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Feeling like shit lately, /b/. This might...
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Feeling like shit lately, /b/. This might be my last post ever before I an hero.
>Be me at age 15
>Known girl that lives two blocks down for like 5 years
>Best friend
>One day me and her go to school together
>She sits next to me in class
>We're learning math at the moment
>She starts feeling up my leg
>Ask her if she wants to meet after school
>mfw she says yes
>Go to parking lot for 3:30
>Waiting around for like 15 mins
>I hear noises from like 200 yards away
>I follow it
>She's getting figured by negro
>Heartbroken, run home
>Cry myself to sleep
>Get a call from her the next day, calling me a faggot etc.
>"Why are you being like this to me, Kaitlynn?"
>"You really thought I was interested?"
part 2 coming
OP will not delivrar.
Part 2.
>Can't go to school the next day. Feel too depressed.
>Hear knock on my door.
>mfw it's Kaitlynn.
>"What are you doing here?"
>"I feel bad about yesterday, Anon. It just felt nice knowing you were falling all over me."
>Don't really know how to feel.
>I'm invited around her house next week.
>Just me and her.
>Arrive at her house with flowers (fuck Idk I was 15).
>She invites me upstairs.
>"Flowers? Erm... OK. That's a bit weird."
>Start watching the Garfield Movie.
>Why the fuck are we watching this?
>She starts moving closer towards me.
>Puts her hand on my leg again.
>We start making out, finally.
>She says she's going to get changed.
>She turns in with a short, lacey, tight dress.
>Red lipstick.
>She enters the room, then tells me to go on the floor.
>The negro from the other day walks in.
>"You have to watch, Anon."
>Negro grabs me by my throat.
>Holds me against the wall.
>Spits in my face.
>"Watch me fuck her, you faggot."
>I sit there and watch him fuck the girl I love.
>He cums in her mouth, makes me kiss her.
>Run home crying.
>Never felt so humiliated
part 3 coming
Whhheewhh. Thought you went ahead with the an hero. Took long enough.
Fastforward 5 years into the future, which is 5 days ago.

>Finally have a decent girlfriend.
>Took me a while because I never quite good over that humiliating event.
>Planning on marrying her sometime soon.
>mfw Kaitlynn finds me on Facebook
>”Hey, Anon! I haven't spoken to you in years. How have you been?”
>Do I respond?
>Fuck it, I was good friends with Kaitlynn.
>”Yeah, I'm good. :) How are you?”
>”I'm good. We should meet up soon! I'm back in town for the weekend. Xxx ;)”
>Not sure whether to go.
>I love my girlfriend but fuck it's Kaitlynn.
>Meet her in a bar in town (I live in Canada so I can drink at my age).
>She's flirty as usual.
>Starts talking about how she hasn't had sex in so long.
>Tells me she wants someone strong.
>Starts complimenting my arms.
>fuck fuck fuck.
>Have her boobs gotten bigger?
>She invites me back to her place
>I decide to go.
>Maybe Kaitlynn is the right girl for me.
Part 4 coming
/b/rother, I never get people like you. Dont kill yourself. Kill the fucking people how have done the shit to you. I mean first you have to humiliate them also and then you kill them its easy

>Go back to her house.
>Get a call from girlfriend
>”Yeah, Honey, I'm at work right now.”
>Start making out with Kaitlynn.
>Feels like I'm 15 again.
>We start doing oral.
>Gets interrupted by another phone call.
>”Honey, I think I'm pregnant.”
>I rush home.
>I feel terrible.
>I see her and tell her how excited I am.
>Tell her I have to go to work.
>She doesn't believe me but I want to fuck Kaitlynn so I go anyway.
>Start driving off.
Part 5 coming
Thanks, Anon, but I just can't deal with this shit anymore.
Holy pussy shit you have the willpower of a loose sphincter. Just commit sudoku right now.
Dear god anon...
>My GF follows me in her other car.
>I try to escape.
>Finally lose her.
>Arrive at Kaitlynn's place.
>Pull cock out.
>She says, “No, lick me first.”
>Sure, whatever.
>Start licking.
>Negro from before walks in.
>”Hello, Old Friend.”
>Not again.
>mfw there's no way Kaitlynn could have been complimenting my arms seriously because I'm a beta fuck compared to this guy.
>She starts to suck his cock.
>I'm terrified.
>Get a call from an unknown number.
>It's the hospital.
>”I'm sorry, Anon, but your girlfriend has been in a carcrash.”
>”You were written as her emergency contact.”
>”Is she OK?”
>”She's recovering, but your child has been killed. I'm so sorry.”
>I drive to the hospital.
>Negro chases after me but can't keep up.
>mfw I'm in a car and stupid nigga thinks he can outrun me
>Arrive at hospital, see my wife.
>She is slowed down.
>”Here...” she says.
>Kaitlynn and negro walk in.
>”In my car” they same, simultaneously.
>They all start singing
>”I feel safest of all”
>mfw GF pulls off mask and is Gary Numan.
>Kaitlynn pulls off mask and is Gary Numan
>Doctor pulls off mask and is Gary Numan
>Negro is Larry Seinfeld and asks me what the deal with hospital food is.
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