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I tried this thread a couple days ago and...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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I tried this thread a couple days ago and it got quite a few replies with some good stories and some great pics.

Does anyone has any personal experiences to share that include any of the following:

1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate?
- Like, a friend's girlfriend or friend's wife, a friend's mother, a mother-in-law or sister-in-law, a girlfriend's or wife's friend or relative?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone in to letting you fuck them or having them suck your dick?
- Specifically, have you ever caught someone cheating on their husband/boyfriend and then threatened to tell on them if she did not fuck you/suck your dick? It would seem to be especially hot if you were to have blackmailed your mother-in-law or a friend's mom in to fucking you or giving you a blowjob.

3.) Have you had a girl cheat with you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated. And details about sexual encounters get extra points!

> Pic related: A picture of a MILF with cum on her face that gets posted on Facebook and then her son sees it and she realizes it and is asking for help removing it.
Fucked my gfs best friend while she was in the room next to us.
Not sure if I regret that or not. Some days I do some days I don't.
File: 2014-09-26_102328.png (26 KB, 934x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 934x468
In an attempt to bump the thread and get some replies, here's a screencap of a greentext story that was posted in a previous thread about a guy who fucks his friend's girlfriend while in the same bed as his friend is passed out. I found it to be extremely arousing.

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described.
Please do elaborate on what happened! How exactly did it happen? Had you fooled around with her before? Have you fucked her since then? Is she attractive? What's her body like? Big tits? Fat ass? Tight pussy? Does your girlfriend suspect anything between you two?
In another attempt to get some replies, here's a link to to an archived previous thread. Maybe, some of you will check it out and get an idea of what's been posted in previous threads like this and then decide to share something new.

Link ti archived thread: http://4archive.org/b/thread/570548814
its a old pic, seen it and more on som MILF porn sites, but who is it? she is hot, and happpy for cum on many pic.
13 yrs old
I seem to recall checking out the pic online and finding out that it's actually just a 'shopped image and that the implied scenario is not real. However, it's definitely an erotic image. And there are several different pics of that female from that set available online, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for contributing to the thread.
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While not form that set, here's another picture of that girl. There are more pics. If you want me to upload some more, let me know.
>Norwegian russ
>Have a gf
>Big party at a parkinglot near the forest
>Meet one of her friends and classmates
>Fuck her in the forest
>Her bestfriend drives my gf, her friend I fucked and me home. Drops of friend I fucked (neighbor) and me first.
>Drives my gf home to her place
>Calls me after she dropped of my gf, asked if she could come over (she is sober, everyone else is drunk as fuck)
>Drunk me says yes
>Fuck her in my bed
>She goes home.
>Next day my gf cals me, comes over in the morning
>Fuck her.
>Fucked 2 of my gfs best friends before I fucked my gf, all in around 12 hours.
>Felt like shit.
>Never told her, her best friend told her and I denied it forever.
You really seem to be 14 years old.
File: 1634612_960x1280.jpg (79 KB, 660x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's a pretty fucking interesting story! Were her friends hot? Are you still with the girl? Got any pics of any of the females mentioned? Did you fuck either of the friends again?

> Another picture of the MILF in the photo in the OP.
I've been fucking my brothers gf. That count?
File: 1848391_1000x1333.jpg (57 KB, 660x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for your input. Now please GFY. Seriously, I don't give a fuck how old you think I am. Please go be a piece of shit in another thread. Thank you.

> Another pic of that MILF.
im not the only one that thinks so right?

and this is just severe autism >>571253929

you mad bro?
Of course, that counts! Care to share some of the story? How did it start? Is she hot? Does he suspect anything between you two? Got any pics of her you could share?
Her friends were average looking norwegian girls. Her bf is really slutty and hands out blowjobs all the time. She also blew me when I was drunk as fuck earlier in the relationship. Fucked her a couple of times after that, a lot of bjs tho. Her other friend (my neighbor) was a freak doing self harming and shit like that. Got over to her place one time when we we both drunk and fucked her in her bathroom. She had me strangle her, slap her in the face. She really wanted to be dominated so when I came I grabbed her hair and put my dick down her throat and choked her with my cum. She had a sick look in her eyes when she opened up and showed me all the sperm was swallowed. Never touched her after that, she did ask me a couple of times tho. I went to the army way north and my ex gf moved south, so we broke up. Got a new gf now. My exs bf still wanted to blow me and met me occasionally when I got my new gf, but I've simpy denied her as I don't want anthing to do with her. Got pics at home, currently at work. Will however not post photos for obvious reasons. Sorry.
I like art works of
Fiction. But I don't like you
Hack describes you well
>Will however not post photos for obvious reasons. Sorry.

Then why the fuck did I waste a minute of my life, reading your musings?!?! I guess the joke's on me.
Thanks for posting some details about your story. Good read about a sexy situation! And I definitely understand not being comfortable posting pics; but I wanted to at least ask, in case you had some that would not show their faces.
Yes, I'm mad. Please stop picking on me.

Another mean person. You folks here on /b/ sure are vicious.

Just curious, why go out of your way to troll people so weakly and unnecessarily? Are you cock-smokers that bored? Or do you just like being fucking faggots?
I fucked my friends girl on his bed while he was at work. I'm with her now, stole her away. But they were together another week while we fucked like bunnies on his bed.
I stole my friend's girl when I was 12 and lost my virginity because of it, this thread is lamer than shit so I'll post it cuz why not

>Be 12
>Friend breaks up with his girlfriend
>Always liked her, been talking to her during school and shit
>We start flirting tell her I think she's cute and all that noise
>Seeing her on a regular basis, at parties and shit, we had the same group of friends
>Finally kiss one night
>Not dating or anything
>She tells me she's coming home with me one day
>Ask her if she wants a soda
>Walk uptown to the store, get a soda whilst furiously looking for condoms
>Small town store, fucking condoms are behind the shelves with cigarettes
>Put the sodas on the counter
>"Pack of condoms please ma'am"
>She looks at me like she's selling me a gun
>Thank her and head back outside
>Hand her a soda and notice something in the corner of my eye in the distance
>It's my friend, I'm with his ex
>He's staring at me like a crow that just watched his family being eaten by a cat
>Ignore it and start walking to the house

>She knows he is following us
>I quickly realize I am just a pawn, but he has always been an asshole so I'll play along
>Lose any romantic feelings I had for her on the walk
>She's now energetic instead of nervous, pushing and playing
>I play along and start grabbing on her
>Hear friend from a half a block away
>"Don't do that anon!"
>We're about the same size, but he knows I can take him
>Getting closer to the house now
>She's grabbing on my dick at this point through my pockets
>Finds the condoms
>"What are these for?"
>Boner is in the fight of its life with my tighty whiteys
>Decide I want to fuck with friend more
>Have a packet of four condoms, leave one on the trail, it's bright he'll see it
>Stop and makeout with her for a moment
>Full on heavy petting
it's not really out of my way. my keyboard is quite accessible from my position.

I am not trolling. I am pointing out that you are underage, and should be banned. I am saging, to avoid bumping a terrible thread. I am not trying to bring attention to how funny I am, because I'm not trying to be.

Why is such an underage butthurt fag on /b/. 18+.

But, pro-tip, www.literotica.com. Take your shitty thread elsewhere
damn forgot to sage
Want to share some details about how it started? Are you and him still friends? Did he confront/try to fight you? Got any pics you'd be willing to share?

Stupid faggot bumps the thread and then goes back to sage like it does anything, it must be brutal to be this fucking stupid

>We're sharing a piece of gum on our journey
>Starts raining slightly
>It's getting good
>Friend finds the condom
>His face is glistening from the rain/tears
>"Go home friend, this is happening"
>Girl laughs
>He sits down in the middle of the road
>We continue on
>He of course gets up
>Finally make it to the house
>Friend is full on crying at this point
>Girl is basically full on hysterically laughing at this point
>Remember when he broke my Tupac CD
>This is happening
>"Go home friend, get over it"
>Throw the condom box in the street, keep the condoms
>Inside we go
>Friend is outside yelling the entire time, full on bawling losing his fucking mind

>We get inside
>No one else is home, my brothers are at their friends, parents at work
>"Wanna go upstairs?"
>"No, lets stay here"
>She's looking out the window
>This whore wants him to see
>Fuck it, I already did the hard part, lets get weird
>Start making out, kissing on her neck under her shirt grabbing little kid titties
>Full on take her shirt off, she's in nothing but some small cuttoff jean shorts at this point
>Skimp down the whiteys, dick winning the fight at this point
>She lays back on the couch spread wide
>I get on top of here sucking her tits, fingering her underneath her shorts
>She's moaning and basically loving it
>This motherfucker has moved to the window and is looking in
>Front row seats for a front row show
>Decide to get fully naked
>Glistening boy penis in her grizzy
>She asks if she wants me to suck on it
>She starts sucking on it with all the awkwardness only barely pubescent girl could
>"no no no no no" the friend says, crying very audibly at this point
>Decide enough is enough
>Pull her shorts off
>I'll never forget how her ass and pussy looked with her legs pressed together straight into the air
>First pussy I've ever seen outside of dad's easy rider magazines
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ait heres the bf of my ex, no face and not my photo. She has implants now.
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z FB fail 2.png
884 KB, 972x800
File: z FB fail 1.png (742 KB, 659x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
z FB fail 1.png
742 KB, 659x576
File: FB fail 12.jpg (124 KB, 625x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
FB fail 12.jpg
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>>She asks if she wants me to suck on it

You gave youself away. The one outside was the girl, the one you were fucking was the guy.
Hurry up fagit

Thread was dead Fred, thought we were done, I'll post the rest just for you then

>She says she wants to put it on
>Let her, while standing make direct eye contact with friend
>He looks like a mortal wound has been inflicted upon his immortally innocent boy heart
>"How does it taste"?
>"How does what taste"?
>"Your pussy, I want to taste it"
>She lays back
>"No no, lay over here"
>So I can see him
>Start licking her pussy
>Remember it tasting like pennies, and feeling like thin bologna
>She starts moaning very loudly
>Friend is making noises like he is dying at this point
>Making direct eye contact with him as I lick deep inside and suck on her pussy lips
>Finally have enough and climb on top
>She has to help me put it in, I'm fucking stupid
>Friend is hitting himself
>Finally get it in
>Her eyes get very wide
>Wider and wider as I pull back and have to push in, just trying to get it in her
Well I appreciate it ted.

>Friend is crying harder than I've ever seen anyone cry in my adolescent or adult life, literally
>"I love her I lover her I love her I love her I love her" he repeats
>Wildly thrusting, no technique necessary I'm just a dumb ass kid
>She's biting her lips, and he legs are shaking
>Starts pushing on my ass to put it in deeper, or why ever the fuck girls do that
>Must construct additional pylons, aka I'm about to nut
>She wraps her legs around me
>Ask her if she wants me to pull out
>"No dont" she moans
>"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU ANON, ILL FUCKING KILL YOU" He manages to get out in between sobs
>Scratches my back hard, the pain is a good pain
>Grab her shoulders and press down
>Sucking on her neck as it's finally all done
>Pull off the condom and hold it up for him to see
>We smoke a cigarette and watch T.V., he leaves at some point during this

>Mfw I did this because he broke my Tupac cd
>Mfw we were still friends after this
>Mfw I am shame

There you go, the story of how I lost my virginity when I was 12
lucky boyfriend
We all hung out in that friends brothers room and got high (except her bf since he was lame) and I got her number to talk as friends but he was really clingy and I attacked that and ponied out how sad it was. Eventually she was going to help me do some job apps on her laptop, midway through I just started kissing her. One thing led to another and she sucked me awhile and climbed on top of me and rode me until she wanted me on top. After a few minutes she came hard and looked me on the eyes and said "do me a favor baby? Cum inside me? I want it" dear lord I can't explain how hard I came. And it's been going ever since.
Parents raised a real winner here
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Moralfag on my /b/?

I don't fucking think so junior
smoke a cigarett with 12?

u want to get cancer early mate
File: 1341334018721.jpg (19 KB, 250x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't get cancer, cancer gets me
>Does anyone has
I will cut your face
Don't worry i smoked weed at 14 and have been since
>fucked a godsister
>got a handjob from my girlfriend's friend while us 3 are laying in the bed drunk on new years
>took B&'s virginity
>jerked off o my friends mom while she slept

All that matters is you do what without caring what other people think, even if caring what other people think is what you want to do
I lost my virginity to best friends gf in my fathers office on his desk.
never blackmailed anyone, but I fucked/got blowed from few employees back in the day (was area manager for several shops and caffes)

do what you want*

Fucking tired
fucked the girl my cousin was dating. then i fucked her sister about 20 minutes later in the room next door. good times
I was in this thread, man. I've read everything but the shit got 404'ed. Wish somebody saved it on 4archive.
Both of these posts seem to have potential for some good stories. Do either of you want to post some details about sexual encounters? Or have any pics of these females you'd be willing to share?

Nigger I posted an entire story about how my 12 year old ass fucked my best friend's 13 year old girlfriend over a Tupac CD

If that's not good enough nothing ever will be
Do you recall which particular thread it was/any of the specific stories or pics that were posted?

Here's a link (that I also posted earlier in this thread) to an archived previous thread: http://4archive.org/b/thread/570548814
i got to go out. but i'll boot real quick

>get married
>maid of honor starts sending me nood pics of herself
>talks about me tossing her salad and shit
>nothing happened

i've got a lot of experience fucking around behind people's backs. and i'm trying to do the right thing by my marriage. But shit like this doesn't make it any easier.
File: 1312795285007.png (13 KB, 523x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 523x497
I fucked my friends gf when he went away for a while. we were all living together. she was 17 i was 28. bitch was wild.
>get drunk, the two of us
>she would 'jokingly' say that i could fuck her ass
>brush it off a few times
>one day drunk as shit, sexual tension overload
>we fuck like rabid animals
> bitch squirts
>1 month later
>her mother is in good shape im home alone and she brings over pizza out of the blue
>we drink, give her a cheeky kiss then i pull out my dick
>shes on it(sucking) doesnt know where its been
>take the mothers anal virginity later on
>I move city's with shitstorm behind me because they all find out.
nearly fucked the gf of my female friend.
Sorry for not replying to your posts. Thanks for posting it. However, that was a pretty fucked-up thing to do as/to a kid that young. I'm curious, did you end up having sex with her again after that? Did you end up being a couple? Do you still keep in touch with her/when is the last time you talked to/saw this girl? Do you have any pics of this girl?

Also, how/why did your friend not legitimately try to kill/maim you after that?

> Also, Tupac was a good artist, but his best material can't even compare to the GOAT, Marshall Motherfucking Mathers!
It wasn't on this saved thread. Was in the one with the Asian kid who scored his gf mother.

And mine was about a girl who was underage when I started to bang and still bang until this date in every kinky way.

>Sorry for not replying to your posts

I don't care man, you're not obligated to reply to shit

> I'm curious, did you end up having sex with her again after that?
>Did you end up being a couple?

No, I was pretty apathetic about it after I realized I was just a tool, she was taken with me afterwards but I didn't care, it was too late

>Do you still keep in touch with her/when is the last time you talked to/saw this girl?

Probably when I was about 14, moved away, she's on Facebook but what's the point you know?

>Do you have any pics of this girl?

Pic related

>Also, how/why did your friend not legitimately try to kill/maim you after that?

Tupac CD>Bitch

>Also, Tupac was a good artist, but his best material can't even compare to the GOAT, Marshall Motherfucking Mathers

Music is very subjective, not only do you not really get to choose what you like but it is close to impossible to decide what a "good" artist sounds like, having said that Eminem is a nasally faggot that can't stop crying about mommy and his own bitch to stop the pussy in his pants from growing out of control
Let me see if I read that correctly. You're saying that you fucked your friend's 17 year-old girlfriend (whom you lived with). Then, a month later, that 17 year-old girl's mother comes by to bring over some pizza, you hang out with her and drink some beers, you try kissing her, then pull out your dick, she starts sucking your dick, and eventually, you end up fucking her mother in the ass?

If true, this is a really fucked-up story.

I have to ask some questions now. Did you end up fucking the mom the day that she brought the pizza by? How many times did you end up fucking the mom? And the daughter? Did the daughter end up finding out and getting pissed off at you and/or her mother? Did the friend end up finding out about you and his girlfriend? Assuming that he did, did he try to confront/fight you?

Please elaborate on this situation. Also, do you have any pics of the girl or her mother? Do you still keep in touch with either of them? If you're in the U.S., what state did this take place in?

Er what, here's pic
I think I have a screencap of that entire thread (or, at least, close to the full thread before it 404'd) saved on my computer, but the thread was valid for several hours and probably had a couple hundred posts, so the file is really compressed; so much so, that (in Windows XP) I can't even Zoom In on the screencap image enough in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to actually be able to read the text. However, if you chose the option to 'close this program and open this image for editing,' it will then open/display the image at full size and you can scroll through the screencap and view it nicely. Then, you can screencap specific sections/stories, if you'd like to.

Do you want me to upload that compressed screencap of the entire thread?
Fuck yea, man. That shit was dope.
Is that the chick form the story you shared? If so, she's really attractive. However, seeing as she looks to have young child, I agree that it's best to leave her alone.

Also, I realize that taste in music is subjective, but I've been listening to Rap/Hip Hop for a long time (over 25 years, literally) and Eminem is incredibly talented and hard-working. And, lyrically, in my opinion, he's un-fucking-touchable. I wish that more artists would go after him and start shit, so that he could get pissed and retaliate, and show that fire that he still possesses and slay some stupid mother fuckers.
not much of a story but
>be me quite over a decade ago
>at my fathers office late at night as usual (the only hispeed net I had acces to) in chat rooms, playing D2 and stuff
>friends gf calls that she wants to meet
>friend was away skiing or something, we both knew her some time, so nothing unusual
>tell her where I am
>she comes over, got some wine
>we "make fun" of people in chat
>she sits on my lap
>she notices
>she goes down on me
>I go down on here
>it over in a minute
>she leaves

thats it. I fucked her one more time after they broke up few months after that (not related). As far as I know, he never knew

Ya I guess that's her kid, couldn't tell you I haven't talked to her in about 12 years

>hard working

I mean, like what you like and I'm not trying to derail your thread, but the dude has barely made 7 albums in 18 years on beats he doesn't even produce, that's a little over 2 years for each album, I would hope that atleast his lyrics are decent
File: 1406410292766.gif (903 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
903 KB, 300x200
1; Fingered my sister.
2;i blackmailed tons of people,but ususaly for money,once for drugs.
3;not because i have a big dick-how could they know my dick-size before deciding to get naked?
>tupac cd
stopped reading there, i am no longer interested in anything you have to say you tasteless niggercumgobbler

I was 12 and even then I knew you were a faggot
This should be it. After you save the image, let me know if you're able to view it and if it's the thread you're thinking of.

Shit! Apparently, it's too fucking large/compressed to upload. Got another way for me to get it to you?

> Pic related: The error message I just got when trying to upload that screencap image.
1.) Yes. I have made out with, fingered, eaten out or outright fucked nine of my ten best friends' girlfriends/wives. All while they were in relationships. To my knowledge, only three shared this information with their significant others (and one guy kicked my ass bad enough I had to be hospitalized: it was worth fucking his wife in the ass, though)

2.) No, but I withheld a promotion from a single mom until she let me feel her tits up at work and let me go down on her. She eventually left her husband and started dating her bosses, one by one. She got hooked on company ink. I'm proud of her for it.

3.) No, but I have had girls who had cheated on their boyfriends/husbands wind up with my phone number. Twice, it lead to hook-ups. For shits and giggles, I only used gas station bathrooms, to make it feel more depraved.

So fuckin' cash.
1.) As in, your biological sister? Or step-sister? How old were you two? How did it happen? Did it happen more than once? Why did it not progress any further? Did you two talk about it afterward?

2.) Why not try to get sexy from any of these people? All males? And how did you get so many blackmail opportunities?

3.) Girls may have heard about a guy's size by word of mouth/other females who've fucked you/sucked your dick. You could be someone who comments about/brings attention to your dick, as a way of trying to show it off/get girls to fuck you. Someone may have seen your dick while pissing outside/swimming/the bulge in your pants.
Care to share some more details about these encounters? Specifically, how did you manage to fuck around with so many of your friend's girlfriends/wives? Are you really good-looking? Do you have a big dick?

Was this female whom you withheld the promotion form attractive? How old was she and how old were you? What did she look like/body type? How many kids did she have?

And I have to ask about the friend who fucked you up. How exactly did that happen? Did he just aggressively confront you in person and start violently fighting you? Did you know he had found out? Why did the girl tell him what happened? Did you try to fight back? Is the guy a monster who you just had no chance winning a fight against? And are you two still friends at all?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but your stories sure sound like they are likely intriguing! If you'd like to reply with some details/answers to my questions, I'd be glad to read them!
My wife was driving me, and our two friends(one guy, one girl) back from the beach one time, all shitfaced, for some reason I sit in the back and guy friend gets passenger seat, so me and girl friend are in the back, and she pulls my shorts down and starts sucking my dick for about 10 minutes while wife is driving. It was quite bizarre honestly
Upload it to imageshack... Post the link

>saging on /b/

Gf cheated on me, and we weren't even fucking yet (mid high school). So, her mom was going through a divorce, and I comforted her, blah blah alcohol, blah blah reamed her mother's cunt.

I'd have spread the info about it more, but I like her mom, so I just keep that little personal victory.

>almost ten years have passed
>she got fucking fat as shit
>her mom is still a milf
>shame she's happily married now
>apparently I was her first orgasm by penetration, not bad for a 17yo
Greentexting for clarity's sake.
>Care to share some more details about these encounters?
Some of the guys are 4chan regulars. Most of us met at a gathering, way back when.

>Specifically, how did you manage to fuck around with so many of your friend's girlfriends/wives?
I threw a lot of parties and am liberal with my intoxicants. Popularity, consistent contact and a risque sense of humor help. All I ever needed to do was point out a few minor flaws, once in a great while, and talk about how awesome the women were for putting up with them were. Worked fairly often and well.
>Are you really good-looking? Do you have a big dick?
I'm average on both counts. Nothing special but some decent tattoos (none of that tribal shit) and a pierced nipple (which I am probably going to take out, because fuck, does it hurt in cold weather).

>friend who fucked me up
The one who fucked me up ambushed me (I am not hard to sneak up on. I can be ambushed by a tree. srsly) and hit me with a golf club to the leg and then snapped my ankle on the curb with his foot. Spent some time getting that fixed up. All I saw was an angry stranger, and by the time I realized it was an angry friend, we weren't really friends anymore.

>single mom incident
This one was probably the best of them. She got engaged by the time promotions rolled around, but was coming into work so she could be "inspected" by me every workday. She'd cozy up to my desk after hours, bend over, then let me finger her after I made sure she was wearing a good bra (an arbitrary rule we used for no apparent point). If she wasn't wearing one, she had to let eat her out. How much of it was control versus urge, dunno.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Damn, this sounds like it's got to be an erotic, intriguing story! Care to share more details about exactly how this happened? Did you end up having sex with the mom more than once? And have you got any pics you'd be willing to post of her or her mother? Also, if you're in the U.S., in what state did this take place? Just can't help but be curious if I might know the people in a story being shared.

Also, have you seen the girl or the mom recently? Do you guys keep in touch at all?
I was completely losing my shit when I was reading that hahaha good on you anon
File: 1411541283087.jpg (144 KB, 496x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 496x474

Not my proudest moment but I appreciate it man



Good job anon, you're getting so big and strong! Soon enough you won't have to suck dicks to sustain yourself
single mom incident
>This one was probably the best of them. She got engaged by the time promotions rolled around, but was coming into work so she could be "inspected" by me every workday. She'd cozy up to my desk after hours, bend over, then let me finger her after I made sure she was wearing a good bra (an arbitrary rule we used for no apparent point). If she wasn't wearing one, she had to let eat her out. How much of it was control versus urge, dunno.

OK, I have to ask for some more details, as this sounds like it's hot. How old was this girl? Body type? How many kids? Die her fiancee suspect anything between you two? Did you ever fuck her? Do you keep in touch? Also, if you're in the U.S., in what state did this take place? Just can't help but be curious if I might know the people in a story being shared.
Texas, I won't be posting pictures, because we're in the presence of some of the best e-detectives that exist on public forums, and I'd prefer it not get back to anyone that I hit that.

Honestly, it's been since like 2002, man, and I was a little tipsy myself, details are sparse. It was a one time thing, although if I had any game I could've made it a regular occurrence (she was still into me, but I didn't know how to read signals nearly as well then, despite having friends/being in sports, I was borderline autismal).

For your imagination, she's super short, extremely fit at the time, less so now, about 4'10 and mid-90s pounds, which was crazy at the time because I'm 6'7 (probably 6'5 or so then) and 250, so I probably looked like the cradle robber, despite her being 40something.
>How old was this girl?
She was 23, I was 27. The difference between community college and a university degree.

>Body type?
5'5", maybe 120. She's kept it trim.
>How many kids?
2, I think. She may have had more later.
>Die her fiancee suspect anything between you two?
He suspected, but I changed jobs by the time he had half a clue.
>Did you ever fuck her?
Nah. We exchanged oral, a titfuck once or twice.
>Do you keep in touch? Also, if you're in the U.S., in what state did this take place?
Nope, and it wasn't in the US.
> didnt fuck first day
>lived with the mum for amonth or so after. fucked alot
>the daughter found out and went batshit. i turned them against each other.
> friend was away but msgd me that he was going to rip my eyes out and fuck my skull.
>this was in nsw australia about 5 yrs ago

sorry, bro. id have to unpack some shit to prvide pics.
Yes please
Thanks for replying. And I definitely understand about not wanting to post pictures that could lead back to you. I was just thinking that maybe you had some pics that didn't show the face or would be hard to see clearly and wanted to at least ask, as it helps to enhance the story. Thanks for taking the time to share the story, though. Do you happen to have any more erotic stories to share?

Thanks for replying and sharing some details. That was a good read. Do you happen to have any more erotic stories to share?

Thanks for replying. And while I'd definitely like to see some pictures/videos, I don't expect you to go that much out of your way. Thanks for taking the time to share the story, though. Btw, have you seen the friend since this happened? Or kept in touch with either of the females? And do you happen to have any more erotic stories to share?
Here's a link to a bunch of pictures of her: http://porno-devki.com/molodoj-lyubovnik-konchaet-na-litso-zreloj-mamashe/
Please anon, upload it for US. That shit cannot be lost again...
I tried to upload it on to imgur, because I have an account there, and the fucking image uploaded, but won't display. Do you have a throwaway e-mail or an e-mail you could post temporarily? If so, do that, and I'll e-mail you the screencap right now.
If you're still monitoring the thread, let me know if there's an e-mail address you can post briefly, so that I can e-mail you the screencap.

Also, anyone else got some stories to share? or pics of girls they've cheated with/cheated on them?
None of that happened

Tell yourself what you like anon
Send it to tha.santos@aol.com
Got it. Will send now!
Screencap sent. Let me know if you received it and if you're able to view it. And if you're able to somehow upload it to this thread, feel free to do so.
Recieved it, man. My thread was the 570372361 (08:17:29 - 9L4M0mtZ)

Good lord, even had some shit I've missed on that thread. Much thanks, anon.
Fuck your mom motherfucker you better post some more photos, you son of a bitch.

He posted 3 hours ago you dumb sandnigger
No problem. I'm glad you received it and that you're able to view the screencap. And, I agree, it was a good thread with some really erotic stories shared in it! It'd be nice if these threads got more interest and more stories shared, but I'm not sure what to do to get more replies. Got any ideas? Also, feel free to copy and paste the text and picture from the OP and post this thread yourself, if you'd like to. Maybe, you could re-word some of the text in the OP and see if it gets better results/replies?
Bah, the only ba part about this story is it ends up with one of my cats getting murdered. Fuck it, here's for you soft, docile young men.

>few years ago, maybe 2 or 3 now
>threw a party, had everyone over like usual getting drunk
>my friend mike (dark skinned Puerto Rican guy) and his current mess (Jasmin, super skinny light skinned PR chick, black hair) stay the night with me and my ex of that time (chubby light skinned pr girl)
>me and my girl start getting drunk horny like usual, end up doing the normal stuff in the bathroom
>she actually passes out before me for once, lays next to the wall
>the order is now mike at the edge, Jas in the middle, me, then ex against the wall
>I'm wide awake, still hard, laying here listening to them make out, touch eachother, but they don't go to far
> mike goes to the bathroom, jas knocks out for a minute
>no return, must've went on his phone in the kitchen or something
>jas rolls over towards me, still half asleep
>begins touching my chest and face up, it's dark. Feels my goatee, assumes its him because we have similar body types and facial hair.
>without confirming anything, reaches down and starts jerking me off. Such soft hands, much enjoy, wowe
>I say nothing, my girlfriend right behind me. Still wondering where this guy is
>oh lord she's going down on me. Had to be some of the best head I've ever gotten. How could such a skinny girl know how to blow? Oh well, let it ride
>now she starts getting suspicious. Must be thinking "why isn't he touching me back"
>stops, feels me up again to check who I am.
>fake sleep mode. You were just knobbing the unconscious, that's it.
>now is when she gets up to go find mike, and I just rolled back over. Good enough lulz

And yeah. Dunno if you noticed that little hint about jas being his "mess". She stayed over that night even though her ex called her wanting to see her. Because she didn't leave with him, he came to my house, stomped on my cats head, and left her to die in front. Bastard
That's a pretty bizarre story. So, did the girl end up realizing it was you she had just been going down on? Did she say anything to you afterward? Did you end up fooling around with her again? What did you do to/about the guy who killed your cat?
>dude posts only one photo
>post some more photos

Learn to read, you dumbfuck.

The irony is palpable
>The irony is palpable
How so? Where did I fail to read?

We're not doing this, have a good day
She must've realized and just never said anything. It got stuck on my mind for a good bit, though. Ended up asking her if she ever remembered it and she said no, but her reaction said yes. The guy went to jail and got out quick, just like every other dirtbag.

Femanon here

> 7 yrs ago, 18, nerdy, 7/10
> know a grl 4 a while
> became bff
> bff starts telling ppl tht I'm lesbian
> bff has this bf, 20yo, very 8/10
> dude was mah friend 2
> invited bf 2 smoke pot 'n' listen to sum "the offspring" (splinter had just came out)
> got stoned
> threw sum lewd jokes
> took it from behind, top, side
> sucked til the last drop of his balls
> made sure everyone but bff knows about it
> (ex-)bff discovers after sum time
> whoisthelesbiannow.webm
PS: No tits, just GTFO!!!

Tits isn't required in this situation, regardless of how much the newfriends bark
>newshit calling other people new
Get the fuck out of here, SJW. Rules are fucking rules.

Incorrect, you'll have to try again bud

In this situation it's of dire importance to know the sex for the story, she was not using it to attain attention

Project all you like though, it's funny to me
Proportional and accurate response for this situation. Kudos to you, miss anon.
File: ItsSexyWhenDrunk.gif (64 KB, 398x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 398x308
It's that time of the night, figured I would share the time I slept with the mother of my good mates' girlfriend (who is kind of a friend so I guess this counts).

> Be 18 Straya Male
> Have the day off and been drinking/smoking all day to start my weekend
> Get invited to chilled gathering at house of friend's girlfriend.
> End up drinking far too much by the fire and making light conversation with girlfriend's mother and a few mates while having a few cigarettes.
> Everybody slowly begins to head home but friend's girlfriend says I can stay the night on the couch if I'd like
> I accept because drunk lazy me could not be fucked walking home
> Friend ends up passing out in girlfriends room so she goes to bed aswell
> Eventually it is just me and girlfriend's mum by the fire and we're talking about her daughter and a bunch of random shit that I hold no memory of
> just being nice, saying how she's a nice girl etc etc when out of nowhere she drunkly leans in to kiss me
> start making out with the mum whilst constantly keeping an eye out in case anybody came out for a cigarette
> Between kissing, she says I kiss like an angel and tells me I can stay in her bed tonight if I want to
> I am beyond smashed and am more than happy to accept a bed over a couch (Yes, I did not actually have any intention on fucking her at this stage)
> End up getting back into her room and she starts making out with me again and feeling her way down my chest
> She seemed as if she was getting cold feet because she was constantly asking if it was okay, making sure I was 18 and that I didn't have anything
> By this stage I was honestly so fucked I could have rolled over and slept it off but I answered and told her I was 18 and that I didn't have any STD's or anything

File: ThatsMyDick.gif (761 KB, 500x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
761 KB, 500x180

> From the moment that sentence left my mouth she had her own mouth wrapped around my shaft and it didn't seem like she was stopping any time soon.
> Ended up stuck in a loop of passing out and coming to, every time opening my eyes and looking down on my friend's mum sucking me like a champ
> Still to this day I shutter at the thought of how wildly she appeared to crave and praise my dick
> Ended up getting the condom ready and after the disappointing three thrusts, threw it on the floor
> Having bailed on the condom my body knew that there was no stopping now
> I pushed her down onto the bed, came in from behind and started fucking her in the room next to where my passed out friend and his girlfriend were sleeping
> Given how much I had drank there was no issue on cumming too soon and instead it was a matter of keeping it up
> Thinking about how I was currently destroying my friend's girlfriend's old home of 9 months certainly did the trick
> After having to force her head into the pillow just simply to avoid getting caught because of her moans I finally reached my limit and blew my load deep inside
> Still to this day I think of how I should have gone for the facial
File: WellFuck.gif (500 KB, 500x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
500 KB, 500x262

> After having gone at it for a while I decided it was time for sleep
> Didn't want to get caught so figured it best to sleep on the couch although the Mum wanted me to stay in her room
> Next morning I woke up to the scattered memories of what had happened that night
> Saw that the mum had headed out for a brief while and took that opportunity to head straight home
> Never felt so fucking weird in my life
> Saw her again recently with her daughter and all I could think of was how I had invaded her old home with my little troopers

To this day I have told only a couple of people as it happened very recently. Friend and his girlfriend still have no idea of what went on just on the other side of the wall to them.
I myself have mixed emotions on the events that transpired that night and still to this day, am unsure entirely of all that happened. Was always one of those scenarios that as a young
guy thought would be pretty cool but I can't help but regret it.
File: braces 01.jpg (37 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
braces 01.jpg
37 KB, 480x640
>on aunts couch
>everyone's asleep
>I can't sleep
>12 y/o cousin comes out
>she sneaks over to me
>she whispers my name
>I don't respond
>she yakked all day
>she gives me a little push
>I do nothing
>I feel her hand rest on my cock
>she squeezes my cock
>I should stop her
>she strokes my cock through my shorts
>this is wrong, I have to do something
>my cock jumps into action
>to late
>she slides my shorts to the side
>pulls my cock out
>continues stroking me
>she leans in and licks my cock
>it feels great
>she's licking, stroking me
>when she starts making yummy sounds I'm ready to blow
>then she does it
>she tries to suck my cock
>mmm, think good girl
>oh god, no No NO!
>she's chewing on my cock
>m-my cock, i-it's confused, wtf
>can't take it anymore
>roll over, go to sleep
>stupid bitch

Friend's fiance.

> Be 22 work as assistant manager of a marina.
> Nice restaurant on our property. Eat there everyday.
> Sexy 36 year old blonde waitress. My 30 year old friend has a crush on her.
> I introduce them to one another. They get engaged a month later.
> They get in light argument cause he wants kids and she doesn't.
> See her crying at restaurant. Take her home fuck the shit out of her.
> Next week her 18 yr old daughter starts waitressing at same spot.
> Being alpha Italian I fuck her daughter a few days later.
pics prease
>parties and shit
Shut the fuck up
File: Lauren & Liz.jpg (22 KB, 273x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lauren & Liz.jpg
22 KB, 273x395
I black mailed my girlfriend's mom into fucking me.
>PicRelated-The Mom & GF
>Me going over their house to wait for GF to come home
>In relationship long enough that I had key to walk in
>hear grunting and moaning coming from upstairs
>assume it's gf's mom and dad
>i just relax and watch tv
>a bit later down comes gf's mom kissing and feeling on some guy that is not her husband
>they see me
>mom is startled, guy just gets his shirt and coat on and leaves
>she tells me to please not tell anyone and I ask whats going to stop me
>she said anything
>anything to me was I made her choke on my dick right then and there
>I proceeded to keep getting blowjobs and sex out of her after that to keep her secret
24 F now
When I was 20 I fucked my BF's Dad. Her mom and dad had her young and she was the oldest, so her dad was only 35 and HOT. Summer time, so I was wearing short and t-shirt. Went over to her house but she wasn't home but he was alone. Starting talking and before I know it i am kissing him. At that time I had a few BF's but her dad's cock was huge. I had a hard time sucking it and it hurt like hell going in me at first, but he is the best fuck I have had to date. After we agreed to never talk about it.
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 316x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 316x400


Sounds badass...

PROOF!....and moar pics please
Sorry... never took any anon. The whole ordeal happened about 5 years ago too. I have plenty more stories though. California and Midwest Italian Murrican fag here. Have fucked dozens of bitches. About 90% of them were hot as fuck. 10% were butterfaces or fat bitches. U can have this pic though. A random bitch I fucked several times a couple weeks ago.

Couldn't even read whatever bastardization of English that was supposed to be. GTFO whore.
damn...no facebook photos? sumfin?
i have a story of when i fingerbanged my friends younger sister (of 2 years) in the same room as him as he was passed out and noone was home

>any interest?
forgot pic, also had to crop myself out
I've actually searched for both of them on there casue I would love to fuck either one of them again and cannot find them for the life of me.
>Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate
yes. a girl i dated for like two weeks in high school invited me to her wedding. we kind of stayed friends even though she dumped me. she invited me to her wedding. the night before her wedding i slept with her while her future husband was having his bachelor party.

after the wedding i got to talk to her for about one minute. she laughed and said she could feel my cum dripping out of her when she put on the wedding dress. then she said she almost laughed thinking about that during the ceremony.

i haven't seen her since then and have only had contact with her a couple of times.
One last short story and I'm gone.
>Be 18 fucking this 17 year old blonde for 6 months.
>have suspicion she is giving blow jobs to one of her neighbors.
>Secretly start dating this sexy brunette.
>Wait until she's on her period and it's really bad.
>Fuck the shit out of her and don't bothering washing my dick.
>Take bloody dick to soon to exes house and make her suck it.
>She's sees some of the dry blood and makes a hilarious face when she tastes it.
>but sucks it anyways.
>Broke up with the bitch right after I came in her mouth.
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