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Wincest thread
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Wincest thread

I made a folder yesterday, 468 pictures (F/D B/S), figured I'd share it with you guys
anonfiles (DOOT) com (SLAASH) file
(SLAASH) 23f617a7af440ec73668e2efad2b3290

I also wrote a story, it's not done yet, but tell me what you think
pastebin (DOOT) com (SLAASH) uPAhtrjG
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Any lurkers?
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greentext > captions
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I prefer captions, but feel free to greentext anon
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bumping without spidey
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Would it be okay to ask for sister/brother stuff ?
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any greentext?
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these captions are SO fucking gay! If you could fuck a girl who's sleeping and not wake her up, then guess what? You're dick is fucking microscopic!
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You're late spidey
nice thanks

that's why everybody is waiting
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>I also wrote a story, it's not done yet, but tell me what you think
>pastebin (DOOT) com (SLAASH) uPAhtrjG
All incest is good except for dad/daughter

Thread sucks
lel: you're

>it's your dumbass
can we have a little teaser before having to dl it ?
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I'm posting the content of the .rar file. if you mean the story, I'll post it in my next posts
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it's okay you're here now, nobody's mad at you
we love you spidey
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Mommy has been gone for a few days, something my daughter might be a little happy about, so she can sleep without hearing her own mother scream and moan every single night through the thin walls. I on the other hand is a little on edge, I've been drinking more and just almost losing my temper for no reason.

Day 4 since she left and I've been out drinking at the bar. I slam the door shut as I get home, not being able to pick up any cheap sluts on the city. Then I get an idea, a crazy idea, but right now I've gone crazy.
I walk with heavy steps up the stairs, walking towards my only daughters’ room. I open the door slowly and see her put the blanket over her head, pretending to be asleep. "Hey sweetie! You awake?", I ask her.
I move up to the bed, I can barely see her with the moonlight coming from the window above her. I slowly pull the sheets off, all the way off, revealing her red nightdress. My God she's beautiful, not even when her mother was that was she ever close to as pretty as her.
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She lies completely still as I start gently stroking her gorgeous black hair, and give her a little smooch on her soft lips. My hand starts moving by itself down her 16 year old body. I caress her breath-taking breast and feel her flat little stomach, I see one little tear run down her closed eye, but my mind is set, there is no going back now.
My hand moves down to her crouch, lifting up her nightgown, and that little slut isn’t even wearing any panties, my dick starts to really push against my pants. Her whole body twitches as I touch her little cunt. She turns away from my nasty beer breath and stares into the wall, not saying a word.
I start kissing her neck, while gently massaging her pussy, making it ready for what’s about to come. I can hear her starting to breath heavy, I know she likes it, she just don’t know it yet. I turn her head around so I can feel her breath against my face. I slap her cunt; she opens her eyes and moans as I ram my tongue down her mouth, holding her head with both hands.
I try to get on the bed and the little thing kicks me on the floor, and quickly runs past me. I get up as fast as I can and take chase. She start banging on the window, I have no idea why she didn’t go for the door. I pull her down by the shoulder and she falls to the ground, and starts screaming like a crazy person.
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“Hey sweaty, let’s not make this any harder than it needs to be”, I tell her while removing my leather jacket and shirt. “While mommy is away you are going to be the woman of the house”. My pants and underpants goes as she sits up, my dick swings into the air, pointing right at her cute little face.

“Let’s not make this Any harder than it needs to be”, I help her up, and while she tried to resist, I lift her up on my shoulder, carrying her back to her room. I put her down on the bed, look her right in the eyes and tell her, “if you’re going to live in my house you have to help around too, just like your mom.

She suddenly starts screaming the most painful scream I’ve ever heard, so I grab her by the throat with both hands, like I do her mother. She loses her breath, I look her dead into her running eyes and say in my calm voice, “Don’t you get it? Daddy wants to fuck you, and what Daddy wants, he gets.”
“Do you understand?”, she looks at me for some seconds before slightly nodding her head, I stroke my dick against her for a few seconds before releasing her, and letting her fall to the floor. I let her get her breath back before helping her up to her feet again.
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I take a few steps back, savoring the view, watching her sulk and cry. I have to savor this moment! I pull my cell phone and start recording her, before telling her to take her clothes off, slowly. She doesn’t do it at first, but when I close my hand like I would choke her; she understands that she has no choice.
She slowly unbuttons her top, starring into the ground, sulking. Her tiny teen gets some well needed fresh air while I’m stroking my dick and recording her. Soon after comes her pants on the ground. I can hardly believe my eyes; she’s even more beautiful than her mother was at that age.

She says in a whiny crying voice “Are, You, Happy?!?”. I tell her “No, but you are going to make me happy, very happy”, I close the phone and move into her face. Stroking her hair, while she’s eyeing and trying to drown the floor. She looks so adorable when she’s crying.

I grab her by the neck and get her down on her knees, “open up”, I tell her and she opens her. I put my dick inside my daughters’ mouth, as a rush of disgust fills her face. “Now suck on it, like a good little girl”, I command her, “Just pretend it’s a lollipop. You like lollipops, don’t you?”
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She tries to yes while looking me in the face, she almost looks uncomfortable with my dick in her mouth. “No, no girl, don’t talk with your mouth full, I thought I taught you better. Now be a good little girl and suck on Daddy dick”. She doesn’t take her eyes off me while she licks it up and down, like I’ve seen her lick so many lollipops before.
I look back into her blue eyes, she is no longer crying, they are emotionless. I may have ruined her innocent, but it’s worth it. I grab her head, pull it back and forth facefucking her, making her gag and slamming my balls on her chin. She gargles and tries to push me away, but her tiny body is no match, and she knows it.

I let her go, “now that’s a good girl”, I say in a proud voice. She just gives me a ugly look while she drools and tries to catch her breath. I lift her by the throat and push her down on the bed, lay on top off her, and hold her arms over her head. While my other hand starts stroking her pussy.

She starts moaning and as her pussy start heating up; she can no longer lie to herself; she loves being abused by Daddy, I see her helpless eyes start to fill up with confused, depraved and helpless lust. I put my hands on each side, kiss on the neck, and whisper in her ear, “Are you ready for Daddy to fuck your little cunt?”
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I pull up and she she says the words every father wants to hear “Yes Daddy, fuck me Daddy”. I can see she is ready for it. I am going to start of slow, to savor the moment, savor the moment I finally penetrate my daughter. Just stroking against her clitoris with my dick for a good minute. She closes her eyes as I push into her tiny opening.

She lets out a scream in pain as my dick slowly pierces her tight little snatch. She tries to get her arms lose, but I’m holding them down hard, I stop when the tip is well in, >>573344402
she’s panting so much that I can barely hear her begging me to take it out. She looks so adorable, and as I moan push my dick further in, she even starts to cry again, while moaning and begging in pain for me to stop.
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I push it till it won’t go any longer and look at her cute angel face, “you are tighter than your mother was at your age.” I whip away her tears, while she pleads me; “Please… Daddy…” I tell her shhh and hold over her mouth, while pulling back slowly and slamming hard down. Over, and over and, over, careful not to go to fast so I can savor the moment I took my daughter’s innocence.

>last one
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not my cup of tea anon
File: 1412040639863.jpg (38 KB, 544x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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but is fine
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This one you may like though
Ultimate wincest:
Mother incest is nasty
File: lexi belle..webm (1 MB, 588x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>my brother
>my gf's swoon over him
>tell me it's to bad he's my brother
>they just laugh if I ask, did you fuck him?
>I start to get angry
>I start to get jealous
>one night I can't take it
>sneak into his room
>stand there looking at him
>see his cock is tenting his pj's
>reach down and slide it through the flap
>my panties are soaking now
>slowly sit on bed
>reach out
>lightly grasp it
>start stroking it while I rub my pussy
>feel his precum dripping over my hand
>lean over
>about to suck his cock
>then it happens
>a whisper from behind me
>susan, wh-what are you doing
>get over here
>she grabs me, drags me to my room
>she berates me
>calls me a whore, a slut
>leaving she says this isn't over
>I lay on my bed
>I think what I've done
>I'm ashamed
>I try to go to sleep
>10 minutes later I hear my mom scream
>that fuckin bitch
>get up to tell her off
>push doors open
>they're fucking
>forget what I was gonna say
>just watch
Mother NECRO-wincest.
Wherrs the father son
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Thread replies: 71
Thread images: 56
Thread DB ID: 16291

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