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so /b/, it's been almost 8 years now...
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so /b/, it's been almost 8 years now but i just recently put the pieces together.

I have recently discovered why I spent the better part of 3 years in and out of psychosis and mental hospitals. Why I was treated like a lab rat and why my brain became fried so hard i lost about 20 IQ points.

itt: greentext stories.
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>be OP, 19 years old
>older brother flips out one day, is diagnosed with schizophrenia
>he is very combative now, accusing my parents of become C.I.A and believes he is the star of a show similar to the Truman show

>fast forward 2 months and he can no longer live with my parents because he is too fucking crazy.

>me and older bro move into a house together
>the following years are very stressful
>getting in first fights 3 times a week
>constant yelling and screaming at all hours of the day and night
>random illogical parnoia floods the house. Many night forced out of the house for any given reason, usually an immanent bomb threat, or mercenaries coming to kill us. etc.. etc..
>after about three years of this i meet a friend who has LSD.
>decided to blow off some steam and take the acid.
>at some point during the trip, i run into my parents. They become worried, even though i know my dad has done acid before, and I was actually just enjoying the trip, in awe of the universe and life itself .. etc etc...
>mom calls my sister.
>sister comes to town and asks if she can make me dinner
>i was skeptical at first, but i hadn't eaten in awhile so I said sure. After all, a home cooked meal would be pretty sweet.. right
for interest
>after dinner i began the walk home, but something was wrong with my back.
> i couldn't stand up straight and with every step i took my back tightened up more. the walk home was about 2 miles.
>the last mile i was just about completely doubled over and had to crawl into my door
inb4 move in with auntie and uncle in belair
op next time type it up in notepad and copypaste it all
>when i finally made it to bed I laid down and closed my eyes.
>when i closed my eyes i heard a loud BANG. it sounded like large caliber gunfire at close range
>i opened my eyes, but i couldn't move my body. like some kind of waking sleep paralysis.

>started hallucinating very badly.
>heard extremely loud explosions accompanied by white flashing light that kept getting closer and closer
brother is kill
when i could finally move i jumped out of bed, paranoid out of my fucking mind.
>couldn't sleep for three days until i finally asked my parents to drive me to the hospital.
>in the hospital the hallucinations just got worse.
>became explosively angry and in an out of psychosis for years.
>would frequently have more episodes of sleep paralysis accompanied by flashing light and sound of explosions.
>made sleep pretty much impossible.
>ended up turning to hard drugs, like cocaine and heroin

>racked up hospital bills.. im in debt now.
Lurking and bumping in interest
>found out my sister has spiked my dinner with Geodon. A potent Anti psychotic / SSRI
>Realized that my back was crippled that day because muscle seizures are a side effect of the drugs.

>found out i heard explosions and had sleep paralysis because sudden withdraw of Geodon includes seizures of the frontal lobe and can cause a rare condition known as Exploding Head Syndrome
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i pretty much just put all the pieces together.

now i am aware of the fact that the better part of the last decade has been pure hell for me and i owe over 4000 to the hospital because my sister wanted to play doctor. and i still have to deal with the occasional seizure of the frontal lobe and i have to be extremely careful to not become too stressed
that's it, that's my fucking story. I have to get back to work
More of the story, don't do drugs. Look what it did to op
holy fuck

i was forcefully medicated from age 7-15 and i think it shaved off a couple of points of iq for me as well. i have my own hallucinations but nothing like this, i am angry for you right now.
the answer is simple op.
kill your sister
wow. fuck that. sue her ass brah. make her payyyy

Pretty sure you could sue your sister for the 4000, if you were inclined to.
did you even ask your sister?

>if true, are you going to kill her and then later claim it was a paranoid ideation that she had drugged you thus causing your years of mental turmoil.

btw you are having an episode.
Shoot that bitch.

That is some extremely bad luck.
we must kill the batman.
the moral of the story is, my sister is a huge bitch.

not only did she spike my food, but she called my best friend that night and he drove from out of town.

they ended up fucking on MY couch, while i was upstairs paralyzed and hallucinating about being shot in the face and blown up


that's a problem. I dont really know how to get past this. The situation really does call for revenge but that's not in my nature.

..all i can really do is disown my family and never talk to them again.
Let me get this straight: you played Dr. With your sister, couldn't hang, and it drove you crazyand into drugs?

>OP is a fag
Shit OP thats really rough. Hope you ever get any better.
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