deep as I can every time
>grabbing her neck to pull it in even further
>man this bitch can take it rough I'm surprised
>doesn't complain just taps my hips every now and then when it's too much and more gasps come
>I've about had my fill of this even though it's amazing
>she sits up when she knows I'm done with that and turns around
>I feel like she's kinda relieved
>she leans on me for a little while she's catching her breath
>push her down onto her back again but this time facing me
>just kiss her for a while (I really don't make a big deal about it even if she has just sucked my dick, I never really cared that)
>I sit up after a bit
>her pants are coming off
>down they go and so do the panties
>waste no time
>my dick enters her with the full strength if a raging battalion of knights sacking the capital city of the kingdom on behalf of their one true king
>the heat
>oh the heat
>her throat was nowhere near as warm
>so tight and hot and wet
>can I just stay here forever?
>god this is amazing
>she seems to behaving a good time too
>the moaning commences
>not too loud at first but it increases in decibels soon
>we're only about a 100 feet from main trails
>can't be too loud you silly bimbo
>slap her on the face (not too hard, but hard enough)
>"shut up, people might here us!"
>"ow! Fine! You didn't have to slap me! or is that what you're into?"
>am I?
>no I don't think so
>she sits up and slaps me back
>it kinda turns me on
>wow I guess I am
>my dick enters her with the full strength if a raging battalion of knights sacking the capital city of the kingdom on behalf of their one true king

i lol'd
>>bitch this is my at home lounge attire. How dare you
actually lol'd
>my dick enters her with the full strength if a raging battalion of knights sacking the capital city of the kingdom on behalf of their one true king

holy shit dude, are you a comedian? I can't decide which I'm doing harder: laughing or fapping
>she sees the surprise in my face
>slaps me again harder
>damn that's pretty hot
>fuck her for a little while longer on her back
>the temperature is just as warm as when I went in
>pick her up off the jackets
>have her bend over in front of the tree
>she uses is for support
>and back in I go
>the way her as bounces looks amazing, so much so that I think I'll have her do the work
>tell her to just her in her knees in the jacket instead
>"just make up your mind already!" She says as she laughs
>"I just want to see you do some work is all"
>"oh I'll do some work" she says
>she starts slowly
>burying the length of my cock all the way in and almost all the way out
>her hips do all the work
>watching this amazing form artwork is amazing
>she starts to pick up speed
>her ass jiggles a bit with every push
>the speed picks up until she's just twerking on my dick
>her moans aren't too loud anymore
>goooooood she's learning
>she's still going at, turning her head every one in a whole to look back at me
>after a little while of that pulls off
>"here, you should lay on your back now"
>aaight den nigga
>do as I'm told
>she climbs on
>she puts it where it belongs
>enveloping the whole thing in the warm, wet, cave of wonder
>the holy of hollies
>she moves her hips up and down in and out, you know the drill
>she bends over me and starts kissing me as she does
>the warmness of her whole body really is the best part in the cold snow
>I can feel every detail of her as she rides me
>I feel like I'm getting close
That's why he's good at erotic writing. Well, one reason. You should always mix in some humor, because the more pleasure the reader gets out of the story (ALL kinds of pleasure) the more they will enjoy it. Since sexual pleasure is the most carnal of all, it all builds up into that.
fuckin right. A lot of erotic writing, while good and descriptive, is nothing but erotic. this guy is gr8.
After every section I feel the same excitement after watching an episode of my favorite show and the anticipation for the next one.
>"sit up" I say
>arch my back
>grab her hips
>start pushing her up and down as hard and as fast as I can
>I think I'm feelin it now Mr. Krabs!
>she's trying her best to keep balance using me as support
>she can barely take it
>the closer I get the closer she gets apparently
>she beats me to it
"Oh fuck, god yes!"
>oh fuck man
>I think I know what's "cumming" next
>"oh my god fuck me!"
>I can feel her insides start convulsing and doing backflips on my dick
>everything is sneezing and pulsating
>she keeps going at this for like 10 seconds or so
>collapses on me
>"ughhhh oh wow, Jesus Christ"
>I'm not done yet though
>still going hard as fuck
>you think you're done just because you came
>big mistake bub
>you don't get off that easy
>she just fucking gasping now
>edging for the longest time right now
>I'm feelin it Mr. Krabs! It's coming!
>push her off
>she knows
>crawls down to my dick
>start vigorously bobbing her head on it
>"ohhhh fuck yeah" and there it goes
>I feel her tongue lap it all up
>she finishes it all and sits up smiling
>don't know if it's to herself for a job well done or to me
>either she take a deep breath and lays down on me
>we just sit there for a few minutes
>"well we didn't come here just to fuck did we? Let's go back and carve!"
>damn that's a good idea
>wait you're the one who started this
>fuck you
>she give me a few more finishing kisses and we get up and start putting clothes back on
>re-bind and get on our way
>have a really good rest of the day snowboarding
>don't even really feel bad about fucking her this time
>guess I'm cool wid it
>after the day is done and the lifts close it's about 6pm
>go meet up with dad and aunt
>have dinner in glorious Northstar restaurant
>head back to lodge
someone screencap all this shit please
please tell me you have more. tell me you fucked her in the ass or something.
That's it for this update. The next will take place later on that night. It's a long night and more sinful things happen.

Thanks a lot for all the kind worlds guys. From the looks of it you all enjoyed it and I'll continue to type of the adventures of my cousins visit
Do it yourself. I already have it all up to this point
noooo don't leave. thanks anyway though based anon. thoroughly enjoyed.
Bro..ive read so many of these stories but this is the best so far. I want to believe
Why? You are gay
fuck you faggots just post it here
That's as far as I've written so far, but there is lots more, yes. Also, I don't want to give anything away until the next update, so it'll give you something to look forward to.
I should have gone to bed hours ago and now I unfortunately discovered this thread.

I'm in it for the finish, I don't give two shits about my busy ass day tomorrow let's go pseudo OP
wait how long until then? will it be in this thread? a thread tomorrow? I NEED TO KNOW ANON.
File: lahey.jpg (2 KB, 125x70) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x70
I am the story.
Actually if you guys could post the screen cap that'd be really great, I can't do it myself since I exclusively use my phone and id love to have screencaps of the two separate updates so I don't have to post them individually every time.
stupid niggers
It usually takes me awhile to write them since I have a full schedule. Not more than a week though, id say 3-4 days at the most and I'll do a few threads with the same update so more people see them
dude the man made an incredible story and now you don't want to help him out ?
you scum
File: you.jpg (15 KB, 319x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 319x400
wincest so good, it wasn't spidermaned...holy shit balls.
Oh shit nvm then I'm going to sleep.
I'll be on the lookout for your story OP.
this is amazing
I praise u OP
i came so hard
Too bad I'm not online often enough to read it every time. I do look forward to reading more of your work when I have the chance. Also you made it a bit too long for screen-capping for me, as I don't have a good program to edit it down with. (I refuse to use Microsoft paint.) Maybe you should have someone copy and paste it to a notepad document and put it in a dropbox or google drive. I'd do it, but it's 4:47, and I have work in four hours...
>she says. i want 1 more thing
>lose my virginity to you
>i put my dick at her pussy entrance
>she says go
>i push it in really quik. to get rid of it
Do you have pics of hers? At least ones without face? Show c cups
just about to post screencaps for you.
The only pics we took together are only face pics. I don't really want to post them because they can be image-searched. I've tried and they've lead me to her. I did originally want to post her but since it's not possible I can't. Rest assured though you're getting almost an exact match with that picture at the start of the second update, she just has more bitchy features. Which I think makes her all the more hot personally
File: edit.jpg (37 KB, 312x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 312x675
>Be 17 at school with cousin who is the same age. Pic related.
>Be selected to swim competitively for school. As I was pretty awesome. Cousin is selected for her cross country running.
>Get to hotel. Filled with hot people, yeah alot of them may have been ugly but they made up for it with their bodies.
>We start mingling with the other people at the hotel. Cousin gets friendly with this other guy, they exchange numbers and we call it a night and head back to our rooms.
>Cousin invites me round to her room to get drunk and chat. We are very close as a family.
>Laying on bed drinking shitty vodka, she goes off to the bathroom and I decide to put some music on.
>I grab her phone and start looking for music. I find my finger "accidentally" slips and I click on albums. See pic related.
>Cousin comes back into the room, sees I'm on her phone and dives across to grab it off me.
>Get into a play fight. Slip phone into my pants.
>"Don't think I wont go in there anon!"
>Me being cocky I lay back with me hands behind my head, she goes for it and slips her hand down my pants "And I didnt even have to buy you dinner" She laughs and once she had her phone she punched me in the stomach.
>"Soo cus I see you took a nice little photo for your friend downstairs." She goes red and punches me again
For those who don't know these events are fuck-fests
>"Honestly though, if you weren't my cousin I would"..... "You would what anon"
>Alarms go off in my head, was I about to admit id fuck my cousin.
>My dick decides my brain isnt up to the task here so it diverts all the blood flow to my crotch. Leaving only dirty thoughts in my mind.
>She see's Ive gone red now and starts teasing me "You want me dont you anon!"
>I move the topic on but my dick is still onyx.
>All she had on was some pink pyjamas while I only had a tee and shorts. So she must have seen what I was packing.
>We are both a little drunk and she won't drop the me wanting to fuck her subject.

Want me to find a pair of tits that looks similar to hers? That's the best id be able to do
Thanks for making this an epic bred.
I didn't screencap it but I have it on a notepad, is there anywhere where I should upload it? Maybe have a google drive and include future updates
No, I never made a drive unfortunately

I know it's pretty stupid I still don't have one
Here's a pretty much exact match for her tits. I'm assuming you'll be wanting an ass as well?
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 600x776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 600x776
Forgot the file
hot dayum
Keep it coming.
>>get's dick out again
>>start sucking again
>>I do not dislike
File: image.jpg (94 KB, 640x954) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 640x954
And here's a very similar ass n pussy combo. I'm not fucking around with you guys here btw, I'm really trying to find the closest thing to her, she was very well put together in my opinion
Let's have it man, we're ready for it
holy fuck I would literally cum in 3 minutes
you lucky bastard OP
>bear chest
Are you nico bellic ?
No, I but he is one of my major role models in all things Slav
http://4archive. org/b/thread/ 568605170

guise, I archived it here. does ayone know if the shit uploads ongoing posts by itself?
File: Story 1.jpg (4 MB, 7767x7494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Story 1.jpg
4 MB, 7767x7494
was working quickly and zoomed out, so I hope these are in the right order (they should be). First wincest story.
File: Story 2.jpg (3 MB, 8264x7864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Story 2.jpg
3 MB, 8264x7864
here's no. 2
Fuck you making me google smize
holy shit those are large, my bad. ah well they're there if anybody wants them.
File: StoryOfAnAlpha.jpg (4 MB, 2429x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2429x4000
First time posting on 4chan ever, usually lurking. plus first time cutting together. all in one
much better job than me... oh well I tried.
both of you are based as much as the storyteller. thank you, based anons
>>we go bowling

Cousin let`s go bowling
Wow that was exceptionally well done, thank you, the image quality and clarity are great
Your welcome, just helping out.
From a guy down under.
File: nut-shots_o_322378.jpg (143 KB, 450x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 450x310
no shit.. me too.
hope the pseudo-OP posts up more around the same time in the future so we don't miss the thread.
>only had sex 4 times
>4 times
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