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> be me, 13
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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> be me, 13
>come home from school
>dad is working on my step moms car
>go inside drop off school stuff and get my bike
>tell dad I'm meeting friends
>"be back by dark"
>"k, bye"
>ride to downtown, not going anywhere specific
>go to usual hangouts looking for friends from school
>theres a small playground next to some woods we usually hang out at
>see a bunch of people as normal
>try an find some of my friends
>find step sister and her friends hanging by the woods
>her and her friends are jr in highschool, around 16/17
>go and say hi and ask if theyve seen such and such
>no sorry, how was school, blah blah
>go sit on a bench and wait around/people watch
>a few more people join my step sisters group
>they start edging their way to the woods
>i see them crawl into a big bush one by one

this forest is thick as shit. super dense and full of sticker bushes.
its huge and ends in the other cities.

>i get interested as to what theyre up to and decide to spy on them
>i hear giggling and chattering as i get closer
>i try looking through the overgrowth but its too thick
>go over to the bushes they crawled into
>get stuck and scratched all to shit
>inside i see where alot of branches were broken so i crawl out there
>after the big hedges of sticker bushes and trees and such I notice that theres a small litte path
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>try and creep up and see whats happening in here
>also super excited like a faggot at finding a 'secret' passage in the woods
>i get closer to the voices and start seeing smoke and smelling something odd (weed)
>as i turn the corner, one of the group sees me and nudges my step sister
>everybody was sitting on rocks or fallen trees. some had old ass rotten furniture
>my step sister (here on refered to as ashley) walks up to me
>she guides me back to where I came from and walks with me
>"you need to leave this is for big kids"
>"I am a big kid!"
>"no like grown ups"
>"well what were you doing in there"
>"nothing just hanging out"
>we go round and round with each other as we walk back to the park
>as we get to the bushes to the park she says
>"maybe one day ill let you hang out with us... but dont tell mom or dad cuz theyll say you're too little"

>so I find my friends and we hang out till curfew then make plans for tomorrow since it was the weekend
>i head home and put my bike away and go to my room and play some playstation
>the next morning i wake up and go out with my friends till about 2ish because it was pouring down rain
>when i get home i notice mom and dads cars where gone so i figured i would be able to watch the big tv and shit
>i go to my room and i hear ashleys radio
>i see if shes in there
>i knock and ashley and her friend were reading magizines and talking like bitches
>"o hey what are you doing anon"
>"nothing just gonna watch tv"
>"wanna play monoply with us"


>all through the game ashley and her friend would whisper in each others ears and giggle
>we sat in her room and played some playstation and board games for a while
>mom calls us down for dinner and we all go eat
>(insert boring table banter)
>turns out ashleys friend (Beth) is staying the night
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>finish eating and follow them back to ashleys room
>i get to the door and ashley looks at me and says
>"you cant come in, its for grown ups"
>beth whispers in her ear and ashley looks at me and back to beth and shakes her head
>they start communicating in that odd nonverbal women speak
>i get confused and turn around to my room
>"anon wait, come here"
>i walk over
>"do you think you can be a grown up?"
>"are you sure? cuz you might be ready for a super secret ritual that turns kids into grown ups"
>so i go in the room with them nervous as shit
>beth goes in bathroom and changes into her pajamas while my sister starts digging under her bed
>ashley hands beth a bookbag from under her bed and ashley goes to change
>when she comes back they are going through to bag
>eventually they find some magazines and start flipping though pointing and nodding
>im akwardly standing in her bedroom so i sit on the bed almost shaking with excitement
>they start writing stuff in a notebook and circling pages
>getting confused but super ready for a test
>after a few minutes they turn the ceiling light off and just turn a small lamp on in the bedroom so its all mysterious and dark
>"ok anon, do youswear to never tell anyone of the secrets we are about to show you?"
>"do you promise to do as we say, and to not question us"
>"you're sure you're ready for this? mom and dad can never know, no matter what!"
>"OK i wont tell anyone"
>while i was being questioned beth closed the curtain and turned on the radio and pointed it at the door on low volume
>when ashley was done talking they looked at each other and started that telepathic shit again
>ashley- "ok well we need to start with a test to see if you're ready to be an adult"
>beth- "if you pass, you will be fine, but if not you will get really sick. are you sure your ready?"
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>ashley opens the window and beth grabs both of their book bags. they both grab flip flops
>it was dark and warm but no longer raining. everything was still wet though
>they motion me to follow and they climb out the window and onto the ground
>i almost ran back to grab shoes but didnt want them to change their minds
>i pulled my socks off and walked barefoot in the wet grass through our back yard
>they crossed over the hedges dividing our neighbors house from ours
>i followed we walked acroos a few more lawns until we came to a house that was for sale
>at first i thought we would be breaking in and got scared
>instead they walked to a group of trees where a previous owner had put a tree house up
>i almost didnt see it because it was so dark and painted dark green and brown to match the trees
> we climbed up the little wooden slats drilled in to the tree and crawled inside
>there was some old beer bottles and ciggarette butts scattered around
>beth opens the book bag while i was trying to wipe my feet dry
>she pulls out some candles and a bunch of thin blankets and lays them down
>they took off their jackets and sat on them beside each other while beth lit some candles
>ashley opens a little box from her book bag
>she pulls out a big glass pipe a little bag of weed and some lighters
>"ok anon. this is the first test"
>she packs the bowl and hits it and passes it off to beth who does the same
>i remembered the smell from before and how bad it was
>beth passes the pipe sideways to ashley who in turn hands it to me
>"do you know how to do this?"
>"uh, i think so."
>i just mimicked what they did but instead of inhaling i drew smoke in like i was taking a sip from a straw
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anyone here???>they both started laughing at my initial reaction and my caughing fit from gasping at the taste
>once they stopped laughing they kept passing the bowl around
>each time i would hit it i wasnt really inhaling so i didnt get high
>eventually they cash the bowl and tell me its time for the next part of the test
>beth -"ok anon, you passed that test, so you must really want to be a grown up"
>yes i do!
>beth- "ok, and your sure you wont tell anyone about the secrets of becoming a grown up?"
>ashley - "ok calm down anon, be quiet!"
>beth- "anon i need you to follow my instructions very carefully, and dont complain, you asked for this and you have to do it now
> alright what do i do
>beth- "take your shirt off"
>done is that it?
>beth- "no... now take off your pants..."
>she knew i was going to say something but she raised her eyebrows telling me to do it now
>slowly i start taking my pants off
>ashley passes a newley packed pipe to beth
>they pass it back and fourth as i strip to my boxers
>as i stood there trying to hide my junk they started whispering again and giggling
>ashley- "alright, now we have to strip down too"

in my head i was thinking i might get to see some boobies, a goal for quite a while.
up until then i had never jacked off to completion. i would rub my self and get hard. then get frustrated and quit
...go on
lurking. conmtinue
File: 1360166565394.jpg (569 KB, 2545x2361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>they both start taking their shirts off so they were in just pajama bottoms

omg look titties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>i stared at them unaware of their giggles
>they were so magical and round and i had to touch em
>decided not to act as it might be a test
>trying to hide my boner. failing horribly
>they take off their bottoms and stood there in their panties
>i wasnt sure what to do next so i waited for them to stop giggling
>ashley- "ok anon. go up to beth"
>my arms were shaking as i walked towards the boobies
>ashley- now give her a kiss
>she had to bend over slightly as i was a tad shorter than her
>we met lips and i had goose bumps
>i pulled back cuz i had only kissed family before
>beth- no silly like this
>she wraps her arms around me and kisses me
>she started putting her tounge in my mouth and i just let it happen
>i wrapped one arm around and kept the other on my groin
>ashley came over and grabbed my hand off my junk and placed it on beths breast
>my dick sprang against her leg as i gropped on her boobs
You are not alone sir
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>beths boobs we much bigger than ashleys, i could have used two hands on one and would still have enough to suck on
>beth had shoulder length black hair and light green eyes.
>she played basketball and was nicely toned but on a slightly petite frame
>her arms were thin and strong as were her legs

>as she was sticking her tounge in my face she started grinding on my dick which felt awesome
>i backed away at the sensation and they both start laughing.
>ashley- its ok anon, here
>she hands me the pipe
>while im "smoking" they start whispering and nodding at me
>beth- anon are you sure you can follow our every command?
> (thinking i could feel her boobs again) YES!
>beth- sssh.... ok now do what we just did with ashley
>ashley shot beth a look and shook her head a little as she walked towards me

>ashley was about 3 inches shorter than beth but with long dirty blonde hair
>her breasts were also smaller, maybe a bit more than my handful
>she wasnt athletic like beth and was softer to the touch
>she was also more taned

>as ashley walks towards me i freeze
>was this a test
>whats the answer
i woulda wipped it out
File: 1379490896639.jpg (71 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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forgot to paste this in lol
>i just stood there and se walks up as beth did and kisses me
>it was much better with ashley, she wasnt really jaming her tounge in my face but just rubbing it on my tounge
>she was also weaker so when she would grab me she didnt grasp as hard
>i was enjoying it but was losing my erection because it was my step sister (we lived together since i was about 6ish)
>ashley grbs my hand and puts it on her boob and my hard on came back ina hurry
>i groped and pinched her boobs like a total retard
>this time it was grinding that touched my willie it was ashleys hand
>i jumped again because she grabbed my balls a bit
>ashley- "ok anon, sit down with us"
>beth opened the notebook and they start peering inside
>i tried to peek and they would move it so i couldnt see it
>a few minutes later they put it away and looked at me
>beth- now get comfortable.
>i slid back to the wall of the tree house and punched up my clothes and leaned against them
>i crossed my legs and laid my hands in my lap over my dong
>"ok im good"
>ashley- well no you have to take your underwear off
>"um are you sure i have to?"
>beth- you said you would do what ever we said, are you sure you want to be a grown up??
>"yea but... ok fine"
>i tried my best to keep my hand over my giblets as i pulled the boxers off
>as i did they both peered at me trying to see my package
>beth- "no you cant cover it up"

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I want to show you me ex...she is real bitch but has perfect body and awesome ass...i want to show you moooaaarr her pics check it out http://ilink.me /173a4!!
What an incredibly believable story OP, good job
give me a minute. my toast is done
inb4 walk, dinosaur, etc
Hurry up goddammit I didn't read all this shit for nothing
Op come back
Surely OP will deliver.
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>i slowly uncover my penis and it shoots skyward
>i spread my legs apart so my balls would be comfortable
>they covered their mouths and squeeled in excitment
>they started flipping through the notebook at ligh speed
>once they calmed down they got next to me on both sides and sat indian style
>beth and ashley were signaling to each other again and i didnt know what to do so i just sat there
>beth- no you go
>ashley- you should go first, he is me... ya know
>beth- it was your idea though
>ashley giggled squeeled- im scared!!
>beth- me too!!
>they started giggling and shifting akwardly around me

>if they were scared, it was nothing to what i was going through
>i was dead set they were gonna cut my dick off, but it wouldnt go down
>my dick was like that retard on titanic who had to go out with honor

>then beth reaches out and grabs my dick like it was a cup of soda with no lid, really lightly
>before i shut my eyes i saw beths chewed up nails, with bits of red or pink nailpolish stuck on
>i held my breath expecting it to happen soon
>but what i felt next
>it was like heaven
>nothing i had ever experienced before
>i opened my eyes and saw both of them with their heads together as beth lightly stroked my dick
>i tried not to move but started flexing
>the first time it happened they jumped a little and got excited and started gibbering away

>after about 2 minutes beth lets go and i felt like my sould got ass fucked by satan
>they told me to not move and they went to the corner and started taking hits
>i could bearly make out phrases like
>whats.... like
>are you.....
>they came back and sat in the same spots
>i was so excited when they sat back down that the fraction my boner dropped snapped back instantly
>ashley reaches her hand out
>her hands with much softer than beths, with neatly manicured nails with some thumbring thing on
>she grasped more tightly than beth which i didnt expect but let it ride
>she started stroking right away but a little slower
>my dick didnt give two swollen shits in a shoe box
>it was awesome. i hoped i failed so i could do this part over and over again
>out of nowhere ashley lets go and whispers in beths ear and they start whispering again
>twice my very sould was destroyed like it drank the water in mexico

>they flip the book open on the floor
>i looked straight at the ceiling not wanting to get in trouble and for it stop yet
>they started giggling and bouncing around
>i peeked at there boobs again and my dick soared high and proud
>they closed the notbook
>this time ashley was beside me but beth made me open my legs and she sat on her knees between them
>beth grined at ashley in excitment and balled her fists in her lap and started bouncing again
>her boobs were glorious just boppin around in front of me
>then beth grabbed my dick and i was waiting for her to start jerkin
>but this time she kissed it
>idk why but as she bent down to kiss it, i knew i wanted it in her mouth, it just made sense
>the kissed it again a few more times
>she shot a look at ashley and then she licked it all over
>this was good too but it wasnt as nice as just rubbing it
>i started squirming around inpatiently wanting something to happen
>ashley- stop moving anon or you fail
>once i was still beth went to kiss my dick but opened her mouth and slid it over the head
File: 1410830461093.jpg (63 KB, 757x1087) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 757x1087
>this was much better than before
>she did this for a few seconds then started to bob her head up and down only going a few cenitmeters
>i wanted her to do my whole penis
>i tried to push my dick in her mouth as ninja ish as possible but she would just back up as i moved
>eventually she started useing her hand to jerk and suck the head
>she did this for what felt like 1/10 of a second and jumped up and wiped her face and made an odd face
>while beth was looking for something in her bag ashley kneeled down infront of me
>never before had i loved my sister like this
>she was hellacool
>she bent down and kissed the side while grasping me
>then she too licked it everywhere
>when she took it in though she went much further
>i gasped at the sensation i felt
>which caused her to stop and look at me
>ashley- "are yo-"
>"do that again!"
>with urgency she slurps it up so fast she chocked as she went all the way down
>i felt this feeling i never had before in my private parts
>this had to continue or my balls would explode
>when she stoped i moaned as she joined beth and took her bottle of water
>as they poured into the book again i took it upon my self to get this shit done
>one of they saw me and shouted to stop it causing me to nearly rip my dick off
>ashley- "stop that, you cant do that!"
>beth- "yea, just wait or you will fail the test"
>i was in so much discomfort i was shaking
>i didnt know what was gonna happen if they kept going but it was gonna be good

>they started whispering to each other again and i only got bits and pieces

>i....last time
>i want.....
>no it's my........
keep it coming OP
File: 1410349593025 (2).jpg (149 KB, 1080x1390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1410349593025 (2).jpg
149 KB, 1080x1390
>beth just dumped the bag on the floor and stuff went everywhere

>make up, socks panties, toothbrush, etc
>ashley grabbed a blue box of the floor and tore it open with her back turned to me
>beth and ashley started bickering again
>by this time my boner started sinking finally
>they stumbled over
>beth was cluthing something in her hands
>ashley- its almost time for you to become a grown up, are you ready?
>"for the love of god, yes!"
>beth-ok.. first... pick me or ashley
>"for what?
>ashley doesnt matter just pick one
>since ashley was my sister and we were closer i picked her
>beth started muttering underherbreath
>ashley clapped her hands and then stuck them out to beth
>beth put a bottle of lube in her hand
>ashley straddled me with her underwear about 4 inches from my junk
>she rubbed what i thought was hand sanitizer in her hands and then grabbed my junk working the lube on
>this was ALMOST as good as the mouth but not quite
>then she slides her panties off
>i knew when i saw my first pussy that destiny would bring us together more and more
>she had a little bit of fuz where it was growing back from some sort of removal
>beth was sitting cross leged by my head facing ashley, pouting with a blanket over her while flipping through the notebooks and magazines
>ashley then raised up on her knees and scooted forward and hovered her lips over me
>i didnt know what was about to happen
>she lowered her self slowly onto my member and raised again
>she winced in pain as she made contact
>she kept bobbing up and down going a slightly bit deeper
>she was wincing and was grabbing my sides squeezing them in pain
>i wasnt enjoying this shit in the slightest and was getting mad
>but my dick helped me out by not flaking on me
>she kept trying to get it in but couldnt
>finally she looked at beth for help
>beth came over and moved her to the floor and started rubbing ashleys pussy
>this made my dick extra happy
>she would slide a finger in and out when she winced
File: 1384935243729.gif (466 KB, 371x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
466 KB, 371x267
>ashley was on her back and beth was holding her by the shoulder leaning into her
>i could see their boobs touching and totally forgot about my existance
>beth worked her finger in deeper and deeper while applyin lube every few minutes
>finally beth said "that should work"
>ashley climbed back up and tried to slide me in
>it was much smoother sailing
>she would gasp and pull back every so often but not enough for me to come out

>eventually we were hip to hip
>then ashley started to lift up
>as she came back down i knew this was gonna be awesome
>she started working up speed and we both humped in synch

>i knew why this was a seceret now
>everyone would want to do it all the time

>she was grinding into me harder now and as i started to get that feeling in my stomach again beth jumps up and whispers something in ashleys ear
>ashley nodded and said ok as she tried to keep her bewbs from boucing
>i reach out and grabbed them and she put her hands over mine
>we humped for a few seconds pretty much and i could feel something changing
>i was groaning and squirming with out control
>i head beth say "hurry"
>then ashley pulls me out and just kicks her legs out so she is laying on mine and puts her lips on the head of my dick and strokes

>this was like sucking the teets of god
>if i could feel that way all the time id cut my arms and legs off to do it
>my body was thrusting around and my sister just kept slowley stroking my throbing hard on
>it was over before i knew it and she let go of me and spit on the floor
>i was in shock, just shaking on the floor not knowing what happened and not giving a shit
>beth and ashley started muttering again at rapid speed
File: 77899225.jpg (34 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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any new lurkers?

>then beth came over tore her panties off and tried riding my cock but it was about as hard as uncooked bacon
>she grabbed it and tried to stuff it in her pussy
>she looked at me and ashley
>beth- "whats wrong with it"
>ashley- "idk maybe we broke it"
>"no its not broken. its ticklish stop touching it!"
>beth jumped off me like i had told her it was a bomb

>beth and ashley passed a pipe back and forth while staring at my dick
>every now and then they would whisper to each other
>i could feel my dick coming back on line
>"should you two do that thing you did to ashley first"
>they looked at each other and nodded
>this time beth layed flat and ashley sat in front of her
>after watching beths tits jump arround and staring at my sisters cute ass my dick reached critical mass
>eventually beth and ashley broke apart and beth got on me
>she slide my dick in with her hand bobbing up and down like ashley
>when we finally got going i got in my groove before beth and eventually we synched up
>i felt different like i wouldnt be able to do that again as fast
>so i held beth up and humped as fast as i could but popped out and slid it up her leg
>resettled and i got thrusteres ready
>same thing
>ashley said to hang on and rumaged for a magazine
>she came over and pulled beth off me
>she made beth lay on her back
>i watched as her boobs drooped sidways a bit
>she then told me to sorta lay on her and how to slide my self in
>as we established missionary i just slid it in cause her to scream
>in pain or pleasure i didnt care
>it was much easier to speed up this way and i had more control
>i started pumping as fast as i could (not very fast)
>beth started to moan and i would slow down and she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me into her chest
>as i felt her soft tits i started going faster
>i would hold myself up and rub her tits and pump her and she kept moaning and squirming
File: 1368867173900.jpg (782 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
782 KB, 1680x1050
>i knew how my sister must have felt now but it wasnt as much fun as being on bottom
>beth was no making such high pitched noises that bats had to hear it
>she dug her nails into my back
>she made one last final gasp and relaxed and i became very aware of how wet i was from her
>she, like me, was shaking a little
>i kept going but she was trying to hug me and kiss me but i wasnt going back to that first step shit
>i started going at it and ashley put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me off
>i turned around and said i dont think im done yet
>ashley- "well lets try it again"
>she lays beside beth and i lay on my sister like i did beth and just ram it in
>she also gasps but burries her face in beths shoulder
>beth starts to get up and i grab each other their boobs massaging them
>beth leans in so i can perform this amazing task more easily
>i lean in and kiss beth like we did before
>i start sliding my tounge back in thinking it would help
File: 1362399750578.jpg (345 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 750x1000
>it didnt
>so i focused more on getting my dick out of pound town and on to the ejaculation highway
>i drove deep into ashley like i did beth and she too started squirming around
>she moaned though and bit her lips and shut her eyes
>i bent down and licked her boobs which wasnt as amazing as i hoped so i licked beths, also a let down
>beth was right beside ashley as i was fucking her and beth starts rubbing her pussy
>beth gets vocal again and finds her rythem
>hearing my sister and her friends cuming helped me get to the top of the hill
>i felt myself round thrid heaeding home
>"i'm almost there" expecting them to kiss it like last time but they were both in their own moment
>i hunker down grab some titte and pump as hard as i can and explode like a fucking canon
>i collapse on my sister and beth finishes herself and hugged us
>we were a big naked sweaty pile of human
> after we layed there together we eventually went home to use the restroom and what not
>after that my sister told me that they would occasionaly have to test me more which i was more than ok with
>as i grew up and realized what was happening we would experiment more with each other
>beth moved when she graduated and we havnt seen her since
>my sister and i have sex every couple months when we see each other
>this has been going on for almost ten years and figured i could share it with you guys

hope you enjoyed
who busted?
10/10 would fap to again.
pics of sis ?
Need pic of sis to confirm hotness.
Thanks for pre writing. Everytime I updated next part was there. I came.
File: 1345606456713.gif (13 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If it isn't a lie, damn I wish I was you.

>be me
>be 16
>tfw no gf
pre writing?

this shit is old enough it prob came off a stone tablet
>underage b&
Senpai you must teach me your ways. Btw busted 3 times reading this. Lol. Thanks OP

Thanks , that was great.
lurker reporting in
Stories of virgin girls orgasming wildly and virgin boys having a 2 minute recovery period, lol. Author is a virgin
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I wrote this less than a year ago. Ill post more tomorrow or tonight after I have dinner maybe. I take requests too. Any key elements you want let me kbow and post a pic or key word so you can find it later
This is amazing.
>get b& son
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